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Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - T

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by Jennifer Wilkinson. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

TAAFFE Edw male nurse res general hospital, Quidi Vidi Road
TAAFFE Jas clerk h 11 Hamilton
TAAFFE Joseph clerk h 11 Hamilton
TAAFFE Wm drug clerk bds Quidi Vidi Road
TAIT Archibald Campbell   h 237 Duckworth
TAIT J. Sinclair physician, 237 Duckworth h 237 Duckworth
TAITE Mary, wid Henry   h 70 Forest Road
TALBOT Hon Thos, M.L.C.   bds St. Bonaventure College
TAPPER Henry grocer, 240 Gower and 104 New Gower h do
TAPPER Miss Lizzie clerk h 46 Casey
TARAHAN Catherine   h 56 Victoria
TARAHAN John mngr O'Mara's drug store bds 2 Queen's Rd
TARAHAN Patk accountant h 17 Pennywell Road
TARGETT Chas ex-sergt police h 72 Spencer
TARRANT Jas laborer h Brazil's Field, off Mundy's Pond Rd
TARRANT Patk laborer h Signal Hill Road
TARRAVIN Joseph laborer h 6 Flavins
TAYLOR Abraham shipwright h 13 Cabot
TAYLOR Abraham laborer h 52 George
TAYLOR Albert carpenter h 32 Buchanan
TAYLOR Albert grocer, 174 Pleasant h 174 Pleasant
TAYLOR Alex   bds 28 Victoria
TAYLOR Ann, wid Robt   h 55 Freshwater Road
TAYLOR Miss Annie   h Barnes road
TAYLOR Anthony ironworker h 69 Harris, off McFarlane's Lane
TAYLOR A.F. accountant h 1 Colonial
TAYLOR Benjamin carpenter h 5 Brazil's Square
TAYLOR Caroline, wid Jacob   h 5 Gilbert
TAYLOR Chas clerk bds 35 Alexander
TAYLOR Chas fisherman bds 176 Pleasant
TAYLOR Edw clerk bds LeMarchant Rd
TAYLOR Elizabeth, wid Wm   h 67 Harris, off McFarlane's Lane
TAYLOR Miss Elizabeth clerk bds 67 Harris, off McFarlane's
TAYLOR Enos carpenter bds 174 Pleasant
TAYLOR Eugene T book-keeper bds 23 Victoria
TAYLOR Fredk laborer h 35 Alexander
TAYLOR Frazer lumberman h 176 Pleasant
TAYLOR Geo carpenter h Springdale
TAYLOR Geo clerk h 48 LeMarchant Road
TAYLOR Geo moulder h Springdale
TAYLOR Geo seaman h 5 Gilbert
TAYLOR Geo A laborer h Southside
TAYLOR Geo P clerk h 12 Atlantic Ave
TAYLOR Giles accountant h 71 Pleasant
TAYLOR Guy watchmaker bds LeMarchant Road
TAYLOR Henry watchmaker h 65 Harris, off McFarlane's Lane
TAYLOR Henry C laborer h 34 Spencer
TAYLOR Horatio cooper h Southside
TAYLOR Howard J accountant bds 84 Pleasant
TAYLOR Jacob cooper h 5 Gilbert
TAYLOR Jas printer h 50 Barnes road
TAYLOR Jas tinsmith bds 15 Flower Hill
TAYLOR Jonathan laborer h 21 John
TAYLOR John   16 George, e
TAYLOR John carpenter h Springfield
TAYLOR John engineer h South Side
TAYLOR John laborer h 52 George
TAYLOR John laborer h Mundy's Pond Road
TAYLOR John lumberman h 178 Pleasant
TAYLOR John master mariner h 2 Cabot
TAYLOR John shipwright h 107 Cabot
TAYLOR John C machinist h 178 Pleasant
TAYLOR John H clerk bds 29 Henry
TAYLOR John W clerk h 40 LeMarchant road
TAYLOR Jospeh clerk h 5 Brazil's Square
TAYLOR Leonard wharfinger h South Side
TAYLOR Levi laborer h South Side
TAYLOR Miss Lilly clerk bds Harris
TAYLOR Michael shoemaker h 15 Flower Hill
TAYLOR Joseph P laborer bds 55 Freshwater Road
TAYLOR Plemon cooper h 23 John
TAYLOR Miss Rhoda clerk bds 65 Harris
TAYLOR Robt laborer h 65 Harris, off McFarlane's Lane
TAYLOR Stephen shipwright h 123 Cabot
TAYLOR Stephen jr boiler maker bds 123 Cabot
TAYLOR Theadore carpenter h Springdale
TAYLOR Thos fisherman h Mundy's Pond Road
TAYLOR Wm laborer h 52 George
TAYLOR Wm laborer h South Side
TAYLOR Wm sailmaker h 123 Cabot
TAYLOR Wm sea captain h 54 Springdale
TAYLOR Wm seaman h 5 Gilbert
TAYLOR Wm shipwright h 21 Brazil's Square
TAYLOW Wm H land surveyor bds 29 Henry
TAYLOR Wm J fisherman h Pleasant
TEARENS Patrick laborer h 5 signal Hill Road
TEEN Timothy fisherman h 4 Murphy's Square, off Alexander
TEEN Timothy laboer h 36 Thomas
TEMPLETON Arthur student bds 280 Gower
TEMPLETON Robert General Merchant and Importer, 337 Water h 280 Gower
TEMPLETON Thos teamster h 170 Pleasant
TERRA NOVA FDRY enginer & boiler works, J. McKinley, m Water
TERRA NOVA LAUNDRY Martin & Englis, props 96 King's Road
TESSIER Chas G   bds Germondale Cottage, Waterford Brdg Rd
TESSIER Chas W General Merchant, Importer & Exporter, & c, Water, w h Germondale, Waterford Bridge Road
TESSIER Harold student bds Germondale, Waterford Bridge Rd
TESSIER Isabella, wid John   h 63 Rennie's Mill Road
TESSIER James C M H A h 150 LeMarchant Road
TESSIER Peter G   h Weston Cottage, 150 Water, w
THACKERY Rev Joseph Congregational h 115 Gower
THEROUIN Louis teacher bds 49 LeMarchant Road
THISTLE Albert laborer h 45 Pleasant
THISTLE Alex laborer h South Side
THISTLE John shoemaker, 280 Water h 280 Water
THISTLE John shipwright h 43 Brazil's Square
THISTLE John R clerk h 16 Barnes Road
THISTLE Levi fisherman h 18 Charlton
THISTLE Mary, wid Thos   h Water
THISTLE Thos shoemaker h Water, e
THISTLE Wm fireman h 40 Cabot
THISTLE Wm laborer h 28 Goodview
THOMAS Bates jr tinsmith bds 49 Military Road
THOMAS Charles blacksmith h 42 field
THOMAS David J tailor bds 96 Lime
THOMAS Elizabeth, wid Chas   h 117 Signal Hill Road
THOMAS Frederick carman h 37 Hayward Ave
THOMAS George carman bds 69 Freshwater road
THOMAS Henry accountant bds 6 Queen's
THOMAS Henry builder h 11 Barnes Place
THOMAS Henry carman bds 69 Freshwater Road
THOMAS Henry farmer bds 96 Lime
THOMAS James farm servant bds 96 Freshwater Road
THOMAS James H builder h 23 Hayward Ave
THOMAS John policeman h 51 Carter's Hill
THOMAS Matthew cabman h 69 Freshwater Road
THOMAS Nathaniel barber, 427 Water h 6 Queen's
THOMAS Denis cook h 30 Cabot
THOMPSON C.R. Boot and Shoe Factory h Sudbury Hall, Water, w
THOMPSON Elizabeth, wid Dr. Henry   h 20 Carter's Hill
THOMPSON Elizabeth, wid Jas   h 45 Monkstown Rd
THOMPSON Fred drug clerk bds 233 Water, w
THOMPSON Geo pensioner h 233 Water, w
THOMPSON Jas laborer h 8 Wickford
THOMPSON Jas S cooper bds 45 Monkstown Rd
THOMPSON Margaret, wid Wm   h 29 William
THOMPSON Mary, wid John   h 89 New Gower
THOMPSON Thoeodore F warden Penitentiary h Quidi Vidi Rd
THOMPSON Wm boot and shoe agent h 45 Patrick
THOMPSON Mrs. Wm   bds Sudbury, Water, w
THOMPSON Wm seaman h Southside
THOMPSON Wm surveyor h 28 Joy Place, off Prince
THOMPSON W.A. watchmaker h 11 Cookstown Road
THORBURN M broker, cor Water & Holloway h 22 Monkstwn Rd
THORBURN Robt farmer h Bennett's lane, off Hamilton Ave
THORBURN Sir Robt, K.C.M.G. Insurance Agent, etc, Water h King's Bridge Rd
THORBURN Wm accountant bds King's Bridge Rd
THORBURN Mrs. Wm   bds Circular Road
THORNE Chas laborer h 12 Wickford
THORNE Geo fisherman h 34 Tessier Place
THORNE Henry laborer h 42 Quidi Vidi Rd
THORNE Jos J candy maker bds 12 Wickford
THORNE Laurence laborer bds 42 Quidi Vidi Rd
THORNE Richard joiner h 15 Flemming
THOMS Daniel master mariner h 19 Parade
THORPE Catherine, wid David   h 287 Water, w
THORPE David laborer bds 287 Water, w
THORPE Mary, wid Benj   bds 4 Flavins
TIBBO Caleb clerk bds 12 Victoria
TIBBO John fisherman h 21 Cuddihy
TIBBO Miss Mary E   bds 51 Cuddihy
TIBBO Richard laborer h 4 Sheehan's Shute
TIBBO Thos laborer 66 Livingstone
TIBBS John laborer h 8 Pleasant
TIBBS Michael cooper h 8 Pleasant
TILLY Edw laborer bds 8 Duckworth
TILLY Hugh fisherman bds Damaril's Lane
TILLY James baker h 62 Bannerman
TILLY James clerk bds 53 Queen's Rodad
TILLY James fishermam h 14 Brennan's Lane
TILLY James laborer h 62 Bannerman
TILLY John fisherman h 8 Duckworth
TILLY Joseph laborer h 14 Damaril's Lane
TILLY Wm engineer h 17 Temperance
TIMES NEWSPAPER prop J W McCoubrey 158 Duckworth
TIMMONDS Edward laborer h 31 York
TINAN Louisa, wid Nathaniel   h 13 Knight
TIZARD George seaman h 145 LeMarchant Road
TIZARD James fisherman h 58 Lime
TIZARD John master mariner h 145 LeMarchant Road
TIZARD Samuel tinsmith h 58 Lime
TIZARD Simeon fisherman h 5 Goodview
TOBIN Bridget wines and spirits, 335 Water h do
TOBIN Clara, wid Michael   h 47 Angel Place, off Alexander
TOBIN Eliza, wid J B   h 47 Military Road
TOBIN James engineer h 11 Buchanan
TOBIN James miner h 55 McFarlane's Lane
TOBIN James J Groceries Provisions & Liquors, 178 Duckworth h do
TOBIN John laborer bds 9 Buckley's Lane
TOBIN John laborer h 84 Harris, off McFarlane's Lane
TOBIN John C wines and spirits, 392 Water h do
TOBIN Laurence laborer h 8 Nunnery Hill
TOBIN Laurence jr laborer bds 8 Nunnery Hill
TOBIN Miss Maggie   h 335 Water
TOBIN Maggie tailoress bds 102 Duckworth
TOBIN Michael laborer bds 9 Buckley's Lane
TOBIN Michael wines and spirtis, 74 Prescott h do
TOBIN Patrick laborer bds 43 Angel Place, off Alexander
TOBIN Patrick laborer h 9 Buckley's Lane
TOBIN Patrick laborer h 46 McFarlane's Lane
TOBIN Roger student bds 21 Colonial
TOBIN Thomas blacksmith h 42 Bannerman
TOBIN Thomas cooper h 102 Duckworth
TOBIN Thomas farmer bsds Cockpit Road
TOBIN Thomas laborer h 77 Casey
TOBIN Wm accountant bd 18 Henry
TOBIN Wm carpenter h 5 Lime
TOBIN Wm fisherman h 3 Simms
TOBIN Wm laborer h 14 Duckworth
TOBIN Wm telegraph repairer h 21 Colonial
TOOLE Michael laborer h Southside
TORMEY Edward laborer h 4 Hayward Ave
TORMEY James laborer bds 4 Hayward Ave
TORPHY Patrick cutter bds 358 Water, w
TORRAVILLE Thomas seaman h 28 Young
TOUCHER John clerk bds 36 William
TOUCHER Mary, wid Wm   h 36 William
TOUCHER Robert caretaker bds 7 Walsh's Square, off Signal Hill Rd
TOUCHER Thomas seaman h 7 Walsh's Square, off Signal Hill Rd
TRACEY James laborer h 21 Pleasant
TRACEY Martin plasterer bds 41 Prescott
TRACEY Micheal boatman H M C h 26 Colonial
TRACEY MIchael laborer h 21 Pleasant
TRACEY Wm surveyor of lumber h 33 Victoria
TRACEY Wm farmer h Torbay Rd
TRAINOR Geo F, of Jas Cash tobacconist, Water h do
TRAINOR Thos enginer driver bds 141 Gower
TRAPNELL Geo laborer h Goodridger's Lane
TRAVERS John   bds 39 Bannerman
TREBBLE Jas Capt EE Fire Station h 12 Knight
TRELLEGAN Mrs Alice wines & spirits, 12 Queen's h do
TRELLEGAN Jas clerk bds 34 New Gower
TRELLEGAN John carpenter bds 34 New Gower
TRELLEGAN Richard shoemaker, 34 New Gower h do
TRELLEGAN Wm shoemaker h 24 New Gower
TRIMBLET John steward h 14 Walsh's Square, off Signal Hill Rd
TRIMBLET Wm fisherman h 9 Walsh's Square, off Signal Hill Rd
TREMONT HOTEL Mrs McGrath, prop 293 Water
TRENCHARD Benj   bds 41 Prescott
TRENCHARD Chas boatman h 15 Freshwater Rd
TRENCHARD Kenneth clerk bds 15 Freshwater Rd
TRENCHARD Robt fisherman bds 41 LeMarchant Rd
TRENCHARD Thos fisherman h 50 Wickford
TRIM Belinda, wid JOb   h 28 Codner's Lane
TROWBRIDGE John book-binder h 77 Cabot
TRUEHEART Jessing tobacconist h 111 Duckworth
TRUSCOTT Ellen, wid John   h 62 1/2 Carter's Hill
TUCK Eli tidewaiter H M C h 46 Freshwater Rd
TUCK Geo blacksmith h 84 Queen's Rd
TUCK Jas laborer h 14 William
TUCK John laborer h 33 Bannerman
TUCK MIss Nelly clerk bds 46 Freshwater Rd
TUCKER Abigail, wid Wm   h 36 Lime
TUCKER Geo laborer h 18 Charlton
TUCKER Henry messenger Gnel Hospital, Quidi Vidi Rd bds do
TUCKER John fisherman h 8 Simms
TUCKER John E   h 35 Springdale
TUCKER Jos cooper h 30 Angel's Place
TUCKER Jos laborer bds 32 Lime
TUCKER Samuel fisherman h 41 Casey
TUCKER Sarah, wid Samuel   h 18 Charlton
TUCKER Stephen accountant h 41 John
TUCKER Susannah, wid Henry   h 24 Balsam
TUCKER Wm H master mariner h 35 Springdale
TUFF Carl C clerk bds 79 Pleasant
TUFF Chas laborer h 21 Spencer
TUFF Edmund laborer h 20 Hayward Ave
TUFF Geo fisherman bds 21 Spencer
TUFF Hedley V barber bds Mundy's Pond Road
TUFF Jos grocer, 18 Springdale h Mundy's Pond Road
TUFF Joseph wharfinger h Mundy's Pond Road
TUFF Thos clerk bds 21 Spencer
TULK David M laborer h 84 Queen's Road
TULK Geo blacksmith bds 84 Queen's Road
TULK Mahala, wid Samuel   h 84 Queen's Road
TURNER Geo E 1st clerk agriculture & mines h Southside
TURNER John trader h 14 Freshwater Road
TURNER Joseph master mariner bds 128 Bond
TURNER Wm seaman bds 146 New Gower

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