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Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - E

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by SUE O'NEILL ~ January 2002 from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors. 

EAGAN, Corneliussalesmanh 36 Alexander
EAGAN, Jameslaborerh 12 Gorman's Lane
EAGAN, Jamestidewaiter customsh 9 Waldegrave
EAGAN, JamesWatchmanh 16 James
EGAN, JOHNbaker, 42 Water & 197 New Gowerh do
EAGAN, Johnlaborerh 26 Alexander
EAGAN, Johnpiloth Duckworth, e
EAGAN, Patricklaborerh 26 Alexander
EALES, Jamesboilermakerh Old Placentia Road
EARLE, Arthurjewellerh Brazil's Square
EARLE, Benjaminlaborerh South Side, e
EARL, Davidlaborerh 16 Belvidere
EARL, Edwardcarpenterh Hamilton
EARL, Edwardlaborerh Battery Road
EARLE, Elizabethwid Jamesh Boathouse Road
EARLE, Georgecarmanh 8 1/2 Plymouth Road
EARLE, Georgelaborerh 43 Cabot
EARL, Georgelaborerh Battery Road
EARLE, HENRYcontractor and builderh Gower, e
EARL, Jacobshipwrighth Beaumond
EARL, Johnseamanh Field
EARLE, Lot Tlaborerh 166 LeMarchant Road
EARL, Miss Mary Annwasherwomanh 40 Quidi Vidi Road
EARL, Richardlaborerh 31 Duggan's Lane
EARL, Mrs Richardvarieties, Long's Hillh do
EARL, Robertharness makerbds Boathouse Road
EARL, Robertlaborerh Field
EARLE, Samuelassistant storekeeperh 79 Brazil Square
EARL, Solomonlaborerh Field
EARL, Solomon Jrlaborerh Field
EARL, Williamlaborerh Battery Road
EARL, Williamlaborerh 88 Lime
EARLEY, Jamesseamanh Carter's Hill
EBBS, Johncabmanh Scott
EBBS, Thomaslaborerh 35 William
EBBS, Williamlaborerh Goodview
EBSARY, Allancooperh South Side, e
EBSARY, Arthursalesmanh South Side, e
EBSARY, Edwinwharfingerh South Side, e
EBSARY, Edwin Tcooperh South Side, e
EBSARY, Henrylaborerh South Side, e
EBSARY, Jameslaborerh South Side, e
EBSARY, John Henrygrocer, South Side, eh do
EBSARY, Newmanfireman, SS Neptuneh South Side, e
EBSARY, Stephen Estorekeeperh South Side, e
EDDIE, Charlessalesmanh Gilbert
EDDIE, Elixshipcarpenterh Gilbert
EDDIE, Richardcoal dealerh Carter's Hill
EDDY, Williamcarpenterh Young
EDDICOTT, Mrs Thomas
h 13 Sheehan's Shute
EDDICOTT, Sarahwid Williamh 2 Murphy's Square
EDENS, Thomas J.Grocer and Provisions, Water, eh Monkstown Road
EDGAR, Mrs Georgeboarding house126 Water
EDGAR, Johnmaster mariner
EDGECOMB, Albertcooperh 35 Job's Lane
EDIGETTE, William Hcarmanh 2 Murphy's Square
EDNEY, Johnbricklayerh 24 William
EDNEY, Samuelmasonh 18 William
EDNEY, Williambricklayerbds 18 William
EDWARDS, Andrewcarpenterh 271 1/2 Water, w
EDWARDS, Jamesblacksmithh 9 Mullock
EDWARDS, Josephpainterh 271 1/2 Water, w
EFFORD, Georgecarpenterh 11 Barter's Hill
EFFORD, John Wlaborerh South Side, e
EFFORD, Thomaslaborerh South Side, e
corner Bond and King
ELGAR, Johnlaborerh 14 Lime
ELGAR, Williamstonecutterh 14 Lime
ELLIOT, Jamesseamanbds Signal Hill Road
ELLIOTT, Johnblacksmith's helperh Signal Hill Road
ELLIOT, Johnlaborerh 20 Goodview
ELLIOT, Johnlaborerbds Signal Hill Road
ELLIOT, Marywid JamesKing's Road
ELLIOT, Samuelmasonh Signal Hill Road
ELLIOT, Thomasseamanbds Signal Hill Road
ELLIS, Archerengineerh 174 Le Marchant road
ELLIS, Charles plumber and gasfitter, 292 Waterh do
ELLIS, Charles A Hbookkeeperh Duckworth, e
ELLIS, Edmund Acoppersmithh 233 Water, w
ELLIS, Georgesupt Gas Worksh Gas works, Water, w
ELLIS, Haroldsalesmanh Duckworth, e
ELLIS, Henryhardware agent, 369 Waterbds Duckworth, e
ELLIS, Jamesengineerh 43 Leslie
ELLIS, Johncontractor and builderh 20 New Gower
ELLIS, Johnlaborerh 88 Lime
ELLIS, Williamcontractor and builderh 164 New Gower
ELLIS, Williamshoe cutterh 43 Leslie
ELLIS, W Aaccountantbds City Hotel
ELMS, Johnwatchmanh Beaumond
ELRINGTON, Rev. HenryMethodisth 29 Springdale
ELSON, Bridget W
h Cochrane
ELWARD, Ellenwid Johnh 24 Hagarty's Lane
ELWORTHY, Georgemachinisth 70 Le Marchant Road
EMBERLY, Jamescarpenterh 7 College Square
EMBERLY, Mauriceshoemakerh Casey's Lane
EMBERLY, Mauriceshoemakerh 114 Gower
EMBERLY, Rosewid Patrickbds 62 Barnes' Road
EMBERSON, Mrs Prescott
h Winter Avenue
EMERSON, Charles H.Barrister and Solicitor, Blackwood Bldg. Duckworthh Brook Lodge, Rennie's Mill Rd
EMERSON, George Q CBarrister and Solicitor, office Cathedral Hillh do
EMERSON, Geo Hspeaker of assembly colonial building
EMERSON, Williamlaborerh Duckworth, e
ENGLAND, Charlesstonecutterbds Field
ENGLAND, Charleslaborerh Boncloddy
ENGLAND, Davidporterh Field
ENGLAND, Davidsailmakerbds Field
ENGLAND, Georgelaborerh Field
ENGLAND, Georgecoachmanbds Field
ENGLAND, JohnshoemakerCaboth Cabot
ENGLAND, Johnsweeph 47 Forest Road
ENGLAND, Josephtruckmanh Field
ENGLAND, Williamlaborerbds Boncloddy
ENGLAND, Williamshoemaker, Harvey Roadh do
ENGLISH, Albertmasonh 124 Hamilton
ENGLISH, Arthurcabinet makerbds Merry Meeting Road
ENGLISH, Capt Edwdchief examiner masters and mates and harbor master, Queen's Wharfh Forest Road
ENGLISH, Elizabethwid Michaelh Balsam
ENGLISH, Jameslaborerh 173 Duckworth, e
ENGLISH, Jamesplastererbds Merry Meeting Road
ENGLISH, Janewid Johnh 18 Haggarty's Lane
ENGLISH, Josephprinterbds Queen's Road
ENGLISH, Margaretwid Johnh 29 Bannerman
ENGLISH & McCOUBREYCommission Merchants, Water, e, Mechanics' Building
ENGLISH, Michaelshoemakerh Balsam
ENGLISH, Norahwid Thomash 124 Hamilton
ENGLISH, Patrick
h Merry Meeting Road
ENGLISH, Richardcullerh 173 Duckworth, e
ENGLISH, Richardlaborerh 70 Barnes Road
ENGLISH, Thomas Fbakerbds 70 Barnes Road
ENGLISH , Wmfruit store and bakery, 378 Waterh do
ENGLISH , Wmof ENGLISH & McCoubreyh 378 Water
ENGLISH, Williamprinterh Spencer
ENGLISH, William Jlaborerbds 70 Barnes Road
ENNIS, Miss Juliadressmakerh 179 New Gower
ENNIS, Marywid Johnh Henry
ENNIS, Williamlaborerh 16 Brannan's Lane
EVELLY, Isaac Jmessenger P Oh Flower Hill
ESBURY, Richardlaborerh Bond
ESCOTT, Albertshomakerh 29 Flower Hill
ESCOTT, Edwardshoemakerh 29 Flower Hill
ESCOTT, Johnshoemakerh 24 Buchanan
ESCOTT, Josephlaborerh Dunford
ESCOTT, Mary Annwid Jamesh 29 Flower Hill
ESCOTT, Richardlaborerh Dunford
ESCOTT, Thomassalesmanh 34 Buchanan
ESMOND, Bridgetwid Roberth 11 Carter's Hill
EVANS, Felixharness makerbds 47 Fleming
EVANS, Georgesail makerh Field
EVANS, Henrysail makerh 214 Water, w
EVANS, Jameslaborerbds Spencer
EVANS, James Hshoe cuttterbds Le Marchant road
EVANS, Johnlaborerh Cookstown Road
EVANS, Johnlaborerbds 47 Fleming
EVANS, Johnlaborerh 243 1/2 Water, w
EVANS, Johnlaborerh 40 Casey's
EVANS, Johnmalster [sic]245 1/2 Water, w
EVANS, Johnprinterh Prescott
EVANS, Josephblacksmithbds 61 George
EVANS, Josephclerkh 61 George
EVANS, Josephmessengerh 61 George
EVANS, Lukelaborerbds Hayward Avenue
EVANS, Michaelbrewerh 31 Angel Place
EVANS, Michaellaborerh 32 Aexander
EVANS, Patricklaborerbds 61 George
EVANS, Robertshipwrighth Spencer
EVANS, Robert Jr.carpenterbds Spencer
EVANS, Thomascarpenterh Merry Meeting Road
EVANS, Thomascarpenterh 47 Fleming
EVANS, Williamlaborerh Hayward Avenue
EVANS, Williammachinistbds Spencer
EVANS, Williamseamanh Hayward Avenue
EVANS, William Acoachmanh 12 Simms
EVENING HERALD, J E FerneauxProp'r and PublisherPrescott
EVENING TELEGRAM, Jas HerderProprietor and PublisherWater, e
EVERITT, Peterpainterh Cabot, w
EVERLY, Patricklaborerh 118 Water, w
EVOY, Martinplastererh Signal Hill Road
EWING, Alexasst sup't P Oh 146 Pleasant
EWING, Wmtaxidermisth 37 Water
EWING, William Hshoemakerh 37 Water, w
EXCELSIOR LAUNDRY, A BrydenProprietorQueen, cor George

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