NLGenWeb 1894 McAlpines Directory

Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - K

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by SUE O'NEILL ~ January 2002 from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

KANE, Alexanderlaborerh Long's Hill
KANE, Charlesseamanh Long's Hill
KANE, Edwardlaborerh Holloway
KANE, Jamesseamanh 22 James
KANE, Johnshoemakerh 85 Lime
KANE, Johnshoemakerh 91 Monkstown Road
KANE, John Jr.shoemakerbds 83 Livingstone
KANE, Levifiremanh 49 Colonial
KANE, Margaretgrocer, 91 Monkstownh do
KANE, Marywid Thomash 83 Lime
KANE, Matthewshoemakerbds Holdsworth
KANE, Mauricelaborerh 198 Water, e
KANE, Mauricelaborerh Holloway
KANE, Owenmerchant tailor, 69 Georgeh do
KANE, PatrickconstableFort Townshend
KANE, Patricklaborerh 243 1/2 Water, w
KANE, Stephenlaborerh 234 New Gower
KANE, Sylvestercarmanbds 9 Barnes' Place
KANE, Thomaslaborerh 9 Barnes' Place
KANE, Thomaslaborerh Holloway
KATES, RichardlaborerH 25 Goodview
KATES, Robertlaborerbds 9 College Square
KAVANAGH, Anniedressmakerh Bond
KAVANAGH, Arthurlaborerh 181 Le Marchant Road
KAVANAGH, Edwardlaborerh 28 Bond
KAVANAGH, Edlaborerh Dreelan's Well Road
KAVANAGH, Fannywid Edwardh 14 Gorman Lane
KAVANAGH, Garrettstorekeeperh Colonial
KAVANAGH, Jamesdrug clerkbds Colonial
KAVANAGH, Jameslaborerh Dreelan's Well Road
KAVANAGH, Johncooperh York
KAVANAGH, Johnof Hearn & Coh Colonial
KAVANAGH, Johnlaborerh 181 Le Marchant Road
KAVANAGH, Josephlaborerh 222 Water, w
KAVANAGH, Patrickcooperbds 102 George
H 4 Sheehan's Shute
KAVANAGH, ThomasChemist and Druggist Water, e h Water
KAVANAGH, Thomasdriverh Bannerman
KAVANAGH, Thomaslaborerh 12 Sheehan's Shute
KAVANAGH, Williamlaborerh Livingstone
KEAN, Bridgetwid Michaelh 4 Holdsworth
KEANE, Johnfishermanh 3 Colonial
KEARNEY, Edwardcarmanh Plank Road
KEARNEY, JohnArmy and Navy Depot Wines and Spirits, 119 Duckworthh do
KEARNEY, Miss Maryseamstressh 14 Gorman's Lane
KEARNEY, Marywid John Jh 53 Military Road
KEARNEY, Mary Awid Michaelh 112 Casey's
KEARNEY, Michaelsailmakerbds 83 Monkstown Road
KEARNEY, Owen Mlaw Studenth Burton's Pond
KEARNEY, Richardfiremanh 14 Sebastian
KEARNEY, Richardsea captainh 83 Monkstown Road
KEARNEY, Williamclerkbds 83 Monkstown Road
KEARSEY, Jamestruckmanh Field
KEARSEY, Johnlaborerh Field
KEATING, Jameslaborerh York
KEATING, Johncarpenterh 3 Lime
KEATING, Johnclerkh 81 Military Road
KEATING, Johncooperh 303 Water, w
KEATON, Johnlaborerh 103 New Gower
KEATING, Petershoemakerbds 103 New Gower
KEATING, Miss Sarahmatron Penitentiary
KEATING, ThomasWines and Spirits, Water, eh do
KEEFE, Jameslaborerh Livingstone
KEEFE, Johnblacksmithh 15 Bates
KEEFE, Johnblacksmithh 22 Colonial
KEEFE, Johnblacksmithh Beck's Cove Hill
KEEFE, Marywid John, confectioner, 186 New Gowerh do
KEEFE, Michaelfiremanh Bannerman
KEEFE, Michaelmeat marketh 42 Hutchings
KEEFE, Michaelshoemakerh 132 Water, w
KEEFE, Michaelvarieties and carpenter, 11 Bondh do
KEEFE, Patrick Jcarpenterbds 185 New Gower
KEEFE, Petercarmanh Flemming, e
KEEFE, RichardconstableFort Townshend
KEEFE, Josephcarmanh 196 Water, w
KEELY, Katewid Michaelh 6 Sebastian
KEELY, Williamcabinet makerh Cuddihy
KEENAN, Andrewcabmanh 87 Monkstown Road
KEEPING, Benjamintelegraph operatorh 216 Gower
KEEPING, Hughmaster marinerh Gower
KEGAN, Lawrence Ephysician, Duckworthh do
KEHOE, MichaelBoot and Shoe Maker, 300 Waterh do
KELLIGREE, Juliawid Williamh 74 Cochrane
KELLIGREW, Rosanwid Thomash 71 Lime
KELLY, Annwid Johnh 33 Goodwin
KELLY, Mrs Charlesboarding house12 Water, w
KELLY, Edmundsalesmanh 118 Hamilton
KELLY, Edwardlaborerh 38 Carter's Hill
KELLY, Francislaborerh 277 Water, w
KELLY, Henryboot and shoe maker, Cookstownh do
KELLY, Jamescabmanh 144 Le Marchant
KELLY, Jascarpenterh Gower
KELLY, Jamescooperh Livingstone
KELLY, Jamesgrocer &c, Duckworthh do
KELLY, Jamessalesmanh 10 New Gower
KELLY, JamesBoot and Shoe Maker, Barnes Roadh do
KELLY, Jeffryturnkey penitentiaryh Boat House Road
KELLY, JohnconstableFort Townshend
KELLY, Johnfarmerh South Side Riverhead
KELLY, Johnlaborerh 12 Carew
KELLY, Johnlaborerh 20 Casey's
KELLY, John jrlaborerbds 12 Carew
KELLY, Johnshoemakerbds 33 Goodview
KELLY, Johnstonecutterbds Colonial
KELLY, John Pmaster cooperh 48 Victoria
KELLY, Katevariety, Boat House Roadh do
KELLY, Lawrenceboilermakerh Cabot, off Carter's Hill
KELLY, Marktailorh Goodview
KELLY, Martinseamanh 20 Princess
h Prescott
KELLY, MichaelfarmerWaterford Bridge Road
KELLY, Michaellaborerbds 12 Carew
KELLY , Michaeltailor, Water h 156 Military Road
KELLY, Mosescooperh Boggin's Lane
KELLY, Nicholascooperh 50 George
KELLY, Patrickcustom tailor, Water, e h 156 Military Road
KELLY, Patrickgrocer, 42 New Gowerh do
KELLY, Patricksalesmanh 118 Hamilton
KELLY, Patricktinsmithh Neagle's Hill
KELLY, P WSec'ty Municipal Councilh 4 Mullock
KELLY, Richardcooperh 129 George
KELLY, Thomascarmanh 12 Casey's
KELLY, Thomascooperh 38 Buchanan
KELLY, Thomastidewaiter customsh Colonial
KELLY, Thomas jrseamanbds Colonial
KELLY, Walterclerkbds 4 Mullock
KELLY, Williamboarding house16 New Gower
KELLY, Williamclerkh Victoria
KELLY, Williamlaborerh 41 Larkin's Square
KELLY, Williamsailmakerh 90 Veys Lane r Georges
KELLY, Williamtidewaiter customsh Colonial
KELLY, Williamvarieties and collector, Victoriah do
KELLY, William O Dbarrister and solicitorh 4 Mullock
KELLY, William P.clerk councilh 4 Mullock
KEMP, Juleswatchmanh 83 Hamilton
KENDALL, Ernest H.physician, Duckworthh do
KENDRICK, Johnmaster marinerh 22 Buchanan
KENNA, JamesfarmerBryant's Hill
KENNA, James Jclerk telegraph officeh King's Bridge Road
KENNA, Thomasfarmerh Bryant's Hill
KENNEALLY, Georgeseamanh 83 r George
KENNEALLY, Josephleather cutterh 204 New Gower
KENNEALLY, Patrickgardenerh 38 Bannerman
KENNEDY, Archibaldlaborerh South Side, e
KENNEDY, Danielpainterh 10 Rossiter's Lane
KENNEDY, Edmundplastererh Henry
KENNEDY, EdwardconstableFort Townshend
KENNEDY, Edwardfishermanh 6 Stephen's
KENNEDY, Edwardlaborerh 179 LeMarchant Road
KENNEDY, Edwardlaborerh 339 Water, w
KENNEDY, Ellenwid Patrickh Circular Road
KENNEDY, Georgefiremanh 34 Thomas
KENNEDY, Hughboots and shoes, 80 New Gowerh do
KENNEDY, Jamescarpenterh 68 Cabot
KENNEDY, Jamesclerkh 44 Pleasant
KENNEDY, Jamescooperh 35 McDougald
KENNEDY, Jameslaborerh 12 Brennan's Lane
KENNEDY, Jameslaborerh Woods
KENNEDY, JasWines and Spirits, Water, eh do
KENNEDY, Johnseamanh 12 James
KENNEDY, Johnseamanh 14 Lime
KENNEDY, Johnseamanh 17 Waldegrove
KENNEDY & MALONE,Clothiers and Merchant TailorsWater, e
KENNEDY, Marywid Jamesh 10 Rossiter's Lane
KENNEDY, Marywid Patrickh Murphy's Square
KENNEDY, Michaellaborerh Dock Premises, South Side, e
KENNEDY, Michaelplastererh Henry
KENNEDY, Patrickof Kennedy & Maloneh 70 Patrick
KENNEDY, Patricktailorh Queen's Road
KENNEDY, Robertlaborerh 179 LeMarchant Road
KENNEDY, Stephenlaborerbds College Square
KENNEY, Thomaslaborerh 35 Flower Hill
KENNEDY, Thomaslaborerh 231 Lewis Lane
KENNEDY, Thomaswharfingerh 44 Pleasant
KENNEDY, Thomas Cbook agenth 89 Hamilton
KENNEDY, Thomas Cgrocer, King's Bridge Road h 37 Military Road
KENNEDY, Thomas Pshoemakerh 12 Lion's Square
KENNEDY, William Jpatternmakerh Hamilton
KENNY, Carolinewid Thomash Cochrane
KENNY, Davidcooperh 77 New Gower
KENNY, F Jplumberh 15 Adelaide
KENNY, Jamesbakerh 17 Bannerman
KENNEY, Jamescarriage makerh Water
KENNY, Jamescooper, 12 George h 12 William's Lane
KENNY, Mrs Jamesgrocer, 20 Waterh do
KENNY, Johnlaborerh 259 Water, w
KENNY, Josephsalesmanh Cochrane
KENNY, Michaelsailmakerh 75 Pleasant
KENNY, Michaelcooperbds 95 New Gower
KENNY, Patricktailorh 13 James
KENNEY, Williamcooperh 41 Hamilton
KENNY, William Asalesmanbds 69 New Gower
KENT, Edwardshoemakerh Water, w
KENT, James Eclerk Commercial Bankh 97 Military Road
KENT, James Mof J & J Kenth 13 Monkstown Road
KENT, Johncooperh 303 Water, w
KENT, John Pof J & J Kenth 13 Monkstown Road
KENT, J & JBarristers and Solicitors, Duckworth cor Cathedral
KENT, Matthew NUndertaker and Carriage Builder, 350 Water, wh do
KENT, Michaelboiler makerh 348 Water, w
KENT, Nicholasfarmerbds Quidi Vidi Road
KENT, Peterlaborerh 41 Richmond
KENT, Peterseamanh 35 Princess
KENT, Philipcarmanbds Murray
KENT, Thomasfarmerh Quidi Vidi Road
KENT, Thomasgrocer210 Quidi Vidi Road
KENT, Williampensionerh 115 Quidi Vid Road
KENT, Williammaster marinerh 68 New Gower
KENT, William JEvening Herald business managerh Duckworth
KENT , William Jgrocer, 136 New Gowerh do
KOUGH, Edwardshipwrighth 123 George
KEOUGH, Geo JGrocer and Liquors2 Queen and 362 Water
KEOUGH, Jamesseamanh 14 Brien
KEOUGH, Johnlaborerh 48 Wickford
KEOUGH, John Dcarpenterh 123 George
KEOUGH, John Jclerkbds Military Road
KEOUGH, Patrickapp plumberh 22 Parade Ground
KEOUGH, Patrick
bds Bryant's Hill
KEOUGH, Thosbarristerh King's Bridge, Military Road
KEOUGH, Thomassea captainbds 16 New Gower
KEOUGH, Thomas Jsalesmanh 2 Holdsworth
KEOUGH, Williamcooperh Chappel
KEOUGH, Williamlaborerh 52 Larkin's Square
KEPPIE, Georgeengineerh 3 Forest Road
KERBY, Johnfishermanh Brazil's Square
KERR, Alexanderfarmerh 46 Mullock
KERR, Marygrocer, 46 Mullockh do
KERWIN, Edwardlaborerh South Side, w
KERWIN, Jamesseamanh 23 Pleasant
KERWIN, Mrs Mary
h Field
KERWIN, Michaellaborerh 10 Stephen's
KERWIN, Williamlaborerh South Side, w
KICKEY, Michaellaborerh Brazil's Square
KIDD, GEORGE Emanager Wm Stephen & Co., 12 Adelaide h 42 LeMarchant Road
KIDNEY, Jeremiah (Monroes)cooperh 23 Hamilton
KIELY, Ed Jclerkh Duckworth, e
KIELY, Jamessea captainh 3 Knight
KIELY, Jamesvarieties, 164 Le Marchant Roadh do
KIELY, Johnfishermanh 35 Bannerman
KIELY, Johnwatchmanh 22 Convent Square
KIELY, Margaretwid Jamesh Signal Hill Road
KIELY, Williampainterbds 29 James
KIELY, William and sign painter, 84 New Gowerh do
KIND, Thomasoilerh 50 Alexander
KING, AlexanderfarmerLogy Bay Road
KING, Alexanderwatchmakerh Cook
KING, Alfredwatchmakerh 12 Barter's Hill
KING, Annaniasseamanh young
KING, Danielfishermanh 90 Casey's
KING, Davidgrocer, Gowerh do
KING, Davidfishermanh Cahill's Point, South Side
KING, Elilaborerh Long's Hill
KING, Elisalesmanh 136 1/2 Casey's
KING, Georgelaborerh 136 1/2 Casey's
KING, Jameslaborerh Prospect
KING, Jeremiahlaborerh Goodview
KING, Johncooperbds 90 Casey's
KING, Johnlaborerbds 26 Forest Road
KING, Juliawid Jamesh 5 Damerill's Lane
KING, Matthewshipwrighth Boncloddy
KING, Michaellaborerbds King's Road
KING, Noahlaborerh 43 Cabot
KING, Patricklaborerbds 26 Forest Road
KING, Philipcarpenterh cook
KING, Raymondshipwrighth Spencer
KING, Samuelstewardh 132 Casey's
KING, Solomonriggerh 4 Carnell
KING, Williamengineerh 24 Bannerman
KING, Williamfishermanh 26 Forest Road
KING, Williamfishermanh Cahill's Point, South Side
KING, Williamsalesmanh Young
KING, William Hcarpenterh Livingstone
KINNEAR, Johnlaborerh 23 James
KINNEAR, Patrickcoachmanbds 23 James
KINSELLA, Daniellaborerh King's Bridge Road
KINSELLA, John Wpost office traveling clerkh 34 King's Bridge Road
KIRBY, Isaacfishermanh Belvidere
KIRBY, Jameslaborerh 11 Sheehan
KIRBY, Philipcooperh Brazil Square
KIRKLAND, Georgebrass finisherh Hamilton Avenue
KITCHIN, Mary Jwid Thomash 45 Hayward Avenue
KNAPP, Rev Chasprincipal Theological CollegeForest Road
KNEE, Georgecarpenterh 22 Bond
KNEE, Martincarpenterh Bond
KNIGHT, Allencarpenterh 2 Brazil's Square
KNIGHT, Amosshipwrighth Cook
KNIGHT, Archibald H.builder and contractor, Henryh do
KNIGHT, Arthurbarrister and solicitorh Spring Cottege, Leslie
KNIGHT, Charlesshipwrighth 27 William
KNIGHT, EbenezercarpenterLogy Bay Road
KNIGHT, Edwardshipwrighth 94 George
KNIGHT, Edwin Jstorekeeperh Gower
KNIGHT, Frederick Wbookeeperh South Side, w
KNIGHT, F Stidewaiter customsh 26 King's Bridge
KNIGHT, Herbert E.barrister, office 315 Water, wh 47 Monkstown Rd
KNIGHT, Jas Rcommission merchant, office 315 Waterh Queen's Road
KNIGHT, Michael F.MHAh Rennie's Mill Road
KNIGHT, Silas Gmanufacturer,Mundy Pond Road h Gower
KNIGHT, Stephencashier Savings Bankh Barnes Road
KNIGHT, Stephenengineerh 342 Duckworth
KNIGHT, Williamlaborerh 34 Convent Square
KNIGHT, Williammaster marinerh Spring Cottage, Leslie
KNOWLING, GeoGen Merchant, 223, 225, 227 and 389 Water, w and Water, e h Silverton, Waterford Bridge Road
KNOWLING, Johnfiremanh 22 Patrick
KNOWLING, Michaelshoemaker
KNOWLING, Philipsalesmanh Silverton, Waterford Bridge Road
KNOX, Patricklaborerh Le Marchant Road
KNOX, Williamlaborerh 29 Plymouth
KOCH, Ernesttailorbds 332 Water

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