NLGenWeb 1894 McAlpines Directory

Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - L

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by SUE O'NEILL ~ January 2002 from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

LACEY, Jameslaborerh 38 Porter's Hill
LACY, Janewid Simonbds 25 Plymouth Road
LACEY, JohnwatchMakerh 146 Le Marchant Road
LACY, Martinlaborerh Circular Road
LACY, Richardsea captainh 50 Wickford
LAHEY, Jamestailorh 36 Colonial
LAKE, Johnfishermanh 3 Duggans
LAKE, Josephcarpenterh 14 Brien
LAKE, Mrs Solomon
h Limestone
LAKEMAN, Annwid Williamh Wood
LAMB, Margaretwid Williamh 37 Angel Place
LAMB, Nathaniellaborerh Field
LAMBERT, Georgecarpenterh 59 Carter's Hill
LAMBERT, Lukefishermanh 3 Carew
LAMBLE, Williamblacksmithh Merry Meeting Road
LAMEY, Annwid Michaelh 30 Barnes' Road
LAMDY, Edwardtailorbds 32 Plank Road
LANDY, Mrs James
h 32 Plank
LANE, Davidfishermanh 8 Goodview
LANE, Marywid Thomash Quidi Vidi Road
LANE, Thomas Dstationerbds 47 New Gower
LANE, Timothyclerk telegraph coh Quidi Vidi Road
LANE, Timothy Dstationer, 357 Duckworthh do
LANE, William Dmaster marinerh Long's Hill
LANERGAN, Johncooperh 112 George
LANG, Charlesshoemakerh 14 Adelaide
LANG, Elizabethgrocer, 14 Adelaideh do
LANGMEAD, Branscombe Swatchmakerbds 204 Water
LANGMEAD, Francisfishermanh 15 Carew
LANGMEAD, Georgewatchmaker and jeweller, 294 Waterh do
LANGTON, Edwardsalesmanh Forest Road
LANNON, Jameslaborerbds 6 Damerill's Lane
LANNON, Matthewlaborerh 7 Carter's Hill
LANNON, Patrickseamanh Carter's Hill
LANNIGAN, Johnwharfingerh Bowring's Premises, South Side
LANNIGAN, Thomas plastererbds 452 Duckworth
LANNIGAN, Williamcooperh South Side
LARACEY, Jamesgrocer, 328 Waterh do
LARACY, Patricksalesmanh 328 Water,w
LARKIN, Edwardclerkbds 126 New Gower
LARKIN, Edwardfishermanh 23 Plymouth Road
LARKIN, Jameslaborerh 35 McDougald
LARKINS, Johncooperh 38 Larkin's Square
LARKIN, Johnplastererbds Gower
LARKIN, Johnwater collectorh Queen's Road
LARKINS, Michaelcooperh 42 Larkin's Square
LARKINS, Thomasmessengerh Queen's Road
LARSON, Charlescarmanh 47 Pleasant
LAURIE, Williammaster marinerat Thorburn & Tessirs
LAWLOR, Edwardconstableh Cabot
LAWLOR, Edwardcooperh 32 Pleasant
LAWLOR, Jamescabmanbds Duckworth, e
LAWLOR, Johannawid Lawrenceh Duckworth, e
LAWLOR, Johngas lighterh 45 Plank
LAWLOR, Lawrenceblacksmithbds 52 Wickford
LAWLOR, Michaelclerkh 357 Duckworth
LAWLOR, Michael Fclerkh 13 New Gower
LAWLOR, Nicholascooperh 76 Water, w
LAWLOR, Patrickcooperh 32 Pleasant
LAWLOR, Thomaslaborerh 22 Hayward Avenue
LAWLOR, Thomaslaborerh 52 Wickford
LASH, Bridgetwid Frederickbds Cochrane
LASH, Johnaccountanth Cochrane
LASH, Nortimer GActioneer, Commission Merchant, Etc., 303 Waterh do
LASH, Williamclerkh 5 Maxse
LASH, William Haccountanth Rennie's Mill Road
LAWRENCE, Alfredtraderh 104 Pleasant
LAWRENCE BrothersCarriage BuildersGower
LAWRENCE, Dennisblacksmithh 35 Hayward Avenue
LAWRENCE, George Scarpenterh Prescott
LAWRENCE, Jamesaccountanth 104 Pleasant
LAWRENCE, James Mof Lawrence Brosh Hayward Avenue
LAWRENCE, Johncoffee house1 Holdsworth
LAWRENCE, Thomasblacksmithh 35 Hayward Avenue
LAWRENCE, Thomasof Lawrence Brosh 33 Hayward Avenue
LAWRENCE, Thomasforemanh 56 King's Bridge Road
LAWRIE, Jamestelegraph operatorbds 41 Monkstown road
LAWRIE, Robertclerkh 41 Monkstown Road
LAWRIE, William clerkbds 41 Monkstown Road
LAWRIE, William Jengineer's assistanth 41 Monkstown Road
LATHER, Nicholascooperh 76 Water, w
LAY, Emmawid Richardh Belvidere
LAYMAN, Gregoryseamanh 90 George
LAYMAN, Williamshoemakerh 26 Joy Place
LEADSTONE, Williamlaborerh Hayward Avenue
LEAHY, Jamestailorbds Colonial
LEAHY, Marywid Martinh Colonial
LEAHY, Patrickfishermanbds Bannerman
LEAMON, Johnof Dicks & Coh 25 Monkstown Road
LEAR, Robert Jlaborerbds 7 Dammerill's Lane
LEARD, Josiahbuilder and contractorh Victoria
LEARIE, Johnengineerbds 36 Brien
LEARY, Catherinewid Jamesh 9 Plymouth Road
LEARY, Daniellaborerh 75 Casey's
LEARY, EdwardvarietiesLong's Hill h Long Hill
LEARY, Francissea captainh 8 Rossiter's Lane
LEARY, Johannawid Matthewh 6 Pleasant
LEARY, Johnaccountanth 34 Long's Hill
LEARY, Johncarpenterbds Gower
LEARY, John(Terra Nova Foundry), engineer
LEARY, Johnfishermanh 307 Water, w
LEARY, Johnlaborerh 86 1/2 Casey's
LEARY, Margaretliquors, Gowerh do
LEARY, Michaelfishermanh Bond
LEARY, Michaellaborerh 6 Goodview
LEARY, Michaellaborerh 21 Fleming
LEARY, Michaelsalesmanh 34 Long's Hill
LEARY, Richardseamanbds 9 Plymouth Road
LEARY, Thomasblacksmithh 11 Jobs
LEARY, Thomaslaborerh 53 McFarlane's Lane
LEARNING, Albertbarberh 5 Sebastian
LEARNING, Fredericklaborerh 31 Mullock
LEARNING, Georgecarpenterh 31 Mullock
LEARNING, Jameslaborerh 32 Colonial
LEDINGHAM, JohnTerra Nova Foundry, Engine and Boiler WorksWater, e h 35 Military Road
LEDREW, Calebcarpenterh 35 Wickford
LEDREW, Georgecarpenterbds 16 Goodview
LEDREW, Hannahboarding houseGower
LEDREW, Jonascarpenterbds Cabot
LEDREW, Robertseamanh South Side, e
LEDREW, Samuelshoemakerh South Side, e
LEDREW, Williamlaborerb Cabet[sic]
LEDREW, Williamlaborerh South Side, e
LEDREW, William Hylaborerh South Side, e
LEDSTONE, Johnlaborerh Livingstone
LEDWELL, Jamesshoemakerh 293 Water, w
LEDWELL, Thomasshoemakerh 146 New Gower
LEE, Catherinewid Jamesh 25 Fleming
LEFEWVRE, Frankcarpenterbds 11 New Gower
LEFTRAGE, Nathanlaborerh 35 Cuddihy's
LEGETT, Robertseamanh 17 Bambrick's
LEGROW, Johncarpenterh Spencer
LEGROW, Josephlaborerh 8 Lion's Square
LEHOOKEY, Charlescarmanh 95 Monkstown Road
LEMARQUAND, Georgemaster marinerh Cook
LEMARQUAND, George Jrseamanh Cook
LEMESSURIER, Alexanderclerk customsh 96 Pleasant
LEMESSURIER, Annawid Jamesh Pennywell Road
LEMESSURIER, Arthursalesmanh Long Pond Road
LEMESSURIER, Edwin Maccountanth Gower
LEMESSURIER, Frederickclerkh 209 N ew Gower
LEMESSURIER, Geo Hchief clerk and accountant gen P Oh off Gower
LEMESSURIER, George Wassistant accountant gen P Oh off Gower
LEMESSURIER, Henryappraiserh Cochrane
LEMESSURIER, HenryreporterWinter Avenue
LEMESSURIER, John Hsalesmanh 38 Freshwater Road
LEMESSURIER, P Fsalesmanh 207 New Gower
LEMESSURIER, Peter Wsalesmanh 38 Freshwater Road
LENNOX, Alexandersalesmanbds South Side, w
LENNOX, Jamescarpenterh 32 Bannerrman
LEO, E MGrocer and Liquors, duckworthh do
LEONARD, Henryfishermanh 24 Goodview
LEONARD, Johncarpenterh 14 Catherine
LEONARD, Johnlaborerbds 72 McFarlan's Lane
LEONARD, Michaelseamanh 4 Sebastian
LEONARD, Patrickfishermanh 9 Deady's Lane
LEONARD, Patrickgrocer, 74 Limeh do
LEONARD, Patricklaborerh 72 McFarlan's Lane
LEPELLEY, Johnseamanh 82 Lime
LESHANNA, Wmcarpenterh Carter's Hill
LESLIE, Gowerclerkbds 274 Duckworth
LESTER BrosWatchmakers and Jewllers, 429 Water, w
LESTER , Charlesof Lester Brosh 429 Water
LESTER, Williamof Lester Brosbds 429 Water, w
LESTRANGE, Peter Wfish market inspectorh 176 Pleasant
LIVERMAN, Charlescontractorh 98 Le Marchant Road
LEWIS, Charlesengineerh Duckworth, cor Wood
LEWIS, Charlespiloth Duckworth, e
LEWIS, Charlesbolermakerh 24 Bond
LEWIS, Elzearblacksmithbds Field
LEWIS, Elizabethwid Williamshed r Gower
LEWIS, Eusebiusboatman customsh 6 Duckworth, Hoylestown
LEWIS, Frederickpiloth Gower
LEWIS, Henrylaborerh 30 Field
LEWIS, Jamescarpenterh 7 Field
LEWIS, Johnlaborerh 24 Bond
LEWIS, Johnlaborerh Hamilton
LEWIS, John Hstorekeeperh 33 Water, w
LEWIS, Mosesseamanh Field
LEWIS, Richardseamanh Young
LEWIS, Silaslaborerh 38 Lime
LEWIS, Williampiloth Wood
LLOYD, George Bclerk money order officeh 38 Job
LINDSEY, Alexanderseamanh r Goodview
LIDSTON, Nathaniellaborerh Young
LIDSTON, Thomasseamanh Young
LILLY , Frankbarrister and solicitor, Blackwood's Building, Duckworthh Cochrane
LILLY, Georgecarpenterh British Square
LILLY, Ronald McDhead salesmanh Prescott
LINDBERG & FRANKLIN,Lager Beer Brewers and Aerated Water ManufacturersSignal Hill
LINDBERG, John proprietor breweey[sic], Halifax, NSh Signal Hill
LINDBERG, John Fof Lindberg and Franklinh Queen's Road
LINDSEY, Archibaldaccountanth Cathedral Hill
LINDSEY, Eugeneclerkh Cathedral Hill
LINDSEY, Georgesalesmanh Gower, e
LINDSTROM, AugustusWatchmaker and Jeweller, 336 Waterh do
LINDSTROM, John Awatchmakerbds 336 Water
LINEGAR, Lukelaborerh Queen's Road
LINEGAR, Michaelcooperh Gower
LINEGAR, Mrs Patrickcaretakerh Willow Cottage, Freshwater Road
LINEGAR, Thomascoachmanh Willow Cottage, Freshwater Road
LISBET, Robertsea captainh 52 Patrick
LISBURN, Josephlaborerh 1 St. John's Place
LITTLE , Hon Josephjudge Supreme Courth 3 Maxse
LIVIER, Arthurlaborerh 14 Bond
LOCKS, Bartholomewlaborerh Chappel
LOCKE, Charlescarmanh Pleasant
LOCK, Davidlaborerh 24 Bambrick's
LOCK, Georgemoulderh 15 Casey
LOCK, Henry
h 117 Pleasant
LOCKS, Jameslaborerh Chappel
LOCKS, Johannawid Thomash Chappel
LOCK, Johncooperh 120 Hamilton
LOCKS, Williamlaborerh Chappel
LOCKYER, Johnsalesmanh 17 Hutchings
LOCKYER, John Fcarpenterh 91 Pleasant
LOCKYER, Keziawid Johnh 17 Hutchings
LOCKYER, William Ssalesmanh 56 Casey's
LONG, Allenclerkh 67 Springdale
LONG, Allen F Gland surveyorh 67 Springdale
LONG, Dinahwid Josephh Cabot
LONG, Edwardporterh Carter's Hill
LONG, Henrycooperh Cabot
LONG, Johnlaborerh Goodview
LONG, Johnprinterbds Cabot, w
LONG, Josephcarpenterh 15 Mullock
LONG, Patricklaborerh 5 Convent Lane
LONG, Thomaschief clerk surveyor general's officeh Prescott
LONG, Williamcommission agenth Prescott
LONG, Williamgrocer, Duckworth, eh do
h 21 Forest Road
LOUGHLAN, Charles Jr
bds 21 Forest Road
LOWE, Georgelaborerh 40 Bannerman
LOWE, Johncarpenterh British Square
LOWE, Williamlaborerh Thomas
LOWE, William Jlaborerbds 93 Monkstown Road
LOVE, Frederickstonecutterh Gower
LOWSEN, Stephenseamanh Pleasant
LOYNES, Jamesclerkh Gower
LUBY, Andrewlaborerh Holloway
LUBY, Wmlaborerh Flavin's Lane
LUCHAS, Frankengineerh 77 Pleasant
LUMSDEN, A Ksalesmanh 38 Hayward Avenue
LUNDRIGAN, Marywid Peterh 2 Sheehan's Shute
LUNDRIGAN, Patrickshoemakerh 13 Carter's Hill
LUNDRIGAN, Mrs William
h 279 Water, w
LUNDSTROM, Johnmasonh Boncloddy
LUNERGAN, Ellen, wid Nicholasliquors, Duckworthh do
LUMSEN, Andrewclerkh 38 Hayward Avenue
LUSCOMBE, David Ccarterh Pilot
LUSCOMBE, Miss Elvina
90 George
LUSCOMBE, Johnbakerh King's Road
LUSH, Arthurtailorh C E Cemetery
LUSH, Jamestinsmithh Forest Road
LUSH, Johnlaborerh 14 Thomas
LYNCH, Ambroselaborerh 44 Duckworth, e
LYNCH, Mrs James
h South Side, w
LYNCH, Josephdry goods, 62 New Gowerh do
LYNCH, Michaelengineerh Prospect
LYNCH, Michaelsalesmanh Flavin's Lane
LYNCH, Patrickfiremanh Prospect
LYNCH, Patrick Wwheelwrighth Bond
LYNCH, ThosconstableFort Townshend
LYNCH, Mrs Thomas
h Livingstone
LYON, Augustus Fchainmanbds 306 Water
LYON, Edwin Wphotographer, Victoriah do
LYON, Henry Bwatch repairer and jeweller, 306 Waterh do
LYON, Robert Jphotographerbds 306 Water

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