NLGenWeb 1894 McAlpines Directory

Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - S

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by SUE O'NEILL ~ January 2002 from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

SAGE, Bridgetgrocer, 23 Bannermanh do
SAGE, Charlescabmanh York
SAGE, Charlesof Sage & Wallaceh 56 Colonial
SAGE, Jamescabmanh 23 Bannerman
SAGE, Johnlaborerh 5 Bannerman
SAGE, Johnpensionerbds 56 Colonial
SAGE & WALLACEboot and shoe manufacturers312 Water
SAGE, Williampainterh Queen's Road
SAINTHILL, Richardaccountanth 28 Cook
ST. CLAIR, Georgecarpenterbds Gower
ST. GEORGE, Jamescabinet makerbds 9 Spencer
ST. GEORGE Terrancecabinet makerbds 9 Spencer
ST. GEORGE, Thomascarpenterh 9 Spencer
ST. JOHN, Catherinewid Frank21 Hayward Avenue
ST JOHN & FENNELLgrocers, Duckworth, e
ST. JOHN, Jamesmasonh 30 Thomas
ST. JOHN Johnlaborerh 6 Princess
ST. JOHN, Johnof St. John & Fennellh Military Road
ST. JOHN, Marywid Timothyh 79 Hamilton
ST. JOHN, Philipfarmer h South Side, Riverhead
ST. JOHN, Thomascarpenterh 6 Lime
ST. JOHN, Williambutcher, 112 Water, wh do
ST. JOHN'S GAS LIGHT COMPANYWater works at Water, w
ST. JOHN'S SCHOOL OF ARTPrincipal J.W. Michols
SALMON, Jameslaborerh Pilot Hill
SALMON Johnfarmer h White Hills
SALTER, Albert Hclerkbds 60 Colonial
SALTER, Elizabeth B.wid William T.h 60 Colonial
SALTER, Thomascarmanh 37 Flower Hill
SAMIT C. U S Picture and Portrait Coh Water, e
SAMPSON, Jacobcarpenterh Brazil's Square
SAMPSON, William R.porter bds 36 Adelaide
SAMUEL, Ryanpiloth Cochrane
SAMUELS, Marywid Andrew, cake and confectionery, 104 New Gowerh do
SAMUELSON, Alfredcooperh South Side, Riverhead
SAMUELSON, Samuelseamanh 46 Water, w
SAMWAYS, George H.salesmanbds 296 Water
SAMWAYS, Wiliam Maccountanth 71 Springdale
SANDEYS, Edwardporter h 14 Dammerill's Lane
SANDEYS, Fredericksalesmanh 14 Dammerill's Lane
SUNDEYS, Williamseamanbds 16 Dammerill's Lane
SAUNDERS, Alexandertelegraph operatorbds 51 Quidi Vidi Road
SAUNDERS, Bridgetwid Alexanderh 51 Quidi Vidi Road
SAUNDERS, Henry A.operator A A h Quidi Vidi Road
SAUNDERS, Jamesship carpenterh 37 Springdale
SAUNDERS, Janewid Walterh 8 Lime
SAUNDERS, Johnfireman SS Rangerh South Side
SAUNDERS, Johnship-carpenterh Balsam
SAUNDERS, Michaellaborerh 8 Lime
SAUNDERS, Williamstorekeeperh 96 Brazil's Square
SAVAGE, Colemansalesmanh Fort Townsend, e
SAVAGE, Jeremiahcooperh 8 Knight
SAVAGE, Johnsalesmanh 170 Gower
SAVAGE, Johnporter h Theatre Hill
SAVAGE, MichaelconstableFort Townshend
SAVAGE Michael jrconstableFort Townshend
SAVAGE, Thomasengineerh Fort Townshend
SAVIN, Williamstorekeeper A Ah Temperance Hill
SAMUEL, Johnlaborerh Hamilton
SCAMMELL, Michaelcarmanh Hamilton
SCANDRETT, Edwardsalesmanbds Gower
SCANDRETT, Waltersalesmanbds Military Road
SCANLAN, Edwardclerkh Rennie's Mill Road
SCANLAN, Edwardseamanh Henry
SCANLAN, Matthewclerk customsh South Side w
SCANLAN Thomas Dasst supt Anglo-American Tel Co.h Rennie's Mill Road
SCALPIN, Edwinengineerbds 35 New Gower
SCALPIN, Edwardengineerh Rennie's Mill Road
SCALPIN, Georgeclerkbds 35 New Gower
SCALPIN, Georgeclerkbds 35 New Gower
SCALPIN, Johnbrewerh 35 New Gower
SCALPIN, Johncabinet makerbds 35 New Gower
SCARLET, Georgepensionerh Gower
SCILLIVAN, Jeremiahcarmanh 33 Plank Road
SCLATER, DavidGeneral Importer, Dry Goods, Etc., 431 Water.bds Southbank, South Side
SCLATER, David H.accountanth Gower
SCLATER, James B.comission merchant, 421 Waterh South Side, w
SCLATER, Wiliam A.B.salesmanh 130 Military Road
SCORE, Johncontractorh Battery Road
SCOTT, Mrs Adam
h 359 Water,w
SCOTT Alexanderdry goods, 18 New Gowerh do
SCOTT, Alicewid James C.h 80 Barnes' Road
SCOTT, Archibaldmachinisth Henry
SCOTT, Mrs. Charles
h South Side, w
SCOTT, Dennissalesmanh Cochrane
SCOTT, Edwardlaborerbds 22 Hutching's Lane
SCOTT, Miss Fannydressmakerh 12 Fleming
SCOTT, Francisblock houseSignal Hill
SCOTT, Francisclerkbds Cochrane
SCOTT, Gerogelaborerbds 22 Hutching's Lane
SCOTT, Georgemessengerbds Cochrane
SCOTT, George, Water, eh Freshwater Road
SCOTT, Johncarpenterh 15 James
SCOTT, Johnharness makerh Monkstown Road
SCOTT, John laborerh Cochrane
SCOTT, Johnlaborerbds 22 Hutching's Lane
SCOTT, Rev. Joh[sic]Roman CatholicPalace Military Road
SCOTT, Johnsalesmanh Henry
SCOTT, Peteraccountantbds Cochrane
SCOTT, Patrick J., Q.C.barrister and solicitor, Duckworthh Cochrane
SCOTT, Philipfishermanh 4 Lime
SCOTT, Walterengineerbds Signal Hill
SCOTT, Williamengineerbds Signal Hill
SCOTT, Williamfishermanh Cochrane
SCOTT, Williamlaborerh 24 Hutching's Lane
SCOTT, William J.salesmanh 427 Water,w
SCOTT & WHEALANsaddlers40 New Gower
SCURRY, Johncullerh Gower
SCURRY, Michaelseamanh 72 New Gower
SCURRY, Patricklaborerh 18 James
SEALEY, Fredericklaborerh Water, e
SEARL, Aaronlaborerh Field
SEARL, Edward J.carpenterh Field
SEARL, Johnlaborerh 12 Lion's Square
SEARL, William of Jewett & Searl
h Henry
SEARLS, Johncarpenterh 12 Belvidere
SEARS, Jamesseamanh 82 New Gower
SELLERS, Samuelcarpenterh Gilbert
SEVIOUR, Charleslaborerh Pilot's Hill
SEVIOUR, Garrettlaborerh 8 Catherine
SEVIOUR, Johnshoemakerbds Lion's Square
SEVIOUR, Richardlaborerh 78 Barnes Road
SEVIOUR, Thomasseamanh 112 George
SEXTON, Robertwheelwrighth 108 Barnes Road
SEXTON, Williamcarpenterh Spencer
SEXTON, William J.carpenterbds Spencer
h Pennywell Road
SEYMOUR, Henry J.accountanth Bond
SEYMOUR, Mosescarpenterh 17 Mullock
SEYMOUR, Sarah Annwid Henryh Bond
SEYMOUR, Solomanrailroad sectionmanh 45 Duckworth
SEYMOUR, Thos. J.salesmanh 14 Pennywell Road
SHALLOW, Richardseamanh 210 Water, w
SHAMBLER, Albertsailmakerh 36 Quidi Vidi Road
SHAMBLER, Brightwellcarpenterh Prescott
SHAMBLER, Georgesailmaker, Prescotth do
SHAMBLER, Marywid Johnh Prescott
SHAMNALS, Johnlaborerh 92 Hamilton
SHANAHAN, Josephlaborerh 34 Buchanan
SHANO, Arthurclerk P Oh Power
SHANO, Williamcarpenterh Power
SHAPTER, Andrewlaborerbds 60 Barnes Road
SHAPTER, Jamescarpenterbds 60 Barnes Road
SHAPTER, Josephlaborerh 60 Barnes Road
SHARP, Georgeseamanh Logy Bay Road
SHARPE JohnBroker and commission Agent, 342 Waterh Garrison Hill
SHARP, Williamsalesmanh 24 Brazil's Square
SHAUNER, Archibaldlaborerh 29 Angel Place
SHAUNER, Douglastinsmithh Angel Place, Alexander
SHAW, Edwardplumberh Shaw, Riverhead
SHAW, Gerogepackerbds Hamilton
SHAW, Henrymoulderh Shaw
SHAW, Samuelstorekeeperh 18 Hutchings
SHAW, Williamstorekeeperh Shaw's Lane
SHEA & COSteamship and General Commission Agents, Water, e
SHEA, David E.salesmanh Henry
SHEA Edwardbarrister and solicitorBlackwood's Bldg. Duckworth, h King's Bridge Road
SHEA, Ellenwid Patrickh 194 New Gower
SHEA, Georgeof Shea & coh King's Bridge Road
SHEA, Henryresident physicial St. John'sh Quidi Vidi Road
SHEA, Jamesblacksmithbds Logy Bay Road
SHEA, Johnfishermanh 49 Forest Road
SHEA, John P.fur dealerh 303 Water, w
SHEA, Josephbarrister and solicitor343 Duckworth, residence at Hospital, Quidi Vidi Road
SHEA, Michaelfarmerh Logy Bay Road
SHEA, Michaellaborerh Shaw's Lane
SHEA, Patrick J.wines and spirits, 314 Waterh do
SHEARS, Alfred Hclerk bds Albert Hotel, Beck's Cove
SHEARS, Gilbert D.salesmanbds Central Hotel
SHEARS, Wilfredclerkbds Circular Road
SHEARS, Mrs. William
h 319 Water, w
h 43 Barter's Hill
SHEEHAN, Brianfishermanh Water, w
SHEEHAN, Brianlaborerh Bannerman Park
SHEEHAN, Edwardcarmanh 34 Thomas
SHEEHAN, Jameslaborerh 34 Thomas
SHEEHAN, John Jtinsmith and stove dealer, 16 Adelaideh do
SHEEHAN, Lawrenceseamanh 52 Alexander
SHEEHAN, Mrs. Richard
h 17 Lane off Barnes' Road
SHEEHAN, Thomasfishermanh Battery Road
SHELBOURNE, Ernest F.bookkeeperh Queen's Road
SHELLY, Patrickwatchmanh Bannerman Park
SHEPPARD, Austinkeeper Fort Amherst lighthouseSouth Head, St. John's Harbor
SHEPPARD, Edwardlaborerh 232 New Gower
SHEPPARD, Robertseamanh Forst Amherst, South Side
SHEPPARD, Samuel,shoemakerh 9 Carter's Hill
SHEPPARD Willislaborerh 14 Stephen's
SHINNERS, Henrymasonh 10 James
SHIRRAN, A.F.of Shirran & Pippyh 317 Water w
SHIRRAN & PIPPYGeneral Merchants, Dry goods, &c, 315 Water
SHIRRAN, Wiliam T.salesmanh 317 Water, w
SHORT, Gerogeaccountanth 267 Gower
SHORT, Samuelcarpenterh Signal Hill Road
SHORTALL, Johnfishermanh Water,w
SHORTALL, Michaelshoemakerh 120 Barnes' Road
SHORTALL, RichardcabmanWater, w
SHORTALL, Mrs. Robertgrocer, 41 Job'sh do
SHORTALL, Robertlaborerh 41 Job's
h Water, w
SHORTALL, Thomasgrocer and provisions, 421 Water, wh Waterford Bridge Road
SHORTALL, Thomaslaborerh 22 Brien
SHORTALL, Tomasseamanh 8 Lions Square
SHORTALL, William Ptailors' cutterh Brien
SHORTISS, Henry F.clerk post officeh Bond
SHUGHRUE, Johnseamanh 30 Duckworth
SHUTE, Robertfishermanh 26 Cabot
SIDDALL, Rev. G. WardCongregationalh Gower
SIEVIEUR, Abrahamfishermanh 16 Colonial
SILLARS, Johnlaborerh Le Marchant Road
SILVERSTONE, Nathanclerkh 32 Water, w
SILVEY, Jameslaborerh 31 Bambrick's
SIMEONS, JohnconstableFort Townshend
SIMMONDS, Annwid Robert P.h 65 Lime
SIMMONDS, James E.shipwrightbds Young
SIMMONDS, Josephengineerh 21 Angel Place
SIMMONDS, Josiahpainterh 47 William
SIMMONDS, Lemuel J.shipwrighth Young
SIMMONDS, Lorenzolaborerh Young
SIMMONDS, Williamcabmanh 102 Barnes' Road
SIMMONDS, Wiliamshipwrighth 65 Lime
SIMMONS, Frederickprinterh 65 LIme
SIMMONS, Henrycooperh 8 Brazil
SIMMONS, Josephengine driverh 21 Alexander
SIMMONS, Leviblacksmithh Hamilton
SIMMONS, Samuellaborerbds Harvey Road
SIMMS, Abrahamcarpenterh Dunford
SIMMS, Alfred clerkbds 39 King's Bridge Road
SIMMS, Ernest J.S.salesmanbds Gower cor Victoria
SIMMS, Frank A.
bds Quidi Vidi Road
SIMMS, Frank H.clerkbds City Hotel
SIMMS, Henrycooperh 18 Duggans
SIMMS, Henrygrocer, 118 New Gowerh do
h 1 Simms
SIMMS, Johnauctioneerh 39 King's Bridge Road
SIMMS, Joseph C.agenth Quidi Vidi Road
SIMMS, Juliawid Dr. Williamh Queen's Road
SIMPSON, Robertcharge graveyardTopsail Road
SIMPSON, Robertslaesmanh 8 Adelaide
SIMPSON, Thomassalesmanh Spencer
SIMPSON, Thomas M.salesmanh Freshwater Road
SINCLAIR, Georgecarpenterh 11 Barnes Place
SINNOTT, Annewid Johnh 16 Buchanan
SINNOTT, Edward F.clerkh 269 Gower
SINNOTT, Ellenwid Martinbds Battery Road
SINNOTT, Ellenwid Peterh Queen's Road
SINNOTT, John Hclerkh 41 Springdale
SINNOTT, Williamlaborerh Battery Road
SINYARD, Abrahamcarpenterh Spencer
SIVIER, Garrettlaborerh 8 Catherine
SIVIER, Johnlaborerh 14 Bond
SIVIER, Johnsalesmanh 30 Bond
SIVIER, Richardlaborerh 37 Barnes Road
SKEANS, Jamesblacksmithh 44 Quidi Vid
SKEANS, Johncarpenterh Quidi Vidi Road
SKEANS, Johnlaborerh Boat House Road
SKEINS, James blacksmithh 46 Quidi Vidi Road
SKEINS, James laborerbds Signal Hill Road
SKEINS, Johnlaborerh 20 Flower Hill
SKEINS, Francislaborerh 24 Carter's Hill
SKEINS, Williamcarpenterh Carew
SKEINS, Williamlaborerh 35 Adelaide
SKEINS, Williamlaborerh Young
SKIFFINGTON, Edwardlaborerbds Colonial
SKIFFINGTON, George A.carpenterh 13 John
SKIFFINGTON, Johncarpenterh 13 John
SKIFFINGTON, Johnwatchmanh Colonial
SKIFFINGTON, Richardlaborerh Colonial
SKELTON, Hon GeorgephysicianKing's Bridge Road
SKINNER, Edwardcarpenterh 5 Knight
SKINNER, Johnengineerh South Side, e
SKINNER, Johnmarble worker, Duckworthh do
SKIRVING, Danielengineerh 180 LeMarchand Road
SKIRVING, Peter Nsalesmanh 180 Patrick
SLADE, Williamlaborerh 126 Barnes Road
SLATTERY, Jamesboilermakerh Pilot's Hill
SLATTERY, Jameslumber surveyorh Duckworth, e
SLATTERY, Johnseamanh South Side, Riverhead
SLATTERY, John Saccountanth Duckworth,e
SLATTERY, Michael Asalesmanh Duckwyrth[sic], e
SLATTERY, Patrickdrug clerkh Duckworth, e
SLATTERY, Williamsalesmanh 94 Pleasant
SLEATER, Robert L.watchmaker and jeweller, Water, w
SLOANE, Jameslaborerh 87 1/2 Patrick
SLOANE, Jamestailor h 104 George
SMALE, Williamboots and shoes, 180 New Gowerh do
SMALLCOMBE, Johnsailorh 196 Water, w
h 49 Quidi Vidi Road
SMALLWOOD, Frederickboot and shoe manufacturer and importer, Water, wh 44 Freshwater Rd
SMART, Thomascarpenterh Bannerman
SMART, Williammaster marinerh Pennywell Road
SMITH, Alfred B.salesmanh 118 Pleasant
SMITH, Arthurlaborerh LeMarchant Road
SMITH, Arthur Gof A.G. Smith & Co.h 5 Park Place, Rennie's Mill Rd.
SMITH, A.G. & Co.brokers and commission merchants, Garland Bldgh 5 Rennie's Mill Road
SMITH, Benjaminlaborerh 15 Princess
SMITH, Charlesmanager Dundee Co.h South Side, e
SMITH, Charlessea captainh 18 Barter's Hill
SMITH, Duncansalesmanh Gower cor Victoria
SMITH, Mrs. Duncandry goods and millinery, Gowerh do
SMITH, wid Capt. Frederick
h 104 Le Marchant Road
SMITH, Georgewharfingerh 16 McDougall
SMITH, George W.seamanh 12 Duckworth
SMITH, Miss Grace
h Mundey[sic] Pond Road
SMITH, Henrybricklayerbds Dick's Square
SMITH, Jamesfireman h 36 Cuddihy's
SMITH, Jamesstorekeeperh South Side, e
SMITH, James T.accountanth 51 LeMarchant Road
SMITH, Johncarpenterh 40 Wickford
SMITH, Johnlaborerh 17 Lane, off Barnes' Road
SMITH, Johnsergeant constabularyh 18 Pennywell Road
SMITH, Margaretgrocery, Bannermanh Gower
SMITH, Mary Annwid Georgeh 40 Wickford
SMITH, Michaellaborerh Signal Hill Road
SMITH, Nathanielconstableh 29 Parade
SMITH, Normanjanitorbds Gower
SMITH, Patrick laborerbds 18 Duckworth
SMITH, Patrick seamanh 31 Flower Hill
SMITH, Patrick tailorh 49 Patrick
SMITH, Robert C.accountanth 92 Pleasant
SMITH, Robert SbricklayerQueen's Road
SMITH, Samuelseamanh 78 Gower
SMITH, Thomascooper, Bannermanh Gower
SMITH, Thomas
h 358 Water
SMITH, Thos. J.clerkh 70 Water
SMITH, Thos R.consul-general for Portugal, 349 Waterh 384 Water, w
SMITH, Williamcarpenterh 49 Patrick
SMITH, Wiliamlaborerh Le Marchant Road
SMITH, William B.stairbuilder Campbell Lumber Co.h 35 Water , w
SMITH, Williamfishermanh 44 Quidi Vidi Road
SMITHICK, Williamfishermanh 44 Quidi Vidi Road
SMYTH, Georgecooperbds Gower
SMYTH, M.F. sewing machines, 286 Water, eh do
SMYTH, Robertboot and shoe maker, Water, eh do
SMYTH, Robert E.travelling clerk P O h Water, e
SMYTH, ThomascooperGower, h do
SMYTH, Thomassalesmanbds Water, e
SNELGROVE, Benjaminlaborerh 26 Buchanan
SNELGROVE, CharlesAgenth Boncloddy
SNELGROVE, Gilbertcooperh 16 Goodview
SNELGROVE, Johnlaborerh 34 Wickford
SNELGROVE, Levicarpenterh Carter's Hill
SNELGROVE, Nicholaslaborerh 13 Cuddihy's
SNELGROVE, Samuelstorekeeperh 27 Bannerman
SNOOKS, Edwardseamanh 3 Job
SNOOKS, Jameslaborerh 187 New Gower
SNOOKS, Josephlaborerh 57 Carter's Hill
SNOW, Abrahamstorekeeperh 140 Casey's
SNOW, Azariahtinsmithh Quidi Vidi Road
SNOW, Benjaminsalesmanh 114 Casey's
SNOW & BRENNANblacksmiths7 Springdale
SNOW, Charleslaborerh 242 New Gower
SNOW & Co.harnessmaker422 Water
SNOW, Edwardsalesmanh Pleasant
SNOW, Edwardseamanh 21 Mullock
SNOW, Edmundforeman brewerh Gower
SNOW, Edwinclerkh Gower
SNOW, Elilaborerbds South Side
SNOW, Elizabethwid Williamh 37 Cabot
SNOW, Georgeblacksmith h 39 Hamilton
SNOW, Georgecabinet makerh 58 Colonial
SNOW,, Georgecarpenterh 14 Alexander
SNOW, Georgelaborerh 76 Pleasant
SNOW, Georgeseamanh Quidi Vidi Road
SNOW, Georgeof Snow & Brennanh 39 Hamilton
SNOW, Henryharness makerh Colonial
SNOW, Isaaccarpenterbds 29 Mullock
SNOW, Isaaclaborerh Quidi Vidi Road
SNOW, Jamesbarberbds 29 Mullock
SNOW, Jamescooperh 47 Alexander
SNOW, Jameshairdresser, Prescotth 29 Mullock
SNOW, Jameslaborerh 37 Cabot
SNOW, Johncarpenterh 29 Mullock
SNOW, Johnfishermanh 25 Le Marchant Road
SNOW, Johnfishermanh Quidi Vidi
SNOW, Johnlaborerh Boncloddy
SNOW, Johnlaborerh Goodview
SNOW, Johnsea captainh 30 Mullock
SNOW, Josephstoremanh 68 BarnesRoad
SNOW, Nathanialsalesmanh Freshwater Road
SNOW, Solomonship carpenterh 24 Thomas
SNOW, Thomaslaborerh 36 Cabot
SNOW, Mrs. William 190 Water, w
SNOW, Williamcooperh SouthSide, e
SNOW, Williamwatchmanh 114 Casey's
SNOW, Zachariahlaborerh South Side,e
SOLAN, Jamesbrewer h 87 Patrick
SOLAN, Patricklaborerh 23 Waldegrave
SOMMERVILLE, Beverly R.physicianh 37 Hutching's
SOMMERS, Bernardmasonh 58 Colonial
SOMMERS, Johnlaborerbds 58 Colonial
SOPER, Albertsalesmanh 30 Cook
SOPER, Dinahwid Samuelh Cook
SOPER, Edgarseamanbds Cook
SOPER, Jamesclerkh Cook
SOPER, John, Wcarpenterh 73 Lime
SOPER, Stephen, moulder126 Hamilton
SOPER, Williamlaborerh 97 Hamilton
SOPER, Wm, salesmanh Cook
SOPER, Ellen, wid William h Cochrane
SOURD, Mathiaslaborerh 33 Wickford
SOUTHCOTT, John T.architect and builder, Prescott cor Bondh 12 Maxse
SPARKS, Charlottewid John h 3 Goodview
SPARKS, Ebenezar, fishermanh 23 Barnes'
SPARKS, Ebenezarlaborerh 33 Moore
SPARKS, Edward, printerh Brazil's Square
SPARKS, Georgecarpenterh 10 Brazil's Square
SPARKS, Jamesfiremanh 37 Angel Place
SPARKS, Johnwatchmanh 30 Angel Place
SPARKS, Joseph, apprentice hairdresser h 10 Brazil's Square
SPARKS, Marywid Stephen h 15 Goodview
SPARKS, Rubenlaborer h 113 George
SPARKS, Stephenbook agent h 134 Casey's
SPARKS, William, carpenterh Angel Place
SPARKS, William, carpenterh Long's Hill
SPARKS, William, cookh 136 Casey's Lane
SPARKS, Williamlaborerh 23 Barnes Road
SPARKS, William, seamanh 10 Brazil's Square
SPARROW, Robert, sergeant constabulary h 9 Barnes Road
SPEARNS, Martin, laborerh Colonial
SPEARNS, Thomaslaborerh Colonial
SPENCER, John, seamanh Mrry Meeting Road
SPENCER, Charles, carpenterh 114 Casey's
SPENCER, Isaac, laborerh 239 1/2 Water, w
SPENCER, John, ship carpenterh 15 Barter's Hill
SPENCER, Williamshoemakerh 4 Fleming
SPENCER, William, jr, laborerbds Fleming
SPERLLS, John, cabinetmakerh 19 William
SPERLLS, Michael, painterh 19 William
SPERLLS, Mosespark keeperh 19 William
SPERLLS, Williamclerkbds 19 William
SPOONER, Johnlaborerh LeMarchant Road
SPOONER, Thomas, laborerh LeMarchant Road
SPOONER, William, fishermanh 24 LeMarchant Road
SPRATTER, Nathan, seamanh 24 Stephen
SPRATT, Jamesbookkeeperh 1 Codner's Lane
SPRATT, Thomas, masonh 6 Codner
SPRY, Edward, carmanh 49 Flower Hill
SPRY, John, W, Wsalesmanh 55 Monkstown Road
SPRY, Robertclerkh Monkstown
SPRY, Miss, Sgrocery, 55 Monkstown Roadh 55 1/2 do
SPRY, W, Gaccountanth 174 Pleasant
SPURDENS, Samuel, sailorh 319 Water, w
SPURRILL, Levi, sextonh Livingstone
SPURRILL, Mosescoachmanh Livingstone
SPURRILL, William, clerkh 19 William
SPURRILL, William, shoemaker h Livingstone
SPURRILL, Wm, asst storekeeperh 19 Monkstown Road
SPURVEY, Geerge[sic]seamanbds 86 Vey's Lane, r George
SPURVEY, Martinlaborerh 86 George
SQUIRES, Alfredcoachmanh 44 Wickford
SQUIRES, Azariahcarpenterbds Parade
SQUIRES, Benjamincarpenterh South Side, w
SQUIRES, Ellenwid Johnbds Quidi Vidi
SQUIRES, Garrettfishermanh Quidi Vidi
SQUIRES, Georgeseamanh 33 Buchanan
SQUIRES, John, clerkh 10 Goodview
SQUIRES, Johnfishermanh Quidi Vidi
SQUIRES, Johnhead constableFort Townshend
SQUIRES, John, laborerh Pilot's Hill
SQUIRES, Johnshoemaker, Cookstownh do
SQUIRES, John, Ssalesmanh Goodview
SQUIRES, Joseph, shipwrighth 38 Victoria
SQUIRES, Samuel, carpenterh Parade
SQUIRES, Thomas, app shoemakerh 34 Parade
SQUIRES, William, engineerh 44 Wickford
SQUIRES, William, fishermanh Quidi Vidi
SQUIRES, William, shipwrighth 7 Parade
STABB, Ellen, CE Orphanageh Military Road
STABB, Frederick F.A.physicianNew Gower
STABB, HENRY, J, Gen Merchange, Estate & Insurance Agt., 53 Waterh 102 Cochrane
STABB, Miss, Sarah bds 69 Patrick
STABLETON, Michaelplastererh 10 Flower Hill
STABLETON, Patrick, carpenterh 42 Barter's Hill
STAFFORD, Jameslaborerh 15 Bambrick's
STAFFORD, John, shoemakerh Coady's Lane
STAFFORD, Johntailorh South Side
STAFFORD, Terrence, clerkbds 20 Quidi Vidi Road
STAFFORD, Thomaslaborerh South Side, w
STAFFORD, Thomasshoemakerh South Side, w
STAFFORD, Thomas, weighmasterh South Side, w
STAFFORD, Williamtinsmithh South Side, w
STAMP, Jameslaborerh 35 Lime
STAMP, John, laborerh Battery Road
STAMP, John, laborerh 27 Cuddihy's
STAMP, Josephfiremanbds Battery Road
STAMP, Patricklaborerh 35 Lime
STAMP, Richardlaborerh 14 Lime
STAMP, Thomas, laborerbds 35 Lime
STAMP, Thomas, laborerh 200 New Gower
STAMP, Thomassoapmakerh Battery Road
STAMP, Thomas, jr, seamanbds Battery Road
STAMP, William, laborerbds 35 Lime
STANLEY, Georgepainterbds Gower
STANLEY, Williamseamanh Quidi Vidi Road
STANNARD, Thomasgrocer, 133 New Gowerh 133 New Gower
STANTON, Andrewtailorh Duckworth, e
STANTON, Richard, tailorbds 38 Wickford
STANKHAM, Franktruckman h Pennywell Road
STANSBURY, Franklaborerh 38 Duckworth, e
STANSBURY, Robert, laborerh 38 Duckworth
STANSBURY, William H messengerh 24 Forest Road
STAPLETON, Edwardblacksmithbds Cabot
STAPLETON, Ellenwid Johnh Cabot
STAPLETON, John, cooperbds Wood
STAPLETON, Johnfishermanh Livingstone
STAPLETON, John, laborerbds Cabot
STAPLETON, John, messengerh Topsail Road
STAPLETON, John E. cabinetmakerh 16 Holdsworth
STAPLETON, Petershoemakerh Cabot
STAPLETON, Thomasseamanbds Cabot
STAR OF THE SEA HALL occupied by Supreme Court, Henry,
STARK, Allan clerk h Prescott
STANTON, Andrew tailorbds Duckworth, e
STANTON, Miss Maria h Cochrane
STEACKLUM, Robertcooperh Freshwater Road
STEACKLUM, Robert, cooperbds Freshwater Road
STEAM SCREW TUG CO Capt John Greene manager, 385 Water
STEED, Andrewlaborerh 7 Damerill's Lane
STEED, Jobseamanh 11 Damerill's Lane
STEED, Williamaccountanth 8 Plymouth Road
STEEL, Angusshoemakerbds 19 Bannerman
STEELE, Samuel O.Furniture Dealer Temperance Hall, Duckworthh Mundy Pond Road
STEER, Charles R of John Steermanager h 381 Water
STEER, John General Merchant and Grocer, 379 to 383 Waterh Hope cottage, Longpond Rd
STEER, John E. of John Steerbuyerbds 65 Springdale
STEIN, Robert, chief engineer h Forest Road
STEPHEN, Azariah, storekeeperh head Brazil's Square
STEPHENS, Wm & Co.George L Kidd, agent 12 Adelaide
STERLING, Williamtide surveyor h Bryant's Hill
STEVENS, Annwid John h 8 Lime
STEVENS, Charleslaborerh 40 Quidi Vidi Road
STEVENS, Nathanielseamanh Cabot
STEVENSON, Alfredlaborerh 38 Bannerman
STEVENSON, Charles Faccountanth Duckworth
STEVENSON, Elizabethwid John h 37 1/2 Barter's Hill
STEVENSON, Thomasclerk23 Sudbury
STEVENSON, Thomaslaborerh 40 Duckworth
STEVENSON, Williamfiremanh Young
STEVENSON, Williamlaborerh 25 Sudbury
STEVENSON, Williamlaborerh 52 Monkstown Road
STEVESON, Andrewstorekeeperh Brazil's Square
STEVESON, Ellenwid Uriahh 1 College Square
STEWART, Calvin Gclerkh New Gower
STEWART, James, salesman at Marshall & Rodger
STEWART, J &, Wgeneral importersWater, w
STICK, James, R salesmanh 119 Quidi Vidi Road
STICK, Thomas, Tmachinist h 20 Merry Meeting Road
STIDSTONE, Wm. R.painter h Dick's Lane
STIRLING, Wm R.landing surveyor customs h "Retreat Cottage", King's Bridge Road
STONE, Charlesseamanh Belvidere
STONE, Edwinseaman h Spencer
STONE, Henryfarmerh Cockpit Road
STONE, Jamescooper h Dick's Square
STONE, Williamplumber h 24 Belvidere
STOTT, Davidsupt Government Telegraphsh Water
STOTT, JamesGrocer and Commission Merchant, Water h do, res. country, Portugal Cove Road
STOWE, Archibaldcarpenter bds 38 Mullock
STOWE, Hannibalblacksmithh 64 Springdale
STOWE, Jamescarpenterh 25 Bannerman
STOWE, Johnmoulderh Springdale
STOWE, Williamcarpenterh 36 Mullock
STRANG, John Cof Strang & Househ 343 Water
STRANG & HOUSEWine and Spirit Merchants, Wholesale and Retail, 343 Water
STRANGE, Charlessalesmanbds Freshwater Road
STRANGE, Jamessalesmanbds Freshwater Road
STRANGE, William
h Freshwater Road
STRANGE, William jr clerkbds Freshwater Road
STRANGER, Charlessalesmanh 45 Freshwater Road
STRANGER, James Msalesman45 Freshwater Road
STRANGER, Williamsalesmanh 45 Freshwater Road
STREET, Georgefishermanh 7 Catherine
STREET, Jameslaborer h 8 Catherine
STREET, Johnfishermanh 7 Catherine
STREET, William laborer h 14 Mullock
STRICKLAND, Emilywid William h 40 Alexander
STRICKLAND, Kennethapp tinsmith h 40 Alexander
STRINGER, Jabezlaborer h 33 Cabot
STRINGER, Susanah,wid Joseph h 55 McFarlane's Lane
STRONG, Albertlaborerh 70 Cabot
STRONG, Thomaslaborer h 244 New Gower
STRONG, William Gmaster marinerh South Side, w
STROUBRIDGE, Henrycooperbds 31 Moore
STROUBRIDGE, Johnbookbinderbds 31 Moore
STROUBRIDGE, Samuellaborer h 31 Moore
STUART, Thomas,engineerh 1 Murphy's Square
STUCKLESS, Alfredcoachmanbds 35 Fleming
STUCKLESS, Edmund Mcarpenterbds 35 Fleming
STUCKLESS, Markcarpenterh 35 Fleming
SULLIVAN, Alicewid Johnbds 120 Barnes' Road
SULLIVAN, Davidpiloth Prospect
SULLIVAN, Jameslaborerbds Circular Road
SULLIVAN, Jameslaborerh 32 Casey's
SULLIVAN, James h 3 Plank
SULLIVAN, Jeremiahcarman h 34 Plank
SULLIVAN, Mrs. Jeremiah h 200 Water, w
SULLIVAN, Johncarriage makerh 44 Bannerman
SULLIVAN, Johnsub-inspector N F Constabulary Fort Townshend
SULLIVAN, Michael shoemakerbds Circular Road
SULLIVAN, Patrickgardinerh Circular Road
SULLIVAN, Thomas carman h 15 Rossiter's Lane
SULLIVAN, Thomas carpenter h 32 Colonial
SULLIVAN, Thomasfisherman h Long's Hill
SULLIVAN, Thomas laborer h South Side, w
SULLIVAN, Thomaslaw student bds 59 Military Road
SULLIVAN, William baker h 46 Duckworth
SULLIVAN William carman h Flavin's
SUMMERS, Dennissalesman h 92 Prescott
SUMMERS, Jamesgrocery, 166 Military Roadh 116 do
SUMMERS, John butcher, 320Waterh do
SUMMERS, Johncarterh Carter's Hill
SUMMERS, Johnsalesmanh Cabot
SUMMERS, Michael Jearthernware and groceries, 330 Waterh do
SUMMERS, Patrickapprenticeh Signal Hill Road
SUMMERS, Patrick Aclerk h 116 Military Road
SUMMERS, Williamclerk h 92 Prescott
SUTHERBY, John, Rtailorh Colonial
SUTTON, Allanprinter bds Signal Hill Road
SUTTON, Catherinewid James h 81 New Gower
SUTTON, Elkanahwatchmaker bds Signal Hill Road
SUTTON, Johnclerkbds 39 William
SUTTON, John, salesmanh Monkstown Road
SUTTON, John Tsailmaker bds 81 New Gower
SUTTON, Mary Ann grocery, 41 Williamh 39 do
SUTTON, Petertidewaiter customsh Signal Hill Road
SUTTON, Richardmasonbds 39 William
SUTTON, Thomas mason h 39 William
SUTTON, William masonbds 39 William
SUTTON, Mrs Williamvarieties, Long's Hillh do
SWANSON, Charles Fseamanh 29 Job's
SWEET, Michaeljewellerbds 99 George
SWEENEY, Anthonylaborerh Signal Hill Road
SWEENEY, Michaelbutcherh Signal Hill Road
SWEETAPPLE, Williamlaborerh Hayward Avenue
SWEETLAND, Albertlaborerh Spencer
SYNE, Johngeneral accountant municipal councilh Summerlea, Waterford Bridge Road
SYNE, Thomassalesmanh Waterford Bridge Road
SYMONDS, Georgetruckmanh Hamilton Avenue
SYMONDS, Leviblacksmith h Hamilton

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