NLGenWeb 1898 McAlpines Directory

Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - F

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by Jennifer Wilkinson. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

FACEY John janitor C of E Institute 349 Duckworth
FACEY Samuel master mariner h 57 Springdale
FAGAN Catherine, wid Peter   h Springfield Famr, Cockpit Road
FAGAN James laborer h 48 Wickford
FAGAN Michael farmer bds Springfield Farm, Cockpit Road
FAGAN Richard tinsmith h 20 Convent Square
FAGAN Thos laborer h 20 Convent Square
FAHEY Caroline, wid Edw   h 11 Dunfield
FAHEY Jas seaman h 11 Dunfield
FAHEY John laborer h 26 Stephen
FAHEY John laborer h 11 Dunfield
FAHEY Thos blacksmith h 26 Stephen
FALCONER Arthur footman bds Government House
FALCONER David clerk bds 127 Gower
FANNING Edward blacksmith h 5 Sebastien
FANNING Francis lumber surveyor h 200 New Gower
FANNING Mrs. Honora matron, St. George's Hospital Signal Hill
FANNING Jas shoemaker h 25 Barter's Hill
FANNING Wm shoemaker h 25 Barter's Hill
FARDY Anastatia, wid Martin   h r 211 New Gower
FARDY Andrew   h r 211 New Gower
FARDY Andrew laborer h 9 Carter's Hill
FARDY Catherine, wid Patk   h 46 Codner's Lane
FARDY Jas cooper h 4 1/2 Lime
FARRELL Jas accountant h 18 Power
FARRELL Jos tailor h 16 Pilot's Hill
FARRELL Michael carptenter h 17 Pleasant
FARRELL Michael laborer h 20 Power
FARRELL P.J. shoemaker h 76 Gower
FARRELL Thomas watchman h 18 Power
FARRER Wm sailor h 355 Water, w
FAWCETT James shoemaker h 123 New Gower
FEEHAN Joseph cooper h 5 Prince's
FEEHAN Michael cooper h 123 New Gower
FEEHAN Mrs. M.J wines, spirits, and cigars, 58 Water, w h 58 Water, w
FEEHAN Patrick cooper h 7 Prince's
FENLER Wm plumber h 41 Victoria
FENELN Sarah, wid Patrick   h 68 Portugal Cove Road
FENNELL Mary, wid Richard   h 109 New Gower
FENNELL R provisions and groceries, 34, 130 & 132 Duckworth h 92 Military Road
FENNELL Wm shipwright h 49 Cabot
FENNESSEY Rev C. C Brothers bds St. Bonaventure's College
FENNESSEY John cooper h 107 George
FENNESSEY Margaret varieties, 16 Water, w h 16 Water, w
FENNESSEY Patrick cooper bds 107 George
FENNESSEY Richard app cooper bds 107 George
FENNESSEY Thomas app cooper bds 107 George
FENTON Mary, wid Chas   h 56 Cabot
FENWICK Rev Mark methodist Long's Hill
FEAVER Samuel blacksmith bds 162 Gower
FEAVER Wm accountant bds 162 Gower
FEAVER Wm blacksmith h 162 Gower
FEWER Bridget, wid Patrick   bds 7 Holdsworth
FIELD Charles master mariner h 38 & 40 Prescott
FIELD Edward 2nd officer ss "Regulus" bds 38 Prescott
FIELD John laborer h 17 1/2 Scott
FIELD John laborer h 52 Pleasant
FIELD John mason h 21 Angel Place, off Alexander
FIELD John seaman h 8 Bulley
FIELD Michael laborer bds 2 College Square
FIELD Richard laborer h r 2 Brine
FIELD Samuel shoemaker h 36 Prescott
FIELD Thomas laborer h 47 Pleasant
FIELD Walter carpenter h 21 Hutchings
FIELD Wm farmer Devon Farm, Old Cove Road
FIFIELD Alfred seaman h 124 Merry Meeting Road
FIFIELD Frederick carpenter h 16 Gills Place
FIFIELD John printer bds 124 Merry Meeting Road
FINCH George W. ironworker h Hamilton Avenue
FINDLATER Allen accountant h 96 Barnes' Road
FINLEY F.W. commission merchant, water, e h 4 Maxse
FINLEY James carpenter h 21 Cuddihy
FINN James laborer h Newtown Road
FINN James tinsmith bds Newtown Road
FITZPATRICK Joseph jr laborer bds 14 Simms'
FITZPATRICK Mary Ann, wid Joseph   h 14 Simms'
FITZPATRICK Michael engineer h 16 Colonial
FITZPATRICK Michael laborer h Colonial
FITZPATRICK Richard cabman bds 338 Water, w
FITZPATRICK Thomas coachman bds Pennywell Road
FITZPATRICK Wm watchman h 14 Plank Road
FITZPATRICK Wm jr laborer bds 14 Plank Road
FINN John cooper h 48 Water,
FINN Lawrence laborer h 7 Lime
FINN Miss Mary   bds 120 Military Road
FINN Mary, wid John   h Ropewalk Range
FINN Wm wharfinger h 23 Water, w
FINNERTY Michael laborer h 75 Hamilton
FINNICAN James laborer bds 35 Cook
FINNICAN Johanna, wid John   h 35 Cook
FINNICAN John laborer bds 35 Cook
FINNICAN Patrick laborer h 35 Cook
FIRTH Margaret, wid William   h 43 Hayward Avenue
FIRTH Robt J clerk bds 43 Hayward Avenue
FIRTH Wm R clerk bds 43 Hayward Avenue
FISHER Matilda, wid Carl   private boarding house, 177 Gower
FITZGERALD Andrew cooper h Prince
FITZGERALD Miss Annie wines and spirits, 374 Water h 374 Water
FITZGERALD Bridget, wid Michael   h 30 Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD Catherine, wid John   h 17 Allan Square
FITZGERALD Catherine, wid Patrick   h 7 Sebastien
FITZGERALD Cecillia clerk bds 374 Water
FITZGERALD Denis   150 Gower, cor Victoria
FITZGERALD Denis laborer h 54 Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD Edward shoemaker h 126 Bond
FITZGERALD Edward butcher, 150 Gower, cor Victoria h 150 Gower, cor Victoria
FITZGERALD Ellen, wid Edward   h 33 Casey
FITZGERALD Ellen, wid John   h 30 Sudbury
FITZGERALD Fredk trader bds 92 George
FITZGERALD James fisherman h 36 Convent Square
FITZGERALD James laborer bds 58 Barnes Road
FITZGERALD James wharfinger h 32 Brazil's Square
FITZGERALD John butcher bds 150 Gower
FITZGERALD John cooper h 16 Duggan
FITZGERALD John fireman bds 54 Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD John fisherman 11 Brennan's Lane
FITZGERALD John shoemaker h 259 Water, w
FITZGERALD Mary, wid John groceries, 20 Carter's Hill h 20 Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD Mary Ann, wid Patk   h 54 Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD Maurice laborer h 58 Barnes' Road
FITZGERALD Michael   bds 20 Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD Michael butcher h 30 Cochrane
FITZGERALD Michael clerk bds 374 Water
FITZGERALD Michael cooper h 30 Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD Michael farmer h Cockpit Road
FITZGERALD Michael laborer bds 18 Finn's Lane
FITZGERALD Michael laborer h 17 Allan Square
FITZGERALD Nicholas laborer h 58 Barnes Road
FITZGERALD Patk laborer h 348 Duckworth
FITZGERALD Patk shoemaker h 138 Water, w
FITZGERALD Patk watchman h 32 Brazil's Square
FITZGERALD Stephen laborer h 18 Finn's Lane
FITZGERALD Thomas laborer h 28 Pleasant
FITZGERALD Wm laborer bds 13 Finn's Lane
FITZGERALD Wm storekeeper h 49 King's Road
FITZGIBBON Miss Christiana clerk bds 28 Dick's Square
FITZGIBBON Edward clerk bds 28 Dick's Square
FITZGIBBON Edmund clerk h 28 Dick's Square
FITZGIBBON James seaman h 6 Lion's Square
FITZGIBBON Jeremiah laborer h 35 LeMarchant Road
FITZGIBBON Joseph clerk bds 28 Dick's Square
FITZGIBBON Thomas general dealer, 426 Water h do
FITZHENRY Miss Bridget   h 41 Moore
FITZHENRY James cooper h 1 Moore
FITZHENRY John painter bds 6 Bulley
FITZHENRY Michael cooper h 6 Bulley
FITZPATRICK Bridget, wid Wm   h 34 Cabot
FITZPATRICK Daniel janitor (Star Hall) h 25 Barter's Hill
FITZPATRICK Fredk grocer, 37 Cabot h do
FITZPATRICK John machinist 178 1/2 Cabot
FITZPATRICK John varieties, 119 Gower h do
FITZPATRICK John watchman h 26 Pleasant
FITZPATRICK John T store keeper City Council h Signal Hill Road
FITZPATRICK Joseph spinner bds 26 Pleasant
FLANNERY John J clerk of the peace h 44 Prescott
FLANNIGAN Miss Josie   h 33 LeMarchant Road
FLANNIGAN Thos coachman h 33 LeMarchant Road
FLAVIN Catherine, wid David   h 46 Cookstown Road
FLAVIN Joseph tinsmith h 46 Cookstown Road
FLEET Geo laborer h 13 Cook
FLEET John turnkey penitentiary h 5 Long's
FLEET Kenneth railway engineer h 125 Gower
FLEET Capt Thomas grocer, 138 Gower h do
FLEET Wm carman h Lime
FLEET Wm laborer h 1 Young
FLEET Wm tailor h 13 Cook
FLEMING Alice, wid Nicholas   h 68 Bannerman
FLEMING Benedict laborer h 68 Bannerman
FLEMING Benjamin tanner bds 11 Cochrane
FLEMING Chas seaman bds 44 Duckworth
FLEMING Johanna, wid Patrick   h 46 King's Road
FLEMING John carpenter h 21 Flavin's
FLEMING John shoemaker h 261 New Gower
FLEMING Matthew book-keeper h 58 King's Bridge Road
FLEMING Michael carpenter h 21 Flavin's
FLEMING Michael teamster 4 Boggan's Lane
FLEMING Patrick J porter h 11 James
FLEMING Richard laborer h 42 Codner's Lane
FLEMING Rev. Richard B Christian Brothers Newtown Road
FLEMING Wm clerk h 2 Convent Square
FLEWELLING Aubrey manager Horwood Match Factory h 223 Gower
FLINN John carman h Waterford Bridge Road
FLINN John cooper bds 27 Patrick
FLINN Michael cooper h 27 Patrick
FLINN Michael jr cooper bds 27 Patrick
FLOOD Michael blacksmith h 1 Prince
FLYNN Mrs. Alice wines & spirits, 372 Water h do
FLYNN Alice, wid Robert   h 51 George
FLYNN Annie, Wid Thomas   h 6 Brennan's Lane
FLYNN David firemand bds w e fire hall
FLYNN David professor of music h 81 Pleasant
FLYNN Edward cooper bds 18 Brazil's Square
FLYNN Edward cooper h Cabot Place, Topsail Road
FLYNN Gregory shoemaker h 56 George
FLYNN James blacksmith h 7 Brennan's Lane
FLYNN James watchman h 33 Job's
FLYNN John cooper h 6 Haggerty's Lane
FLYNN John cooper bds Cabot Place, Topsail Road
FLYNN John fireman h 6 Haggerty's Lane
FLYNN John accountant bds 372 Water
FLYNN John J collector Municipal Council h 10 Wood
FLYNN Joseph laborer h 49 Job's
FLYNN Mary, wid Jas   h 56 George
FLYNN Patrick cooper h 42 Stephen
FLYNN Patrick laborer h 39 Cuddihy
FLYNN Patrick laborer h 29 1/2 Flower Hill
FLYNN Patrick sawyer h 49 William
FLYNN Patrick teasmter h 6 Brennan's Lane
FLYNN Thos cabinetmaker h 194 Queen's Road
FLYNN Thomas copper h 6 Haggerty's Lane
FLYNN Wm carpenter h 34 Carter's Hill
FLYNN Wm laborer h 24 Damaril's Lane
FOGERTY Alice, wid John   h Cove Road
FOGERTY James butcher bds 25 Adelaide
FOGERTY John laborer h 22 Pennywell Road
FOGERTY Joseph butcher, 5 Adelaide h do
FOGWELL Samuel book-keeper h 25 Victoria
FOGWELL Miss Sarah B clerk bds Victoria
FOGWELL Tryphena, wid Samuel   h 144 Pleasant
FOGWEE Wm accountant bds 53 Victoria
FOLEY Ann, wid Garrett   h 8 James
FOLEY Chas clerk bds 52 King's Bridge Road
FOLEY Edward laborer bds 4 Lime
FOLEY Fanny, wid Wm   h 10 Carew
FOLEY Garrett sailor bds 8 James
FOLEY James shipwright h 18 Balsam
FOLEY James student bds 50 Monkstown Road
FOLEY James tailor h 3 Livingstone
FOLEY Johanna, wid Patrick   h 244 Water, w
FOLEY John baker h 243 Water, w
FOLEY John laborer bds 244 Water, w
FOLEY John mason bds 13 Knight
FOLEY John plasterer h 85 Patrick
FOLEY Joseph fisherman h 7 Plymouth Road
FOLEY Margaret, wid James   h 50 Monkstown Road
FOLEY Miss Mary   h Hayward Avenue
FOLEY Mary Ann, wid Patrick   h 52 King's Bridge Road
FOLEY Michael cooper h 41 Flower Hill
FOLEY Pierce jr fireman bds 3 Livingstone
FOLEY Pierce tailor bds 164 Gower
FOLEY Wm tailor h 164 Gower
FOLKS Richd miner h 7 Hayward Avenue
FOLLETT John carpenter h 87 Hamilton
FOOTE Jas   h 11 Queen
FOOTE Miss Mabel clerk bds 11 Brazil's Square
FOOTE Miss May clerk bds 11 Brazil's Square
FOOTE Orestes master mariner h 11 Brazil's Square
FORAN Augustus E clerk bds Portugal Cove Road
FORAN Jas laborer h 9 Gorman's Lane
FORAN John sailmaker h 8 Sebastien
FORAN Thos preventive officer bds 8 Sebastien
FORAN Thos sailmaker h 8 Sebastien
FORBES Archibald telegraph operator bds Hamilton Avenue
FORBES Robt engiener h Hamilton Avenue
FORD Ernest A student h 36 Water, w
FORD Jas cooper h South Side
FORD John agent h 115 Long's Hill
FORD John D printer 61 Military Road
FORD Richard cooper h South Side
FORD Wm J grocer, 36 Water, w h do
FORRISTAL Edw messenger bds 47 Long's Hill
FORRISTAL Eva, wid Richd   h 2 Flavin
FORRISTAL Gregory carpenter h 47 Long's Hill
FORRISTAL John laborer bds 9 Fergus Place
FORRISTAL Patk laborer h 14 Simms'
FORRISTAL Patk laborer h 51 George
FORSEY Miss Elenor clerk bds 16 Dick's Square
FORSEY Geo clerk h 16 Dick's Square
FORSEY Richd clerk h 16 Dick's Square
FORSEY Thos P clerk h 25 Parade
FORSYTH Alex messenger bds 67 Merry Meeting Road
FORSYTH Edw harness-maker h 13 Holdsworth
FORSYTH Jas carpenter h 9 Holdsworth
FORSYTH Jas shoemaker h 123 New Gower
FORSYTH Robt shipwright h 67 Merry Meeting Road
FORSYTH Thos seaman h 123 New Gower
FORSYTH Wallace letter carrier bds 67 Merry Meeting Road
FORSYTH Wm Jas railroader bds 9 Holdsworth
FORTUNE Edw fisherman h 187 New Gower
FORTUNE Patk J, of Fortune & Sharp   h 57 Colonial
FORTUNE & SHARP dry goods merchants 431 Water
FORWARD Bridget, wid John   h 14 King's Road
FORWARD Geo sailmaker h 27 Mullock
FORWARD John sailmaker h 6 King's Road
FORWARD Marmaduke carpenter h 29 Cook
FOSTER Catherine, wid Henry   h 2 Plymouth Road
FOSTER Herbert engineer bds 2 Plymouth Road
FOSTER Henry shipwright h 37 Water, w
FOSTER James finisher, Boot & Shoe Factory bds 11 Prince
FOSTER James shipwright h 37 Water, w
FOSTER John plumber bds 2 Plymouth Road
FOSTER Wm cooper h 12 Lime
FOSTER Wm shipwright h 37 Water, w
FOWLER Bridget, wid Stephen   h 20 Damaril's Lane
FOWLER Carrie, wid Charles   h 11 Colonial
FOWLER Fannie, wid James   h 54 Cabot
FOWLER James laborer bds Mundy's Pond Road
FOWLER John laborer bds 54 Cabot
FOWLER Lawrence laborer h Mundy's Pond Road
FOWLER Mark laborer bds Mundy's Pond Road
FOWLER Thomas laborer h 14 Sebastien
FOWLER Wm laborer bds Mundy's Pond Road
FOWLOW Abraham laborer h Buchanan
FOWLOW Annie, wid Edward   h 10 Springdale
FOWLOW A clerk bds 5 Queen
FOWLOW Wm laborer h 10 Springdale
FOX James policeman bds Fort Townsend
FOX James P M.H.A., accountant h 13 Gower
FOX John laborer h 24 William
FOX John F accountant h 103 Military Road
FOX Sarah, wid Wm   h 89 Signal Hill Road
FRAMPTON Henry laborer h 13 Thomas
FRAMPTON Robert fisherman h 38 Brazil's Square
FRAMPTON Wm, of Kavanah & Co.   h Signal Hill Road
FRANCIS Henry seaman h 9 Buckley's Lane
FRANCIS Henry sailmaker bds Mundy's Pond Road
FRANCIS James cooper h 44 Spencer
FRANCIS John cooper h 13 Rossiter's Lane
FRANCIS Mary, wid Alonzo   h 55 Prescott
FRANCIS Robert fisherman h Mundy's Pond Road
FRANKLIN Wm H commission & produce agent, O'Dwyer premises h Duckworth
FRASER Alexander laborer h 20 Stephen
FRASER David agent R.G. Reid h Musgrave Terrace, Gower
FRASER Hugh accountant bds Circular
FRASER John McL manufacturer's agent, Exchange Building, Water bds Duckworth
FRASER J.O. post master general h 54 Circular Road
FRASER Nutting S physician h Duckworth
FRASER Wm B accountant bds 101 Gower
FRAZER Hector clerk G P office h 27 Brazil's Square
FRAZER Hugh H accountant bds 54 Circular Road
FRAZER John, of Frazer & Kelly   h 142 George
FRAZER & KELLY bakers & c. Duckworth
FRAZER Wm accountant h 101 Gower
FREDERICKS Francis seaman h 50 Hamilton
FREEMAN J.H. manager of Nfld Brewery bds 383 Water
FREEMAN Mary, wid Thos   h 382 Water
FREEMAN Robt accountant bds 11 Brazil's Square
FREEMAN Sarah, wid John   h 82 Barnes' Road
FREEMAN Stephen shoemaker h Gower
FREEMAN T.J. groceries and provisions, 382 Water h do
FREEMAN Wm carpenter h 11 Balsom
FRENCH Elias shoemaker bds 124 1/2 New Gower
FRENCH Isaac carpenter h off 106 Pleasant
FRENCH John teacher h 81 King's Road
FRENCH John J printer bds Victoria House, 47 New Gower
FRENCH Jos cooper bds 96 New Gower
FRENCH Patrick clerk h 10 Dick's Square
FRENCH Peter laborer h 124 Pleasant
FRENCH Robt master mariner h 55 Signal Hill
FRENCH Selina tailoress bds 7 Long's Hill
FRENCH Wm painter h 61 Merry Meeting Road
FREW Wm clerk bds 129 Military Road
FREW William general importer, Water h47 Cochrane
FROST Albert J clerk h 241 Gower
FROUD Edgar clerk bds 72 Hayward Avenue
FROUD Eliza Ann, wid Wm Hy   h 59 Brazil's Square
FROUD Herbert Geo fisherman h 59 Brazil's Square
FROUD Jesse tailor bds 72 Hayward Avenue
FROUD John seaman h 17 Barnes Place
FROUD Levi laborer h 59 Brazil's Square
FROOD Nathan messenger bds 72 Hayward Avenue
FRYE Enoch coachman h 75 Flower Hill
FRYE John laborer h 22 Sudbury
FRYE John shoemaker h 33 Moore
FRYE Wm coachman h 113 Cabot
FRYE Wm shipwright h 18 Gilbert
FUER Marion, wid John   h 16 Barter's Hill
FULLER Amelia, wid Nathaniel   h 9 Larkin's Square
FULLER Wm student bds 9 Larkin's Square
FUNCHEON Johannah, wid John   h 181 Pleasant
FURLONG Augustus   h 9 Monkstown Road
FURLONG Alex shoemaker h 5 Bulley
FURLONG Alex jr lather bds 5 Bulley
FURLONG Briget, wid James   h 12 York
FURLONG Catherine, wid Peter   h 4 Bulley
FURLONG Edward accountant bds 52 Colonial
FURLONG Edward constable h 117 Long's Hill
FURLONG Fredk student bds Rennie's Mill Road
FURLONG James P accountant h 9 Monkstown Road
FURLONG Johannah, wid John   h 23 John
FURLONG John hardware dealer, Water h Duckworth
FURLONG John laborer bds 12 York
FURLONG John laborer bds 24 Spencer
FURLONG John laborer h 57 Lime
FURLONG John J baker bds Rennie's Mill Road
FURLONG Laurence baker bds Rennie's Mill Road
FURLONG, Laurence O'B M H A Manufacturer's Agent, Exchange Building, Water h 53 Cochrane
FURLONG Miss Maggie   bds Rennie's Mill Road
FURLONG Matthew wheelwright h 50 Water
FURLONG Mary, wid James   h 8 Allan Square
FURLONG Mary, wid Thos   h 52 Colonial
FURLONG Miss May clerk bds 2 Musgrave Terrace, Gower
FURLONG Miss May milliner h 57 Cabot
FURLONG Michael laborer h 25 James
FURLONG Mrs. M, wid Patk   h Musgrave Terrace, Gower
FURLONG Patk J farmer bds Rennie's Mill Road
FURLONG Peter fireman h 37 Young
FURLONG Peter laborer h 24 Spencer
FURLONG Peter wheelwright h 5 Bulley
FURLONG Peter app wheelwright bds 5 Bulley
FURLONG Walter laborer bds 57 Lime
FURLONG Wm S student bds Musgrave Terrace, Gower
FURNEAUX Alice, wid Hugh J   h 31 William
FURNEAUX John E prop "Evening Herald" h 41 Scott
FURNEAUX Samuel seaman h 14 Flower Hill
FURNESS Thos engineer h 101 George
FURZE Martha, wid Samuel   h 5 Queen
FURZE Wm clerk h 5 Queen

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