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Avalon South Region ~ St. John's District

SS Sachem

Leaving St. John's 2 May 1923 - Arriving Boston 7 May 1923
[Sue's Kimmerle note]this is what it says on the passenger list. It says that it left St John's on the 2nd of May 1923 and arrived in Boston on the 7th of May 1923. UUUMMM maybe this is a continuation of the other list that left on 2 May 1923. It probably is and I got confused.

The port of departure was St. John's but the passengers came from all over the province.

Abbreviations are: S - Sex; MS - Marital Status; Occ - Occupation; R - Able to Read and Write English; N - Nationality; LPA - Last Permanent Address; Relative - Name and Address of Nearest Relative or Friend, From Where They Came; Dest - Final Destination; W$ - By Whom Passage was Paid; B4 - Whether ever Before in the US; Who - Whether Going to Join Relative, Friend, Name and Address; Stay - Length of Stay; Hea - Condtion of mental and Physical Health; Feature - Complexion, Colour of Hair and Eyes; Marks - Marks of identification; POB - Place of Birth.

Transcribed by a team of people led by SUE KIMMERLE, February 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Name Age S MS Occ R N Race LPA Relative Dest W$ B4 Who Stay Hea Height Feature Marks POB VISA
Murphy, Margaret25FemaleSingleNursingYesNfldBritishSt John'sFather, J. Murphy, 47 Carter's Hill, St. John'sFall River, MassSelfNoSister, Mrs M. Santos, 56 Tremont St, Rall River, Mass6 MonthsGood5'1"Fair, Brown, GreyNoneSt John's
Berg, George49MaleMarriedMarinerYesNfldBritishSt John'sBrother-In-Law, Thomas Anthony, Flower Hill Street, St. John'sCambridge, MassSelfYes 1920, New YorkSister in Law, Mrs Anthony, 7 Corey St, Cambridge, Mass3 MonthsGood5'10"Fair, Brown, BrownBirthmark on faceRussia Rigs
Berg, Sarah42FemaleMarriedWifeYesNfldBritishSame as aboveBrother-In-Law, Thomas Anthony, Flower Hill Street, St. John'sSame as aboveHusbandNoSister, Mrs Anthony, 7 Corey St, Cambridge, MassSame as aboveGood5'4"Fair, Brown, BrownNoneSt John's
Berg, Brinton18MaleSingleClerkYesNfldBritishSame as aboveUncle, Thomas Anthony, Flower Hill Street, St. John'sSame as aboveFatherNoAunt, Mrs Anthony, 7 Corey St, Cambridge, MassSame as aboveGood5'10"Fair, Light, BlueNoneSt John's
Berg, William9MaleSingleChildYesNfldBritishSame as aboveSame as aboveSame as aboveFatherNoSame as aboveSame as aboveGood4'0"Fair, Light, BrownNoneSt John's
Berg, Gladys7FemaleSingleChildNoNfldBritishSame as aboveSame as aboveSame as aboveFatherNoSame as aboveSame as aboveGood3'11"Fair, Light, greyNoneSt John's
Galway, Bridget20FemaleSingleSales LadyYesNfldBritishSt John'sMother, Mrs. Galway, 4 Alexander Street, St. John'sCambridge, MassSelfNoCan't Read3month VisitGood5'5"Fair, Light, BlueNoneSt John's
Wilson, Isabella21FemaleSingleTelephone OperatorYesNfldBritishSt John'sMother, Mrs. M. Wilson, 51 Carter's Hill Street, St. John'sRoxbury, MassSelfYes 1908 RoxburgAunt, Mrs P. Catarines, 37 Ray St, Roxbury, Mass3 MonthsGood5'5"Fair, Dark, brown NoneSt John's
Lawton, Louis35MaleMarriedDruggistYesIrelandBritishBelle IslandC/O Wabana Drug Company, Belle IslandRoxbury, MassSelfYes 1920 BostonUncle, P.D. Currie, 27 Clifton St, Roxbury, Mass5 WeeksGood5'7"Fresh, Dark, BlueNoneIreland, Pettigow
Butt, Minnie28FemaleMarriedWifeYesNfldBritishBroad CoveMother, Mrs. Trickett, Spout CoveSommerville, MassSelfYes 1918 Boston51 Chetwynd Rd, Sommerville, MassIndefiniteGood5'0"Fair, Med, BlueNoneSpout Cove
Butt, Mildred4FemaleSingleChildNoNfldBritishBroad CoveGrandmother, Mrs. Trickett, Spout CoveSommerville, MassMotherNoSame as aboveIndefiniteGood2'0"Fair, Fair, BrownNoneBroad Cove
Butt, John M.9 MosMaleSingleInfantNoNfldBritishBroad CoveSame as aboveSommerville, MassSame as aboveNoSame as aboveIndefiniteGood1'6"Fair, Fair, BlueNoneSame as above
Carbery, Elizabeth35FemaleMarriedWifeYesNfldBritishSt John'sCousin, Mrs. J. Cody, East Govt. Lodge, St. John'sEast Boston, MassHusbandNoHusband, Mr M Carbery, 9 Meridan St, East Boston, Mass2 YearsGood5'6"Fair, BrownNoneOcre Pit Cove
Parsons, Lea22FemaleSingleStenogrYesNfldBritishOcre Pit CoveFather, G. Parson, Ocre Pit CoveBoston, MassSelfNoCousin, W. Hudson, 170 Falcon St, East Boston, Mass2 YearsGood5'1"Fair, Fair, BlueNoneAdams Cove
Hudson, Augusta18FemaleSingleNoneYesNfldBritishAdams CoveUncle, N. Diamond, Adam's CoveBoston, MassSelfNoBrother, W. Hudson, 170 Falcon St, East Boston, Mass2 YearsGood5'2"Dark, Dark, BrownNoneOcre Pit Cove
Dwyer, Mary20FemaleSingleNoneYesNfldBritishOcre Pit CoveFather, John Dwyer, Ocre Pit CoveChelsea, MassSelfNoAunt, Mrs, Morey, 76 Essex St, Chelsea Mass2 YearsGood5'5"Med, Dark, BlueNoneOcre Pit Cove
Driscoll, Edward34MaleMarriedDraperYesNfldBritishSt John'sWife, Mrs. Driscoll, Harbour GraceCambridge, MassSelfNoSister, Mrs Lewis, 72 Chestnut St, Cambridge, Mass6 MontsGood5'5"Dark, Dark, BrownNoneLower Island Cove
Mitchell, Elsie17FemaleSingleServantYesNfldBritishPortugal CoveFather, James Mitchell, Portugal CoveRoxbury, MassSelfNoAunt, Mrs Curry, 39 Orchard St, Roxbury, Mass2 MonthsGood5'4"Fresh, Brown, HazelNonePortugal Cove
Pippy, Elsie18FemaleSingleServantYesNfldBritishPortugal CoveFather, G. Pippy, Portugal CoveJamacia Plains, MassSelfNoAunt, Mrs Sullivan, 22 Denford St, Jamaica Plains, Mass2 MonthsGood5'3"Fair, Fair, BlueNonePortugal Cove
Spencer, Bertha N.18FemaleSingleBookprYesNfldBritishSt John'sBrother, H. Spencer, Mt. Royal Avenue, St. John'sBrookline, MassSelfNoFather, A.E. Spencer, 17 Aspinall Ave, Brookline, MassIndefiniteGood5'2"Fair, Fair, BlueNoneTilt Cove
Tibbs, Mary T.27FemaleSingleNurseYesNfldBritishTrinityMother, Mrs. J. Tibbs, TrinityBrookline, MassSelfNoSurgical, Cory Hill Hospital, Brookline, Mass4 MonthsGood5'5"Fair, Fair, GreyNoneSt John's
Snellgrove, Susie27FemaleSingleNurseYesNfldBritishSt John'sSister, Mrs. R. J. G???, 95 Pennywell Road, St. John'sBrookline, MassSelfNoSame as above4 MonthsGood5'5"Fair, Fair, GreyNoneSt John's
Cunningham, Elsie23FemaleMarriedWifeYesNfldBritishSt John'sMother, Mrs. W. Goodland, Winter Avenue, St. John'sSommerville, MassHusbandNoHusband, Mr R Cunningham, Sommerville, MassPermanentGood5'4"Dark, Fair, HazelNoneSt John's
Russell, Robert17MaleSingleStudentYesNfldBritishBay RobertsMother, Mrs. P. Russell, Bay RobertsChelsea, MassSelfNoBrother, Edward Russell, 74 Grove St, Chelsea, Mass3 MonthsGood5'10"Dark, Dark, BrownNoneBay Roberts
Bradbury, Thomas18MaleSingleStudentYesNfldBritishBay RobertsSister, Mrs. Bailey, Cable Avenue, Bay RobertsChelsea, MassSelfNoBrother, John Bradbury, 69 Shawmute St, Chelsea, Mass3 MonthsGood5'?Dark, Dark, BrownNoneBay Roberts
Dawe, Adrian16MaleSingleStudentYesNfldBritishBay RobertsFather, Robert Dawe, Bay RobertsCambridge, MassMotherNoBrother, Charles Dawe, 102 Austin St, Cambridge, Mass3 MonthsGood5'10"Fair, Dark, GreyNoneBay Roberts
Dawe, Mary45FemaleMarriedWifeYesNfldBritishBay RobertsHusband, Robert Dawe, Bay RobertsCambridge, MassSelfNoSon, Charles Dawe, 102 Austin St, Cambridge, Mass3 MonthsGood5'4"Fair, Fair, GreyNoneHarbour Grace
Basha, Michael25MaleSingleMerchantYesNfldSyrianCurlilngFather, T. Basha, CurlingNew YorkSelfYes 1920 New YorkMenzell & Co, 422 Greenwich St, New York3 WeeksGood5'6"Dark, Dark, BrownNoneCarbonear
Hawkins, Harold27MaleSingleClerkYesNfldBritishSt John'sFather, Larz Hawkins, 50 Lime Street, St. John'sBoston, MassSelfNoFriend, Mrs Budden, 88 Reed Ave, Boston, Mass6 MonthsGood5'8"Fair, Brown, BlueNoneCharge Island
Spencer, Albert41MaleMarriedFarmerYesNfldBritishBay RobertsWife, Mrs. Spencer, 69 Larry Leeting Road, St. John'sBoston, MassSelfNoSon, Albert Spencer, Do, Do6 MonthsGood6'0" ?Fair, Dark, Hazel NoneHarbour Grace
Ryan, Gordon23MaleMarriedBottle MakerYesNfldBritishSt John'sWife, Mrs. Ryan, 68 Carless Hill Street, St. John'sBoston, MassSelfNoCousin, Mrs Grey, 24 Rockland St, Roxbury, Mass6 MonthsGood5'9"Ruddy, Dark, BrownNoneSt John's
Crane, Susie M.23FemaleSingleDietitionYesNfldBritishSt John'sFather, F. Crane, 13 Monkstown Road, St. John'sCleveland, OhioFatherYes, 1 Yr Ago, Cleveland, OhioBrother, Mr R Crane, 1838 Maldane Fd, Colonial Mts, Cleveland, Ohio4 MonthsGood5'9"Fair, Brown, BlueNoneSt John's
Williams, Maria25FemaleMarriedWifeYesNfldBritishPouch CoveFather, G. Noseworthy, Pouch CoveLynn, MassHusbandNoHusband, Mr. G. Williams, 27 Dearborn Ave, Lynn, MassPermanentGood5'9"Fair, Brown, BlueNonePouch Cove
Williams, Katherine2FemaleSingleChildNoNfldBritishSame as aboveGrandfather, G. Noseworthy, Pouch CoveSame as aboveFatherNoFather, Mr. G. Williams, 27 Dearborn Ave, Lynn, MassSame as aboveGood1'6"Fair, Fair, BrownNoneSame as above
Williams, Harold5 MosMaleSingleInfantNoNfldBritishSame as aboveSame as aboveSame as aboveSame as aboveNoSame as aboveSame as aboveGood

NoneSame as above
Noseworthy, Emma Mary19FemaleSingleServantYesNfldBritishPouch CoveFather, G. Noseworthy, Pouch CoveLynn, MassSelfNoSister, Mrs Delaney, 68 Mavench St, Chelsea, Mass6 MonthsGood5'4"Fair, Dark, BrownNonePouch Cove
Williams, Minnie18FemaleSingleNoneYesNfldBritishPouch CoveMother, Mrs. ? Williams, Pouch CoveLynn, MassSelfNoSister, Mrs A. Baldwin, 27 Dearborn Ave, Lynn, Mass4 MonthsGood5'5"Fair, Fair, BlueNonePouch Cove
Flight, Beatrice18FemaleSingleServantYesNfldBritishPouch CoveMother, Mrs. Flight, Pouch CoveJamacia Plains, MassSelfNoUncle, Mr R. Flight, 400 Centre St, Jamaica Plains, Mass6 MonthsGood5'4"Fair, Fair, BlueNonePouch Cove
Ledrew, Willis40MaleMarriedClerkYesNfldBritishBelle IslandWife, Lucy Ledrew, Ardin Street, Belle IslandBoston, MassSelfYes, 8 Months Ago, Cambridge, MassSister, Mrs Ryan, 26 Hancock St, Boston, Mass7 MonthsGood5'7"Light, Brown, BlueNoneRalnigh????
Stoyles, Patrick26MaleSingleElectricianYesNfldBritishBelle IslandFather, ? Stoyles, Lance CoveMedford, MassSelfNoUncle, Richard Delaney, 76 Marshall St, Medford, Mass? MonthsGood5'10"Light, Brown, BlueNoneBelle Island
Willliams, Frederick27MaleMarriedFishermanYesNfldBritishPouch CoveWife, Mrs. Williams, Pouch CoveMedford, MassSelfNoFriend, Geo Bignall, 12 Marble Ave, Medford, Mass? MonthsGood5'6"Fresh, Dark, HazelNonePouch Cove
Bragg, John27MaleMarriedFishermanYesNfldBritishPouch CoveWife, Mrs. J. Bragg, Pouch CoveMedford, MassSelfNoSame as aboveSame as aboveGood5'4Ruddy, Light, BlueNonePouch Cove
North, John19MaleSingleFarmerYesNfldBritishBay RobertsMother, Mrs. ? North, Bay RobertsChelsea, MassSelfNoCousin, John Bradbury, 69 Shawmute St, Chelsea, Mass6 MonthsGood5'5"Red, Brown, BlueNoneBay Roberts
Serrick, Wilfred19MaleSingleWireless OperatorYesNfldBritishBay RobertsFather, Mr. G. Serrick, Bay RobertsBoston, MassSelfNoFriend, Mr E.M. Chase, 123 West Newton St, East Boston, Mass6 MonthsGood5'3"? Brown, GreyNoneBay Roberts
Mccarthy, Selina17FemaleSingleStudentYesNfldBritishRenewsFatherMaynard, MassSelfNoCousin6 MonthsGood5'4"Fresh, BrownNoneRenews

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