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Avalon South Region ~ St. John's District

SS Advance

Leaving St. John's 12 June 1923 - Arriving Boston 17 June 1923
The port of departure was St. John's but the passengers came from all over the province.

Abbreviations are: S - Sex; MS - Marital Status; Occ - Occupation; R - Able to Read and Write English; N - Nationality; LPA - Last Permanent Address; Relative - Name and Address of Nearest Relative or Friend, From Where They Came; Dest - Final Destination; W$ - By Whom Passage was Paid; B4 - Whether ever Before in the US; Who - Whether Going to Join Relative, Friend, Name and Address; Stay - Length of Stay; Hea - Condtion of mental and Physical Health; Feature - Complexion, Colour of Hair and Eyes; Marks - Marks of identification; POB - Place of Birth.

Transcribed by a team of people led by SUE KIMMERLE, February 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Name Age S MS Occ R N Race LPA Relative Dest W$ B4 Who Stay Hea Height Feature Marks POB VISA
Parsons, Shenstone28MaleMarriedFishermanYesBritishBritishFreshwaterWife, Hilda Parsons, FreshwaterCliftondale, MassSelfYes, 1922, 6mos, Everett, MassSister, Mrs W. Herald, 9 Ernest St., ( C) Diftondale, Mass, Uncle, John King, 7 Edward St, Hartford, Ct3 MonthsGood5'8"Dark, Black, brownNoneFreshwater
Connolly, Wm. Joseph23MaleSingleCarderYesBritishBritishSt John'sFather, William Connolly, Prescott Street, NfldHartford, CtSelfNo
IndefiniteGood5'7"Light, Dark, GreyNoneSt John's
Brown, Patrick24MaleSingleChaffeurYesBritishBritishSt John'sPat Brown, Hamilton Avenue, NfldBoston, MassSelfNoAunt, Bride Grerson, 29 Winslow St, Roxbury, MassIndefiniteGood6'Light, Black, GreyNoneSt John's
Parsons, Frederick T.35MaleMarriedCarpenterYesBritishBritishFreshwaterMrs. T. Parson, Freshwater, NfldBoston, MassSelfNoSister, Mrs W. Herald, 7 Woodlawn St, Everett, MassIndefiniteGood5'7"Dark, Black, BrownNoneFreshwater
Mcneil, Patrick26MaleSingleFishermanYesBritishBritishTrepasseyH. Mcneil, Trespassey, NfldBoston, MassSelfNoFriend, Minnie Connolly, 8 Cottage, Charlestown, Mass5 YearsGood5'8"Light, Golden, BlueNoneTrespassey
Mcneil, Patrick F.22MaleSingleFishermanYesBritishBritishTrepasseyFather, J. Mcneil, TrespasseyBoston, MassSelfNoSame as above5 YearsGood5'8"Light, Fair, BlueNoneTrespassey
Kennedy, Samuel29MaleSingleFishermanYesBritishBritishTrepasseyMother, Ellen Kennedy, TrespasseyCharlestown, MassSelfNoSister, Mrs M. Connolly, 8 Cottage St, Charlestown, Mass5 YearsGood5'11"Brown, Brown, BlueNoneTrespassey
Moore, James33MaleMarriedCarpenterYesBritishBritishFreshwaterWife, Ada Moore, FreshwaterEverett, MassSelfYes, 1922 6mos ChelseaWilliam Moore, 56 Union St, Everett, Mass1yrGood5'10"Dark Black, Brown, BrownNoneFreshwater
Lewis, Simeon23MaleSingleFishermanYesBritishBritishLower IslandFather, L. Lewis, Lower Island CoveCambridge, MassSelfNoSister, Mrs W. Richardson, Cambridge, MassIndefiniteGood5'9"Fresh, Black, BrownNoneLower Island Cove
Cooper, John T.24MaleMarriedFishermanYesBritishBritishLower IslandWife, Martha Cooper, Lower Island CoveBoston, MassSelfNoSister, Mrs S. Dawson, 604 No Main, Boston, MassIndefiniteGood5'9"Fresh, Brown, GreyNoneLower Island Cove
Lewis, Joseph21MaleSingleFishermanYesBritishBritishLower IslandFather, A. Lewis, Lower Island CoveCambridge, MassSelfNoBrother, H. Lewis, 59 Norfolk St, Cambridge, MassIndefiniteGood5'9"Fresh, Brown, BrownNoneLower Island Cove
Edridge, Frank20MaleSingleLaborerYesBritishBritishSt John'sSister, Catherine Edridge, St. John'sBoston, MassSelfNoBrother, Thos. Edridge, 79 College St, Everett, MassIndefiniteGood5'7"Fair, Brown, greyNoneTilt Cove
Pendergast, James24MaleSingleFishermanYesBritishBritishPlacentiaWilliam Pendergast, PlacentiaSommerville, MassSelfNoSister, Annie Pendergast, Hanson Ave, Sommerville, Mass6 MonthsGood5'6"Fresh, Golden, BrownNonePlacentia
Greene, Anthony20MaleSingleFishermanYesBritishBritishPlacentiaFather, John Greene, PlacentiaBoston, MassSelfNoBrother, Ed. Green, 69 Otis St, East Cambridge, MassIndefiniteGood5'8"Fresh, Black, brownNonePlacentia
Greene, W. A.33MaleMarriedFishermanYesBritishBritishPlacentiaWife, Mrs. B. Greene, PlacentiaBoston, MassSelfNoSister, Mrs R. Shaw, 69 Otis St, East Cambridge, MassIndefiniteGood5'9"Fresh, Black, BrownNonePlacentia
Greene, P.M.30MaleMarriedFishermanYesBritishBritishPlacentiaWife, Mrs. M. Greene, PlacentiaBoston, MassSelfNoBrother in Law, William Smith, 793 Saratoga St, East Boston, Mass6 MonthsGood5'9"Fresh, Brown, GreyNonePlacentia
Greene, Augustus25MaleMarriedFishermanYesBritishBritishPlacentiaMrs. M. Greene, PlacentiaBoston, MassSelfNoCousin, Mrs E. Greene, 69 Otis St, East Cambridge, MassIndefiniteGood5'7"Dark Black, BlueNonePlacentia
Greene, Peter47MaleMarriedFishermanYesBritishBritishPlacentiaWife, Mrs. Mary Greene, PlacentiaBoston, MassSelfNoSister, Mrs T. Hickey, 30 Pond St, Dorchester, MassIndefiniteGood5'11"Fresh, Brown, BrownNonePlacentia
Greene, John42MaleMarriedFishermanYesBritishBritishPlacentiaWife, Mrs. Agnes Greene, PlacentiaBoston, MassSelfNoSame as aboveIndefiniteGood5'10"Fresh, Brown, GreyNonePlacentia
Snow, Edward52MaleMarriedFishermanYesBritishBritishBay RobertsZelia Snow, Bay RobertsBoston, MassSelfNoSon, John Snow, 64 Empire St, Allston, Mass6 MonthsGood5'7"Dark, Grey, BrownNonePlacentia
Earle, Albert41MaleMarriedCarpenterYesBritishBritishBay RobertsWife, Henritta Earle, Bay RobertsBoston, MassSelfYes, 1922??6 MonthsGood5'10"Dark, Grey, BlueFinger of left hand tatooedPlacentia
Earle, Moses52MaleMarriedCarpenterYesBritishBritishBay RobertsWife, Sarah Jane Earle, Bay RobertsBoston, MassSelfYes, 1922 3mos Son, Geo. Earle, 229 Chelsea St, Boston, Mass6 MonthsGood5'11"Dark, Grey, BlueNoneFogo
Perry, ?, C.35MaleMarriedCarpenterYesBritishBritishFogoWife, Rowena Perry, SpringdaleBoston, MassSelfYes, 1919Cousin, W. Clarke, Flett St, Waverley, Boston, Mass6 MonthsGood5'10"Dark, Black, GreyNoneFogo
Dawe, James34MaleMarriedFishermanYesBritishBritishColeys PointWife, Mrs. E. Dawe, Coley's PointBoston, MassSelfNoBrother, Arthur Dawe, 11 Hancock St, Worcester, MassPermanentGood5'7"Fresh, Red, GreyNoneColeys Point
Sullivan, Edward20MaleSingleFishermanYesBritishBritishHarbour GraceFather, Ed Sullivan, Harbour GraceBoston, MassSelfNoUncle, Michael Mckay, 104 Brook St, East Boston, MassIndefiniteGood5'7"Fresh, Brown, GreyNoneRiverhead
Hennessey, John21MaleSingleBook KeeperYesBritishBritishSt John'sPatrick Hennessey, 78 Bond StreetBoston, MassSelfNoAunt, Bride Jackson, 29 Winslow St, Roxbury, MassIndefiniteGood5'10"Fresh, Brown, GreyNoneSt John's
Mercer, Donald38MaleMarriedFishermanYesBritishBritishBay RobertsMrs. Patience Mercer, Bay RobertsBoston, MassSelfNoCousin, Allan Parsons, 6 Adams St, Alliston, MassPermanentGood5'9"Fresh, Brown, GreyNoneBay Roberts
Barrett, John A.34MaleMarriedFishermanYesBritishBritishColeys PointMrs. J. Barrett, Coley's PointWorcestor, MassSelfNoMrs A.J. Dawe, 11 Hancock St, Worcester, MassPermanentGood5'9"Fresh, Black, brownNoneColeys Point
Sullivan, Michael19MaleSingleFishermanYesBritishBritishHarbour GraceFather, Ed Sullivan, Harbour GraceBoston, MassSelfYes, 1 Yr Boston, MassUncle, Michael Mckay, 104 Brook St, East Boston, Mass6 MonthsGood5'9"Fresh, Brown, BlueNoneRiverhead
Kearsey, Thomas18MaleSingleLaborerYesBritishBritishCape BroyleMrs. M. Kearsey, Cape BroyleBoston, MassSelfNoCan't ReadIndefiniteGood5'6"Fair, Golden, BlueNoneCape Broyle
Taylor, Richard53MaleMarriedFishermanYesBritishBritishCharge IslandWife, Elisabeth Taylor, Charge IslandWaverley, MassSelfNoCan't ReadIndefiniteGood5'10"Fair, Brown, GreyNoneChange Island
Power, Donald40MaleMarriedSeamanRead/No, Write/YesBritishBritishSt John'sWife, Can't Read, St. John'sBoston, MassSelfYes, Can't ReadIndefiniteGood5'9"Fair, Dark, BlueTattoo on left handSt John's
Wis????, ?????31MaleMarriedSeamanRead/No, Write/YesBritishBritishSt John'sWife, Can't Read, St. John'sBoston, MassSelfYes, Cousin, Can't Read, Can't ReadIndefiniteGood5'6"Fair, Light, BlueTattoo on right armSt John's
Maunder, Bessie M.32FemaleMarried
YesBritishBritishSt John'sE. Cummings, St. John'sBoston, MassSelfNoHusband, Wm. Maunder, 8 Rhode Island Ave, Sommerville, MassIndefiniteGood5'8"Fair, Black, BlueNoneLower Island Cove
Maunder, Veta14FemaleSingle
YesBritishBritishSt John'sSame as aboveBoston, MassMotherNoFather, Same as aboveIndefiniteGood

Lower Island Cove
Maunder, Doris5FemaleSingle

BritishBritishSt John'sSame as aboveBoston, MassMotherNoSame as aboveIndefiniteGood

Lower Island Cove
Maunder, Betty2FemaleSingle

BritishBritishSt John'sSame as aboveBoston, MassMotherNoSame as aboveIndefiniteGood

Lower Island Cove
Maunder, William11MaleSingle
YesBritishBritishSt John'sSame as aboveBoston, MassMotherNoSame as aboveIndefiniteGood

Lower Island Cove
Brann, Mrs R.H.

American Citizen

Brann, R. H.

American Citizen

Campbell, Donald20MaleSingle
YesCanadaScotishHalifax, Nova ScotiaJ. D. Campbell, HalifaxBoston, MassSelfYes, 1919, 3 Weeks, BostonJ.D. Campbell, 200 Collage???, ??Indefinite
5'8"Dark, Black, Brown
Halifax, N.S.
Campbell, Mary36FemaleMarried
NoCanadaScotishHalifax, Nova ScotiaSame as aboveBoston, MassSelf
Same as aboveIndefinite
5'6"Dark, Dark, Blue
Halifax, N.S.
Campbell, Tora6 MosMaleSingle
NoCanadaScotishHalifax, Nova ScotiaSame as aboveBoston, MassMother
Same as aboveIndefinite

Campbell, Dora15FemaleSingle
YesCanadaScotishHalifax, Nova ScotiaSame as aboveBoston, MassMotherYes, 1919, 3 Weeks, BostonSame as aboveIndefinite

Adams, ?? Catherine63FemaleMarried
YesBritishBritishHalifax, Nova ScotiaW. Adams, HalifaxBoston, MassSelfYes, 6 Month CalifSon in Law?Good5''7"Dark, Grey, Brown
Halifax, N.S.
Ross, Mary79FemaleWidow
YesBritishBritishHalifax, Nova ScotiaMrs. D. Duffy, HalifaxBoston, MassSelfNoStuart Ross, Lynn, Mass

5'8"Dark, Grey, ?
Halifax, N.S.
Depner, J. Henry

American Citizen


American Citizen

YesBritishBritishHalifax, Nova ScotiaPaul Creighton, HalifaxBoston, MassSelfYes
7 WeeksGood5'9"?, Grey, Blue
Halifax, N.S.
YesBritishBritishHalifax, Nova ScotiaSame as aboveBoston, MassSelfYes
5'6"?, Grey
Halifax, N.S.

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