NLGenWeb 1894 McAlpines Directory

Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - R

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by SUE O'NEILL ~ January 2002 from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

RADCLIFF, William Hlaborerh 69 Signal Hill Road
RADFORD, Archcutterh 34 Water, w
RADFORD, William Csalesmanh 139 Water, w
RADWAY, Richardcarpenterh Bonclodey
RAFTUS, Jamesminerh 130 Pleasant
RAHAL, Edwardharness makerh 5 College Square
RAHAL, Johndruk[sic] clerkh 5 College Square
RAHAL, Michaellaborerh 5 College Square
RAMSEY, Allanboarding housePrescott
RAMSEY, Johnpattern makerh 65 Springdale
RANKIN, A Dgroceries and provisions, 288 Waterh Portugal Cove Road
RANKIN, C BEstate Broker, Renuf[sic] buildingDuckworth
RANKIN, Margaretgrocer, 6 Pope'sh do
RANKIN, Richardaccountantbds Parade
RANKIN, Williamseamanh 6 Pope's
RATCHFORD, Archibaldcutter shoe factoryh 34 Water, w
RATCHFORD, Missearthernware, 34 Waterh do
RAWLINS, Jamesgrocer, Military Roadh do
RAY, Davidmasonh Balsam
RAYNES, Johncarpenterh Boncloddy
RAYNES, Robertcoachmanh 95 Monkstown Road
RAYNES, Williamcarpenterh King's Bridge Road
RAYNES, Williamcoachmanh 9 Patrick
READ, Arthurpainterh 55 Casey's
READ, Edmundcarpenterh Gilbert
READ, Georgecooperh 172 Pleasant
READ, Harrybarberh 126 Hamilton
READ, Johncarpenterh 111 Hamilton
READ, Johnlaborerh Gilbert
READ, Josephshopkeeperh 73 Pleasant
READ, Williamtraderh 175 Pleasant
READ, William Htraderh 170 Pleasant
READY, Michaellaborerh 7 Job's
READY, Sarahwid Johnh 233 Lewis Place
READY, Williamlaborerh r 238 New Gower
REARDON, Josephseamanh 20 Lime
REARDON, Patricktidewaiter customs
REARDON, Williamlaborerh South Side, e
REEVES, Robertcarpenterh 106 Casey's
REAY, Rev JohnMethodisth 40 Freshwater Road
REAY, John Baccountanth 40 Freshwater Road
REDDIGAN, Johnlaborerh 11 Bannerman
REDDY, Jamesbakerh Waterford Bridge Road
REDDY, Michaelcabinet makerh 23 Barnes Road
REDDY, Michaellaborerh 7 Job's
REDDY, Michaellaborerh Waterford Bridge Road
REDDY, Michaeltidewaiter customsh York
REDDY, Sarahwid Johnh 233 Lewis Place
REDDY, Thomaslaborerh 15 Lane off Barnes Road
REDMOND, Ameliawid Edwardbds Dammerill's Lane
REDMOND, Davidclerkh King's Road
REDMOND, Johnweighmasterh Victoria
REDMOND, Lawrencefiremanh 2 Stephen
REDMOND, Martinlaborerbds 10 Dammerill's Lane
REDMOND, PatrickcaretakerWest End
REDMOND, Thomastinsmithh Victoria
REDSTONE, Charlestailorh Scott
REDSTONE, Georgecarpenterh Cook
REDSTONE, William Jsalesmanh 10 Bannerman
REED, Calebseamanh Scott
REED, Henry Phairdresserh 126 Hamilton
REED, Jamescontractor and builderbds Gower
REED, Jamesgrocer, Queen's Roadh do
REED, Johnseamanh 82 1/2 George
REED, Josephseamanh Scott
REED, Moseslaborerh South Side, e
REED, R Grailway contractor, 294 Waterres Montreal, Canada
REED, Selby R
bds 11 Spencer
REED, Mrs William
h 2 South Side, e
REELIS, Harryfiremanh Prospect
REES, ArchibaldconstablePort Townshend
REID, Alfredclerkh Circular Road
REID, Arthurcabinet makerh 37 Water
h 33 King's Bridge Road
REID, Catherinewid James, laundressh 5 Mullock
REID, Chasgrocer, Youngh Young
REID, Georgelaborerh do
REID, Georgelaborerh South side
REID, H Dof R G Reid, asst manager M N & R Rbds 45 Cochrane
REID, Jameslaborerbds 50 Colonial
REID, Johnlaborerh Spencer
REID, Josephcarpenterh 13 Simms
REID, Laviniawid Josephh 50 Colonial
REID, Moseswatchmanh South Side, e
REID, Ralphsalesmanh Circular Road
REID, Robertsalesmanh Circular Road
REID, Sarahwid Mosesbds 26 Codner
REID, Solomonsawyerh Boat House Road
REID, Wm Dof R G Reid, manager M N & Railway294 Water
REINS, Johnlaborerh Boncloddy
RENDALL, A Slate W H Mare Son & Co, Ship and General Commission, Office, Water h "Avalon House" Waterford Bridge Rd
RANDELL, Charleslaborerh 15 Goodview
RENDELL, F Eaccountanth 76 Cochrane
RENDELL, Hon Geo Tof W & G Rendell, office, Waterh 76 Cochrane
RENDELL, Herbertphysician, Gowerh do
RENDELL, Jamescooper, Gowerh do
RENDELL, Marywid Frederickh 38 Rennie's Mill Road
RENDELL, Robert Gof C F Bennett & Coh "Northbank" Long Pond Road
RENDELL, Williamsurveyorbds 340 Duckworth
RENDELL, W & GCom and Lumber Agents, Agents for Phoenix Fire OfficeWater, w
RENNIE, Frederickaccountanth 48 Rennies Mill Road
RENNIE, Frederick Wmanager St John's Gas Coh Rennies Mill Road
RENNIE, James Ssalesmanh Prescott
RENNIE, Robt Jaccountanth "Clydesdale Cottage" Rennies Mill Road
RENNIE, Wm HSec'y-Treasurer Gas Light Coh Circular Road
RENOUF, Anniewid Charles Hh Prescott
RENOUF, Charles Hbrokerh Prescott
REX, Thomasshoemakerh 35 Barter's Hill
REGAN, MrsJamesh 291 Water, w
REGISTRY OFFICE,Duckworth, foot of Cathedral
REYNOLDS, Jobcarpenterh 25 Duggan
RICE, Arthurgrocer, Cookstownh do
RICE, Bridgetwid Michaelh 14 Lime
RICE, Georgemillwrightbds 2 New Gower
RICE, Johntruckmanh Harvey Road
RICE, Thomaslaborerh 29 Hayward Avenue
RICH, Isaacseamanh 7 Murphy's Square
RICHARDS, Abrahamlaborerh Balsam
RICHARDS, Frederickmoulderh Hamilton
RICHARDS, Isaaclaborerh 138 Hamilton
RICHARDS, Isaacpainterh Cookstown
RICHARDS, Williamcolporteurh 9 Knight
RICHARDS, Williamwatchmanh Victoria
RICHARDSON, Jameslaborerh Holloway
RICHARDSON, Johnlaborerh Battery Road
RICHARDSON, John jrlaborerh Battery Road
RICHARDSON, Thomaslaborerbds Holloway
RICHARDSON, Williamlaborerbds Holloway
RICKARDS, Jameslaborerh 62 Barnes' Road
RICKS, Andrewlaborerh 35 Barter's Hill
RICKS, Josephapp shoemakerh 35 Barter's Hill
RIDDY, Johncarpenterh 23 Barnes' Road
RIDOUT, Alfredsalesmanh 8 John
RIDOUT, F Waccountantbds 41 Mullock
RIDOUT, Georgemoulderh South Side, e
RIDOUT, Jabezsalesmanh 8 John
RIDOUT, Jacobsalesmanh 8 John
RIDOUT, Jamessalesmanh 8 John
RIDOUT, Johnlaborerbds 9 Sheehan's Shute
RIDOUT, Thomastailorh 7 George
RIELY, Johannawid Bernardh Hunt's Lane
RIELLY, Patricklaborerh Bond
RIELLY, Mrs Robert
h Hunt's Lane, Water, e
RIELLY, Williamfishermanh 243 Water, w
RING, Martincooperh 14 Hayward Avenue
RING, Patricklaborerh Pilot's Hill
RING, Thomaskeeper asylumh 275 1/2 Water, w
ROACH, AlbertconstableFort Townshend
ROACH, Catherine
h King's Road
ROACH, Miss Catherine
bds Quidi Vidi
ROACH, Jamesblacksmithh Darling's
ROACH, Jamescooperh 47 Brazil's Square
ROACH, Johncarpenterh Boggan's
ROACH, Miss Maryschool teacherh Quidi Vidi
ROACH, Michaellaborerh 5 Plank
ROACH, Thomasfishermanh 18 Casey's
h Gower
ROBERTS, Abeloilerh 86 Hamilton
ROBERTS, Edwardlaborerh 95 Pleasant
ROBERTS, Georgesalesmanh South side, e
ROBERTS, George Wlaborerh south Side, w
ROBERTS, Jameslaborer tugboath South Side, near church
ROBERTS, Jamesmasonh Balsom
ROBERTS, Jamesmessenger at hospitalSignal Hill
ROBERTS, Jamesseamanh 51 George
h South Side, w
ROBERTS, Johncarpenterh 16 George
ROBERTS, Johngroceries, 263 Water, wh do
ROBERTS, Johnlaborerh Lewis Lane
ROBERTS, Mrs Roberts
h South Side, w
ROBERTS, Samuelcooperh 21 Brazil's Square
ROBERTS, Samuelseamanh 22 Stephen's
ROBERTS, Thomascarpenterh 66 Springdale
ROBERTS, Thomascarpenterh 16 George
ROBERTS, William
h South Side, w
ROBERTS, Williamcarpenterh Chapel
ROBERTS, Williamlaborerh South Side, e
ROBERTS, Williamseamanh 88 Hamilton
ROBERTSON, Alexmanagerh Long's Hill
ROBERTSON, Alfredsalesmanh 116 Hamilton
ROBERTSON, Johntailorh 296 Water
ROBERTSON, John R.Commision Agent and Broker, Water, eh Waldegrave
ROBINSON & FOXCommission merchants, Exchange buildingsWater, e
ROBINSON, Jamesseamanh 36 Lime
ROBINSON, J AlexanderProprietor "Daily News", Duckworth, eh Cathedral
ROBINSON, Johnsalesmanh Cookstown Road
ROBINSON, Jonn[sic]painterbds Gower
ROBINSON, John Aprinter "Daily News"h Cathedral
ROBINSON, Mary Annwid Richardh Goodview
ROBINSON, Robertengineerh 76 New Gower
ROCHE, Miss Catherine
h King's Road, cor Queen's Road
ROCHE, John Treporterh King's Road
ROCHE, Patrickstorekeeperbds Queen's Road
ROCHFORD, Thomaslaborerh 31 Cabot
RODDICK, Albertbricklayerh Bell
RODGERS, Abrahamlaborerh Field
RODGER, Alexof Marshall & Rodgerh 86 Barnes Road
RODGERS, Alfredlaborerh Field
RODGERS, Edwardcarpenterh 42 Barter's Hill
RODGERS, Edward Jmoulderh 54 Alexander
RODGERS, Henryfishermanh Field
RODGERS, Jameslaborerh 54 Alexander
RODGERS, Johnengineerh 22 Hutchings
RODGERS, Johnlaborerh 9 Carter's Hill
RODGERS, Robertlaborerh 76 Pleasant
RODGERS, Stephenfiremanh 43 Larkin's Square
RODGERS, Stephenlaborerh 54 Alexander
RODGERS, Stephenwharfingerh South Side, e
ROGERS, Alicewid Edwardh 10 Sheehan's shute
ROGERS, Ambroselaborerh 17 Fleming
ROGERS, Annwid Robertbds 55 McFarlane's Lane
ROGERS, Davidlaborerbds 22 Finn's Lane
ROGERS, Henrylaborerh 55 Cabot
ROGERS, Jamescooperh 22 Finn's Lane
ROGERS, Jamesstevedors[sic]h South Side, w
ROGERS, Johnfishermanh 20 Sebastian
ROGERS, Rachaelwid Henryh 2 Brewery Lane
ROGERS, Richardcooperh 8 Hutchings
ROGERS, Richardstorekeeperh South Side, w
ROGERS, Samuellaborerh 14 Mullock
ROGERS, Stephenforemanh South Side, e
ROGERS, Stephenseamanh 5 Plymouth Road
ROGERS, Susannahwid Samuelbds 14 Mullock
ROGERS, WilliamlaborerBrewery Lane
ROGERS, Williamlaborerh 20 Sebastapool
ROGERS, Williamlaborerh Signal Hill Road
ROGERSON, Hon Jas JCoal Merchant, 397 Waterh 2 Queen
ROGERSON, P & SonGeneral Commission Merchants397 Water
ROIL, Georgetruckmanbds Freshwater Road
ROIL, Jamesdeputy sheriff and bailiffh 25 Maxse
ROIL, Jamespensionerh Freshwater Road
ROILS, Johnlaborerh 30 Wickford
ROLAND, Johnblacksmithh 36 George
ROLAND, Patricklaborerh South Side, w
ROLLS, Alfredlaborerh 25 Rossiter's Lane, Water, w
ROLLS, Andrewlaborerh 25 Rossiter's Lane
ROLLS, Johncheck clerkh Chapel
ROLLS, Michaelapp shoemakerh Field
ROLLS, Thomaslaborerh Chapel
ROONEY, Elizabethwid Jamesh 45 Hamilton
ROONEY, Johngasfitter and plumber, Water, eh 45 Hamilton
ROOST, Andrewfiremanbds Queen's Road
ROOST, Williamfiremanh Cookstown
ROOST, Williamlaborerh Pleasant
ROPER, Josephwatchmaker and jeweller, water, eh Dick's Square
RORKE, Patricklaborerh 15 Barnes' Place
RORKE, Thomascooperh 5 Bannerman
ROSCOE, Johnaccountanth 208 Battery Road
ROSE, Alexanderlaborerbds 38 Quidi Vidi Road
ROSE, Alfredlaborerh 38 Quidi Vidi Road
ROSE, Edwardcarpenterh 108 Casey's
ROSE, Fredericklaborerh Charles
ROSE, Fredericklaborerh 28 Pleasant
ROSE, Jeremiahlaborerbds 27 Rossiter's Lane
ROSE, Joseph Lfarmerh "Clover Cottage" Quidi Vidi Road
ROSE, Joshuatinsmithh 13 Hutchings
ROSE, Leonardcarpenterh 14 Wickford
ROSE, Marmadukelaborerh 91 Pleasant
ROSE, Robertseamanh 6 Hutchings
ROSE, Samuelcarpenterh 38 Quidi Vidi Road
ROSE, Stephenseamanh Gower
ROSE, Susanwid Abelh 42 Bannerman
ROSE, Thomascarpenterh 3 Cookstown Road
ROSE, Walterlaborerh Merry Meeting Road
ROSE, Williamclerkh Gower, e
ROSE, Williamcoachmanbds 38 Quidi Vidi Road
ROSE, Williamlaborerh 202 New Gower
ROSE, Williamseamanh Merry Meeting Road
ROSS, Forbes H Bhead salesmanh 56 New Gower
ROSS, Hughsalesmanbds 124 Military Road
ROSSITER, Johnlaborerh 234 New Gower
ROSSITER, Marklaborerh Temperance
ROSSITER, Michaellaborerh Hoylestown
ROSSITER, Thomasgrocer, 37 Wickfordh do
ROSSITER, Thomasporterh Courting Lane
ROTHWELL & BOWRINGWholesale Provision and General Merchants: Office, Water, e
ROUND, Williamsea captainh 105 Hamilton
ROUNAN, Jameswatchmanh Signal Hill Road
ROURK, Elizabethwid Michaelh Gower
ROURKE, Thomascooperh 7 Bannerman
ROURK, Williamcarpenterbds Gower
ROUTHLEDGE, Henryfarmerbds Pleasantville Hotel, Quidi Vidi Road
ROUTLEDGE, Peterpro, Pleasantville HotelQuidi Vidi Road, Lower
ROWE, Benjaminlaborerh South Side, w
ROWE, Charleslaborerbds King's Road
ROWE, Edward Jaccountanth Henry
ROWE, Frederick Rcooper, 45 Barter's Hillh do
ROWE, Georgemusic teacherh Victoria
ROWE, Jacoblaborerh 72 Cabot, w
ROWE, Johnaccountanth 26 Codner
ROWE, Williamcooperh Henry
ROWE, Williamlaborerh Cabot, w
ROWE, Williamshipwrighth 20 Simms
ROWELS, Williamcarpenterbds 9 College Square
ROWLAND, Georgeaccountanth Prescott
ROWSE, Annawid Williamh Pennywell Road
ROYAL, Jamesbailiffh 25 Maxse
ROYAL, Josephlaborerh 16 Cabot
ROYAL, Marywid Williambds 35 Hayward Avenue
ROYAL, Samuelclerkh Circular Road
ROYAL, Samuellaborerh 18 Cabot
ROYAL, Williamfishermanh 33 Mullock
ROYANE, Johnblacksmithbds 36 George
RUFTUS, Miss Norah
h 75 Patrick
RUMSEY, Charlescooperh 265 Water, w
RUMSEY, Georgeseamanh Brazil's Square
RUMSEY, Henrytraderh 40 Pleasant
RUMSEY, Thomasmaster marinerh Cookstown
RUSK, Williamlaborerh 25 Fleming
RUSSELL, Charles Eprinter bds Young
RUSSELL, Edwardengineerh Boncloddy
RUSSELL, Edwardlaborerh South Side, e
RUSSELL, Edward Cprinterh young
RUSSELL, Johnfarmerbds Logy Bay Road
RUSSELL, Mary Awid Charlesh Young
RUSSELL, Robert Ctidewaiter customsh 4 Bannerman
RUXDON, Williamengineerh 63 Springdale
RUTLEDGE, Paullaborerh 41 Signal Hill Road
RUTHVEN, Jamesengineerh 313 Water, w
RYALL, Samuel Lsalesmanh Circular Road
RYALL, Thomastailorbds 15 Gower
RYALL, Williamstudent-at-lawh Military Road
RYAN, Bridgetwid Patrickh 13 Holdsworth
RYAN, Charles Wcooperh 1 Carter's Hill
RYAN, Davidlaborerh 39 Cabot
RYAN, Edwardcarpenterh King's Road
RYAN, Edwardfarmerh Logy Bay Road
RYAN, Edwardpainterh 232 Water, w
RYAN, Mrs Edward
h 36 Le Marchant Road
RYAN, Ellenwid Johnh 61 Casey's
RYAN, Frederick Mcooperh King's Road
RYAN, Mrs James
h Water, w
RYAN, Jamescarpenterh 11 Carter's Hill
RYAN, JamesfarmerLogy Bay Road
RYAN, Jameslaborerh 85 Casey's
RYAN, Jamesshipwrighth York
RYAN, Jamestailorbds Cochrane
RYAN, Jamestinsmithh 36 LeMarchant Road
RYAN, James Dgrocer, provisions, and liquors, 281 Waterh 267 Duckworth
RYAN, Johannahwid Johnh 28 Mulloch[sic]
RYAN, Johnassistant sanitary departmenth Newtown Road
RYAN, Johnbakerh Signal Hill Road Road
RYAN, Johnclerkh 10 Water, w
RYAN, Johncoachmanh 11 Forest Road
RYAN, Very Rev. Johndean of the diocesePalace, 28 Patrick
RYAN, Johnlaborerh 30 Carter's Hill
RYAN, John, jrlaborerh King's Road
RYAN, Johnlaborerbds 28 Mulloch[sic]
RYAN, Johnmaster marinerh Bond
RYAN, Johnprinterh 22 Barter's Hill
RYAN, Johnseamanh 20 Plank
RYAN, Johnseamanh 22 Plank
RYAN, Johnship carpenterh William's Lane
RYAN, Johnshipwrighth Gower
RYAN, Johnstorekeeperh 13 Holdsworth
RYAN, Johnsurveyorh Newtown Road
RYAN, Johntailorh King's Road
RYAN, Johnwharfingerh 13 Holdsworth
RYAN, John Esalesmanh Le Marchant Road
RYAN, Josephcabinet makerbds Gower
RYAN, Josephlaborerh 224 Water, w
RYAN, Martinlaborerh Hamilton Avenue
RYAN, Miss Mary
h Queen's Road
RYAN, Marywid Martin, grocery, Boncloddyh do
RYAN, Marywid Michaelh Barnes Road
RYAN, Marywid Michael, grocery, Harvey Roadh do
RYAN, Marywid Williamh Gower
RYAN, Michaelcabmanbds Boncloddy
RYAN, Michaellaborerh 20 Bates
RYAN, Michaellaborerh 51 Monkstown Road
RYAN, Michaeltailorh Beck's
RYAN, Michaeltruckmanh Newton Road
RYAN, Mrs Michaelvarieties, Harvey Roadh do
RYAN, Nicholastailorh 12 Hamilton
RYAN, Mrs Patrick
h 297 Water, w
RYAN, Patricklaborerh 17 Carter's Hill
RYAN, Patricklaborerh 28 Mullock
RYAN, Patricklaborerh 243 Water, w
RYAN, Patrickmessengerh Harvey Road
RYAN, Patricktruckman
RYAN, Richardboarding house17 1/2 Flower Hill
RYAN, Richardshipwrighth York
RYAN, Richardwarden penitentiaryh Forest Road
RYAN, Thomasboarding house10 Water, w
RYAN, Thomaslaborerh 48 Cabot
RYAN, Thomaslaborerh South Side, w
RYAN, Thomasmanager Board of Agricultureh 2 Brien
RYAN, Thomassalesmanh Buckley
RYAN, Thomassalesmanh 36 Le Marchant Road
RYAN, Thomastailorh Beck's
RYAN, Thomaswheelwrighth Cochrane
RYAN, Mrs William
h Le Marchant Road
RYAN, Mrs William
h 257 Water, w
RYAN, Williamcooperh King's Road
RYAN, Williamcooperh Pennywell Road
RYAN, Williamfinisher shoe factoryh 224 Water
RYAN, Williamlaborerh Boathouse Road
RYAN, Williamlaborerh South Side Riverhead
RYAN, Williamlaborerh 257 Water, w
RYAN, Williammessengerh Harvey Road
RYAN, Williamshipwrightbds Gower
RYAN, Williamshipwrighth York

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