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Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - T

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by SUE O'NEILL ~ January 2002 from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors. 

TAFF, Edward
h Quidi Vidi Road
TAFFE, Josephsalesmanbds Forest Road
TAIT J. Sinclairphysicianh Henry
TAPPER, Henrysalesmanh 92 New Gower
TAPPER, Susannawid Johnh 46 Casey's
TARGETT, Charlessergeant constabularh 27 Spencer
TARMEN, Josephlaborerh 16 Hayward Avenue
bds Pennywell Road
TARRAHAN, John T.druggistbds Queen's Road
TARRAHAN, MissvarietiesVictoria, h do
bds Pennywell Road
TAVENOR, Alfred E.carpenterh Bond
TAVERNOR, Andrewlumber surveyorh Bond
TAVERNOR, Walter H.clerkh Bond
TAYLOR, Abrahamshipwrighth Cabot
TAYLOR, Albertcarpenterh 60 Cabot
TAYLOR, Albertseamanh 6 Convent Square
TAYLOR, Annie wid Edgar, boarding houseParade
TAYLOR, Benjamincarpenterh 10 Brien
TAYLOR, Bridgetwid Williamh 5 Stephen's
TAYLOR, Charlesseamanh 6 Convent Square
TAYLOR, C.F.of Taylor, Finlay & Co.h Colonial
TAYLOR, Eugene W.bookkeeperh 340 Duckworth
TAYLOR FINLAY & CO.Flour and Commission MerchantsWater
TAYLOR, Fredericklaborerh 18 Alexander
TAYLOR, Georgecarpenterh 10 Brien
TAYLOR, Gerogeasst storekeeperh 1 Carnell
TAYLOR, Georgetallymanh 4 South Side, e
TAYLOR, George E.salesmanh 50 Le Marchant Road
TAYLOR, Gilesbookkeeperh 46 Plank
TAYLOR, Henrylaborerh Spencer
TAYLOR, Horatiocooperh South Side
TAYLOR, Jacoblaborerh South Side, e
TAYLOR, Johnclerkh 40 Le Marchant Road
TAYLOR, Johnclerkbds 340 Duckworth
TAYLOR, Johnlaborerh Scott
TAYLOR, Johnlumber surveyorh Dunford
TAYLOR, Johnshipwrightbds 47 New Gower
TAYLOR , John D.sea captainh Cabot
TYALOR, John H.salesmanbds 340 Duckworth, e
TAYLOR, John S.engineerh South Side, w
TAYLOR, Leonard J.wharfinger and storekeeperh South Side, e
TAYLOR, Levilaborerh 3 South Side, e
TAYLOR, Michaelshoemakerh 3 Stephen
TAYLOR, Philemoncooperh Pleasant
TAYLOR, Robertlaborerh Brazil's Square
TAYLOR, Silascarpenterh Dick's Square
TAYLOR, Theodorecarpenterh 10 Brien
TAYLOR, Mrs Thomasway officeh South Side, w, old Bridge
TAYLOR, Williamcarpenterh South Side, w
TAYLOR, Williamship carpenterh Gilbert
TAYLOR, Williamship carpenterh 54 Springdale
TAYLOR, Williamshipwrighth 9 James
TAYLOR, Williamsurveyorbds 340 Duckworth, e
TAYLOR, William J.sextonh 22 Brazil's Square
TAYLOR, W. Johnsalesmanh 40 Le Marchant Road
h 276 Gower
TEMPLETON, RobertGeneral Merchant, Dry Goods, &c, 337 Waterh 280 Gower, e
TERRA NOVA FOUNDRY, John Ledingham, prop, Water, e
TERRA NOVA WOOD M'FG CO R.J. Costigan, 1 Hamilton1 Hamilton
h 142 Water, w
TESSIER, Chas W.H.of P. & L. Tessierh Mount Dorset, Water Bridge Rd
TESSIER, George E.accountanth 150 Le Marchant Road
TESSIER, Isabellawid Johnh 63 Rennie's Mill Road
TESSIER, James C. M H Aof Thorburn & Tessierh 150 Le Marchant Road
bds 142 Water, w
TESSIER, Peter Geoof P & L Tessierh Weston Cottage, Riverhead, w
TESSIER, P & Lgeneral merchants Water
THISTLE, Albertlaborerh 15 John
THISTLE, Albertlaborerh 45 Pleasant
THISTLE, Alexandersalesmanh 15 John
THISTLE, Jamessalesmanh 35 Adelaide
THISTLE, Johnboot and shoemaker280 Water, e, h do
THISTLE, Johnmessengerh 16 Barnes Road
THISTLE, Johnship carpenterh Brazil's Square
THISTLE, Josephcooperh 49 Cabot
THISTLE, Levilaborerh 15 Simms
THISTLE, MarygrocerBarnes Road, h do
THISTLE, Nathaniellaborerbds 55 Cabot
THISTLE, Stephen T.painterh 12 Simms
THISTLE, Thomasboot and shoemaker, Water, eh do
THISTLE, Mrs. Thomas
h Water, e
THISTLE, Williamblacksmithh top of Carter's Hill
THISTLE, Wililamlaborerh 40 Cabot
THISTLE, Alfredcarpenterbds 10 Barnes Road
THOMAS, Charlesblacksmithh Field
THOMAS, Edwardcarpenterh Barnes Road
THOMAS, Fredericktruckmanbds Freshwater Road
THOMAS, Georgecarpenterbds 10 Barnes Road
THOMAS, Georgetruckmanbds Freshwater Road
THOMAS, Mrs. George
h South Side, e
THOMAS, Henrybarberh 271 Gower
THOMAS, Henrycarmanh 64 Freshwater Road
THOMAS, Henrycarpenterh 11 Barnes Place
THOMAS, Jamescarpenterbds 10 Barnes' Road
THOMAS, Jameslaborerh 53 Pleasant
THOMAS, John C.constableh 49 Carter's Hill
THOMAS, Mathewtruckmanh Freshwater Rd
THOMAS, Nathanielof Bibbings & Thomas h Playhouse Hill
THOMAS, Mrs. St. ClairgrocerField, h do
THOMAS, Williamrooferbds 47 New Gower
TOMEY, Dennisgrocer30 Cabot, h do
THOMPSON, Elizabethhospital nurseQuidi Vidi Road
THOMPSON, Elizabethwid Henryh 21 Carter's Hill
TOMPSON, Elizabethwid Jamesh 45 Monkstown Road
THOMPSON, Georgeclerk P Oh 21 Hutching's
THOMPSON, James T.cooperh 45 Monkstown Road
THOMPSON Rev. JosephChurch of Englandh Victoria
THOMPSON, Marywid Johnh 5 John
THOMPSON, Theodoreclerk penitentiaryh Boathouse Road
THOMPSON, Williambakerbds 45 Monkstown Road
THOMPSON, Williamcooper
THOMPSON, William A.bookkeeperh 176 Le Marchant Road
THOMSON Chas R.Mgr Newfoundland Boot & Shoe Coh 262 Water
THOMSON, Wiliamlumber surveyorh 27 Job's
THOPSON, Jameslaborerh 8 Wickford
THORBURNE, Roberttruckmanh r Hamilton Avenue
THORBURN, Andrew Thorburn & Tessier, accountanth 2 Devon Place
THORBURN, Robt Thorburn & Tessier, accountanth 2 Devon Place
THORBURN, MichaelBroker and Commisison Merchant, 1 Queen's and 362 Water h 22 Monkstown Road
THORBURN, Sir Robert, K C M Gof Thorburn & Tessierh 2 Devon Place, King's Bridge Road
THORBURN & TESSIERGeneral Merchants, Importers and Exporters, Insurance Agts, &c, 359 Water
THORMEY, Edwardlaborerh 4 Hayward Avenue
THORNE, Charleslaborerh 12 Wickford
THORNE, Henrylaborerh 16 Duckworth
THORPE, Davidlaborerh 287 Water, w
TIBBO, Calebsalesmanbds 298 Water
TIBBO, Johnlaborerh 21 Cuddihey
TIBBO, Richardlaborerh 12 Hagarty's Lane
TIBBO, Johnlaborerh Georgetown
TIBBO, Johnlaborerh 8 Pleasant
TILLEY, Arthurlaborerh 24 Stephen
TILLEY, Edwardlaborerbds 6 1/2 Duckworth
TILLEY, Georgesawyerbds 6 1/2 Duckworth
TILLEY, Jameslaborerh 32 Bannerman
TILLEY, Jamesseamanbds 6 1/2 Duckworth
TILLEY, Johnlaborerh 6 1/2 Duckworth
TILLEY, Josephlaborerh 14 Dammerill's Lane
TILLEY, Marywid Jamesbds 14 Dammerill's Lane
TILLEY, Williamengineerh 17 Temperance
TIMMONDS, Edwardlaborerh York
TIMMONDS, EllengroceyYork, h do
TIZZARD, Jameslaborerh 6 Lion's Square
TIZZARD, Johnseamanbds 6 Lion's Square
TIZZARD, Samueltinsmithbds 6 Lion's Square
TIZZARD, Simeonfishermanh 40 Wickford
TIZZARD, Stephenlaborerbds 6 Lion's Square
TOBIN, Bridgetwid Michaelh Brazil's Square
TOBIN, David F.dry goods, Gowerh do
TOBIN, Elizawid Joseph B.47 Military Road
TOBIN, Jamesengineerh 11 Buchanan
TOBIN, James J.Grocer, Provisions, &c, Duckworth, eh Pennywell Road
TOBIN, Johannadressmaker14 Stewart Avenue
TOBIN, John C.wines and spirits392 Water, h do
TOBIN, Lawrencelaborerh 1 Deady's Lane
TOBIN, Michaelfiremanh 47 Angel Place
TOBIN, Michaelgrocer4 Waldegrave, h Water
TOBIN, Michaellaborerbds Holloway
TOBIN, Michaelwines and spirits, 335 Waterh do
TOBIN, Nicholascarpenterh 23 Goodview
TOBIN, Patricklaborerh 7 Angel Place
TOBIN, Patricklaborerh Brazil's Square
TOBIN, Thomasblacksmithh 9 Bannerman
TOBIN, Thomascooperh Duckworth
TOBIN, Thomaslaborerh 138 George
TOBIN, Thomaslaborerh 10 Simms
TOBIN, Williamcarpenterh 27 Casey's
TOBIN, Williamcarpenterh 4 Hunt's Lane, Water, e
TOBIN, Williamfishermanh 20 Dammerell's Lane
TOBIN, Williamtelegraph storekeeperbds 2 New Gower
TOFF, Edwardnurse St. John's HospitalQuidi Vidi Road
TOMS, Elizabethwid Charlesh Signal Hill Road
TOOLE, Anniewid Johnh 2 Alexander
TOOLE, Jamescarmanh 257 Water, w
TOOLE, Mrs. Johngrocer208 Water, w h do
TOOLE, Michaelfishermanh South Side, e
TOOLE, Patrickcarmanh 250 Water, w
TOOLE, Williamfishermanh 1 Casey's
TORPHY, Patrickcutterh 358 Water, w
TORPHY, Sarahwid Richardh 25 Pennywell Road
TOUCHER, Jameslaborerh Signal Hill Road
TOUCHER, Marywid Williamh 36 William
TOUCHER, Robertkeeper Museumbds Signal Hill
TOUCHER, Thomaspilot apprenticebds Signal Hill Road
TOWAN, Mary Annwid Paulh 13 Knight
TOWER, Marywid Michael, variety, 218 New Gowerh do
TRACEY, Edwardcabmanh Victoria
TRACEY, Jamesfarmerh 21 Pleasant
TRACEY, Michaelboatman customsh Gower, e
TRACEY, Williamtidewater customsh CAbot
TRAINOR, Thomasrailroad engineerh Gower, e
TRAVIS, Johnmessengerh 19 Bannerman
TREBLE, Jameslaborerh 12 Knight
TREEM, Jobshipwrighth 28 Codner
TRELEGAN, Alicewid Francis, liquor dealer, 12 Queenh do
TRELEGAN, Francisclerkbds 34 New Gower
bds 34 New Gover[sic]
TRELEGAN, Johncarpenterbds 34 New Gower
TRELEGAN, RichardBoot and Shoemaker34 New Gower, h do
TRELEGAN, Williamforeman shoemakerh 24 New Gower
TREMONT HOTELMrs Thos McGrath prop293 Water
TRENCHARD, Charlestidewaiter customsh 42 Mullock
TRENCHER, Charlesboatman customs
TRENCHER, Thomaslaborerh 19 Barter's Hill
TRIMBLETT, Johncarpenterh Signal Hill Road
TRIMBLETT, Williamlaborerh Signal Hill Road
TRUEHEART, Jessemanager tobacco factoryh in factory
TUCK, Davismasonh 3 Cook's Hill
TUCK, Edmundlaborerh 7 Carew
TUCK, Elitidewaiter customsh Freshwater Road
TUCK, Georgeblacksmithh 2 Hoylestown
TUCK, Jamesmasonh 14 William
TUCK, Johnlaborerh foot Temperance Hill, Heylestown[sic]
TUCKER, Albertlaborerh Hagarty's Lane
TUCKER, Georgelaborerh 23 Angel Place
TUCKER, George laborerh Hagarty's Lane
TUCKER, Henrycoachmanh 334 Water, w
TUCKER, Henrylaborerh 9 Cuddihy's
TUCKER, Henrymessenger hospitalQuidi Vidi Road
TUCKER, Josiahlaborerh 66 Cabot
TUCKER, Robertcarmanh 146 LeMarchant Road
TUCKER, Samuellaborerh Livingstone
TUCKER, Stephenaccountanth 41 John
TUCKER , Williamlaborerh 61 Casey's
TUCKER, William G.laborerh 16 Hagarty's Lane
TUCKER, William H. laborerh 16 Hagarty's Lane
TUCKER, William H. master marinerh 35 Springdale
TUFF, Carlott C.salesmanbds 20 Pleasant
TUFF, Georgelaborerh 4 Lion's Square
TUFF, Georgelaborerh Mundy Pond Road
TUFF, Josephstorekeeperh Mundy Pond Road
TURNER, George E.clerk Crown Land Depth South Side,w
TURNER, Johnmaster marinerh Spencer cor Harvey Road
TUSTIN, Leonardwatchmakerh 5 Queen's
TWEEDIE, Davidsalesmanbds Gower
TYNES, Louisawid Nathanielh 13 Knight

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