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Avalon South Region ~ St. John's District

SS Digby

Leaving St. John's 29 May 1923 - Arriving Boston 4 June 1923
The port of departure was St. John's but the passengers came from all over the province.

Abbreviations are: S - Sex; MS - Marital Status; Occ - Occupation; R - Able to Read and Write English; N - Nationality; LPA - Last Permanent Address; Relative - Name and Address of Nearest Relative or Friend, From Where They Came; Dest - Final Destination; W$ - By Whom Passage was Paid; B4 - Whether ever Before in the US; Who - Whether Going to Join Relative, Friend, Name and Address; Stay - Length of Stay; Hea - Condtion of mental and Physical Health; Feature - Complexion, Colour of Hair and Eyes; Marks - Marks of identification; POB - Place of Birth.

Transcribed by a team of people led by SUE KIMMERLE, February 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Name Age S MS Occ R N Race LPA Relative Dest W$ B4 Who Stay Hea Height Feature Marks POB VISA
Babcock, William31MaleWidowFishermanYesNfldEnglishBay RobertsDaughter, Miss S. Babcock, Bay RobertsBay RobertsSelfYes, Jan 1923, Boston, Mass.Cousin, William Bishop, 603 Main St, Watertown, Mass9 MonthsGood5'11"Fair, Brown, BrownScar Left EyeBay Roberts
Babcock, Thomas40MaleMarriedFishermanYesNfldEnglishBay RobertsWife, Mrs. Babcock, Bay RobertsBoston, MassSelfYes, Dec 1913, BostonSister, Mrs J.K. Ball, 119 Westworth Ave, Lowell, MassIndefiniteGood5'5"Fair, Brown, GreyNoneBay Roberts
Baker, Mary Agnes30FemaleSingleTeacherYesNfldIrishSt John'sCousin, Edward Ducey, MarystownSt John'sSelfNoMother, Mrs. Ellen Baker, 38 Mounds Bvde, St Paul, Minn4 MonthsGood5'4"Fresh, Brown, BlueNoneBurin
Bolger, Kathleen20FemaleSingleDress MakerYesNfldIrishSt John'sMother, Mrs. ? Bolger, 45 Haywards Avenue, St. John'sMedford, MassSelfNoAunt, Mrs R. Manning, 37 Lambert St, Medford, Mass2 YearsGood5'2"Fair, Brown, BrownNoneSt John's
Brown, Ford25MaleSingleClerkYesNfldIrishSt John'sMother, Mrs. W. Snow, Coleye Ft., Bay RobertsSt John'sSelfNoFriend, Mrs R. Scott, 199 Boylston St, Watertown, Mass, Also Friend, Mr Hawkins 88 Reed Ave, Everett, Mass6 MonthsGood5'7"Fair, Drk Brown, BrownNone??Plotts
Chafe, Beatrice21FemaleSingleStenogrYesNfldIrishSt John'sFather, Mr. L. G. Chafe, 61 Springdale Street, St. John'sSt John'sSelfNoFriend, Mrs Henderson, Haughton St, West Lynn, Mass6 MonthsGood5'2"Dark, Brown, BrownNoneSt John's
Cook, William Robert41MaleMarriedMerchantYesNfldIrishSt John'sBrother, Mr. P. Cook, Fort Townsend, St. John'sSt John'sSelfNoSister in Law, Mrs A Button, 88 Reed Ave, Everett, Mass5 Months Good5'6"Fair, Brown, BrownNoneSt John's
Cook, Elizabeth38FemaleMarriedHousewifeYesNfldIrishSt John'sSame as aboveSt John'sHusbandNoSister, Mrs A Button, 88 Reed Ave, Everett, MassSame as aboveGood5'6"Fair, Brown, BlueNoneHarbour Grace
Cook, Hubert17MaleSingleStenogrYesNfldIrishSt John'sUncle, Same as aboveSt John'sFatherNoAunt, Same as aboveSame as aboveGood5'5"Fair, Brown, BlueNoneSt John's
Cook, Charles16MaleSingleStudentYesNfldIrishSt John'sSame as aboveSt John'sSame as above NoSame as aboveSame as aboveGood5'1"Fair, Brown, BlueNoneSt John's
Cook, Alexander14MaleSingleStudentYesNfldIrishSt John'sSame as aboveSt John'sSame as above NoSame as aboveSame as aboveGood5'Fair, Brown, BlueNoneSt John's
Cook, George Robert60MaleMarriedCooperYesNfldIrishSt John'sDaughter, Miss M. Cook, 30 Spaneer Street, St. John'sSt John'sSelfNoDaughter, Mrs T.W. Murray, 7 Alleyne Terr, Quincy, Mass5 WeeksGood5'11"Ruddy, Grey, BrownNoneSt John's
Coady, Mary52FemaleWidowHousewifeYesNfldIrishUsa BostonFriend, Mrs. T. Walsh, Pleasant Street, St. John'sBoston, MassSelfYes Boston, 8 YearsReturning Home, Mrs M.A. White, 287 K Street, South Boston, MassResideGood5'4"Fair, Grey, BlueNoneSt John's
Costello, Mary60?Female?? YesNfldIrishSt John'sDaughter, Mrs. T. G. Nurse, 136 Duckworth Street, St. John'sSt John'sSelfNoDaugher, Miss J Woods, 26 Monument St, Charlestown, Mass1 Month Good 5'6"Dark, Drk Brown, BrownNoneSt John's
Churchill, Elsie Hodge29FemaleSingleDomesticYesNfldEnglishSt John'sFather, William Churchill, Forest Road, St. John'sSt John'sSelfNoCousin, Mrs F.L. Churchill, 147 Worthington St, Boston, Mass2 WeeksGood5'6"Fair, Fair, BrownNoneSt John's
Driscoll, Susie34FemaleMarriedHousewifeYesNfldEnglishSt John'sSister, Mrs. C. Moores, Goodview Road, St. John'sSt John'sSelfNoHusband, Mr E. Driscoll, 16 Jones St, Everett, Mass4 MonthsGood5'1"Dark, Black, BrownNoneLower Island Cove
Driscoll, Alice11FemaleSingleScholarYesNfldEnglishSt John'sAunt, Same as aboveSt John'sMotherNoFather, Same as aboveSame as aboveGood4'5"Dark, Black, BrownNoneSt John's
French, William50MaleMarriedFishermanYesNfldEnglishBay RobertsWife, Mrs. French, Bay Roberts EastBoston, MassSelfYes May 1922, Benham, KySister, Mrs H.J. Bowering, 41 Beasley Rd, Roslindale, MassIndefiniteGood5'8"Dark, Grey, GreyNoneBay Roberts
French, Mildred22FemaleSingleTailoressYesNfldEnglishSt John'sMother, Mrs. William French, 67 Marryweather Road, Same as aboveSt John'sSelfNoBrother, Mr William French, 78 Cottage St, Everett, Mass3 MonthsGood5'4"Dark, Brown, brownNoneSt John's
Howse, Annie20FemaleSingleDomesticYesNfldEnglishSt John'sFather, Mr. Howse, British HarbourSt John'sSelfNoSister, Mrs A. Moxley, North Bennington, Vermont5 MonthsGood5'Fair, Brown, BlueNoneBritish Harbour
Jardine, Lucy32FemaleMarriedHousewifeYesNfldIrishBell IslandHusband, Mr. F. Jardine, Bell IslandBell IslandHusbandNoSister, Mrs F. Felton, 14 Cameron St, Dorchestor, Mass4 MonthsGood5'5 1/2"Fair, Brown, BlueNonePortugal Cove
Jewer, Alice21FemaleSingleSales LadyYesNfldEnglishSt John'sFather, Mr. William Jewer, BotwoodSt John'sSelfNoAunt, Mrs H. Currie, 25 Southside Ave, West Lynn, Mass4 MonthsGood5'5"Fair, Brown, BlueNoneBotwood
Kenney, Pauline20FemaleSingleDress MakerYesNfldIrishSt John'sMother, Mrs. A. Kenney, Portugal CoveSt John'sMotherNoAunt, Mrs P. Kavanagh, 104 L. Street, South Boston, Mass3 MonthsGood5'9"Fair, Lgt Brown, BlueNoneSt John's
Martin, Bella55FemaleMarriedHousewifeYesNfldEnglishSt John'sHusband, Mr. J. T. Martin, New Gower StreetSt John'sSelfNoSister in Law, Mrs F.J. Powers, 60 Berkshire St, South Boston, Mass2 MonthsGood5'4"Fair, Grey, BlueNoneSt John's
Melvin, Bernard21MaleSingleFishermanYesNfldIrishLamancheFather, Mr. N. Melvin, Lamanche, FerrylandBrookline, MassSelfNoCousin, Mr Jas. Melvin, 243 Emerston St, South Boston, MassResideGood5'11"Dark, Brown, GreenNoneLamanche
Nicholl, Ella25FemaleSingleTailoressYesNfldEnglishSt John'sSister, Mrs. R. Hapgood, 35 Young Street, SisterSt John'sSelfNoCousin, Miss E. Farrington, 15 Demick St, Sommerville, Mass4 MonthsGood5'3"Dark, Dark, BrownNoneHarbour Grace
Neville, Bessie18FemaleSingleHousekeeperYesNfldEnglishTopsailMother, Mr. J. Neville, TopsailTopsailSelfNoAunt, Mrs A. Walsh, 44 Pleasant St, Providence, R.I.2 MonthsGood5'3"Fair, Brown, BrownNoneTopsail
Peckham, Harry Reginald32MaleSingleClerkYesNfldEnglishSt John'sBrother, Mr. R. Peckham, 6 George Street, St. John'sSt John'sSelfNoCousin, James A. Peckham, 1814 Dorchester Ave, Boston, Mass3 MonthsGood5'11"Fair, Dark, BlueNoneSt John's
Pike, Campbell21MaleSingleFishermanYesNfldEnglishCarbonearUncle, Mr. Fred Pike, CarbonearSommerville, MassSelfNoBrother, Mr Cyril Pike, 21 Florence St, East Sommerville, MassIndefiniteGood5'9"Dark, Brown, GreyNoneCarbonear
Rolls, Etherl20FemaleSingleDomesticYesNfldEnglishSt John'sFather, Mr. J. Rolls, BonavistaBonavistaSelfNoSister, Mrs E Roberts, 60 Derby Road, Braintree, Mass4 MonthsGood5'2"Fair, Lgt Brown, BlueNoneBonavista
Pike, Cicely29FemaleMarriedHousekeeperYesNfldEnglishCarbonearMother, Mrs. William Chislett, Cavendish, Trinity BaySommerville, MassHusbandNoHusband, Mr Cyril Pike, 21 Florence St, East Sommerville, MassResideGood5'6"Fresh, Brown, BrownNoneTrinity Bay
Pike, Lloyd7MaleSingle
NoNfldEnglishSame as aboveGrandmother, Same as aboveSommerville, MassFatherNoFather, Same as aboveResideGood4'3"Dark, Light Brown, BrownNoneCarbonear
Pike, Nelson6MaleSingle
NoNfldEnglishSame as aboveSame as aboveSommerville, MassSame as above NoSame as aboveResideGood4'Dark, Light Brown, BrownNoneSame as above
Pike, Roland4MaleSingle
NoNfldEnglishSame as aboveSame as aboveSommerville, MassSame as above NoSame as aboveResideGood3'6"Dark, Light Brown, brownNoneSame as above
Pike, Flora2FemaleSingle
NoNfldEnglishSame as aboveSame as aboveSommerville, MassSame as above NoSame as aboveResideGood3'2"Fair, Lgt Brown, BrownNoneSame as above
Pike, Cyril4 MosMaleSingle
NoNfldEnglishSame as aboveSame as aboveSommerville, MassSame as above NoSame as aboveResideGood
Fair, Lgt Brown, BlueNoneSame as above
Rossiter, Thomas20MaleSingleFishermanYesNfldEnglishCape BroyleUncle, Joseph Prendergast, Cape BroyleNewton, MassSisterNoSister, Miss Gertrude Rossiter, 233 Franklin St, Newton, MassIndefiniteGood5'4"Fresh, Dark, BlueNoneBay Caplin
Sacrey, Moses66MaleMarriedFarmerYesNfldEnglishHarbour GraceDaughter, Mr. Jas. Hunt, Riverhead, Harbour GraceHarbour GraceSelfYes, Aug 1910, New YorkSon, William Sacrey, 327 Thames St, Newport, Ri1 MonthGood5'8"Fresh, Grey, BlueNoneHarbour Grace
Sacrey, Jane66FemaleMarriedHousewifeYesNfldEnglishHarbour GraceSame as aboveHarbour GraceHusbandNoSame as aboveSame as aboveGood5'4"Dark, Grey, BlueNoneHarbour Grace
Sears, Alice21FemaleSingleSales LadyYesNfldEnglishSt John'sMother, Mrs. William Sears, New Gower StreetBoston, MassSelfNoAunt, Mrs John Cleary, 12 Emerald St, Boston, Mass9 MonthsGood5'Fair, Brown, BrownNoneSt John's
Snow, Harry30MaleSingleShips StewardYesNfldEnglishSt John'sFather, Mr. N. Snow, 52 Freshwater Road, St. John'sBoston, MassSelfYes, March 1923Sister, Miss B. Snow, 459 Parker St, Boston, MassIndefiniteGood5'8"Dark, Black, BrownNoneSt John's
Sparkes, Albert49MaleMarriedFishermanYesNfldEnglishBay RobertsWife, Mrs. F. Sparkes, Bay Roberts EastBoston, MassSelfYes, Dec 1917, BostonSister, Mrs A.T. Mercer, 6 Hollets Place, Allston, MassIndefiniteGood5'6"Dark, Grey, greyNoneBay Roberts
Stafford, Bennett B.34MaleSingleDruggistYesNfldEnglishSt John'sMother, Mrs. E. Stafford, Allendale Road, St. John'sSt John'sSelfNoCopley Plaza Hotel, Boston, Mass1 MonthGood6'Fresh, Grey, GreyNoneTwillingate
Tracey, Augustus28MaleSingleClerkYesNfldEnglishSt John'sMother, Mrs. Tracey, Torbay Road, St. John'sSt John'sSelfNoFriend, Mrs J.P. Dohartyy, 28 Seven Pines Ave, Cambridge, Mass3 MonthsGood5'7"Fair, Drk Brown, GreyNoneSt John's
Westcott, Mildred24FemaleSingleSales LadyYesNfldEnglishSt John'sMother, Mr. George Westcott, 216 Pleasant Street, St. John'sSt John'sSelfNoSister, Mrs E. Farrington, 15 Demick St, Sommerville, Mass4 MonthsGood5'5"Fair, Brown, GreyNoneSt John's
Woods, Marie15FemaleSingle
YesNfldIrishSt John'sAunt, Mrs. Thomas G. Nurse, 156 Duckworth Street, St. John'sSt John'sSelfNoAunt, Miss J. Woods, 26 Monument St, Charlestown, MassIndefiniteGood4'10"Dark, Dark, BrownNoneMontreal, Canada
Wood, Frederick52MaleMarriedCommission AgentYesNfldEnglishSt John'sBrother, W. E. Wood, K.C.St John'sSelfYes, Oct 1922, New YorkAdams House, Boston, Mass6 WeeksGood5'8"Fair, Grey, GreyNoneHarbour Grace

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