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Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - J

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by SUE O'NEILL ~ January 2002 from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

JACKMAN, Bridgetwid Williamh 28 Brien
JACKMAN, Catherinewid Thomash 41 Wickford
JACKMAN, Edward MTailor and Gent's Furnisher 364 Water h 45 Springdale
JACKMAN, Francisseamanh 33 Angel Place
JACKMAN, Jamessalesmanh 28 Brien, w
JACKMAN, Johnblacksmithh 38 Pleasant
JACKMAN, Johnsea captainh 214 New Gower
JACKMAN, Mary Annwid Jamesh 8 Princess
JACKMAN, Michaelseamanh 17 Holdsworth
JACKMAN, Philipsanitary inspectorh 88 Pleasant
JACKMAN, Philipwharfingerh 105 New Gower
JACKMAN, Thos P. grocer360 Water h Brien
JACKMAN, Tobiaslaborerh 35 Angel Place
JACKMAN, Williamcarpenterh 6 Brennan's Lane
JACKMAN, Williamlaborerh 39 Princess
JACKMAN, Rev. Wm.St. Patrick's R Ch 28 Patrick
JACK, Elizabethwid Alexanderh 67 Military Road
JACKSON, JohnThorburn & Tessier, salesman
JACOBS, Georgemarble cutterbds 19 James
JACOBS, Jamesshoemakerh 9 College Square
JACOBS, Samuelbook agenth 73 New Gower
JACOBS, Simeonfishermanh 9 Carew
JACOBSON, A.agent for Colonial Potrait Cobds 131 George
JAMES, Breen Jr.painterh York
JAMES, Janewid Thomas Ch 24 Bannerman
JAMES, Johnseamanh Harvey Road
JAMES, Patrickgrocer, 12 New Gowerbds 16 do
JAMES, Williamseamanbds 5 Goodview
JAMES, Williamcrockeryware298 Water
JANES, Alexandertinsmithh Goodview
JANES, Charleslaborerh 45 Moore
JANES, Elicarpenterh 16 James
JANES, Frederickcooperh 10 Hutchings
JANES, Henrylaborerh 14 Wickford
JANES, Jamesclerkbds 14 Wickford
JANES, Jameswatchmakerh 28 Pleasant
JANES, Johncarpenterh 44 Cabot
JANES, Johnlaborerh 38 Casey
JANES, Johnstorekeeperh 68 Cochrane
JANES, Josiahlaborerh Spencer
JANES, Leonardcarpenterbds 25 Plymouth Road
JANES, Moseslaborerh 25 Plymouth Road
JANES, Moseslaborerh 14 Goodview
JANES, Moses Rcooperbds 25 Plymouth Road
JANES, Peterlaborerh 14 Sebastian
JANES, Reubenplumberh 50 Alexander
JANES, Theophiluslaborerbds Spencer
JANES, Thomaslaborerbds Spencer
JANES, Wmexpressmanh 14 Goodview
JARDINE, Anniewid Williamh 48 Plank
JARDINE, Fredericksalesmanh 48 Brien
JARDINE, Gracewid Roberth 53 Patrick
JARDINE, Jamesexaminer customsh Cochrane
JEANS, Bernardlaborerh South Side, e
JEANS, Elilaborerh 16 James
JEANS, Frederickcooperh 10 Hutchings
JEANS, George Psalesmanh 172 Le Marchant Road
JEANS, Henrylaborerh 190 Water, w
JEANS, Johnblacksmithh Pleasant
JEANS, Johnfishermanh Pilot's Hill
JEANS, Johnstorekeeperh 68 Cochrane
JEANS, John Ptidewaiter customsh Prescott
JEANS, Moseslaborerh 25 Plymouth
JEANS, Williamcarterbds 28 Pleasant
JENNINGS, Georgecarpenterh Prospect
JENNINGS, Mary Janevariety, Prospecth do
JARRETT & SEARLEbuilders and contractorsQueens
JERRET, Williamof Jerrett & Searleh Henry
JEWER, Jamessea captainh 39 John
JEWER, Thomasengineerh 39 John
JOB Brothers & Co.General Importers and Exporters, Ship and SS owners and Ins Agts, 137 and 139 Water
JOB, S.E.of Job Bros & Coh Liverpool, G B
JOB. T.R.of Job Bros & Coh Liverpool, G B
JOB, William C.of Job Bros & Coh 3 Park Place, Rennie's Mill Road
JOHNS, Augustmaster marinerh Young
JOHNSON, Abrahamseamanh 31 Goodview
JOHNSON, Albertblacksmthh Belvidere
JOHNSON, Andrewfishermanh 50 McFarlane's Lane
JOHNSON, Elizabethwid Jamesh Circular Road
JOHNSON, GEORGE MQ C, chief clerk house assemblybds Torbay Road
JOHNSON, Harrietgrocer, 28 Belvedereh do
JOHNSON, Johnlaborerbds 48 McFarlane's Lane
JOHNSON, Johnseamanh 27 Mullock
JOHNSON, Percyof Johnson & Westbds Monkstown Road
JOHNSON, Robertlaborerh 10 Codner
JOHNSON, Robertlaborerh 48 McFarlane's Lane
JOHNSON, Thomaslaborerh 60 McFarlane's Lane
JOHNSON & WESTcommission merchants and insurance agents9 Water, w
JOHNSON, Williamfishermanh 55 Cabot
JOHNSTON, Anniewid Johnh 88 Hamilton
JOHNSTON, Charlesclerkh Gower
JOHNSTONE, Charleslaborerh Gower
JOHNSTON, DavidAmerican Telegraph Co check clerkh Neagle's Hill
JOHNSTON, Edwardblacksmithh 4 Hunt's Lane, Water, e
JOHNSTON, Elizabethwid Christopherh 13 Waldegrave
JOHNSTONE, Henrypedlerh 31 Barter's Hill
JOHNSTON, Jacobstonecutterh 28 Hagarty's Lane
JOHNSTON, James Rcarpenterh 28 Belvidere
JOHNSTON, Johnlaborerh Field
JOHNSTON, Johnseamanh 17 Rossiter's Lane
JOHNSTON, Robt GMerchant Tailor, 300 1/2 Waterh 7 Queen
JOHNSTON, Thomastannerh cook
JOLLIFFE, Jameslaborerh Carter's Hill
JOLLIFFE, Jamesmaster marinerh 178 Le Marchant Road
JONES, Johannawid Jamesh 34 Quidi Vidi Road
JONES, Richardseamanh 14 Hutchings
JONES, Thomaslatherbds 192 New Gower
JONES, William E.salesmanbds 126 Water
JONKAS, Archibaldlaborerh Duckworth, e
JORDAN, Andrew P.provisions and groceries, Water, eh do
JORDAN, Jamestailorh 205 New Gower
JORDAN, James A.of P Jordan & Sonh Springdale Terrace
JORDAN, Patrick W.of P Jordan & Sonh Springdale Terrace
JORDAN, P. & SonTailors and Clothiers, 340 Water
JORDAN, William J.salesmanbds Water, e
JOST, George H.architectbds "Popular House," Monkstown Road
JOST, Velliecaptain Salvation Armyh 106 LeMarchant Road
JOY, Miss Bridgetdressmakerh 36 Buchanan
JOY, Jamesmaster marinerh Victoria
JOY, Janewid Thomash 32 Princess
JOY, Johnlaborerh Field
JOY, Johncity watchmanh Freshwater Road
JOY, Josephlaborerh 26 Springdale
JOY, Michael Asalesmanh George
JOY, Patrickapp plumberh Freshwater Road
JOY, Richardmaster marinerh 99 New Gower
JOY, Williamlaborerh 32 Princess
JOY, Williamplastererbds Bond
JOY, Williamsalesmanh 7 Victoria
JOYCE, Georgesalesmanh 37 Patrick
JOYCE, Mary Annnurse, hospitalQuidi Vidi Road
JOYCE, Selby R.salesmanh 37 Patrick
JUDGE, Frankmasonh Beaumond
JUDGE, Marywid Johnh 130 Casey's
JUDGE, Petercarpenterh 22 Thomas

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