NLGenWeb 1898 McAlpines Directory

Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - O

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by Jennifer Wilkinson. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

OAKE James fisherman h 11 Lime
OAKLEY James fisherman h 2 Prince
OAKLEY Sarah, wid James   bds 2 Prince
O'BRIEN Edward carpenter h 24 Gower
O'BRIEN Edward seaman h 20 Brazil's Square
O'BRIEN Elizabeth, wid Timothy   h 53 Harvey Road
O'BRIEN Miss Ellen   h 21 Hayward Avenue
O'BRIEN Ellen, wid Joseph   h 23 Livingstone
O'BRIEN Frank plumber bds 24 Gower
O'BRIEN Henry fireman h 65 McFarlane's Lane
O'BRIEN James grocer, 45 Job's h do
O'BRIEN John cooper h 13 Knight
O'BRIEN John farmer h Freshwater Road
O'BRIEN John laborer h 20 Brazil's Square
O'BRIEN John shoemaker h 20 Brazil's Square
O'BRIEN Margaret, wid Robert   bds 4 1/2 Lime
O'BRIEN Maria, wid Sylvester   h 14 Colonial
O'BRIEN Mary, wid Jas   h 21 Tessier Place
O'BRIEN Mary, wid Patk   h 21 Hayward Ave
O'BRIEN Miss Mary Ann   h 124 Barnes
O'BRIEN Mary Ann, wid Timothy   h 142 George
O'BRIEN Michael farmer h Oxen Pond Road, Freshwater
O'BRIEN Michael fisherman h 4 1/2 Lime
O'BRIEN Rev Patk   res R C Palace
O'BRIEN Patk A plumber, New Gower h Pleasant
O'BRIEN Richd carman h 19 Thos
O'BRIEN Sylvester drug clerk h 14 Colonial
O'BRIEN Thos carpenter h 37 1/2 Job
O'BRIEN Thos engineer h 46 Bannerman
O'BRIEN Thos laborer h 4 Pope
O'BRIEN Thos shoemaker h 12 Hutchings
O'BRIEN Timothy cabman h 23 Freshwater Road
O'BRIEN Timothy farmer h Freshwater Road
O'BRIEN Timothy F stableman h 21 Hamilton
O'BRIEN T.J. clerk bds 46 Bannerman
O'BRIEN Wm cabinet-maker bds 23 Livingstone
O'BRIEN Wm police sergant h 124 Barnes Road
O'BRIEN Wm teamster h Brazil's Field, off Mundy Pond Road
O'BRIEN Wm wharfinger h 22 Gower
O'CONNELL Johannah, wid Thos   h 110 Casey
O'CONNOR Andrew mngr Butterine factory h 4 Victoria
O'CONNOR Miss Catherine tailoress bds 28 McDougall
O'CONNOR John clerk h 34 Gower
O'CONNOR Wm shopkeeper h 4 Spencer
O'DEA J V, of J V O'Dea & Co.   h 11 Monkstown
O'DEA J V & CO Commission Merchants Mechanic's Building, Water
O'DEA Michael farmer h Freshwater Road
O'DONNELL Fanny, wid John F   h 58 Freshwater Road
O'DONNELL Jas seaman bds 4 Stephen
O'DONNELL John C laborer bds 58 Freshwater Road
O'DONNELL Thos seaman h 51 Pleasant
O'DONNELL Wm clerk bds 11 Bulley
O'DONOVAN John blacksmith h 37 Buchanan
O'DONOVAN Patk laborer h 37 Buchanan
O'DRISCOLL Elizabeth, wid John   h 17 Hamilton
O'DRISCOLL John shoemaker h 36 George, e
O'DRISCOLL Margaret, wid Wm   h 36 George, e
O'DRISCOLL Michael clerk bds 42 Prescott
O'DRISCOLL P C Manufacturers' Agent and Auctioneer, Exchange Building, Water h 31 Queen
O'DWYER E, wid John L   bds 90 Military Road
O'DWYER Jas farmer bds Littledale, Waterford Bridge Road
O'DWYER R H minister of charities h 33 Military Road
O'FARRELL Maurice storekeeper h 49 George
O'FARRELL Wm constable bds W E Fire Hall
O'FLAHERTY Elizabeth, wid Jas   h 73 Military Road
O'FLAHERTY John Broker & Commission Merchant, Water h 61 LeMarchant Road
O'FLAHERTY Wm student bds 61 LeMarchant Road
O'FLANNIGAN Martin clerk h 169 Gower
O'GRADY Jeremiah Joseph painter h 1 Fergus Place
O'GRADY Patk tanner h Hunt's Lane
OKE'S CARRIAGE FACTORY J C Oak, prop. cor Duckworth and Prescott
OKE Edw painter h 12 Waldegrave
OKE John C Carriage Builder and Undertaker, Prescott h cor Duckworth & Prescott
OKE John L clerk h 13 Henry
OKE Rebecca, wid Austin   h 47 Quidi Vidi Road
OKE Robt engineer h 188 Duckworth
OKE Wm C blacksmith h 114 Quidi Vidi Road
O'KEEFE Chas clerk bds 20 Flemming
O'KEEFE John gardener h 20 Flemming
O'KEEFE Michael joiner bds 20 Flemming
O'KEEFE Peter cabman h 28 Flemming
OLDRIDGE Peter student bds Water
OLDRIDGE Richd cook h 42 Brazil's Square
OLDRIDGE Richd laborer bds King's Bridge Road
OLDRIDGE Susan wines & liquors, Water h do
OLDRIDGE Thos student bds Water
O'LEARY Edw farmer h Freshwater Road
O'LEARY Jas farmer bds Freshwater Road
O'LEARY John farmer bds Freshwater Road
O'LEARY Michael F farmer h 109 Long's Hill
O'LEARY Patk clerk h 14 Adelaide
O'LEARY Patk farmer bds Freshwater Road
OLEVIUS Manuel watchmaker & jeweller h Buchanan
OLDFORD Edwin seaman h 72 Forest Road
OLIPHANT Geo L police sergeant, E E fire hall h 48 Bannerman
OLIVER Edw mason bds 69 New Gower
OLIVER Francis laborer h 27 Boncloddy
OLIVER Geo T printer h 26 Bannerman
OLIVER Jas laborer h 86 Voy's Lane, off George
OLIVER Jas seaman h 19 Goodview
OLIVER Jas jr teamster bds 19 Goodview
OLIVER John fisherman h 5 Deady's Lane
OLIVER John laborer h 30 Scott
OLIVER Jos fisherman h 86 Voy's Lane, off George
OLIVER Michael seaman h 86 Voy's Lane, off George
OLIVER Peter carter h 16 Boncloddy
OLIVER Peter laborer h 66 Bannerman
OLIVER Thos laborer e 27 Boncloddy
OLIVER Wm fisherman h 86 Voy's Lane, off George
OLIVER Wm laborer h 32 Field
OLSEN Chas seaman h 87 Signal Hill Rd
OLSEN Henry master mariner h 48 Gower
O'MARA Alfred civil engineer h Waterford Bridge Rd
O'MARA'S DRUG STORE Drugs, Chemicals, &C 110 Military Rd
O'MARA John M clerk 43 Flemming
O'MARA Martin laborer bds 20 Freshwater Rd
O'MARA Mary J prop O'Mara's Drug Store h 2 Queen's Road
O'MARA Mary Ann, wid Patrick   h 38 Duckworth
O'MARA Michael J, of Devine & O'Mara F bds 20 Freshwater Rd
O'MARA Patrick laborer h 1 Job's
O'MARA Peter A student bds 43 Flemming
O'MARA P J mason h 26 Pennywell Road
O'MARA Thomas shipwright h 20 Freshwater Rd
O'MARA Thos J clerk h 43 Flemming
O'NEIL Andrew cabman h 25 Pope
O'NEIL Andrew cooper bds 108 Pleasant
O'NEIL Ann, wid James   h 24 Barter's Hill
O'NEIL Arthur cabman bds 4 Pennywell Road
O'NEIL Arthur farmer h Freshwater Road
O'NEIL Arthur laborer h 49 Cabot
O'NEIL Bridget, wid Edward   h Topsail Road
O'NEIL Constantine laborer h 6 Damaril's Lane
O'NEIL Rev C H Roman Catholic R C Palace
O'NEIL Edward cooper h 18 Brazil's Square
O'NEIL Edward carter h 44 Pennywell Road
O'NEIL Edward cooper h 18 Waldegrave
O'NEIL Elizabeth, wid Thos   h Water, e
O'NEIL Ellen, wid Christopher   h 10 Brennan's Lane
O'NEIL Ellen, wid Wm   h 39 McDougall
O'NEIL Francis baker h 151 New Gower
O'NEIL Frank clerk bds 24 Barter's Hill
O'NEIL James cabman h 3 Spencer
O'NEIL James carman 108 Pleasant
O'NEIL James clerk h Hamilton
O'NEIL James cooper bds 108 Pleasant
O'NEIL James cooper h 18 Waldegrave
O'NEIL James cooper bds 271 Water, w
O'NEIL James farmer h 44 Pennywell Road
O'NEIL James fisherman h 4 Prince
O'NEIL James laborer h Freshwater Rd
O'NEIL James jr laborer bds 44 Pennywell Road
O'NEIL James shoemaker h 39 McDougall
O'NEIL John baker h 151 New Gower
O'NEIL John baker bds 24 Barter's Hill
O'NEIL Martin app tailor bds 4 Prince
O'NEIL Michael cooper h 273 Water, w
O'NEIL Michael fisherman bds 46 Codner's Lane
O'NEIL Morgan butcher h 18 Waldegrave
O'NEIL Moses carter cor Cabot & Barter's Hill
O'NEIL Patrick cooper bds 108 Pleasant
O'NEIL Patrick laborer bds 46 Codner's Lane
O'NEIL Patrick messenger bds 16 New Gower
O'NEIL Patrick hairdress, Water, locker H M C h 22 Cabot
O'NEIL Peter laborer h 309 Water, w
O'NEIL Rodger clerk h 46 Barter's Hill
O'NEIL Thomas book-keeper bds Water
O'NEIL Wm   h 18 Waldegrave
O'NEIL Wm baker bds 151 New Gower
O'NEIL Wm jr baker bds 151 New Gower
O'NEIL Wm cabman h 46 Victoria
O'NEIL Wm carman h Freshwater Road
O'NEIL Wm clerk h 112 Military Road
O'NEIL Wm clerk h 55 Plymouth Road
O'NEIL Wm stone cutter bds 39 McDougall
ONTARIO MUTUAL LIFE ASSOCIATION CO., Waterloo S D Blandford, agent Duckworth
O'REGAN Cornelius shoemaker h 7 Pleasant
O'REGAN James shoemaker h 7 Pleasant
O'REGAN John butcher h 184 Water
O'REGAN Michael police-fireman h 31 Prescott
O'REGAN Thomas boots and shoes, 289 Water, w h Water, e
O'REILLY Albert W wines and spirits, 170 Water, w h do
O'REILLY Charles   h Fort Townsend
O'REILLY Ellen, wid Peter   h Springview Cottage, Cockpit Road
O'REILLY Frank tailor bds 34 Gower
O'REILLY George   h 33 Barnes' Road
O'REILLY Harriett, wid James   h 24 Colonial
O'REILLY Johannah, wid Robert   h 30 Duckworth
O'REILLY John laborer bds 30 Duckworth
O'REILLY John J wines and spirits, 290 Water h do
O'REILLY John laborer h 40 Allendale Road
O'REILLY Joseph inspector customs h Fort Townsend
O'REILLY Rev J D D R C Palace
O'REILLY Miss Margaret clerk bds Fort Townsend
O'REILLY Mary, wid George   h 222 Water, w
O'REILLY M farmer h Springview Cottage, Cockpit Rd
O'REILLY Michael plumber bds 47 Angel's Place
O'REILLY P.J. wines and spirits, 29 Gower h do
O'REILLY Wm fisherman h 220 Water, w
O'REILLY Wm laborer h 47 Angel's Place
ORNER J C watchmaker, 405 Water bds 42 George
O'ROURKE Michael fisherman h 10 New Gower
O'ROURKE Wm drug clerk h 10 New Gower
OSBORNE John steward h 14 Charlton
OSBORNE Thos fisherman h 14 Charlton
OSMOND Albert baker h 6 Stuart Ave
OSMOND Arthur engineer bds 4 Stuart Ave
OSMOND Augustus engineer bds 4 Stuart Ave
OSMOND Geo carman bds 68 Hayward Ave
OSMOND Jas tinsmith h 6 Stuart Ave
OSMOND Jos   bds 68 Hayward Ave
OSMOND Robt engineer bds 4 Stuart
OSMOND Samuel joiner h 68 Hayward Ave
OTTERSON Peter seaman h 28 Stephen
O'TOOLE Francis fisherman h 44 Brazil's Square
O'TOOLE James clerk h 274 Theater Hill
O'TOOLE James farmer bds 319 Water, w
O'TOOLE James shoemaker bds 196 Water, w
O'TOOLE John printer h 3 Casey
O'TOOLE John seaman h 21 Thomas
O'TOOLE Mary, wid Bernard   h 44 Duckworth
O'TOOLE Michael clerk h 10 Stuart Ave
O'TOOLE Michael fisherman h 44 Brazil's Square
O'TOOLE Nicholas seaman h 44 Brazil's Square
O'TOOLE Patrick carman h 319 Water, w
O'TOOLE Thos fisherman h 44 Brazil's Square
O'TOOLE Thos fisherman h Mundy's Pond Road
O'TOOLE Wm laborer h 44 Duckworth
O'TOOLE Wm laborer h 3 Casey
O'TOOLE Wm laborer h 59 Casey
O'TOOLE Wm seaman h 44 Brazil's Square
ONTERBRIDGE Josep, of Harvey & Co   h Southern Place, King's Bridge Rd
OWEN John carpenter h New Linc, LeMarchant Road
OWEN Richard seaman bds Hamilton
OWEN Wm fisherman h Hamilton
OWEN Wm jr laborer bds Hamilton Ave
OXLEY John Jos mining expert h 9 Victoria

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