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Avalon South Region ~ St. John's District

SS Farnorth

Leaving St. John's Aug. 20, 1927 - Arriving Boston Aug. 24, 1927
The port of departure was St. John's but the passengers came from all over the province.

Abbreviations are: S - Sex; MS - Marital Status; Occ - Occupation; R - Able to Read and Write English; N - Nationality; LPA - Last Permanent Address; Relative - Name and Address of Nearest Relative or Friend, From Where They Came; Dest - Final Destination; W$ - By Whom Passage was Paid; B4 - Whether ever Before in the US; Who - Whether Going to Join Relative, Friend, Name and Address; Stay - Length of Stay; Hea - Condtion of mental and Physical Health; Feature - Complexion, Colour of Hair and Eyes; Marks - Marks of identification; POB - Place of Birth.

Transcribed by a team of people led by SUE KIMMERLE, February 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Name Age S MS Occ R N Race LPA Relative Dest W$ B4 Who Stay Hea Height Feature Marks POB VISA
Thompson, Agnes25FemaleSingleTelephone OperatorYesNewfoundlandEnglishEast Boston, MassAunt, Miss M. Thompson, Spaniard's BayEast Boston, MassSelfYes 1917-27, BostonAunt, Mrs B. Walsh, 9 Trenton St, East Boston, MassIndefiniteGood5'3"Med, Light Brown, GreyNoneSpaniard's Bay
Crocker, Florence24FemaleSingleVisitYesNewfoundlandEnglishSt John'sAunt, Miss B. Crocker, St. John'sWestfield, MassSelfYes 1923, WestfieldUncle, A.K. Crocker, 5 Malone Ave, Westfield, Mass2 MonthsGood5'1"Fair, Auburn, BrownNoneSt John's
Brown, Maude37FemaleMarriedVisitYesNewfoundlandEnglishSt John'sHusband, T. B. Brown, St. John'sWestfield, MassSelfNoBrother, Same as above2 MonthsGood5'Med, Brown, BlueNoneSt John's
Pittman, Harriett C.21FemaleSingleClerkYesNewfoundlandEnglishSt John'sFather, G. R. J. Pittman, St. John'sBoston, MassSelfNoSister, Elinor Pittman, 187 West Brookline St, Boston, MassIndefiniteGood5'5"Med, Dark Brown, BlueNoneLamalineVisa# 115 Issued at St John's On July 28, 1927
Munn, Isabella M.25FemaleSingleStenographerYesNewfoundlandEnglishSt John'sMother, Martha Munn, Harbour GraceEverett, MassSelfNoCousin, Mrs G. Baggs, 115 Weedlawn St, Everett, MassIndefiniteGood5'8"Med, Dark Brown, BrownNoneHarbour GraceVisa# 201 Issued at St John's On Aug 15, 1927
Green, Margaret32FemaleMarriedHousewifeYesNewfoundlandEnglishWellaston, MassFather, T. Curran, St. John'sWellaston, MassSelfYes 1923-27, WellastonHusband, J.Green, 41 Philips St, Wellaston, MassIndefiniteGood5'5"Med, Brown, BrownNoneSt John's
Green, Margaret Jr. 7.50 FemaleSingleNoneYesNewfoundlandEnglishWellaston, MassGrandfather, Same as aboveSame as above MotherSame as aboveFather, Same as aboveIndefiniteGood?Med, Brown, BrownNoneMontreal, Canada
Marshall, Minnie G. 26FemaleMarriedHousewifeYesNewfoundlandEnglishMalden, MassFather, R. W. Hollett, Small PointMalden, MassSelfYes 1923-27, MaldenHusband, Geo. Marshall, 7 Linden Place, Malden, MassIndefiniteGood5'3"Med, Fair, BlueNoneSmall Point
Marshall, Phyllis G.2FemaleSingleNone
U.S.A.EnglishMalden, MassGrandfather, Same as aboveMalden, MassMotherSame as aboveFather, Same as aboveIndefiniteGood2'Fair, Fair, BlueNoneMalden, Mass
Collins, Augustan36MaleSinglePreistYesNewfoundlandEnglishBaltimore, MdAunt, Margaret Kearney, St. John'sBoston, MassSelfYes 1913-27 Various Places690 8th St, Boston, MassIndefiniteGood5'5"Med, Fair, Blue

Gear, William C.70MaleWidowNoneYesNewfoundlandEnglishDetroit, MiBrother, H. Gear, St. John'sDetroit, MiSelfVarious Times And PlacesDaughter, Mrs Molly Batten, 12205 Flanders Ave, Detroit, MiIndefiniteGood5'8"Med, Grey, GreyNoneSt John'sVisa#133 Issued at St John's On Aug 1, 1927
Stanley, Bertha27FemaleSingleHouse-WorkYesNewfoundlandEnglishMalden, MassFather, Thos. Stanley, Harbour GraceMalden, MassSelfYes 1922-27, MaldenMr. A.W. Wright, 25 Clarendon St, Malden, MassIndefiniteGood5'1"Med, Brown, BrownNoneHarbour Grace
McCowbrey, Andrew G.75MaleMarriedNoneYesNewfoundlandEnglishLexington, MassBrother, A. Mccowbrey, St. John'sLexington, MassSelfYes 1914-27, Mass27 ? Road, Lexington, MassIndefiniteGood5'?"Med, Grey BrownNoneSt John's
McCowbrey, Adelaide62FemaleMarriedNoneYesNewfoundlandEnglishLexington, MassBrother, Allan Williams, St. John'sLexington, MassHusbandSame as aboveSame as aboveIndefiniteGood5'7"Med, Grey, BlueNoneSt John's
Taylor, Lily J. 37FemaleSingleNurseYesNewfoundlandEnglishChelsea, MassFather, Wm. Taylor, South RiverChelsea, MassSelfYes 1911-27, Chelsea32 Cottage St, Chelsea, MassIndefiniteGood5'Med, Brown, HazelNoneSouth River
Molley, Elizabeth17FemaleSingleDomesticYesNewfoundlandEnglishTrepasseyFather, Peter Molloy, TrepasseyDanvers, MassStep GrandmotherNoStep Grandmother, Mrs Molley, 122 High St, Danvers, MassIndefiniteGood5'6"Med, Dark Brown, BlueNoneTrespasseyVisa# 216 Issued at St John's On Aug 18, 1927
Dunn, Joseph H.48MaleSingleIn TransitYesBritishScotchBuenes Aires, Argentina
Buenes Aires, ArgentinaSelfYes Various Times
2 WeeksGood5'6"Med, Light Brown, BlueNoneOrange, U.S.A.
Clarke, Lucy25FemaleSingleBookkeeperYesNewfoundlandEnglishWesterly RiFather, John Clarke, St. John'sWesterly, RiSelfYes 1920-27, Westerly59 Hobart St, Westerly, RiIndefiniteGood5'4"Med, Brown, BlueNoneSt John's
Green, Jonah53MaleMarriedFishermanYesNewfoundlandEnglishWintertonWife, Miriam Green, WintertonWatertown, MassSelfNoSon, Adam Green, 108 Spruce St, Watertown, MassIndefiniteGood5'8 1/2"Med, Dark Brown, BlueNoneScilly CoveVisa# 234 Issued at St John's On Aug 19, 1927
Tucker, Mary E.18FemaleSingleNoneYesNewfoundlandEnglishWintertonFather, Peter Tucker, WintertonCambridge, MassFatherNoSister, Eliza Milley, 64 Field St, Cambridge, MassIndefiniteGood5'6"Med, Brown, GreyNoneWintertonVisa# 238 Issued at St John's On Aug 19, 1927
Sparks, Bertha25FemaleMarriedHouse-WorkYesNewfoundlandEnglishEverett, MassMother, Sophie Diamond, Pouch CoveEverett, MassSelfYes 1919-27 Everett, MassHusband, Selby Sparkes, 14 Jones St, Everett, MassIndefiniteGood5'Med, Dark, BrownNonePouch Cove
Sparks, Joan3FemaleSingleNone
UsaEnglishEverett, MassGrandmother, Same as aboveEverett, Mass

Father, Same as aboveIndefiniteGood2'8"Fair, Fair, BlueNoneEverett, Mass
Leonard, Ethel38FemaleMarriedHouse-WorkYesNewfoundlandEnglishBoston, MassMother, Eva Reid, Green's HarbourBoston, MassSelfYes 1922-27, BostonHusband, Edward Leonard, 335 Huntington Ave, Boston, MassIndefiniteGood5'3"Fair, Fair, BlueNoneGreen's Harbour
Leonard, Edward12MaleSingleStudentYesCanadaEnglishBoston, MassGrandmother, Same as aboveBoston, MassMotherSame as aboveFather, Same as aboveIndefiniteGood4'8"Fair, Fair, BlueNoneHalifax, Canada
Reid, Tryphonia42FemaleMarriedHouse-WorkYesNewfoundlandEnglishBoston, MassSister, Julia March, Green's HarbourBoston, MassSelfYes 1923-27, BostonHusband, William Reid, 407 Huntington Ave, Boston, MassIndefiniteGood5'5"Med, Brown, ?NoneGreen's Harbour
Reid, John10MaleSingleStudentYesNewfoundlandEnglishBoston, MassAunt, Same as aboveBoston, MassMotherSame as aboveFather, Same as aboveIndefiniteGood4'4"Med, Light, BlueNoneGreen's Harbour
Brien, Philomena42FemaleMarriedHouse-WorkYesNewfoundlandEnglishFortune HarbourBrother, Ambrose Gardner, St. John'sMaynard, MassHusbandYes 1905-1915, MaynardSister, Annie Whalen, 19 Park St, Maynard, MassIndefiniteGood5'Med, Dark Brown, BlueNoneFortune HarbourVisa# 230 Issued at St John's On Aug 19, 1927
Brien, Cyril9MaleSingleStudentYesNewfoundlandEnglishFortune HarbourUncle, Same as aboveMaynard, MassMotherNoAunt, Same as aboveIndefiniteGood4'Fair, Light, GreyNoneSt John'sVisa#231 Issued at St John's On Aug 19.1927
Brien, Mary H.5FemaleSingleNoneNoNewfoundlandEnglishFortune HarbourUncle, Same as aboveMaynard, MassMotherNoAunt, Same as aboveIndefiniteGood3'Med, Dark Brown, BlueNoneGrand FallsVisa#232 Issued at St John's On Aug 19, 1927
Greeley, Jordan19MaleSingleFishermanYesNewfoundlandEnglishPortugal CoveMother, Sarah Greeley, Portugal CoveEast Boston, MassUncleNoUncle, John Greeley, 12 Harve St, East Boston, MassIndefiniteGood5'4"Med, Brown, BlueNonePortugal CoveVisa#171 Issued at St John's On Aug 9, 1927
Gates, Lydia22FemaleSingleDomesticYesNewfoundlandEnglishSt John'sFather, Francis Gates, SummerfordRoxbury, MassSelfNoFriend, A. Chafe, 52 Woodcliffe St, Roxbury, MassIndefiniteGood5'4"Med, Brown, BlueNoneSummerfordVisa#106 Issued at St John's On Jul 26, 1927
Mess, Caroline21FemaleSingleDomesticYesNewfoundlandEnglishPort BlanfordFather, William J. Mess, Port BlanfordRoxbury, MassSelfNoFriend, Same as aboveIndefiniteGood5'5"Med, Brown, BlueNonePort BlanfordVisa#108 Issued at St John's On Jul 26, 1927
White, Gertrude38FemaleMarriedHouse-WorkYesNewfoundlandEnglishEverett, MassBrother, Sam Stowe, Norman's CoveEverett, MassSelfYes, 1922-27, Everett, MassHusband, Mark White, 9 Chatham Rd, Everett MassIndefiniteGood5'4"Med, Dark Brown, BlueNoneBurin
White, Mary7FemaleSingleNoneYesNewfoundlandEnglishEverett, MassUncle, Same as aboveEverett, MassMotherSame as aboveFather, Same as aboveIndefiniteGood4'3Fair, Fair, BlueNoneNorman's Cove
Branton, Alfreda19FemaleSingleTeacherYesNewfoundlandEnglishThornleaFather, Uriah Brenton, ThornleaEverett, MassSelfNoCousin, M. White, 9 Chatham Rd, Everett, MassIndefiniteGood5'7"Fair, Dark Brown, BrownNoneCeline BayVisa#243 Issued at St John's On Aug 19, 1927
Stowe, Samuel32MaleMarriedVisitYesNewfoundlandEnglishNorman's CoveWife, Lizzie Stowe, Norman's CoveEverett, MassSelfNoMother, Eve Stowe, 42 Ferry St, Everett, Mass2 MonthsGood5'8"Med, Black, BlueNoneNorman's Cove
Legge, William A.20MaleSingleFishermanYesNewfoundlandEnglishThornleaMother, Seline Legge, ThornleaEverett, MassSelfNoFriend, Mark White, 9 Chatham Rd, Everett, MassIndefiniteGood5'10"Med, Brown, BlueNoneHearts DelightVisa# 242 Issued at St John's On Aug 19, 1927
Spurrell, Annie29FemaleMarriedHousewifeYesNewfoundlandEnglishMaynard, MassFather, Stephen Rodgers, St. John'sMaynard, MassSelfYes 1922-27 MaynardHusband, Chas. Spurrell, 42 Sudbury St, Maynard, MassIndefiniteGood5'5"Med, Brown, BlueNoneSt John's
Spurrell, Mary3FemaleSingleNone
UsaEnglishMaynard, MassGrandfather, Same as aboveMaynard, MassMotherSame as aboveFather, Same as aboveIndefiniteGood2'?"Fair, Light, BlueNoneMaynard, Mass
Spurrell, Dorothy2FemaleSingleNone
UsaEnglishMaynard, MassGrandfather, Same as aboveMaynard, MassMotherSame as aboveFather, Same as aboveIndefiniteGood2'4"Fair, Light, BlueNoneMaynard, Mass
Spurrell, Helen8mosFemaleSingleNone
UsaEnglishMaynard, MassGrandfather, Same as aboveMaynard, MassMotherSame as aboveFather, Same as aboveIndefiniteGood2'Fair, Light, BlueNoneMaynard, Mass
Rodgers, Maude31FemaleSingleTailoressYesNewfoundlandEnglishMaynard, MassFather, Stephen Rodgers, St. John'sEverett, MassSelfYes 1924-27Sister, Mrs Chas. Spurrell, 42 Sudbury St, Maynard, MassIndefiniteGood5'Med, Brown, BlueNoneSt John's
Laidley, Gordon7MaleSingleNoneYesNewfoundlandEnglishSt John'sFather, John Laidley, St. John'sEverett, MassAuntNoAunt, Same as aboveIndefiniteGood3'Med, Light, BrownNoneSt John'sVisa# 51 Issued at St John's On July 15, 1927
Button, Selma18FemaleSingleDomesticYesNewfoundlandEnglishLead CoveFather, George Button, Lead CoveCambridge, MassFatherNoBrother, Herbert Button, 16 Cherry St, Cambridge, MassIndefiniteGood5'4"Med, Dark Brown, GreyNoneLead CoveVisa# 244 Issued at St John's On Aug 19, 1927
Sparkes, Melinda25FemaleSingleTeacherYesNewfoundlandEnglishSibley's CoveFather, James Sparkes, Sibley's CoveCambridge, MassSelfNoSister, Mrs B. Rigden, 20 Clinton St, Cambridge, MassIndefiniteGood5'3"Fair, Brown, BrownNoneSibley's CoveVisa# 250 Issued at St John's On Aug 20, 1927
Button, Mabel18FemaleSingleNoneYesNewfoundlandEnglishOld PerlicanFather, William Button, Old PerlicanChelsea, MassFatherNoSister, Mrs. G.L. Tilley, 18 Central Ave, Chelsea, MassIndefiniteGood4'11"Med, Dark Brown, BrownNonePerlican CoveVisa# 251 Issued at St John's On Aug 20, 1927
King, Ellen Bonnie47FemaleMarriedHousewifeYesNewfoundlandEnglishEverett, MassCousin, Michael FitzgeraldEverett, MassHusbandYes 1922-27 EverettHusband, Dennis KingIndefiniteGood5'5"Med, Brown, GreyNoneBay De Verde

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