NLGenWeb 1894 McAlpines Directory

Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - H

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by SUE O'NEILL ~ January 2002 from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

HACKETT, Elizabethwid Thomasbds Barnes Road
HACKETT, Ellenwid JohnMilitary Road
HACKETT, Jamesfishermanh Bond
HACKETT, Jamesseamanh Flavin's
HACKETT, John Acashierh Gower, cor British Square
HACKETT, Josephlaborerbds 119 New Gower
HACKETT, Lawrenceseamanh Queen's Road
HACKETT, Margaretwid Johnh 119 New Gower
HACKETT, Williammaster marinerh Gower
HADDON, Johnland surveyorh 58 Monkstown Road
HADDON, John L.accountanth 56 Monkstown Road
HAZEN, Capt. John
h 15 Convent Square
HAGERTY, Johntidewaiter customsh 18 Brazil's Square
HAGERTY, Mrs, Maryland ownerh 168 New Gower
HAGERTY, Patrickcabinet maker, 15 Queen'sh do
HAGIE, Mrs George
33 Water, w
HALDEN, Richard K.accountanth Cochrane
HALDERN, Johnseamanh 140 Pleasant
HALE, William S.carmanbds 42 Bannerman
HALEY, FrancisR R sectionmanh 3 Plymouth Road
HALEY, Matthewshoemakerh South Side, w
HALEY, Thomaslaborerh Blackhead Road
HALEY, Thomaslaborerbds Fleming
HALFYARD, John T.shipwrighth 16 Fleming
HALFYARD, Joseph D.masonh 29 1/2 Hayward Avenue
HALFYARD, Melinagrocer, 29 1/2 Hayward Avenue h do
HALL, Danielfishermanh Quidi Vidi
HALL, Francisseamanh Young
HALL, Georgesalesmanh 25 Bond
HALL, Thomasseamanh Young
HALLEREN, Catherinewid Terrenceh 21 Monkstown
HALLERAN, Jameslaborerh Quidi Vidi Road
HALERAN, Mrs. James
h Long's Hill
HALLERAN, Jeremiahcontractor and builderh Gower
HALLERAN, Mauricegrocer, King's RoadKing's Road h King's Road
HALLETT, George R.h doh 124 Pleasant
HALLETT, Johhcontractor and builderbds 2 New Gower
HALLETT, Thomas L.Dentist, Waterh do
HALLEY, Ellenwid Michael F, variety, Williamh do
HALLEY, Georgeclerkbds 98 Barnes Road
HALLEY, Jamesfiremanh 10 Duckworth
HALLEY, Johncarpenterh 53 Flower Hill
HALLEY, Johnelectricianbds 98 Barnes Road
HALLEY, Michaelsailmakerh 44 Codner
HALLEY, Williamlaborerh Signal Hill Road
HALLEY, Mrs William D
h 98 Barnes Road
HALLEY, William Jclerkh 28 New Gower
HAMILTON, Joseph D.confectionerbds LeMarchant Road
HAMILTON, Robertblacksmith, Hamiltonh 51 Hamilton
HAMILTON, Williamseamanh Field
HAMLIN, Charlespainterh 60 Forest Road
HAMLIN, Franklinhairdresser, 365 Water & McBride's Hillh 365 Water
HAMLIN, Georgemoulderh Shaw
HAML.IN, Williamblacksmithh 2 Belvidere
HAMLYN, Charlesfarmerh Shaw's Lane
HAMLYN, Charles jrmoulderh Shaw's Lane
HAMMOND, Georgecarpenterh 2 Cook
HAMMOND, Philipcarpenterh Cookstown
HAMMOND, Richardmessenger, penitentiarybds Wood
HAMMOND, Robertwood carverh Wood
HAMMOND, Thomasmachinisth 12 Plymouth Road
HAMMOND, Williampensionerh Wood
HAMMOND, William Jmessenger C Bh Signal Hill Road
HAMPTON, Georgecarpenter and boarding houseBell
HAMPTON, Jameslaborerh South Side, e
HANCOCK, Georgecarpenterh 32 Angel Place
HAND, Christiniawid Thomash 99 Monkstown Road
HAND, Johnlaborerbds 99 Monkstown Road
HAND, Williamlaborerh 99 Monkstown Road
HAND, William J.salesmanh Theater Hill
HANDLIN, Johncooperh 6 Power
HANDLIN, Martinmessengerh 6 1/2 Power
HANDRAHAND, Jamescooperh 25 Stephen's
HANEY, Jamescarmanh King's Road
HANIGAN, Edwardlaborerh 81 Murphy's Square
HANLAN, Johnlaborerh 31 Plank
HANLEY, Philiptidewaiter customsh Duckworth, e
HANLEY, Richardstorekeeper customsh King's Road
bds 43 Hayward Avenue
HANN, Thomascarpenterh 59 Springdale
HANN, Williamtidewaiter customs
HANNAFORD, Johnfishermanh 7 Holdsworth
HANNAFORD, Lawrencedrug clerkh Riverhead, w
HANNEBURY, George McF.printerh Colonial
HANNEBURY, Hannahwid Johnh Quidi Vidi
HANNEBURY, Jamescooperbds Pennywell Road
HANNEBURY, Johnblacksmithbds Quidi Vidi
HANNEBURY, Richardfarmerh Pennywell
HANNEBURY, Robertcarmanbds Quidi Vidi
HANNEBURY, Thomascabmanh Quidi Vidi
HANNEBURY, Williamfarmerh White Hills
HANNEN, Ellenwid John, carmanh 39 Moore
HANNEN, Peterpilotbds Cochrane
HANNEN, Williamfarmerbds 332 Water
HANNEY, Georgeforeman carpenterbds Gower
HANRAHAN, Johannawid Josephh Signal Hill Road
HANRAHAN, PatrickconstableFort Townshend
HANRIGAN, Edwardlaborerbds 29 Quidi Vidi Road
HANRIGAN, Thomaslaborerh 29 Quidi Vidi Road
HARDING, Edwardlaborerh Field
HARDING, Jamescarpenterh 7 Plank
HARDING, Jameslaborerh 45 Flower Mill[sic]
HARDING, Johnlaborerh 49 Cabot
HARDY, Davidsalesmanh Water, e
HARDY, Georgelaborerh 86 1/2 Casey's
HARDY, Jameslaborerh 16 Convert[sic] Square
HARDY, Johnlaborerh 48 Cabot
HARGATE, Charlespolicemanh Spencer
HARNUM, Edwardcarpenterh Spencer
HARRINGTON, Daniellaborerh 12 Gorman's Lane
HARRIS, Annewid Williamh 17 Bates
HARRIS, Celinagrocer, 12 Mullockh do
HARRIS, FrancisconstableFort Townshend
HARRIS, FrancisE Ph 2 Pleasant
HARRIS, Georgecommission merchantbds Gower
HARRIS, Georgeseamanh 30 Flower Hill
HARRIS , Geo Bdry goods, 51 Waterh 26 Brine
HARRIS, IsaacColonial Potrait and Manufacturing Co, 366 Waterh 131 George
HARRIS, Jacobcarpenterh 4 Deady's Lane
HARRIS, Jamesclerkbds 37 Monkstown Road
HARRIS, Johnblacksmithh 33 McDougald
HARRIS, Johncooperh 12 Barter's Mill [sic]
HARRIS, Johnof Hearn & Coh 37 Monkstown Road
HARRIS, Johnlaborerh 76 McFarlane's Lane
HARRIS, Johnlaborerh South Side, e
HARRIS, Hon. Johnmerchantbds 37 Monkstown Road
HARRIS, Johnseamanh 11 Bambrick's Lane
HARRIS, John Sbricklayerh 7 Knight
HARRIS, Providencewid Johnbds 7 Knight
HARRIS, Thomasclerkbds Monkstown Road
HARRIS, Williamcarpenterh 12 Mullock
HARRIS, Williamcarpenterh 37 Monkstown Road
HARRIS, Williamcooperh 49 Alexander
HARRIS, Williamcooperh 68 Hamilton
HARRIS, Williamseamanh 7 College Square
HARRIS, William Eengineerh 12 Murphy's Square
HARRISON, Henry N.painterbds Popular House, Monkstown Road
HART, Annwid Georgeh Military Road
HART, Georgesalesmanh Long's Hill
HART, Isaacmarble cutterh 11 Barter's Hill
HART, Johncarpenterh 6 New Gower
HART, Michaelseamanh Duggans
HART, Patricklaborerh 138 Water, w
HARTERY, Jeremiahsailmakerh Bond
HARTERY, Michaelcarpenterh Bond
HARTERY, Minniewid John, milliner, 3 New Gowerh 1 do
HARTERY, Stephensailmakerh Bond
HARTERY, Thomasfiremanh Wood
HARTERY, Williamlaborerh South Side, e
HARTERY, Michaelseamanh 23 Princess
HARTWELL, Bernardseamanh 52 larkin's Square
HARVEY, Alexof A Harvey & Co, and ses-treas Nfld Costal S. S. Co., Duckworthh 2 Devon Row
HARVEY, Alfred J.physician Duckworth, e h Duckworth, e
HARVEY, A Johnof Harvey & Coh "Omrac" King's Bridge Road
HARVEY, Hon. A.W.of Harvey & Coh "Omrac" King's Bridge Road
HARVEY, A & CoTobacco Manufacturers, Biscuit Manufacturers, Coal Merchants &cWater, e
HARVEY, Charlottewid Jamesh 60 Hamilton
HARVEY & Co.Importers and Commission Merchants, Steamship Agents, Etc., Office Water, e
HARVEY, Frederick
h 3 Devon Row
HARVEY, Jameslaborerh 24 Barter's Hill
HARVEY, Jameslaborerh 24 Finn's Lane
HARVEY, James Hsalesmanh Hamilton
HARVEY, Janewid Charlesh Prescott
HARVEY, John Rcooperh South Side, e
HARVEY, Nicholasseamanh 36 William
HARVEY, REV MosesPresbyterianh 3 Devon Row, Duckworth
HARVEY, Peterlaborerh 32 Convent Square
HARVEY, R.merchant, Musgrave Harbor, Notre Dame Bayh Old Portugal Cove Road
HARVEY, Richardlaborerh South Side, e
HARVEY, Williamcarpenterh 47 Pleasant
HARVEY, Williamlaborerh South Side, e
HARVEY, Williamsalesmanh 60 Hamilton
HARVEY, Williamsea captainh 55 Patrick
HARVEY, Williamseamanh 130 George
HARVEY, William Hlaborerh 24 Finn's Lane
HUSH, Johnengineerh Brazil's Square
HOSKINS, David F.storekeeperh 17 Gill
HATCH, Richardlaborerh 40 Larkin's Square
HATCH, Williamfishermanh 5 Carter's Hill
HATCHER, Gerogelaborerh South Side, e
HATCHER, Mrs. Joseph
h South Side
HATFIELD, Stephenseamanh 26 Hutchings
HATTON, Patrick J.Chemist and Druggist, 61 Duckworth and Limeh Duckworth
HAUTRELLE, Ernesttinsmithh 93 New Gower
HAVILAND, Mrs Johnmillinery, 365 Waterh do
HAWCO, Alicewid Williamh 13 Stephens
HAW, Jameswines and spirits, 28 New Gowerh do
HAW, Johnlaborerh 5 Plank
HAW, Samuelcarpenterh 66 Cartar's[sic] Hill
HAWK, Patricklaborerbds 22 Sebastian
HAWKINS, Eldridclerkbds Gower
HAWKINS, Henryfishermanh 353 Duckworth
HAWKINS, Katewid Georgeboarding house, Gower
HAWKINS, Mariawid Johnh 23 Stephens
HAWKINS, Samuelbookbinderh 23 Stephens
HAWKINS, Williamprinterh 23 Stephens
HAWLEY, Edmundclerkh 73 Patrick
HAWLEY, JamesP F G S curator museum, Post Office Building, Water Water
HAY, Williamstonecutterh 253 Water, w
HAYDEN, Jameslaborerh South Side, w
HAYDEN, Johnfishermanh 222 1/2 Water, w
HAYDEN, Johnlaborerh 222 Water, w
HAYDEN, Lawrencelaborerh 10 Plank
HAYDEN, Martinfishermanh Bond
HAYDEN, Richardlaborerh Bond
HAYES, Miss Annieclerk P Obds Dick's Square
HAYES, Jameslaborerh 64 Mullock
HAYES, Johnlaborerh 42 Codner
HAYES, Johnwatermanh Military Road
HAYES, Keziahwid Johnh 96 Gower
HAYES, Nicholascooperh Cochrane
HAYES, Patrickcooper, 26 Bondh do
HAYES, Patricksupt waterworksh 22 Bannerman
HAYES, RichardcooperKing's Bridge
HAYES, Samueltinsmithh 53 George
HAYES, Theresawid Nicholash Field
HAYES, Thomasfur dealerh 141 New Gower
HAYES, Thomaslaborerh 60 Pleasant
HAYES, Timothywatermanbds Military Road
HAYNES, Edwardlaborerh 28 Princess
HAYNES, Edward R.shoemakerbds 102 New Gower
HAYNES, Eleazercarmanh Black Marsh Road
HAYNES, Thomaswarden Poor Househ Topsail Road
HAYNES, Williamshoe storeh 102 New Gower
HAYWARD, Arthur T.bookkeeperh King's Road
HAYWARD, Augusts O.Q C, Barrister-at-Law, Renouf Bldg Duckworth h Highbury, Pennwell Road[sic]
HAYWARD, Charlesgrocer, 25 Mullockh do
HAYWARD & Co.Wine and Commission MerchantWater
HAYWARD, C.Waring, law studenth Highbury, Pennywell Road
HAYWARD, Frederick W.accountantbds Queen's Road
HAYWARD, George F.clerk customsh Military Road
HAYWARD, Geo. J.Commission Merchant and Broker, Beck's Coveh 7 Maxse
HAYWARD, Harrison R.Barister and Solicitor, 345 Duckworthh 43 Monkstown Road
HAYWARD, Henry E.of Hayward & Coh 37 King's Bridge Road
HAYWARD, Johndraftsmanh Hamilton Avenue
HAYWARD, John C.W.clerkh Mundy's Pond Road
HAYWARD, Thomaslaborerh 4 Brien
HAYWARD, T. Herbertaccountanth Highbury, Pennywell Road
HEALE, Jamesasst storekeeperh South Side, e
HEALEY, Edwardlaborerh South Side, w
HEALEY, Jeffreylaborerh Flemming
HEALEY, Johnof Allan and Healeyh 19 Pleasant
HEALEY, Johnshoemakerh Stephen
HEALY, Martinseamanh 53 McFarlane's Lane
HEALY, Morrisfishermanh 46 McFarlane's Lane
HEALY, Patricklaborerh 21 Stephen
HEALY, Peterlaborerh Battery Road
HEALY, Richardlaborerbd 5 Gorman's Lane
HEALEY, Thomaslaborerh 2 Plank
HEANEY, Jamescarmanh King's Road
HEARN & Co.General Importers and Commission Merchants, Water, e
HEARN, Dennisfishermanh 45 McFarlane's Lane
HEARN, Jeremiahlaborerh South Side, Riverhead
HEARN, Johnlaborerbds 17 Simms
HEARN, JohnliquorsDuckworth h Duckworth
HEARN, Maryseamstressh Flavin's
HEARN, Sarahwid Jamesborading house, 30 Brien
HEARN, Williamfarmerbds Clover Cottage, Quidi Vidi Road
HEANEY, Johncarpenterh Brazil's Square
HEATH, Hannahwid Archibaldh 103 Pleasant
HEATH, Henryboot and shoemaker, Water, eh do
HEATH, Richardcarpenterh 68 Pleasant
HEATLY, Williambarberbds 340 Duckworth
HEFFERN, Arthurcarpenterh 10 Belvidere
HEFFEREN, Thomaslaborerh South Side, e
HELLIER, Charlescarpenterh 123 New Gower
HELLYER, Thomasleather and shoe findings, Duckworthh do
HENDERSON, Daniel J.mining prospectorh Cook
HENDERSON, Henrysalesmanh New Gower
HENDERSON, Johnof Hearn & Co.bds Cochrane
HENDRY, RichardfarmerCraig Miller Farm, Cock Pit Road
HENNEBURY BroscooperageBoncloddy
HENNEBURY, Georgecooperh Pennywell Road
HENNEBURY, Georgeprinterh 57 Colonial
HENNEBURY, Jamescoachmanbds Pennywell Road
HENNEBURY, Josephcarmanh Quidi Vidi
HENNEBURY, Richardtruckmanbds Pennywell Road
HENNEBURY, Robertlaborerh 35 Wickford
HENNESSY, Ameliawid James, confectionary, 128 New Gowerh do
HENNESSY, Denniscoachmanh Signal Hill Road
HENNESSY, Dennisrepairer, Tel Coh Signal Hill Road
HENNESSY, Johnboarding house141 Gower
HENNESSY, JohnCooperh Henry
HENNESSY, Patrickengineerh 96 Lime
HENNESSY, Patrickshoemakerbds 107 George
HENNESSY, Robertmessengerh Chappel
HENNESSY, Stephenlaborerh Circular Road
HENNESSY, Williamfishermanh Circular Road
HEPBURN, John C.accountanth Scotland Row, Cathedral Hill
HIPDITCH, Richardfishermanh Battery Road
HERD, Johncarpenterh Long's Hill
HERDER, H. Geoof H G Herder & Coh Gower
HERDER, H. G. & Co.Builders and ContractorsGower
HERDER, Richardcarpenterh 68 Water, w
HERDER, Wm. J.Proprietor Evening Telegram, Waterh Rennie's Mill Road
HEWEARDINE, Marywid William, grocer, 79 Military Roadh do
HEWEARDINE, Williamshoemakerh 79 Military Road
HEWING, Alexanderclerk P Oh 146 Pleasant
HEWING, Marywid Jamesh Gower
HEWIT, Davidtruckmanh Spencer
HEWIT, Stephenseamanh 14 William
HIBBS, Williamcooperh Carter's Hill
HICKEY, Bridgetwid Jamesh 48 Barter's Hill
HICKEY, Bridgetwid Josephh 93 New Gower
HICKEY, Garrettlaborerh South Side, w
HICKEY, Jamescarmanh 48 Barter's Hill
HICKEY, Jamescooperbds 39 New Gower
HICKEY, Jameslaborerh South Side, w
HICKEY, Jamesshoemakerh 26 Springdale
HICKEY, Jeremiahship-carpenterh Bond
HICKEY, Johncooperh Bond
HICKEY, Lawrencecooperh Spencer
HICKEY, Lawrencetrimmerh 41 Barter's Hill
HICKEY, Margaretwid Richardh Sheehan's Shute
HICKEY, Matthewcooperh 12 Flower Hill
HICKEY, MichaellaborerSouth Side, w
HICKEY, Michaelshoemakerh 189 New Gower
HICKEY, Michaeltailor, 3 Barter's Hillh Turnpike Road
HICKEY, Nicholascarpenterbds 27 Goodview
HICKEY, Nicholas jrcarpenterbds 27 Goodview
HICKEY, Norahwid Jeremiahh Bond
HICKEY, Patrickcoachmanh 97 Monkstown Road
HICKEY, Patrickgrocer, 39 New Gowerh do
HICKEY, Patrickshipwrighth Bond
HICKEY, Patricktailorh 21 Waldegrave
HICKEY, Richardlaborerh LeMarchant Road
HICKEY, Richardstorekeeperh 35 Barter's Hill
HICKEY, Williamseamanh 10 Carew
HIGGINS, Hannahwid John, of Mitchell & Higginsh 78 Prescott
HIGGINS, Jamesfiremanh 95 Military
HIGHMORE, Josephfiremanh 24 Bambrick
HILL Brosgrocers, etc., Duckworth, e
HILL, Abrahammoulderh 68 Alexander
HILL, Jamescooperh Merry Meeting Road
HILL, Jamesstorekeeperh South Side, e
HILL, Johncoachmanh 8 LeMarchant Road
HILL, JohnfarmerWhite Hills
HILL, Johnof Hill Bros.h Duckworth, e
HILL, John Csurveyorh 5 Duckworth
HILL, Miss Marygrocer, 146 Gowerh do
HILL, Michaellaborerh 14 Rossiter's Lane
HILL, Thomascooperh Cook
HILL, Thomascooperh Merry Meeting Road
HILL, Williamof Hill Bros.h Duckworth, e
HILLARD, Mary Annwid Williambds 44 Duckworth
HILLARD, Patrickcoachmanh 44 Duckworth
HINES, Isaaccarpenterh 17 Barne's Place
HINES, Johncab driverbds 22 New Gower
HINES, Johnlaborerh Freshwater Road
HINGSTON, Williamlaborerh South Side, e
HIPDITCH, Thomasmachinisth 25 Cuddihey's
HIPPERN, Frederickcarpenterh 99 Goodyear
HIPSON, Williamengineerh Gower
HISCOCK, Arthurmanager Munroe's Hardwareh Long's Hill
HISCOCK, Frederickseamanh South Side, e
HISCOCK, Georgecarpenterh Young
HISCOCK, Georgemaster marinerh Gower
HISCOCK, Henryboiler makerh 164 Pleasant
HISCOCK, James M Hshoemakerh Dick's Square
HISCOCK, Johnfishermanh 43 Water, w
HISCOCK, Mary Annwid Ableh 6 Casey's
HISCOCK, Miss Patiencedressmakerh Field
HISCOCK, Richardbutcherh Quidi Vidi Road
HISCOCK, Robertseamanh Brazil's Square
HOARE, Edwinmaster cooperh 32 Hutchings
HOBBS, Davidlaborerh Long's Hill
HOBBS, John Wlaborerh Long's Hill
HOBBS, Josephcarpenterh Long's Hill
HOBBS, Waltercarpenterh Colonial
HOBBS, Mrs William
h Long's Hill
HOBSON, E. wid Chas, wines and spirits, 388 Waterh do
HODDER, Alfredpainterh 99 Hamilton
HODDER, Davidtinsmithh 44 Power
HODDER, Eliseamanh 7 Dammerill's Lane
HODDER, Henryseamanh 5 Goodview
HODDER, Jameslaborerh 43 Power
HODDER, James Apicture framing, Duckworth, eh do
HODDER, Richardprinterbds 43 Power
HODDER, Williampainterh 42 Hayward
HODDER, Williamshipwrightbds 5 Goodview
HODGE, Thos merchantWater h 35 Military Road
HOFFMAN, Charlessailmakerh 30 Codner
HOGAN, Corneliuslaborerh 55 Lime
HOGAN, David Mreporterh Duckworth, e
HOGAN, Johnblacksmithh 54 Patrick
HOGAN, Johnbricklayerbds Henry
HOGAN, Johnseamanh 35 Patrick
HOGAN, Patricklaborerh 26 Duggan
HOGAN, Patrick Tsalesmanh Duckworth, e
HOGAN, Thomaslaborerh 13 Popes
HOGAN, Williamlaborerh 77 1/2 Casey's
HOGAN, Williamphysicianh 168 Water, w
HOLDEN, Johnlaborerh South Side, Riverhead
HOLDEN, Josephsalesmanbds 196 New Gower
HOLDEN, Patrickbakerbds 239 Water, w
HOLDEN, Richardaccountanth Cochrane
HOLDEN, Richard B.notary publich 63 Monkstown Road
HOLDEN, Thomasseamanh 220 Water, w
HOLLAND, Fredericklaborerh 16 Princess
HOLLAND, Johnboots and shoes, 49 New Gowerh 51 do
HOLLETT, Albertcarpenterh Harvey Road
HOLLETT, Mrs George
h South Side, w
HOLLETT, Robertlaborerh 127 Pleasant
HOLLETT, Thomascarpenterh 84 Vey's Lane r George
HOLLETT, Williamlaborerh 125 Pleasant
HOLLEY, Jamesfiremanh 8 Duckworth, e
HOLLEY, Williamlaborerh 56 Casey's
HOLLIHEAD, Samuelmasonh 17 Princess
HOLLOWAY, Susannawid Williamh 79 Hayward Avenue
HOLMON, Edwardlaborerh 19 Rossiter's Lane
HOLMON, Williamlaborerh 19 Rossiter's Lane
HOLMON, Williamship-carpenterh 19 Rossiter's Lane
HOLWELL, Augustusfishermanh Pilot's Hill
HOLWELL, Georgefishermanh Pilot's Hill
HOLWELL, Mrs. Henry
h Gunner's Cove, South Side
HOLWELL, Matthew H.laborerh 34 Quidi Vidi Road
HOLWELL, Williamlaborerh Gunner's Cove, South Side
HOPE, Henryseaman, Cookstownh do
HOPE, RichardconstableFort Townshend
HOPEGOOD, Williamcarpenterh 33 Carter's Hill
HOPKINS, Augustusshoemakerbds 47 New Gower
HOPKINS, Janewid Henryh Young
HOPKINS, Richardboarding house47 New Gower
HOPKINS, Richardcarpenterh 69 George
HOPKINS, Richardlaborerh 22 Belvidere
HOPKINS, Robert Ccarpenterbds 47 New Gower
HOPKINS, William Tseamanbds 22 Belvidere
HOOLAHAN, Michaellaborerbds 10 Catherine
HOOKEY, Elilaborerh 9 George
HOOKEY, Jamesseamanh Boncloddy
HOOKEY, Johnlaborerh 38 Cabot
HOOKEY, John Jr.cabinet makerbds 38 Cabot
HOOKEY, Joshuatelegraph operatorh Holdeworth[sic][
HOOKEY, Samuelship-carpenterh 80 Patrick
HOOPER, Elizabethwid Charlesbds 18 Dammerill's Lane
HOOPER, Thomasseamanh 18 Dammerill's Lane
HOOPER, Williamlaborerh 88 Vey's Lane r George
HORT, Georgesalesmanh Long's Hill
HORWOOD, Ephraim Jasstorekeeperh Freshwater Road
HORWOOD, Fredof Campbell Lumber Coh 90 Pleasant
HORWOOD, John P.salesmanh Cathedral Hill
HORWOOD, Reubenlumber surveyorh 156 Pleasant
h Cathedral Hill
HORWOOD, Williamcooperh 117 LeMarchant Road
HORWOOD, WilliamBarrister and Solicitor, Renouf Building, Cathedral Hillh do
HOSKINS, Johnstonemasonbds Bully
HOSKINS, John Jr.stonemasonh Bully
HOTVILLE, Ernesttinsmithbds 93 New Gower
HOTVILLE, Georgesea captain and grocer, 93 New Gowerh do
HOTVILLE, Williamsea captainh 44 Colonial
HOTVILLE, William H.master marinerh 93 Gower
HOUSE, Johnlaborerh Livingstone
HOUSE, Josephof Strong & Househ Theater Hill
HOWARD, Jacobcarmanh Quidi Vidi
HOWARD, Marywid Robertbds Quidi Vidi
HOWARD, Patrick J.sea captainh Woods
HOWARD, Williamfishermanh Quidi Vidi
HOWE, Israellaborerh Bannerman
HOWELL, Ambroseseamanh Spencer
HOWELL, Charleslaborerh 12 Simms
HOWELL, Georgecoachmanh 100 Barnes' Road
HOWELL, Leandreshipwrighth 14 Pope
HOWELLS, Thomasseamanh College Square
HOWELL, Williamcarpenterh 14 Belvidere
HOWLETT, Johnsalesmanh Freshwater Road
HOWLETT, Marygrocer, 8 Duckworthh do
HOWLETT, StephenR R brakemanh 8 Duckworth
HOWLEY, Hannahwid Alexanderbds 21 Hayward Avenue
HOWLEY, Jamessurveyorh 5 Military Road
HOWLEY, William R.barristerbds 5 Military Road
HOWYE, Israellaborerh Bannerman
HUDSON, Charles K.salesmanh 16 William
HUDSON, Elizabethwid Philiph 16 William
HUDSON, Georgeclerkbds Cabot
HUDSON, Georgelaborerh Gilbert
HUDSON, Georgeporterh Cabot
HUDSON, Georgeturnkey penitentiaryh Circular Road
HUDSON, George Tsalesmanh 93 Hamilton
HUDSON, Johannawid Arthurh Cabot
HUDSON, Johncabinet makerh Gilbert
HUDSON, Johnlaborerh 29 Rossiter's Lane
HUDSON, Matthewlaborerh Gower
HUDSON, Matthewlaborerh 231 Lewis' Lane
HUDSON, Philip Hclerkbds 16 William
HUGHES, Johnsanitary inspectorh 20 Belvidere
HUGHES, Robertcarpenterbds 20 Belvidere
HUMPHRIES, GeorgeconstableFort Townshend
HUMPHREY, Jamesseamanh 29 Rossiter's Lane
HUNT, Mrs. Ebenezer
h Livingstone
HUNT, Elizabethwid Roberth Freshwater Road
HUNT, Jamesbutcherh Cookstown
HUNT, James G.Broker and Commission Merchant, 315 Waterh 88 Barnes Road
HUNT, Jessecarpenterbds Dick's Square
HUNT, Johnseamanbds Long's Hill
HUNTER, Edward G.bookkeeperh 100 Pleasant
HURLEY, Ambroselaborerbds 352 Duckworth
HURLEY, Annwid JohnQueens Road
HURLEY, Franciswid Roberth 83 Patrick
HURLEY, Franciscabinet makerbds 342 Duckworth
HURLEY, Jamestailorh 5 Mullok
HURLEY, Mrs James
h 329 Water, w
HURLEY, Johannaboarding house352 Duckworth
HURLEY, Marywid Williamh Young
HURLEY, Mauricelaborerh 31 Patrick
HURLEY, Patricklaborerh 352 Duckworth
HURLEY, Robertlaborerh 29 Quidi Vidi
HURLEY, Williamlaborerbds Queen
HURRELL, Williamlaborerh Lime
HUSH, Johnengineerh Brazil Square
HUSKINS, Davidstorekeeperh Pilot's Hill
HUSSEY, Edwardlaborerh Spencer
HUSSEY, Israellaborerh Young
HUSSEY, Johnlaborerh Field
HUSSEY, Josephcooperh Parade
HUSSEY, Joshuacarpenterh 53 Casey's
HUSSEY, LeviconstableFort Townshend
HUSSEY, Williamlaborerh Cabot
HUSSEY, Williamlaborerh 48 Casey's Lane
HUTTON, Charlesaccountanth Military Road
HUTCHINGS,[sic]constableFort Townshend
HUTCHINS, Arthursalesmanbds Casey's Block, South Side
HUTCHINGS, Charlessailmaker26 George h Freshwater Road
HUTCHINGS, Charlessalesmanh Bell
HUTCHINGS, Charles H.Barrister and Solicitor, Total Abstinence Hallh 102 Le Marchant Road
HUTCHINGS, Ernest Mclerkh Circular Road
HUTCHINGS, George Aagent Job Brosh Circular Road
HUTCHINGS, George Bsalesmanh 46 Scott
HUTCHINGS, Henrysalesmanh 26 Queen's Road
HUTCHINGS, Isaaccarpenterh Livingstone
HUTCHINGS, Jamesaccountanth Circular Road
HUTCHINGS, Jameslaborerh 60 Mullock
HUTCHINGS, Johnsailmaker, 26 Georgeh do
h Military Road
HUTTON, Charlesaccountantbds 42 Military Road
HUTTON, Elizabethwid Georgeh 42 Military Road
HYNES, Ellenwid Patrickh 8 Stephens
HYNES, JamesAuctioneer and Commission Merchant, 4 Waldegraveh 12 Duggan
HYNES, Johncarpenterh 116 Casey's
HYNES, Johnlaborerh 31 Cuddihey's
HYNES, Johnlaborerh Le Marchant Road
HYNES, Matthewcarpenterh 28 Stephen
HYNES, Richardcarpenterh 353 Duckworth

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