NLGenWeb 1894 McAlpines Directory

Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - D

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by SUE O'NEILL ~ January 2002 from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

DADY, Michaellaborerh Waterford Bridge Road
DAHL, Bernardseamanh 71 Water, w
DALTON, Ellengrocer, 29 Barnes Roadh do
DALTON, Jameslaborerbds Belvidere
DALTON, Josephshoemakerbds Belvidere
DALTON, Johnstorekeeperh 29 Barnes Road
DALTON, Mrsgrocer and provisions, 172 Water, wh do
DALTON, John Jmachinisth 172 Water, w
DALTON, Margaretwid Johnh 1 Patrick
DALTON, Marywid Thomash 12 Catherine
DALTON, Patrickclerkh 12 Catherine
DALTON, Patricklaborerh Maxse
DALTON, Patricksalesmanh 12 Hayward's Avenue
DALTON, Patrickshoemakerh Belvidere
DALTON, Patrickaccountanth 172 Water, w
DALTON, Williamcarmanh 47 Lime
DALTON, Williamcarpenterh Gower
DALY, Jamessalesmanbds 80 Pleasant
DALY, Johnshoemakerh 42 Larkin's Square
DALEY, Lawrenceshoemakerbds 17 Mullock
DALEY, Marywid Roberth 154 New Gower
DALY, Patricklaborerh 92 Brazil's Square
DALEY, Patrickshoemakerh 17 Mullock
DALEY, Thomasshoemakerh 198 New Gower
DANIELLE, Chas, Duckworthh do
DANIEL, Prescillawid Charlesh 62 Mullock
DANIEL, Thomasprinterh 31 Hayward Avenue
DARCY, Michaelmerchant tailor, 16 New Gowerh do
DAUNTON, Aaronsawyer h 41 Fleming
DAUNTON, Edwardclerkbds 41 Fleming
DAUNTON, Frederickcarpenterh 38 Fleming
DAUNTON, Markblacksmithbds 41 Fleming
DAVEY, Charles Acarpenterh Freshwater Road
DAVEY, Edward H.of E H & G Daveyh Bond, cor Victoria
DAVEY, E H & GBuilders and ContractorsBond
DAVEY, FrederickBuilder and Contractorh Victoria
DAVEY, George A.of E H & G Daveyh 83 Military Road
DAVEY, Johncarpenterh 85 Military Road
DAVEY, Susanwid Edwardh 83 Military Road
DAVID, Esaucarpenterbds Belvidere
DAVIDSON, Adamstonecutterbds Gower
DAVIDSON, Malcolmsalesmanbds 367 Water
DAVIDSON, Williamgrocerh 6 Adelaide
DAVIDSON, William H.Grocer and Fruit Dealer, 367 Waterh do
DAVIDSON, William Jsalesmanbds 367 Water
DAVIS, Elizabethwid Patrickh 34 Cabot
DAVIS, IsabelRescue HouseBoncloddy
DAVIS, Jamesbrass fitterh 68 Patrick
DAVIS, Jamessalesmanbds 24 Water, w
DAVIS, Jamesstorekeeperh 65 Cochrane
DAVIS, Jobcarpenterbds Belvidere
DAVIS, John Jaccountanth Cochrane
DAVIS, Samuelengineerh Cove Road
DAVIS, Williamwharfingerh 1 1/2 College Square
DAWE, Elicarpenterh Young
DAWE, Elizabethnurse hospitalQuidi Vidi Road
DAWE, Georgecarpenterh Young
DAWS, Georgecashierh Merry Meeting Road
DAWE, Isaiahlaborerh 9 George
DAWE, Jamescarpenterh 355 Water, w
DAWE, Johncarpenterh 25 Job's
DAWE, Johnsalesmanh 33 Adelaide
DAWE, Josephlaborerh 16 Convent Lane
DAWE, Moseslaborerh 12 Hayward Avenue
DAWE, Robertclerkbds Merry Meeting Road
DAWE, Samnel [sic]Sergeant policeh Cabot
DAWE, Thomasmaster marinerr Merry Meeting Road
DAWE, William Jcarpenterh Barter's Hill
DAWSON, Jamesseamanbds 216 New Gower
DAWSON, Johnfiremanh 45 Angel Place
DAWSON, Johngrocer, 275 Water, wh do
DAY, Eliascarpenterbds Young
DAY, Ellenwid Thomash 48 King's Bridge
DAY, Mrs Jamesgrocer, 323 Water, wh do
DAY, Johnengineerh York
DAY, Johnseamanh 9 Carew
DAY, Marywid Charlesh Holloway
DOYLE, Martin Jtailorh New Gower
DAYMOND, Petercarpenterh Carter's Hill
DAYMOND, JosephFurniture Dealer and Cabinet Maker, 274 Duckworthh do
DAYMOND, Williamcabinet makerh King's Road
DEADY, Patrickcabinet makerh 351 Duckworth
DEAGON, Johnseamanh 38 Casey's
DEAGON, Patrickfishermanh Holloway
DEAN, Alfredsea captainh 83 Pleasant
DEARIN, Azariahlaborerh 42 Quidi Vidi Road
DEARIN, Josephfiremanh Pennywell Road
DeROURKE, Richardcabinet makerh Duckworth, e
DECKER, Marycook, hospitalQuidi Vidi Road
DEE, Jeremiahboot and shoemaker, Water, eh Allan's Square
DEER, Johnlaborerh 34 Quidi Vidi Road
DEER, John Jr.carpenterh Quidi Vidi Road
DEE, Michaelfarmerh Freshwater Road
DELANEY, Patrickfiremanh 344 Duckworth
DELANEY, Patricklaborerh 4 Lime
DELANEY, Patricksea captainh 12 Sheehan
DELGADO, Andrew A.Fruit and Fancy Goods, Water, eh do
DEMPSEY, Edmundlaborerbds Woods
DEMPSEY, Miss Ellen
h Sudbury, cor Water
DEMPSEY, Jamescooperh Wood
DEMPSEY, Johnapprenticebds 7 Plymouth Road
DEMPSEY, Johncooperh Cabot, w
DEMPSEY, Johnlaborerh 73 Plymouth Road
DEMPSEY, John Jrlaborerbds 73 Plymouth Road
DEMPSEY, Johnlaborerbds Woods
DEMPSTER, James Esalesmanh South Side, w
DENIEF, Edward Sr.engine driverh Hoylestown
DENIEF, Edwardfiremanh 27 Quidi Vidi Road
DENIEF, Jameslaborerh 43 Cuddihy's Lane
DENIEF, Johnlaborerh 87 New Gower
DENIEF, Marygrocer, 29 Quidi Vidi Roadh do
DENIEF, Patrickengineerh Gower
DERRICK, HenryCentral House, 5 Williams' Laneh do
DES ISLES, C RFrench Consul16 Barnes Road
DeVANNA, Michaelgunsmith, 268 Gowerh do
DEVEREUX, Edwardshoe finding, 100 New Gowerh do
DEVEREUX, Edward office inspectorh Gower, e
DEVEREUX, Johnlaborerbds Goodview
DEVEREUX, Louisiawid Jamesh 27 Mullock
DEVEREUX, Marywid Williamh 1 Gorman's Lane
DEVEREUX, Wmshoe findings117 New Gower
DEVEREUX, Williamlaborerh 329 Water, w
DEVEREUX, Williamprinterh 1 Barnes Road
DEVINE, M Aof Devine & O'Mara, job printersDuckworth
DEVINE, Patrickclerkh 74 Hayward Avenue
DEVINE & O'MARA,Job PrintersDuckworth
DEWAR, Johntailorbds Queen's Road
DEWLING, Thomasboatmanh 44 William
DIAMOND, Arthurclerkh Queen's Road
DIAMOND, Johncabmanh Henry
DIAMOND, LEVIhardware, stoves, tinware, etc. Water, eh Gower
bds Gower
DIAMOND, Robertlaborerh Field
DIAMOND, Samuelfarmerh Quidi Vidi Road
DIAMOND, Williamlaborerh Field
DICKINSON, Chas Kcashierh 32 Le Marchant Road
DICKINSON, Hcom merchant, Waterh Park Rowe, off Rennie's Mill Road
DICKS, Annewid Georgeh 122 Hamilton
DICKS, Annwid Johnh 25 Monkstown Road
DICKS & co.Stationers and Bookbinders, Water, e, Merchants Block
DICKS, Jacobship carpenterh 22 Flower Hill
DICKS, JOHNsailmakerbds 30 Codner
DICKS, J & GSailmakersAdelaide
DICKS, Winsersailmakerh 35 Hutchings
DIETLINGER, Edmundwatchmakerbds Parade
DILLON, Matthewwatchmanh 334 Water, w
DILLON, Michaelplastererh 21 Barnes Road
DILLON, Petertinsmithh 39 Bannerman
DILLON, Richardlaborerh 10 Springdale
DILLON, Mrs Thomas
h South Side, w
DINGLE, Edwardmaster marinerh Long's Hill
DINN, Miss Alicegrocer, 71 New Gowerh do
DINN, Dennislaborerh Battery Road
DINN, Miss Ellengrocer, 25 Barnes Roadh 25 Barnes Road
DOBBIN, Daniellaborerh Signal Hill Road
DOBBIN, Jamesshoemakerh Gower
DOBBIN, Patrickfish cullerh Bond
DOCK THE GRAVINGHarvey & Angle proprietorsoffice dock premises
DODD, Georgecabmanh Boncloddy
DODD, Mathewlaborerh Livingstone
DODD, Thomascabmanh Boncloddy Road
DODD, Thomasseamanh 18 Hayward Avenue
DOHENEY, Michaelseamanbds Gower
DOHENEY, Thomascooperh 4 Damerill's Lane
DOHERTY, Catherinewid Jamesh 122 Casey's Lane
h Gower
DOHERTY, Johnshoemakerh 122 Casey's Lane
DOHERTY, Thomaslaborerh 122 Casey's Lane
DONNALD, Johnboiler makerbds Gower
DONNELLY, A P Jclerkh 23 King's Bridge Road
DONNELLY, Frankaccountantbds King's Bridge Road
DONNELLY, Johnlaborerh 13 Barron
DONNELLY, Johnplumberh 13 Bannerman
DONNELLY, Michaelclerkh John
DONNELLY, Miss Minnie
h 13 Monkstown Road
DONNELLY, Richardharness makerh 13 Bannerman
DONNELLY, Thomasstone cutterbds 16 New Gower
DONNELLY, Williambricklayerbds 13 Bannerman
DONNELLY, Williamsalesmanh 21 John
DONNELLY, Williamwatchmanh 1 Barter's Hill
DONNELLY, WilliamAmerican vice-consulbds Kng's Bridge Road
DONNELLY, WilliamJ S, M H Ah King's Bridge Road
DONNELLY, William Lclerk Union Bankh King's Bridge Road
DONAHUE, Jamesgalvanized iron and copper work, Water, eh Cochrane
DONOHUE, Jeremiahlaborer
DONOHOE, Johnlaborerh Mundy's Pond Road
DONAHOE, Patrickfishermanh 22 Casey's Lane
DONAOVAN, Catherinewid Timothy, liquors, Duckworthh do
DONOVAN, Jameslaborerh 3 Mullock
DONOVAN, Jamesprinterh Signal Hill Road
DONOVAN, Margaretwid Johnh Quidi Vidi Road
DONOVAN, Williamlaborerh Signal Hill Road
DOOLEY, Dennisbutcher15 New Gower
DOOLEY, Dennisbutcher, Duckworthh do
DOOLEY, Edwardbutcherh 194 New Gower
DOOLEY, Francisbakerh 44 Quidi Vidi Road
DOOLEY, Jamesshipwrighth Prescott
DOOLEY, Johnseamanh 41 Signal Hill Road
DOOLEY, Mary Annwid William, boarding housePrescott
DOOLEY, Michaelbutcherbds Duckworth, e
DOOLEY, Michaeltruckmanh 106 New Gower
DOOLEY, Patrickbutcherh 132 George
DOOLEY, Petercarpenterh 121 New Gower
DOOLEY, Richardwatchmanh Yorke
DOOLEY, Thomasharbor master assistanth 44 William
DOOLEY, Thomasshipwrighth 34 Bannerman
DOOLEY, Williamlaborerh 29 Adelaide
DOOLING, HarrycarpenterAyres Road
DOOLING, Johannawid Markh Young
DOOLING, Johncarpenterh Livingstone
DOOLING, RichardconstableFort Townshend
DOOLING, Thomascarpenterbds Young
DORAN, Albertcarpenterh 38 Barnes Road
DORAN, Jameslaborerbds 38 Barnes Road
DORAN, Johncarpenterh 39 Duckworth
DORMADY, Richardstorekeeperbds Yorke
DORMANT, Johnsailmakerh 12 Convent Lane
DOUGHERTY, Johncarmanh 24 Sabastian[sic]
DOUNTON, Frederickcarpenterh Fleming
DOUTNEY, Edwardblacksmith, Duckworthh 24 Bond
DOUTNEY, Williamblacksmithh 24 Bond
DOVE, Arthur Jaccountanth Mundy's Pond Road
DOVE, Rev. James DDMethodisth South Side, w
DOVE, Wilfred Rcashierh 12 South Side, w
DOVER, Jamesboiler makerh 106 Casey's Lane
DOWDEN, Allanmasonbds 13 Mullock
DOWDEN, Edwardtinsmithh 13 Mullock
DOWDEN, Johncarmanh Logy Bay Road
DOWDEN, Richardcarmanh 27 Quidi Vidi Road
DOWDEN, Richardfarmerh Logy Bay Road
DOWDEN, Thomas
h 11 Mullock
DOWDEN, Waltercarpenterbds Mullock
DOWDEN, Williamlaborerh 13 Mullin's Lane
DOWDEN, Williamtruckmanh Queen's Road
DOWDEN, Williamwatchmanh 13 Mullock
DOWN, Charlestannerbds 59 Monkstown Road
DOWNEY, Danielshoemakerh Le Marchant Road
DOWNEY, Franciscarpenterh 79 Casey's Lane
DOWNEY, Joseph lands officeh Pennywell Road
DOWNS, Robertlaborerh 10 Flower Hill
DOWNS, Robertshoemakerh 228 New Gower
DOWNS, Robertshoemakerh Mundy's Pond Road
DOWNS, Williamshoemakerbds 2 New Gower
DOWNTON, Aaroncarpenterh 41 Flemming
DOWNTON, Edwardsalesmanh 41 Flemming
DOWNTON, Georgecarpenterh 178 Pleasant
DOYLE, Anniewid Roberth 6 Rossiter's Lane
DOYLE, Elizabethwid Jamesh 127 Quidi Vidi Road
DOYLE, Ellenwid Peterh 9 William
DOYLE, Francis J.Commercial Academy, Prescotth do
DOYLE, Jamescooperh 14 Flower Hill
DOYLE, Jameslaborerh r 211 New Gower
DOYLE, Jamesminerh 58 Pleasant
DOYLE, Johncarpenterh Long's Hill
DOYLE, Johnlaborerh 23 Rossiter's Lane
DOYLE, Johnpackerh 21 Butler's Place, off Hamilton
DOYLE, Johnshoemakerbds 127 Quidi Vidi Road
DOYLE, John Jshoemakerh 1 Butler's Place
DOYLE, Martin Jtailorh 48 New Gower
DOYLE, Marywid Edward, grocer, 54 Mullockh do
DOYLE, Michaelblockmakerbds 9 William
DOYLE, Michaelcooperh Queen's Road
DOYLE, Patricklaborerbds 54 Mullock
DOYLE, Patrick Jaccountanth 6 Maxse
DOYLE, Thomascooperh Bond
DRAKER, Richardmaster marinerh Gower
DRISCOLL, Absolamcarpenterh Field
DRISCOLL, Benjaminlaborerh Field
DRISCOLL, Eliasseamanh Field
DRISCOLL, Elizabethwid Johnh 17 Hamilton
DRISCOLL, Georgecarpenterh Field
DRISCOLL, Johnshoemaker, 36 Georgeh do
DRISCOLL, Selinawid Johnh 77 Casey's Lane
DRISCOLL, Williscarpenterh Scott
DROKEN, williamlaborerh 38 Thomas
DROVER, Archibaldcarpenterh Young
DROVER, Walthamship carpenterh Brazil's Square
DROVER, Thomaslaborerh 35 Buchanan
DRUDGE, Johnboilermakerh 28 McDougal
DRUDGE, Johnlaborerh South Side, e
DRYER & GREENE,Auctioners and Commission MerchantsGeorge
DRYER , Henry B.superintendent money order officeh 104 Military Road
DRYER, John dressing saloon, 62 and 64 Georgeh do
DRYER, William Gclerk customsbds 104 Military Road
DUCHERTY, Williamtailorbds 38 Le Marchant Road
DUCHEMINE, James B.window blind factory, 47 Georgeh Pleasant
DUDER, Charles R.accountanth Portugal Cove, old road
DUDER, EdwinWholesale General Merchant and Shipowner, 353 Waterh do country residence "Carpasian," near Long Pond Road
DUDLEY, Edwardupholstererbds 15 Monkstown Road
DUDLEY, Johncarpenterh Monkstown Road
DUFF, Edwardclerkbds 196 New Gower
DUFF, Johngrocer, 196 New Gowerh 196 New Gower
DUFF, Patrickblacksmithbds 196 New Gower
DUFFITT, Georgelaborerh Harvey Road
DUFFETT, Georgewatchmanh Spencer
DUFFETT, Johncarpenterh Spencer
DUFFETT, Thomaslaborerbds Spencer
DUFFETT, Thomaslaborerh 80 Water, w
DUFFETT, Thomasshoemakerh Gilbert
DUFFY, Catherinewid Andrew, grocer, Caboth do
DUFFY, Michaelsalesmanh 1 Cabot
DUFFY, Patrickseamanh Cookstown Road
DUGGAN, Bridgetwid Jamesh 23 Cuddihy's Lane
DUGGAN, Mrs Bridgetwines and spirits, Waterh do
DUGGAN, Jameswatchman, penitentiaryh 213 New Gower
DUGGAN, Johannawid Thomash 18 Casey's Lane
DUGGAN, Timothylaborerh 49 Cabot
DUGGAN, Thomasseamanh 4 Richmond, off Leslie
DUGGAN, Williamgrocer, 76 Casey's Laneh do
DUKE, Peterseamanh 16 Carter's Hill
DUKE, Patrickshoemakerh 13 Carter's Hill
DULHANTY, Davidlaborerbds 246 New Gower
DULHANTY, Thomaslaborerbds 246 New Gower
DULHANTY, Thomaslaborerh 13 Carew
DULEY, Frankbakerh Quidi Vidi Road
DULEY, Josephcash clerkh Young
DULEY, T J & CoWatchmakers and JewlersWater, e
DULEY, Thomas J.of T J Duley & Co.h 82 Freshwater Road
DUMPHY, John Mprinterh Rennie's Mill Road
DUMPHY, Patrickcooperh 27 Duggan
DUNCAN, C Ksalemanbds Gower
DUNCAN, Johnstorekeeperh 94 New Gower
South Side, e
DUNFIELD, Rev Henry Church of Englandh Forest Road
DUNN, Dennisgrocer, 21 Goodviewh do
DUNN, Henryfishermanh Hayward Avenue
DUNN, Jamescarmanh 9 Catherine
DUNN, Jamescarpenterh Buchanan
DUNN, Jamesfishermanh 18 Finn's Lane
DUNN, Johnbakerh Victoria
DUNN, Johnlaborerh prospect
DUNN, Johntinsmithh William
DUNN, Margaretwid Johnh 29 Sudbury
DUNN, Michaellaborerh 22 Haggarty's Lane
DUNN, Michaelsuperintendent fire departmenth 33 Cuddihy's Lane
DUNN, Patrickcooperh Allendale Road
DUNN, Thomaslaborerh 41 Power
DUNN, Thomaspainterh King's Road
DUNN, Williamcarpenterh Mullock
DUNN, Williamcabmanh 51 Hayward Avenue
DUNN, Williamcoachmanh 27 Barter's Hill
DUNPHY, Anistasiawid John, grocer, 237 New Gowerh do
DUNPHY, Catherinewid Michaelh 149 New Gower
DUNPHY, JamesclerkRennie's Mill Road
DUNPHY, Jamesseamanh Cookstown
DUNPHY, Johnbookkeeper post officeh Gower, near King's Road
DUNPHY, Johnlaborerh 6 Dammerill's Lane
DUNPHY, Patrickgrocer, Paradeh do
DUNPHY, Thomascooperh 27 Flower Hill
DUNPHY, Thosapp shoemakerh 27 Flower Hill
DUNPHY, Williamclerkbds 8 Rennie's Mill Road
DUNSTERVILLE, Jamestailor and confectioner, 101 New Gowerh do
DuTOT, Charles Gpostoffice clerk and translatorh 16 Pennywell Road
DWYER, Ambrosefishermanh Prospect
DWYER, Bridgetwid Peterh Bannerman
DWYER, EliCarpenterh Dick's Square
DWYER, Georgewatchmakerh Dick's Square
DWYER, Hannahwid Thomash 8 Hayward Avenue
DWYER, Mrs Hannahmatron hospitalSignal Hill
DWYER, Henrywatchmakerh Dick's Square
DWYER, Jamescarpenterh Dick's Square
DWYER, Jameslaborerh 16 Catherine
DWYER, James Gcarpenterh Dick's Square
DWYER, Janewid Henryh 17 John
DWYER, Johannahospital nurseQuidi Vidi Road
DWYER, Johnblacksmithh 8 Hayward Avenue
DWYER, Johncarpenterh prospect
DWYER, Johnlaborerh Le Marchant Road
DWYER, Johntruckmanh Scott
DWYER, Josephboiler makerh 82 Patrick
DWYER, Patrickplumberbds 8 Hayward Avenue
DWYER, Richardtailorbds 68 George
DWYER, Susanwid Thomash 61 1/2 Lime
DWYER, Thomaslaborerbds 16 Catherine
DWYER, Williamdrug clerkbds 8 Hayward Avenue
DYART, Johncarpenterbds Bell
DYER, Catherinewid Georgeh 9 Parade
DYER, Georgeshipwrightbds 11 Parade
DYER, Michaelclerkbds 11 Parade
DYER, Patrick Jreporterh 29 William
DYER, Richardplanterh Long's Hill
DYER, Williamseamanh Signal Hill Road

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