NLGenWeb 1898 McAlpines Directory

Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - E

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by Jennifer Wilkinson. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

EAGAN C.P. clerk h 105 George
EAGAN John baker and confectioner, 32 Water, e h 32 Water, e
EAGAN John laborer bds 25 Cookstown Road
EAGAN Michael tailor bds 98 Duckworth
EAGAN Wm J seaman h 25 Cookstown Road
EARLE Arthur watchmaker bds 63 Pleasant
EARLE Benjamin shipwright h South Side
EARLE Delphine, wid Henry   h 15 Spencer
EARLE Edward fisherman h Battery Road
EARLE Edward carpenter h Boat House Lane, off Quidi Vidi Road
EARLE Eliza, wid Jas   h South Side
EARLE Frederick shipwright h Battery Road
EARLE George fisherman h Battery Road
EARLE George carman h 40 Quidi Vidi Road
EARLE George stevedore h 23 Holloway
EARLE George laborer h 43 Cabot
EARLE Miss Ida clerk bds George
EARLE Jacob carpenter h 192 Beaumont, off Pleasant
EARLE John biscuit maker h 4 Allen's Square
EARLE John jr. fisherman bds 53 Field
EARLE John laborer h 53 Field
EARLE Mary, wid Edward   h Battery Road
EARLE Richard seaman h 34 Livingstone
EARLE Robert laborer bds Boat House Lane, off Quidi Vidi Road
EARLE Robert fisherman h 55 Field
EARLE Robert mason bds 4 Cabot
EARLE Solomon moulder h 190 Beaumont, off head Pleasant
EARLE Thomas store keeper bds 55 Lime
EARLE Thomas sailmaker h 7 Cookstown Road
EARLE Wm sailor h 95 Lime
EARLES Wm fisherman h Battery Road
EARLES Wm jr. fisherman h Battery Road
EARLEY James seaman h 84 Carter's Hill
EASMOND Johnannah, wid Michael   h 17 Hayward Avenue
EAST END FIRE STATION   Duckworth, e near rwy station
EASTERBROOKE Archibald clerk bds 23 Prescott
EBBS Edward S coachman bds 53 William
EBBS John cabman h 32 Scott
EBBS Thomas farmer bds Torbay Road
EBBS Thomas laborer h 35 William
EBBS Wm sailor h 7 Goodview
EBSARY Allan cooper h Mundy's Pond Road
EBSARY Arthur clerk h 206 New Gower
EBSARY Belinda, wid   bds Mundy's Pond Road
EBSARY Edwin cooper h South Side
EDSARY Henry laborer h South Side
EDSARY James laborer h South Side
EDSARY John cooper h South Side
EDSARY Julius cooper h South Side
EDSARY Newman stoker h South Side
EDSARY Richard laborer h 46 Mulllock
EDSARY Stephen wharfinger h South Side
EDSARY Walter grocer bds South Side
EDSARY Wm farmer bds Mundy's Pond Road
EDDY Charles bookbinder h 6 Murray
EDDY Eliher shipwright h 6 Gilbert
EDDY John carpenter bds 42 Barter's Hill
EDDIE Maria, wid James   h 33 Monkstown Road
EDDY Priscilla, wid Martin   h 6 Gilbert
EDDY Reuben teamster h 29 Plymouth Road
EDDY Richard coal dealer h 6 Murray
EDENS George book keeper h 44 Circular Road
EDENS T.J. grocer and provisions, 151 Duckworth and 112 Military Road h 39 Queen's Road
EDGAR Mrs. E Haviland miliner and fancy goods, 369 Water h 369 Water
EDGAR John captain tug "Favorite" h 70 Water
EDGAR Walter accountant bds 70 Carter's Hill
EDGECOMBE Albert cooper h 35 Job's
EDICOTT Henry carman h Ropwalk Range
EDICOTT Mary Ann, wid Thos   h 13 Sheehan's Shute
EDNEY Samuel mason h 18 William
EDSTROM Peter plumber h 36 Hutchings
EDSTROM Thos laborer h 183 New Gower
EDSTROM Wm shoemaker h 183 New Gower
EDWARDS Andrew carpenter h 43 Job's
EDWARDS Jas clerk h 45 Bannerman
EDWARDS Jas blacksmith h 9 Mullock
EDWARDS Jos painter h 34 Bannerman
EFFORD John clerk bds 64 King's Road
EFFORD John laborer h Southside
EFFORD Robt shoemaker bds 64 King's Road
EFFORD Robt laborer h 64 King's Road
EFFORD Thos laborer h Southside
EFFORD Wm stationer bds 64 King's Road
EGAN Abigail, wid Jas   h 9 Waldergrave
EGAN Miss Agnes school teacher bds 9 Waldergrave
EGAN Cornelius clerk bds 105 George
EGAN Jas laborer h 8 Pleasant
EGAN Jas laborer h 12 Gorman's Lane
EGAN John pilot h 98 Duckworth
EGAN John clerk bds 98 Duckworth
EGAN John laborer h 24 Alexander
EGAN John baker, 197 New Gower h 197 New Gower
EGAN John baker h 9 Fergus Place
EGAN Patrick fisherman h 105 George
ELECTRIC LIGHT WORKS T.S. Pooke, Mgr cor Bond and Flavin
ELFORD Aaron carpenter h 3 Barter's Hill
ELLARDS Miss Mary Ann   41 Hayward's Ave
ELLIOT Elizabeth, wid Samuel   h 21 Walsh's Square, off Signal H Rd
ELLIOT Mary, wid Jas   h 30 Prescott
ELLIOT Samuel teamster h 21 Walsh's Square, off Signal Hill Road
ELLIS Chas Archer engineer, floating dry docks h 150 Pleasant
ELLIS Chas gas fitter & plumber, 292 Water h 292 Water
ELLIS Cyprian engineer h Circular Road
ELLIS Egbert gas fitter & plumber bds 292 Water
ELLIS Geo W mgr Gas Works h Gas Works, Water
ELLIS Henry aganet, Cabot Building, Water h 20 Holloway
ELLIS Jas engineer h Warbury Cottage, Leslie
ELLIS John J builder & contractor h 25 New Gower
ELLIS John fisherman h 83 Lime
ELLIS Mary, wid David   h 162 New Gower
ELLIS Samuel gardener h Bannerman
ELLIS Simeon laborer LeMarchant Road
ELLIS Wm stone cutter bds "Warbury", Leslie
ELLIS Wm accountant h 177 Gower
ELLIS Wm J builder and contractor, Commercial Chambers, Water h 162 New Gower
ELMS John fisherman h 180 Beaumont
ELRINGTON Rev H methodist h 17 Sheehan
ELWARD Thos carpenter h Signal Hill Road
ELWARD Wm stone mason h 141 Gower
EMBERLY James carpenter h 62 Bannerman
EMBERLY James laborer h 54 Barnes Road
EMBERLY Mary Ann, wid Patrick   h 118 Water, w
EMBERLY Mary, wid James   h 11 Casey
EMBERLY Maurlee shoemaker h 114 New Gower
EMBERLY Mary, wid Patrick   h 54 Barnes Road
EMERSON Arthur laborer bds 3 Duckworth
EMERSON Chas H barrister, Duckworth h Brook Lodge, Rostellan
EMERSON Hon. Geo H Judge S Court h 65 Rennie's Mill Road
EMERSON Julia, wid Prescott   h 2 Devon Row, Duckworth
EMERSON Mary Anne, wid Robt   h 3 Duckworth
EMERSON Otto engineer bds Circular Road
EMERSON Sopia, wid Lew W   bds 65 Rennie's Mill Road
EMERSON Wm laborer bds 3 Duckworth
ENDICOTT Arthur butler bds Government House, Military Road
ENGLAND Chas gardener h 20 Boncloddy
ENGLAND Chas F stone cutter bds 22 Field
ENGLAND David laborer h 34 Field
ENGLAND Diana, wid John   h 5 Cabot
ENGLAND Eliza, wid Geo   h 22 Field
ENGLAND Geo jr. baker bds 22 Field
ENGLAND Geo coachman h 22 Field
ENGLAND Jas messenger bds 22 Field
ENGLAND John chimney sweeper h 22 Field
ENGLAND John blacksmith h 34 Young
ENGLAND Kenneth teamster bds 22 Field
ENGLAND Wm shoemaker h 65 Harvey Road
ENGLAND Wm J   bds 29 Boncloddy
ENGLISH Allan boiler maker bds 24 Hamilton
ENGLISH Arthur cabinet maker bds 66 Merry Meeting Road
ENGLISH Bridget, wid Richard   h 121 Gower
ENGLISH Edward chief examiner master and mates, Customs Building h Quidi Vidi Road
ENGLISH Edward jr. seaman bds Quidi Vidi Road
ENGLISH Edward clerk bds 378 Water
ENGLISH Elizabeth, wid Jas   h 4 BAlsam
ENGLISH Ellen, wid Wm   bakery and confec'ry, 378 Water
ENGLISH Honorah, wid Thomas   h 124 Hamilton
ENGLISH James wharfinger bds 121 Gower
ENGLISH James plasterer bds 66 Merry Meeting Road
ENGLISH Jane, wid John   h 52 Patrick
ENGLISH Joseph printer h 71 Queen's Road
ENGLISH Joselph jr. clerk bds 71 Queen's Road
ENGLISH Mary, wid Joseph   h Brazil's Field, off Mundy's Pond Road
ENGLISH Margaret, wid John   h 57 Bannerman
ENGLISH Michael shoemaker h Balsam
ENGLISH Patrick sanitary carman h 66 Merry Meeting Road
ENGLISH Patrick jr. farmer bds 66 Merry Meeting Road
ENGLISH Richard clerk h 121 Gower
ENGLISH Richard fisherman h 22 Hayward Avenue
ENGLISH Richard laborer bds 75 Plymouth Road
ENGLISH Thomas baker h 41 Signal Hill Road
ENGLISH Wm laborer h 22 Hayward Avenue
ENGLISH W watchmaker, 249 Water, w & 14 Adelaide h Fwtr Road
ENGLISH Wm J foreman printer h 56 Spencer
ENNIS Miss Julia mantle and dress maker h 179 New Gower
ENNIS Mary, wid John   h 24 Henry
EPSEY Sarah, wid John   h 210 Water, w
ESBORNE Mary, wid Philip   h 15 Brennan's Lane
ESBORNE Joseph laborer h 15 Brennan's Lane
ESCOTT Albert shoemaker h 3 Gilbert
ESCOTT Elizabeth, wid Richard   h 183 New Gower
ESCOTT George laborer h 40 Pleasant
ESCOTT John shoemaker h 106 Casey
ESCOTT Thomas salesman h 29 Charlton
ESCOTT Wm fisherman h 3 Flower Hill
ESTERBROOK Archibald clerk bds Prescott
EVANS Allan student bds 66 Carter's Hill
EVANS Anthony laborer h 61 George
EVANS Bartholomew wheelwright h 61 George
EVANS Ellen matron Methodist Orphanage Mundy's Pond Road
EVANS Fanny, wid Robert   h 32 Spencer
EVANS Felix saddler h 29 Scott
EVANS Felix app saddler bds 29 Scott
EVANS George sailmaker h 4 Field
EVANS George C. cooper bds 30 Barter's Hill
EVANS Henry sailmaker h 214 Water, w
EVANS Herbert app painter bds 66 Carter's Hill
EVANS Isaac seaman bds 412 Water
EVANS Jabez laborer h 66 Carter's Hill
EVANS James laborer h 32 Spencer
EVANS J.H. boot and shoe maker, 170 LeMarchant Road, w h 170 LeMarchant Road, w
EVANS John brewer h 244 Water, w
EVANS John laborer h 37 Cookstown Road
EVANS John laborer h 14 Sebastien
EVANS John J. printer h 34 Prescott
EVANS John R. fisherman h Barter's Hill
EVANS Jos messenger h 61 George
EVANS Luke fisherman h 43 Mullock
EVANS Michael brewer h 31 Angel Place, off Alexander
EVANS Patrick app saddler bds 29 Scott
EVANS Patrick laborer h 61 George
EVANS Patrick shoemaker bds 214 Water, w
EVANS Robt clerk bds 32 Spencer
EVANS Robt fisherman bds 66 Carter's Hill
EVANS Solomon laborer h 26 Casey
EVANS Theophilus laborer h 34 Tessier Place
EVANS Thos carpenter h 52 Spencer
EVANS Thos laborer h 29 Scott
EVANS Thos jr. laborer bds 29 Scott
EVANS Wm machinist bds 32 Spencer
EVANS Wm, Wm laborer h 66 Carter's Hill
EVANS Wm barber h 170 LeMarchant Road
EVANS Wm shoemaker bds 214 Water
EVANS Wm blacksmith h 61 George
EVANS Wm laborer h 19 Hayward's Avenue
EVANS Wm J.   h 43 Mullock
EVELEY Isaac J. letter carrier h 29 John
EVENING HERALD NEWSPAPER prop J.E. Furneaux 16 Prescott
EVENING TELEGRAM J.W. Herder, publisher Water, c
EVERETT Miss Mary   bds 25 Pennywell Road
EVERETT Peter steward h 61 Cabot
EVOY Elizabeth, wid John   h 7 Goodview
EVOY Micahel cabinet maker bds 7 Goodview
EWING Alexander P O clerk h 180 LeMarchant Road
EWING Arnold mason bds 5 Duckworth
EWING John printer bds 5 Duckworth
EWING Mrs. Jas prop "Cabot House", 159 Gower  
EWING Thos sanitary inspector h 5 Duckworth
EWING Wm joiner bds 5 Duckworth
EWING Wm H. taxidermist, 61 Pleasant h 61 Pleasant

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