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St. John's - St. Thomas Church Baptism Records (partial)

The information was transcribed by JUDY BENSON and NGAIRE GENGE ~ July 2001. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Parents' Surname Child's Name Birth Date Baptism Date Parent's Given Names Abode Father's Trade By Whom Comments
PippyAlice RubyFeb 19 1904April 10 1904 (No. 568)John Charles and Annie Harriet89 Carter HillPainterFrank Severn (Curate)
PearceGeorge Albert EdwinFeb 28 1904April 10 1904 (No. 569)Virginia and HeberLime StreetLabourerFrank SevernThis is known to be Regina not Virginia
EwingEdna EvelynMarch 29 1904April 12 1904 (No. 570) (R) John Frederick Brown and Margaret WinsorCook St.PainterFrank SevernUnknown what “R” represents.
MooreMary Grace PotterApril 11 1904April 16, 1904 (No. 571) (P)John and ElizabethCook StreetCooperFrank SevernUnknown what “P” represents
Hines?Laura ????Mar ???April 23 ????William and ?????????????Frank SevernThis entry actually follows the next, and was cut off.
StoneThomas Lilly (R)March 26 1904April 17 1904 (No. 572) (R)William and SophiaLong’s HillPlumberA. E. TulkUnknown what “R” represents.
JohnstonEthel MayApril 25, 1905May 16, 1905 (No. 667)Percie Noel Reginald and Mabel FrancesKing’s Bridge RoadInsurance AgentHenry Dunfield
FieldJaneMarch 8, 1905May 21, 1905 (No. 668)William and LucyTorbay RoadCa???RectorSquished in under this entry “Hypothetically says: His assurance of baptism by midwife very vague.”
NicholsJames RoyApril 14, 1905May 21, 1905 (No. 669)Charles and TrypheniaParade StreetClerkH. Dunfield
PearceMaryDec. 25, 1904May 21, 1905 (No. 670)George and ElizabethCove RoadCa???H. DunfieldMother’s name could be Eliza.
OlsenFrankMay 14, 1905May 17, 1905 (No. 671) (R)Charles and Annie8? Signal HillLabourerH. DunfieldDon’t know what “R” means.
Bowden?Victor ThomasMay 24, 1905May 26, 1905 (No. 672) (R)Thomas Henry and LucyLogy Bay ToadFarmerHenry Uphill
JohnsonMildred MariaMarch? 14, 1905May 28, 1905 (No. 673)Edward and CharlotteHunt’s LaneCarpenterH. Uphill
WinterFlorence KatherineMay 6, 1905June 11, 1905 (No. 674)Thomas and FlorenceRennie’s Mill RoadMerchantG. R. Godden
PearceArthur LewisNov. 27, 1909Jan. 02, 1910 (No. 216)Heber and AnnieDuckworth StreetLabourerH. DunfieldThere is an Erratum.
PierceRalph MaxwellOct. 26, 1911Dec. 10, 1911 (No. 337)Heber and Annie33 Cochrane StreetPackerGeorge Hewitt (Curate)
CarnellJohn BeverlyOct. 30, 1911Dec. 10, 1911 (No. 338)Frank S??? and Violet Henrietta23 Cochrane StreetAccountantGeorge H. HewittS???? is not legible.
CookAlice MariaNov. 16, 1911Dec. 10, 1911 (No. 339)James Richard and Florence IdaVirginiaFarmerGeorge H. Hewitt
MartinAda LauraNov. 19, 1911December 17, 1911 (No. 340)William and HenriettaWhite HillsFarmerGeorge H. Hewitt
ThomsonWilliam StephenNov. 23, 1911December 24, 1911 (No. 341)Andrew and Minnie16 Plymouth RoadCookG. R. Godden (Rector)
HayesMary JessieApr. 25, 1913May 18, 1913 (No. 449)Robert and Sarah Jane3 College SquareLabourerGeorge H. Hewitt (Curate)
PearceEdith MayMay 3, 1913June 1, 1913 (No. 450)Heber and Annie33 Cochrane StreetPackerGeorge H. Hewitt
CookEric ThomasApr. 28, 1913June 1, 1913 (No. 451)George Henry and Eliza24 Signal HillFarmerGeorge H. Hewitt
StevensRalph MorisonMay 9, 1913June 1, 1913 (No. 452)Samuel and Sarah VictoriaForest RowButter MakerGeorge H. HewittMorrison, alternate spelling?
PeachSamuel HerbertJune 3, 1913 (R)June 4, 1913 (No. 453)Robert and ElileTorbay RoadMailmanA. Clayton (Curate)
PearceWilliam GeorgeMay 2, 1913June 8, 1913 (No. 454)William and Elizabeth15 ˝ Duggan StreetCarman?George H. HewittProfession is very unsure!
WellsAlexanderMay 11, 1913June 8, 1913 (No. 455)James and BridieLower BatteryFishermanGeorge H. Hewitt
BirchRobert James? BrownlowFeb. 12, 1915June 20, 1915 (No. 593)Edward James and Ethel JaneMonroe StreetEngineerA. ClaytonUnsure of father’s second name.
PynnMaxwell JosephMay 25, 1915June 21, 1915 (No. 594) (R) 27/6/15Richard and AnnieQuidi VidiFishermanW. E. R. CracknellAppears to have been baptized twice, once at home, later in church.
PearceJessie MaudMay 7, 1915June 27, 1915 (No. 595)Heber and Annie33 Cochrane StreetPackerA. Clayton
MartinWilliam CliftonMay 31, 1915July 04, 1915 (No. 596)William Alexander and Harriet JaneWhite HillsFarmerW.E.R. Cracknell
CainesMaxwell KitchenerJune 14, 1915July 04, 1915 (No. 597)Robert Thomas and Sarah70 Duckworth StreetFiremanW.E.R. Cracknell
YoungFlorence GartmannJune 11, 1915July 04, 1915, (No. 598)William Thomas and Ethel May77 Hayward AvenueClerkW.E.R. Cracknell
KnowlingPeggy FranklinDec. 5, 1916December 09, 1916 (No. 705) (P)George and Florence C. M. KnowlingSt. John’sMerchantA. A. Holmes (Methodist Minister from Harbour Grace)
SnowEdmund RichardNov. 25, 1916December 24, 1916 (No. 706)Edgar and MurielSt. John’sLabourerC. A. Moulton
PearceLydia MayNov. 13, 1916December 24, 1916 (No. 707)Heber and AnnieSpruce StreetClerkC. A. Moulton
BartlettArthur GeorgeDec. 7, 1916December 15, 1916 (No.708) (P)Jacob and Madeline51 Quidi Vidi RoadElectricianJacob BartlettNote squished in says boy was baptized by C.A. Moulton, but this is crossed out and Jacob Bartlett is written in Moulton’s place. A second note indicates the child also died December 15. This entry is made out of order.
WellsElizabethDec. 23, 1916January 5, 1917 (P) “Died Jan. 10"James and BrideLower Battery RoadFishermanC. A. Moulton
BowersRalphDec. 3, 1916January ???Percival and ???Logy BayFarmerC. A. MoultonThis entry cut off.

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