NLGenWeb 1898 McAlpines Directory

Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - J

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by Jennifer Wilkinson. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

JACK Elizabeth, wid Alex   h 65 Military Road
JACKMAN Arthur master mariner h 318 Duckworth
JACKMAN Bridget, wid Wm   h 28 Bride
JACKMAN Catherine, wid Thos   h 47 Wickford
JACKMAN David J tinsmith, 364 Water h do
JACKMAN Edward M Gents' Tailor & Furnisher, 343 Water h White House, Le Marchant Rd.
JACKMAN Francis clerk bds 105 Hamilton
JACKMAN Frank master mariner h 12 Bell
JACKMAN George laborer h 45 Lime
JACKMAN James M clerk bds 28 Brine
JACKMAN John blacksmith h 38 Pleasant
JACKMAN John master mariner h 12 Bell
JACKMAN John Jos fireman h 2 Murphy's Square, off Alexander
JACKMAN Michael laborer h 14 Finn's Lane
JACKMAN Philip fisherman h 5 Gilmore
JACKMAN Philip wharfinger h Holdsworth
JACKMAN Thomas P   h 3 Brine
JACKMAN Tobias fireman h 9 James
JACKMAN Tobias laborer h 35 Angel Place, off Alexander
JACKMAN Wm laborer h 39 Prince
JACKMAN Wm tailor h 11 Hamilton
JACKSON & CO. Drapers and General Dry Goods 359 Water
JACKSON John, of Jackson & Co.   h 235 Gower
JACOBS Jas shoemaker h 17 College Square
JACOBS John app carpenter bds 22 John
JACOBS John plumber h 34 Buchanan
JACOBS Joseph carpenter h 22 John
JACOBS Moses laborer h 34 Buchanan
JACOBSON G I F Perlin & Co bds Tremont Hotel, Water
JAMES Geo seaman h 15 Stephen
JAMES Edw fisherman h Woods' Place, Hoylestown
JAMES Isaac fisherman bds Woods' Place, Hoylestown
JAMES Wm farmer h Mouth Angelo Cottage, Cockpit Road
JAMES Wm laborer bds Woods' Place, Hoylestown
JAMES Wm jr fisherman bds Woods' Place, Hoylestown
JANES Alexander laborer bds 44 Wickford
JANES Alexander tinsmith h 36 Goodview
JANES Amelia, wid Reuben   h 53 Alexander
JANES Bernard fisherman h South Side
JANES Bernard laborer h 9 Plank Road
JANES Chas laborer h 44 Wickford
JANES Eli laborer h 2 Chapel
JANES Fredk apprentice h 51 Alexander
JANES Geo accountant bds 40 Goodview
JANES Geo tailor bds 40 Goodview
JANES Henry baker h 190 Water, w
JANES Henry laborer h 11 Barter's Hill
JANES Henry T laborer h 189 Water, w
JANES Henry laborer h 14 Wickford
JANES James agent bds 8 Chapel
JANES James laundry employee h 189 Water, w
JANES John carpenter h 44 Cabot
JANES John fisherman h 51 Alexander
JANES John P tidewaiter h 30 Prescott
JANES Leonard clerk h 14 Bannerman
JANES Margaret, wid Moses   h 40 Goodview
JANES Moses laborer h 14 Bannerman
JANES Moses R cooper h 14 Bannerman
JANES Wm fireman h 1 Forest Row
JANES Wm T rope-maker bds 53 Alexander
JARDINE Fredk clerk h 48 Brine
JARDINE John C brewer h 6 Maxse
JARDINE Jas chief examiner H M C h 18 Cochrane
JARDINE Mary, wid Wm   h 48 Brine
JEANES Aleck tinsmith h Goodview
JEANS Ambrose fisherman h 63 Merry Meeting Road
JEANS Bertram fisherman h 24 Scott
JEANS Harold druggists' clerk bds 68 Cochrane
JEANS James fisherman h 3 St. John
JEANS James laborer h 138 New Gower
JEANS John accountant h 68 Cochrane
JEANS John blacksmith h 138 New Gower
JEANS John laborer 38 Casey
JEANS Peter fisherman h 2 Deady's Lane
JEANS Wm upholsterer bds Wickford
JEANS Wm J laborer h r 113 Long's Hill
JEFFRYES Jessie, wid George   h 38 Duckworth
JENKINS Annie, wid Wm   h 83 Bond
JENKINS Malcom clerk bds 29 Dicks' Square
JENKINS Silas   bds 83 Bond
JENKINS Selina, wid Samuel   h 51 Brazil's Square
JENKINS Thos clerk bds 29 Dicks' Square
JENKINS Wm laborer 83 Bond
JENKINSON John jr farmer bds Freshwater Road
JENKINSON John sr farmer h Freshwater Road
JENNINGS George wharfinger h 26 Prospect
JERRETT Wm H builder and contractor, Queen's Road h 30 Henry
JEWER James H master mariner h 39 John
JEWER James clerk bds 291 Water
JEWER Thomas engineer bds 29 John
JOB BROTHERS & CO General Importers & Exporters, SS Owners and Insur Agents Water
JOB Robert, of Job Brothers & Co.   bds 45 Cochrane
JOB W C, of Job Brothers & Co.   h 5 Devon Row, Duckworth
JOCELYN Alexander painter bds 103 Circular Road
JOCELYN Charles clerk bds 103 Circular Road
JOCELYN Wm J wheelwright h 39 Flemming
JOHNS August master mariner h 30 Young
JOHNS August jr app tinsmith bds 30 Young
JOHNSTONE Abraham sailor h 42 Goodview
JOHNSTONE Adam caretaker, masonic tempt res do
JOHNSTONE Andrew fisherman h 50 McFarlane's Lane
JOHNSTONE Annie, wid John   h 50 McFarlane's Lane
JOHNSTONE Ann, wid John   h 30 Pleasant
JOHNSTONE Miss Annie clerk 13 Waldegrave
JOHNSTONE Bridget, wid Peter   h Barnes Road
JOHNSTONE Chas teamster 202 Water, w
JOHNSTONE Edward fisherman h 31 Cabot
JOHNSTONE Edward carpenter h 8 Hunt's Lane
JOHNSON Mrs. Eliza, widow   h 114 Circular Road
JOHNSON Frederick joiner h 28 Belvidere
JOHNSON George shoemaker h 10 Alexander
JOHNSON Geo, M, QC, BL, of Whiteaway & Johnson   h Glenbrook, Torbay Road
JOHNSTON Henry laborer h 4 Hunt's Lane
JOHNSTON Isaac laborer h 48 McFarlane's Lane
JOHNSON Jacob joiner h 114 Circular Road
JOHNSON James R joiner h 28 Belvidere
JOHNSTON John laborer bds 48 McFarlane's Lane
JOHNSON John laborer h 51 Field
JOHNSON John steward h 17 Rossiter's Lane
JOHNSON Joseph laborer h 4 Brennan's Lane
JOHNSTON Miss Mary grocery, 13 Waldegrave h do
JOHNSON Percie Insurance Agent, & C. Mechanics' Building, e bds Monkstown Road
JOHNSON Peter laborer h 4 Brennan's Lane
JOHNSTON Robt fisherman h 48 McFarlane's Lane
JOHNSTON Robert G tailor, & C, 302 Water h 282 Gower
JOHNSTON Rosana, wid Robt h h 10 Codner's Lane
JOHNSTON Solomon cooper h 30 Pleasant
JOHNSTON Thos tanner h 18 Cookstown Road
JOHNSTON Wm fisherman bds 2 Hunt's Lane
JOHNSTON Wm fisherman h Battery Road
JOLIFFE Jas master mariner h 152 LeMarchant Road, w
JOLIFFE Thos laborer h 36 Young
JONES Johannah, wid Jas   h Portugal Cove Road
JONES Right Rev Llwy Bishop of Nfld h Biship's Court, King's Bridge Road
JONES master mariner h 16 Brazil's Square
JORDAN Jas clerk bds 160 Gower
JORDAN P W clother, Martin's Bldg, Water, e h 160 Gower
JOSEPH Antino pedlar h 178 New Gower
JOSEPH Charles pedlar h 48 1/2 George
JOSEPH Mark pedlar h 87 New Gower
JOSEPH Michael pedlar h 48 1/2 George
JOSEPH Monsole pedlar h 87 New Gower
JOSEPH Peter pedlar bds 78 New Gower
JOY Amelia, wid Richard   bds 8 Prince
JOY Capt Jas G master mariner h 7 Victoria
JOY Jas G messenger bds 7 Victoria
JOY Miss Jessie clerk bds 7 Victoria
JOY John city watchman h 52 Freshwater Road
JOY John laborer h 5 Casey
JOY Jos fish culler h 24 Springdale
JOY Margaret, wid Thos   h 52 Freshwater Road
JOY Patk laborer bds 52 Freshwater Road
JOY Wm clerk bds 21 LeMarchant Road
JOYCE Albert E carpenter bds 37 Patrick
JOYCE Geo clerk h 37 Patrick
JOYCE Gilbert master mariner h 44 LeMarchant Road
JOYCE Jas carpenter h 45 Wickford
JOYCE Selby R clerk bds 223 Gower
JOYCE W F railway engineer bds 40 LeMarchand Rd
JOYLES Stephen farm servant bds Rostellan
JUDGE Francis mason h Pennywell Road
JUDGE James F mason h Pennywell Road
JUDGE Mary, wid John   h 128 Casey

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