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Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - F

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by SUE O'NEILL ~ January 2002 from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors. 

FACEY, Albert Gchipper foundryh 124 Hamilton
FACEY, Samuelmaster marinerh Pleasant
FAGAN, Hannah, wid Johnvarietyh 66 New Gower
FAGAN, Jameswatchmanh 41 Wickford
FAGAN, Thomaslaborerh 27 Duggan
FAHEY, Johnlaborerh 118 Casey's
FAHEY, Johnlaborerh 26 Stephen
FALCONER, Elizabethwid Georgebds 12 James
FALCONER, Markfishermanbds 12 James
FANNING, Edwardblacksmithh 27 Mullock
FANNING, Jamesshoemakerh 9 Duggan
FANNING, William Tshoemakerh 5 Duggan
FARDY, Anestaciawid Martinh r 211 New Gower
FARDY, Catherinewid Patrickh 46 Codner
FARDY, Jamescooperh r 211 New Gower
FARDY, Murrielshoe dealerh Pleasant
FEAVER, Herbertclerkh Gower
FARNHAM, Williamcarpenterh Victoria
FARQUHAR & YORKEbuilders and contractorsVictoria
FARRELL, Jamesfishermanh 69 Signal Hill Road
FARRELL, James Lsalesmanh 10 Convent Square
FARRELL, Johnlaborerh 18 Power
FARRELL, Johnapp shoemakerh Power
FARRELL, Johnshoemakerh Bell
FARRELL, Josephtailorh Yorke
FARRELL, Mauricestorekeeperh 49 George
FARRELL, Marywid Johnh Yorke
FARRELL, Michaelcarpenterh 8 Convent Square
FARRELL, Michaellaborerh 18 Power
FARRELL, Patrickshoemakerh Yorke
FARRELL, Thomaswatchmanh 18 Power
FAWCETT, Col M Jinspec and gen supt N F constabularyFort Townshend
FEEHAN, Josephcooperh 5 Princess
FEEHAN, Mary, wid Patrickgrocer, 71 Waterh do
FEEHAN, Michaelcooperh George, w
FEEHAN, Michaelwines and spirits, 58 Water, wh do
FEEHAN, Patrickcooperh 7 Princess
FENDLER, Williamplumberh Codner
FENLON, Maurice
h Bryant's Hill
FENNELL, Marywid Jamesbds Flavin's
FENNELL, Patrickcarpenterh 42 Larkin's Square
FENNELL, Richardgrocer136 Duckworth h Military Road
FENNELL, Williamcarpenterh 5 Casey's Lane
FENNESSEY, Johncooperh 107 George
FENNESSEY, Patricktallymanh 107 George
FENTUM, Charlesshoemakerh Cabot
h Cochrane
FERNEAUX, Johnprop'r Heraldh 27 Monkstown Road
FERRY, Mrs Joseph
h South Side, w
FEVER, Samuelblacksmithbds Gower
FEVER, Williamblacksmith, Gowerh Gower
FEVER, Williamapprenticebds Gower
FIDELL, Patrickmessengerh Allan's Square
FIEFIELD, Fredericklaborerh Pilot's Hill
FIELD, Charlesmaster marinerh Prescott
FIELD, Edwardseamanh Prescott
FIELD, Johnseamanh Prescott
FIELD, Richardtruckmanh Mundy's Pond Road
FIELD, Samuelshoemakerh 20 Porter's Hill
FIELD, Thomaslaborerh 82 1/2 George
FIELD, Waltercarpenterh Prescott
FIELD, Williamfarmerh Old Portugal Road
FINCH, George Wiron melterh 39 Angel Place
FINDLATER, Allanaccountanth 96 Barnes Road
FINLAY, F Wof Taylor, Finlay & Co.bds Torrington Hotel
FINLAY, Jamescarpenterh 21 Cuddihey's [sic]
FINN, Jameslaborerh Belvidere Road
FINN, Jamestruckmanh Newtown Road
FINN, Johncooperh 23 Water, w
FINN, Lawrenceseamanh 7 Lime
FINN, Mrs Lawrencegrocer, 7 Limeh do
FINN, Williamcollectorh 23 Water, w
FINNEY, Jamescarpenterh 7 William's Lane
FINTON, Charlesshoemakerh 56 Cabot
FIRTH, William Rclerkh 43 Howard Avenue
Waldegrove, Steer Cove
FISHER, Carlengineerh 47 Quidi Vidi Road
FISHER, Robertlaborerh 47 1/2 Forest Road
FISHER, Thomasbricklayerbds Beck's Square
FITZGERALD, Andrewcooperh 20 Princess
FITZGERALD, Andrewseamanh 32 Convent Square
FITZGERALD, Bridgetwid Michaelh 30 Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD, Clarence Jcarpenterh 63 1/2 New Gower
FITZGERALD, Edwardbutcher, Gowerh Victoria
FITZGERALD, Edwardfishermanh 9 Deady's Lane
FITZGERALD, Edwardshoemakerh Henry
FITZGERALD, Ellenwid Johnh 29 Sudbury
FITZGERALD, Fannygrocer, Gowerh do
FITZGERALD, JamesconstableFort Townshend
FITZGERALD, Jamesfishermanh 94 Brazil's Square
FITZGERALD, Jameslaborerbds 66 Barnes Road
FITZGERALD, Jameslaborerh 94 Brazil's Square
FITZGERALD, Jameslaborerh 34 Convent Square
FITZGERALD, Johncooperh 16 Duggan
FITZGERALD, Johnseamanh 11 Brennan's Lane
FITZGERALD, Johnshoemakerh 259 Water, w
FITZGERALD, Josephseamanh 32 Convent Square
FITZGERALD, Mary Annwid Johnh 20 Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD, Marywid Patrickh Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD, Mauricelaborerh 66 Barnes road
FITZGERALD, Michaelbutcherh Hayward Avenue
FITZGERALD, Michaelbutcherh Yorke
FITZGERALD, Michaellaborerbds 78 McFarlane's Lane
FITZGERALD, Michaelcooperh 30 Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD, Patrickcarpenterh 31 Cabot
FITZGERALD, Patricklaborerh 94 Brazil's Square
FITZGERALD, Patricklaborerh Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD, Patricklaborerh 355 Duckworth
FITZGERALD, Peterfishermanh 78 McFarlane's Lane
FITZGERALD, Thomaslaborerh 19 Rossitter's Lane
FITZGERALD, Thomasplastererbds Bannerman
FITZGERALD, Williamcarpenterh King's Road
FITZGERALD, Williamlaborerbds 78 McFarlane's Lane
FITZGIBBON, Edwardclerkbds 267 Duckworth
FITZGIBBON, Thomasgeneral dealer, 426 Waterh do
FITZPATRICK, Elizabethwid Milesh 41 Moore
FITZHENRY, Jamescooper, 50 Mooreho do
FITZHENRY, Michaelcooperh Bully
FITZHENRY, Susangrocer, 50 Mooreh do
FITZPATRICK, Davidpainterh 25 Barter's Hill
h Signal Hill Road
FITZPATRICK, Johnlaborerbds 27 Quidi Vidi Road
FITZPATRICK, Johnminerbds Gower
FITZPATRICK, Mary Annwid Josephh 9 Simms
FITZPATRICK, Michaelengineerh Colonial
FITZPATRICK, Michaelmasonh 21 Rossiter's Lane
FITZPATRICK, Patrickcab driverbds 22 New Gower
FITZPATRICK, Williamcarpenterh 81 Hamilton
FITZPATRICH [sic], Williamlaborerh 14 Plank
FLANNERY, John J.barrister and solicitor, office Duckworthh Prescott
FLANNIGAN, Martinsalesmanh Cochrane
FLAVIN, Davidlaborerh Cookstown
FLEET, Georgeseamanh Cook
FLEET, Johncarpenterh Logy Bay Road
FLEET, Johnwarden penitentiaryh Long's Hill
FLEET, Kenneth Frailway employeeh Long's Hill
FLEET, Williamcarmanh Young
FLEET, Williamfarmerbds Quidi Vidi Lake Road
FLEET, Williamtailorh Cook
FLEET, Charlesseamanh 14 Duckworth
FLEMING, Elizabethwid Johnh 10 Carey
FLEMING, Jameslaborerh Pilot's Hill
FLEMING, Johnshoe trimmerh 31 Buchanan
FLEMING, Margaretwid Matthewh Prescott
FLEMING, MatthewblacksmithPrescott h 32 Plymouth Road
FLEMING, Patricklaborerh King's Road
FLEMING, Patricklaborerh 259 Gower
FLEMING, Patrickwatchmanh King's Road
FLEMING, Richardlaborerh 262 Grover
FLEMING, Richardlaborerh 233 Theater Hill
FLEMING, Thomascarpenterbds 5 Damerill's Lane
FLEMING, Thomasseamanh 94 Lime
FLINN, Edwardcooperh 105 George
FLINN, Gregorylaborerbds 56 George
FLINN, Jamescooperh 18 Hagarty's Lane
FLINN, Jameslaborerh 33 Job's
FLINN, Jamesshoemakerh 56 George
FLINN, Johncooperh 105 George
FLINN, Josephseamanh 49 Job's
FLINN, Michaelcooperh 69 Plank
FLINN, Patrickcooperh 22 Stephen
FLINN, Patricklaborerh 29 1/2 Flower Hill
FLINN, Patrickshoemakerbds 105 George
FLINN, Robertshoemakerbds 56 George
FLINN, Robertshoemakerh 28 Springdale
FLINN, Thomasupholstererh 274 Gower
FLINN, Williamcarpenterh Queen's Road
FLINN, Williamfishermanh 24 Dammerill's Lane
FLINN, Williamfishermanh 3 Deady's Lane
FLINN, Mrs Williamgrocer, 24 Dammerill's Laneh do
FLOATING DOCK, Job BrosagentsSouth Side
FLYNN, Alicewid Maurice, wines and spiritsh 372 Water 372 Water
FLYNN, Ellenwid Williamh 15 Dammerill's Lane
FLYNN, Johnclerkh 372 Water
h Wood
FLYNN, Michaellaborerbds 21 James
FLYNN, Patricklaborerh 21 James
FLYNN, Patrick Jr.laborerh 21 James
FLYNN, Patricksawyerh 49 William
FLYNN, ThomasconstableFort Townshend
FLYNN, Mrs Thomas
h 300 Water, w
FLYNN, Williamshoemakerh 29 Flower Hill
FLYNN, William Jmachinisth 49 Job's
FOGARTY, Johntruckmanh Pennywell Road
FOGARTY, Josephbutcher, 3 Adelaideh do
FOGARTY, Michaelclerkh 36 Colonial
FOGWELL, Richardclerkh Quidi Vidi Road
FOGWELL, Samuelaccountanth Quidi Vidi Road
FOGWELL, Samuelsea captainh 144 Pleasant
FOLEY, Annwid Garretth 21 Duggan
FOLEY, Garrettlaborerbds 21 Duggan
FOLEY, Jamesshipwrighth 38 George
FOLEY, Johnplastererh 76 Patrick
FOLEY, Josephfishermanh 7 Plymouth Road
FOLEY, Margaretwid Jamesh 51 Monkstown Road
FOLEY, Mary Annwid Patrickh 52 King's Bridge
FOLEY, Miss Marylaundressh 14 Hayward Avenue
FOLEY, Michaellaborerbds 17 Simms
FOLEY, Piercelaborerbds 17 Simms
FOLEY, Mrs Patrick
h 224 Water, w
FOLEY, Williamshoemakerh 21 Duggan
FOLEY, Williamtailor, Gowerh do
FOLLET, Williamlaborerh Carter's Hill
FOLLIS, Thomaspainterh 128 Military Road
FOOKS, Johnpainterbds Gower
FOOTE, Jamesgrocer 52 George h 11 Queen's Road
FOOTE, Omaster marinerh Gower
FORAN, Augustus E.of John W. Foran & Sonsh Water
FORAN, Chas. J.of John W. Foran & Sonsh Water
FORAN, Edwardsailmakerbds 8 Sebastian
FORAN, Jameslaborerh Gorman's Lane
FORAN, John W. of John W. Foran & Sonsh Water
FORAN, John W. & SonsCommission Merchants and AuctioneersExchange Building Water, e
FORAN, Thomassailmakerh 8 Sabastian[sic]
FORAN, Thomas jr.clerkbds 8 Sebastian
FORBES, Jamespattern-makerh 62 Hamilton
FORBES, JohnengineerVictoria House
FORBES, Robertengineerh 62 Hamilton
FORD, Jamescooperh 3 South Side, e
FORD, Johncarpenterh Young
FORD, Johnlaborerh 57 Lime
FORD, Johnprinterh 102 Pleasant
FORD, Richardcooperh 4 South Side, e
FORD, Thomasbrakesmanbds 141 Gower
FORD, WilliamconstableFort Townshend
FORD, William Jgrocer, 16 Water, wh do
FORRISTAL, Edwardmessengerh Long's Hill
FORRISTAL, Gregorylaborerh Long's Hill
FORRISTAL, Patrickfishermanh 14 Simms
FORRISTAL, Thomasshoemakerh 16 Alexander
FORRISTAL, Rev Venerable Wm.archdeaconPalace Military Road
FORSEY, Georgesalesmanh Cross Roads
FORSEY, Thomas Pclerkh Parade
FORSYTHE, Jamescarpenterh 50 Wickford
FORSYTHE, Neilclerkh Merry Meeting Road
FORSYTH, Robertshipwrighth Merry Meeting Road
FORT AMHERST LIGHTHOUSE, Austin SheppardkeeperSouth Head
FORTUNE, Edwardgrocer, 187 New Gowerh do
FORTUNE, Patrick Jsalesmanh 57 Colonial
FORWARD, Alexanderengineerh King's Road
FORWARD, Georgesailmakerbds King's Road
FORWARD, Harryclerkbds King's Road
FORWARD, John Sr.sailmakerh King's Road
FORWARD, John Jr.plumberh King's Road
FORWARD, Marmadukecarpenterh Cook
FOSTER, Catherine wid Henry H, grocer, 2 Plymouth Roadh do
FOSTER, Henry Hengineerbds 2 Plymouth Road
FOSTER, Herbertmachinisth 2 Plymouth Road
FOSTER, Jamesshipwrighth r 72 Gower
FOSTER, Johnengineerbds 2 Plymouth Road
FOSTER, Mary,wid William, seamstressh 216 New Gower
FOSTER, Williamcooperh 18 James
FOWLER, Fannywid Jamesh 52 Cabot
FOWLER, Georgelaborerh 13 Rossiter's Lane
FOWLER, Stephencarpenterh 38 Casey's
FOWLER, Thomasfishermanh 15 1/2 Simms
FOWLER, Williamlaborerh 27 Sudbury
FOWLER, JamesconstableFort Townshend
FOX, Hon. James P.receiver generalh Forest Road
FOX, Johnaccountant government telegraph officeh Signal Hill Road
FOX, Johnlaborerh 48 Monkstown Road
FOX, Sarahwid Williamh Signal Hill Road
FOYSTON, Louisforeman carpenterh Victoria
FRAMPTON, Ambroselaborerh 21 Angel Place
FRAMPTON, Henrycarpenterbds 18 Fleming
FRAMPTON, Robertlaborerh 33 Casey's Lane
FRAMPTON, Williammalster [sic]h Signal Hill Road
FRANCIS, Jamescooperh LeMarchant Road
FRANCIS, Johncooperh South Side, w
FRANCIS, Marywid Capt Alonzoh Prescott
FRANKLIN, Johncabmanh Limestone
FRANKLIN, Wm Hof Lindberg & Franklinh 32 Signal Hill Road
FRASER, Alexanderlaborerh 265 Gower
FRASER, Davidagenth 45 Cochrane
FRASER, Davidsalesmanbds Military Road
FRASER, Hector McLclerk P Oh Jobs
FRASER, Hughaccountantbds Circular Road
FRASER, JAS Opostmaster generalh Circular Road
FRASER, Janewid William, boarding househ 56 New Gower
FRASER, John McLCommission Agent371 Water h Gower
FRASER, Nutting Sphysician, Gowerh Gower
FRASER, Oliphant, MHAbarristerbds Circular Road
FRASER, St Clairstonecutterbds Gower
FRASER, William Baccountanth 53 New Gower
FREANEY, Patrickfishermanh 33 Flower Hill
FREEMAN, Albertgrocer, 44 Water h Waterford Bridge Road
FREEMAN, Janewid Stephenh Victoria
FREEMAN, Johnbookkeeperh 5 Brazil's Square
FREEMAN, Robertaccountanth Victoria
FREEMAN, Thos Jsalesmanh 5 Brazil's Square
FREEMAN, Williamhouse carpenterh Balsam
FRENCH, Alicegrocer, Signal Hill Roadh do
FRENCH, Frank Jplumberbd 192 New Gower
FRENCH, Isaaccarpenterh 106 Pleasant
FRENCH, Johnschool teacherh King's Road
FRENCH, Josephcooperh Dick's Square
FRENCH, Marywid Georgebds King's Road
FRENCH, Mary Janewid Henryh King's Road
FRENCH, Patrick Jsalesmanh Dick's Square
FRENCH, Robertsea captainh Signal Hill Road
FRENCH, Samuellaborerh 9 Deady's Lane
FRENCH, Stephencabinet makerh 26 Hagarty's Lane
FRENCH, Williamlaborerh 26 Hagarty's Lane
FREW , Wm Sgeneral importer, Water, eh Cochrane
FREW, William, jrsalesmanh 102 Forest Road
FROUDE, Edgarsalesmanh 72 Hayward Avenue
FROUDE, Nathanielporterh 72 Hayward Avenue
FROUDE, Philiplaborerbds 33 Cabot
FRY, Enochcoachmanh 57 Cabot
FRY, Johnlaborerh South Side, w
FRY, Johnshoemakerh 51 Limekiln Hill
FRY, William Fship carpenterh Gilbert
FUER, Jameslaborerh 49 Lime
FUER, Marionwid Johnh 16 Barter's Hill
FULLER, Ameliawid Georgeh 34 Hutchings
FUNCHION, Johannawid Johnh 181 Pleasant
FURLONG, Alexandershoemakerh Bully
FURLONG, Carolinewid Patrickh 57 Military Road
FURLONG, Dennislaborerh 20 Hutching's Lane
FURLONG, Edward Tclerkbds 52 Colonial
FURLONG, Frederick Laccountantbds 57 Military Road
FURLONG, Jamespiloth Pilot's Hill
FURLONG, James P.Dry Goods, Etc., 3 Arcade Building, 342 Water, wh 11 Monkstown Road
FURLONG, Johannawid Johnh 23 Stephen
FURLONG, Johnlaborerh 32 Lime
FURLONG, Katewid Peterh Bully
FURLONG, Lawrence O'Brien MHAcommission merchant and broker, 342 Water h Cochrane
FURLONG, Margaretwid Jamesh Military Road
FURLONG, Margaretwid Martinh 350 Duckworth
FURLONG, Marywid Michaelh 30 Pleasant
FURLONG, Marywid Thomas, grocerh 52 Colonial
FURLONG, Martin W.barristerh 57 Military Road
FURLONG, Matthewcarriage-makerh 25 Princess
FURLONG, Michaellaborerh 25 James
FURLONG, Matthewpainterh 25 Prince
FURLONG, Peterwatchmanh Young
FURLONG, William S.barristerbds 57 Military Road
FURNEAUX, Alicewid Hugh Jh Prescott
FURNEAUX, John Eprop'r Evening Heraldh 27 Monkstown Road
FURZE, Marthawid Samuelh 5 Queen's
FURZE, Williamsalesmanh 5 Queen's

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