NLGenWeb 1898 McAlpines Directory

Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - K

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by Jennifer Wilkinson. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

KALLENN Noah dry goods, 426 Water h 73 Gower
KANE David laborer h 19 James
KANE Edward cooper bds 18 Nunnery Hill
KANE Miss Johanna clerk h 18 Nunnery Hill
KANE John shoemaker h 91 Monkstown Road
KANE Maurice laborer h 18 Nunnery Hill
KANE Patrick police-fireman h Fort Townsend
KANE Stephen fisherman h 234 New Gower
KANE Thos laborer h 18 Nunnery Hill
KANE Wm laborer bds 18 Nunnery Hill
KANE Wm tinsmith bds 18 Nunnery Hill
KATES James J laborer bds 51 Goodview
KATES Richard laborer h 47 Gooview
KAVANAGH Annie dressmaker h 124 Bond
KAVANAGH Arthur laborer h 183 LeMarchant Road
KAVANAGH & CO Mineral Water Manufacturers 91 Military Road
KAVANAGH Cornelius fireman, W.E. Fire Hill h 18 Hutchings
KAVANAGH Edward engineer h 27 Cuddihy
KAVANAGH Edward laborer h 23 Dick's Square
KAVANAGH Edward laborer h 28 Bond
KAVANAGH Garrett, of Kavanagh & Co.   bds 23 Colonial
KAVANAGH George messenger bds 15 Tessier Place
KAVANAGH James druggist clerk bds 23 Colonial
KAVANAGH James laborer h 35 Casey
KAVANAGH James laborer h 8 Springdale
KAVANAGH James laborer h 1 Springdale
KAVANAGH James laborer h 24 Barnes' Road
KAVANAGH Miss Jane clerk bds 23 Colonial
KAVANAGH John cooper h 35 York
KAVANAGH John laborer h 28 Bond
KAVANAGH John watchman h 10 Hutchings
KAVANAGH Joseph cooper h 10 Hutchings
KAVANAGH Joseph laborer h 28 Bond
KAVANAGH Martin laborer h 15 Tessier Place
KAVANAGH Maurice laborer h 28 Bond
KAVANAGH Patrick clerk bds 23 Colonial
KAVANAGH Patrick cooper h 13 Flower Hill
KAVANAGH Patrick laborer h 10 Hutchings
KAVANAGH Patrick plasterer h 35 Casey
KAVANAGH Rosanna, wid John   h 23 Colonial
KAVANAGH Sarah, wid Patk   h 35 Casey
KAVANAGH Simon storekeeper h 42 Wickford
KAVANAGH Thos, of Kavanagh & Co.   h 23 Banerman
KAVANAGH Thos laborer h 12 Sheehan's Shute
KAVANAGH Thos chemist & druggist, Water, e h do
KAVANAGH Thos laborer h 12 Sheehan's Shute
KAVANAGH Thos porter h 74 Barnes' Road
KAVANAGH Wm shoemaker bds 3 Mullock
KEAN Hon A actg minister marine & fisheries bds Crosbie Hotl
KEANE Jas seaman bds 22 James
KEANE John shoemaker, 84 Lime h 91 Monkstown Road
KEANE Mary, wid Owen   h 68 George
KEANE Mary, wid Thos   h 85 Lime
KEARNEY Edw laborer h 36 Plank Road
KEARNEY Geo F clerk h 53 Military Road
KEARNEY Hannah S, wid Maurice   h 6 Lion Square
KEARNEY John fireman h 7 Simms'
KEARNEY John shoemaker h 7 Plank Road
KEARNEY John J Army & Navy Depot, Wines and Spirits, 119 Duckworth h do
KEARNEY Miss Mary   h 9 Carter's Hill
KEARNEY Mary Ann, wid Michael   h 71 Plank Road
KEARNEY Mary F, wid John R   h 53 Military Road
KEARNEY Matthew A solicitor bds Hillside, Circular Road
KEARNEY Michael B   h Hillside, Circular Road
KEARNEY Nicholas laborer bds 6 Lion Square
KEARNEY Peter ropemaker h Mundy's Pond Road
KEARNEY Richd cooper h 12 Allan Square
KEARNEY Richd fireman h 30 Lime
KEARNEY Richd master mariner h 85 Monkstown Road
KEARNEY Wm J clerk bds 85 Monkstown Road
KEARSEY Jas express driver bds 18 Field
KEARSEY Jas truckman h 15 Field
KEARSEY John cooper h 18 Field
KEATING Francis laborer h 103 New Gower
KEATING Jas   h 8 York
KEATING John cooper h 23 1/2 Barter's Hill
KEATING John watchman h 103 New Gower
KEATING John S 1st clk minister finance h 81 Military Road
KEATING Miss Sarah matron penitentiary h 8 York
KEATING Thos wines & spirits, co Water and Prescott h do
KEATING Thos jr   bds Water
KEEFE Ann, wid Robt   h 22 Wickford
KEEFE Jas laborer h 68 Livingstone
KEEFE Miss Johannah   h 30 Gower
KEEFE Johannah, wid Owen   h 31 Cuddihy
KEEFE John blacksmith h 26 Colonial
KEEFE John blacksmith h 21 Prince
KEEFE John laborer h 42 Hutchings
KEEFE Micheal carpenter bds 30 Gower
KEEFE Michael messenger h York
KEEFE Michael shoemaker h 132 Water, w
KEEFE Michael jr wheelwright bds 42 Hutchings
KEEFE Richd constable bds East End Fire Station
KEEFE Thos cooper h 412 Water
KEELEY Catherine, wid Michael   h 6 Sebastien
KEELS Joseph teamster h 6 Lion Square
KEELS Michael laborer h 186 Water, w
KEEPING Benjamin telephone clerk bds 276 Gower
KEEPING Hugh groceries & provisions, 221 Gower h do
KEHOE Edw shipwrights h 16 Finn's Lane
KEHOE John carpenter bds 16 Finn's Lane
KEHOE John fisherman h 51 Pleasant
KEHOE Margaret, wid John   bds 40 Wickford
KEHOE Maurice fisherman bds 10 Prince
KEHOE Michael seaman h 51 Pleasant
KEHOE Michel shoemaker, 300 Water h do
KEHOE Michael J shoemaker bds 300 Water
KEHOE Patk fisherman h 51 Pleasant
KELEHER Mary, wid Philip   h 117 Bond
KELLIGREW, Julia, wid Wm   h 74 Cochrane
KELLY Ambrose stonebutter bds 14 Bell
KELLY Ann, wid Geoffrey   h Nagles' Hill
KELLY Ann, widJohn   h 14 Bell
KELLY Catherine, wid Jas   h 1 Boggan
KELLY Chas clerk h 18 Colonial
KELLY Edw laborer h 36 Carter's Hill
KELLY Edw laborer h Woods' Place, Hoylestown
KELLY Edw F student bds Quidi Vidi Road
KELLY Edmund farmer bds 105 Long's Hill
KELLY Ellen, wid John   h 25 Prince
KELLY Frank seaman h South Side
KELLY Geoffrey gate keeper, Penitentiary Quidi Vidi Road
KELLY Geo watchmaker bds 12 Barnes' Road
KELLY Henry shoemaker h 113 Long's Hill
KELLY Jas cooper h 20 Balsam
KELLY Jas cooper h 64 Bannerman
KELLY Jas fisherman bds 16 New Gower
KELLY Jas laborer h 2 Leslie
KELLY Jas shoemaker h 12 Barnes Road
KELLY Jas M tailor bds 14 Bell
KELLY Jas P saddler bds Quidi Vidi Road
KELLY John blacksmith h 63 New Gower
KELLY John cabman h 50 Cochrane
KELLY John police officer bds 16 Water
KELLY John farmer h South Side
KELLY John farmer h Waterfordbridge Road
KELLY John fisherman bds 16 New Gower
KELLY John laborer h 25 Flemming
KELLY John laborer h 20 Casey
KELLY John planter h 358 Water, w
KELLY John shoemaker h 15 Bell
KELLY John jr wharfinger h South Side
KELLY John Thos butcher bds 25 Flemming 18 Colonial
KELLY Laurence boilermaker h 55 Goodview
KELLY Moses cooper h 2 Boggan
KELLY Margaret, wid John   h 13 Queen S
KELLY Mark tailor bds 14 Bell
KELLY Mary, wid Michael   bds 275 1/2 Water, w
KELLY Matthew cabman h 1 Boggan
KELLY Michael carman bds 1 Boggan
KELLY Michael fisherman bds 85 Patrick
KELLY Micheal gardener bds Rosevale Cottage, Waterford B Rd
KELLY Michael laborer h 38 Carter's Hill
KELLY Michael J wheelwright bds 25 Flemming
KELLY Michael J Custom Tailor, 282 Water h do
KELLY Nicholas cooper h 50 George
KELLY Patrick clerk h 105 Long's Hill
KELLY Patrick tinsmith bds Nagle's Hill
KELLY Patrick shoemaker, 12 Barnes Road h do
KELLY P Wm accountant h 4 Mullock
KELLY Rachael, wid James   h 27 Field
KELLY Richard master mariner 129 George
KELLY Terence farm servant bds Torbay Road
KELLY Thos customs officer h 18 Colonial
KELLY Thos, of Frazer & Kelly   h 72 Brazil's Square
KELLY Thos cooper h 26 Bond
KELLY Thos C   bds 14 Bell
KELLY Walter A O'D accountant h 14 Dick's Square
KELLY Wm varieties & clerk, 50 Victoria h do
KELLY Wm app cooper bds 30 Balsam
KELLY Wm clerk bds New Gower
KELLY Wm laborer h 2 Deady's Lane
KELLY Wm fisherman h 16 New Gower
KELLY Wm laborer h 10 Lion Square
KELLY Wm sailmaker h 18 James
KELLY Wm O'D, of Wood & Kelly   h 280 Duckworth
KELLY Wm P accountant h Duckworth
KENDALL Henry accountant bds 8 Cook
KENDALL Henry E physician, Duckworth h do
KENDRICK John master mariner h 35 Water, w
KENNA James farmer h Torbay Road
KENNA John coachman h 14 Catherine
KENNA Miss Mary   h 14 Catherine
KENNA Patrick coachman bds 14 Catherine
KENNEDY Rev Andrew P CB Mt St Francis, Newtown rd
KENNEDY Miss Ann   h 35 McDougall
KENNEDY Archibald laborer h South Side
KENNEDY Bridget, wid Wm   h 126 Merry Meeting Road
KENNEDY BROTHERS builders and contractors 4 Dicks' Square
KENNEDY Catherine, wid George   h 80 New Gower
KENNEDY Daniel printer h 235 New Gower
KENNEDY Edward accountant h 13 Hutchings
KENNEDY Edward fisherman h 6 Stephen
KENNEDY Edward laborer h 396 Water, w
KENNEDY Edward laborer h 25 Rossiter's Lane
KENNEDY Edward policeman bds 275 Water, w
KENNEDY Edward J fisherman h 6 Stephen
KENNEDY Edmund, of Kennedy Bros   h 4 Dicks' Square
KENNEDY Ellen, wid James   h 88 Circular Road
KENNEDY Ellen, wid Patrick   h 54 Field
KENNEDY Francis messenger h 31 Flower Hill
KENNEDY George laborer h 49 Wm
KENNEDY George picture framer bds 84 Pleasant
KENNEDY George seaman b 11 Bambrick
KENNEDY Hugh shoemaker h 80 New Gower
KENNEDY James accountant bds 13 Hutchings
KENNEDY James cooper b 35 McDougall
KENNEDY James cooper h 235 New Gower
KENNEDY James laborer h 3 Howe Place
KENNEDY James laborer b off 238 New Gower
KENNEDY James S clerk h 15 Bond
KENNEDY John clerk bds 3 Howe Place
KENNEDY John cooper bds 21 Water, w
KENNEDY John laborer h 17 Waldegrave
KENNEDY John seaman h 36 Colonial
KENNEDY John seaman h 15 James
KENNEDY Lawrence F tailor bds 21 Water, w
KENNEDY Mary, wid Edward   h 1 Murphy's Square, off Alex
KENNEDY Mary, wid John   h 4 Dicks' Square
KENNEDY Michael fisherman h South Side
KENNEDY Michael, of Kennedy Bros   h 4 Dicks' Square
KENNEDY Nicholas teacher bds St Bonaventure's College
KENNEDY Nicholas J planter bds 21 Water, w
KENNEDY Patrick   h 193 Gower
KENNEDY Patk gardener bds 21 Water, w
KENNEDY Patrick shoemaker h 12 Lion's
KENNEDY Patrick Tailor, Clothier and Gent's Funisher, 276 Water h 162 LeMarchant Road
KENNEDY Peter laborer h 396 Water, w
KENNEDY Peter J tinsmith bds 21 Water, w
KENNEDY Richard cooper h 12 Allan Square
KENNEDY Miss Selina nurse bds General Hospital, Quidi Vidi Rd
KENNEDY Thos laborer h 31 Flower Hill
KENNEDY Thos wharfinger bds 15 Bond
KENNEDY Thomas C Groceries and Provisions, 1 Military Road h do
KENNEDY Wm laborer h 42 Casey
KENNEDY Wm laborer h 31 Flower Hill
KENNY Caroline, wid Thos   h 28 Cochrane
KENNY David cooper h 77 New Gower
KENNY Francis wheelwright bds 28 Cochrane
KENNY Fredk J plumber h 15 Adelaide
KENNY James wheelwright, Springdale h 20 Water, w
KENNY James cooper h 13 William's Lane
KENNY James jr cooper bds 13 William's Lane
KENNY John farmer bds Grove Hill Farm, Waterford B Road
KENNY John farmer 259 Water, w
KENNY Michael sailmaker h 75 Pleasant
KENNY Patrick clerk h 41 Hamilton
KENNY Wm clerk bds 95 New Gower
KENNY Wm cooper b 30 Flower Hill
KENNY Wm cooper h 41 Hamilton
KENT Charlotte, wid Jas   h 84 Gower
KENT Daniel F clerk bds 13 Monkstown Road
KENT Edward shoemaker h 38 Hutchings
KENT & HOWLEY Barrister, Solicitors, Conveyancers & c Duckworth
KENT James M, B.A. of Kent & Howley   h 13 Monkstown Rd
KENT John cooper h 38 Hutchings
KENT John seaman h cor Prince and George
KENT Joseph P clerk bds 13 Monkstown Road
KENT Margaret, wid Robt   h 13 Monkstown Road
KENT Matthew N Carriage Builder and Undertaker, 350 Water h do
KENT Nicholas teamster h Quidi Vidi Road
KENT Patrick student bds Monkstown Road
KENT Peter laborer h 40 Hutchings
KENT Philip driver bds 16 Water, w
KENT Thos farmer h Quidi Vidi Road
KENT Thos contractor h 20 Quidi Vidi Road
KENT Wm army pensioner h 115 Quidi Vidi Road
KENT Wm master mariner h cor Prince and George
KENT Wm J clerk h 23 Prince
KENT Wm J mgr Herald newspaper h 78 Barnes Road
KEON James gardener h 355 Water, w
KEON James carman bds 335 Water, w
KEON John clerk bds 155 Water, w
KEON Patrick student bds 355 Water, w
KEOUGH David sailor bds 36 Colonial
KEOUGH Fanny, wid Jas   h 74 Barnes Road
KEOUGH George J wines and spirits, 362 Queen and Water h do
KEOUGH Patrick   h 21 Military Road
KEOUGH Patrick fisherman h 45 William
KEOUGH P J   bds 14 Chapel
KEOUGH Wm cooper h 14 Chapel
KEOUGH Wm laborer h 32 Case
KEPPIE George engineer h 3 Forest Road
KERBY Stephen fisherman h 52 Monkstown Road
KERIVAN Edward laborer h Southside
KERIVAN James wharfinger h Southside
KERIVAN Mary, wid Michael   h 45 Field
KERIVAN Patrick J porter h 83 New Gower
KERIVAN Wm laborer h Southside
KERR Alexander farmer h 48 Mullock
KER Thos laborer h 21 Mullock
KERSEY Wm laborer h 21 Mulock
KERVIN Michael fireman h 83 New Gower
KERVIN Patrick laborer h 83 New Gower
KIDNEY Jeremiah cooper h 23 Hamilton
KIELLY Alice, wid Joh   h 37 Buchanan
KIELLY Ann, wid Michael   h 32 1/2 Colonial
KIELLY Edward J clerk bds 283 Duckworth
KIELLY Ellen, wid James   h 21 Allan Square
KIELLY James baker, 164 LeMarchant h do
KIELLY James boatman custom house h 3 Knight
KIELLY James clerk h 283 Duckworth
KIELLY James clerk h 112 Military Road
KIELLY Mrs James grocer, 164 LeMarchant Road h do
KIELLY Margaret, wid James   h 4 Signal Hill Road
KIELLY Matthew clerk bds 112 Military Road
KIELLY Michael bartender h 2 Springdale
KIELLY Wm laborer h 19 Cuddihy
KIELLY Wm jr cabinet maker h 19 Cuddihy
KIELLY Wm F painter and decorator, 68 New Gower h do
KILPATRICK Elizabeth, wid Francis   h 22 Cochrane
KING Abani clerk bds 21 Spencer
KING Alexander gardener h 21 Fleming
KING Alexander P watchman h Southside
KING Alfred seaman h 12 Barter's Hill
KING Ananias seaman h 18 Young
KING Azariah laborer h 32 Tessier Place
KING Miss Bella clerk h Long's Hill
KING Charles seaman h 34 Brazil's Square
KING David grocer, 57 Gower h do
KING David planter h Southside
KING Daniel tallyman h 92 Casey
KING Eli boilermaker h 136 1/2 Casey
KING Eli janitor Meth college b 65 Long's Hill
KING Elizabeth, wid John   h 10 Belvidere
KING Geo seaman h 136 1/2 Casey
KING Henry fisherman h 20 Charlton
KING Henry laborer bds 23 Angel Place, off Alexander
KING Isabella, wid John   bds 147 Pleasant
KING Jas coachman h Southside
KING Jas farmer b Southside
KING Jas fisherman h 64 Bannerman
KING Jas laborer bds 2 Hunt's Lane, Hoylestown
KING Jas laborer h 10 Belvidere
KING Jas laborer bds 23 Angel Place, off Alexander
KING Jeremiah laborer h 9 Goodview
KING Johannah, wid Edw   h 92 Casey
KING John carman bds Torbay Road
KING John cooper Flynn's Lane, off George
KING John laborer h 10 Belvidere
KING John laborer h 118 Casey
KING John laborer h 21 Spencer
KING Joshua laborer h 23 Angel Place, off Alexander
KING Julia, wid Jas   h 10 Lime
KING Matthew H shipwright h 26 Boncloddy
KING Michael fisherman h 57 Gower
KING Richd laborer h 3 Williams' Lane
KING Selina, wid Chas   h 136 1/2 Casey
KING Solomon laborer h 132 Casey
KING Theresa bartender bds 376 Water
KING Theophilus fireman h 277 Water, w
KING Virtue, wid Robt   h Torbay Road
KING Wm carpenter h 67 Harris, off McFarlane's Lane
KING Wm clerk bds 65 Long's Hill
KING Wm engineer h 17 Colonial
KING Wm farmer bds Galwayvilla, Blackmarsh Road
KING Wm laborer h 51 Colonial
KING Wm planter h Southside
KINSELLA John F mail officer 55 Grand Lake h 30 King's B Road
KINSELLA John F jr student bds 30 King's Bridge Road
KINSELLA Wm laborer h 6 Flavin
KINSELLA Wm fish culler h 64 Harvey Road
KIRKAND Annie, wid Geo   h 114 Quidi Vidi Road
KIRKLAND Geo marchinist h Black Marsh Road
KIRBY Jas fisherman h 57 Brazil's Square
KIRBY Jas fisherman h 11 Sheehan's Shute
KIRBY John fisherman h 57 Brazil's Square
KIRBY Philip cooper h 57 Brazil's Square
KIRBY Wm cooper h 57 Brazil's Square
KIRBY Wm fisherman h 11 Sheehan's Shute
KITCHER Mary J, wid Thos   h 45 Hayward Ave
KITCHEN Wm student bds St Bonaventure's College
KNAPP Rev Chas principal Queen's College h 2 Forest Rd
KNIGHT Allan Builder and Contractor h 2 Brazil's Square
KNIGHT Ambrose joiner h Logy Bay Road
KNIGHT Amos shipwright h 21 Cook
KNIGHT Annie, wid Jas   h 26 Monkstown Road
KNIGHT Arch H builder and contractor h 20 Henry
KNIGHT A W Barrister, Blackwood Building, Duckworth h Spring Cottage, Leslie
KNIGHT Chas ship carpenter h 27 William
KNIGHT Edw shipwright h 41 Hamilton
KNIGHT Edwin J clerk h 341 Duckworth
KNIGHT Francis S tidewaiter h 26 King's Road
KNIGHT Fredk W agent Montreal Loan and Investment Co, Water h 175 Gower
KNIGHT Fredk V accountant h South Side
KNIGHT Herbert T barrister, 33 Henry h Circular Road
KNIGHT Miss Hilder clerk bds 175 Gower
KNIGHT Jas R commission merchant h 36 Queen's Road
KNIGHT Miss Jeanette clerk bds 2 Brazil's Square
KNIGHT Jos E laborer bds 21 Cook
KNIGHT Michael T   h 70 Circular Road
KNIGHT Sarah, wid Henry   h 1 Waldegrave
KNIGHT Silas G manufacturer copper paint, 175 Gower h do
KNIGHT Stephen accountant Saving's Bank h 1 Barnes' Rd
KNIGHT Stephen engineer h 33 New Gower
KNIGHT Walter accountant bds Brazil's Square
KNIGHT Wm laborer h Mundy's Pond Rd
KNIGHT Capt Wm master mariner h Spring Cottage, Leslie
KNOX Bartholemew laborer h r 211 New Gower
KNOX Johanna, wid Thos   h 14 Wickford
KNOX Patk laborer h 15 Carter's Hill
KNOX Wm steward h 33 Spencer
KNOX Wm watchman h 27 Plymouth Road
KNOWLING Hon George general merchant, 223, 225, 227, Water, e & 389 Water, w h Silverton, Waterford Bridge Road
KNOWLING G jr clerk bds Silverton, Waterford Bridge Road
KNOWLING John engineer, dry dock h 35 Patrick
KNOWLING Mary, wid John   h 182 Water, w
KNOWLING Michael moulder h 111 Hamilton
KNOWLING Philip clerk bds Silverton, Waterford Bridge Road
KOCH Ernest tailor h 317 Water, w

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