NLGenWeb 1894 McAlpines Directory

Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - B

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by JOHN BAIRD ~ January 2002 from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors. 

BADCOCK, Jamesseamanh LeMarchant Road
BAILEY, James3rd engineer SS Nimrodh South Side, e
BAILEY, Richardcarpenterh 40 Hayward Avenue
BAILEY, TimothycarpenterCook, w
BAINE, JOHNSTONE & CO,General Merchants and Ship Owners, Imperters and ExportersWater, e
BAIRD, DavidJas Baird's accountanth Scotland Row, Cathedral Hill
BAIRD, Edwardlaborerh 232 Water, w
BAIRD, Georgefishermanh South Side, e
BAIRD, Henrylaborerh Riverhead, Water, w
BAIRD, Hughat Jas Baird's, manager drapery departmenth Scotland Row, Cathedral Hill
BAIRD , James General Importer and Exporter
Water, e, h Scotland Row, C'dral, Hill, country res Hawthorne Dell
BAIRD, Jamescarmanh 232 Water, w
BAIRD, Jameslaborerh, 17 Patrick
BAIRD, Jamesprovisions and grocer11 George, h do
BAIRD, J.C. at Jas. Baird's grocery depth Queen's Road
BAIRD, JohnlaborerCook's Town, w
BAIRD , Johnlaborerh 14 Brennan's Lane
BAIRD, Johnlaborerh 21 Hamilton
BAIRD, Juliawid Johnh Henry
BAIRD, Marywid Danielh 46 Barter's Hill
BAIRD, Michaelcooperh South Side, w
BAIRD, Samuel J.fishermanh South Side, w
BAIRD, Thomascooper h South Side, w
BAIRD, Williamcabmanh Long's Hill
BAIRD, Williamlaborerh South Side, w
BAIRD, William Chasfireman G Wh South Side, e
BAKER, Henry fishermanh Battery Road
BAKER, Henrysalesmanbds Rumsey's, Prescott
BAKER, Johncarmanh 4 Brennan's Lane
BAKER, Thomasstorekeeperh 50 New Gower
BAKER, Marywid Johnh 4 Brennan's Lane
BALDWIN, Michaellaborerbds 41 Duckworth
BALDWIN, Capt. MillieSalvation Armyh Livingstone
BALDWIN, Johncooperh 41 Duckworth, e
BALDWIN, Robert(at Steer's), salesmanbds 75 George
BALFOUR, Franciscivil engineerh 33 Monkstown Road
BALL, Albertcarpenterh Spencer
BALLAM, Henryfireman gas worksh Alexander
BALLAM, John C.carpenterh Bully
BALLAM, Josephseamanh 2 St. John's Place, off Brien
BALLMEN, Edmundseamanh 49 Colonial
BALLY, Georgefishermanbds 47 Cabot
BALLY, Zibideecarpenterh 22 Goodview
BAMBRICK, David shoemakerh, 230 Water, w
BAMBRICK, Frank, shoemakerh 301 Water, w
BAMBRICK, Georgeclerkh 6 Bambrick's
BAMBRICK, Henrybutcherh 6 Bambrick's
BAMBRICK, Henryfarmerh 30 Water, w
BAMBRICK, Jameslaborerh 230 Water, w
BAMBRICK, Johnbutcher30 Water, w, h do
BAMBRICK, Martincooperh 21 Patrick
BAMBRICK, Michaelbutcherh 6 Bambrick's
BAMBRICK, Michaelroad inspectorh 30 Water, w
BAMBRICK, Samuellaborerh 31 Patrick
BANK COMMERCIALHenry Cooke, ManagerDuckworth
BANK UNIONJas Goldie, ManagerDuckworth
BANKING INSURANCE, MUTUAL CLUBW. Monroe president, J.R. Moss secty and treas342 Water
BANNISTER, Williamjewellerbds George Bennett's
BARKER, Williamat Steers', salesmanbds 125 Water, w
BARNES AlexanderButcherDuckworth, e h do
BARNES, Andrew GContractor and BuilderBoggan, off Henry, h Gower
BARNES, Mrs. ArthurvarietiesLivingstone, h do
BARNES, Charlescarpenterbds Gower
BARNES, Edwardcar manbds 38 Barnes' Road
BARNES, Edward Gear & Co., salesmanh "Sudbury," Water, w
BARNES Elizabethwid Ebenezerh Victoria
BARNES, Frank J.Commission Agent and BrokerWater, e h Mundy Pond Road
BARNES, Frederick watchmakerh Livingstone
BARNES, Georgesexton "Tabernacle"h 67 Lime
BARNES, Henryaccountanth Freshwater Road
BARNES, Johncarpenterh Mundy's Pond Road
BARNES, Josephboilermakerh 67 Lime
BARNES, Josephcarpenterh Mundy's Pond Road
BARNES, Levicarpenterh Gower
BARNES, Richardlaborerh 38 Barnes' Road
BARNES, Richardlaborerh Dunford
BARNES, Richard A.accountanth Torbay Road
BARNES Thomas & Charlesbuilders and contractorsGower
BARNES, Thomascarpenterbds Gower
BARNES, William
h 70 Hayward Avenue
BARNES, Williamcontractor and builderGower, h do
BARNES, Williamcooperh 8 Carnell
BARNES, Williammaster marinerh South Side, e
BARNES, Williamseamanh 42 Duckworth
BARNES WILLIAM Jof Gear & Coh "Sudbury" Water, w
BARRETT, Eleazarbakerh Fresh Water Road
BARRET, Georgeclerkh Fresh Water Road
BARRETT, Georgelaborerh Cook's
BARRETT, Jameslaborerh 88 Vey's Lane, r George
BARRETT, Jamesseamanbds 33 Williams
BARRETT, Johncarpenterh 174 Pleasant
BARRETT, Josephwatchmanh 33 Williams
BARRETT, Simeonlaborerh 31 Fleming
BARRETT, Thomasshoemakerh Cook's Town
BARRETT, Thomastailorbds King's Road
BARRETT, Williamporterh 31 Fleming
BARRINGTON, Isaaclaborerbds Wood
BARRINGTON, Johnlaborerh Wood
BARRON, Miss Anna
h 4 Prince
BARRON, Dennis J.telegraph operatorbds 144 New Gower
BARRON, Edwardlaborerh 113 New Gower
BARRON, Jamesfiremanh Goodview
BARRON, Johannahwid Pierce144 New Gower
BARRON, Johnsalesmanh South Side, w
BARRON, Miss Maryboarding house22 New Gower
BARRON, Marywid Peterh Goodview
BARRON, Michaellaborerbds 38 1/2 Duckworth
BARRON, Patricklaborerh Signal Hill Road
BARRON, Peterlabourerh 38 1/2 Duckworth
BARRON, Richardseamanbds Goodview
BARRON, Thomassalesmanh 12 Barnes
BARRY, Davidengineerh 46 Colonial
BARRY, Dennisseamanh 165 New Gower
BARRY Honorahgrocer46 Colonial, h do
BARRY, Jameslaborerh 24 Casey's
BARRY, Johnclerkh Colonial
BARRY, Martinfishermanh Sheehan Shute
BARRY, Mary wid Johnh 8 Gorman's Lane
BARRY, Patricklaborerbds 8 Gorman's Lane
BARTER, Georgefarmerh Mundy's Pond Road
BARTER, George jrbakerh Ayre's Raod
BARTER, Jamesboilermakerh South Side, e
BARTER, Jonassalesmanh Cor. Victoria & Gower
BARTER, Jonastruckmanh Mundy's Pond Road
BARTER, Louisawid Samuelh Bully
BARTER, Marywid Edwardh 179 Pleasant
BARTER, Miss MaryMatron Methodist Orphanageh Mundy's Pond Road
BARTER, Richardcarpenterh Cathedral
BARTER, Thomas J.boilermakerh South Side, e
BARTER, Williamcarpenterbds Quidividi Road
BARTLE, Johnplastererh Henry
BARTLE, Walterplastererh Henry
BARTLETT, Abrahamlaborerh 74 Patrick
BARTLETT, Denniscooperh 55 Pleasant
BARTLETT, Elizabethgrocer15 Goodview, h do
BARTLETT, Georgecutterh 222 New Gower
BARTLETT, Georgeseamanh 30 Barnes' Road
BARTLETT, Isaaccarpenterh 10 Casey's
BARTLETT, Henrycooperh 20 Buchanan
BARTLETT, Henrylaborerh 348 Duckworth
BARTLETT, Henrymaster marinerh cor Theatre and Balsam
BARTLETT, Henry B.master marinerh Gower
BARTLETT, Henrysailmakerh 50 Cabot
BARTLETT, Jamescarpenterbds 222 New Gower
BARTLETT, Johncooperh 14 Patrick
BARTLETT, Johnlaborerh 6 Wickford
BARTLETT, Johnpainterh 36 Barnes Road
BARTLETT, Johnshoemakerh 8 power
BARTLETT, John Wlaborerh Goodview
BARTLETT, Robertporterh 6 Brien
BARTLETT, Thomaslaborerbds 348 Duckworth
BARTLETT, Williamforeman Gas Worksh 3 Hamilton
BARTLETT, William Hhairdresser312 Water, h Cook
BARTLETT, William J.clerkh 15 Goodview
BASSETT, Charlescarmanh South Side, w
BASSETT, Christopher M.blacksmithh Freshwater Road
BASSETT, Robertcarpenterh Field
BASSETT, Thomas Jmasonh Field
BASTOW, Augustatruckmanh r Pennywell Road
BASTOW, Francissalesmanh 36 Water, w
BASTOW, M.A.Grocer, Auctioneer and Commission Merchant2 Pecks Cove Hill, h do
BATES, Bridgetwid Johnh Gower
BATES, James J.storekeeperh New Gower
BATES, Mrs. James J.grocer21 New Gower, h do
BATES, Thomasclerkbds Gower
BATES, Thomastinsmithh 49 Military Road
BATHGATE, Sarahwid Andrewboarding house, Military Road
BATHGATE, Williamsalesmanh Military Road
BATSON, Johntidewaiter customsh 22 Mullock
BATSON, William C.carpenterh Quidividi Road
BATTEN, Capt. MarySalvation Armyh Livingstone
BAXTER, Duncansea captain h Cochrane
BAXTER, Frankcarpenterh 140 Water, w
BAXTER, Johnclerkbds Cochrane
BAYLEY, Charlesclerkh 38 Rennies Mill Road
BEARNS, Mrs Alicegroceries, etcWater, e, h do
BEARNS, Annwid Thomash 132 Military Road
BEARNS & Co.Groceries and General SuppliesWater, e, ground floor Mechanics' building
BEARNS, George EImporter and Commission MerchantWater, h Park House, Rennies' Mill Road
BEARNS, Williamaccountanth 128 Military Road
BEARNS, Williamlaborerh 32 Fleming
BEARNS, William E.of Bearns & Coh Water, e
BEATTIE, Josephplumberh Prescott
BEATTIE, Thomas inspectorh Prescott
BECK, Jamespainterh 24 Flower Hill
BECKFORD, Mary washerwomanh 2 Bannerman
BEDDRIDGE, Ellenwid Martinh 12 Catherine
BEER, SarahvarietyQuidividi, h do
BEER, Thomasseamanh Quidividi
BELBAY, Jacobcarpenterh 14 1/2 Fleming
BELL, Georgetruckmanh Field
BELL, Johncarmanh 15 Lane, off Barnes Road
BELL, Samuelship carpenter6 Holdsworth, h LeMarchant
BELLOWS, Jamescapenterh 43 Alexander
BELMAN, Levicarpenterh Field
BEMISTER, Susanwid Williamh 26 Mullock
BEMISTER, Williamlabourerh 2 1/2 Plymouth Road
BENDELL, William N.carpenterh 90 Vey's Lane
BENDELL, William N.chief engineerh 235 Water, w
BENNETT, Mrs Ameliah 147 New Gower
BENNETT, Annwid Harrybds Signal Hill Road
BENNETT, C. F. & Cocommission merchants385 Water
BENNETT, Davidprofessor of music h Victoria
h 42 George
BENNETT, Edward W. jr.of E.W. Bennett & Co.h 258 and 260 Water, w
BENNETT, E.W. & Co.Brewers and Mineral Water Manfs.Riverhead
BENNETT, GeorgeconstableFort Townshend
BENNETT, JamescooperDock Premises, South Side e
BENNETT, Johnmusician h 50 Monkstown Road
BENNETT, Johnsalesmanh 4 Hayward Avenue
BENNETT, Johnsanitary workh 49 Lime
BENNETT, John R.accountanth 4 Hayward Avenue
BENNETT, Josephlaborerh 27 Boncloddy
BENNETT, Marthawid Patrickh Field
BENNETT, Michaelcooperh Dock Premises, South Side, e
BENNETT, Michaellaborerbds Field
BENNETT, Philiplaborerh 4 Hayward Avenue
BENNETT, Thomaslaborerh 32 Carter's Hill
BENNETT, Thomaslaborerbds 49 Lime
BENNETT, Thomasseamanh 12 Rossiter's Lane
BENNETT, Thomas W.carpenterh 7 Goodview
BENNETT, William fishermanh Dock Premises, South Side, e
BENNETT, William G.ship carpenter h 4 Brien
BENSON, Benjaminporterh Lime
BENSON, Elicarpenterh Parade
BENSON, Elilaborerh 47 Carter's Hill
BENSON, Joshuacarpenterh Parade
BENSON, Rachaelwid Josephh Field
BENSON, Thomascarpenterh Field
BENSON, Thomaswharfingerh Gilbert
BENSON, Williamcarpenterh 75 Lime
BENTLEY, Michaelcabinet makerbds 75 Plymouth Road
BENTLEY, Williamtelegraph repairerh 75 Plymouth Road
BENTLEY, William jrcabinetmakerbds 75 Plymouth Road
BERNARD, Jameslaborerh South Side, e
BERNEY, Michaelaccountanth 4 Queens Road
BERRIGAN, Edwardsalesmanh Theatre Hill
BERRIGAN, Edwardshoemakerh Buchanan
BERRIGAN, PatrickshopkeeperWater, e, h do
BERRIGAN, Patrick J.accountanth Theatre Hill
BERRIGAN, Piercelaborerh Gower
BERRIGAN, WilliamgrocerGower, h do
BERRY, Georgecooperbds 26 Plymouth Road
BERRY, Jamesmasonh 4 Duckworth
BERRY, Mary Annwid Johnbds 4 Duckworth
BERRY, Williamcarpenterh 4 Duckworth
BERSEY, Josephcarpenterh 29 Angel Place
BERT, Carriewid Williamh 50 Casey's
BERT, Joseph
h 7 Waldegrave
BERT, Williamstorekeeper8 Brazil's Square
BERTEAU Albert LeCBarristerDuckworth, h 8 Maxse
BERTEAU, E.general agentbds City Hotel
BERTEAU, Frankclerk colonial sec'ty9 Maxse
BESSANT, Johnshoemakerh 30 Duggan's
BESSANT, Williamclerkh 30 Duggan's
BEST, Georgecooperh Head of Power
BEVIS, Elizawid Richardh 14 James
BEWER, Isaacfishermanh 9 Barron
BEWEY, Henrylaborerh 20 Duggan's
BIBBINGS, Harryof Bibbings & Thomash 33 Springdale
BIBBINGS, Johncooperh 33 Springdale
BIBBINGS & THOMAShairdressers427 Water
BIDISCOMBE, Georgefarmerh Logy Bay Road
BIDISCOMBE, Johncarmanh Logy Bay Road
BIDISCOMBE, Richardcarmanbds Logy Bay Road
BIGGS, George jrcooperbds 79 New Gower
BIGGS, George printerh 79 New Gower
BIGGS, Johnlaborerh 103 George
BIGGS, Josiahcooperh 31 Angel Place
BIGGS, Nathaniellaborerh Beaumond
BIGGS, Marywid Johnh 79 New Gower
BILLINGSLY, Williamclerk at Dryer & Green's
BILLINGSLY, Williamshoemakerh 22 Patrick
BINDON, Johntidewaiter customsh Kings Bridge
BIRD, Jameslaborerh 20 Bambricks
BIRD, Thomaslaborerh 28 Carter's Hill
BISHOP & BISHOPBooks, Stationery, Fancy Goods, Etc339 Duckworth
BISHOP, Georgelaborerh 14 George
BISHOP, Henryof Bishop & Bishopbds 340 Duckworth
BISHOP, Isaacfiremanh Temperance Hill, e
BISHOP, Richardlaborerbds 33 Moore
BISHOP, Robertlaborerh 33 Moore
BISHOP, Robert K.Partner M. Monroeh 65 LeMarchant Road
BISHOP, Walter H.salesmanh Pleasant
BISHOP, Williamseamanh 29 Moore
BLACK JamesDry Goods and MillineryGower, h do
BLACK, Hughsalesmanbds Gower
BLACK, Williamclerkbds 56 New Gower
BLACKEM, Georgefruit dealer268 Water, h do
BLACKLER, Edward Jcooper and surveyor of lumberh 72 George
BLACKLER, Georgecooperh 87 Patrick
BLACKER, Haroldletter carrierh 42 George
BLACKLER, Miss Marion
h 31 New Gower
BLACKLER, Thomas W.carpenterbds 31 New Gower
BLACKLER, Williamcooperh South Side, w
BLACKLER, Williammaster marinerh South Side, w
h Hamilton Avenue
BLACKWOOD, James P.salesmanh Black Marsh Road
BLAIR, Henrydry goods and general importer287 and 289 Water, h do
BLAKE, Jameslaborerh 26 Casey's
BLANCH, Edwardseamanh 39 Princes
BLANCH, Miss Ellen
h 39 Princes
BLANFORD, Archibald
h 36 Carter's Hill
BLANFORD, Danielcarpenterh 36 Carter's Hill
BLANFORD, Johncarpenterh 39 Monkstown Road
BLANFORD, Josephcarpenterh Young
BLANDFORD Hon Samuelsea captain h Circular Road
BLANDFORD, Sydney D.barristerTotal Abstinence building, bds Circular Road
BLATCH, Henry Nstevedoreh Pennywell Road
BLONDON, Williamfishermanh 9 Carew
BLOYDE, Johnlaborerh 17 Fleming
BLUMENTHAL, H.Manager United States' Picture Co.Water, e h do
BLYDA, Margaretwid Georgeh 54 Monkstown Road
BOARD of Agriculture StablesThomas Ryan, managerHamilton
BOCHNER, Frederick A.contractor bds cor Prescott and Gower
BOGGANS, James cooperh 1 Waldgrave
BOGGAN, Johnstorekeeperh Theatre Hill
BOGGAN, Minniewid Thomash 149 Pleasant
BOGGAN, Richardcooperh Long's Hill
BOLAN, Richardlaborerh 11 Waldegrave
BOLAN, William J.grocerGower, h do
BOLAND, Johnlaborerh 32 Carter's Hill
BOLAND, Johnplastererbds 40 Hayward Avenue
BOLAND, Johnsea captainh 40 Hayward Avenue
BOLAND, Michaellaborerh 45 Plank Road
BOLAND, Michael J.carpenterh Duckworth
BOLAND & RYAN carpentersPilot's Hill
BOLAND, William P.printerh Duckworth
BOLGER, Edwardlaborerh Duckworth
BOLT, Robertlaborerh 2 Richmond, of Leslie
BOLT Williamcooperh 60 Patrick
BONAYNE, Catherinewid Ambroseh 7 Hamilton
BOND, Charleswatchmanh Spencer
BOND, Jamesmachinisth 79 Pleasant
BOND, Mrs. John
Long's Hill
BOND Hon. RobertColonial secretaryh Circular Road
BONIA, Thomastidewaiter customs-
BOONE, Alex B.clerkh Duckworth, e
BOONE, Georgelaborerh Spencer
BOONE, Henrylaborerh Fresh Water Road
BOONE, Josephshipwrightbds r 66 George
BOONE, Samuel J.storekeeperh Duckworth, e
BOONE, Selinawid Charlesh r 66 George
BOOZAN, Williamwatchman fire hall, w e h 244 New Gower
BOTTERS, Michaelcutterh Damerel's Lane
BOTWOOD Rev. EdwardEpiscopalianh Parsonage, South Side
BOURKE, Edwardblacksmithh Duckworth, e
BOURKE, Richardboiler makerh Duckworth, e
BOWBRIDGE, Patricklaborerh Bambrick
BOWDEN, Charlestailorbds Lime
BOWDEN, Frederickprinterh 25 Hayward Avenue
BOWDEN, F. W.sewing machine agenth 299 Water
BOWDEN, George R.master marineh 21 Adelaide
BOWDEN, Samuel P.sailmakerh 42 Wickford
BOWDEN, Solomonboatman customsh 16 Waldegrave
BOWDEN, William H.printerh Merry Meeting Road
BOWERS, Patrick K.Editor Daily Tribune h 45 Military Road
BOWMAN, Janewid Charlesh Gower
BOWMAN, Williamshoemakerh 257 1/2 Gower
BOWING, Benjaminlaborerh Cochrane
BOWRING BrosGeneral Merchants, Shipowners, Importers and Exporters 271, 273, 275, 277 Water, e
BOWRING, Edgar R. of Bowring Brosh 1 Devon Place, Forest Road
BOWRING, Henry merchanth 1 Devon Place, Forest Road
BOWRING, John of Rothwell & Bowringh 1 Devon Place, Forest Road
BOWRING, Laurawid Chash 1 Devon Place, Forest Road
BOYCE, Alfredsalesmanbds 11 Queen
BOYCE, Johnblacksmithh 26 Stephen
BOYDE, Josephsuperintendent Poor HouseSudbury
BOYLE, Mrs Emma
bds Cochrane
BOYLE, Williamaccountanth Cochrane
BOYLE, Williamsurveyor-general's dept.h 59 Cochrane
BOYLES, Henrylaborerh Fleming
BRACE, Alfredseamanh 26 Leslie
BRACE, Jamesseamanh South Side Riverhead
BRADBROOK, Arthurtailorbds Cabot
BRADBROOK, Jameslaborerbds Cabot
BRADBROOK, Williamlaborerh Cabot
BRADBURY, Charlescabinet makerh 27 Hayward Ave.
BRADBURY, Henrycarmanh 8 James
BRADBURY, James P.engineerh Harvey Road
BRADBURY, Jeremiahcarpenterh Colonial
BRADBURY, Johnlaborerh lane off Fleming
BRADBURY, John Jr.laborerbds Lane off Fleming
BRADBURY, Johnshoemakerh Goodview
BRADBURY, Nathaniellaborerh 57 Monkstown Road
BRADBURY, Samuelsalesmanh Queen's
BRADBURY, Stephenclerkh 68 Lime
BRADBURY, Williamlaborerh 24 Hutching's Lane
BRADBURY, Henryseamanh 7 Damerill's Lane
BRADLEY, Charlesaccountanth Parade
BRADLEY, Norman M.cabinet-makerh Victoria
BRADLEY,Thomaslaborerh 16 Notre Dame
BRADSHAW, Francissurveyorbds 39 Military Road
BRADSHAW, Frank's assistanth Military Road
BRADSHAW, Geo. S.clerkh 35 Military Road
BRADSHAW, Henry F.bookkeeperh 39 military Road
BRADY, Johnpainterh Water, e
BRAGG, Jamesfishermanh 26 Barnes' Road
BRAGG, Johnlaborerh Long's Hill
BRAGG, Stephenfishermanh Quidividi
BRAKER, Rachelwid Charles, grocer11 New Gower, h 11 New Gower
BRAKER, Ronaldblacksmithbds 11 New Gower
BRAND, Thomasseamanh 6 Alexander
BRANDERS, Marywid Michaelh 37 Princess
BRANSCOMBE, Jas. at Harvey's & Co's.
BRANSFIELD, Thomasfiremanh 2 Bannerman
BRAVIN, Jamespensionerbds Plymouth Road
BRAWIN, Mary Janewid Bartholomewh 1 Plymouth
BRAZIL, Benjamin A.tidewaiter customsbds 65 Prescott
BRAZIL, Richardaccountantbds 178 New Gower
BRAZIL, William
h 178 New Gower
BREEN, Bridgetwid Johnh Holloway
BREEN, Edwardseamanbds 80 George
BREEN, Edward W.shopkeeper, Yorkh York
BREEN, Josephseamanh 45 Duckworth
BREEN, Francisseamanbds Holloway
BREEN, James
h York
BREEN, JohnBlacksmithbds 16 New Gower
BREENE, Johnlaborerh Prospect Crossing
BREENE, Johntinsmithh York
BREEN, Mariawid Johnh 80 George
BREEN, Marywid Jamesh 29 James
BREEN, Mauricemarinerh 18 Power
BREEN, Patrickcutterh Prospect Crossing
BREEN, Patrickshoemakerh Bell
BREEN, Patrick jr.laborerh Holloway
BREHM, Almondruggists' clerkh 63 Cochrane
BREHM, Balthazar Caccountanth 63 Cochrane
BREHM, Frank P.accountantbds Cochrane
BREHM, Robert A.manager butterine factoryh 63 Cochrane
BREHM, Robert A.clerkbds 63 Cochrane
BREMNER, Alexanderclerkbds 54 Kings Bridge
BREMNER, Robertaccountanth 51 King's Bridge
BREMNER, Typhenawid Alexanderh 2 Barnes Road
BRENNAN, Catherinewid Matthewh 15 Flower Hill
BRENNAN, Edwardbakerh LeMarchant Road
BRENNAN, Jamescabmanbds Gower
BRENNAN Jamesof Snow & Brennanh 112 Casey
BRENNAN, Johnfishermanh 2 Deady's lane
BRENNAN, Johnwharfinger and varieties, Bellh Bell
BRENNAN, Patrickbaker51 Flower Hill
BRENNAN, Patricklaborerh 7 Deady's Lane
BRENNAN, Peterof P & T Brennanh 11 Job's
BRENNAN P. & T.blacksmithsr George
BRENNAN, Thomasof P & T Brennanh 12 Water, w
BRENNAN Rev. Thomasauxiliary bishopPalace, Miitary Road
BRENNAN, Walterlaborerh 21 Pleasant
BRENNAN, Williamblacksmithh 12 Duggan's
BREWER, Johnlaborerh 38 George
BREWER, Thomaslaborerbds 38 George
BRIANT, John A.storekeeperh Young
BRIDDEN, Francisseamanh 4 Cook's Hill
BRIDDEN, Johnmasonbds 4 Cook's Hill
BRIDE, Johnseamanh 12 Bond
BRIDGE, Catherinewid Benjaminh 171 New Gower
BRIDGEMAN, Miss Fannydress-maker, Gowerh Gower
BRIEN, Miss Agneswasherwomanh 115 Quidividi Road
BRIEN, Archibaldmessenger B Wh 39 McDougall
BRIEN, Davidlaborerh Signal Hill Road
BRIEN, Edwardlaborerh 28 Casey's
BRIEN, Jamescooperh west, off Carter's Hill
BRIEN, Johncarpenterh 85 Patrick
BRIEN, Johnlaborerh 29 Casey's
BRIEN, Johnwatchmanh Bell
BRIEN, Mrs. Maria
h Colonial
BRIEN, Michaelcity water worksh Woods
BRIEN, Michaellaborerh 117 Quidividi Road
BRIEN, Michaellaborerbds 184 Water, w
h 96 LeMarchant Road
BRIEN, Patricklaborerh 35 Cuddihy's
BRIEN, Patricklaborerh 31 Plank
BRIEN, Patrick
h Springdale, opp Plumber
BRIEN, Peterlaborerh 28 Casey's
BRIEN, Piercevariety, 394 Waterh 394 Water
BRIEN, Pierce J.printerh 321 Water, w
BRIEN, Richardlaborerh 307 Water, w
BRIEN, Thomasinspector weightsh 69 Springdale
BRIEN, Thomaslaborerh Barnes Road
BRIEN, Thomaslaborerh 4 Popes
BRIEN, Thomaslaborerbds 16 Sebastian
BRIEN, Thomaslaborerh 184 Water, w
BRIEN, Thomaslaborerh 275 1/2 Water, w
BRIEN, Thomasseamanh 27 James
BRIEN, Timothycabmanh Fresh Water Road
BRIEN, Timothycaretakerh 1 Hamilton
BRIEN, Timothygrocer, Harvey Roadh Harvey Road
BRIEN, Williamclerkbds Barnes' Road
BRIEN, Williamfiremanh Quidividi
BRIEN, Williammessengerh 96 Le Marchant Road
BRIEN, Williamseamanh 16 Sebastian
BRIEN, Williamtruckman
BRIGGS, Michaelstovefitterh 180 Pleasant
BRIGHT, Arthurprinterbds 28 Barnes Road
BRIGHT, Georgestonecutterh Bond
BRIGHT, Rebeccawid Williamh 28 Barnes' Road
BRIGHT, Stephentinsmithh 20 Hayward Avenue
BRIGHT, Williamprinterh 6 Hayward Avenue
BRINLEY, Patrickporterh 35 George
British Hall
BRITT, Edwardseamanh 216 Water, w
BROADERS, Thomascarpenterh 30 Fleming
BRODERICK, Edwardbricklayerh 63 McFarlane's Lane
BRODERICK, Margaretwid Edwardh Allendale Road
BRODERICK, Patrickshipwrighth 79 Lime
BRODERICK, Timothylocker customsh 6 Cabot
BROGGAN, Johnstorekeeperh Gower
BROMLEY, Hannahwid Patrickbds 35 George
BROOKFIELD, S.M.builder and contractor, Duckworthbds Water
BROPHY, Edwardfishermanh 57 Plymouth Road
BROPHY, Jamesfarmerh Logy Bay Road
BROPHY, Michaellaborerh Mullock
BROPHY, Stephenlaborerh Plymouth Road
BROPHY, Williamlaborerh 36 Bannerman
BROWN, Alexander D.engineerh 128 Hamilton
BROWN, Elizawid Williamh 9 Patrick
BROWN, Miss Fanny
h Sheehan
BROWN, Frederickplumberh Gower
BROWN, Georgefishermanh 28 Wickford
BROWN, George R.dry goods and general importer, 361 Waterbds Queen
BROWN, Henrycarpenterh 62 Cabot
BROWN, Henryprinterbds Hamilton Avenue
BROWN, Jamesfishermanh 194 Water, w
BROWN, Jameslaborerh 38 Wickford
BROWN, Jamesseamanbds 38 Wickford
BROWN, James F.bricklayerh 1 Livingstone
BROWN, James jr.laborerbds 38 Wickford
BROWN, Johnboarding house8 Williams' Lane
BROWN, Johncooperh 34 Le Marchant Road
BROWN, Sibenaslaborerh 116 Casey's
BROWN, Marywid Danielh 62 Barnes Road
BROWN, Marywid Williamh Sheehan's Shute
BROWN, Moseslaborerh Spencer
BROWN, PatrickfarmerLogy Bay Road
BROWN, Patricklaborerh 299 Water, w
BROWN, Mrs Patrick-h 299 Water, w
BROWN, Philipstorekeeperh Victoria
BROWN, Robertplanterh 9 Patrick
BROWN, Thomascontractor and builderr Cook's Town
BROWN, Williamlaborerh 7 Flower Hill
BROWN, Williamlaborerbds 38 Wickford
BROWN, Williamlaborerh 299 Water, w
BROWN, William jrcarpenterbds Hamilton Avenue
BROWN, William J.moulderh Black Marsh Road
BROWNING, Donald M.Barrister and Agent Confederation Life, Duckworthbds Richmond Cottage
BROWNING Gilbert & Sonbiscuit manufacturers, officer 371 Water
BROWNING, Johnof Gilbert Browning & Sonh Richmond, Topsail Road
BROWNING, Lewis S.general agent Confederation Life Assn, Duckworthbds Richmond Cottage
BOWRING, Garrettliquors, Water, eh Water, e
BROWNRIDGE, Patricklaborerh 15 Bambricks
BRUCE, Alexanderinspector of buildingsh Long's Hill
BRUSHIT, Johnlaborerh 13 Damerill's lane
BRYAN, Thomaslaborerh 4 Pope
BRYANT, Johnlaborerh Young
BRYDEN, AlexanderProp. Excelsior Laundry, 9 Queenh 283 Water
BRYDEN, JamesGroceries, Dry Goods, Etc, 283 Water, eh 283 Water, e
BRYNE, Williamdraperh 283 Water, e
BRYNE, Thomasmaster marinerh Portugal Cove Road
BUCHANNAN, Georgeengineerh 5 Parade
BUCKLEY, Annwid Thomash Gower
BUCKLEY, Bartholomewlaborerbds 5 Barnes Road
BUCKLEY, Catherinewid Thomas, grocer 35 Duckworthh 37 Duckworth
BUCKLEY, Catherinewid Williamh 82 New Gower
BUCKLEY, CorneliuscaretakerSt. Patrick's Hall
BUCKLEY, Edwardcooperbds 16 Bond
BUCKLEY, Jamescooperh 16 Bond
BUCKLEY, Jamescooperh 37 Duckworth
BUCKLEY, Johncooperbds 37 Duckworth
BUCKLEY, Patrickblacksmith, 8 Williams' Laneh 18 Carter's Hill
BUCKLEY, Patrickshopkeeper and fisherman, 285 Water, wh 285 Water, w
BUCKLEY, Richardbakerh Barnes' Road
BUCKLEY, Richardlaborerh 6 Gorman's Lane
BUCKLEY, Thomasclerkh 6 James
BUCKLEY, Williamcooperbds 82 New Gower
BUCKMASTER, PatrickButcher , 69 New Gowerh 69 New Gower
BUGDEN, Elizawid Johnh 51 Jobs
BUGDEN, Henry W.farmerh 24 William
BUGDEN, Jamessalesmanh 51 Jobs
BUGDEN, Williamcarpenterh 58 Lime
BULGAR, Martinshoemakerh King's Bridge
BULGER, Nicholasmoulderh 115 Pleasant
BULGER, Patrickshoemakerh 111 New Gower
BULGER, Williamaccountanth Duckworth, e
BULGER, Williambartenderbds 318 Water
BULGER, Williamcooperh Long's Hill
BULGER, Williamlaborerh Wood
BULLEY, Chas R.salesmanbds Prescott
BULLEY, Miss Fannymusic teacherh 2 Stewart Avenue
BULLEY, Geo M.accountanth Monkstown Road
BULLEY, Jameslaborerh 10 Duckworth
BUMSEY, Johncarpenterh 110 Casey
BUNTING, F.G.physician, Duckworthh Duckworth
BURCHELL, Herbert C.government engineerh 34 Fresh Water Road
BURFITT, Thomasdrug clerkh 33 New Gower
BURGESS, Edward R.sub-collector Labradorbds 6 Mullock
BURKE, Alexanderhardware clerkh 74 Prescott
BURKE, Miss Catherinegrocer 15 Stephen'sh 15 Stephen's
BURK, Jameslaborerh 160 New Gower
BURK, Jamesmessengerbds Gower
BURKE, Johnauctioneer, 74 Prescotth 74 Prescott
BURKE, Johncarpenterh 62 Lime
BURKE, JohnconstableFort Townshend
BURKE, Johncryer Sup Courth Gower
BURKE, Johnlaborerh 4 Alexander
BURKE, Johnstewardh Bond
BURKE, Josephgrocer, LeMarchant Roadh Young
BURKE, Martincarpenterh 1 Damerill's Lane
BURKE, Martinlaborerh 186 Water, w
BURKE, Michaelcarpenterbds Duckworth, e
BURKE, Michaelwatchmanh Walsh's Lane, w
BURKE, William J.carpenterh Long's Hill
BURNE, Charlestailorh Prescott
BURN, Patrickwatchmanh 23 Job's
BURNELL, Henry jr.clerkbds 30 Dugan
BURNHAM, Frederickmanager and buyer, G Knowling'sh 80 Pleasant
BURNS, Georgesalesmanbds 124 Military Road
BURNS, Richardlaborerh 3 Patrick's
BURNS, Richardseamanh 47 Job's
BURNS, Samuellaborerh 16 Pope's
BURNS, W. FletcherDDS Dentist, Water, eh 9 Market Town Road
BURRIDGE, Charlesmasonh Battery Road
BURRIDGE, Cyprianmasonh 47 Lime
BURRIDGE, Ernestmasonh 50 patrick
BURRIDGE, Johnmasonh South Side, w
BURSELL, Frederickundertaker, 64 Water, wh 64 Water, w
BURSELL, Georgesalesmanh 32 Hutchings
BURSELL, Jamesclerkh 32 Hutchings
BURSEY, Williamlaborerh GooDview
BURT, Henry N.salesmanh 33 Fleming
BURT, Jameslaborerh 33 Fleming
BURT, Johncarpenterh Long's Hill
BURT, Johnlaborerh Cook
BURT, Johnpolicemanh 59 George
BURT, Simeon M.salesmanbds Brazil Square
BURTON, Ellenwid Johnh Balsam
BURTON, Gracewid Johnh 6 William
BURTON, Johnlaborerh 58 Larkin's Square
BURTON, Johnshoemakerh Colonial
BURTON, Patrickseamanh Young
BURTON, Thomasseamanh Long's Hill
BURTON, Thomas J.salesmanh 6 William
BURTON, Williamcarpenterh Henry
BUSH, Richardseamanh 12 1/2 Duckworth
BUSSEY, Cora E.grocer, Duckworth, eh Duckworth, e
BUSSEY, George H.carpenterh Duckworth, e
BUSSEY, Henrycarpenterbds Duckworth
BUSSEY, Johnpicture framerh Barnes Road
BUTLER, Annewid Richardh 43 Hamilton
BUTLER, Annedomestic St. John's HospitalQuidividi road
BUTLER, Edwardfiremanh 6 Brennan's Lane
BUTLER, Georgeshipwrighth Spencer
BUTLER, Isaacclerk
BUTLER, Jamescarpenterh 184 New Gower
BUTLER, Johncarpenterh Balsam
BUTLER, Johncarpenterh 109 George
BUTLER, Johnlaborerh 12 McKay, off Leslie
BUTLER, Johnlaborerh Scott
BUTLER, Johnlaborerh South Side Riverhead
BUTLER, Johnlaborerh South side, w
BUTLER, Johnseamanh Young
BUTLER, John A.tidewaiter customsh 23 Brazil's Square
BUTLER, Joseph E.clerkh Gilmore
BUTLER, Joseph jrclerkh 2 Lion Square
BUTLER, Joseph M.storekeeperh 2 Lion Square
BUTLER, Marywid Jamesh 39 McDougall
BUTLER, MathewcoachmanHammond
BUTLER, Patricklaborerh South Side Riverhead
BUTLER, Patrickshoemakerbds 300 Water
BUTLER, Samuellaborerbds 17 Sheehan's Shute
BUTLER, Solomonboatman customsh 104 Barnes Road
BUTLER, Stephenlaborerh 23 Butler's Place, off Hamilton
BUTLER, Thomaslaborerh 22 Damerill's Lane
BUTLER, Waltercooperh 66 Alexander
BUTLER, Williamcarmanh Young
BUTLER, Williamsalesmanbds head of Brazil's Square
BUTT, Ambrosemachinisth South side, e
BUTT, Allansalesmanh South Side, e
BUTT, George H.clerkh 22 alexander
BUTT, Georgelaborerh 24 Joy Place
BUTT, Henry S.cabinet makerh Merry Meeting Road
BUTT, Jacobfishermanh 31 Buchannan
BUTT, Jamescarpenter, cor Merry Meeting Roadh near Town Road
BUTT, John
h South Side, e
BUTT, Johnseamanh 22 Damerill's Lane
BUTT, John C.Wharfingerh South Side, e
BUTT, Josephseamanh 76 George
BUTT, Mary A.wid Edwardh 28 Stephen
BUTT, Mosesblacksmithh 20 George
BUTT, Solomonfishermanh 25 Stephen's
BUTT, Thomasstorekeeperh 39 Hayward Avenue
BUTT, Williamseamanh 50 Cabot
BUTTERWORTH, Georgeiron workerh 184 Buemont [sic]
BUTTERS, Michaellaborerh 4 Damerill's Lane
BUTTON, Georgelaborerh Pilot's Hill
BUTTON, Jamesfishermanh 12 Flower Hill
BYRNE, Bridgetdressmaker, 60 Gowerh 60 Gower
BYRNE, Catherinewid Jamesh 264 Gower
BYRNE, Catherinewid Johnh 4 Stephen
BYRNE, Charlesshoe-makerh 4 Stephen
BYRNE, Charlestailorh Prescott
BYRNE, Dennisforeman cooperh Prescott
BYRNE, Edwardlaborerh 80 1/2 Water, w
BYRNE, Edwardshoe-makerh 6 Brien
BYRNE, GarrettBookseller and Stationer, 355 Waterh 11 Huching's
BYRNE, Georgeclerkbds 124 Military Road
BYRNE, Jamesboiler-makerh Wood
BYRNE, Jamescullerh 208 New Gower
BYRNE, Jameshardware clerkh Flavin's
BYRNE, Jameslaborerh 9 Bambrick's
BYRNE, Jameslaborerh Bannerman
BYRNE, Jameslaborerh 218 New Gower
BYRNE, Jamessea captain221 New Gower
BYRNE, James jrsalesmanbds 221 New Gower
BYRNE, James Hsalesmanh 221 New Gower
BYRNE, Johncooperh 30 Bannerman
BYRNE, JohnconstableFort Townshend
BYRNE, Johnlaborerh Wood
BYRNE, Josephlaborerh 15 Maxse
BYRNE, Margaretwid Edwardbds 15 Maxse
BYRNE, Marywid Jamesh Wood
BYRNE, Miss Mary Anndressmaker7 New Gower
BYRNE, Mrs Marygrocer, 30 Bannermanh 30 Bannerman
BYRNE, Michaelcooperh 11 James
BYRNE, Michaelcooperh Cochrane
BYRNE, Michaellaborerh 17 Carter's Hill
BYRNE, Patrickcooperbds 11 James
BYRNE, Patricklaborerh 15 Maxse
BYRNE, Patrick J.carpenterh 264 Gower
BYRNES, Richardcooperbds 11 James
BYRNE, Richardlaborerh Patrick
BYRNE, Thomascooperbds 30 Bannerman
BYRNE, Thomaslaborerh 15 Maxse
BYRNE, Thomasseamanbds 15 Maxse
BYRNE, William
bds Colonial

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