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Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - L

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by Jennifer Wilkinson. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

LACEY Miss Bridget   h Barnes Road
LACEY James teacher, St Bonaventure College  
LACEY James cooper h 13 Bambrick's
LACEY James tailor h 32 Colonial
LACEY Martin laborer h 123 Circular Road
LACEY Mary, wid Nicholas   bds 45 Field
LACEY Richard sailor b 50 Wickford
LAHEY Mary Ellen, wid Martin   h 32 Colonial
LAKE John laborer bds 26 Livingstone
LAKE Joseph joiner h 185 New Gower
LAKE Mary, wid Solomon   h 26 Livingstone
LAMB James clerk h 8 Knight
LAMB James farmer h Freshwater Road
LAMB John, of Lindberg & Lamb jeweller h 2 Bond
LAMB Margaret, wid Wm   h Angel Place, off Alexander
LAMB Nathaniel jr laborer bds 10 Pleasant
LAMB Nathaniel laborer h 10 Plesant
LAMBERT Fanny, wid Thos   h 47 Scott
LAMBERT George carman h 61 Carter's Hill
LAMBERT John seaman h 20 Hayward Ave
LAMBERT Luke fisherman h 22 Carew
LAMBERT Wm   bds 7 Williams' Lane
LAMBERT Wm ry conductor h 47 Quidi Vidi Road
LAMZED Wm cabinet maker bds 13 John
LANDY Edward tailor bds 32 Plank Road
LANDY James shoemaker h 32 Plank Road
LANE Daniel fisherman h 32 Goodview
LeMESSURIER Hugh accountant bds Riverside, 8 Winter Ave
LeMESSURIER H.W. asst col H.M.C. h 8 Winter Ave
LeMESSURIER John com agent h 28 Freshwater Road
LeMESSURIER P. Frederick clerk h 205 New Gower
LeMESSURIER Peter F clerk h 207 New Gower
LENNARD Patrick stoker, gas works h Barron
LENNOX James carpenter h 29 Bannerman
LENNOX Sarah, wid Andrew   h 51 Military Road
LeSHANA Chas shoemaker h 84 Carter's Hill
LeSHANA Wm laborer h 68 Carter's hill
LeSHANA Wm shoemaker h 18 Boncloddy
LESEMAN Henry Geo, of Bowden & Co master mariner h 33 Temperance
LESTER Charles jeweller h 49 Hamilton
LESTER Wm cabman bds 40 Water, w
LeSTRANGE Bridget, wid Peter   h 204 Pleasant
LeSUEUR Charles music teacher bds 29 Queen's Road
LeSUEUR Peter music teacher bds 29 Queen's Road
LETHBRIDGE Nathaniel laborer h 38 Lime
LETHGOW Wm W seaman h 52 Carter's Hill
LEWIS Charles engineer h 20 Gower
LEWIS Charles laborer bds Hamilton Ave
LEWIS E.B. pilot h 9 King's Road
LEWIS Eleazer blacksmith bds 19 Field
LEWIS Eliza, wid Charles   h 10 Duckworth
LEWIS Elizabeth, wid Wm   h 34 Cochrane
LEWIS Eusebius boatman H M C h 6 Duckworth
LEWIS Frederick pilot h 34 Cochrane
LEWIS George pilot bds 70 Duckworth
LEWIS Henry P engineer bds 23 York
LEWIS James carpenter 17 Field
LEWIS John laborer h Hamilton Ave
LEWIS John laborer h 54 Bannerman
LEWIS John H ironworker h 39 Job's
LEWIS Miss Kathleen clerk bds 73 Military Road
LEWIS Moses fisherman 19 Field
LEWIS Patrick fireman bds Brazil's Field, off Mundy's Pond Rd
LEWIS Richard 1st officer ss Bruce h 1 Spencer
LEWIS Walter printer bds 1 Spencer
LEWIS Wm boatman bds 70 Duckworth
LEWIS Wm H pilot h 23 York
LEWIS Wm J carpenter h 17 Field
LIDDY Wm H station master, Nfld ry h Quidi Vidi Road
LIDSTONE Francis G.W. clerk bds 35 Young
LIDSTONE Nathaniel laborer h 35 Young
LIDSTONE Wm laborer h 3 Plymouth Road
LILLY F.D. barrister, etc, Blackwood Blg, Duckworth h Circular Rd
LILLY George A. surveyor and carpenter h 3 British Square
LILLY Thomas ship's steward h 38 Belvedere
LINDBERG John sr, of Lindberg & Lamb brewer h Castle Lindberg, Signal Hill Road
LINDBERG John F brewer h 3 Cathedral Hill
LINDBERG & LAMB Watchmakers & Jewellers Water, foot of Prescott
LINDSAY Alexander baker h 38 Goodview
LINDSAY Archibald book keeper h 12 Cathedral
LINDSAY Eugene book keeper bds 12 Cathedral
LINDSEY George clerk h 88 Pleasant
LINDSTROM A watch maker and engraver, 334 Water h 334 Water
LINDSTROM Henry seaman 39 Plank Road
LINDSTROM John watchmaker bds 334 Water
LINEGAR Ellen, wid James   h 62 George
LINEGAR Luke carpenter h 20 Queen's Road
LINEGAR Michael cooper h 228 Gower
LINEGAR Thomas farmer h Freshwater Road
LINEGAR Wm cooper bds 228 Gower
LISTON Edward fisherman bds 128 Bond
LISTON John fisherman h 128 Bond
LISTON John jr fisherman bds 128 Bond
LITTLE HON Joseph I chief justice bds 59 Cochrane
LLOYD G Browne clerk P.O. h 145 Pleasant
LLOYD Henry apprentice bds 51 Freshwater Road
LLOYD James laborer bds 18 Gower
LLOYD Rev W.F. vice principal, Bishop Field College bds Llewellyn Place, 25 Forest Road
LISTON Thomas W fisherman h 61 1/2 Lime
LOCKE Archibald laborer h 24 Bambrick
LOCKE Charles teamster h 166 Pleasant
LOCKE David laborer h 24 Bambrick
LOCKE George laborer bds 24 Bambrick
LOCKE Henry ex-light house keeper h 177 Pleasant
LOCKE James laborer bds 24 Bambrick
LOCKYER John clerk h 3 Allan's Square
LOCKE John cooper h 83 Patrick
LOCKE John laborer bds 24 Bambrick
LOCYER Keziah, wid John   h 3 Allan Square
LODGE Elizabeth, wid James   h 212 Gower
LODGE Ezra teacher h 212 Gower
LONG Allan F.Y. engineer and surveyor h 67 Springdale
LONG Arthur messenger bds Cabot
LONG Edward porter h 73 Cookstown Road
LONG E. Frederick druggist clerk bds 86 Duckworth
LONG Eleazer   bds Mundy's Pond Road
LONG George app carpenter bds Mundy's Pond Road
LONG Harry app barber bds 13 Field
LONG Miss Johanna   h 4 Wickford
LONG John tailor bds 4 Convent Square
LONG John T printer's pressman h 65 Cabot
LONG Joseph carpenter h Mundy's Pond Road
LONG Mary Ellen tailoress bds 13 Cookstown Road
LONG Patrick pedlar h 4 Convent Square
LONG Thos Deputy Minister Agriculture and Mines h 48 Prescott
LONG Wilfred clerk bds 67 Springdale
LONG Wm   h 86 Duckworth
LONG Wm P agent bds 48 Prescott
LONG Wm T police constable h 42 Spencer
LOONEY Timothy seaman h 31 Barter's Hill
LOVYS John T carpenter h 44 Gilbert
LOW Jas seaman h 32 Thomas
LOWS John laborer h 32 Thomas
LOW Wm fisherman h 32 Thomas
LOWARY David stonecutter bds 358 Water, w
LOWE George fisherman h 93 Monkstown Road
LUBY Andrew laborer h 6 Nunnery Hill
LUCAS Fredk tilemaker h 75 1/2 Pleasant
LUKINS Fredk T laborer h 15 Bell
LUMSDEN Andrew K clerk h 215 Gower
LUMSDEN Thos student bds 215 Gower
LUNDRIGAN Jas jr laborer bds Ropewalk Range
LUNDRIGAN Jas fisherman h Ropewalk Range
LUNDRIGAN Mary, wid Peter   h 61 Casey
LUNDRIGAN Mary Ann, wid Wm   h 275 1/2 Water, w
LUNDRIGAN Maurice laborer bds Ropewalk Range
LUNDRIGAN Peter laborer bds Ropewalk Range
LUNDRIGAN Robt plumber ds 275 1/2 Water, w
LUNDRIGAN Samuel master mariner h 323 Water, w
LUNDSTROM John A mason h 15 Boncloddy
LUNDSTROM Miss Mary clerk bds 15 Boncloddy
LUNDSTROM Miss Lillian clerk bds 15 Boncloddy
LUNDSTROM Ellen, wid Nich wines and spirtis, 122 Duckworth h 122 Duckworth
LUSCOMBE Andrew cooper h 9 British Square
LUSCOMBE Amelia, wid Geo   bds 9 British Square
LUSCOMBE David carman h 78 Gower
LUSCOMBE John baker, 40 King's Road h 40 Kings Road
LUSH Alex A clerk bds 23 Cuddihy
LUSH Alfred joiner bds 41 Forest Road
LUSH Arthur grocer bds 41 Forest Road
LUSH Austin sexton h 41 Forest Road
LUSH Chas joiner bds 41 Forest Road
LUSH Jas plumber bds 41 Forest Road
LUSH John laborer h 49 McFarlane's Lane
LUTHER Wm laborer h 6 Fergus Place, off New Gower
LYON Edwin W photographer, 21 Victoria h 21 Victoria
LYON H.B. watchmaker and jeweler, 1 Buckley's Lane h 1 Buckley's Lane
LYONS Wm machinist bds 11 Queen
LYNCH Catherine, wid Thos   h 30 Livingstone
LYNCH Ellen, wid David   h 7 Signal Hill Road
LYNCH Miss Elizabeth dress and mantle maker h 8 Prince
LYNCH Frank fireman electric light works h 14 Prospect
LYNCH Jas jr student bds Jersey Cottage, Waterfordbridge Road
LYNCH Jas mstr mariner h Jersey Cottage, Waterfordbridge Road
LYNCH John laborer h 71 Merry Meeting Rd
LYNCH John laborer h 7 Signal Hill Road
LYNCH Jos laborer bds 96 New Gower
LYNCH Michael clerk bds 7 Flavins
LYNCH Richard tanner bds Jersey Cottage, Waterfordbridge Rd
LYNCH Thos barber bds Jersey Cottage, Waterfordbridge Rd
LYNCH Thos police fireman bds East End Fire Hall, Duckworth
LYNCH Thos seaman h 30 Livingstone

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