NLGenWeb 1898 McAlpines Directory

Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City -  W

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by Jennifer Wilkinson. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

WADDEN Francis laborer h 23 Duggan
WADDEN Frederick laborer h 10 Waldegrave
WADDEN Gustavus   h 10 Waldegrave
WADDEN James cooper bds 28 Buchanan
WADDEN John cooper h 28 Buchanan
WADDEN John shoemaker h 10 Waldegrave
WADDEN John shoemaker h 203 New Gower
WADDEN John jr painter bds 203 New Gower
WADDEN Joseph shoemaker, 414 Water h do
WADDEN Laurence cooper h 43 Pleasant
WADDEN Mary, wid Patk   h 13 Charlton
WADDEN Matthew app baker bds 10 Waldegrave
WADDEN Michael boot & shoe maker, Water h do
WADDEN Nicholas shoemaker h 203 New Gower
WADDEN Patrick cooper h 43 Pleasant
WADDEN Patrick stone cutter h 23 Duggan
WADDEN Philip cooper h 13 Charlton
WADDLETON Ellen, wid John   h 23 Moore
WADDLETON George fisherman h 24 Balsam
WADLAND Harriet, wid Wm   h 106 Duckworth
WADLAND John fisherman h 21 Waldegrave
WADLAND John school teacher bds 106 Duckworth
WADLAND Wm carpenter bds 21 Waldegrave
WAKEHAM Ann, wid Ed   h 61 McFarlane's Lane
WAKEHAM Edward laborer bds 33 Casey
WAKEHAM James messenger bds James
WAKEHAM Richard seaman h 39 Flower Hill
WAKEHAM Robert master mariner h Signal Hill Road
WAKEHAM Thomas laborer h 61 McFarlane's Lane
WALDRON Edw tobacconist h 13 Bond
WALDRON H J agent bds 13 Bond
WALKER Angus mason h 171 New Gower
WALKER Miss Eveline milliner bds 68 Cochrane
WALKER Geo clerk bds 26 Cochrane
WALKER John seaman h Southside
WALKINS Hannah, wid Martin   h 22 Hayward Ave
WALKINS Jas cooper h 8 Bannerman
WALKINS Jos asst str kpr h 48 Victoria
WALKINS Miss Margaret   h 22 Hayward Ave
WALL Ellen, wid Michael   h 36 Codner's Lane
WALL Margaret, wid Edward   h 12 Knight
WALL Margaret, wid Peter   h 135 Gower
WALL Margaret, wid Thos   h 8 Lime
WALL Mary Ann, wid Wdw   h 5 New Gower
WALL Michael cooper h 3 Queen's Rd
WALL Michael laborer bds 36 Codner's Lane
WALL Peter fisherman h 42 Pleasant
WALL Philip blacksmith, Buckley's Lane h do
WALL Philip laborer h 226 New Gower
WALL Robt fisherman h Freshwater Road
WALL Thos accountant h 59 Springdale
WALL Timothy fisherman h Freshwater Road
WALL Thos laborer bds 8 Lime
WALL Wm laborer h 9 Murphy's Square, off Alexander
WALLACE Arthur seaman h 35 Buchanan
WALLACE Fredk seaman h 109 George
WALLACE Jas cooper bds 10 Allan Square
WALLACE Patk E, of Sage & Wallace   h 220 New Gower
WALLACE Thos laborer bds 10 Allan Square
WALLACE Wm laborer h 10 Allan Square
WALSH Alice, wid Michael   h 72 Bannerman
WALSH Alice, wid Patk   h Waterfordbridge Road
WALSH Amelia, wid John   h 112 George
WALSH Andrew watchman h 30 Goodview
WALSH Ann, wid Michl   h 41 Long's Hill
WALSH Miss Annie clerk bds 341 Water
WALSH Annie, wid John   h 3 Quidi Vidi Road
WALSH Bartholemew tanner h Waterfordbridge Road
WALSH Miss Bridget   h Old Portugal Cove Road
WALSH Bridget, wid Jas   h 12 Gorman's Lane
WALSH Bridget, wid John   h 176 Water, w
WALSH Bridget, wid Wm   h 191 New Gower
WALSH Miss Catherine nurse bds Gen'l Hospital, Quidi Vidi Road
WALSH Catherine, wid Wm   h Old Portugal Cove Road
WALSH Cornelius watchman h Battery Road
WALSH Edw farmer bds Simms' Lane, off Old Portugal Cove Road
WALSH Edw farmer h Spring Hill, Long Pond Road
WALSH Edw farmer h Waterfordbridge Road
WALSH Edw J drug clerk bds 72 Prescott
WALSH Edw laborer h 17 Bates
WALSH Edw storekeeper h 50 King's Road
WALSH Elizabeth, wid Edw   h 96 New Gower
WALSH Elizabeth, wid Jas   bds 44 Barter's Hill
WALSH Miss Ellen   bds 335 Water
WALSH Ellen wines & spirits, 72 Prescott h do
WALSH Francis shoemaker h 21 Flower Hill
WALSH Frank painter h 17 Bell
WALSH George laborer h 119 1/2 New Gower
WALSH George printer h City Hotel, Duckworth
WALSH Mrs George Prop City HOtel and City Fruit Store, Duckworth, e  
WALSH George J farmer Simm's Lane, Old Portugal Cove Road
WALSH Hugh laborer h 29 Casey
WALSH James clerk h 21 Allan's Square
WALSH James coachman bds Littledale, Waterfordbridge Road
WALSH James cooper h 120 Water, w
WALSH James jr cooper h South Side
WALSH James fireman h 5 Damaril's Lane
WALSH James farmer h Waterfordbridge Road
WALSH James gardener h Pennywell Road
WALSH James fisherman h 3 Barron
WALSH James fisherman h 9 Cochrane
WALSH James laborer h 2 Brine
WALSH James laborer h 240 New Gower
WALSH James laborer h 32 Pleasant
WALSH James laborer h Prince
WALSH James plumber bds 176 Water, w
WALSH James seaman h South Side
WALSH James stone cutter bds 68 Portugal Cove Road
WALSH James tanner h South Side, w
WALSH James A apinter bds 17 Henry
WALSH John   bds 25 Mullock
WALSH John baker h Waterfordbridge Road
WALSH John cooper bds 27 James
WALSH John farmer h Simms' Lane, h Old Portugal Cove Road
WALSH John laborer h 24 Barnes' Road
WALSH John laborer h 1 Barron
WALSH John laborer h 95 Monkstown Road
WALSH John laborer h 240 New Gower
WALSH John miner h 85 Casey
WALSH John stone cutter h William
WALSH John watchman h 48 Signal Hill Road
WALSH John J baker h 80 Hamilton
WALSH John J shoemaker h 47 Mullock
WALSH John W accountant bds 17 Bell
WALSH Joseph fireman gas works h 192 Water, w
WALSH Laurence fisherman h 36 Buchanan
WALSH Louise, wid Patrick   h 50 Monkstown Road
WALSH Miss Lucy   h 127 Military Road
WALSH Margaret, wid Thos   h 21 Flemming
WALSH Martin farmer h Nagle's Hill
WALSH Miss Mary   h Quidi Vidi Road, n side
WALSH Mary, wid Edward   h 17 Bates
WALSH Mary, wid Richard   h 62 Barnes Road
WALSH Michael   h 28 Goodview
WALSH Michael baker h Old Portugal Cove Road
WALSH Michael carpenter h 186 Duckworth
WALSH Michael farmer bds 102 Freshwater Road
WALSH Michael farmer h Long Pond Road
WALSH Michael fisherman h 126 George
WALSH Michael laborer bds 15 Bambrick
WALSH Michael laborer h 24 Henry
WALSH Michael laborer h Mundy's Pond Road
WALSH Michael rigger h 147 Gower
WALSH Michael seaman h 47 Mullock
WALSH Michael seaman h South Side
WALSH Michael teamster bds 68 Portugal Cove Road
WALSH Michael provision, etc, 178 Water, w h do
WALSH Nicholas shoemaker h 35 Mullock
WALSH Nicholas, of Walsh & McCormack, Catalina   h 18 Henry
WALSH Nora, wid Wm   h 1 Battery Road
WALSH Patrick   h 45 Springdale
WALSH Patrick clerk h 116 Bond
WALSH Patrick laborer h 240 New Gower
WALSH Patrick laborer h 28 Pilot's Hill
WALSH Patrick laborer h 30 Pleasant
WALSH Patrick laborer h South Side
WALSH Patrick J printer h 180 Gower
WALSH Patrick steward bds 39 Wickford
WALSH Patrick jr laborer h 240 New Gower
WALSH Patrick jr laborer h South Side
WALSH Peter jr baker h Waterfordbridge Road
WALSH Peter fisherman bds Waterfordbridge Road
WALSH Peter joiner h 108 Duckworth
WALSH Peter laborer h Sheehan's Shute
WALSH Philip laborer h 23 Rossiter's Lane
WALSH Robert   h 9 Colonial
WALSH Richard farmer h Portugal Cove Road
WALSH Richard ship's carpenter h 25 Water, w
WALSH Robert stoker h 228 Water, w
WALSH Robert teamster h 149 Pleasant
WALSH Samuel   h 18 Water, w
WALSH Samuel master mariner h 193 New Gower
WALSH Sara, wid John   Old Portugal Cove Rd
WALSH Stanislaus plumber & gasfitter h cor Bannerman & Bond
WALSH Theophilus laborer h 17 Bambrick
WALSH Thomas student bds Waterfordbridge Road
WALSH Thomas blacksmith h 6 William's Lane
WALSH Thomas coachman h Brewery Lane
WALSH Thomas jr cooper bds 78 Patrick
WALSH Thomas farmer bds Simms' Lane, Old Portugal Cove Rd
WALSH Thomas farmer bds Nagle Hill
WALSH T grocer, 18 Water, w h Waterfordbridge Place, Waterfdbge Rd
WALSH Thomas harness maker bds 39 Wickford
WALSH Thomas laborer bds 32 Lime
WALSH Thomas laborer h 39 Wickford
WALSH Thos N teacher bds St Bonaventure Cottage
WALSH Thos seaman h 78 Patrick
WALSH Thos shoemaker h 224 New Gower
WALSH Thos teamster bds 176 Water, w
WALSH Thos J clerk h 39 Wickford
WALSH Timothy fisherman h 47 Moore
WALSH Walter farmer bds Torbay Road
WALSH Walter laborer h 37 Cook
WALSH Wm accountant h 178 Water, w
WALSH Wm cabman h 176 Water, w
WALSH Wm carman h Waterfordbridge Road
WALSH Wm carman h 80 Hamilton
WALSH Wm farmer h 26 Mullock
WALSH Wm laborer h 32 Casey
WALSH Wm laborer h 21 Flower Hill
WALSH Wm laborer h 240 New Gower
WALSH Wm laborer h 4 Pleasant
WALSH Wm laborer h Pope
WALSH Wm mason h 29 Spencer
WALSH Wm steward city club bds do
WALSH Wm jr tinsmith bds 176 Water, w
WALSH Wm P   h 207 Gower
WALSH Wm P plumber bds 176 Water, w
WALTERS Fredk bricklayer h 63 New Gower
WALTERS Geo carpenter h 80 Carter's Hill
WALTERS Thos H W   bds 51 LeMarchant Road
WAN Ton Chinese laundry, 214 Duckworth h do
WARD Robt laborer h 20 Gills Place
WAREHAM Edw fisherman h South Side
WAREHAM John fisherman h South Side
WARPATH Isaac farmer bds Quidi Vidi Road, n s
WARREN Edw cooper h South Side
WARREN Cyrus cooper h South Side
WARREN Geo laborer h 16 Allan Square
WARREN Jas, of Wm Parker & Co.   h 69 Military Road
WARREN Jas laborer h 7 Stephen
WARREN Jane, wid Henry   h 7 Stephen
WARREN Jessie, wid Wm H   h 57 Cochrane
WARREN John clerk bds 69 Military Road
WARREN Samuel laborer h 7 Stephen
WARREN Thos carpenter h 37 Spencer
WARREN Wm Robertson law student bds 57 Cochrane
WARRICKER Jas painter h 32 Victoria
WARROLL Alex clerk h Pleasant
WATSON Alex cooper h 26 Young
WATSON E C supt fisheries, Customs' Bldg h 29 Queen's Road
WATSON Jas H landing waiter, H M C h 46 Rennie's Mill Road
WATSON Robt, M H A   bds 29 Queen's Road
WATSON Wm W accountant bank N S h 22 Freshwater Rd
WATTS Arthur letter carrier h 45 LeMarchant Road
WATTS H J landing waiter H M C h 29 Monkstown Road
WAUGH Edw caretaker west end club h 442 Water, w
WAUGH Edw moulder bds 140 Hamilton
WAUGH Geo engineer h 442 Water, w
WAY Alfred laborer h 11 Larkins Square
WAY Gideon blacksmith bds 253 Water, w
WAY Hugh W seaman h 11 Larkins Square
WAY Katie F   h 50 Gower
WAY Louis grocer bds 252 Water, w
WAY Philip messenger h 11 Larkins Square
WAX Wm clerk bds 253 Water, w
WAY Wm seaman h 11 Larkins Square
WAYTE Edw mariner h 39 Moore
WEBBER Archibald laborer h 13 Murray
WEBBER Fredk fisherman h 26 Joy, off Prince
WEBBER Geo accountant h 23 Bond
WEBBER John seaman h 59 Lime
WEBBER Reuel S preacher h 2 Field
WEBBBER W.G. accountant bds Prescott
WEEKS John clerk h 24 Cabot
WEEKS Robert laborer h 24 Cabot
WEIR Edw carpenter bds Newtown Road
WEIR Jas farmer h Newtown Road
WEIR Jas jr farmer bds Newtown Road
WEIR Wm cooper bds Newtown Road
WEIR Wm stevedore h 24 Carew
WEIR Wm T cabinet maker h 49 Parade
WELLMAN Elizabeth, wid Edw   bds 136 Glower
WELLMAN Moses painter and paper hanger 136 Glower, h do
WELLS Edw H wharfinger h 27 Cohrane
WELLS Nathaniel watchman h 35 Cabot
WELLS Patk fisherman h 23 LeMarchant Road
WELLS Thophilus shoemaker bds 35 Cabot
WELLS Thos constable E E Fire Station, bds do
WENTZAL Edwin boarding house 112 Ducksworth, h do
WETHERTON Robt sailmaker h 48 Longs Hill
WEST END CLUB   water, w, cor Springdale
WEST Walter B Insurance Agent McBride's Hill, h 151 LeMarchant Road
WESTCOTT Leonard sailor bds 10 Lion Square
WESTCOTT Mary, wid Wm   h 84 Harris, off McFarlene's Lane
WESTCOTT Wm Jas carpenter h Prospect
WEY Chas com agent h 24 Freshwater Road
WEY Lewis clerk h water, w
WHALEN Catherine, wid John   h 4 william
WHALEN Edw laborer bds 12 Simms
WHALEN Elizabeth, wid Jas   h 16 Powers
WHALEN Jas laborer h 16 Powers
WHALEN Jas laborer bds 12 Simms
WHALEN John fisherman h 38 George, e
WHALEN John seaman h 37 Angel Place, off Alexander
WHALEN Mary Ann, wid Walter   h 12 Simms
WHALEN Michael shoemaker h 5 Fergus Place
WHALEN Wm carpenter bds Hamilton Ave
WHEATLEY Geo Lloyd's surveyor h 14 Glower
WHELAN Anastatia, wid Stephen   h 37 McFarlene's Lane
WHELAN Miss Bridget wines & spirits 388 water, bds 9 James
WHELAN Catherine, wid Thos   h 82 Voy, off George
WHELAN Edw fireman h 132 New Glower
WHELAN Elizabeth, wid Jas   water, w
WHELAN Elizabeth, wid Thos   h 8 Buchanan
WHELAN Geo seaman h 12 Balsam
WHELAS Jas laborer h 8 Buchanan
WHELAN Jas laborer h 39 Glower
WHELAN Jas laborer bds water, w
WHELAN John varieties 154 Duckworth, h do
WHELAN Joseph laborer h 83 Signal Hill Road
WHELAN Margaret, wid Andrew   h 20 Brezil's Square
WHELAN Mary, wid Jas   h 178 LeMarchant Road
WHELAN Matthew laborer h 9 Howe
WHELAN Michael clerk bds 83 Signal Hill Road
WHELAN Michael fisherman h 9 James
WHELAN Michael laborer h 39 Glower
WHELAN Michael shoemaker h 5 Fergus Place
WHELAN Peter blacksmith h 4 York
WHELAN Samuel laborer h 20 Carter's Hill
WHELAN Stephen laborer h 37 McFarlene's Lane
WHELAN Thos fisherman h 9 James
WHELAN Wm fisherman h 15 Howe Place
WHEELER Arthur tailor h 28 Barnes Road
WHEELER James shipwright h 79 Long's Hill
WHEELER Joseph water works h 28 Barnes Road
WHEELER Simeon fisherman h 40 Lime
WHEELER Wm policeman h Ft Townsend
WHITLER Alex harness maker h South Side
WHILAN Thos P clerk bds 61 Prescott
WHITE Alfred fisherman h 39 Young
WHITE Alfred J N N & W Ry bds 61 Military Road
WHITE Ann, wid Thos wid Thos h 303 water, w
WHITE Arthur suryeyor, Dept Agriculture and Mines h 132 Glower
WHITE Bertram clerk bds 35 Hannerman
WHITE Catherine, wid George wid George h 61 Military Road
WHITE Catherine, wid P D wid P D h 59 Military Road
WHITE Chas laborer h 35 Alexander
WHITE Chas M C accountant h 59 Military Road
WHITE Daniel plumber bds 353 water, w
WHITE Denis fisherman bds 303 Water, w
WHITE Denis wheelwright h 22 Buchanan
WHITE Douglas clerk h 95 Hamilton
WHITE Edward master mariner h South Side
WHITE Edward jr clerk bds South Side
WHITE Edward laborer h 41 Flower Hill
WHITE Mrs Ellen provisions & groceries h 41 Alexander, h do
WHITE Elton blacksmith h 95 Hamilton
WHITE Emma wid Dugald h 29 Dick's Square
WHITE E M 3rd clerk H M C h 8 Brazil's Square
WHITE Fanny, wid John wid John h 39 Young
WHITE Fredk clerk bds 35 Bannerman
WHITE Geo blacksmith h 16 Cathedral
WHITE Geo printer h 85 Long's Hill
WHITE Geo master mariner h 7 Charlton
WHITE Miss Gertie dress maker h 13 Queen
WHITE Miss Hannah   h Barnes' Rd
WHITE Jas cooper h 6 Allan Square
WHITE Jas laborer h 90 Casey
WHITE Jas G genl blacksmith Springdale, h 95 Hamilton
WHITE John accountant h Freshwater
WHITE John blacksmith 344 Duckworth
WHITE John clerk bds 109 Military Rd
WHITE John cooper h 37 Angel Place
WHITE John H M Customs h 35 Bannerman
WHITE John laborer bds 10 Pleasant
WHITE John laborer h 90 Casey
WHITE John shoemaker h 332 water, w
WHITE John store keeper h 353 water, w
WHITE John tanner bds 353 water
WHITE John seaman h 37 Angel's Place
WHITE B seaman h 60 King's Rd
WHITE John W solicitor, etc 36 Henry St, h do
WHITE Jos clerk bds 224 Glower
WHITE Laurence clerk h 112 Military Rd
WHITE Lucy, wid Andrew   bds 79 Harris, conr McFarlene's Lane
WHITE Miss Margaret   bds 16 Cuddihy
WHITE Martha, wid Thos   bds 16 Prospect
WHITE Martin seaman h 16 Catherine
WHITE Martine turner bds 11 Prince
WHITE Miss Mary   h Grant's Lane
WHITE Mary, wid John   bds 6 Damaril's Lane
WHITE Micheal tinsmith bds 353 water, w
WHITE Peter moulder bds 303 water, w
WHITE Richard Inspector of Light Houses h Southside
WHITE Richard saddler h 49 Military Rd
WHITE Sarah, wid Henry   h 23 Barron
WHITE Stanley clerk bds 112 Military Rd
WHITE Thos master mariner bds 21 New Glower
WHITE T M undertaker 6 Notre Dame, h cor Bond & Cathedral
WHITE T clerk h 95 Hamilton
WHITE Wm broker bds 41 Alexander
WHITE Wm clerk bds Southside, w
WHITE Wm master steam launch h 10 Pleasant
WHITE Wm clerk bds 40 Precott
WHITE Wm clerk bds Angel Place
WHITE Wm fisherman bds 303 water, w
WHITE Wm landing waiter H M C h Southside
WHITLEY A L clerk H M C bds 5 Military Road
WHITLEY George clerk bds 5 Military Road
WHITLEY W H general dealer, Labrador h 5 Military Road
WHITEMARSH Wm carpenter h 55 Paradise
WHITEWAY Edward clerk bds 12 Brazil's Square
WHITEWAY Eli lumber surveyor h 81 Springdale
WHITEWAY Emma, wid George   h 81 Casey
WHITEWAY F H C   bds Riverview
WHITEWAY H M K   bds Riverview
WHITEWAY Jessie Dry Goods & Millinery, Groceries & Provisions 349 water & New Glover, h 75 Springdale See adv per index
WHITEWAY & JOHNSON Garland Blg water
WHITEWAY R H General Dry Goods, Clothing etc 315 water, h do See adv per index
WHITEWAY Solomon teacher bds 28 Victoria
WHITEWAY Walter clerk h 81 Springdale
WHITEWAY Wm mason & contractor h 69 New Glower
WHITEWAY Rgt Hon Sir Wm V P C, K C M G, D C L, Q C, and of Whiteway & Johnson   h Riverview, Rennie's rd
WHITTEN Albert cooper h 76 Duckworth
WHITTEN Allan seaman h Southside
WHITTEN Arthur fisherman h Southside
WHITTEN Charles cooper h 44 King's Road
WHITTEN Daniel seaman h Southside
WHITTEN Drucilla, wid Walter   h 67 Long's Hill
WHITTEN Edward clerk h John
WHITTEN Edward storekeeper h 10 John
WHITTEN Miss Emma clerk h 44 Kings Road
WHITTEN George fisherman h Southside
WHITTEN George B planter h Southside
WHITTEN George C seaman h Southside
WHITTEN Henry carpenter h 24 Colonial
WHITTEN James fisherman h 39 Job
WHITTEN James laborer h Southside
WHITTEN John fisherman h Southside
WHITTEN John carman h South Side
WHITTEN John   h 27 Prince
WHITTEN John T   h South Side
WHITTEN Joseph boilermaker h 48 wickford
WHITTEN Kenneth laborer h South Side
WHITTEN Miss Mary nurse general hospital bds Quidi Vidi Road
WHITTEN Mary A T, wid George   h 26 Hayward Ave
WHITTEN Mary Jane clerk bds 44 King's Road
WHITTEN Peter shoemaker h 43 Job
WHITTEN Robt fisherman h South Side
WHITTEN Robt B balliff Superior Court h 81 Glower
WHITTEN James Samuel   h South Side
WHITTEN Theodore engineer h South Side
WHITTEN Thomas laborer h South Side
WHITTEN Wm engineer Lunatic Asylum h 212 New Glower
WHITTEN Wm cooper h 11 Prince
WHITTEN Wm laborer h 17 Sheehan's Shute
WHITTEN Wm H fisherman h South Side
WHITTLE Mary, wid David   h 9 Buchanan
WHITTLE Mary, wid Peter   h 37 Buchanan
WHITTLE Patrick mason h 26 Stephen
WHITTLE Peter shoemaker h 43 Job's
WHITTLE Richard carman h 9 Buchanan
WHITTY Edward carpenter h 223 New Gower
WHITTY Edward clerk bds 233 Gower
WHITTY Edward j clerk bds 233 New Gower
WHITTY John shoemaker h 23 Job
WHITTY Richard messanger h 233 New Glower
WHITTY Sylvester cooper bds 233 New Glower
WHYTECOMBE, Elizabeth, wid Joseph   h 127 Quidi Vidi Road
WICKEN Ellen, wid James   h Freshwater Road
WICKEN Kate, wid Martin   h Freshwater Road
WICKFORD John teamster h 84 Casey
WICKHAM James laborer h 44 Casey
WICKHAM James J school inspector h 131 Military Rd
WICKHAM Johanna, wid Patrick   h 12 James
WICKHAM John brewer bds 12 James
WICKHAM Joseph seaman bds 12 James
WICKHAM Margaret, wid Thos   h 84 Casey
WICKHAM Martin laborer h 84 Casey
WICKHAM Richard   h 44 Casey
WICKHAM Thos laborer h 44 Casey
WICKS Chas grocer, 136 New Gower h do
WICKS John clerk h 24 Cabot
WILCOX Benj fisherman bds 17 Signal Hill Rd
WILCOX Francis fisherman h 17 Signal Hill Rd
WILKINSON Chas blacksmith bds 40 Hamilton
WILKINSON Eliza, wid Jas   h 7 Prospect
WILKINSON Martha groceries, etc., 146 Hamilton h do
WILKINSON Samuel blacksmith h 40 Hamilton
WILKINSON Wm proprietor British House, 2 New Gower h do
WILKINSON Wm moulder h 148 Hamilton
WILLAR Archibald sailmaker h 14 Holloway
WILLAR Mrs. Elizabeth   h 75 Queens Rd
WILLAR Sidney sailmaker h 45 Wickford
WILLET John H clerk h 39 Monkstown Rd
WILLIAMS Alfred fisherman h Southside
WILLIAMS Mrs. Anne crockeryware, etc., 184 Duckworth h do
WILLIAMS Arthur G clerk h 32 Parade
WILLIAMS Benjamin clerk h Logy Bay Road
WILLIAMS Ellen ,wid Patrick   h 75 New Gower
WILLIAMS Ernest G joiner bds 46 william
WILLIAMS Miss Fanny clerk bds 150 Hamilton
WILLIAMS Fredrick clerk h 12 John
WILLIAMS George wharfinger h 81 Bond
WILLIAMS George laborer h 33 Barter's Hill
WILLIAMS George jr cash keeper bds 81 Bond
WILLIAMS George A tinsmith h 46 william
WILLIAMS George R accountant h 184 Duckworth
WILLIAMS Henry   bds 81 Bond
WILLIAMS Henry sailmaker bds 10 Pleasant
WILLIAMS James shoemaker bds 11 Prince
WILLIAMS Jeremiah laborer h 29 water, w
WILLIAMS Jeremiah teamster bds 29 water, w
WILLIAMS Johanna, wid Martin   h 3 Kitchen Place
WILLIAMS John draper h 29 Parade
WILLIAMS John jr clerk bds 29 Parade
WILLIAMS John cooper h 150 Hamilton
WILLIAMS John painter h 244 New Gower
WILLIAMS John porter h 91 Bond
WILLIAMS John A clerk h 16 Barnes Road
WILLIAMS James J crockeryware &c, 298 Water h do
WILLIAMS Louis electrican h 78 Bond
WILLIAMS Martin laborer bds 3 Kitchen Place
WILLIAMS Miss Mary clerk bds 150 Hamilton
WILLIAMS Miss Maud school teacher h King's Bridge Road
WILLIAMS Michael painter bds 3 Kitchen Place
WILLIAMS Moses fisherman h 58 Mullock
WILLIAMS Peter W clerk bds 56 william
WILLIAMS Philip laborer h 150 Hamilton
WILLIAMS Philip laborer h 33 Parade
WILLIAMS Richard cabman h 13 Spencer
WILLIAMS Robert carpenter h 35 Parade
WILLIAMS Robert H clerk bds 46 william
WILLIAMS Stephen carman bds 3 Kitchen Place
WILLIAMS Stephen joiner h 31 Hayward Ave
WILLIAMS Thomas fisherman h 33 Barter's Hill
WILLIAMS Walter B student bds 184 Duckworth
WILLIAMS Walter W printer bds 29 Parade
WILLIAMS Wm   h 58 Mullock
WILLIAMS Wm storekeeper h 22 off Parade
WILLIAMS Wm G planter h South Side
WILLIAMSON George clerk bds 177 Gower
WILLIAMSON James S tailor's cutter bds 223 Gower
WILLS Arthur W tel operator bds 85 Military Road
WILLS David fireman bds 51 Lime
WILLS Edward accountant bds 234 Gower
WILLS Everett H wharfinger h 27 Cochrane
WILLS Frank com agent h 27 Cochrane
WILLS George stewart h 39 Signal Hill Road
WILLS Henry laborer h 51 Lime
WILLS James farmer h Mundy's Pond Road
WILLS Pascoe carpenter h 220 New Gower
WILLS Richard R foreman printer h 118 Military Road
WILLS Richard plumber h 8 Rennie's Mill Road
WILLS Robert H baker h 234 Gower
WILLS Samuel farmer h Mundy's Pond Road
WILLS Walter W clerk bds 234 Gower
WILLS W A accountant h 85 Colonial
WILLS W H plumber, 148 New Gower h do
WILSON Alexander teamster h 8 King's Road
WILSON Andrew chief mate h 52 Cater's Hill
WILSON Andrew pripl Presby'an Acadamy h 90 Freshwater Rd
WILSON Catherine, wid Wm   h 8 King's Road
WILSON Daniel laborer h 21 Carter's Hill
WILSON James master mariner h 15 Cochrane
WILSON John engineer h 8 King's Road
WILSON Mary, wid Joseph   h 49 Long's Hill
WILSON Rev Thomas episcopalian h Rectory, Gower
WILSON Thomas engineer h 8 King's Road
WILSON Wm grocer, 2 Colonial and 64 Gower, h do  
WILTSHIRE Samuel seaman h 63 Cabot
WINSBOROW Frank clerk h 40 william
WINSLOW George head constable h 68 Spencer
WINSLOW George shoemaker h 96 Circular Road
WINSLOW John seaman bds 68 Spencer
WINSLOW Michael messanger bds St George's Hos, Signial H Rd
WINSOR Chas A seaman h 68 Spencer
WINSOR Daniel tinsmith h 11 Knight
WINSOR Ford capt fire dept Central Station h Ft Townsend
WINSOR Ford doorkeeper H Assembly h 11 Knight
WINSOR Henry seaman bds Brazil's Field, off Mundy Pond Rd
WINSOR Howard ropemaker  
WINSOR James jeweller h 8 Colonial
WINSOR John miner h 22 Pennywell Road
WINSOR Lemuel photographer, 228 Duckworth h do
WINSOR Peter   h 49 Victoria
WINSOR Peter ship rigger h Brazil's Field, off Mundy Pond Rd
WINSOR Peter shoemaker  
WINSOR Thomas carpenter h 73 Cookstown Road
WINTER SIR JAMES Q.C., M.H.A., Premier and Attorney General, and Winter &Shea   h Pringledale, off Portugal Cove Road
WINTER John   bds Tremont Hotel, water
WINTER Marmaduke of T & M WINTER h 68 Circular Rd
WINTER & SHEA barristers, solicitors, etc rooms 1, 2 and 3 Commercial Chambers, water
WINTERTHOMAS Commission Merchant Duckworth, head McBride's Hill, h 2 Park Place, Rennie Rd
WINTER T & M Wholesale Provisions Merchants Duckworth See
WISEMAN Charles saddler h Scott
WISEMAN Frank painter bds 13 Damaril's Lane
WISEMAN Henry clerk h 34 Casey
WISEMAN Henry P printer h 231 Gower
WISEMAN James fisherman h 11 Carter's Hill
WISEMAN James fisherman h 20 Pilot's Hill
WISEMAN James laborer h Brazil's Field off Mundy Pond Rd
WISEMAN James laborer h 5 Young
WISEMAN John tailor bds 5 Young
WISEMAN Mary Ann, wid Thomas   h 57 Merry Meeting Road
WISEMAN Silas G printer h 50 Hayward Ave
WISEMAN Wm laborer bds 20 Pilot's Hill
WISEMAN Wm laborer h 14 Young
WISEMAN Wm joiner h 50 Hayward Ave
WITHERS John W Editor and prop, Royal Gazette and Queen's printer, Gazette Bldg, Water h Circular Road
WITHYCOMBE Chas Wm joiner bds 182 Duckworth
WITHYCOMBE John D joiner h 182 Duckworth
WITHYCOMBE Wm trunk maker h South Side
WITTEN Thos fisherman 3 Rowe Place
WOOLRIDGE Charlotte, wid Richard   h 60 Kings Road
WOODFORD John operator h 50 Patrick
WOODFORD W J Minister Pub Works, Department Building h 202 Gower
WOODLEY Wm N E E road inspector h Quidi Vidi Road, N Side
WOOLGARAlbert R accountant h 64 Patrick
WOOLGAR Mary, wid Capt Richard   h 182 LeMarchant Road
WOODAlbert book-keeper bds 34 Rennie Mill Road
WOOD B wid James B h 72 Rennie Mill Road
WOOD'S CANDY AND FRUIT STORES   City Club Bldg, water, e and water cor Queens's
WOODSChesley piano & organ agency, 13 Gower h do
WOOD Francis fireman h 35 Flower Hill
WOOD FRED B prop Wood's Candy & Fruit Stores, City Club Bldg, Water, and Water, co Queen's h 21 Prescott
WOODS George stone cutter h 43 Hamilton
WOOD Hallie F, wid Rev A C F   h 34 Rennie Mill Road
WOODS Henry seaman h 82 Voys Lane, off George
WOODS H J B of John Woods & Sons h King's Bridge Road
WOODS John & Sons coal merchants 5 Water
WOODS Joseph culler h 43 Hamilton
WOODS Joseph porter h Hamilton
WOOD & KELLY Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries   Temple Bldg Duckworth
WOODS Mary Ann, wid Richard   h 10 william
WOOD Miss Minnie J clerk bds 21 Prescott
WOOD Richard laborer h 43 Hamilton
WOOD R R master B F College bds College, Colonial
WOODS Thomas   h 43 Hamilton
WOODS Thomas laborer h 10 william
WOODS William laborer h 21 Flower Hill
WOOD E, of Wood & Kelly   h 284 Duckworth
WORRALL Alfred R clerk h 73 Sprindale
WORRALL Miss Isabella clerk bds 73 Sprindale
WORRALL Jas clerk bds 73 Sprindale
WOUNDYThos shipwright h 20 Gilbert
WRIGHT Andrew printer bds 49 Victoria
WRIGHT Rbt auctr & comm mer, Cabot bdg, Water h 328 Duckworth
WRIGHT Robt jr clerk bds 328 Duckworth
WRIGHT Wm shoemaker h 3 Plymouth Road
WYLEY R J dry goods & millinery, 291 Water h 54 Freshwater Rd
WYLLIE Wm painter h 49 Monkstown Road
WYATT Arthur blacksmith h 7 Barter's Hill
WYATT Bruce painter h 7 Barter's Hill
WYATT Henry accountant bds 7 Barter's Hill
WYATT Wm blacksmith, 7 Barter's Hill h do

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