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"Newfoundlander Merchantile Journal" Announcements

1819 - 1822 Complete?

Place of publication: St. John's.
Earliest issue located:Sept. 11, 1816 (no. 108).
Last issue located: June 7, 1827.
Semiweekly, Sept. 11, 1816-Jan. 11, 1817.
Weekly, Jan. 17, 1817-June 7, 1827.
Printer and publisher:
Haire & Lee, Sept. 11, 1816-May 16?, 1817.
Robert Lee, May 23-June 13, 1817.
Donald M'Phee Lee, Jan. 9, 1818-June 7, 1827.
The Newfoundland Mercantile Journal was made up almost entirely of material selected from the foreign press, advertisements, official and legal notices, and shipping news.
Domestic news, including death notices, rarely filled more than half a column and dealt mainly with the activities of prominent citizens, accidents and fires.
The Nov. 23, 1816 edition expressed concern over the problems of the coming winter in light of the severe poverty in the city.
The Jan. 3, 1822 issue pondered the poor state of the economy, but even this sort of editorial comment was rare and problems of the Colony were given much less attention than were events abroad.
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PRL [1816-1827] Original and microfilm

Birth, Death and Marriage Announcements from the Newfoundland Mercantile Journal 1819 - 1822 as taken from The Newfoundland Ancestor 7,4.
Note: The term “child bed” refers to the birth of a baby by the mother. In these cases mentioned above, the mothers died in childbirth.
The records were transcribed by Newfoundland Ancestor and formatted by CHERI WHEELER in September 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

Thursday, 1 April 1819Died yesterday morning after a short illness, Mr. John BRENNAN, aged 40 years, wharfinger in the Commissariat Dept.
Thursday, 8 April 1819Died Saturday morning last (April 3) after a lingering illness, Mrs. Elizabeth YOUNG, aged 18 years, wife of Mr. William Young.
Thursday, 22 April 1819Died in this town on Saturday last (April 17) after a lingering illness, Mr. John MAYNE, aged 30 years, eldest son of the late Dr. John Mayne of Harbour Grace.
Thursday, 6 May 1819Died on Tuesday last (May 4) Mr. Samuel COX, aged 36.
Thursday, 13 May 1819Married on Sunday morning (May 9) by the Rev. Mr. Grantham, Mr. John BARNES, watchmaker, of this place, to Miss Elizabeth WILLIAMS, daughter of John Williams of Newton Abbot, Devon.
Thursday, 3 June 1819Married on Tuesday (June 1) by the Rev. Mr. Grantham, Lieut. Richard VICARS, Royal Engineers, to Marianne, eldest daughter of Thomas WILLIAMS Esq. Of this town.

Married the same day by the Rev. Mr. Grantham, Mr. Robert FURNEAUX to Mrs. Catherine MILLER, both of this town.
Thursday, 1 July 1819Married on Saturday evening (the 19th instant,) by the Rev. Ninian Barr, Wesleyan missionary, the Rev. Thomas HICKSON, to Miss Jane, 2nd daughter of Mr. William GARLAND of Lower Island Cove, Conception Bay.
Thursday, 12 August 1819The funeral of Thomas GASCOINS, a lad of about 20 years of age, who drowned on Tuesday morning last, will take place this day at 12 o’clock, from the house of his late employers Messrs. Row & Vallance.
Thursday, 9 September 1819Married on Saturday last (Sept 4) by the Rev. Mr. Carrington, John Rayner MAYNE, Master of H.M.S. Sir Francis Drake, to Miss Margaret RIELLEY.

Married on Sunday (Sept 5) by the Right Rev. Dr. Scallon, Mr. Michael HAYES to Miss Mary MARKS.
Thursday, 11 November 1819Married yesterday morning by the Rev. John Bell, Methodist Missionary, Mr. Thomas ALLAN to Mrs. Elizabeth SPENCE, widow.
Thursday, 2 December 1819Married on Monday last (Nov 29) by the Rev. Carrington, George PROCTOR Esc., Captain H.M.Ship Sir Frances Drake, to Jane, relict of the late Mr. Christopher BROOM, and daughter of George HUTCHINGS.
Thursday, 27 January 1820Died on Sunday last (Jan 23) aged 76 years, Mr. David MARSHALL, a very respectable native inhabitant of this town. His remains were taken to the Church prior to his internment on Tuesday, when a funeral sermon was preached by the Rev. Mr. Carrington, to a numerous and respectable congregation assembled on the occasion, to testify their regard for the memory of the deceased.
Thursday, 23 March 1820Died on Saturday evening last (March 18) Miss Mary DUNCAN, aged 32 years, her funeral took place on Tuesday evening.
Thursday, 30 March 1820Died Monday (March 27) Richard SHEARING, aged 62- he had been confined to his bed for upwards of four months by illness, is a native of Bonavista Bay in this Island.
Thursday, 6 April 1820Died on Saturday morning last (April 1) of croup, 20 hours after its commencement, George Edward BUNTING, aged 4 years, 1 month and 1 day, second son of Mr. John Bunting, surgeon, Queen St.

Died early Tuesday morning (April 4) Thomas BURKE, aged 6 years, son of Mr. Thomas Burke of this town. He was bit by a dog on the 11th of last month but the wound healed up, the child was thought perfectly cured and went back to school as usual. On Saturday night last however he became very ill and restless, and the Physicians being sent for he was soon discovered to be affected with that dreadful malady Hydrophobia, the symptoms of which became more and more evident until he expired. The funeral will take place this evening at 5 o’clock.

On Sunday (April 3) after a long and painful illness which he bore with Christian resignation, Mr. John RENNELL, surgeon, died aged 57 years. A gentleman whose well known abilities in his profession insured him an extensive practice in this Town for many years until his sufferings with the gout in both hands and feet, rendered him unable to leave the house. His loss will be severely felt by a large family, and his memory long respected by his numerous friends and acquaintances. The funeral will take place from his late residence near Mr. George Hutchings’, this day at 11 o’clock. At 6 o’clock on Sunday evening next a funeral sermon will be preached at the Methodist Chapel by Rev. Mr. Pickervant.
Thursday, 27 April 1820Died on the 15th instant after a lingering and painful illness, which he bore with Christian fortitude and resignation. Mr. William LONG, carpenter, aged 66. He has been a resident here for the last 43 years.
Thursday, 3 August 1820Died Thursday evening last (July 27) Mr. John COWAN, a native of Argyllshire, Scotland, many years a storekeeper in this town. His funeral will take place this day at 4 pm from the Nfld. Hospital.

A fishing boat belonging to and in charge of James French (usually called Short James) of Petty Harbour, sailed from hence on Sunday night, bound home with a supply of salt and provisions was lost, supposed to have upset in a squall, after passing the northern head of Petty Harbour. The crew consisted of the boat’s master and two men.
Thursday, 21 September 1820On Thursday morning last, after a short illness of the croup, James BAYLY, aged 5 years, a fine promising child, the eldest son of George Bayly, Esq.

On the 22 July at sea on his passage to England, T.C. VYVYAN, of his Majesty’s 74th regiment, aged 24 years.
Thursday, 19 October 1820Died Tuesday night last, after a lingering illness, Mr. John HINSON, aged 50 years, late Master of the Brig John Cato of Demerara, the deceased always maintained a good character, he was native of Bermuda, where his relatives and connections are of the first respectability. His funeral will take place this day at half past 3 o’clock, from the house of Mrs. Driscol, Water Street.
Thursday, 16 November 1820Married on Monday evening last by the Rev. Dr. Scallon, Mr. David REED to Miss Catherine, the eldest daughter of Mr. John RYAN of Bay Bulls.
Thursday, 4 January 1821Married on Tuesday last (Jan 2) by the Rev. Frederick H. Carrington, Robert CARTER, Esq., Judge of the surrogate Court for the district of Ferryland to Miss Anne, fourth daughter of George HUTCHINGS, Esq.
Thursday, 11 January 1821Married on Tuesday last (Jan 9) by Rev. Frederick H. Carrington, Richard MORRIS, Esq., Merchant, of the firm of Brown, Hoyles & Co. to Miss Catherine MC CAULEY.

Married the same day by Rev. Mr. Fitzgerald, Mr. Patrick CORMICK to Miss Mary CURTIS.

Died on Tuesday morning (Jan 9) James VINNICOMBE, pilot, aged about 35 years.

Died on Thursday last, the 4th instant, on board H.M.Ship Sir Frances Drake, Mr. George DIXON, Admiralty Midshipman of H.M.Ship Egeria, aged 25 years.
Thursday, 25 January 1821Married on Monday evening (Jan 22) by the Rev. Dr. Scallon, Mr. Thomas HOLTON to Miss Mary MURRAY, daughter of Mr. James Murray.
Thursday, 8 February 1821Died on Friday last (Feb 2) after a long and painful illness, deeply regretted by her friends and acquaintances, Mrs. Ann SEARS, aged 33, wife of Mr. Robert Sears of this place.

On Saturday (Feb 3) after a long illness, aged 33 years, Mr. George SHAMBLER, joiner, the deceased left a widow and two children to lament his loss.

On Monday evening (Feb 5) in child bed, aged 27 years, Mrs. Sarah POPE, wife of Mr. William Stafford POPE, blacksmith, funeral will take place on Saturday.

On Tuesday night (Feb 6) in child bed, aged 23 years, Mrs. Ellen SUMMERS, wife of Mr. Patrick Summers, butcher. The child is likely to live.
Thursday, 1 March 1821Died on Thursday morn last after a lingering illness, which he bore with Christian fortitude and resignation, Mr. Dominique KING, at the advanced age of 80 years, more than 50 of them which he spent in this Town.
Thursday, 8 March 1821Married on Monday evening (March 5) by the Rev. F.H. Carrington, Major G.G. LEWIS, Commanding Royal Engineer, to Miss France, youngest daughter of John BLAND, Esq., High Sheriff of Nfld.

Married on Monday (March 5) by the Rev. F.H. Carrington, Mr. John LANGDON to Miss Mary Ann SKINNER.
Thursday, 22 March 1821Died on Tuesday night (March 20), George EUSTACE, of Torbay, aged 33 years.
Thursday, 31 May 1821Died suddenly on Sunday evening (May 27), Mr. James HANCOCK, an old inhabitant of this town.

Married on Thursday last (May 24) by the Rev. Frederick H. Carrington, The Rev T.G. LAUGHARNE, son of the Rev. Hugh Laugharne, Vicar of Radford & Rowington, and the Chaplain to the County Gaol of Warwick, England, to Caroline, eldest daughter of Peter MC KIE, Esq.

On Sunday evening last (May 27) by the Rev. Frederick H. Carrington, Thomas SHANKS, Esq., purser of his Majesty’s ship Sir Francis Drake to Miss Sophia, sister of Mr. William GREGORY, merchant.
Thursday, 21 June 1821Died on Monday evening last, the 18th instant, at the house of Mr. Patrick Coughlan, Mrs. Jane FOGARTY, wife of James Fogarty of this town, and daughter of Mr. Michael DOOLEY, of Portugal Cove.
Thursday, 28 June 1821Died suddenly on Saturday morning last (June 23), Mr. John MACALLASTER, aged 34 years, his funeral took place on Tuesday, from the house of his brother.
Thursday, 2 August 1821Died at Harbour Grace, on Monday evening last, after only one hour’s illness, aged 60 years. Mr. William LAMPEN, a native of Dartmouth, England. He had been a resident of Harbour Grace for upwards of 36 years, and had devoted his time and talents (under the auspices of the Society of the Propagation of the Gospel) to the instruction of youth, a task he fulfilled with praiseworthy success. He had left a widow and two children.
Thursday, 4 October 1821Married on Thursday morning by Rev. Mr. Carrington, Mr. Samuel BOVEY to Susan, second daughter of the late Dr. John RENNELLS.
Thursday, 18 October 1821Died on Saturday (Oct 13) after a short illness, Mr. Gideon DARE, aged 59 years.

Drowned yesterday morning, Edward MC COY, aged about 22 years. He was getting from a schooner into a boat outside the Heads, missed his step and fell into the water, every exertion was made to save him, but in vain, the schooner was then going at a rate of 4 knots. He was a young man of good and sober habits, arrived here last spring in the schooner Fancy, Capt. Harvey, from Waterford.
Thursday, 8 November 1821Died yesterday after a lingering illness, which she bore with exemplary patience and Christian resignation, Mrs. Barbara CROSS, wife of Mr. James Cross, merchant, aged 30.
Thursday, 29 November 1821Married on Tuesday last (Nov 27) by the Rev Frederick H. Carrington, Robert TREMBLETT, Esq., Surgeon, to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr. Gideon DARE.
Thursday, 6 December 1821Died last evening after a long illness, Mary, wife of Augustus MC NAMARA, aged 69 years.
Thursday, 27 December 1821Married on Thursday last (Dec 20) by the Rev. F.H. Carrington, George Johnston HAYWARD, Esq., of H.M. Customs, to Susanna, third daughter of Mr. Philip BEELAN, merchant.
Thursday, 24 January 1822On Monday week last (Jan 14) the wife of Timothy MURPHY, of this town, was delivered of three daughters, the whole of which lived until Monday last, when one died about 11 o’clock in the morning, another about eight and the last about eleven at night.

Married on Monday the 14th inst. By the Rt. Rev. Dr. Scallon, Mr. John HOWLEY to Eliza, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Luke MADDOCK.
Thursday, 28 February 1822On Saturday last (Feb 23) William McNAMARA, aged 17 years, son of Mr. Augustin McNamara.

On Sunday morning (Feb 24) Miss Elizabeth WAKEHAM, aged 28 years.

On Sunday evening Mr. Samuel G. CARTER, merchant at Ferryland, third son of the Hon. William Carter, Judge of the Vice Admiralty Court. His funeral will take place tomorrow at 11 o’clock from the residence of Mr. Peter Carter.
Thursday, 4 April 1822On Friday last (March 29), aged 8 years, John Livingston CARTER, second son of Peter Weston Carter, Esq.

Died in London on the 2nd January, Susanna, wife of Marmaduke HART, Esq., of Meckinburgh Sq.
Thursday, 25 April 1822Suddenly on Thursday morning last, Mr. John PARTRIDGE, master carpenter in the Ordinance Dept. His loss of life will be felt by his numerous family.
Thursday, 2 May 1822On Sunday last, 28 April, aged 21 years, Robert BOLLARD Jr. eldest son of the late Mr. Robert Bollard of Placentia.

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