NLGenWeb 1894 McAlpines Directory

Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - M

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by SUE O'NEILL ~ January 2002 from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

MAASS, Davidwatchmakerbds 382 Water
MACANDIE, Williambuyer for Thorburn & Tessierh 71 Patrick
MacDONALD,carpenterh 240 New Gower
MacDONALD, Johncarpenterh Hamilton
MacDONALD, Sseamanh 10 Barter's Hill
MacGILVERY, Marywid Thomash Gower
MacGILVERY, Thomaslaborerh Gower
MacGREGOR, JAMESTailor and Gent's Furnishings, WaterNew City Club Buildings
MacGREGOR,stonecutterbds Gower
MacINTOSH, ROBERTof Milley & MacIntoshh 8 Maxse
MacINTYRE, Hectorcarpenterh King's Road
MACK, Patricklaborerh Gower, w
MACK, Stephenlaborerh Plymouth Road
MacKAY, A Mgeneral supt Anglo-American Tel Co. (Ltd)h Duckworth
MacKAY, Lawrencecarmanh 46 Barter's Hill
MacKEY, Michaelconstableh 14 Barnes' Road
MacKEEN, ANDREWtanner, Bridge Road, Waterfordh Water, w
MacKENZIE, R Dphysician3 Queen's
MACKIN, Jameslaborerh 10 Pleasant
MacKINLEY, Maggiewid Michaelh 39 Cuddihey's
MacKINSON, Normanelectric light officerbds 59 Military Road
MacNIVEN, Frederickshoemakerh 34 Angel Place
MacPHERSON, Archibaldsalesmanbds 8 Queen's Road
MacPHERSON, Cgeneral importer and draper, 279 Waterh Mundy's Pond Road
MacPHERSON, Samuelmoulderh 11 Atlantic Avenue

MacPHERSON, Susannahwid Peterh 8 Queen's Road
MADDEN, Georgelaborerh 1 Duggans
MADDEN, Johnshoemakerh Boggan
MADDEN, Marywid Johnh 7 Stephen
MADDEN, Patricklaborerh 116 Water, w
MADDIGAN, Francislaborerh 33 Bambrick
MADDIGAN, Jamestailorh 318 Water, w
MADDIGAN, Johnlaborerh 33 Bambrick
MADDIGAN, Michaelfiremanh 318 Water
MADDIGAN, Michaelseamanh 4 Codner
MADDIGAN, Mrs Michaelgrocer, Limeh do
MADDIGAN, Richardlaborerh 289 Water, w
MADDIGAN, Williamlaborerh 318 Water, w
MADDOCK, Mrs Elizabeth
bds King's Road
MADDOCK, Franceslaborerh 33 Bambrick
MADDOCK, Johnlaborerh 33 Bambrick
MADDOCK, Michaelcarpenterh 41 Princess
MADDOCK, Robert Hsalesmanbds 40 Le Marchant
MADDOCK, William Hplumber, King's Roadh King's Road
MADDOX, Alicewid Henryh 6 Sheehan
MADES, Jameslaborerh 24 James
MADES, Williamlaborerh 14 James
MAHER, Bridgetwid Jamesh 22 Waldegrave
MAHER, Catherinewid Williambds 24 Damerill's Lane
MAHER, Johnlaborerh 11 Waldegrave
MAHER, Bernardcarpenterbds Duckworth, e
MAHER, Catherinewid Edwinh 24 Codner
MAHER, Danielbakerbds 34 Barnes' Road
MAHER, Edwardfishermanh 34 Carter's Hill
MAHER, Edwardporterh Limekiln Hill
MAHER, Elizabethwid Johnh Cochrane
MAHER, Jamesaccountanth 39 Carter's Hill
MAHER, Jameslaborerh 1 Hunt's Lane, Water, e
MAHER, James jrlaborerbds 22 James
MAHER, Johnengineerh 34 Carter's Hill
MAHER, Johnlaborerh 11 Waldegrave
MAHER, Johnfishermanh Battery Road
MAHER, Johnseamanh 8 Simms
MAHER, Mrs Julia
h 34 Barnes' Road
MAHER, Mosesshoemakerh 34 Barnes' Road
MAHER, Patrickshoemaker, Duckworth, eh do
MAHER, Peterlaborerbds 22 James
MAHER, Peterlaborerh 17 Simms
MAHER, Petermessengerh 22 James
MAHER, Richardtinsmithh 107 New Gower
MAHER, Mrs Richardfruit dealer, 107 New Gowerh do
MAHER, Richard Abrokerh Cochrane
MAHER, Sylvesterlaborerh 5 James
MAHER, Miss Theresatailoressbds Young
MAHER, Thomasaccountanth Cochrane
MAHER, Williamclerkbds Young
MAHER, Williamlaborerh 6 Goodview
MAHER, Williamtannerh 2 William
MAHER, Williamwatchmanh 22 James
MAHON, Michaelgrocer, Harvey Roadh do
MAHANEY, Georgecarpenterbds 6 Brien
MAHONEY, Annwid Richardh 57 George
MAHONY, Corneliusgrocer, 192 New Gowerh do
MAHONEY, Dennislaborerh Lane, off Fleming
MAHONEY, Patricklaborerh 3 Lime
MAHONEY, Thomascarpenterbds 192 New Gower
MAKEY, Thomasblacksmithh 19 Wadegrave
MAKINSON, William Mclerkbds 5 Military Road
MALCOLM, Wmtinsmith, 400 Waterh do
MALLAM, Emma, wid Georgedressmaker, 146 Gowerh do
MALLARD, Dennislaborerh 2 Hunt's Lane, Water, e
MALLARD, Frankfishermanh 1 Hunt's Lane, Water, e
MALLARD, Jameslaborerh 3 College Square
MALLARD, Johnfishermanbds Quidi Vidi
MALLARD, John Jprinterh 22 Hayward Avenue
MALLARD, Michaellaborerh Barnes' Road
MALLARD, Richardfishermanh Quidi Vidi
MALLARD, Richard jrfishermanbds Quidi Vidi
MALLARD, Thomasfishermanh Quidi Vidi
MALLARD, William
h Quidi Vidi
MALLARD, William jrfishermanh Quidi Vidi
MALLARD, Williamlaborerh 3 Mullock
MALLEY, Hannahnurse hospitalQuidi Vidi
MALLEY, Jameslaborerh Prospect
MALLOY, Georgelaborerbds Flavin's
MALLOY, Jamescarpenterh Bully
MALLOY, James Alaborerh 4 McKay off Leslie
MALLOY, Johnharness makerh Long's Hill
MALLOY, Johnplastererh Bully
MALLOY, Johnshoemakerh 47 Job
MALLOY, John Plaborerh 4 McKay off Leslie
MALLOY, Patrickgrocer, 66 Waterh do
MALLOY, Petercarpenterh Long's Hill
MALLOY, Petertailorbds Lime
MALLOY, Williamfiremanh 202 Water, w
MALONE, Edward J.of Kennedy & Maloneh 332 Duckworth
MALONE, Jameslaborerh 67 Monkstown Road
MALONE, Johnclerkh Bannerman
MALONE, Martingrocer, King's Roadh do
MALONE, Martinlaborerh 21 Fleming
MALONE, Martinlaborerh 29 Plank
MALONE, Mauricewines and spirits, 410 Waterh do
MALONE, Michaellaborerh Signal Hill Road
MALONE, Patricklaborerh 50 Colonial
MALONE, Thomasclerkh 67 Maxse
MALONEY, Charleslaborerh 30 Lime
MALONEY, Edwardcarpenterh York
MALONEY, Francescarpenter and varieties, 10 McKayh do
MALONEY, Mrs Joseph
h 297 Water, w
MALONEY, Susanwid Johnh 42 Codner
MANARD, Edwardcarpenterh Merry Meeting Road
MANEY, Denniscooperh 3 Carew
MANEY, Franciscarpenterh 2 Holloway
MANEY, Miss Margaret
h 22 Duggan
MANEY, Patrickmasonh Spencer
MANN, Allenengineerh Old Portugal Road
MANN, Allenfarmer and butcher, 195 Gowerh do
MANN, Jas Waccountanth 206 New Gower
MANN, Johnbutcherbds 195 New Gower
MANN, Johnlaborerh Signal Hill Road
MANNING, James Bmaster marinerh 23 Maxse
MANNING, Johncarpenterh 43 Cuddihey's
MANNING, Patrickmaster marinerh Long's Hill
MANSFIELD, Jamesseamanh 169 New Gower
MANUEL, Miss Annie
h 30 John
MANUEL, Eliaslaborerh Field
MANUEL, Elizabethwid Johnh 6 Power
MANUEL, Johntidewaiter customsh Gower, e
MANUEL, Moseslaborerh 59 Cabot
MANUEL, Solomoncarpenterh 28 Porter's Hill
MANUEL, Tobiascarpenterh 178 Pleasant
MANWARRING, Jamesshoemakerh 18 Cuddihey's
MARCH, Archibaldlaborerh Freshwater Road
MARCH, John Wclerkh Circular Road
MARCH, Levicommission merchanth 2 Monkstown Road
MARCH, Nathanielof S March and Sons,h Circular Road
MARCHS & SONS,Coal Merchants and Ship OwnersWater Street, e
MARCH, Stephencarpenterh Bully
MARCH, Stephen Rof S March & Sonsh Garrison Hill
MARCH, Williamconstableh Victoria
MARCH, Mrs William
h 24 Barter's Hill
MARE, Robert LNotary Public and Broker, Water, eh 5 Devon Row
MARKEY, Peterbricklayerbds Gower
MARNELL, Johnaccountanth 67 Cochane
MARNAILL, Josephlaborerbds 259 Water, w
MARS, Petersalesmanbds 56 New Gower
MARSHALL, Alexander
h Rennie's Mill Road
MARSHALL, Ambrosesalesmanh 29 Goodview
MARSHALL, Charitywid Johnh 1 1/2 College Square
MARSHALL, Charlesmerchanth 49 Rennie's Mill Road
MARSHALL, David Fprinterh Bond
MARSHALL, Georgeseamanh Pilot's Hill
MARSHALL, George Wlaborerh King's Road
MARSHALL, Johnlaborerbds 4 Cook's Hill
MARSHALL, Johnmasonh Pilot's Hill
MARSHALL, Johnsalesmanh 29 Goodview
MARSHALL, J Cof Marshall & Rodgerh Calvin House, Rennie's Mill Road
MARSHALL, Philiplaborerh Bond
MARSHALL, Philip Henrycooperh Bond
MARSHALL, Richardlaborerh 10 Buchanan
MARSHALL, Robertcooperh Long's Hill
MARSHALL & RODGER,Dry Goods, Groceries, Etc., Water, e
MARSHALL, Samuelbutcher, Queen's Roadh do
MARSHALL, Thomasmasonh Gower
MARSHALL, Williamcarpenterh 43 Moore
MARSHALL, Wm Aof Marshall & Rodgerh "Calvin House," Rennie's Mill Road
MARTERY, Augustusseamanh 29 Barter's Hill
MARTIN, Albert Hbookkeeperh 36 Bond
MARTIN, Alfred AMachinest[sic]h 56 Barter's Hill
MARTIN, Ambroselaborerh 46 Cabot
MARTIN, Annewid Patrickh Barron
MARTIN, Arthurseamanh 78 Lime
MARTIN, Arthur Wclerk P Oh 75 New Gower
MARTIN, Azariahlaborerh 45 Cabot
MARTIN, Benjaminlaborerh Cook
MARTIN, Ellenwid Edwardbds Belvidere
MARTIN, Ernest Jcarpenterh 8 Notre Dame
MARTIN, Frankclerkh Gower
MARTIN, Frederick Gharness makerbds 44 New Gower
MARTIN, Georgecoachmanh 40 Barter's Hill
MARTIN, Georgelaborerh 45 Cabot
MARTIN, George Msalesmanh British Square
MARTIN, Hugh Wassistant storekeeperh 52 Barter's Hill
MARTIN, Jamescarmanh 11 John
MARTIN, Jamesfishermanh Le marchant Road
MARTIN, Jameslaborerh 15 Barron
MARTIN, Jameslaborerh 5 Deady's Lane
MARTIN, Jameslaborerbds 24 Wickford
MARTIN, Mrs James
h 138 Water, w
MATTIN[sic], Jas Hof J H Martin & Coh Water, e
MARTIN, James Tcabinet maker, 38 New Gowerh do
MARTIN, Johncabmanh Pennywell Road
MARTIN, Johnfishermanh 5 Notre Dame
MARTIN, Johnlaborerh Lyon's Square
MARTIN, Johnsailmakerh King's Road
MARTIN, Johnsalesmanh Parade
MARTIN, John Bgrocer, 44 New Gowerh do
MARTIN, John Dsalesmanh 19 Parade
MARIN, Mrs J HChina, glass, and Earthenware, Water, eh do
MARTIN, J H & COHardware, Etc, Water, e and 353 Duckworth
British Square
MARTIN, Noahseamanbds 57 Lime
MARTIN, Patricklaborerh 138 New Gower
MARTIN, Patricklaborerh 198 New Gower
MARTIN, Robertbroom makerPenitentiary
MARTIN, Robertlaborerh 71 Casey's Lane
MARTIN, Robertlaborerh 70 McFarlans[sic]
MARTIN, Robertlaborerh 89 Qudi Vidi Road
MARTIN, Sarah Annwid Charles, seamstressh 135 New Gower
MARTIN, Solomonseamanh 20 Duggans
MARTIN, Thomasfarmerh White Hills
MARTIN, Thomasfishermanh 52 Lime
MARTIN, Thomaslaborerh 24 Wickford
MARTIN, Thomas jrfarmerbds White Hills
MARTIN, Williamclerkh Gower
MARTIN, Williamiron workerh 214 New Gower
MARTIN, Williamof J H Martin & Coh Gower
MARTIN, Williamlaborerh Belvidere
MARTIN, Williamlaborerh 214 New Gower
MARTIN, Wmsalesmanh Theater Hill
MARTIN, Williamstewardh 16 Cuddihy's
MARTIN, Williamwatcman[sic]Belvidere Road, e
MARTIN, William Csalesmanbds 33 Springdale
MARTIN, William Hlaborerh 46 Cabot
MARTIN, Wm Jaccountanth 334 Duckworth
MARTIN, William Jreporterh 28 Forest Road
MASON, Marywid Mathewbds 17 Simms
MASON, Thomasfiremanh 12 Brine
MASON, Thomasseamanh 17 Simms
MASONIC HALL,Merchant's Block, Water, e
MATHEWS, Esautruckman
MATHEWS, Marywid Williambds 14 Gorman's Lane
MATHEWS, Williamtinsmithh Belvidere
MATHEWS, Williamtinsmithh Circular Road
MATHIESON, Jamessalesmanbds Cousen's Block, South Side
MATHIESON, John Dsalesmanh Dick's Square
MAUNDER, George Rshoemakerh Young
MAUNDER, Henryshoemakerh 36 Pleasant
MAUNDER, JohnMerchant Tailor, 361 Duckworthh do
MAVIL, Henry Jbookkeeperh Adelaide
MAYOR, Elizabethwid Johnh Pennywell Road
MAYOR, Robertcabmanh 48 Monkstown Road
MAY, Michaellaborerh Merry Meeting Road
MAYO , Jamesgrocer, Duckworthh do, e
MAYO, Williamlaborerh Cookstown
MAYO, Williamlaborerh Pilot's Hill
MAYNARD, Francisfarmerh 96 Lime
MAYNARD, Henrylaborerh Cabot
McARTHUR, Jamesmasonbds Boncloddy
McARTHUR & WHITEWAY,contractors and buildersBoncloddy
McARTHUR, Williamof McArthur & Whitewaybds Boncloddy
McALLIS, Michaellaborerh 19 Brennan's Lane
McALLIS, Williamlaborerh 19 Brennan's Lane
McBAY, E Fhairdresserh Cook
McBAY, Peterhead constablePort Townshend
McCAFFREY, Patrick Jcurrierh Duckworth, e
McCANDYE, Williamhead clerkh 71 Patrick
McCARDLE, JOHNof John McCardle & Cobds Adelaide
McCARDLE, J & CoBooksellers and Stationers, Water, e, 4 doors w mechanics' Hall
McCARTE, Georgeupholstererh 65 Signal Hill Road
McCARTHY, Alicewid Jamesh 11 Stephen's
McCARTHY, Arthurstonecutterh 71 Water, w
McCARTHY, Charlescullerh 34 Cabot
McCARTHY, Charleslaborerh 18 Stephen's
McCARTHY, Elizabethwid Michaelh 15 Sheehan's Shute
McCARTHY, Francisfishermanh 11 Stephen's
McCARTHY, Johngrocer and provisions, 438 Waterh Leslie, Riverhead
McCARTHY, Johnof J & M McCarthyh Mount Leslie House, Leslie
McCARTHY, Josephcooperh 154 Gower
McCARTHY, J M & Mgrocers and provisions, Water
McCARTHY, Martinlaborerh 60 McFarlane's Lane
McCARTHY, Martinof JM & M McCarthyh Mount Leslie House, Leslie
McCARTHY, Michaelof Jm & M McCarthyh Mount Leslie House, Leslie
McCARTWRIGHT, Peterlaborerh 16 Lime
McCARTHY, THOMASgrocer, 439 Water, w
McCARTHY, Thomaslaborerh Victoria
McCARTHY, Thomasseamanbds 60 McFarlan's Lane
McCARTHY, WilliamfishermanQuidi Vidi
McCARTHY, Williamlaborerh 230 New Gower
McCLENNAN, Hughengineerh 51 Military Road
McCONNELL, Richardbricklayerh Bell
McCORMACK, Edwardlaborerh South Side, Riverhead
McCORMACK, Jameslaborerh South Side, Riverhead
McCORMACK, James, jrlaborerh South Side, Riverhead
McCORMACK, Johnlaborerh South Side, Riverhead
McCORMACK, Marklaborerh South Side, Riverhead
McCORMACK, Nicholastinsmithh 23 Princess
McCOUBREY, Adamtinsmithh 97 Pleasant
McCOUBREY, A Georgetinware and stove dealer, Water, eh 17 Gower, e
McCOUBREY, Georgeengineerh 97 Pleasant
McCOUBREY, Geo A.machinisth 78 Patrick
McCOUBREY, Harryclerkh 97 Pleasant
McCOUBREY, Henryof English & McCoubreyh 97 Pleasant
McCOUBREY, John WPublisher and Proprietor "The Times" newspaper, British Sq.bds Colonial
McCOUBREY, Mary, wid Georgeglass and earthern ware, 406 Waterh do
McCOUBREY, Richardprinterh Victoria
McCOURT, Philipfruit and groceries, Duckworthh do, e
McCOWAN, John Rgovernor penetentiaryh Quidi Vidi Road
McCRINDLE, Davidengineerh 32 Duckworth
MCcCRINDLE, David jrengineerbds 32 Duckworth
McCRUDDEN, Patrickpainterh King's Road
McDERMOTT, Anastasiagrocer, 24 Bannermanh 24 Bannerman
McDERMOTT, Patrickconstableh 24 Bannerman
McDERMOTT, Philip Hpolice constabularyh 24 Bannerman
McDONALD, Catherine, wid EdwardStewardessh 202 New Gower
McDONALD, Daniellaborerh 49 Moore
McDONALD, Elizabeth
h 37 Casey's
McDONALD, Elizabethgrocer, 51 McFarlane's Laneh do
McDONALD, Georgeboilermakerh Belvidere
McDONALD, Jamescabmanh 42 Hayward Avenue
McDONALD, Johnlaborerh 22 Sebastian
h Freshwater Road
McDONALD, Johnlaborerh 43 McFarlane's Road
McDONALD, Josephseamanh 51 McFarlane's Lane
McDONALD, Margaretwid Michaelh Falvin's
McDONALD, Mary Louisawid Henryh Victoria
McDONALD, Michaellaborerh Le Marchant Road
McDONALD, Michaellaborerh 271 Water, w
McDONALD, Michaeltinsmithh 202 New Gower
McDONALD, Peterclerkh Prescott
McDONALD, Peter Wtidewaiter customsh Belvidere
McDONALD, Robtapprenticeh 6 Victoria
McDONALD, Stephenseamanh 40 Thomas
McDONALD, Williamcarpenterh 49 Fleming
McDONALD, Williamplastererbds Gower
McDONALD, Williamtinsmithh British Square
McDOUGALL, Alexof Goodfellow & Coh Riverside, w, Topsail Road
McDOUGALL, E BBroker and Commission Merchant, 337 Waterh Prescott 232
McDOUGALL, Harold Dcommission Merchanth 137 Hamilton
McDOUGALL, H Ecommission Merchanth 137 Hamilton
McDOUGALL, Margaretwid Johnh 137 Hamilton
McDOUGALL, Williamclerkh 137 Hamilton
McEVOY, M Jsalesmanbds 340 Duckworth
McFARLANE, Annegrocer, 31 Duckworthh do
McFARLANE, Davidengineerh 82 Duckworth
McFARLANE, Edwardlaborerbds 51 McFarlane's Lane
McFARLANE, Jamescooperh 42 McFarlane's Lane
McFARLANE, Johnengineerh 33 Duckworth
McGETTIGAN, Jamesengineerh 332 Water, w
McGETTIGAN, Jamesengineerh Water, w
McGILLIVRAY, Marywid Thomash Prescott
McGILLIVRAY, Williamwood machinisth Cochrane
McGINN, Catherinewid Williamh 12 1/2 Duckworth
McGINN, Edwardlaborerh 9 Damerills Lane
McGINN, Fredericklaborerh 12 Duckworth
McGINN, Patrickwatchmanbds 12 1/2 Duckworth
McGRATH, Andrew
h New Gower
McGRATH, Mrs Bridgetliquors, 10 Queen'sh do
McGRATH, Dennistailorh 43 Angel Place
McGRATH, Edwardlaborerh 90 Vey's Lane, r George
McGRATH, Edwardmachinistbds Codner's Lane
McGRATH, Edwardshoemakerh 64 Pleasant
McGRATH, Ellenwid Thomash 7 1/2 Cuddihey's
McGRATH, Jamescooperh 97 New Gower
McGRATH, Jamescooperbds 97 New Gower
McGRATH, Jameslaborerh 84 Casey's
McGRATH, Jamesstudent-at-lawh Upper Long Pond Road
McGRATH, Jamestailor, 6 Brazil's Squareh do
McGRATH, Johncarmanh 26 Cabot
McGRATH, Johnlaborerh 80 Casey's
McGRATH, Johnlaborerh Convent Square
McGRATH, Johnlaborerh 12 Sebastian
McGRATH, Johnlaborerbds 11 Simms
McGRATH, Johnlaborerh Spencer
McGRATH, Johnseamanh 94 Hamilton
McGRATH, Johnseamanh 64 Pleasant
McGRATH, Johntailorh Bully
McGRATH, Johntailorh Henry
McGRATH, John Jtidewaiter customsh York
McGRATH, Josephcooperh Dunford
McGRATH, Margaretwid Thomash 10 William
McGRATH, Margaretwid Williamh 7 Carter's Hill
McGRATH, Marywid Simonh 6 Pleasant
McGRATH, Nicholaslaborerh Henry
McGRATH, Patrickcooperh 41 Springfield
McGRATH, Patrickfiremanh 92 Hamilton
McGRATH, Patricklaborerh 54 Carter's Hill
McGRATH, Patricklaborerbds 12 Sebastian
McGRATH, PatrickTeditor Evening Heraldh 210 Duckworth
McGRATH, PhilipSteward Virginia Lakebds 97 New Gower
McGRATH, Mrs Roger
h 184 LeMarchant
McGRATH, Thomasharnessmakerbds Duckworth, e
McGRATH, Thomasriggerh 22 Codner
McGRATH, Thomassalesmanh Water
McGRATH, Thomassea captainh 40 Carter's Hill
McGRATH, Mrs. Thos.Tremont Hotel293 Water
McGRATH, Thomas J.Blacksmith, 46 Waterh 3 Ordinance
McGRATH, Timothywines and spirits, 376 Waterh do & Rennie's Mill Rd
McGRATH, Williamcooperbds 197 New Gower
McGRATH , William SHarness Maker, Duckworth, eh do
McGRATH, Williamlaborerbds 12 Sebastian
McGRATH, Williamlaborerbds 12 Sebastian
McGRATH, Williamlaborerh 11 Simms
McGREGOR, EdmundLetter carrier P Oh 31 Carter's Hill
McGREGOR, JamesMerchanth Park Row, Rennie's Mill Road
McGREGOR, Mrs. Matthew
h South Side, e
McGRORY, Davidmachinisth Duckworth
McGUIGGEN, Jamesseamanh Hunt's Lane
McGUIRE, Jamessailmakerh 22 Water
McGUIRE, Jamessalesmanh Alexander
McGUIRE, Johannawid Thomasbds 27 Goodview
McGUIRE, Matthewtraderh 36 Angel Place
McGUIRE, Michaelwatchmanh 5 Holdsworth
MCINTYRE, Hectorcarpenterh King's Road
McINTYRE, JamesMarble Works, 278 New Gowerh do
McKAY, Andrew
bds 318 Water
McKAY, Hon A Mgen supt and local manager Anglo-American Tel Co (Ltd)h Devon Row, 47 Duckworth
McKAY, Edwardfishermanbds 12 Pope
McKAY, Georgewines and spirits, 269 Waterh do
McKAY, James
bds 318 Water
McKAY, Mrswines and spirits, 318 Waterh do
McKAY, Johnlaborerh 8 Gorman's Lane
McKAY, John Flaborerbds 58 Lime
McKAY, Michaelfishermanh 12 Pope
McKAY, Michaelpolice constableh 13 Barnes' Place
McKAY, Stephenfishermanbds 12 Popes
McKAY, Thomascarpenterh 58 Lime
McKAY, Thomaslaborerh 45 Carter's Hill
McKAY, Walterlaborerbds 58 Lime
McKAY, Williambookkeeperh Garrison Hill
McKAY, Williamfishermanh Quidi Vidi road
McKAY, Williamprinterh 35 William
McKAY, Williamwines and spirits, Water, eh do
McKAY, William T.painterbds Quidi Vidi Road
McKEAN, J T CarchitectWater, w
McKEEN, Andersontannerh 257 Water, w
McKENZIE, Alexanderlobster packerh 53 Patrick
McKENZIE, J Dphysician, 3 Queenh do
McKENZIE, Mrs M Afancy goods, 296 Waterh do
McKINLEY, Alexanderengineerh 2 Forest Row
McKINLEY, Jamesengineerbds 95 Quidi Vidi Road
McKINLEY, JosephTerra Nova Foundry accountanth 95 Quidi Vidi Rd
McKIVER, Malcomseamanh r Cookstown
McLACHLAN, AlexanderengineerRoseneath Cottage, Le Marchant Road
McLACHLAN, Michaelcarpenterh 15 Waldegrave
bds 82 Water, w
McLAUGHLIN, Hon Jameslegislative councilh 82 Water, w
McLEAN, Jannettwid Johnh 16 Colonial
McLEAN, J, M Dthroat specialistbds 340 Duckworth
McLEAN, Neilengineerbds 16 Colonial
McLEAN, Thomasprinterbds 16 Colonial
McMAHON, Richardcooperh Dick's Square
McMANNIS, Janewid Johnh 17 Brennan's Lane
McMURDO, Thos & Co.Chemists and Druggists, Wholesale and RetailWater, e
McNAMARA, AlfredJewellerbds Cochrane
McNAMARA, Frankclerkh Gower
McNAMARA, Jamesfishermanh Quidi Vidi
McNAMARA, Johnclerkh Gower
McNAMARA, Josclerkh Gower, e
McNAMARA, Terrencekeeper lunatic asylumh 223 New Gower
McNEIL, Hector Maccountantbds Water, e
McNEILL, Jamescarriage builderh Hayward Avenue
McNEILL, Johnof Thos McMurdo & Coh Summer Grove Hill, Waterford Bridge Road
McNEILL, Margaretwid Oliverh 10 Lime
McNEILL, M Jmasonh Duckworth
McNEILL, Samuellumber surveyorh Merry Meeting Road
McNEIL, W W & CoChemists and Druggists333 Water
McNEILLY, AlexanderJ Wchief clerk and regist'rar supreme court, Star of Sea Hallh 307 Water
h 33 King's Bridge Road
McNIVEN, Alexanderforeman P & Mh 36 Job's
McNIVEN, Frederickshoemakerh 34 Angel Place
McPHERSON, Jamessalesmanbds 11 Queen
McPHERSON, Williamcarpenterh Gower
McQUADE, Jamestruckmanbds 196 New Gower
McRAE, Mrs E Afruit and confectionery, 308 Waterh do
MEAD, Robertlaborerbds 78 Lime
MEADOWS, Johnlaborerh 24 James
MEADES, Henrycarpenterh 93 Monkstown Road
MEADES, Jameslaborerbds 24 James
MEADS, Johnseamanbds 24 James
MEADES, Williamlaborerh 24 James
MEALEY, Bridgetwid Jamesh 27 Pleasant
MEALEY, Davidfishermanh 184 Water, w
MEALEY, Margaretwid John, grocer, 125 New Gowerh do
MEALEY, Richardmaster marinerh 344 Water, w
MEALEY, Thomasfishermanh 9 Holdsworth
MEALEY, Williambaker125 New Gower
MEANEY, Danielwatchmanh 49 Fleming
MEANEY, Francislaborerh Water, w
MEARNS, Annewid Andrewh 59 Patrick
MEARNS, Marywid Frederickh 15 Carter's Hill
MECHANICS' BUILDING,Water, e, opp Queen's Wharf
MEEHAN, Charlesclerk, Union Bankh Rennie's Mill Road
MEEHAN, Charles Ereceiving teller Union Bankh Monkstown Road
MEEHAN, Frank Jclerkbds 122 Military Road
h Military Road
MEEHAN, Mary Annwid Johnh Chapel
MEEHAN, Patrick
h Military Road
MEEHAN, William JBarrister and Solicitor, Blackwood's Building, DuckworthBds Prescott
MELLEY, Thomaslaborerh Sheehan's Shute
MELVIN, Georgeshoemakerh 13 Convent Square
MELVIN, Herberttinsmithh Convent Square
MELVIN, Jamesstorekeeperh Rennie's Mill Road
MELVIN, James Waccountanth Gower, e
MELVIN, Stephencooperh Rennie's Mill Road
MELVIN, Thomascooperh Victoria
MEMORY, Georgeblacksmithh 15 James
MERCER, Abrahamcarmanbds Waterford Bridge Road
MERCER, Charlesfarmerh South Side, Riverhead
MERCER, Georgecarpenterh 48 1/2 George
MERCER, Israellaborerh Livingstone
MERCER, Jameslaborerh 6 Belvidere
MERCER, Johncooperh Cabot
MERCER, Johnfishermanh 109 Hamilton
MERCER, Johnlaborerh Cabot
MERCER, John Bsalesmanh Monday's[sic] Pond Road
MERCER, Robertprinterbds Jas Cook, ft Cochrane
MERCER, Samuelcarpenterh South Side, e
MERCER, Williambrassfitterh Pleasant
MERCER, Williamcarpenterh 24 Barnes Road
MERCER, Williamcarpenterh 130 Casey's
h Water, e, Merchant's Block
MERNER, Martincarmanh 4 Brennan's Lane
MERRY, Johnshoemakerh 23 James
MERRY, Marywid John26 Plank
MERRY, Michaellaborerh 23 James
MERRIGAN, Patrickboarding house53 Colonial
MESHER, JohnLetter carrier P Oh 4 Carnell
MEWS, Arthuraccountanth 43 Military Road
MEWS, Edwinsalesmanh 59 Pleasant
MEWS, Fredericklaw studentbds Spencer
MEWS, Georgebookkeeperh 34 William
MEWS, George WSecretary Board of Worksh Spencer
MEWS, James Csalesmanh 59 Pleasant
MEWS, James Laccountanth 59 Pleasant
MEWS, William JGrocer, 395 Waterh 82 Pleasant
MEYER, Alfredmanufacturer's agenth Balsam
MICHAELS, A L & CoWatchmakers and jewellers382 Water
MILLER, Arthur Wsalesmanh 63 Pleasant
MILLER, Benjamincooper and commission agenth Balsam, w
MILLER, Charlesseamanh 20 Mullock
MILLER, Henryship carpenterh Hamilton
MILLER, Jameslaborerh Signal Hill Road
MILLER, Johnlaborerh South Side, w
MILLER, Josephshoemakerh 45 William
MILLER, Joseph Hblacksmith, 61 Georgeh Cabot
MILLER, Lawrencecabinet makerh 49 New Gower
MILLER, Lewis Hcabinet makerh 26 Gower
MILLER, Matthewlaborerh Pilot's Hill
MILLER, Michaellaborerbds Signal Hill Road
MILLER, Nathancarpenterh Long's Hill
MILLER, Robertpattern makerh 154 Pleasant
MILLER, Robert Cpattern makerh 154 Pleasant
MILLER, Thomascarpenterh Young
MILLER, Thomasshoemakerh Le marchant Road
MILLER, Williamcarpenterbds 47 New Gower
MILLEY, Arthurcarpenterh 18 Fleming
MILLEY, Carolinewid Solomonh Colonial
MILLEY, Elijahlaborerh Carter's Hill
MILLEY, Elizabethwid Jamesh 76 Hamilton
MILLEY, Henrycarpenterh 37 Hayward Avenue
MILLEY, Johncarpenterh 5 Murphy's Square
MILLEY, Johnengineerh 31 Pleasant
MILLEY, Johngrocer, 31 Pleasanth do
MILLEY, Johnlaborerh 9 Plank
MILLEY, Johnlaborerh 31 Pleasant
MILLEY, Johnlaborerh 128 Pleasant
MILLEY, Johnplanterh 15 Hamilton
MILLEY, Johntidewaiter customsh 42 Williams
MILLEY, Louisaccountanth 26 Power
MILLEY & MACINTOSH,Gen'ral Importers, Dry Goods and Millinery, Merchant's Block, Water, e
MILLEY, Samuelof Milley & MacIntoshh 23 Colonial
MILLEY, Williamlaborerh 39 Flower Hill
MILLIGAN, A Hstationerbds 55 LeMarchant Road
MILLIGAN, Rev Geo. DDmethodisth 55 Le Marchant Road
MILLIGAN, G S, JrJob Printer, Bookseller and Stationer, 296 Waterh 57 LeMarchant Road
MILLS, Fredericklaborerbds 30 William
MILLS, Henrybricklayerh 30 William
MILLS, Johnbricklayerbds 30 William
MILLS, Reubenlaborerbds 30 William
MILLS, Samuelshoemakerh Long's Hill
MILLS, Thomasbricklayerh 30 William
MILLS, Thomaslaborerbds Batteny Road
MILLS, Williamblacksmithh 24 Buchannan
MILNE, Johnplastererbds 192 New Gower
MINNIT, Johnlaborerh 9 1/2 Barren
MINNIT, Timothylaborerh 183 New Gower
MIRON, Annwid Jamesh 52 Lime
MIRON, Jamesshoemakerh 52 Lime
MIRON, Patrickgrocerh Cookstown
MIRON, Thomasboiler makerh Lime
MITCHELL, Agnes wid James, milliner, Water, eh do
MITCHELL, Ellawid Johnh 24 Pleasant
MITCHELL & HIGGINS,Dressmaking and Millinery78 Prescott 248
MITCHELL, Johncarpenterh Quidi Vidi Road
MITCHELL, Manuellaborerh 78 Lime
MITCHELL, Marywid Brian, of Mitchell & Higginsh 78 Prescott
MITCHELL, Robertlaborerh Cook
MITCHELL, Samuelcarpenterh Young
MITCHELL, Sarahwid Josiahh Quidi Vidi Road
MITCHELL, Thomasbakerh Quidi Vidi Road
MITCHELL, Thomasof Thos Mitchell & Co, Queen's Roadh do
MITCHELL, T & CO.baker, provisions and groceries, 80 Prescotth Queen's Rd
MITCHELL, Williamfishermanh Quidi Vidi Road
MOAKLER, Charles Fcabmanbds 191 New Gower
MOAKLER, Edwardlaborerh 22 Bannerman
MOAKLER, Elizabethwid Edmundh 22 Bannerman
MOAKLER, Jonastannerh 18 Notre Dame
MOAKLER, Richardgrocer, 191 New Gowerh do
MOAKLER, Thomasaccountanth 7 Wood
MOAKLER, Thosgrocer, 66 Hamiltonh do
MOAKLER, Thomaslaborerh 78 New Gower
MOAKLER, Thomas Rclerkbds 191 New Gower
MOAKLER, Williamshipwrighth Freshwater Road
MOLLOY, Jamesfiremanh 34 Thomas
MOLLOY, Marydressmakerh 3 Carter's Hill
MOLLOY, Marywid jamesh 3 Carter's Hill
MOLLOY, Miss Mary Ann
h 71 Plank
MOLLOY, Michaelseamanh 31 Job's
MOLLOY, Thomaslaborerh 216 New Gower
MOLLOY, Thos JrAmerican consulh 23 Monkstown Road
MONAHAN, Johncooperh 2 Wickford
MONAHAN, Johnlaborerh Millbridge Road
MONAHAN, Johnlaborerh South Side Riverhead
MONAHAN, MichaelSS Leopard
MONKTON, Williamsailmakerh Forest Road
MONKTON, Charlescarpenterh 5 Parade
MONROE, Danielof Parker & Monroeh Gower, e
MONROE, Jamesmanager rope walkh 153 Le Marchant Road
MONROE, Mosesgeneral import and export merchant, 317, 319, 339 Water: Office 362 doh 339 do summer residence "Rosewell," Waterford Bridge Road, President of Colonial cordage Co, St. John's Nail Mfg Co, Electric Light Co, and Banking Mutual marine Ins Co, Vice President Nfld Boot and Shoe Mfg Co.
MONROE, Walter Saccountanth 339 Water
MONROE, William, Johnsalesmanh 40 Livingstone
MOONEY, BernardconstableFort Townshend
MOORE, Alexanderprinterh 24 Barter's Hill
MOOR, Allisonsalesmanbds Spencer
MOORE, Miss Anne
h 8 Patrick
MOORE, Fredericktraderh 14 John
MOORE, Georgepainterh Brazil's Square
MOORE, Henry F
h 14 John
MOORE, Jamescooperbds 47 Moore
MOORE, Jamesfishermanh South Side, w
MOORE, Jamesinspector pickled fishh 39 Patrick
MOORE, Jamessailmakerh 14 Waldegrave
MOOR, JasToorington hotelWaterford Bridge Road
MOORE, James Asalesmanbds 1 Spencer
MOORE, James Tplastererbds 45 Monkstown Road
MOORE, Johncooperh Carter's Hill
MOORE, Johncooperh 211 New Gower
MOORE, Johnfishermanh 49 Long's Hill
MOORE, Johnlaborerbds 47 Moore
MOORE, Johnlaborerh Signal Hill Road
MOORE, Johnminerh 101 Signal Hill Road
MOORE, Johnseamanh Field
MOORE, Johnseamanh Young
MOORE, Johnshoemakerh 70 George
MOORE, Josephplumberh Brazil's Square
MOORE, Joshualaborerbds Quidi Vidi Road
MOORE, Mary Annwid Henryh 1 College Square
MOORE, Mathewfiremanh 8 Lime
MOORE, Patiencewid Roberth Quidi Vidi Road
MOORE, Philip FWines and spirits, Duckworth, eh Cochrane 240
MOORE, Richardsalesmanh 14 John
MOORE, Robertmaster cooperh 18 Carter's Hill
MOORE, Silascarpenterh 100 Barnes' Road
MOORE, Theodoreshoemakerh South Side, w
MOORE, Thomasasst lighthouse keeperh Fort Amherst Lighthouse
MOORE, Williamsailmakerh 14 Waldegrave
MOORE, Williamsalesmanh Young
MOORES, Charlescarpenterbds 11 Carew
MOORES, Danielcarpenterh 115 New Gower
MOORES, Edwardlaborerh 51 Plymouth Road
MOORES, Gideonporterh Cabot
MOORES, Haywardlaborerbds 11 Carew
MOORES, Henryplumberh John
MOORES, Solomoncarpenterh Gilbert
MOORES, Solomonmerchanth 23 Hayward Avenue
MOORES, Williamlaborerh 21 Barter's Hill
MOORES, Willislaborerh 11 Carew
MOORES, Younglaborerh 11 Carew
MORINE, Alfred B.of Morison, Morine, & Gibbsh 36 Rennie's Mill Road
MORAN, Missteacherh 353 Duckworth
MORELL, Lewiscarpenterh Lime
MOREY, Austinfitterh 50 1/2 Barter's Hill
MOREY, Henrycabmanh 10 New Gower
MOREY, Johnlaborerh Playing Court
MOREY, Missteacherh Overbank Cottage, opp Gower
MOREY, Mathiasof M Morey & Co8 Queen's
MOREY, M & COShipping Agents, Coal and commision Merchants8 Queen's South side, e
MORGAN, -sectionman Nfld RRbds 29 James
MORGAN, Abelcarpenterh 21 Princess
MORGAN, Carolinewid Williamh 29 James
MORGAN, Edwardcarpenterh 67 Signal Hill Road
*** App. 11 entries missing from photocopied pages.

MORRISON, Wmgrocer, 38 Colonialh do
MORRISON, Williamtide waiter customsh 38 Colonial
MORRISON, W D & CoGrocers and Com Merchants301 Water
MORRIS, Albertlaborerh Goodview
MORRIS, Annalaundress hospitalQuidi Vidi Road
MORRIS, Benjamincarpenterh Livingstone
MORRIS, Catherinewid Hon Edwardh Cochrane
MORRIS, Charlesboatman customsh Nunery Hill
MORRIS, Edwardmessengerh 85 Quidi Vidi Road
MORRIS, Hon Edward Pof Morris & Morrish Beaconsfield, Topsail Rd
MORRIS, Elizabethwid Jacobh 31 New Gower
MORRIS, Frank B Cof Morris & Morrish 61 Patrick
MORRIS, Georgelaborerh Goodview
MORRIS, Georgesailmakerh 66 Lime
MORRIS, Georgeseamanh 34 Hutchings
MORRIS, Georgeshoemakerh Field
MORRIS, Mrs Georgegrocer, 64 Limeh 66 do
MORRIS, Henry Cseamanh 33 Mullock
MORRIS, Isaac Csailmaker, 9 1/2 Queenh 81 Pleasant
MORRIS, Jacobcarpenterh 50 Le Marchant Road
MORRIS, Jamesfishermanh 15 Carew
MORRIS, Jameslaborerh 15 Carew
MORRIS, Johnstorekeeperh Livingstone
MORRIS, Jordanlaborerh 15 Carew
MORRIS, Josephseamanbds 31 New Gower
MORRIS, J Psailmakerh 81 Pleasant
MORRIS, Martinlaborerh 78 Casey
MORRIS & MORRIS,Barristers and SolicitorsDuckworth
MORRIS, Noahlaborerh 9 Carew
MORRIS, Patrickmessenger, Union Bankh Prescott
MORRIS, Mrs Patrick
h 84 Casey's
MORRIS, Peterclerkbds 56 New Gower
MORRIS, Richardmajor Salvation Armyh 160 Le Marchant Road
MORRIS, Samuellaborerh Field
MORRIS, Selbylaborerbds Goodview
MORRIS, Stephenmaster marinerh Long's Hill
MORRIS, Thomasboiler makerh 66 Lime
MORRIS, Thomaslaborerh Cabot, w
MORRIS, Thomasshoemakerh 81 Hayward Avenue
MORRIS, Timothycarpenterh Goodview
MORRIS, Wmgrocer, 102 Georgeh do
MORRISSEY, Charleslaborerh Carter's Hill
MORRISSEY, Edwardseamanbds Battery Road
MORRISSEY, Edwardtailorh 268 theater Hill
MORRISSEY, Ellen, wid Johnvarietyh 20 Barnes Road
MORRISSEY, Jamesfishermanh 104 New Gower
MORRISSEY, Jameslaborerh 19 1/2 Carter's Hill
MORRISEY, Jamesseamanh 30 Sudbury
MORRISEY, Johnboatman customsh Colonial
MORRISSEY, Mary, wid Johngrocery, Duckworth, eh do
MORRISSEY, Marygrocery, 128 Water, wh do
MORRISSEY, Matthewlaborerh Battery Road
MORRISSEY, Michaelmessengerh Carter's Hill
MORRISSEY, Patrickfishermanh 279 Water, w
MORRISSEY, Patricklaborerbds Allendale Road
MORRISSEY, Petertailorh Parade
MORRISSEY, Terrancegrocer, 57 New Gowerh 57 New Gower
MORRISSEY, Thomasclerkh 14 Stewart Avenue
MORRISSEY, Mrs Walterbeer saloon, Allendale Roadh do
MORRISSEY, Williamshoemakerh South Side, e
MORRISSEY, Williamtailorh 268 Gower
MORTON, Arthur Cschool teacherbds Freshwater Road
MORTON , Rev Arthur DMethodisth Freshwater Road
MORTON, Charles Sschool teacherbds Freshwater Road
MOSS, Captain BRescue Homeh Boncloddy
MOSS, James Rinsurance agenth Gower
MOTT, Harry Vpiano tunerh 79 Pleasant
MOTTY, George Ebuyerh 60 New Gower
MOTTY, Philipsailmakerh 62 New Gower
MOULTON, Samuel(McPherson's) salesmanh Brazil's Square
MOVELLE, Lewisfishermanh Lime
MOYST, Rebeccawid Josephh 3 Damerill's Lane
MOYST, Williamtannerh 30 Duckworth
MUGFORD, Samuellaborerh Young
MUIR, Charles FMarble Works, Duckworthh 278 Gower
MUIR, Waltersalesmanbds 56 New Gower
MULCAHY, Annewid Williamh Victoria
MULCAHY, Jamescooperbds 31 Tank Lane
MULCAHY, Jameslaborerh 31 Cuddihy's Lane
MULCAHY, Johnsalesmanh Victoria
MULCAHY, Michaellaborerh 80 Casey's
MULCAHY, Sylvesterfishermanh Le Marchant Road
MULCAHY, Thomasseamanh 31 Cuddihey
MULCAHY, Thomastallymanh 45 Carter's Hill
MULLALLY, Christopherplastererbds 58 Colonial
MULLALLY, Jameslaborerh 25 Patrick
MULLALLY, Johncooperh Queen's Road
MULLALLY, Michaelshoemakerh 25 Patrick
MULLALLY, Michaelwharfingerh 45 Queen's Road
MULLALLY, Patrickcarpenterh 245 Water, w
MULLEY, Benjaminlaborerh 85 Pleasant
MULLEY, Elilaborerh Carter's Hill
MULLINS, Johnmasonh 83 Patrick
h Victoria
MULLINS, Josephtidewaiter customsh 3 Parade
MULLONEY, Johnblacksmithh 238 New Gower
h 60 Barter's Hill
MULROONEY, Josephfishermanh 28 Bannerman
MUNDY, Christophermessenger, H Ah 40 Mullock
MUNTRE, Josephlaborerh Spencer
MURPHY, Andrewlaborerh Brazil's Square
MURRAY, Anniehospital nurseQuidi Vidi Road
MURPHY, Annewid Jamesh Victoria
MURPHY, Annwid Richardbds O'Mara, 2 Queen's Road
MURPHY, Annewid Thomash 3 Pleasant
MURPHY, Benjamincooperh 52 Patrick
MURPHY, Catherinewid Thomash 16 Mullock
MURPHY, Charlesfarmerh South Side Riverhead
MURPHY, Charleslaborerh 27 Goodview
MURPHY, Danieltinsmithh 333 Water, w
MURPHY, Dennisseamanbds 11 New Gower
MURPHY, Edward jrbilliard markerbds 20 William
MURPHY, Edwardcooperh 22 William
MURPHY, Edwardlaborerh Brazil's Square
MURPHY, Edwardseamanbds 11 New Gower
MURPHY, Edwardseamanh 6 Pleasant
MURPHY, Edwardboot and shoemaker, 114 Water, wh do
MURPHY, Ellenwid Johnh 7 Damerill's Lane
MURPHY, Ellenwid Michaelh Penneywell Road
MURPHY, Ellenwid Philiph 78 Hamilton
MURPHY, Frankcarpenterh Queen's Road
MURPHY, Miss Isabell
h Freshwater Road
MURPHY, Jamesblacksmithh 48 Hamilton
MURPHY, Jameselectric lamp trimmerh Brazil's Square
h 10 William's Lane
MURPHY, Jameslaborerh 12 New Gower
MURPHY, Jamesseamanh 18 Simms
MURPHY, Jamestrimmerh Brazil's Square
MURPHY, Johncarmanh 330 Water
MURPHY, Johncooperh Henry
MURPHY, Johncooperh 20 William
MURPHY, Johnjoinerh Hamilton Avenue
MURPHY, Johnlaborerh 6 Lions Square
MURPHY, Johnseamanbds 11 New Gower
MURPHY, Johnseamanh 122 George
MURPHY, Johnshoemakerh 21 William
MURPHY, Mrs Johnvarietyh Long's Hill
MURPHY, John Faccountant5 Beck's Hill
MURPHY, Josephfiremanh Cabot
MURPHY, Josephvarieties and carpenter, LeMarchant Roadh do
MURPHY, Lewiscarriage makerh 306 Water
MURPHY, Martingrocer, 331-333 Water, wh do
MURPHY, MartinfarmerWaterford Bridge Road
MURPHY, Martinshoemakerh 15 Waldegrave
MURPHY, Martinvariety, Dick's Squareh do
MURPHY, Miss Mary
h 12 New Gower
MURPHY, Marywid Davidh 92 Brazil's Square
MURPHY, Marywid Jamesh Carter's Hill
MURPHY, Mary Annwid Johnh 41 Flower Hill
MURPHY, Matthewlaborerh 18 Simms
MURPHY, Mauricecarpenterh 26 Barter's Hill
MURPHY, Mauricelaborerh Cookstown
MURPHY, Mauricepolice constableh 66 Mullock
MURPHY, Michaelcarpenterh Livingstone
MURPHY, Michaelcooperbds 16 Mullock
MURPHY, Michaelhairdresserh 18 Hamilton
MURPHY, Michaellaborerh Flower Hill
MURPHY, Michaelporterh Carter's Hill
MURPHY, Michaelsailmakerh Pennywell Road
MURPHY, Michaelseamanh Sheehan's Shute
MURPHY, Mortimerseamanh 122 Water, w
MURPHY, M Jgrocer, 1 Alexanderh do
MURPHY, Nicholasblacksmithh 4 Pope
MURPHY, Nicholascarmanh Colonial
MURPHY, Nicholasshoemaker and varieties, 241 Water, wh do
MURPHY, Nicholaswheelwrighth 4 Popes
MURPHY, Patrickcarpenterh Livingstone
MURPHY, Patrickclerkh 16 Mullock
MURPHY, Patrickcooperh 21 James
MURPHY, Patrickcutterh Flower Hill
MURPHY, Patricklaborerh 26 Flower Hill
MURPHY, Patricklaborerh Hamilton Avenue
MURPHY, Patricklaborerh 33 Plank
MURPHY, Patricklaborerbds 17 Rossiter's Lane
MURPHY, Patricklamp trimmerh 11 Patrick
MURPHY, Patrickroad inspectorh 336 Water, w
MURPHY, Patrick Jcooperh south side, e
MURPHY, Petercarmanh 5 Murphy's Square
MURPHY, Peterclerkbds 20 William
MURPHY, Petercooperh 5 Patrick
MURPHY, Philiplaborerh 114 George
MURPHY, Philiplaborerh South Side, w
MURPHY, Philipship carpenterh 126 Casey'[sic]
MURPHY, Philipweigh masterh 114 George
MURPHY, Richardcabmanh South Side, Riverhead
MURPHY, Thomasboiler makerh 24 Alexander
MURPHY, ThomasconstableFort Townshend
MURPHY, Thomascooperh South Side, w
MURPHY, Thomaslaborerh Cookstown Road
MURPHY, Thomaslaborerh Goodview
MURPHY, Thomaslaborerbds 16 Mullock
MURPHY, Thomaslaborerh Signal Hill Road
MURPHY, Thomaspainterh 26 Buchanan
MURPHY, Thomasship carpenterh 120 Casey's
MURPHY, Thomas JBarrister and Solicitor, Duckworthh Portugal Old Road
MURPHY, Mrs William
h 277 Water
MURPHY, Williamcarpenterh 122 Casey's
MURPHY, Williamfishermanh 27 Adelaide
MURPHY, Williamlaborerh 1 Convent Lane
MURPHY, Williamlaborerh 21 William
MURPHY, Williammasonbds Signal Hill Road
MURPHY, Williamseamanh 14 Simms
MURPHY, Williamservanth Cove Road
MURPHY, Williamsalesmanbds 146 Casey's
MURRAY, Absolamlaborerh Quidi Vidi Road
MURRAY, Anthonyblacksmithh 26 Joy Place
MURRAY, Austinstovefitterh 50 1/2 Barter's Hill
MURRAY, Edwincommission Merchant and Agent, Adelaideh 73 Rennie's Mill Road,
MURRAY, Elizabethwid Jamesbds 73 Rennie's Mill Road
MURRAY, Jamesengineerh 32 Plank Road
MURRAY, JamesGeneral Importer, Duckworthh Circular Road
MURRAY, Johnblacksmithh 11 James
MURRAY, Johncooperh Le Marchant Road
MURRAY, Johngrocer, 231 Water, wh do
MURRAY, Johnlaborerh 20 Colonial
MURRAY, Johntruckmanbds Cookstown
MURRAY, Martincabmanh Cookstown
MURRAY, Marywid Jamesh Cookstown
MURRAY, Michaellaborerh 32 Thomas
MURRAY, Patrickblacksmith, 12 Dugganh do
MURRAY, Stuartmoulderh 20 Alexander
MURRAY, Thomascabmanh 8 New Gower
MURRAY, Thomasplastererh Gower
MURRAY, Williamconstableh Le Marchant Road
MURRAY, Williampolice constableh LeMarchant Road
MURRAY, Mrs William
51 Water, w
MURRAY, William Jshoemakerh Le Marchant Road
MURREN, Davidfarmerh 93 Monkstown Road
MUSDALE, Rachaelnurse hospitalQuidi Vidi Road
MUSEUM, James P HawleyF G S, Curator P O Building, Water
MUSGRAVE, Philipcarpenterbds 186 New Gower
MYERS, Johnseamanh Field
MYLER BROSBlock and Pump Manufacturers14 Holdsworth
MYLER, Johncooperh Chapel
MYELR[sic] Johnof Myler Brosh 33 New Gower
MYLER, Patricklaborerh Chapel
MYLER, Thomasblockmakerh 340 Water
MYLER, Thomaslaborerh Brazil's Square
MYLER, Williamof Myler Brosh 13 Adelaide
MYLES, Samuellaborerbds Cabot
MYLES, Williamlaborerbds Cabot
MYRICK, Jamescarpenterh 10 Catherine
MYRICK, Michael W.undertaker, 87 Military Roadh do
MYRICK, Patrickcarpenterbds 10 Catherine

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