NLGenWeb 1898 McAlpines Directory

Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - G

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by Jennifer Wilkinson. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

GADD Elizabeth, wid Fred   215 Water, w
GADEN G H Aerated Water Works, John R. Bennett, prop fac 168 Duckworth
GADEN Garland M tel operator h 35 Queen's Road
GADEN Thos W   h 43 Scott
GALE Janet baker bds 33 Long's Hill
GALE Thos W baker, 278 Water h 33 Long's Hill
GALGAY Frank moulder h 22 Alexander
GALGAY Richd clerk bds 226 Water, w
GALGAY Wm laborer h 217 New Gower
GALLANT Miss Clementine   h 4 Queen
GALLANGHAR Alic, wid Patk   h 61 George
GALLANGHAR Mary, wid Wm   h 6 Pleasant
GALLISHAW Miss Agnes C milliner bds 77 Gower
GALLISHAW John branch pilot h 16 Bannerman
GALLISHAW Margaret, wid Philip   h 40 Gower
GALLIVAN Johanna, wid Thos   h 28 Duckworth
GALLIVAN John cooper h 26 Duckworth
GALLIVAN Michael cooper h Southside
GALLIVAN Peter cooper bds 26 Duckworth
GALLIVAN Wm cooper h 28 Duckworth
GALLIVAN Wm J cooper bds 26 Duckworth
GALLIVAN W H jr clerk bds 28 Duckworth
GALLOP Jas mason bds 92 Lime
GALLOP Henry mason h 92 Lime
GALWAY Anthony laborer h 51 Bannerman
GALWAY Bridget, wid Dennis   h 332 Water
GALWAY Miss Bridget   bds 332 Water
GALWAY Dennis (Estate of) ready-made clothing, etc. 332 Water
GALWAY Jas J groceries and provisions, New Gower h 53 do
GALWAY Miss Johanna   h 63 George
GALWAY John coachman h 42 Mullock
GALWAY John laborer h 31 LeMarchant Road
GALWAY Michael cooper h 4 Hamilton
GALWAY Michael tailor h 332 Water
GALWAY Wm laborer bds 96 New Gower
GALWAY Wm laborer bds 51 Bannerman
GALWAY Wm shoemaker bds 51 Bannerman
GAMBERG Chas painter h 5 Allan Square
GAMBERG Chas jr painter bds 5 Allan Square
GAMBERG Geo painter h 43 Victoria
GAMBERG John painter h 53 Cookstown Road
GAMMEL Miss Bridget   bds 8 Barter's Hill
GAMMEL Miss Mary   bds 8 Barter's Hill
GAMMEL Mary, wid Wm   h 8 Barter's Hill
GAMMEL Patk stone cutter h 8 Barter's Hill
GARDINER Annie, wid Thos   h 40 Cookstown Road
GARDINER Edward laborer bds 70 Barnes' Road
GARDINER George fireman h 94 George
GARDINER James laborer h 70 Barnes' Road
GARDINER Richard boiler maker bds 40 Cookstown Road
GARDINER Thomas watchman h 94 George
GARF Charles seaman h 107 Long's Hill
GARLAND Abraham shoemaker h 39 Cook
GARLAND Amelia, wid John   h 50 Carter's Hill
GARLAND Benjamin shoemaker h 50 Carter's Hill
GARLAND Charles D cooper h 11 Parade
GARLAND Eli fisherman h 43 Spencer
GARLAND Frederick carpenter h 22 Bond
GARLAND Fred shoemaker h 7 Pennywell Road
GARLAND George accountant h 32 Mullock
GARLAND George cooper h 3 Charlton
GARLAND George gas fitter bds 16 Alexander
GARLAND George D carpenter bds 11 Parade
GARLAND George H cashier bds 32 Mullock
GARLAND Hezekiah fisherman h Battery Road
GARLAND James cooper h 3 Charlton
GARLAND James shoemaker h 50 Carter's Hill
GARLAND Jane, wid Levi   h 94 Barnes' Road
GARLAND John A clerk bds 94 Barnes' Road
GARLAND John B cooper bds 11 Parade
GARLAND John T fisherman h 31 Spencer
GARLAND Josiah messenger h 163 Gower
GARLAND Mary, wid George   h 75 Lime
GARLAND Samuel H tide waiter h 32 Mullock
GARLAND S E BOOKS stationary & fancy good, 177 Water, e h 27 Bond
GARLAND Stephen storekeeper h 44 Carter's Hill
GARLAND Stewart fisherman bds Battery Road
GARLAND Thomas H barber bds 94 Barnes' Road
GARLAND Wm preventive officer h 146 Pleasant
GARLAND Wm P shoemaker bds 39 Cook
GARRETT Henry laborer h 49 Field
GARRETT Wm laborer bds 49 Field
GARRETT Samuel builder & contractor, Slate House, 2 Duckworth h do
GAS LIGHT CO works, Water, w; Gazette Building, e W.H. Rennie, Sec-Treas  
GATHERAL Margaret, wid Wm   h 8 Lime
GAUL Edward grocer h 72 George
GAUL Ellen, wid Thomas   h 72 George
GAUL Patk bricklayer bds 72 George
GAUL Thos laborer bds 72 George
GAZETTE BUILDING   Water, cor McBride's Hill
GEAR Chas custom's officer h 24 King's Road
GEAR & CO general hardware 349 Water
GEAR Henry, of Gear & Co.   h 131 LeMarchant Road
GEAR John shoemaker h 23 Carter's Hill
GEAR Joseph R engineer h 15 Gower
GEAR W C accountant bds 131 LeMarchant Road
GEARY Jas tinsmith bds 36 Young
GEARY John cooper h 95 King's Road
GEARY Sarah, wid Jos   h 36 Young
GEARY Thos fisherman bds 16 New Gower
GEATHERALL Thos cooper h 156 Water, w
GELLATELY Chas   bds 11 Bulley
GELLATELY Jas engineer h 11 Bulley
GELLATELY Wm engineer bds 11 Bulley
GEMMEL Jas clerk h 61 Prescott
GENERAL POST OFFICE   Post Office Square, Water, w
GENT John laborer h 127 Gower
GEORGE Pleman lumberman h Brazil's Field
GERAN James sea captain h 5 Long's Hill
GERAN Laurence J   h 177 New Gower
GETHERELL John carpenter h 14 Murphy's Square, off Alexander
GIBBONS John carpenter h 16 Bell
GIBBONS Josiah clerk bds 16 Bell
GIBBONS Mark carpenter h 16 Bond
GIBBONS Samuel carpenter bds 16 Bell
GIBBONS Willis carpenter h 16 Bond
GIBBS John laborer h 39 Prince
GIBBS John Thos clerk h 159 New Gower
GIBBS Margaret, wid John   h 159 New Gower
GIBBS Michael P MHA of Morine & Gibbs h 33 Monkstown Road
GILES John B grocer, 37 Mullock h do
GILES Mahalah, wid Richard   h 37 Mullock
GILES Martha, wid Wm   h 35 Mullock
GILES Reuben grocer, cor Holloway & Duckworth h do
GILES Robt B master mariner h 35 Mullock
GILL Charles leather cutter h 7 Long's
GILL Minnie, wid Leandear   h 59 Cochrane
GILLARD Elias shipwright h 125 Cabot
GILLARD John T broker, Water h 4 Barnes' Road
GILLATELY Alexander boilermaker h 31 Lime
GILLIES Wm grocer, 70 Cookstown Road h do
GILLESPIE Jas cashier, rwy bds Crosbie Hotel
GILLINGHAM Geo carpenter h 60 Lime
GILLINGHAM John fisherman h 137 Cabot
GILLINGHAM Wm carpenter h 60 Lime
GITTLESON E G, of US picture & portrait company   h Water
GITTLESON Henry   h Water
GLADNEY Edw laborer h 25 Prince
GLADNEY Joseph cooper h 27 Mullock
GLADNEY John police-fireman bds Fort Townsend
GLADNEY John laborer bds 33 Cuddihy
GLASCO John butcher bds 396 Water
GLASCO John shoemaker bds 396 Water
GLASCO Thos butcher bds 396 Water
GLADNEY Martin tailor, 398 Water h 25 Prince
GLADNEY Patk fisherman h 33 Cuddihy
GLADNEY Richd letter carrier bds 10 Field
GLADNEY Julia, wid Fredk   h 4 Forest Road
GLASS W F upholsterer, Duckworth h 20 Cook
GLEESON John P journalist h 53 Freshwater Road
GLEESON Patk J accountant bds 53 Freshwater Road
GLENN Martin laborer h 1 John
GLYNN Cornelius seaman h 27 Pleasant
GLYNN Francis shipwright h 27 Pleasant
GLYNN Frank laborer h Southside
GLYNN Matthew harness-maker h 27 Pleasant
GLYNN Richd laborer h Southside
GODDEN Clarence clerk bds 27 Cook
GODDEN Hugh Wm clerk h 27 Cook
GODDEN Samuel storekeeper h 61 Hayward Avenue
GODDEN Thos accounant bds 27 Cook
GODDEN Thos clerk h 3 Saunders' Place, Carter's Hill
GODLEY Wm steward h 39 Cochrane
GODLEY Wm jr stonecutter bds 39 Cochrane
GOFF Richd cabinet-maker, 13 Prescott h 15 do
GOOBY Andrew wharfinger h Hamilton Avenue
GOOBY Bernard fish-culler h Southside
GOOBY Lowtrip carpenter h Southside
GOOBY Simeon laborer h Southside
GOOBY Wm carpenter h Southside
GOOBY Wm P clerk h Southside
GOOD Archibald fisherman bds 63 Merry Meeting Road
GOOD Herbert fisherman bds 63 Merry Meeting Road
GOOD John fisherman h 63 Merry Meeting Road
GOOD Wm fisherman h 126 Merry Meeting Road
GOODALL James carman h Buchanan
GOODALL John baker h 190 New Gower
GOODALL Patrick laborer h 190 New Gower
GOODALL James gardener h Freshwater Road
GOODFELLOW Rosina, wid James   h Dunluse Cottage, Cove Road
GOODLAND Ellen, wid James   bds 36 Prospect
GOODLAND Catherine, wid Hy   h 53 Goodview, cor Merry Meeting Road
GOODLAND Ernest app printer bds 17 William
GOODLAND Miss Georgina clerk bds 17 William
GOODLAND James cooper h 33 Prospect
GOODLAND Kate, wid John   h 18 Hayward Avenue
GOODLAND Wm H, of Gray & Goodlan   h 17 William
GOODRIDGE ALAN & SONS general merchants, importers & exporters 325 Water
GOODRIDGE Alan C MHA, accountant bds Florence Grove
GOODRIDGE A F, of A Goodridge & Sons   h 4 Park Place, Rennie's Mill Road
GOODRIDGE Alfred J accountant 4 Park Place, Rennie's Mill Road
GOODRIDGE Henry C, of A Goodridge & Sons   h Florence Grove, off Long Pond Road
GOODRIDGE Herbert H accountant 4 Park Place, Rennie's Mill Road
GOODRIDGE J R, of A Goodridge & Sons   h 129 LeMarchant Road
GOODRIDGE Richard F accountant bds 4 Park Place, Rennie's Mill Road
GOODRIDGE Thomas B engineer bds 4 Park Place, Rennie's Mill Road
GORDON Miss Ellen   bds 335 Water
GORDON Gilbert student bds Dingle Dell, Waterford Bridge Road
GORDON Jas, of Jas Baird's   bds Dingle Dell, Waterford Bridge Road
GORDON Wm clerk bds 68 Pleasant
GORMAN Agnes, wid Thos   h 52 Bannerman
GORMAN Denis   h 191 Duckworth
GORMAN Denis F clerk bds 191 Duckworth
GORMAN Edward laborer bds 2 Bannerman
GORMAN George shipwright h 4 Brine
GORMAN John laborer h 7 Duckworth
GORMAN Joseph teamster h 62 Alexander
GORMAN Martin laborer bds 20 Damaril's Lane
GORMAN Michael J student bds 191 Duckworth
GORMAN Paul B student bds 191 Duckworth
GORMAN Thos laborer h 20 Damaril's Lane
GOSLING W G outside agent Harvey & Co h 11 Gower
GOSS David A wines & liquors, 74 New Gower h do
GOSS James laborer h 66 1/2 Livingstone
GOSS James J clerk bds Water
GOSS John tailor & clothier, Water w h do
GOSS John fisherman bds 40 New Gower
GOSS John ironworker h 233 Lewis Place
GOSS John laborer h 48 Brazil's Square
GOSS Jos master mariner h 10 Balsam
GOSS Kenneth carpenter bds 116 Casey
GOSS Margaret, wid Solomon   h 10 Balsam
GOSS Mary, wid Thos   h Quidi Vidi Road
GOSS Mrs D proprietress Metropolitan House 359 Water
GOSS Moses fisherman h 24 Scott
GOSS Peter fisherman h 47 Gower
GOSS Samuel fisherman h 40 New Gower
GOSS Solomon P student bds 10 Balsam
GOSS Thos fisherman bds 40 New Gower
GOSS Vincent tailor and cutter bds Water
GOSS Wm shoemaker h 124 New Gower
GOUDIE Geo sailor h 12 Steward Avenue, off MIlitary Road
GOUDIE Kenneth tailor bds 80 Bond
GOUDIE Miss Laura clerk bds 80 Bond
GOUDIE Wm H Bavarian Beer Depot, 113 Duckworth h 35 Prescott
GOUDIE W H tinsmith and stove dealer, 364 Water h 80 Bond
GOUGH Frederick R joiner h 44 Hayward Avenue
GOUGH Samuel carpenter h 21 Patrick
GOULD Jas clerk h 9 Long's Hill
GOURLY Edward seaman bds 77 Pleasant
GOURLY Mary, wid John   h 77 Pleasant
GOURLY John printer h 77 Pleasant
GOVERNMENT HOUSE   Military Road, head of Cochrane
GOVERNMENT WHARF   Water, foot Custom House Hill
GRACE John blacksmith bds 36 Gower
GRACE John time keeper h 85 King's Road
GRACE John P tax collector h 10 Knight
GRACE Mary, wid Patrick   h 8 Spencer
GRACE Mary, wid Richard   h 36 Grower
GRACE Nicholas shoemaker h 8 Spencer
GRACE Norah, wid   h 211 New Gower
GRACE Patrick carpenter h 222 1/2 New Gower
GRACE Patrick laborer h New Gower
GRACE Patrick clerk bds 42 Signal Hill Road
GRACE Patrick J messenger bds 42 Signal Hill Road
GRACE Sarah, wid Wm   h 38 Signal Hill Road
GRACE Thomas joiner h 42 Signal Hill Road
GRACE Thomas steward City Club bds do
GRACE Walter shoemaker bds 42 Signal Hill Road
GRACE Wm steward bds 38 Signal Hill Road
GRADY Edward laborer h Buchanan
GRADY Herman fisherman h Buchanan
GRADY patrick laborer h 6 Hunt's Lane
GRAHAM Alexander superint h Springfield Cottage, Topsail Road
GRAHAM Chas painter bds 8 Damaril's Lane
GRAHAM Jane Elizabeth, wid Capt Alex   h Water Bridge Road
GRAHAM John painter bds 8 Damaril's Lane
GRAHAM Mary, wid James   h 8 Damaril's Lane
GRAHAM Robt shoemaker h 43 Parade
GRAHAM Thos painter h 6 John
GRAHAM Thos J drug clerk bds 43 Parade
GRAHAM Wm F clerk bds 43 Parade
GRANT Miss Bridget   bds 114 1/2 Military Road
GRANT Fredk C accountant bds 18 John
GRANT Henry laborer bds Leslie
GRANT James fireman h 317 Water, w
GRANT James carpenter h 40 Bannerman
GRANT John engineer bds 26 Water, w
GRANT John drug clerk bds 40 Bannerman
GRANT John jr laborer bds Leslie
GRANT John sr lborer h Leslie
GRANT Patrick laborer bds 40 Bannerman
GRANT Richard clerk h 18 John
GRANT Robt W carpenter h 21 Bond
GRANT Thomas shoemaker bds 40 Bannerman
GRAY & GOODLAND printers, stationers, agents Dominian Express 206 Water
GRAY Norman clerk bds City Hotel
GRAY Wm N, of Gray & Goodland   h 134 Gower
GREAVES Hy E mgr dry goods, Bowring Bros h 96 Freshwater Road
GREAVES Stanley W student bds 96 Freshwater Road
GREEN Bridget, wid Edward   h 90 Voy's Lane, off George
GREEN Charles clerk bds 32 Young
GREEN Daniel J Q.C. barrister, 33 Henry h 34 Queen's Road
GREEN Edward laborer h 20 Lime
GREEN Elias laborer h 61 Merry Meeting Road
GREENE Hezekiah carpenter h 23 Pennywell Road
GREENE Francis sailor h 15 Simms'
GREENE Frank seaman bds 31 Plymouth Road
GREENE George carpenter h 29 Cabot
GREEN James laborer h 32 Young
GREEN John mgr steam tug Co, Water h 149 LeMarchant
GREEN John laborer h 26 Carter's Hill
GREEN John laborer h 6 Rossiter's Lane
GREEN John W clerk bds Cabot House, Gower
GREENE Joseph carpenter h 49 New Gower
GREENE Lucy, wid Thos   h 31 Plymouth Road
GREENE Maurice joiner h 114 1/2 Military Road
GREENE W J book-keeper h 118 Gower
GREENE Michael K accountant h 49 Prescott
GREENE Patrick cooper h 2 Pleasant
GREENE Randolph printer bds 7 Parade
GREENE Robt engineer h 23 Cook
GREENE T J accountant h 118 Gower
GREENE Thos laborer h 1 Damaril's Lane
GREENE Thos machinist bds 26 Carter's Hill
GREENE Thos seaman bds 31 Plymouth Road
GREENE Thos stone cutter bds 13 Freshwater Road
GREEN Wm tidewaiter h 7 Parade
GREEN Wm constable W E Fire Hall bds do
GREENE Wm Jas printer bds 32 Young
GREENE Wm architect, Temple Building Duckworth bds 49 Cochrane
GREENING Mary, wid Luke   h 26 Thomas
GREENING Patk laborer h 26 Thomas
GREY John tinsmith h 32 Carter's Hill
GREY John jr laborer bds 32 Carter's Hill
GREY Patrick laborer bds 32 Carter's Hill
GREY Richard   bds 32 Carter's Hill
GRIBBLE John cooper h 37 Parade
GRIBBLE Miss Mary Ann dressmaker h 51 Queen's Road
GRIEVE Walter B, of BAine, Johnson & Co.   h 27 Queen's Road
GRIFFIN Eliza, wid Patrick   h 21 Rossiter's Lane
GRIFFIN Ellen, wid John   h 41 Flower Hill
GRIFFIN John fisherman h 79 Hayward Avenue
GRIFFIN John laborer bds 15 Signal Hill Road
GRIFFIN John shoemaker h 41 Flower Hill Road
GRIFFIN Joseph carpenter h 33 Young
GRIFFIN Laurence brewer h 13 Prospect
GRIFFIN Maurice laborer h 19 Carter's Hill
GRIFFIN Miss May   h 15 Signal Hill Road
GRIFFIN Matthew laborer bds 15 Signal Hill Road
GRIFFIN Patrick shoemaker h 41 Flower Hill
GRIFFIN Sarah, wid Thos   h 24 Scott
GRIFFITHS Alex laborer h 23 Carnell
GRIFFITHS John cooper h 30 Power
GRIFFITHS John shoemaker h South Side
GRIFFITHS Richard fisherman h South Side
GRIFFITHS Wm jr upholsterer bds 30 Power
GRIFFITHS Wm sr stovefitter h 30 Power
GRIGG Catherine L, wid J C   bds Dove Cottage, Rennie's Mill Road
GRILLS John sailor bds 21 Bannerman
GRILLS Michael sailor bds 21 Bannerman
GRILLS Wm sailor bds 21 Bannerman
GRIMBLE Alfred seaman h 49 Flower Hill
GRIMES Rev Jeremiah C B Mount St Francis, Newtown Road
GRIMES Wm dist inspector police h 45 Gower
GRINSLETT John farmer bds Grove Hill Farm, Waterford Bridge Road
GRINSLETT Mary Ann, wid Matthew   h 9 Sheehan's Shute
GRINSLETT Mary, wid Henry   h 46 Casey
GROUCHY & BOWRING confectioners 22 Duckworth
GROUCHY Elias laborer h 14 Belvidere
GROUCHY Francis shipwright bds 1 James
GROUCHY Francis cabman h 44 Goodview
GROUCHY Frank, of Grouch & Bowring   h 12 Signal Hill Road
GROUCHY Jas mechanic bds 12 Brewery Field, off Signal Hill Road
GROUCHY Noah laborer h 12 Brewery Field, off Signal Hill Road
GROUCHY Philip laborer h 12 Brewery Field, off Signal Hill Road
GROUCHY Wm laborer h 13 Holloway
GROVES Geo machinist h 6 Plymouth Road
GROVER J M manufacturer of Prize Washing Machine P O Box, 278 Truro, N.S.
GRUBERT Wm shoemaker, 65 New Gower h do
GUARDIAN FIRE & LIFE ASSURANCE CO T & M Winter agents Duckworth
GUDGER Aaron laborer bds 5 Spencer
GUDGET Peter laborer h 5 Spencer
GUDGET Peter jr laborer bds 5 Spencer
GUEST James fish peddler h South Side
GUEST Wm planter h South Side
GUEST W T printer bds 181 Gower
GUINAN Anastasia,wid Francis   h 103 Long's Hill
GULLAGE James fisherman h 48 Casey
GUNISTER Elizabeth, wid David   h 181 New Gower
GUNISTER Joseph app painter bds 181 New Gower
GUNISTER Wm app cabinet maker bds 181 New Gower
GUNN Donald farmer bds Torbay Road
GUSH James fisherman bds 9 Quidi Vidi Road
GUSH Wm fisherman bds 9 Quidi Vidi Road
GUSH Wm J steward h 9 Quidi Vidi Road
GUSHUE Francis J tinsmith h 34 Adelaide
GUSHUE Jane, wid George   h 60 Springdale
GUSHUE John tinsmith bds 67 Gower
GUSTAFSON Agnes, wid Frank housekeeper City Club  
GUZZWELL G H jeweller 122 1/2 Water, e
GUZZELL James shoe cutter h 6 Convent Lane
GUZZELL James farmer bds 40 Water
GUZZELL John laborer h 6 ConventLane
GUZZELL Wm A farmer bds 10 Water, w
GUZZELL Wm farmer h 40 Water, w

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