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Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - A

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by SUE O'NEILL ~ January 2002 from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

AARON, Alfredcarpenterbds Long's Hill
AARON, Jamesseamanh Long's Hill
ABBOTT, Absolemlaborerh 15 Mullock
ABBOTT, James E.blacksmithh 85 Hamilton
ABBOTT, Johnseamanh Field
ABBOTT, Marklaborerh Balsam
ABBOTT, Patricktannerh 347 Water
ABBOTT, Louisawid Henryh 15 Barter's Hill
ABBOTT, William telegraph repairerh 21 Bannerman
ADAMS, Abrahammoulderh 8 Williams' Lane
ADAMS, Charlestannerh Pennywell Road
ADAMS, Edwardsailorh Le Marchant Road
ADAMS, Eliseamanh Carter's Hill
ADAMS, George J.clerk, Registry officeh 12 Freshwater Road
ADAMS, Josephsailmakerh Pennywell Road
ADAMS, Margaretwid Williamh Gower, w
ADAMS, Thomaslaborerh Field
ADAMS, Thomasmasonh Merry Meeting Road
ADAMS, Williamseamanh Merry Meeting Road
ADDY, Johncarpenterh 47 Flower Hill
ADDY, Jacobcarpenterh Cook
ADRAIN, JohnTailor and ClothierWater e h 38 Le Marchant Road
AINSWORTH, Williamfishermanh Quidividi
AINSWORTH, Williamlaborerh 313 Water, w
AITKEN, Robt. (Monroe)salesmanh South Side, w
ALBRIGHT, James (at Steer's)salesmanbds 126 Water
ALCOCK, Clementclerkh 42 Bannerman
ALDERSON, Charlesbricklayerbds Dick's square
ALLEN, Charlesconfectionerh 2 St. John's place, off Brien
ALLAN & HEALEYGroceries and Provisions68 and 70 Water, w
ALLEN, Johnbricklayerbds Gower
ALLAN, Patrick J. of Allan & Healey
h 14 Water, w
ALLEN, Richardlaborerh Cook's Town Road
ALLAN, Thomaslaborerh Carter's Hill
ALLAN, Thomas J.Provisions and Groceries24 Water, h do, w
ALLAN, Wm J.Watchmaker and Jeweler293 Water, h 88 Pleasant
ALLISON, Robertmessenger
ALSIP, Carteretsurveyorh Fresh Water Road
ALYWARD, Andrewseamanh Merry Meeting Road
ALYWARD, Jamesfishermanh 120 Water, w
ALYWARD, Jamesvarieties and laborerLivingstone, h do
ALYWARD, Williammasonh Gower, w
ALYWARD, Williamtailor 424 Water, h do
AMONSEN, Mary Annwid Egberth 3 Duckworth
ANDERSON, GeorgeGroceries and ProvisionsGower, h do
ANDERSON, George J.manfr's agent6 Holdsworth, h 108 Military Rd
ANDERSON, Jamescarpenterh Gower
ANDERSON, Johndry goods 371 Water, bds 283 do
ANDERSON, Robertclerkbds 56 New Gower
ANDERSON, Robertship carpenterh 44 Water, w
ANDREWS, Benjamincarpenterh King's Road
ANDREWS, Bridgetwid Peter, boarding houseGower
ANDREWS, George Mlaborerh 129 Pleasant
ANDREWS, Henrycarpenterh 71 Lime
ANDREWS, Jamescarpenterh 74 Cabot
ANDREWS, Johngrocer 22 Plymouth Road, h do
ANDREWS, Kennethtailor bds 22 Plymouth Road
ANDREWS, Nathanconstable h 37 Parade
ANDREWS, Robtsalesmanh 37 Parade
ANDREWS, Robtcarmanh Walsh's Lane, off Water, w
ANDREWS, Robtcarpenterh 6 Sebastian
ANDREWS, Roberttinsmithh 16 Bond
ANDREWS, Williamlaborerh 64 King's Road
ANGEL, Jamesseamanh 11 Simms
ANGEL, James & Co'yVictOria Engine & Boiler WorksWater, w
ANGEL, Hon James, of James Angel & Co
h 132 Hamilton
ANGEL, John E.Manager Newfoundland Consodilated Foundry Co (Ltd)h 132 Hamilton
ANGEL, Johnseamanh 13 Buchanan
ANGEL, Josephship riggerh, Water e
ANGEL, Richardlaborerh 10 Convent Lane
ANGLE, Samuelcooperh 13 Buchanan
ANGEL, Samuelfishermanh 29 Water, w
ANGEL, Stephenwatchman 128 New Gower
ANGEL, Thomaslaborerh 9 Bambrick's
ANGLIN, Francisshoemaker6 Brazil's Square
ANGLO-AMERICAN TELEGRAPH COExchange BuildingsWater, e h 38 Le Marchant Road
ANTHONY, Abellaborerh 11 Barron
ANTHONY, Georgestorekeeper437 Water, w
ANTHONY, Williamfiremanh 33 William
ANTHONY, Williamlaborerh 42 Casey's
ANTLE, Abellaborerh 13 Barter's Hill
ANTLE, Archibaldfishermanh 70 McFarlan's Lane
ANTLE, Elizabethwid Jamesbds 36 Quidividi Road
ANTLE, Jamesfiremanh 36 Quidividi Road
ANTLE, Johnsea captainh Pilot's Hil
ANTLE, Thomasmoulderh 166 Le Marchant Road
ANTLE, Williamcooperh 30 Buchanan
ANTLE, Williamfishermanh 70 McFarlan's Lane
ANTLE, Williamseamanh 7 Barter's Hill
ANTLE, Willisseamanh 14 Barter's Hill
ANTLE, Williamseamanbds 36 Quidividi Road
ANTINORIA, Angelotinsmithh 44 Dunford
ANTINORI, Denis J.cabinet makerh Dunford
ANTINORI, Edwardlaborerh Dunford
ARMBRUSTER, Louiscarmanh South Side, e
ARMSTRONG, Georgeseamanh Bond
ARMSTRONG, Thomasengineerh Bond
ARMSTRONG, Wmshoemakerh Young
ARNOTT, Archmoulderh 360 Patrick
ARNOTT, Davidsalesmanbds Wm Ramsay, Prescott
ARNOTT, George W.sales,anh 162 Le Marchant Road
ARTHURS, Alexanderlatherbds 192 New Gower
ASH, Francissea captainh 2 Mullock
ASH, Robertlaborerh Livingstone
ASH, Williamwharfingerh 160 Pleasant
ASHBOURNE, Johnsea captainh 23 New Gower
ASHBOURNE, Mrs Johngrocer23 New Gower
ASHLEY, Danielmelterh 69 patrick
ASHLEY, Jamesmoulderh 9 Atlantic Avenue
ASHLEY, Johncooper "Baine Johnstone & Co's"h 130 Water, w
ASHLEY, Thomaslaborerh 144 Le Marchant
ASHMAN, Georgeseamanh Bannerman
ASHMAN, Maryboarding houseColonial
ASHMAN, Thomas M.clerkh 25 McDougland
ASHMAN, SusangrocerBannerman, h do
ASPELL, Jameslaborerh 226 Water, w
ASPELL, Johnlaborerh 43 Angel Place
ASPELL, Johnlaborerh 1 Sheehan Shute
ASPELL, Patricklaborerh 23 Fleming
ASPELL, Richardlaborerh 43 Moore
ASPELL, Richardlaborerh 226 Water, w
ASPELL, Theresawid Jamesbds 18 James
ASPELL, Thomaslaborerbds 1 Sheehan Shute
ATKINS, Frankshoe finisherh 166 New Gower
ATKINS, Johnlaborerh 4 Casey's
ATKINS, Thomasstevedoreh 23 Thomas
Water, e
ATWILL, Harrietwid William F.h 22 John
ATWILL, Samuelcarpenterh 14 Boncloddy
ATTWILL, Samuelcarpenterh Boncloddy
AUSTIN, Charlestailorbds 21 Barnes' Road
AUSTIN, Chesleyplumberbds 21 Barnes' Road
AUSTIN, Edwardplumberbds 21 Barnes Road
AUSTIN, Samueltide-waiter customsh 28 Forest Road
AUSTIN, Williamcarpenterh 21 Barnes' Road
AUSTIN, Williamlaborerh 58 McFarlan's Lane
AUSTIN, William jrseamanbds 21 Barnes' Road
AVERY, Adamtrunk-makerh r 211 New Gower
AVERY, Ebenezerlaborerh 235 New Gower
AVERY, Jamestidewaiter customsh Signal Hill Road
AVERY, Johnfiremanh 43 Flower Hill
AVERY, Johnfishermanh 40 Wickford
AVERY, Joshualaborerbds 57 Lorne
AVOY, Johnlaborerh Goodview
AXFORD, FrederickFancy goods and S P C K Depot369 Water, h do
AXTELL, Herbertwire-workerh 12 Hutchings
AYLWARD, Michael F.clerk PO424 Water
AYLWARD, William A.shoemakerh 120 Water, w
AYRE, Charles P. of Ayre & Sons
h 114 Hamilton
AYRE, Mrs. Charles R.
h "Thornlia", Waterford Bridge Road
AYRE, Fred W. of Ayre & Sons
h Circular Road
AYRE, John B. of Ayre & Sons
h "Albany", Black Marsh Road
AYRE, John B. baker and confectionerMerchants' Block, Water, e, h 46 New Gower
AYRE, Robert C. of Ayre & Sons
h Circular Road
AYRE, George W. B.bakerbds 46 New Gower
AYRE, Isabellawid Georgeh 58 New Gower
AYRE & SonsGeneral Merchants and ImportersWater, e
AYRE, L.B.colporteurh Fresh Water Road

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