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Avalon South Region ~ St. John's District

SS Sachem

Leaving St. John's via Halifax 8 February 1927 - Arriving Boston 13 February 1927
The port of departure was St. John's but the passengers came from all over the province.

Abbreviations are: S - Sex; MS - Marital Status; Occ - Occupation; R - Able to Read and Write English; N - Nationality; LPA - Last Permanent Address; Relative - Name and Address of Nearest Relative or Friend, From Where They Came; Dest - Final Destination; W$ - By Whom Passage was Paid; B4 - Whether ever Before in the US; Who - Whether Going to Join Relative, Friend, Name and Address; Stay - Length of Stay; Hea - Condtion of mental and Physical Health; Feature - Complexion, Colour of Hair and Eyes; Marks - Marks of identification; POB - Place of Birth.

Transcribed by a team of people led by SUE KIMMERLE, February 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Name Age S MS Occ R N Race LPA Relative Dest W$ B4 Who Stay Hea Height Feature Marks POB VISA
Hiscock, John W.50MaleMarriedFish MerchantYesNewfoundlandEnglishSt. John's Wife, Mrs. John W. Hiscock, Clydesdale, Rennie's Hill Road, St. John'sBoston, MassSelfYes, Short Visit, New York and BostonFriend, Mr. W. Foley, 220 Grant Ave, Boston, Mass4 WeeksGood5'8"Med, Brown Gray, BrownScar On Right ?Brigus
Hiscock, Pearl24FemaleSingleNoneYesNewfoundlandEnglishSt. John's Father, Mr. John W. Hiscock, Clydesdale, Rennie's Hill Road, St. John'sBoston, MassFatherYes, 2 Months BostonFriend, Same as abovePermanentlyGood5'2"Med, Brown, BrownNoneSt John's
Burke, Vincent P.48MaleMarriedDepty. Min. EducationYesNewfoundlandEnglishSt. John's Wife, Mrs. V. P. Burke, St. John'sNew York, NySelfYes 1925 BostonPennsylvanian Hotel, New York1 MonthGood5'11"Fair, Brown, GrayNoneSt John's
Baird, Annabella38FemaleMarriedHousewifeYesNewfoundlandEnglishSt. John's Husband, Mr. J. Boyd Baird, St. John'sNaples, ItalyHusbandYes, 1923, Boston and New YorkThe Brunswick Hotel1 WeekGood5'6"Dark, Brown , HazelNoneSt John's
Bartlett, William45MaleMarriedBusiness ManagerYesNewfoundlandEnglishBurinMother, Mrs. Julia Bartlett, BurinCambridge, MassSelfNoBrother, Mr John L. Bartlett, 95 Antum St, Cambridge, Mass12 MonthsGood5'8"Med Brown BrownNoneFlat Island
Beson, Mary Ellen20FemaleWidowHousewifeYesNewfoundlandEnglishGrand FallsAunt, Mrs. M. Lemee, Grand FallsDorchester, MassSelfNoSister, Mrs Clara O'Dea, 20 Charles St, Dorchester, MassPermanentlyGood5'3"Med, Brown, BlueNoneSt. Agustine, Pilley's Island
Beson, Agnes Elaine1FemaleSingleNoneNoNewfoundlandEnglishGrand FallsGreat-Aunt, Same as aboveDorchester, MassMotherNoAunt, Same as abovePermanentlyGood2'Med, Fair, BlueNoneGrand Falls
Walsh, Thomas S. 38MaleMarriedBuyerYesNewfoundlandEnglishSt. John's Mother, Mrs. T. Walsh, Pleasant Street, St. John'sBoston, MassEmployerYes, 2 Months BostonHotel Avery, Boston, Mass2 MonthsGood6'Med, Brown, BlueNoneSt. Johns
Watts, Mary39FemaleSingleNoneYesNewfoundlandEnglishSt. John's Mother, Mrs. H. J. Watts, 197 Gower Street, St. John'sNew York, NySelfYes, New YorkFriend, Mrs H.P. Bingham, 270 Park Ave, New YorkPermanentlyGood5'6"Med, Brown, GreyNoneSt. Johns
Penston, William B.27MaleSingleMarine EngineerYesNewfoundlandEnglishNew YorkMother, Mrs. M. Penston, 160 Hamilton Avenue, St. John'sJamacia Plain, MassSelfYes 14 Months New YorkFriend, Mr Robert Culbert, 373 South Huntington Ave, Jamaica Plains, MassPermanentlyGood5'6"Med, Brown, GreyNoneSt. Johns
Miles, Myra19FemaleSingleDomesticYesNewfoundlandEnglishBonavistaMother, Mrs. Sarah Miles, BonavistaCambridge, MassFatherNoFriend, Mrs Sampson, 108 Brattle St, Cambridge, MassPermanentlyGood4'11"Med, Brown, GreyNoneBonavista
Miles, Freda24FemaleSingleDomesticYesNewfoundlandEnglishCambridge, MassSame as aboveCambridge, MassSelfYes, 2 Years And 9 Mos, CambridgeEmployer, Same as aboveIndefinitelyGood5'6"Med, Brown, GreyNoneBonavista
Mcdonald, Mary31FemaleSingleMachine OperatorYesNewfoundlandEnglishEast BostonFatherEast Boston, MassSelfYes, 1918, 1926 East BostonAuntIndefinitelyGood5'2"Fair, Brown, BlueNoneSt. Johns

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