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Memorial Inscriptions

Transcribed by Dave Wells. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
St. Andrew's (The Kirk)
St. John's, Newfoundland
Inscriptions on Stained Glass Windows

David Baird 1862 – 1943.

Elizabeth Makinson Baird 1874 – 1975.

Hon. James Baird, born at Saltcoats, Scotland. Died July 30, 1915, Aged 87.

John A. M. And Julia Anna Baird.

Henry Albert Burke 1904 – 1988.

Madge McKinley Burke 1911 – 1988.

James O. Campbell, 1911 – 1987, elder 1952 – 1987, Choir Member 50 years.

Jessie Furness Cowan 1897 1962. Robert Alexander Cowan 1899 – 1982.

William Frew 1843 – 1924 and Mary Frew his wife 1836 – 1924.

Beatrice Mary, daughter of the late James Gordon, and wife of J.W.N. Johnstone. Born March 20, 1882. Died October 28, 1910,

James Gordon, born 1843, died 1908.

Rev. Moses Harvey LL. D., born March 21 1820, ordained 1844, inducted here 1852, retired 1878, died September 3, 1901.

Joseph McKinley 1891 – 1964. Vera Shambler McKinley 1903 – 1992.

Hon. Moses Monroe, born June 4th 1842 and died May 19, 1895.

Jessie G. Monroe, born 1st March, 1846. Died 20th June 1906.

Henley Munden Munn 1907 - 1970. Gertrude McMurdo Munn 1907 – 1988.

George Neal 1865 – 1919.

Sir Robert Reid, born at Coupar Angus, Scotland, October 12th, 1841, died October June 3rd, 1908.

Memorial Placques

Erected to the memory of the Rev. Donald Allan Frazer, M.A., EDIN., the first Presbyterian Minister in Newfoundland, 1842-1845, born at Torosay, in the Island of Mull, Scotland November 24th 1793, died at St. John’s February 7th, 1845.

Ira S. Kennedy. A faithful elder of this Congregation 1934-1947.

This Tablet is erected by the members of St. Andrew’s Church In Memory Of the Rev. Moses Harvey LLD. He was the minister of St. Andrew’s Free Church in this City for Twenty-six years and thereafter from the Union of the churches in 1878. He remained Minister Emeritus until the time of his death in 1901.

In Loving Memory of Margery S. Brown 1909-1999.

In Loving Memory of R.W. Brown 1903-1992.

War Memorial Placques

In Memory of the Men of the Newfoundland Highlanders who Made the Supreme Sacrifice in The Great War 1914-1918

Albert Bastow
Norman Coultas
George Dick
Stewart Ferguson
George Langmead
Harold Luscombe
W. LeShano
William Miller
Walter Morris
William Martin
William McNivan
Donald Neil
Hubert Herder
Edward Hoare
R. Heale
James Ledington
Neil McLeod
Walter Ross
Owen Steele
Gordon Tizzard
Andrew Wilson
Edgar Winsor
James Watts
W. Watts
J B Young

In Loving Memory of the Following Men of this Congregation Who Fell in the Great War 1914-1918.

Albert C Bastow
Gordon C Bastow
James M. Cron
George Dick
Graham Duff
J Roy Ferguson
Stewart S Ferguson
E MacIntosh Frew
Gilbert T Gordon
William R Grant
Alexander M Jackson
James A Ledingham
Andrew Miller
John B Mitchell
Alex McDougall
William McNiven
Campbell W Nichols
George D Nichols
R Bruce Reid
R Wallace Ross
Thomas Southcott
James E Thompson
Donald Trapnell
Andrew W Wilson
John B Young

In Loving Memory of the Following Men of this Congregation Who Fell in the Second World War 1939-1945

Flt/Sgt David Monroe Baird, RCAF
Ralph Morrison Forbes, AB, RN
F/O Douglas Monroe Grant, RAF
F/O David Simpson Kerr, RCAF
John Emile Ledingham, Chief Eng’r, MN
P/O David Gordon Morris, RCAF
Flt/Sgt George M.L. Robertson, RCAF
Flt/Sgt Charles Henry Stewart, RAF

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