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Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - P

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by SUE O'NEILL ~ January 2002 from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors. 

PACK, Albertfishermanh 96 Brazil's Avenue
PACK, Josephstorekeeperh 56 Springdale
PACK, JOSIAHgrocer, 370 Waterh 56 Flower Hill
PACKHAM, Georgewharfingerh Bond
PAGE, Francispainterh 69 Rennie's Mill Road
PAGE, Williamplumberh 68 Hamilton
PALFREY, Mrs Elizabeth
h Gower
PALFREY, Josephtinsmithh 3 Stephen
PALMGRAAN, Davidengraverh 5 Princess
PARK, Mrsboarding house298 Water
PARKE, Henryapp shoemakerh 219 Water
PURCELL, Peterlaborerbds 33 McDougald[sic]
PARKER, Edward Ocarpenterh Freshwater Road
PARKER, James Fof Parker & Monroeh 6 Queen's Road
PARKER, LawrenceProvisions, Groceries, Hardware, Etc, 331 Waterh Maplewood, Freshwater Road
PARKER, Thomas
h Garrison Hill
PARKER & MONROE,Boot and Shoe Manufacturers363 Water
PARKER, William provisions and groceries, 26 Waterh do
PARKER, William & Cohardware, etc327 Water
PARNITER, Azariahcarpenterh South Side, e
PARNELL, Frederickgroceries and gen mdse, Waterh 55 Military Road
PARRELL, Johnletter carrierh 113 Gower, e
PARRELL, Lukelaborerh 20 Flower Hill
PARRELL, Michaelsalesmanbds Gower
PARRELL, Patrickcullerh Gower
PARRELL, Patrickpedlerh Boncloddy
PARRELL, Thomascarpenterbds Gower
PARSONS, Alexandermaster marinerh Balsam
PARSONS, AlfredJubilee CottageQuidi Vidi Road
PARSONS, Allansalesmanh 29 Pleasant
PARSONS, Alexander Aeditor Evening Telegramh Horthorn Cottage, Carter's Hill
PARSONS, Azariahlaborerh Bond
PARSONS, Charles Fprinterh Torbay Road
PARSONS, Cumbrantlaborerh 101 Pleasant
PARSONS, Davidengineerh Balsam
PARSONS, Eugenesalesmanh Victoria
PARSONS, Franksalesmanh LeMarchant Road
PARSONS, Georgelaborerh 39 Alexander
PARSONS, Georgelaborerh 8 Simms
PARSONS, Georgelaborerh Tank Lane, w
PARSONS, Georgeseamanbds 18 Hagerty's Lane
PARSONS, Henry Adry goods, 75 New Gowerh 18 Carter's Hill
PARSONS, Jas Paccountanth King, cor Military Road
PARSONS, Jaspersalesmanh King
PARSONS, Johnlaborerh 23 Angel Place
PARSONS, Josephblacksmithh 174 Water, w
PARSONS, Josephlaborerh 101 Pleasant
PARSONS, Markcarpenterh Hamilton Road
PARSONS, Robertlaborerh hayward Avenue
PARSONS, Robert Hsea captainh 48 Hayward Avenue
PARSONS, Robert H jrclerkbds 48 Hayward Avenue
PARSONS, Robert Jbarrister and solicitor343 Duckworth
PARSONS, Samuelblacksmithbds Forest Road
PARSONS, S HPhotographer, 310 Waterh 61 Military Road
PARSONS, Theodore JPhotographer, Water, eh "Jubilee Cottage", Forest Road
PARSONS, Thomascarpenterh 186 New Gower
PARSONS, Thomaswatchmaker29 Pleasant
PARSONS, Williamphotographerh 61 Military Road
PARSONS, William Fsalesmanh 52 Le Marchant Road
PARSONS, William Hslaesmanh 22 Colonial
PARTRIDGE, Jamesporterh 6 Hamilton Avenue
PARTRIDGE, Johnsalesmanh 6 Hamilton Avenue
PASSEY, Eliastailorh 3 Holdsworth
PATENT, Henrylaborerh South Side, e
PATON, Thomas Hgrocer, 274 Gowerh do
PATRICK, Davidbuyerh 84 Pleasant
PAVASOR, Henrycooperh 70 Pleasant
PAVASOR, Hughcooperh 72 Pleasant
PAWLK, Johnfarmerh Topsail Road
PAYNE, Charlescarpenterbds 355 Duckworth
PAYNE, Francis Ccooperh Balsam
PAYNE & CompanyFancy Groceries and Provisions26 New Gower
PAYNE, George Waccountanth 33 Pleasant
PAYNE, Jamescarpenterbds 355 Duckworth
PAYNE, Jamesgrocer, 14 Brazil's Squareh do
PAYNE, Jamesclerkh Pleasant
PAYNE, Johnwharfingerh 102 Pleasant
PAYNE, Peter
h 44 1/2 Water, w
PAYNE, Thomasof Payne & Coh 26 New Gower
PAYNE, Thomasdry goods, Duckworthh 14 Brazel's[sic] Square
PAYNE, Walterwatchmakerh 44 1/2 Water, w
PAYNE, Williambutcherh 44 1/2 Water, w
PAYNE, Williamcooperh 28 Hutching's
PAYNE, Williamforeman bakerh 28 Hutching's
PEACE, Josephcarmanh 36 Springdale
PEACH, Arthur Bsalesmanh 158 Le Marchant Road
PEACH, Henry Bsalesmanh Gower, e
PEARCE, Aregister births and deathsh Winterdon Cottage, Winter Avenue
PEARCE, Georgesalesmanh Young
PEARCE, Josephwheelwrightbds Princess
PEARCY, Albertplumberh 122 Barnes' Road
PEARCY, Carolinewid Isaach 32 Wickford
PEARCEY, Edgarforeman nail factoryh 62 Springdale
PEARCEY, Francisseamanh Gilbert
PEARCEY, George Hsea captainh 32 William
PEARCEY, Harrietvariety, 7 Barnes Placeh do
PEARCEY, Jamescarpenterh 17 Barnes Place
PEARCEY, Jameslaborerh Circular Road
PEARCEY, Jameslaborerh 3 Holdsworth
PIERCEY, Joseph(Terra Nova foundry), laborer
PEARCEY, John Kaccountanth Gilbert
PEARCEY, Josephporterh 31 Bannerman
PEARCEY, Josephseamanh 53 Cabot
PEARCEY, Michaellaborerh 21 Thomas
PEARCEY, Mosesseamanh 110 George
PEARCEY, Mosesship-carpenterh 18 Flower Hill
PEARCEY, Robertblacksmithh 38 Bannerman
PEARCEY, Robertlaborerh 21 Thomas
PEARCEY, Robertseaman28 1/2 Carter's Hill
PEARCEY, Williamclerkbds 340 Duckworth
PEARCEY, Williamseamanbds 32 William
PEARSON, Michaellaborerh Goodview
PECKHAM, Georgewharfingerh Bond
PECKHAM, Matthewbutcher, Gowerh Gower
PEDDLE, Archibaldcarpenterh 12 James
PEDDLE, Johncarpenterh 6 Bond
PEDDLE, Patricklaborerh 113 New Gower
PEDDLE, Stephenlaborerbds 17 Sheehan
PEDDLE, Williamcarpenterh 14 James
PEDDLE, Williamseamanh 38 Larkins Avenue
PEDIGREW, Christopherlaborerh 3 Damerill's Lane
PEDIGREW, Robertlaborerh 3 Damerill's Lane
PEDIGREW, Williamwheelwrighth 14 Bond
PEEL, Thomassalesmanh Cook
PEET, Jamesacting sergeant constabularyh Long's Hill
PEET, SamuelBlacksmith, 71 Georgeh 73 do
PENDER, Edwardseamanh 19 1/2 Carter's Hill
PENDER, Jamesstorekeeperh 111 George
PENDER, Johnlaborerh 30 Casey's Lane
PENDER, Williamcooperh 7 James
PENDERGAST, Andrewmaster marinerh Henry
PENDERGAST, Edwardlaborerh 34 Fleming
PENDERGAST, Garrettfishermanh Quidi Vidi
PENDERGAST, Garrett jrfishermanh Quidi Vidi
PENDERGAST, James Psalesmanh Henry
PENDERGAST, Peterlaborerh 77 New Gower
PENDERGAST, Thomaslaborerh 12 Lion's Square
PENDERGAST, Williamcooperh 7 James, w
PENMAN, Williamplumberbds Brazil's Square
PENNAL, Thomaslaborerh 77 Casey's Lane
PENNELL, Silasporterh 4 Convent Square
PENNOCK, Harriettewid James, of James Pennockh 286 Water
PENNOCK, JamesTinsmith, Stoves, Etc286 Water, e
PENNY, Jameswatchmanh 36 Casey's Lane
PENNY, Jethro Wsalesmanh 145 Pleasant
PENNY, Johnseamanh 271 Water, w
PENNY, Lorenzolaborerbds 55 McFarlane's Lane
PENNY, Williamcooperbds 55 McFarlane's Lane
PENNY, Williamfishermanbds 55 McFarlane's Lane
PENNY, William Tcarpenterh 34 Mullock
PENSON, Jacoblaborerh Bond
PEPPER, Williampainterbds Gower
h 13 Knight
PERCIVAL, Williamclerkh 13 Knight
PEREZ, CAPT Josephcommission merchanth South Side, w
PEREZ, Joseph Caccountanth South Side
PERZE, Frederickseamanh 32 Buchanan
PERZE, Williamcarpenterh 17 Barter's Hill
PERKS, JamesconstableFort Townshend
PERLIN, J F & COclothing and dry goods, Water, w, Merchant's Block
PERRY, Annewid Thomash 24 Pleasant
PERRY, Williamlaborerh 101 Pleasant
PERRY, Williampackerh 107 Pleasant
PERRY, Williamtailorh 1 Pleasant
PETERS, Alfred Mclerk Union Bankh Rennie's Mill Road
PETERS, Arthur Caccountanth Gower
PETERS, Edmund Raccountanth Field
PETERS, Josephaccountanth 130 Hamilton
PETERS, J E PManufacturer's Agent, 347 Duckworthh Gower
PETERS, Richard Bcarpenterh Field
PETERS, Williamaccountantbds Gower, e
PETERSON, Antonwatchmakerbds 11 Queen's
PETERSON, Patrickbaker, Duckworth, eh Duckworth, e
PETRIE, Charlesengineerh 72 Lime
PEYTON, Henrylaborerh South Side, e
PHEATON, THOSgrocer, 54 Casey'sh Theatre Hill
PHELAN, Jamescashboybds 173 New Gower
PHELAN , JASgrocer, 63 Hayward Avenueh 65 do
PHELAN, Jamesmasonh 16 Damerill's Lane
PHELAN, Johannawid James, grocery, 173 New Gowerh 173 do
PHELAN, Michaelcooperh Spencer
PHELAN, Michaelharness-makerh Freshwater Road
PHELAN, Robertshoemakerh 117 New Gower
PHELAN, Tgrocer, 4 Adelaideh do
PHELAN, Timothywines and spirits, 338 Waterh do
PHILLIPS, Harriet Agrocer, Youngh do
PHILLIPS, Jamessheet iron worker, Boncloddyh do
PHILLIPS, John Kcooperh Young
PHILLIPS, John Cclerkh Young
PHIPHARD, Richardmasonh 28 John
PHIPHARD, Thomascarpenterbds 185 New Gower
PICCO, Johnwatchmanh 51 Carter's Hill
PICCO, Thomaslaborerh 53 Carter's Hill
PICKHARD, Williamcabinet makerPennywell Road
PIDEAUX, Williamwarchmakerh 23 Hutchings
PIGUERS, Johncollectorh 70 Hamilton
PIGEON, Jamescarpenterh Gower
PIKE, Archibaldlaborerh 39 McDougald
PIKE, Alfredaccountanth 55 Flower Hill
PIKE, Arthur Esalesmanh 11 Hamilton
PIKE, Stewart, M B C Mphysician, 274 Gowerh do
PIKE, Enochcurrierbds 59 Monkstown
PIKE, Ernestcarpenterh South Side, e
PIKE, Eugenelaborerbds 41 William
PIKE, Francis Jlaborerh South Side, e
PIKE, Frederickclerkh South Side
PIKE, Georgecarpenterh 8 Brien
PIKE, Hannahwid Georgebds 39 McDougald
PIKE, Horatioplastererh Victoria
PIKE, Johnlaborerh College Square
PIKE, Josephmanager Fishermen and Sailor's HomeDuckworth
PIKE, Lorenzolaborerh 10 Brien
PIKE, Marksalesmanh Dunford
PIKE, Mary Annwid Johnh 59 Monkstown Road
PIKE, Mosesstove fitterh 197 Hamilton
PIKE, Nelsonbookbinderbds 41 William
PIKE, Richardengineerh 32 Brien
PIKE, Robertpurser Grand Lakeh 4o Plank
PIKE, Simeonbakerh 11 Duckworth
PIKE, Williamlaborerh 41 William
PIKE, William Jcarpenterh 14 Belvidere
PIKE, Williamcheck clerkh 11 Hamilton
PIKE, William Hbookbinderh 43 William, Monkstown
PIKE, William Stinsmithh South Side, e
PILLEY, Arthurcarpenterh 25 Princess
PILLEY, Williamship carpenterh 25 Princess
PINE, Miss Mary
h Gower
PINE, Williamlaborerbds 259 Gower
PINK Max & Co.general dealers32 Water, w
PINN, Annwid Richardh 110 Barnes Road
PINN, Frederickfishermanbds Quidi Vidi
PINN, Henrylaborerh South Side, e
PINN, Jordanseamanh South Side, w
PINN, Josephfishermanh Quidi Vidi Road
PINN, Manuelfishermanh Quidi Vidi
PINN, Selbycarpenterh 6 William
PINN, Thomastidewaiter customsh 39 Mullock
PINSENT, Alfredstorekeeperh 61 Springdale
PINSENT, Charles Ecashier, Union Bankh Winter Avenue
PINSENT, Charles AMPortugese Vice Consul, Commission Merchant, Broker and Real Estate Agent, 349 Waterbds George
PINSENT, Frankclerk Surveyor's officebds 59 Military Road
PINSENT, Jacobcarpenterh Bond
PINSENT, Robertlumber agentbds 59 Military Road
PINSENT, Thomasboss laborerh Gilbert
PIPPY, Frankcooperh Balsam
PIPPY, George Aprospectorbds 2 New Gower
PIPPY, George Apainterbds Young
PIPPY, Henryshipwrighth 4 Bond
PIPPY, Johnseamanh Bully
PIPPY, John Cpainterbds Young
PIPPY, Josephblacksmithh 13 Barter's Hill
PIPPY, Josephboatman customsh Young
PIPPY, Josephof Sherron, Pippy & Coh 92 Freshwater Road
PIPPY, Stewartcooperh 68 Springdale
PIPPY, Thomas Amachinist, 6 Waldegraveh 11 Brazil's Square
PIPPY, Williamland surveyorh 11 Barter's Hill
PIPPY, Williamtinsmithh 28 William
PIPPY, William G.Tinsmith, 425 Water, wh 16 Brazil's Square
PITCHER, Alexanderteacherh 25 William
PITCHER, Haroldaccountantbds 25 William
PITCHER, Jonathanseamanh 66 George
PITCHER, Thomassalesmanbds 24 William
PITMAN, Albertship carpenterh Brazil's Square
PITMAN, Charlescarmanh 49 Cabot
PITMAN, Corbettsalesmanh Pleasant
PITMAN, Elizabethwid Richardh 28 Wickford
PITMAN, Frederickshipwrighth 19 Goodview
PITMAN, Georgelaborerh 39 Cuddihey's
PITMAN, James JSolicitor, Agent Ins Co, Etc, Office, Prescott
PITMAN, Johnlaborerh Brazil's Square
PITMAN, Robertlaborerh 20 James
PITMAN, Robertreporterh 42 Pleasant
PITMAN, Thomaslaborerh 16 James
PITMAN, Thomaswatchmanh 16 James
PITTS, J & Wgeneral commission merchants and steamship agentsWater, e
PITTS, Hon Jas Sof J & W Pittsh King's Bridge Road
POESEY, WMcarriage builder, 15 Brennan's Laneh 50 Water
POLFREY, Johnseamanh 4 Lime
POLLOCK, Thomasmachinisth 45 Quidi Vidi Road
POMFREY, William Jtidewaiter customsh 14 Barnes Road
POMEROY, Abellaborerh 29 Casey's
POMEROY, Johncarpenterh 61 1/2 Lime
POOKE, Samuelmanager Electric Light Coh 34 Bond
POOL, Chas RWines and Spirits, Water, eh do
POOR HOUSEJoseph Boyd suptSudbury
POOR, Johnwatchmanh York
POPE, Henrycabinet maker, 108 Georgeh 108 George
POPE, J Tblacksmith, 5 Waldegraveh 103 George
POPE, Mary Annewid Williamh 3 Brazil's Square
POPE, Matthewblacksmith, Adelaideh 101-103 George
POPE, Mrs Randolph
h 50 Springdale
POPE, Richard Jsalesmanh 15 Hutchings
POPE, Thomasblacksmithbds 101 George
POPE, Thomascabinet makerbds 108 George
POPE, W Sblacksmith, 14 Princessh 2 Brazil's Square
PORTER, Charleslaborerh South Side, e
PORTER, Samuellaborerh South Side, e
POTTLE, Alexanderlaborerh 39 George
POTTLE, Elizabethwid Elih 85 Casey's Lane
POWELL, Thomascarpenterh 45 Pleasant
POWER, Agnes A
h 47 Military Road
POWER, Albertlaborerh 229 Lewis Place
POWER, Benjaminlaborerh Signal Hill Road
POWER, Bridgetwid Matthewh 20 Casey's Lane
POWER, Davidlaborerh 47 Moore
POWER, Edwardgrocer, Duckworth, eh do
POWER, Edwardhardware, Water, eh Garrison Hill
POWER, Edwardlaborerh 121 New Gower
POWER, Edwardlaborerh 229 Lewis Lane
POWER, Edwardlaborerh 127 New Gower
POWER, Edwardlaborerh 43 McFarlane's Lane
POWER, Edwardlaborerh 9 Simms
POWER, Edwardlaborerh 76 Water, w
POWER, Elizabethwid Charlesh 346 Duckworth
POWER, Elizabethwid Peterh Lewis Lane
POWER, Ellenwid Capt Jamesh 15 Brazil's Lane
POWER, Ellenwid Martinh 120 Barnes Road
POWER, Ellenwid Stephenbds Prospect
POWER, Georgecooperh 44 Hamilton
POWER, Honorawid Edward, wines and spirits, 408 Waterh do
POWER, Jamesbookkeeperh 15 Brazil's Square
POWER, Jamescooperh 50 Hamilton
POWER, Jameslaborerh 25 Casey's
POWER, Jameslaborerh 27 Plank
POWER, Jameslaborerh 226 Water, w
POWER, Jamesliquors, 190 New Gowerh do
POWER, Jamesmusicianh Victoria
POWER, James jrseamanbds 190 New Gower
POWER, Janewid Johnh 44 Hamilton
POWER, Johnbakerh 59 Colonial
POWER, Johnbakerh Finn's Lane
POWER, Johncarpenterh 41 Signal Hill Road
POWER, Johncarpenterbds Temperance Hill
POWER, Johnclerkbds Young
POWER, Johncooper, 11 William's Laneh do
POWER, Johnlaborerh 8 Casey's
POWER, Johnlaborerbds 10 Damerill's Lane
POWER, Johnlaborerh 56 Mullock
POWER, Johnlaborerh Signal Hill Road
POWER, Johnlaborerh York
POWER, Johnsalesmanh Barnes Road
POWER, Johnsalesmanh 218 New Gower
POWER, Johnseamanh 31 Casey's
POWER, Josephcooperh 14 Fleming
POWER, Josephplanterh 16 Casey's
POWER, Joseph Mtraderh 168 Pleasant
POWER, Lawrencelaborerh 14 Hagerty's Lane
POWER, Mrsgrocery31 Water, w
POWER, Margaretseamstressbds 12 Carherine
POWER, Margaretwid Johnh Young
POWER, Margaretwid Nicholash Prospect
POWER, Margaretwid Patrick12 Stewart Avenue
POWER, Mary Ann
h 135 George
POWER, Marywid Johnh 227 Lewis Place
POWER, Marywid Johnh 39 Signal Hill Road
POWER, Mary Awid Williamh 10 Damerill's Lane
h 47 Military Road
POWER, MliquorsCochrane
POWER, Michaelchairman Municipal Councilh 139 George
POWER, Michaelcooper, 9 Thomash 139 George
POWER, Michaelfishermanh 5 Carter's Hill
POWER, Michaellaborerh 27 Rossiter's Lane
POWER, Michaelmasonbds 190 New Gower
POWER, Michaelseamanh 198 Water, w
POWER, Michaelwharfingerh 8 Le Marchant Road
POWER, Patrickcarpenterh Victoria
POWER, Patricklaborerh 10 Lion's Square
POWER, Patricklaborerh 22 Sebastian
POWER, Patricklaborerbds Signal Hill Road
POWER, Patricklaborerh South Side, w
POWER, Patrickseamanh 35 Bambrick's
POWER, Patrickshoemakerh 239 Water, w
POWER, Percylaborerh 14 Coveent Lane
POWER, Petercooperh 29 Adelaide
POWER, Peterpainterh 8 Belvidere
POWER, Richardblacksmithh 40 Bannerman
POWER, Richardclerkh 226 Water, w
POWER, Richardcooperh 148 New Gower
POWER, Richardmessengerh King's Bridge Road
POWER, Richardtinsmithh 216 New Gower
POWER, Robertbroker customsh 66 Patrick
POWER, Robertsalesmanh Pokeham Path
POWER, Sarahwid Johnh 30 Springdale
POWER, Thomasboiler makerh 40 Bannerman
POWER, Thomascarmanh 10 Barron
POWER, Thomaslaborerh 27 Plank
POWER, Thomas Jcarpenterh Victoria
POWER, Williamboiler makerh Signal Hill Road
POWER, Williamlaborerh 27 Bambrick's
POWER, Williamlaborerh 11 Bannerman
POWER, Williamlaborerbds Lime
POWER, Williamlaborerh 230 New Gower
POWER, Williamlaborerh South Side
POWER, Williamsea captainh 13 Flower Hill
POWER, Williamseamanh Field
POWER, William Fclerkh 14 Fleming, Georgetown
PRATT, Rev JohnMethodisth 73 Military Road
PRESS, Georgecabinet makerbds 9 Mullock
PRESTON, Johntidewaiter customsh 54 Colonial
PRESTON, John jrshoemakerbds 54 Colonial
PRETTY, Johnbricklayerbds Dick's Square
PRICE, Annewid Jamesh 12 Bond
PRICE, Frederick Jlaborerh 12 Duckworth
PRICE, Johnclerkh 3 Duckworth
PRICE, Johnstorekeeperh 3 Gower, Hoyle's Town
PRICE, Josephlaborerh 12 Duckworth
PRICE, Williamlaborer12 Duckworth
PRIDEAUX, William Hwatchmakerh 23 Hutchings
PRIM, Johncooper158 Water, w
PRIM, Mrs Matthew
h 156 Water, w
PROWSE, Algernon HCommission Merchant and Broker, Merchants' Block, Water, ebds 75 Le Marchant Rd
PROWSE, Charlesstorekeeperh 33 Bannerman
PROWSE, Kenneth Rof R Prowse & Sonsh 73 Le Marchant Road
PROWSE, JOHNphysicianh 249 Water, w
PROWSE, Johntinsmithh 3 Carew
PROWSE , Robert & Sonsgeneral commission agents3 Queen
PROWSE, Robt Hof R Prowse & Sons, German Consul75 Le Marchant Road
PROWSE, Thomas Wboiler makerh 93 Quidi Vidi Road
PROWSE, Williamboiler makerh 93 Quidi Vidi Road
PROWSE, Williamcarpenterh Long's Hill
PROWSE, Williamtinsmithh 136 Hamilton
PUDDISTER, Jordanlaborerh Scott
PUDDISTER, Josiahcarmanh 60 Alexander
PUDDISTER, Stephenfishermanh 1 Hunt's Lane, Water, e
PUMPHREY, Williamtidewaiter customsh 14 Barnes' Road
PURCELL, Edwardlaborerh 35 McDougall
PURCELL, Jamesfishermanh 18 Sheehan's Shute
PURCELL, Margaretwid Johnh 345 Duckworth
PURCELL, Michaelblacksmithh King's Road
PURCELL, Michaelboiler makerbds Prospect
PURCELL, Michaellaborerh 5 Barnes Place
PURCELL, Richardbrewerh Prospect
PURCELL, Richardlaborerh King's Road
PURCELL, Stephensalesmanh 345 Duckworth, w
PURCELL, TimothyfishermanPilot's Hill
PURCHAID, Charleslaborerh 41 Cabot
PURCHASE, Albert, EH M Customsh Long's Hill
PUCHASE, Thomasseamanh 19 1/2 Barter's Hill
PURCHETTE, Robertlaborerh 19 Mullock
PYMR, Henrylaborerh South Side, e
PYMR, Thomaslaborerh South Side, w

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