NLGenWeb 1898 McAlpines Directory

Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - P

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by Jennifer Wilkinson. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

PACK Elizabeth, wid Albert   h 34 Brazil's Square
PACK Josiah Provisions and Groceries, 370 Water h do
PAGE Francis painter h 69 Rennie's Mill Rd
PAINE Rev Geo methodist h 10 Gower
PAINE John B clerk bds Mullock
PALFREY Elizabeth, wid Edw   h 65 Long's Hill
PALFREY John steward h 4 Lime
PALFREY Jos tinsmith h 35 Gower
PALFREY Mary, wid Michael   h 9 1/2 Cuddihy
PALFREY Wm teamster bds 9 1/2 Cuddihy
PARK Harriet, wid Jabez   h 1 James
PARKER E O carpenter h 24 Cookstown Road
PARKER Jas, of Parker & Monroe   h 1 Garrison Hill
PARKER John T   bds Garrison Hill
PARKER L commission merchant h 25 Monkstown Rd
PARKER Margaret, wid Wm   h Garrison Hill
PARKER & MONROE Boot and Shoe Manufacturers 363 Water
PARKER Thos   h 2 Garrison Hill
PARKER Wm J grocer h 156 Pleasant
PARKER WM & CO general hardware dealers 327 Water
PARNELL Fredk Broker & Com Agent, 278 Water h 94 Military Road
PARMITER Ambrose teamster h Southside
PARMITER Azariah carpanter h Southside
PARMITER Emma, wid Azariah   h Belvidere
PARMITER Wm teamster h Southside
PARRELL James caretaker Renouf Building h do
PARRELL James jr laborer h 22 Tessier Place
PARRELL John clerk bds 388 Water
PARRELL Michael clerk bds 388 Water
PARRELL Patrick cutler bds 388 Water
PARRELL Patrick laborer h 25 Boncloddy
PARRELL Susan, wid Luke   h 18 Flower Hill
PARRELL Wm coachman h 47 LeMarchant Road
PARROT Samuel seaman h 58 Spencer
PARSLEY Wm laborer h 26 Pilot's Hill
PARSONS Alex A editor Ev'g Telegram h Carter's Hill
PARSONS Alexander prop Gower House, 31 New Gower  
PARSONS Alfred   h Jubilee Cottage, Quidi Vidi Road
PARSONS Archibald student bds 4 Convent Square
PARSONS Azariah laborer h 87 Bond
PARSONS A clerk h 48 Victoria
PARSONS Charles painter h 88 Lime
PARSONS Charles photographer bds cor Water and Precott
PARSONS Charles F printer h Summerville Farm, Torbay Road
PARSONS Ernest clerk h 34 Bond
PARSONS Ernest clerk bds 79 Gower
PARSONS Ernest clerk h 34 Bond
PARSONS Ensign S A Food Depot, George h do
PARSONS Eugene clerk h 40 Victoria
PARSONS Frank clerk bds 54 LeMarchant Road
PARSONS George   bds cor Water and Prescott
PARSONS George boiler maker h 39 Alexander
PARSONS George carpenter and joiner bds 6 Dunford
PARSONS George laborer h 6 Chapel
PARSONS George clerk bds 54 LeMarchant Road
PARSONS Heber contractor h 7 Boncloddy
PARSONS Henry fisherman h Hamilton Ave
PARSONS Howard clerk bds 9 Garrison Hill
PARSONS James A carriage builder bds 21 Freshwater Road
PARSONS James P accountant bds 9 Garrison Hill
PARSONS John farmer bds Portugal Cove Road
PARSONS John laborer h 61 Alexander
PARSONS John laborer h 21 Pleasant
PARSONS John watchman foundry h Angel Place, off Alexander
PARSONS Joseph H farmer bds Avalon House, Waterford Bridge Road
PARSONS Leonora, wid Samson   bds 88 Lime
PARSONS Mark seaman h 4 Convent Square
PARSONS Michael fisherman bds 30 Thomas
PARSONS Robt joiner h 9 Hayward Ave
PARSONS Robt master mariner h 21 Freshwater Road
PARSONS Robt J barrister, Renouf Building h off Portugal Cove Road
PARSONS R H accountant h 21 Freshwater Road
PARSONS Samuel laborer h 130 Casey
PARSONS Miss Susie teacher h 4 Convent Square
PARSONS S H photographic gallery, cor Water and Prescott h do
PARSONS Theodore J photographer, Water h Quidi Vidi Road
PARSONS Walter drug clerk bds 79 Gower
PARSONS Will photographer, 310 Water h 175 Duckworth
PARSONS Willis   h 79 Gower
PARSONS Wm clerk bds 34 Bond
PARSONS Wm F clerk bds 54 LeMarchant Road
PARSONS Wm H clerk bds 81 Gower
PARSONS Wm H clerk h 123 Quidi Vidi Road
PARTRIDGE James carpenter h 8 Hamilton
PARTRIDGE James R carman h 8 Hamilton
PATON Thos H grocer, 56 Casey h 63 Pleasant
PATTERSON Agnes, wid John   bds cor Military and Rennie's Rds
PATTERSON DOWNING & CO. Wholesale Provisions and Naval Stores rooms 4 and 5 Commercial Chambers
PATTERSON Lamont MD Bee Orchis Terrace, Queen's Rd
PAULK Mary, wid John   h Topsail Road
PAYNE Miss Diriah clerk h 44 Water, w
PAYNE Ernest A clerk P O h 6 Mullock
PAYNE Frank cooper h 13 Balsam
PAYNE Henry   h 44 1/2 Water, w
PAYNE Henry Thos grocer h 101 Cabot
PAYNE Mary, wid Henry   h 101 Cabot
PAYNE Peter planter h 44 1/2 Water
PAYNE Wm baker h 24 Brine
PAYNE Wm plasterer h 4 Bulley
PAYNE Wm B   h 37 Monkstown Road
PAYNE Wm Thos butcher h 44 1/2 Water, w
PEACH Henry clerk h 148 Gower
PEARCE Chas P machinist bds 27 Monkstown Road
PEARCE Edw J farmer bds Portugal Cove Road
PEARCE Fanny L, wid Auburn   h 27 Monkstown Road
PEARCE Fredk laborer h 62 Carter's Hill
PEARCE Inez, wid John   h 62 Carter's Hill
PEARCE Jemima, wid Joseph   h 16 Buchanan
PEARCE John farmer h Portugal Cove Road
PEARCE John shoemaker bds 62 Carter's Hill
PEARCE Joseph wheelwright h 16 Buchanan
PEARCE Robt farmer bds Portugal Cove Road
PEARCE Robt laborer h 63 Harris, off McFarlane's Lane
PEARCE Wm farmer bds Portugal Cove Road
PEARCE Wm C clerk bds 27 Monkstown Road
PEARCE Wm H shoemaker, 230 Gower bds 62 Carter's Hill
PEARCEY Miss Edith clerk h 62 Springdale
PEARCEY Jesse laborer h 3 Holdworth
PEARCY Jos clerk h 53 Bannerman
PEARCY Julia, wid Simeon   h 16 Flower Hill
PEARCY Moses carpenter h 16 Flower Hill
PEARCY Robt blacksmith h 12 Bannerman
PEARCY Robt seaman h 13 Duggan
PEARCY Wm clerk h 5 Flavin
PEARCY Wm tinsmith bds 3 Holdsworth
PECKHAM Geo laborer h 97 Bond
PECKHAM Geo R apprentice bds 97 Bond
PECKHAM Jas butcher bds 149 Gower
PECKHAM Matthew butcher h 149 Gower
PECKHAM Stephen jeweller bds 149 Gower
PECKHAM Wm painter bds 149 Gower
PECKHAM Wm C laborer bds 97 Bond
PEDIGREW Robt laborer h 4 Damaril's Lane
PEDDIGREW Wm wheelwright h 77 Gower
PEDDLE Arch fisherman h 116 Casey
PEDDLE Jas shipwright h 17 Larkin's Square
PEDDLE John carpenter h 6 Bond
PEDDLE Patk laborer h 121 New Gower
PEDDLE Thos fisherman h 18 Stephen
PEDDLE Thos laborer h Brazil's Field, off Mundy's Pond Road
PEDDLE Wm fisherman h 18 Stephen
PEDDLE Wm laborer h Brazil's Field, off Mundy's Pond Road
PEEL Robt app dentist bds 22 Cook
PEEL Thos clerk h 22 Cook
PEET Archibald tailor bds 87 Long's Hill
PEET Chas clerk h 2 Brazil's Square
PEET Harold J cash boy bds 87 Long's Hill
PEET Jas B police sergeant h 87 Long's Hill
PEET Samuel blacksmith, 71 George h 3 Brazil's Square
PELLY John seaman h 88 Pleasant
PENDER Miss Josephine   h 11 Hutchings
PENDER Wm cooper h 7 James
PENDERGAST Andrew mate h 125 Gower
PENDERGAST Cornelius laborer h 12 Springdale
PENDERGAST Edw seaman h 34 Flemming
PENDERGAST Herbert cash boy bds 125 Gower
PENDERGAST Jas laborer h 66 Cabot
PENDERGAST John laborer h 12 Springdale
PENDERGAST Peter laborer h 12 Simms
PENDERGAST Richard laborer h 12 Springdale
PENDERGAST Thoms laborer h 13 Carter's Hill
PENITENTIARY COLONIAL Jas McGrath, governor Forest Road
PENNELL James fisherman h 61 Lime
PENNELL Thomas laborer h 77 Casey
PENNOCK Mrs Harriet, of James Pennock   h 284 Water
PENNOCK James tinsmith, plumber & gas-fitter, 284 Water, off Bryden's, T Cook, manager  
PENNY Albert seaman h 22 Mullock
PENNY Edward laborer h 47 Field
PENNY Henry laborer bds 82 Portugal Cove Road
PENNY James laborer h 42 Casey
PENNY Jethro clerk h 39 Mullock
PENNY John laborer h 34 Mullock
PENNY John seaman h 20 Bambrick
PENNY Lorenzo teamster h 52 Casey
PENNY Sarah, wid Wm   h 52 Casey
PENNEY Thos fisherman h 31 LeMarchant Rd
PENNEY Wm cooper h 52 Casey
PENNEY Wm T builder h 34 Mullock
PENSTON John chief engineer h 83 Long's Hill
PERCY Albert porter h Hayward Ave
PERCY Edgar engineer h 62 Springdale
PERCY Edgar foreman Nail Mftg Co., ltd h 62 Springdale
PERCY Francis master mariner h 2 Gilbert
PERCY Jas W seaman h 32 William
PERCY J K, of J K Person & Co.   h 2 Gilbert
PERCY J K & CO General Merchants & Insurance Agents, 307 Water  
PERCEY Susan H, wid Geo   h 32 William
PERCEY Walter student bds 32 William
PERCHARD Jas expressman h Field
PERCHARD Jas teamster h 43 Spencer
PERCIVAL Miss Minnie clerk bds Prescott
PERCIVAL Wm clerk h 53 Prescott
PEREZ Edw machinist h South Side
PEREZ Jos C accountant h South Side
PEREZ J M Spanish Vice Counsul h South Side
PERKS Henry app blacksmith bds 103 Cabot
PERLIN Isaac F, of I F Perlin & Co.   bds Tremont Hotel, Water
PERLIN I F & CO Clothing and Dry Goods, Water, off T McMurdo & Co.  
PERRY Alfred printer bds 103 Pleasant
PERRY Ann, wid Thos   h 79 Pleasant
PERRY Fredk carpenter h 103 Atlantic Ave
PERRY Wm packr boot & shoe fac h 103 Pleasant
PERRY Wm tailor h 31 Parade
PETERIE Chas machinist h 72 Lime
PETERS Arthur book-keeper h 46 Prescott
PETERS Arthur coat presser bds 20 Field
PETERS A M discount clerk, B of Montreal bds Rennie's Mill Rd
PETERS Chas H clerk bds 20 Field
PETERS C W ledger keeper, B of Montreal bds Rennie's Mill Rd
PETERS George clerk h 173 Gower
PETERS John E P manuf agent, 347 Duckworth h 173 Gower
PETERS Joseph bookkeeper Albany Cottage, Hamilton Ave
PETERS Joseph cash keeper bds 142 Gower
PETERS Wm seaman h 173 Gower
PETERON Harry seaman h 11 Walsh Square, off Signal Hill Rd
PEYTON Archibald accountant h 25 Colonial
PEYTON Henry fisherman h South Side
PEYTON J A clerk H M C bds City Hotel
PHELAN Catherine, wid John   h 117 New Gower
PHELAN James mason h 113 New Gower
PHELAN James J clerk bds 174 Duckworth
PHELAN Miss Johannah groceries and varieties, 34 Henry h do
PHELAN Mrs Johannah wines and spirits, 174 Duckworth h do
PHELAN John barber H 117 New Gower
PHELAN John laborer bds 20 Spencer
PHELAN John T clerk h 10 Adelaide
PHELAN Martin boilermaker h 20 Spencer
PHELAN Miss Mary   h 328 Water
PHELAN Michael cooper h 20 Spencer
PHELAN Michael gardeiner h 26 Forest Road
PHELAN Michael harness maker off Pilot's Hill
PHELAN Patrick shoemaker h 39 Henry
PHELAN Robt shoemaker h South Side, w
PHELAN Wm student bds 174 Duckworth
PHILIPS J C accountant h 16 Colonial
PHILIPS Geo T clerk h 58 Springdale
PHILIPS James tinsmith h 17 Boncloddy
PICCO John watchman h 53 Carter's Hill
PICCO Thomas fireman h 26 York
PICCO Thomas laborer h 55 Carter's Hill
PICKARD Elisha carman h 101 Long's Hill
PICKERING Alexander clerk bds Crosbie Hotel
PICKERING Stanley tel operator bds Military Road
PIERCE Wm clerk dept public works h 27 Monkstown Road
PIERCEY Albert porter h Belvidere
PIERCEY Caroline, wid Isaac   h 32 Wickford
PIERCEY Charles steward bds 7 Cuddihy
PIERCEY Jasper laborer h 3 Holdsworth
PIERCEY Joseph laborer h 55 1/2 Cabot
PIERCEY Joseph machinist bds 3 Holdsworth
PIERCEY Joseph packer h 53 Bannerman
PIERCEY Michael fireman h 9 Cuddihy
PIERCEY Wm clerk h 5 Flavins
PIERSON Michael fisherman h 51 McFarlane's Lane
PIGEON Jas carpenter bds 141 Gower
PIKE Alfred M accountant h 1 Colonial
PIKE Archibald miner h 41 McDougall
PIKE Arthur salesman h Hamilton
PIKE Arthur Edw clerk bds Hamilton Ave
PIKE A Stewart, M.B.C.M physician, 330 Duckworth h do
PIKE Catherine, wid Richd   h 40 Brine
PIKE Enoch currier h 59 Monkstown Road
PIKE Francis   h 54 Cookstown Rd
PIKE Fredk Mark clerk bds 54 Cookstown Rd
PIKE Fredk W clerk bds Hamilton Ave
PIKE Jas carpenter h 27 Power
PIKE Jas clerk bds 61 1/2 Lime
PIKE Jas laborer h 61 1/2 Lime
PIKE John tanner h 49 Monkstown Road
PIKE Joseph A mngr seamen's home, Duckworth h do
PIKE Joshua master mariner h 238 Gower
PIKE Levi carpenter bds 116 Casey
PIKE Lorenzo laborer h 27 Powers
PIKE Mark clerk h 182 Pleasant
PIKE Mark teamster h Brazil's Field, off Mundy's Pond Road
PIKE Mary, wid Geo   h 10 Brine
PIKE Mary Ann, wid John T   h 59 Monkstown Road
PIKE Moses machinist h 97 Convent Square
PIKE Richd engineer h 40 Brine
PIKE Robt purser ss Grand Lake h 19 Hamilton
PIKE Sarah, wid Alfred   h 1 Colonial
PIKE Simeon baker h Hamilton Ave
PIKE Wm laborer h 2 Hunt's Lane, Hoylestown
PIKE Wm tinsmith h Southside
PIKE Wm John carpenter h 17 Cabot
PIKE Wm J checker Tel Co bds Hamilton Ave
PILGRIM Miss Mary   h 100 Barnes Road
PILLEY Wm fisherman h 7 Pennywell Road
PILOT Rev Canon   h Ordnance House, Ordnance
PILOT Edw 1st clerk Col Secretary's office h 166 Gower
PILOT Fredk medical student bds Ordnance House, Ordnance
PINCOCK Fred cash boy bds 70 Hamilton
PINE Sarah, wid Chas   h 9 College Square
PINSENT Chas A M notary pub, etc, com mer h 18 Military
PINSENT C S accountant h 2 Devon Row, Duckworth
PINSENT Frank clerk, agriculture & mines bds Logy Bay Road
PINSENT F W H 2nd clerk, agriculture & mines h 61 Military Rd
PINSENT Jacob fisherman h 42 King's Road
PINSENT Robt commission merchant h Logy Bay Road
PIPPY Frank cooper h 17 Balsam
PIPPY Geo clerk bds 21 Adelaide
PIPPY Geo app engineer bds 4 Bond
PIPPY Geo porter bds 21 Adelaide
PIPPY Henry shipwright h 4 Bond
PIPPY John student bds 17 Balsam
PIPPY John painter bds 42 Young
PIPPY Joseph blacksmith bds 37 William
PIPPY Joseph boatman H M C h 42 Young
PIPPY Joseph cooper bds 17 Balsam
PIPPY Jos   h 92 Freshwater Road
PIPPY Reuben clerk bds 37 William
PIPPY Stewart cooper h 68 Springdale
PIPPY Thos blacksmith h 39 Flower Hill
PIPPY Thos laborer h 39 Flower Hill
PIPPY T A machinist & brass wkr, 6 Waldegrave h 90 Pleasant
PIPPY Thos C carriage builder h 39 Flower Hill
PIPPY Wilfred student bds 92 Freshwater Road
PIPPY Wm tinsmith h 28 William
PIPPY Wm G tinsmith, stove, &c, 425 Water h 43 Patrick
PIPPY Wm T engineer h 37 William
PITCHARD Herbert clerk bds 25 William
PITCHER Eugene fisherman h 43 Alexander
PITCHER Fredk shipwright h 11 Fergus Place
PITCHER Herbert clerk h 25 William
PITCHER Harold E accountant h 25 William
PITCHER James broom maker h 11 Fergus Place
PITCHER Jonathan seaman h 11 Fergus Place
PITMAN Ann, wid James   h 17 Simms
PITMAN & BERTEAU Barrister, Soliticitors and Notaries, Agent Lion Fire Insurance Co. h Prescott
PITMAN Chas carter h 47 Cabot
PITMAN Ellen, wid Thos   h 9 Boggan
PITMAN Frank E drug clerk bds 1 Atlantic Ave
PITMAN Fredk shipwright h 5 Boggan
PITMAN James J, of Pitman & Berteau   h Circular Road
PITMAN John laborer h 30 Tessier Place
PITTMAN Elbert shipwright 437 Water
PITTMAN Arthur plumber h 62 Hamilton
PITTMAN Chas engineer bds 437 Water
PITTMAN Corbett accountant h 1 Atlantic Ave
PITTMAN Miss Flora book keeper h Atlantic Ave
PITTMAN George laborer h 52 Pleasant
PITTMAN John fisherman h 52 Pleasant
PITTMAN Robt reporter Legislative Council h 62 Hamilton
PITTMAN Thos watchman h 11 Pleasant
PITTMAN Wm teacher bds 5 Boggan
PITTS Hon James S, of J & W Pitts   h Kings Bridge Road
PITTS J & W General Commission Merchants and Steamship Agents Water
POMEROY Albert clerk bds 65 Merry Meeting Road
POMEROY John janitor Gazette building h do
POMEROY Joseph P clerk bds 65 Merry Meeting Road
POMEROY Mary teacher h 65 Merry Meeting Road
POOKE T S mgr Electric Light Works h 25 Bond
POOLE Charles R wines and spirits, Water h do
POOR ASYLUM W Prideaux, superintendent Sudbury
POPE Henry Joseph cabinet maker bds 108 George
POPE John cooper bds 28 Joy Place, off Prince
POPE Madeline dressmaker h 8 John
POPE Mary Ann, wid Wm   h 3 Brazil's Square
POPE Matthew blacksmith h 10 Gilbert
POPE Nelly clerk bds 8 John
POPE Richard J clerk h 15 Hutchings
POPE Sarah, wid Henry   h 108 George
POPE Thos blacksmith h 28 Joy, off Prince
POPE Thos cabinet maker h 108 George
POPE Walter MacAllister genl smith h Brazil's Sq
POPE W.P. cabinet maker bds 108 George
POPE Walter genl smith h 3 Brazil's Sq
PORTER Annie, wid Geo   h 42 Brazil's Sq
PORTER Anne, wid Jas   h 50 Alexander
PORTER Jas farmer bds Quidi Vidi Rd
PORTER Robt trader h South Side
PORTER Samuel fisherman h South Side
PORTER Samuel jr laborer h South Side
PORTER Samuel C carpenter h 14 Bond
POTTELL Eliza, wid Elias   h 85 Casey
POTTER Jas joiner h 11 Hayward Ave
POTTLE Michael laborer h 14 Bell
POTTLE Walter clerk bds 85 Casey
POWELS Daniel fisherman h 37 Cuddihy
POWEL Thos carpenter h 50 Springdale St
POWERS Agnes clerk bds 239 1/2 Water
POWERS Alice, wid Edw   h Topsail Rd
POWERS Alice, wid John   h 54 Signal Hill
POWERS Alice, wid Michael   h 71 Gower
POWERS Anastatia, wid John   h 11 William's Lane
POWERS Catherine, spinster   h Simms Lane of PC Rd
POWERS Cecil, wid Wm   bds 14 Barter's Hill
POWERS David fisherman h 47 Moore St
POWERS David laborer bds 4 Hunt's Lane
POWERS Edw boiler maker bds Bannerman St
POWERS Edw carpenter h 96 Duckworth
POWERS Edw farmer h Torbay Rd
POWERS Edw farmer Mount Dorset Ctg Waterfordbridge Rd
POWERS Edw laborer h 122 Casey
POWERS Edw laborer h 12 Hargarty's Lane
POWERS Edw laborer h 227 Lewis Pl
POWER Edw laborer h 127 New Gower
POWER Edw laborer h 9 Simms
POWER Elizabeth, wid Charles   h 346 Duckworth
POWER Ellen, wid Jas   h 15 Brazil's Sq
POWER Ellen, wid Martin   h 120 Barnes Rd
POWER Ellen, wid Stephen   h 59 Cabot
POWER Francis cooper h 139 George
POWER George cooper bds 131 Gower
POWER Hugh laborer bds 29 Field
POWER James clerk h 15 Brazil's Sq
POWER James cooper h 46 Hamilton
POWER James cooper h 45 Moore
POWER James fisherman h 25 Casey
POWER James fisherman h 36 Springdale
POWER James laborer h South Side
POWER James laborer h 228 Water, w
POWER James mason h 113 George
POWER James messenger bds 37 Victoria
POWER James proff music h 54 Victoria
POWER John student h 27 Rossiters Lane
POWER Mrs John   h 131 Gower
POWER John baker h 27 Scott
POWER John baker bds 27 Waldegrave
POWER John carriage builder h 41 Signal Hill
POWER John clerk h 13 Bates
POWER John clerk h 15 Brazil's Sq
POWER John clerk h 216 New Gower
POWER John fisherman h 8 Casey
POWER John fisherman h 31 Casey
POWER John fisherman h 30 Thomas
POWER John joiner h 41 Signal Hill
POWER John laborer h 8 Bond
POWER John laborer h 6 Brine
POWER John laborer bds 10 Damaril's Lane
POWER John laborer bds 50 McFarlane's Lane
POWER John laborer h 47 Moore
POWER John laborer h 75 Plymouth
POWER John laborer bds 12 York
POWER John mechanic h 41 Signal Hill Rd
POWER John plumber bds 228 Water, w
POWER John tinsmith bds Water, w
POWER John jr wheelwright bds 41 Signal Hill Rd
POWER Joseph master mariner h 16 Casey
POWER Joseph M fisherman h 55 Flower Hill
POWER Jospeh P cooper h 14 Flemming
POWER Laurence laborer h 113 George
POWER Miss Margaret   bds 47 Mullock
POWER Miss Margaret nurse bds gen hospital Quidi Vidi Rd
POWER Margaret, wid John   h 2 Young St
POWER Margaret, wid Nicholas   h 8 Prospect St
POWER Miss Mary photo finisher bds 15 Brazil's Sq
POWER Miss Mary   h 135 George
POWER Mary, wid Jas   h 14 Hargarty's Lane
POWER Mary, wid John   h 39 Signal Hill Rd
POWER Mary, wid Martin   h 218 New Gower
POWER Mary, wid Patk   Portugal Cove Rd
POWER Mary Anne, wid John   bds 52 Freshwater Rd
POWER Mary Anne, wid William   h 10 Damaril's Lane
POWER Matthew cooper h 44 Colonial
POWER Matthew laborer bds 8 Casey St
POWER Michael   h 139 George
POWER Michael carpenter h 24 John St
POWER Michael cooper h 139 George
POWER Michael student bds St Bonaventure College
POWER Michael laborer h 43 Cuddihy
POWER Michael laborer h 9 1/2 Simms
POWER Michael seaman h 36 Springdale
POWER Michael seaman h 204 Water, w
POWER Michael wharfinger h 8 LeMarchant Rd
POWER Mogue wines and spirits, 32 Cochrane  
POWER Nicholas laborer h 28 Thomas
POWER Mrs Patrick   h 37 Victoria
POWER Patrick laborer h 10 Lion's Sq
POWER Patrick laborer h 27 Rossiter's Lane
POWER Patrick laborer h 111 Signal Hill Rd
POWER Patrick shoemaker h 239 Water, w
POWER Patrick F clerk bds 37 Victoria
POWER Pearce fireman gas works h 27 Rossiter's Lane
POWER Peter cooper h 29 Adilaide
POWER Philip groceries & dry goods 62 New Gower
POWER Pierce laborer h 27 Rossiter's Lane
POWER Richard blacksmith h 70 Bannerman
POWER Richard cooper h 38 Springdale
POWER Richard mason h 45 Brazil's Sq
POWER Richard tanner h 7 Cochrane
POWER Richard tinsmith bds 6 Brine
POWER Robt broker H M C h 63 Patrick
POWER Robt J clerk bds 131 Gower
POWER Sarah, wid John   h 30 Springdale
POWER Thos boilermaker bds 70 Bannerman
POWER Thos cabman h 10 Barron
POWER Thos carpenter h 37 Victoria
POWER Thos fisherman h 24 Thomas
POWER Thos laborer h 8 Bond
POWER Thos laborer h 29 Plank Rd
POWER Thos M book keeper bds 54 Victoria
POWER Wm blacksmith h 7 Cochrane
POWER Wm branch pilot h 7 Cochrane
POWER Wm clerk h Belvidere
POWER Wm cooper h 113 George
POWER Wm fisherman h 4 Hunts Lane
POWER Wm laborer h 27 Bambrick
POWER Wm laborer bds 28 Brazil's Sq
POWER Wm laborer bds 43 Cuddihy's
POWER Wm laborer h 29 Field
POWER Wm laborer h 232 New Gower
POWER Wm laborer h South Side
POWER Wm machinist h New Gower
POWER Wm clerk bds 14 Flemming
PRATT Edw clerk bds Brazil's Sq
PRATT Jas accountant bds 1 Waldgrave
PRATT Wm rept Ev'g Telegram bds 1 Waldgrave
PRENDAR Wm master cooper h 7 James
PRENDERGAST Garret laborer h 40 Quidi Vidi Rd
PRENDERGAST Thomas   h 13 Carter's Hill
PRENDERGAST Thomas fisherman h 30 Angel Pl off Alexdr
PREDERGAST Rev T.A. C.B. St Bonaventure's College
PRESCOTT John jr shoemaker 56 Gower
PRESS George cabinet maker bds 9 Mullock
PRESTON Arthur W clerk bds 25 Colonial
PRESTON John boatman H.M.C. h 54 Colonial
PRICE Arthur laborer bds 91 Signal Hill Rd
PRICE Frederick laborer h Battery Rd
PRICE John brewer h 122 Barnes' Rd
PRICE Joseph teamster h 91 Signal Hill Rd
PRICE Wm seasman h Battery Rd
PRIDE Mary A supt pupil teachers' home Synod Blgd Queen's Rd
PRIDEAUX Arthur architect h 23 Hutching's
PRIDEAUX Wm super poor asylum  
PRIM John cooper h 158 Water, w
PRIM John laborer h17 Bambrick
PRIM Joseph cooper h 156 Water, w
PRIM Matthew cooper h 158 Water, w
PROWSE Arthur clerk h 92 Quidi Vidi Rd
PROWSE Catherine, wid Kenneth   h 93 Quidi Vidi Rd
PROWSE Charles time keeper h 55 Bannerman
PROWSE Daniel W LLD h Torbay Rd
PROWSE Kenneth R, of R Prowse & Sons   h 75 LeMarchant
PROWSE John tinsmith h 22 Carew
PROWSE Robert, of R Prowse & Sons   h 75 LeMarchant
PROWSE ROBERT & SONS commission merchants 2 Queen
PROWSE Wm tinsmith h 120 Pleasant
PROWSE Wm J carpenter 102 Queen's Rd
PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE   room #2 Temple Blg'd Duckworth
PUDDISTER Jordan laborer h 20 Scott
PUDDISTER Josiah laborer h 59 Alexander
PUDDISTER Stephen fisherman h 2 Hunt's Lane
PUMPHRY Wm tide water H M C h 14 Barnes'
PURCELL Edw painter h 12 Bond
PURCELL James ifhserman h 24 Finn's Lane
PURCELL Michael laborer h 5 Barnes' Pl
PURCELL Mary, wid Edw   h 33 McDougall
PURCELL Peter laborer h 33 McDougall
PURCELL Richd brewer h 24 Prospect St
PURCELL Timothy laborer h 12 Pilot's Hill
PURCHARD Miss Jessie teacher St Thos schl hse King's B Rd
PURCHARD Robt turnkey W E Fire Hall h 31 Bambrick
PURCHASE Abiah seaman bds 11 Long's Hill
PURCHASE Ann, wid Jonas   h 11 Long's Hill
PURCHASE Charles laborer h 58 Field
PURCHASE James laborer h 58 Field
PUSHIE Wm rwy conductor bds Military Rd
PYNN Ann, wid Richard   h 110 Barnes'
PYNN Augustus carpenter bds 25 Livingstone
PYNN Daniel fisherman h South Side
PYNN Gilbert M joiner h 25 Mullock St
PYNN Henry laborer h South Side
PYNN John carpenter bds 35 Young
PYNN John jr fisherman h South Side
PYNN Jordan seaman h 101 Pleasant
PYNN Joseph shipwright h 25 Livingstone
PYNN Joseph E carpenter bds 25 Livingstone
PYNN Miss Martha   h 110 Barnes
PYNN Newman carpenter bds 25 Livingstone
PYNN Robt carpenter h Walsh's Lane
PYNN Selby carpenter h 158 Hamilton
PYNN Thos customs officer bds Duckworth St
PYNN Wm brakeman h 78 Portugal Cove Rd

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