NLGenWeb 1898 McAlpines Directory

Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - H

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by Jennifer Wilkinson. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

HACKETT Bridget, wid Wm   h 120 Gower
HACKETT Ellen, wid John   h 105 Military
HACKETT Francis laborer h 3 Pleasant
HACKETT James fisherman h 120 Bond
HACKETT James seaman h 13 Flavin's
HACKETT Jane, wid George   33 Water, w
HACKETT John clerk bds 120 Gower
HACKETT Joseph laborer h 119 New Gower
HACKETT Mrs, wid Thomas   h 93 Monkstown Road
HACKETT Wm H groceries & provisions junction of Job and Hamilton
HACKETT Wm P   bds 105 Military
HADDON John land surveyor h 58 Monkstown Road
HADDON John L accountant h 56 Monkstown Road
HAGAN Miss Alice clerk bds 16 Balsam
HAGAN John laborer bds 16 Balsam
HAGAN John master mariner h 16 Balsam
HAGAN Wm clerk bds 16 Balsam
HAGGERTY Bartholomew cabinet-maker bds 15 Queen
HAGGERTY Bartholomew laborer h 18 Haggerty's Lane
HAGGERTY Jas cabinet-maker bds 15 Queen
HAGGERTY John pilot h 398 Water
HAGGERTY Patk cabinet-maker, 15 Queen h do
HAINES Thos warden poor asylum h do
HALDANE John seaman h 146 Pleasant
HALFORD F J foreman clerk bds 42 Prescott
HALFYARD Miss E Kensington emb art school, 110 Queen's Road h do
HALFYARD John Thomas shipwright h 129 Cabot
HALFYARD Joseph porter h 29 Hayward Avenue
HALFYARD Joseph assistant store keeper h Hayward Avenue
HALFYARD Sarah, wid Stephen   h 29 Hayward Avenue
HALL Chas seaman h 82 Carter's Hill
HALL Daniel fisherman h Logy Bay Road
HALL Francis seaman h 82 Carter's Hill
HALL Geo gardener h Circular Road
HALL Geo messenger bds 82 Carter's Hill
HALL Geo H clerk h 18 Halloway
HALL Michael carman bds 352 Duckworth
HALL Samuel seaman h 78 Carter's Hill
HALL Thos seaman h 82 Carter's Hill
HALLERAN Michael laborer bds 117 Signal Hill Road
HALLERAN Catherine, wid Jas   h 29 Prescott
HALLERAN Catherine, wid Terence   h 21 Monkstown Road
HALLERAN Jas laborer h 10 1/2 Duckworth
HALLERAN Jeremiah barber bds Signal Hill Road
HALLERAN Miss Mary Ann   h 117 Signal Hill Road
HALLERAN Maurice carpenter h 46 King's Road
HALLERAN Michael tanner bds Signal Hill Road
HALLETT Geo accountant bds 46 Balsam
HALLETT John mason h 26 Balsam
HALLETT Thos L, M.D.S. dentist, Goodfellow's Building, Water h do
HALLEY Ellen, wid Wm D   h 98 Barnes' Road
HALLEY Geo H insurance clerk h 98 Barnes' Road
HALLEY Jas fisherman h Battery Road
HALLEY Miss Jean   h 98 Barnes' Road
HALLEY John laborer bds 38 Brazil's Square
HALLEY John H electrician bds 98 Barnes' Road
HALLEY Michael blacksmith h 31 Casey
HALLEY Michael seaman h 4 Stephen
HALLEY Wm laborer h 5 Murray
HALLEY Wm J clerk bds 28 New Gower
HALLIDAY James farmer h Newtown Road
HALLIDAY John farmer h Neagle's Hill
HILLIGAN Edward laborer h 8 Murphy's Square, off Alexander
HAMILTON James laborer bds 21 LeMarchant Road
HAMILTON Joseph confectioner h 214 Gower
HAMILTON Mary, wid Wm   h 27 LeMarchant Road
HAMILIN Franklin hair dressing saloon, Water, e h do
HAMLYN Arther John boilermaker bds Shaws
HAMLYN Chas sr farmer h Shaws
HAMLYN Chas jr moulder bds Shaws
HAMLYN Ed Max student bds 23 Forest Road
HAMLYN Phoebe, wid Paul   h 16 Halloway
HAMLYN Robt blacksmith h Hamilton Avenue
HAMLYN Wm blacksmith h h Belvidere
HAMLYN Wm printer bds Halloway
HAMMOND Charles clerk h 87 Gower
HAMMOND George joiner h 2 Cook's Hill
HAMMOND Henry machinist bds 8 Wood
HAMMOND Philip carpenter h 57 Cookstown Road
HAMMOND Richard warder penitentiary h 8 Wood
HAMMOND Richard messenger penitentiary h 12 Wood
HAMMOND Robt wood carver bds 8 Wood
HAMMOND Thos locksmith h 41 McDougall
HAMMOND Thomas machinist h 12 Plymouth Road
HAMMOND Wm J messenger penitentiary h 12 Wood
HAMPTON George lobster packer h 12 Bell
HAMPTON Mal blk & pump mkr, cor Prescott & Duckworth bds 12 Bell
HAND Catherine, wid John   h 3 James
HAND James cabinet maker bds 3 James
HAND Wm customs officer h 61 Gower
HANDCOCK Alan laborer bds 13 Howe Place
HANDCOCK Eliah fisherman h 32 Angel Place, off Alexander
HANDCOCK George fisherman h 13 Howe Place
HANRAHAN Patrick coachman bds 43 New Gower
HANDRIGAN Edward servant Exon Cottage, Long Pond Road
HANDRIGAN James cooper h 130 Water, w
HANEY James laborer h Barnes' Road
HANLEY Bernard cooper h 19 James
HANLEY James carman bds 16 Henry
HANLEY John painter h 16 Fleming
HANLEY John upholsterer bds 16 Henry
HANLEY Philip J painter and decorator, 5 King's Road h do
HANLEY Philip J jr printer bds 5 King's Road
HANLON Bridget, wid Wm T   h 63 Plymouth
HANLON John cooper h 10 Simms'
HANLON John fisherman h 37 Plank Road
HANLON Joseph laborer h 73 Merry Meeting Road
HANLON Robert farmer h Long Pond Road
HANLON Wm mason h 63 Plymouth Road
HANMORE Emma, wid Noel   bds 28 Forest Road
HANN Christina, wid Thomas   h 39 McDougall
HANN John laborer bds 39 McDougall
HANN Thomas carpenter h 28 Carter's Hill
HANN Wm laborer bds 39 McDogall
HANNAFORD Edward cooper h 24 1/2 Stephen
HANNEBURY Robert laborer h 12 Chapel
HANNIGAN Edward cleaner Newfoundland Railway h Water, w
HANNIGAN Michael shoemaker, 268 Theatre Hill h do
HANNON John carman h Flynn's Lane, off George
HANRAHAN Edward fireman h 29 Quidi Vidi Road
HANRAHAN Josephine, wid Jos   h 3 Walsh's Square, off Signal Hill Road
HANRAHAN Patrick policeman h 48 Barter's Hill
HANRAHAN Thomas laborer h 29 Quidi Vidi Road
HANSFORD George seaman bds 41 Brazil's Square
HANSFORD Wm seaman bds 41 Brazil's Square
HAPGOOD Jas laborer bds 47 Cook
HAPGOOD Jos laborer bds 47 Cook
HAPGOOD Wm laborere h 47 Cook
HARDING Ann, wid Jas   h Portugal Cove Road
HARDING Edw laborer h 6 Gill's Place
HARDY Geo watchman h 88 1/2 Casey
HARDY Jas weigh master h 49 Brazil's Square
HARDY John laborer h 48 Cabot
HARRINGTON Bridget, wid Wm   h 68 George
HARINGTON Daniel laborer bds 24 Barnes' Road
HARRINGTON John laborer h 68 George
HARLEY Francis plasterer h 10 Flower Hill
HARLEY Sarah, wid Francis   h 10 Flower Hill
HARRIS Andrew mason h 17 Bates
HARRIS Ann, wid Wm   h 17 Bates
HARRIS Archibald laborer bds 37 Cuddihy
HARRIS Arthur cooper h 49 Alexander
HARRIS Chas laborer h 30 Hutchings
HARRIS Daniel shoe cutter h 113 New Gower
HARRIS Geo trader h 34 Flower Hill
HARRIS Geo B dry goods, 51 Water, w h 26 Brine
HARRIS Isaac agent h 7 Queen
HARRIS Jas 1st clerk Department Public Works h 60 Pleasant
HARRIS Hon John, M L C, of Hearn & Co.   h 64 Prescott
HARRIS John blacksmith h 78 Harris, off McFarlane's Lane
HARRIS John laborer h 76 Harris, off McFarlane's Lane
HARRIS John Alfred printer Prospect
HARRIS John M cooper h 74 1/2 Harris, off McFalane's Lane
HARRIS Mary, wid Richd   h 31 Plank Road
HARRIS Providence, wid John   h Prospect
HARRIS Solomon printer h Prospect
HARRIS Thos accountant bds 64 Prescott
HARRIS Wm cooper h 49 Alexander
HARRIS Wm contractor & builder h 64 Prescott
HARRIS Wm steward h Prospect
HARRIS Wm Eli fireman, dry dock h 30 Hutchings
HARRIS Wm jr joiner bds 12 Mullock
HART Geo clerk h 20 Young
HART John carpenter h r 230 Gower
HART John messenger h 2 Fergus Place
HART Michael seaman h 2 Fergus Place
HART Patk laborer h 138 Water, w
HARTERY Alfred engineer bds 17 Howe Place
HARTERY Catherine, wid John   h 36 William
HARTERY Edward seaman bds 11 Prince
HARTERY Miss Elizabeth dress and mantle maker, 23 Prince h do
HARTERY Geo shoemaker bds 17 Howard
HARTERY Jeremiah sailmaker bds 122 Bond
HARTERY John laborer h Merry Meeting Road
HARTERY John jr farmer bds Merry Meeting Road
HARTERY Minnie, wid John E   h 2 New Gower
HARTERY Minnie clerk bds 23 Prince
HARTERY Michael carpenter h 122 Bond
HARTERY Michael seaman bds 23 Prince
HARTERY Stephen sailmaker h 122 Bond
HARTERY Thos engineer bds 17 Howe Place
HARTERY Thos messenger bds Merry Meeting Road
HARTERY Wm harness maker h 23 Prince
HARTWELL Bartholomew fisherman h 7 Larkins Square
HARTWELL Garrett laborer h 7 Larkins Square
HARTWELL John nail factory h 7 Larkins Square
HARVEY, A & CO tobacco & biscuit manufacturers, coal merchants & c Water, e
HARVEY John A, of Harvey & Co.   h (Omrac) King's Bridge Road
HARVEY A J M D 228 Duckworth h do
HARVEY Hon AW, of Harvey & Co.   h Omrac, King's Bridge Road
HARVEY Charlotte, wid Jas   h 60 Hamilton
HARVEY, & CO Commission Merchants and Agents for Red Cross Line and Black Diamond Line Steamships Water, e
HARVEY, & CO butterine factory Brewery Lane, A O'Connor manager
HARVEY C McKenzie, of H J Stabb & Co.   bds 75 Cochrane
HARVEY E F manager furniture factory bds Omrac, King's Bridge Road
HARVEY Fredk clerk bds 3 Devon Row, Duckworth
HARVEY Jas sanitary department h 26 Joy Place, off Prince
HARVEY Jas accountant h 60 Hamilton
HARVEY Jas H clerk h 60 Hamilton
HARVEY John civil engineer, R G Reid bds City Hotel
HARVEY John, of Harvey & Co.   bds Omrac, King's Bridge Road
HARVEY John R cooper h South Side
HARVEY Rev M LL.D h 3 Devon Row, Duckworth
HARVEY Peter laborer bds 28 Joy Place, off Prince
HARVEY Richard fisherman h South Side
HARVEY Richard real estate agent, Room 4 Renouf Building, Duckworth h Winter Avenue
HARVEY Wm clerk h 60 Hamilton
HARVEY Wm fisherman h 130 George
HARVEY Wm laborer h 26 Joy Place, off Prince
HARVEY Wm laborer h Southside
HARVEY Wm master mariner h 55 Patrick
HARVEY Wm jr cooper h Southside
HASKINGS Daniel clerk bds Portugal Cove Road
HASKINGS Edw J telephone operator h Portugal Cove Rod
HUSTINGS Wm fisherman h 10 Flower Cove
HATCHER Geo W laborer h 1 Southside, s
HATCHER Wm laboter h Southside
HATTON Mrs George, wid   h Circular Road
HATTON Patk J druggist 170 Duckworth h do
HAW Jas wines and spirits, 28 New Gower h do
HAW John laborer h 5 Plank Road
HAWCO Alice, wid Wm   h 12 Stephen
HAWKINS Eldred clerk bds 6 Casey
HAWKINS Emily, wid Stephen   h 6 Casey
HAWKINS Samuel bookbinder h 50 Harter's Hill
HAWKINS Thomas clerk bds 6 Casey
HAYDEN Catherine, wid Patk   h 10 Plank Road
HAYDEN Jas fisherman h Southside
HAYDEN John fisherman h 222 Water, w
HAYDEN Lawrence laborer h 10 Plank Road
HAYDEN Martin fisherman h 114 Bond
HAYDEN Richard fisherman h 112 Bond
HAYES Miss Annie clerk depot of Charities bds 28 Dicks' Square
HAYES Catherine, wid Patk   h 46 Pleasant
HAYES Edward baker h South Side, w
HAYES Edward ropemaker h Mundy's Pond Road
HAYES James laborer h 66 Mullock
HAYES John butcher h Sand Pits Road
HAYES John cabinet maker bds 66 Mullock
HAYES John furrier h Blackmarsh Road
HAYES John student bds 65 King's Bridge Road
HAYES Joseph painter bds 66 Mullock
HAYES Kesiah, wid John   h 8 George
HAYES Mary, wid Michael   h 10 Finn's Lane
HAYES Mary, wid John   h 104 Military Road
HAYES Mary, wid Patrick   h Battery Road
HAYES Mary Ann, wid Samuel   h 53 George
HAYES Michael laborer bds 66 Mullock
HAYES Nicholas cooper h 39 Cochrane
HAYES Patrick foreman Water Department h 50 Bannerman
HAYES Richard   h 124 Water, w
HAYES Richard F cooper, way office, 65 King's Bridge Road h do
HAYES Thos fisherman bds Mundy's Pond Road
HAYES Thos furrier h 124 Water, w
HAYES Timothy laborer bds 104 Military Road
HAYES Wm fisherman h Mundy's Pond Road
HAYNES Chesley clerk bds 147 Pleasant
HAYNES Edward K shoemaker h 122 New Gower
HAYNES Eleazer carman h 371 Waterford Bridge Road
HAYNES James fisherman h 33 Scott
HAYNES John fisherman h 33 Scott
HAYNES Thos laborer bds 25 Scott
HAYNES Thos warden, Poor Asylum h 147 Pleasant
HAYNES Wm shoemaker h 122 New Gower
HAYNES Wm teamster bds 147 Pleasant
HAYWARD Arthur jr accountant bds 10 Victoria
HAYWARD Arthur sr accountant h 109 Gower
HAYWARD Agu, Q C barrister & c, Renouf Building, Duckworth h Highbury, Pennywell Road
HAYWARD Chas clerk bds 40 Freshwater Raod
HAYWARD A Co wine and commission merchants water, c
HAYWARD C Waring barrister bds Highbury, Pennywell Road
HAYWARD E A clerk bds 19 Victoria
HAYWARD Fredk accountant bds 19 Victoria
HAYWARD Fredk W accuntant h 5 Maxse
HAYWARD Geo   h 113 Military Road
HAYWARD Geo jr accountant bds 113 Military Road
HAYWARD Geo J com merchant & broker, O'Dwyer's Cove h 7 Maxse
HAYWARD H R barrister, Renouf Building, Duckworth h 151 Gower
HAYWARD Harry accountant h 40 Freshwater Road
HAYWARD Herbert accountant bds Highbury, Pennywell Road
HAYWARD H E, of Hayward & Co.   h 10 Victoria
HAYWARD John clerk bds 40 Freshwater Road
HAYWARD Thomas clerk bds 40 Freshwater Road
HAYWARD Thomas laborer h 16 Brine
HEALE Rev G E methodist bds Angel Cottage, Hamilton Avenue
HEALE John coachman h 81 LeMarchant Road
HEALE James store keeper h South Side
HEALE Mary tailoress bds 81 LeMarchant Road
HEALE Wm farm servant bds Rostellan Farm
HEALY Miss Annie clerk h Gower
HEALY Catherine, wid Martin   h 74 McFarnale's Lane
HEALY Edward fisherman h South Side
HEALY Edward laborer bds 53 Fleming
HEALY Felix laborer bds 30 Scott
HEALEY Frank railway section man h Plymouth Road
HEALEY Jeffery laborer h 53 Fleming
HEALEY Jeremiah shoemaker h South Side
HEALEY John J grocer, 70 Water, w h do
HEALEY Matthew shoemaker bds Southside, w
HEALEY Maurice fisherman h 5 Barron
HEALEY Michael cooper h 2 Plank Road
HEALEY Michael laborer h 48 Cookstown Road
HEALEY Nicholas cooper h South Side
HEALEY Patrick laborer h 268 Water, w
HEALEY Patrick fisherman h South Side
HEALEY Peter laborer h 30 Scott
HEALEY Philip laborer h South Side
HEALEY Philip jr shoecutter bds South Side, w
HEALEY Sarah dressmaker bds 208 Water, w
HEALEY Thos laborer h South Side
HEALEY Thos laborer bds 58 Flemming
HEALEY Thos watchman h 2 Plank Road
HEALEY Wm clerk bds Signal Hill Road
HEANEY James laborer h 46 Barnes' Road
HEANEY Wm laborer bds 46 Barnes' Road
HEARN Miss Ellen   h Job
HEARN & CO. Commission Merchants and Butterine Manufacturers Water, e
HEARN & CO'S BUTTERINE FACTORY R A Brehm, manager Forest Road
HEARN James clerk bds Tremont Hotel, Water
HEARN Jeremiah farmer h South Side
HEARN John accountant bds 68 Cochrane
HEARN John carman h 44 Codnor's Lane
HEARN John wines and spirits, 124 Duckworth h do
HEARN, Mary wid James   bds 68 Cochrane
HEARN Richard teamster h 22 Gilbert
HEARN Sarah, wid James   h 21 Prescott
HEARN Wm farmer bds Quidi Vidi Road
HEART Johannah, wid John   h Buchanan
HEART Joseph laborer bds Buchanan
HEATER Norman laborer h 39 Young
HEATH George clerk bds New Gower
HEATH Hannah, wid Archibald   h 16 Hagerty's Lane
HEATH Henry shoemaker, Water h do
HEATH Irene clerk bds 16 Hagerty's
HEATH Richard carpenter h 68 Pleasant
HEAVIN Denis fisherman h 45 McFarlane's Lane
HEAVIN Elizabeth, wid Sylvester   h Sheehan's Shute
HEAVIN Lawrence gardener h 101 Monkstown Road
HEFFEREN Leonard fisherman 11 29 Moore
HELLYER Thomas leather finder, 198 Duckworth hd o
HEMMS John boot and shoe maker h 72 Gower
HENDERSON Charles accountant bds 108 Queen's Road
HENDERSON Daniel J mine owner h 42 Freshwater Road
HENDERSON Edward C seaman bds 4 Stephen
HENDERSON Hector broker bds Tremont Hoter, water
HENDERSON Henry clerk h 108 Queen's Road
HENDERSON John, of Hearn & Co   bds 120 Duckworth
HENDERSON Miss Mabel clerk bds Theatre Hill
HENDERSON Robert cooper h 123 Gower
HENDRY Charles farmer bds Cockpit Road
HENDRY James farmer bds Cockpit Road
HENDRY Richard farmer h Cockpit Road
HENDRY Wm tailor bds Cockpit Road
HENNEBURY Annie, wid Thomas   h Freshwater Road
HENNEBURY George cooper h 25 Cook
HENNEBURY George printer h 59 Colonial
HENNEBURY John cooper bds 1 Pennywell Road
HENNEBURY Maria, wid Richard   h 15 Pennywell Road
HENNEBURY Richard carter bds 15 Pennywell Road
HENNEBURY Wm carpenter bds Freshwater Road
HENNESSEY Denis coachman h 16 Walsh's Square
HENNESSEY Johannah, wid Wm   h Signal Hill Road
HENNESSEY John cooper h 14 Henry
HENNESSEY John fisherman bds Portugal Cove Road
HENNESSEY John steward h 13 York
HENNESSEY Patrick laborer h 329 Water, w
HENNESSEY Patrick engineer h 85 Harris, off McFarlane's Lane
HENNESSEY Robt clerk h 34 1/2 Colonial
HENNESSEY Stephen laborer h William
HENNESSEY Wm shoemaker bds 16 Walsh's Square, off Signal Hill Road
HEPBURN Jno agant, Baine, Johnston & Co h 1 Cathedral Hill
HERDER James carpenter h Burton's Pond Road
HERDER Jas proprietor Evening Telegram h 38 Rennie's Hill Road
HERDER John laborer bds 27 Hayward Avenue
HERDER Richard joiner h 2 Hayward Avenue
HERDER Sarah, wid John   bds 38 Rennie's Hill Road
HEWERDING Mary, wid Wm   h 79 Military Road
HEWERDING Wm shoemaker h 79 Military Road
HEWITT Stephen laborer h 21 Cabot
HIBBS Joseph cooper h 52 Livingstone
HIBBS Wm coachman h 39 Parade
HICKEY James carman h 48 Barter's Hill
HICKEY James shoemaker h 26 Springdale
HICKEY Jeremiah shipwright bds 125 Bond
HICKEY John cooper bds 125 Bond
HICKEY John farmer h Cockpit Road
HICKEY Laurence cooper h 18 Spencer
HICKEY Laurence fireman h 41 Barter's Hill
HICKEY Margaret, wid Richard   h 29 Sudbury
HICKEY Miss Mary Ann dressmaker bds 61 New Gower
HICKEY Michael fisherman h South Side
HICKEY Michael railroader h 43 Goodview
HICKEY Michael J shoemaker h 36 Angel Place, off Alexander
HICKEY Michael tailor h 61 New Gower
HICKEY Patrick coachman h 119 Circular Road
HICKEY Patrick fisherman h 10 Prince
HICKEY Patrick shipwright h 118 Bond
HICKEY Patrick tailor h 70 New Gower
HICKEY Richard laborer h 15 Murray
HICKEY Wm clerk h 31 Barter's Hill
HICKEY Wm tailor bds 61 New Gower
HICKS Miss Deborah cook, General Hospital Quidi Vidi Road
HICKS Samuel seaman h 132 George
HIGGINS Hannah, wid Jno of Mitchell & Higgins   h 66 Prescott
HIGGINS Jas miner and varieties, 95 Military Road h do
HIGGINS Wm stenographer bds 95 Military Road
HIGHMORE Joseph B fireman 124 1/2 New Gower
HILL Arthur S accountant bds Cathedral
HILL BROTHERS general dealers 140 and 142 Duckworth
HILL George clerk bds Gower House, 31 New Gower
HILL Jas cooper bds 55 Merry Meeting Road
HILL Jas   h Southside
HILL Jane, wid John C   h 25 Cochrane
HILL John, of Hill Bros   h 142 Duckworth
HILL Miss Mary   h 146 Gower
HILL Thos cooper h 55 Merry Meeting Road
HILL Wm T, of Hill Bros   h 142 Duckworth
HILYARD Elizabeth, wid Robt   h Springfield Cottages Topsail Road
HILYARD John teacher h 30 William
HILYARD Mary, wid Patk   h 63 Plymouth
HILYWARD Patk butcher h 63 Plymouth
HINES Miss Aggie milliner h 73 New Gower
HINES Thos mason h 37 LeMarchant Road
HIPDITCH Catherine, wid David   h 61 Casey
HIPDITCH Elizabeth, wid Robt   h 111 New Gower
HIPDITCH John fisherman h 35 Cuddihy
HIPDITCH Richd fisherman h Battery Road
HIPDITCH Thos fisherman h 16 Finn's Lane
HIPPER Geo stone-mason bds 48 Casey
HIPSON Wm engineer h 156 Gower
HISCOCK Albert machinist h 3 Gilbert
HISCOCK Arthur clerk h 57 Long's Hill
HISCOCK Ebenezer capt s army h 47 Hamilton
HISCOCK Fredk seaman h Southside
HISCOCK F A clerk B N S bds 57 Long's Hill
HISCOCK Geo master mariner h 68 New Gower
HISCOCK Henry cooper h 68 New Gower
HISCOCK Jas M clerk h 29 Henry
HISCOCK John fisherman h 109 George
HISCOCK John seaman h 10 Hayward Avenue
HISCOCK Joseph laborer bds Brazil's Field, off Mundy's Pond Road
HISCOCK Peter baker bds Tank Lane
HISCOCK Philip laborer h 3 Gilbert
HISCOCK Robert engineer h 41 Brazil's Square
HISCOCK Sydney painter h 16 Duckworth
HISCOCK William cooper h 68 New Gower
HOARE Edwin C master cooper h 32 Hutchings
HOARE George B accountant h 32 Hutchings
HOARE James B clerk bds 32 Hutchings
HOARE Sydney B clerk bds 32 Hutchings
HOBBS David laborer h 75 Long's Hill
HOBBS Elizabeth, wid Wm   h 75 Long's Hill
HOBBS John machinist bds 75 Long's Hill
HOBBS Joseph carpenter h 77 Long's Hill
HODDER Alfred painter h 99 Hamilton
HODDER Bridget, wid David   h 10 Pilot's Hill
HODDER David jr laborer bds 14 Pilot's Hill
HODDER Hannah, wid Wm   h 32 Mullock
HODDER Henry steward h 14 Dunford
HODDER James laborer h 10 Pilot's Hill
HODDER John laborer h 10 Pilot's Hill
HODDER Levi fisherman h 7 Damaril's Lane
HODDER Miss Rebecca nurse bds General Hospital, Quidi Vidi Road
HODDER Wm seaman h Dunford
HODDER Wm J painter h 24 Mullock
HOFFMAN Charles sailmaker h 30 Codner's Lane
HOGAN Anastatia, wid William   bds 243 Water, w
HOGAN Daniel clerk bds Gower
HOGAN Daniel M accountant h 88 Duckworth
HOGAN Joseph laborer h 26 Duggan's
HOGAN Mary, wid Patrick   h 13 Holdsworth
HOGAN Patrick clerk h 88 Duckworth
HOGAN Patrick clerk h 168 LeMarchant Road
HOGAN Patrick gardener h 26 Duggan's
HOGAN Richard steward h 12 Field
HOGAN Thomas laborer bds 13 Holdsworth
HOGAN William laborer h 32 Codner's Lane
HOLDEN Eliza, wid Michael   h 122 Casey
HOLDEN James seaman h 122 Casey
HOLDEN John laborer h Southside
HOLDEN Joseph laborer h Southside
HOLDEN Mary, wid Richard   h 63 Monkstown Road
HOLDEN Richard K accountant h LIttle Dorset, Waterford Bridge Road
HOLDEN Sarah wid Peter h Custom House Hill
HOLDEN Thomas seaman h 232 Water, w
HOLLAHAN Edward laborer h 45 Cook
HOLLAHAN James laborer bds 29 Holloway
HOLLAHAN John laborer 29 Holloway
HOLLAHAN John mason h 47 1/2 Pleasant
HOLLETT George R carman h 2 1/2 Brine
HOLLETT John laborer bds 127 Pleasant
HOLLETT Joseph laborer h 8 Hunt's Lane
HOLLETT Samuel fisherman h 22 Thomas
HOLLETT Robert fisherman bds 18 Carew
HOLLETT Robert fisherman h 127 Pleasant
HOLLETT Thomas fisherman h 18 Carew
HOLLETT Thomas jr fisherman bds 18 Carew
HOLLETT Wm fisherman bds 18 Carew
HOLLETT Wm laborer h 125 Pleasant
HOLLOWAY Prof Robt E   h Long's Hill
HOLLOWAY Susanna, wid Wm   h 79 Hayward Avenue
HOLWELL Augustus laborer h 17 Pilot's Hill
HOLWELL Edward fisherman h 4 Gills Place
HOLWELL George fisherman h 4 Gills Place
HOLWELL Henry laborer h 17 Pilot's Hill
HOLWELL John fisherman h Southside
HOLWELL Matthew laborer h 34 Quidi Vidi Drive
HOLWELL William fisherman Southside
HONEYWELL Sarah, wid Daniel   bds 10 John
HOOKEY Charles laborer h 95 Monkstown Road
HOOKEY James seaman h 3 Fergus Place
HOOKEY John laborer h 127 Cabot
HOOKEY John jr laborer bds 127 Cabot
HOOKEY Joseph laborer h 10 Belvidere
HOOKEY Samuel farmer h 10 Belvidere
HOOPER Elizabeth, wid Charles   h 18 Damaril's Lane
HOOPER Thomas sailor bds 18 Damaril's Lane
HOOPER William laborer h 134 Casey
HOPE Johannah, wid Henry   bds 1 Pennywell Road
HOPKINS Jane, wid Henry   h 22 Young
HOPKINS Hedley clerk bds Victoria House, 47 New Gower
HOPKINS Lieutenant, S A S A Food Depot h George, e
HOPKINS Richard sanitary h 22 Belvidere
HOPKINS Stephen   bds 56 Mullock
HORAN Patrick clerk h Hawthorn Cottage, Carter's Hill
HORWOOD Albert cooper h 19 Barter's Hill
HORWOOD Edgar tailor bds 22 Gilbert
HORWOOD Ephrraim, of Horwood & Slessor   h 14 Balsam
HORWOOD Francis laborer h 19 Barter's Hill
HORWOOD FW, of Horwood Lumber Co   h cor Sudbury and Water, w
HORWOOD John P clerk bds 11 Cathedral Hall
HORWOOD Joseph fireman, Central Hall h 9 Allan's Square
HORWOOD Patrick master mariner h 7 York
HORWOOD Reuben F accountant h cor Leslie and Water
HORWOOD Robt carpenter bds 32 Wickford
HORWOOD Sarah, wid Wm   h 22 Gilbert
HORWOOD, SLESSOR Groceries & Provisions Water, e
HORWOOD Thos   h 11 Cathedral Hill
HORWOOD Wm laborer bds 19 Barter's Hill
HORWOOD Wm storekeeper h Quidi Vidi Village
HORWOOD Wm cooper h 22 Cooper
HORWOOD W H, QC barrister, Renouf Building h 11 Cathedral Hill
HOSKINS David F storekeeper h 10 Gill Place
HOSKINS John mason bds 352 Duckworth
HOSKINS Miss Sarah clerk bds 10 Pilot's Hill
HOTVILLE George L master mariner h 9 Balsam
HOULAHAN Catherine, wid James   bds R C Place
HOULAHAN Mary, wid John   h 61 Long's Hill
HOULAHAN Samuel mason bds 10 Pilot's Hill
HOUSE John fisherman h 41 Casey
HOUSE Patrick farmer bds Topsail Road
HOWARD Joseph police-fireman h 9 Allan's Square
HOWE James   h Howe Lane, off Quidi Vidi Road
HOWE James fisherman h Battery Road
HOWELL Ambrose laborer h 13 Goodview
HOWELL Miss Bessie   h 104 Barnes Road
HOWELL Chas laborer h 16 Pope
HOWELL Hayward carman bds 17 John
HOWELL Leander shipwright h 135 Cabot
HOWELL Margaret   bds King's Bridge Road
HOWELL Martha, wid Stephen   h 24 Belvidere
HOWELL Thos sailor h 7 Damaril's Lane
HOWELL Wm painter h 24 Belvidere
HOWEY Israel laborer h 20 Bannerman
HOWLETT Eliza, wid Wm   bds 24 Brazil's Square
HOWLETT Frank clerk bds 15 York
HOWLETT Jas engineer h Southside
HOWLETT John clerk h 82 Circular Road
HOWLETT Stephen railway conductor h 15 York
HOWLEY Edw St. John auctioneer, broker,com. merchant & c. Water h Military Road
HOWLEY Miss Elizabeth   h Cockpit Road
HOWLEY Right Rev M F Roman Catholic Bishop of St John's res R C Palace, Military Road
HOWLEY W, of Kent & Howley barrister bds 13 Military Road
HUBERT Austin Bemister hair-dresser h 26 Mullock
HUDSON Miss Beatrice clerk h 92 Circular Road
HUDSON Christopher clerk h Silver Oak, Allendale Road
HUDSON Edw tailor bds 4 Gilbert
HUDSON Elizabeth A, wid Philip   h 16 William
HUDSON Geo 2nd turnkey penitentiary h 92 Circular Road
HUDSON Geo laborer h 4 Gilbert
HUDSON G T dry goods & milliner, 357 Duckworth h do
HUDSON Jas laborer h Henry
HUDSON Jas laborer h 13 Boggan
HUDSON John laborer h 29 Rossiter's Lane
HUDSON John Henry cabinet-maker h 4 Gilbert
HUDSON Kenneth R   h 92 Circular Road
HUDSON Matthew laborer h 45 Pleasant
HUDSON Philip H   h 16 William
HUDSON Wm Geo upholsterer 4 Gilbert
HUDSPETH John H receiving teller Bk M bds 120 Duckworth
HUESTIS Henry E asst. clk rwy office bds Crosbie Hotel
HUGHES Benjamin laborer bds 194 New Gower
HUGHES Geo carriage painter bds 140 New Gower
HUGHES Robt E sanitary supervisor h 20 Belvidere
HUGHES Sarah, wid John   h 20 Belvidere
HUMBY Richd fisherman h 76 Duckworth
HUNT & CO. Brokers and General Commission Merchants, J G Hunt, mngr Water
HUNT Henry miner h 182 Water, w
HUNT Jas butcher h 65 Cookstown Road
HUNT John clerk h Water, w
HUNT Wm J accountant Bk N S bds 45 Cochrane
HUNTER Edward J accountant bds 84 Pleasant
HUNTER F J mgr B Montreal h Savings Bk Bldg, Duckworth
HURD Alan laborer bds 81 Long's Hill
HURD John carpenter h 81 Long's Hill
HURL David sanitary carman h 48 Field
HURLEY Ambrose shoemaker bds 12 Hutchings
HURLEY Catherine, wid Robert   h 111 New Gower
HURLEY Miss Kate   h 6 Queen's Road
HURLEY Mary, wid Wm   h 8 Bannerman
HURLEY Maurice laborer h 31 Patrick
HURLEY Rev Patrick C B Mount St. Francis, Newton Rd
HURLEY Robert laborer h 23 Butler Place
HURLEY Thomas messenger bds 111 New Gower
HUSSEY Edward laborer h 17 Fleming
HUSSEY Isaac laborer bds 41 Field
HUSSEY Israel laborer bds 95 Long's Hill
HUSSEY John laborer h 41 Field
HUSSEY Joseph cooper h 47 Parade
HUSSEY Joseph fisherman h 95 Pleasant
HUSSEY Levi ex-policeman h 95 Long's Hill
HUSSEY Olivia, wid Wm   h 95 Long's Hill
HUSSEY Thomas laborer h 77 Lime
HUSSEY Wm laborer bds 41 Field
HUSSEY Wm wharfinger h 54 Casey
HUTCHINGS Chas sailmkr, George h cor Freshwtr Rd & Parade
HUTCHINGS Chas H Barrister, etc., Water h 133 Le Marchant Road
HUTCHINGS Eliakam printer bds 39 Moore
HUTCHINGS Miss Elizabeth clerk h 14 Pennywell Road
HUTCHINGS Geo A, of Job Bros & Co.   h 4 Musgrave Terrace, Gower
HUTCHINGS George A clerk bds Alandale Road
HUTCHINGS George P clerk h 46 Scott
HUTCHINGS Henry clerk h Mullock
HUTCHINGS Jas carpenter bds 85 Casey
HUTCHINGS Jas sanitary carman h 52 Field
HUTCHINGS Jas S accountant h 14 Pennywell Road
HUTCHINGS Philip H clerk h 2 Mullock
HUTTON & CO Music Store cor Duckworth and Prescott
HUTTON C W professor music h 41 Military Road
HUTTON Elizabeth, wid Geo   h 41 Military Road
HYNES Ann, wid Laurence   h 73 New Gower
HYNES Catherine clerk h 73 New Gower
HYNES Edward shoemaker bds 29 Young
HYNES Ellen, wid Patrick   h 8 Stephen
HYNES Miss Kitty clerk bds 73 New Gower
HYNES Isaac joiner h 33 Plymouth Road
HYNES Isaiah joiner h 15 Howe Place
HYNES Jas auctioneer, Waldergrave h 66 George
HYNES Jas jr clerk bds 66 George
HYNES John fisherman h 2 College Square
HYNES John clerk bds 66 George
HYNES John clerk bds 23 Plymouth Road
HYNES John laborer h 29 Livingstone
HYNES John lborer h 13 Flower Hill
HYNES John laborer h 79 Casey
HYNES Mary, wid Patrick   bds 52 Freshwater Road
HYNES Michael clerk h 8 Stephen
HYNES Michael seaman h 29 Young
HYNES Michael jr app cabinetmaker bds 29 Young
HYNES Sarah, wid John   h 46 Quidi Vidi Road
HYNES Wm fisherman h 6 Hunt's Lane
HYNES Wm laborer h 28 Scott

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