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Avalon South Region ~ St. John's District

SS Farnorth

Leaving St. John's 2 February 1927 - Arriving Boston 9 February 1927
The port of departure was St. John's but the passengers came from all over the province.

Abbreviations are: S - Sex; MS - Marital Status; Occ - Occupation; R - Able to Read and Write English; N - Nationality; LPA - Last Permanent Address; Relative - Name and Address of Nearest Relative or Friend, From Where They Came; Dest - Final Destination; W$ - By Whom Passage was Paid; B4 - Whether ever Before in the US; Who - Whether Going to Join Relative, Friend, Name and Address; Stay - Length of Stay; Hea - Condtion of mental and Physical Health; Feature - Complexion, Colour of Hair and Eyes; Marks - Marks of identification; POB - Place of Birth.

Transcribed by a team of people led by SUE KIMMERLE, February 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Name Age S MS Occ R N Race LPA Relative Dest W$ B4 Who Stay Hea Height Feature Marks POB VISA
Dunphy, Michael48MaleMarriedFishermanYesNewfoundlandEnglishArgentiaWife, Mrs. Rosella Dunphy, ArgentiaNew Bedford, MassSelfYes 1923-26, New Bedford, Mass
IndefiniteGood6'Med, Light, BlueNoneArgentia
St. Croix, Edward44MaleMarriedFishermanYesNewfoundlandEnglishHolyroodWife, Margaret St. Sroix, HolyroodArlington, MassSelfYes 1922-23 Medford, MassSister, Mrs Teresa Flaherty, 27 Milton Rd, Arlington, MassIndefiniteGood5'7"Med, Brown-Gray, BlueNoneHolyroodVisa # 1541 Issued at St John's On Feb 2 1927
Fagan, Joseph27MaleSingleFishermanYesNewfoundlandEnglishSt. Mary'sFather, Stephen Fagan, St. Mary'sEast Boston, MassSelfNoCousin, Agustine Fagan, 304 Saratoga St, East Boston, MassIndefiniteGood5'10"Med, Med Brown, BlueNoneSt. Mary'sVisa # 1347 Issued at St John's On Dec 6 1926
Abbott, Henry D.18MaleSingleFishermanYesNewfoundlandEnglishPort Au BrasFather, John E. Abbott, Port Au BrasEast Boston, MassSelfNoBrother, Joseph Abbott, 41?, East Boston, MassIndefiniteGood5'6"Fair, Brown, BlueNonePort Au BrasVisa# 1536 Issued at St John's On Feb 1, 1927
Green, Eliel25MaleMarriedIron MoulderYesNewfoundlandEnglishWatertown, MassFather, Jonah Green, WintertonWatertown, MassSelfYes 1923-26, Watertown, MassBrother, Adam Green, 108 Spruce St, Watertown, MassIndefiniteGood5'10" Med, Brown, BlueNoneWinterton
Green, John19MaleSingleIron MoulderYesNewfoundlandEnglishWatertown, MassFather, Same as aboveWatertown, MassSelfSame as aboveSame as aboveIndefiniteGood5'8"Med, Brown, BrownNoneWinterton
Green, Bertram25MaleSingleFishermanYesNewfoundlandEnglishWintertonFather, Herber Green, WintertonCambridgeSelfNoSister, Mrs H. Chaulk, 179 Harvard St, Cambridge, MassIndefiniteGood5'1"Med, Brown, BlueNoneWintertonVisa# 1535 Issued at St John's On Feb 1, 1927
Hiscock, Sarah23FemaleSingleDomesticYesNewfoundlandEnglishBellmontJacob Hiscock, WintertonCambridgeSelfYes 1924-26 Cambridge, MassSister, Mrs Herbert Woodland, 204 Columbia St, Cambridge, MassIndefiniteGood5'3"Med, Brown, BrownNoneWinterton
Turpin, Vernon31MaleMarriedFishermanYesNewfoundlandEnglishSt LawrenceWife, Ella Trupin, St. LawrenceNantucket, MassSelfNoBrother, Victor Turpin, Nantucket, MassIndefiniteGood5'9"Med, Brown, BrownNoneSt. LawrenceVisa# 1538 Issued at St John's On Feb 1, 1927
Parsons, James56MaleMarriedVisitorYesNewfoundlandEnglishSt John'sWife, Katherine Parsons, St. John'sRoxbury, MassSelfYes 1920 BostonBrother, John Parsons, 2 Wigglesworth St, Roxbury, Mass2 MonthsGood5'10"Med, Grey, GreyNoneSt John's
Saint, Lionel J.32MaleMarriedFishermanYesNewfoundlandEnglishSt LawrenceFather, Ambrose Saint, LamalineNew Bedford, MassSelfYes Various TimesSister, Mrs T. Keeping, 219 Hudson St, New Bedford, MassIndefiniteGood5'10"Med Brown BlueNoneLamalineVisa # 1542 Issued at St John's On Feb 2 1927
Saint, Monica M.29FemaleMarriedHousewifeYesNewfoundlandEnglishSt LawrenceFather, Victor Turpin, St. LawrenceSame as aboveHusbandYes 1921 New YorkSame as aboveIndefiniteGood5'7 1/2"Fair, Light Brown, BlueNoneSt LawrenceVisa# 1539 Issued at St John's On Feb 1 1927
Saint, Theresa4FemaleSingle
NoNewfoundlandEnglishLamalineAccompanying ParentsSame as aboveFatherNoSame as aboveIndefiniteGood3'4"Fair, Light Brown, BlueNoneLamalineVisa# 1544 Issued at St John's On Feb 2 1927
Saint Lionel1 1/2MaleSingle
NoNewfoundlandEnglishLamalineSame as aboveSame as aboveSame as aboveNoSame as aboveIndefiniteGood2'3"Fair, Light Brown, BlueNoneSt John'sVisa # 1543 Issued at St John's On Feb 2 1927
Saint Raphael3 MonthsMaleSingle
NoNewfoundlandEnglishLamalineSame as aboveSame as aboveSame as aboveNoSame as aboveIndefiniteGood1'6"Fair, Fair, BlueNoneSt LawrenceVisa# 1545 Issued at St John's On Feb 2 1927
Saint, Margaret M.17FemaleSingleSales LadyYesNewfoundlandEnglishLamalineFatherNew Bedford, MassSelfNoSame as aboveIndefiniteGood5'6"Fair, Brown, BlueNoneLamalineVisa# 1546 Issued at St John's On Feb 2 1927

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