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Avalon South Region ~ St. John's District

Anglican Cathedral of St John the Baptist

Marriages 1754 - 1815

NOTE: the first page was torn, and the dates for the first 7 marriages are therefore partial; however in the heading at the top of the page were the dates for the FIRST and LAST marriage of that page, and those are therefore known. Where names were difficult to read, I have indicated this by a "?". The dates would be available from the photocopied original parish records at PANL, or from the Anglican Church Archives. The abbreviation "RV" possibly should be "RN" (Royal Navy); similarly the abbreviation PRV possibly should be PRN (Private, Royal Navy).
The information was transcribed from PANL: Volume 26E by JILL MARSHALL ~ March 2002 from the microfilm on loan from the Church of JC of LDS Library, Utah USA. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

Corrected or updated by transcriber

Marriage Date Place of Marriage Groom Bride Witnesses Remarks
Nov 25 1754St. John'sPeter BROWNMary HALLIHAN

___ __ 1754St. John'sJohn WELSH, soldierJane JACKSON

___ __ 1754St. John'sEdward RICHARDSON, soldierSarah HATE?

___ __ 1754St. John'sPatrick LAHEYMary HARE

___ __ 1754St. John'sThomas NASHMargeret DEADY, widow

?Jan 6 1756St. John'sThomas THOMPSONKatherine WAYLAND

?Jan 10 1756St. John'sThomas DOYLESarah BENNETT

Jan 15 1756St. John'sEdward FLINGAgnes BOWGILL

Feb 6 1756St. John'sJoseph GREGORY, soldierSusannah PULLON

Apr 17 1756St. John'sJohn FLINGAlice POWER

May 18 1756St. John'sThomas SCOTTMary CUNNINGHAM

June 5 1756St. John'sTimothy HEIZEAnn RYAN

June 27 1756St. John'sWilliam MOSLEIGHMary BENNETT

Aug 4 1756St. John'sRobert GREY, EsquireDinah JEFFRIES, spinster

Oct 2 1756St. John'sHenry FURLONGEleanor QUIGLEY

Oct 4 1756St. John'sJohn GLASCOCK, soldierJoanna TURNER

Oct 14 1756St. John'sJohn BURTON, surgeonSarah DeGRAVES, spinster

Nov 19 1756St. John'sEdmund POWERMargaret McDONALD

Nov 24 1756St. John'sJohn DWYERSBridget SULLIVAN

May 29 1757St. John'sWilliam MELVINBridget O'NEAL

June 5 1757St. John'sJoseph SHADDOCKAnstis WHEYLAND

June 16 1757St. John'sJames HUDSON, widower, lieutenantAnn FINAN?, widow

June 30 1757St. John'sHenry STEPHENS, soldierSarah Ann WATERMAN

Sep 25 1757St. John'sThomas NEALEJane REEVE

Nov 10 1757St. John'sJames MURPHYMary GLASSON

Nov 11 1757St. John'sRichard POWERKatherine RYAN

Nov 20 1757St. John'sJohn GLASSONSelian (sic) RYAN, widow

Nov 26 1757St. John'sWilliam McDONALDMargaret SULLIVAN

Dec 16 1757St. John'sRichard HINKSTONEMary HARVEY

Dec 24 1757St. John'sNicholas TOBINAnstis BURNEL/BURNET?, widow

Dec 26 1757St. John'sArthur KAVANAGHJoan WALCOT, widow

Jan 18 1758St. John'sHenry MOLHANEYPhoebe CONNOR

Feb 4 1758St. John'sHenry RADFORDBridget RALPH, widow

Mar 3 1758St. John'sRobert HEATH, Blue BattalionElizabeth AUSTIN, widow

Apr 17 1758St. John'sWilliam WHIDDONElizabeth HUTCHINGS

June 4 1758St. John'sJosacher? MARTINThomagina PARTRIDGE (alias LEE)

Aug 28 1758St. John'sJohn POWERMary QUILTY?

Oct 28 1758St. John'sJohn Waldon CARPENTERMary GREET

Dec 9 1758St. John'sMichael LANDYMary HARVEY, widow

Dec 9 1758St. John'sWilliam FOWLERMary BATTEN, widow

Jan 6 1759St. John'sJoseph NOWEL / NEWEL?Hannah HOGGINS

Jan 12 1759St. John'sJoshua MATTHEWSAnne MOORES

Feb 2 1759St. John'sGeorge ROGERS, soldierKatherine FEE (alais STRYCKLING/STRYCKING?)

June 1 1759St. John'sRichard SHARP, lieutenantEliza ADAMS, spinster, St John's

June 6 1759St. John'sWilliam SAXONAnn BUTT, widow

June 30 1759St. John'sJohn DOWN, St John'sJoan Shortwell (n/g)

Jul 26 1759St. John'sEdward LANGMAN, clergyman, St John'sMary NUGENT, spinster (n/g)

Sep 30 1759St. John'sSamuel CHAFEJane MOWTON

Nov 15 1759St. John'sBartholomew HENLYMary BUTLER

Nov 17 1759St. John'sPendwell COSTUNE, serjeantElizabeth BUTLER

Dec 31 1759St. John'sJames DAW, Ashburton, DevonMary BROWN, widow (n/g)

Jan 12 1760St. John'sEdward NASHKatherine GRIMNER

Jan 16 1760St. John'sWilliam MONYHELDEsther HUSTINS

Feb 6 1760St. John'sThomas WHEYLANDMary ATKINS

Mar 4 1760St. John'sWilliam SKIDMANJane ELFORD

Mar 6 1760St. John'sJohn SMITH, soldierJoan BURKE

Apr 12 1760St. John'sMaurice HOLLAAN (?HOLLAHAN), widowerMary CROWLEY, widow

Sep 27 1760St. John'sAlexander LANGHannah CLARK?

Oct 8 1760St. John'sThomas HALL, soldierKatherine POWER

Oct 22 1760St. John'sDaniel COCKLANDMargaret LINDON

Oct 31 1760St. John'sThomas LEY, widowerElizabeth LEACY?, widow

Oct 31 1760St. John'sGeorge HUTCHINSJane ADAMS

Nov 4 1760St. John'sThomas GATHETEY?Ann CARNIE

Nov 4 1760St. John'sJohn ADAMS, soldierKatherine (surname not given)

Nov 4 1760St. John'sJohn BLAGDONElizabeth CODNER

Feb 1 1761St. John'sHenry Chafe (son of John Chafe of Torquay, Devon)Ann EFFORD (dau of George Efford & Ann Gempton)
MISSING from Vital Stats 26E, but added here for completion from the research of Randy Whitten.
June 1 1762St. John'sGeorge WILLIAMSMary MONIER
Corrected to MONIER by family member in UK: Mary Monier was one of 3 daughters of Dr. John Monier, Surgeon to the St. John's Garrison.
Oct 18 1762St. John'sJohn BEESON, St Malo, FranceBridget DILLONS, Trepassey

Nov 2 1762St. John'sWilliam POWER, TrinityEleanor Kennety (n/g)

Jan 8 1763St. John'sJames SKINNERAnn MURPHY

Jan 9 1763St. John'sGeorge Line MATTROSS?Mary WHELAND

Jan 20 1763St. John'sJohn BRIGHTWELL, soldierEleanor POWER

Apr 3 1763St. John'sEdward CROSBY, serjeantSarah JERRET

June 9 1763St. John'sDavid KEEFEMary DAMEREL

Jul 12 1763St. John'sPeter PLUMB, soldierMary WALDON, widow

Aug 22 1763St. John'sHugh McGINNIS, soldierJane BARDEN, widow

Sep 15 1763St. John'sHugh KAINES, soldierMary CONNORS

Oct 15 1763St. John'sRichard GREENElizabeth BEVIL

Nov 12 1763St. John'sHenry MURPHYBridget COCKRAN, spinster

Nov 26 1763St. John'sWilliam GADENHonour TROONE, spinster

Dec 22 1763St. John'sJohn STEVENSHannah TROONE, spinster

Jan 24 1764St. John'sJohn CORBETElizabeth WHITE

Feb 12 1764St. John'sJohn POOLMary CLAY?, widow

Feb 17 1764St. John'sPaul BONDLEAnstis COSTELLO, Torbay

Mar 29 1764St. John'sThomas PETNAMDorothy PLAYTERS, widow

May 8 1764St. John'sJohn LIVINGSTONEKatherine KING, spinster

May 13 1764St. John'sJames HOMESAnstis WHEYLAND

June 3 1764St. John'sThomas LYNCHKatherine MANY/MARY?, widow

Jul 1 1764St. John'sJohn RYIKEleanor O'BRIAN

June 19 1764St. John'sFrancis MILLER, ensignElizabeth MOOR, Ferryland

Oct 22 1764St. John'sJohn MORRISONKatherine MARTIN

Nov 29 1764St. John'sDennis SHAEMary DONAY/DANAY?

Dec 13 1764St. John'sJames HAZE?Hannah GILL, spinster

Dec 26 1764St. John'sRichard TUFFMary KAIN

Jan 9 1765St. John'sJohn BOWNAlice FURLONG

Jan 26 1765St. John'sNicholas NORRIES (?NORRIS)Sarah METCALF

Feb 16 1765St. John'sJames O'NEALSarah DAMERAT (?DAMERAL)

Feb 18 1765St. John'sNicholas WELSHElizabeth DUNN, widow

Feb 25 1765St. John'sMichael CELESBERTMary SANGSWORTHY, widow

Mar 2 1765St. John'sNicholas HANCOCK, soldierDinah TAPPER

Mar 5 1765St. John'sMichael HENESSEEMary S. RYAN

May 7 1765St. John'sThomas CARPENTERMargaret POWER

May 29 1765St. John'sThomas BRIGHTMary KENNY, widow

June 6 1765St. John'sThomas JERARDSELIASTINE* NIGHTINGALE, widow
The "a" in SELIASTINE was blacked out, as if to delete it.
Aug 25 1765St. John'sJohn KEITHJane CLARK

Oct 15 1765St. John'sBruce STAPPETON (?STAPPLETON)Margaret SHAE, Conception Bay

Oct 18 1765St. John'sEdward DUNPHYSarah HARVEY, widow

Nov 6 1765St. John'sPatrick KAINMargaret DRYAN/DWYAR?

Nov 25 1765St. John'sPhilip COMERFORDMargaret RASEY, widow

Dec 2 1765St. John'sWilliam BAUSEN/ ?BANSEN?Mary CHANT

Dec 3 1765St. John'sJohn CHANT, widowerSarah BURRINGE, widow

Jan 20 1766St. John'sHenry MARTIN, Tesmesham, DevonAnn LYNCH, Petty Harbour

Jan 25 1766St. John'sPhillip DEVEN?Hannah BRUCE

Jan 29 1766St. John'sWilliam TWANE?Elizabeth JENKINS

Mar 1 1766St. John'sJohn SNELL/ SNELE?Mary PUVEN/ PULEN/ PALEN?

Apr 3 1766St. John'sJohn CASTORMary WAYLAND

Apr 20 1766St. John'sWilliam CHANERAN?Mary O'BRIAN

Apr 26 1766St. John'sWilliam CHAFEMary ANGEL, Petty Harbour
From research of Randy Whitten: he was the son of John Chafe of Torquay, Devon
Apr 24 1766St. John'sJames WYATTJane POTTEL

May 5 1766St. John'sEdmund MURPHYMary BURROUGH

June 4 1766St. John'sThomas PARSONSKatherine McDONALD

Jul 20 1766St. John'sJohn TICCO, a BlueJane TAPPER

Aug 23 1766St. John'sThomas HUTCHINGS, (Mr.)Mary ELLIS

Sep 14 1766St. John'sWilliam VENICOMBJoan POWER

Oct 25 1766St. John'sJames BISHOPBridget MATTHEWS

Nov 3 1766St. John'sMaurice HANAGARE?Margaret MATTHEWS

Nov 4 1766St. John'sPatrick CELBERT?Mary HENNAGARE

Dec 8 1766St. John'sW. Robert BELLARD?, clerk of the churchMary DeGRAVES/ DeGRAWES?, spinster

Dec 17 1766St. John'sWilliam MANNIRJane CHUST?

Dec 28 1766St. John'sWilliam HAYSINMary HABBARD

Jan 17 1767St. John'sCharles SHAWAnn HELIATAH?

Jan 20 1767St. John'sWilliam DRUMAnn McNAMARA

Jan 24 1767St. John'sJohn GIBBONSAnn GENT

Mar 2 1767St. John'sJohn BROWN, surgeonLucretia DENNING, spinster

Mar 31 1767St. John'sJohn DENNYAnn CLANCY

Apr 21 1767St. John'sCharles DENNINGJane BURRINGE

Apr 22 1767St. John'sJohn AVERY?, widowerElizabeth TUESTER?

Aug 25 1767St. John'sSamuel BUTLER (Mr.)Ann BATTEN, spinster

Sep 21 1767St. John'sJoseph ARVELRebecca HEIZE

Oct 20 1767St. John'sRobert TUCKERAnn WOODWARD, Bell Isle

Oct 22 1767St. John'sFrancis SOON, soldierAmy CLARK

Oct 23 1767St. John'sGeorge MOSELERAnn WORSTEY

Nov 10 1767St. John'sThomas TRACYAnn HAYS, Petty Harbour

Dec 28 1767St. John'sMoses STACYSusannah CLAY

Apr 11 1768St. John'sRichard HELLIERHannah DEVEN, widow
Likely nee HANNAH BRUCE who married Philip DEVEN 1766
Apr 19 1768St. John'sRichard MOSEYSusannah HARVEY

Apr 25 1768St. John'sJohn STRIPLING, Esquire (Mr.)Mary SOVEY/ SOWEY?, spinster

May 20 1768St. John'sMichael KNIGHTSarah BRACE

June 23 1768St. John'sWilliam SULLIVANSarah GRANGER

Oct 21 1768St. John'sWilliam PENNIWELLMary FORD

Oct 25 1768St. John'sJoseph HILLAnn WELSH

Nov 16 1768St. John'sJames MAHANEYEleanor WELSH

Nov 30 1768St. John'sPeter McDONALDAnsies (?Ansties) WELSH

Mar 27 1769St. John'sMarshall MORGANPatience HAIZE, Petty Harbour

Apr 30 1769St. John'sJohn WELLIS, a BlueMary SASH

Oct 27 1769St. John'sJohn PARSON (sic)Jane PRESSOR

Nov 11 1769St. John'sJohn BLAKEHonour BROWN

Nov 13 1769St. John'sHugh WRIDDYCOMBSarah NORRIS, widow

Nov 16 1769St. John'sThomas NOSEWORTHYMargaret WHITE

Jan 2 1770St. John'sJoseph POTTELKatherine EUSTUS

Apr 7 1770St. John'sWilliam WELSHElizabeth WYET? (alias HALEY)

May 15 1770St. John'sWilliam DAMERAL?Maybella LUCKER/ ?WEBER?, widow

May 28 1770St. John'sRichard POLLARDAnn REID

Jul 15 1770St. John'sSimon HANDRAHANJane COMIORS?

Aug 7 1770St. John'sWilliam POWERJane McGUINIS

Sep 8 1770St. John'sJohn POWERMary BARDENS?

Oct 8 1770St. John'sGeorge COLLIERMargaret GREENSSEN

Oct 9 1770St. John'sRobert WASBATT/ WESBETT?Mary LUCKER/ WEBER?

Oct 20 1770St. John'sJohn WHEYLANDSarah HAMMOND

Oct 28 1770St. John'sRobert BLYTH, a BlueElizabeth ROBINSON

Oct 29 1770St. John'sJames CUDMORE/CUDIMORE?, soldierMary HACKOF?

Nov 2 1770St. John'sWilliam McCARTEE, soldierMary WALLACE

Nov 7 1770St. John'sGeorge WILLIAMSGrace GAUL

Nov 12 1770St. John'sJohn DOYLEKatherine REDDY

Feb 17 1771St. John'sJames BEUTK/ BENTK/ BENLK?Margaret CONNORS

Feb 18 1771St. John'sEdmund HOGANAgnes FLING, widow
Likely nee AGNES BOWGILL who md Edward Fling 1756
Apr 7 1771St. John'sHenry RADFORDBetty BRANSCOMB, widow

Apr 8 1771St. John'sLawrence DALTONJudah JEY, widow

Apr 15 1771St. John'sMaurice KAINES? / KUNES?Charitie HEWELE, widow

May 22 1771St. John'sTimothy MAROMargaret HENNESSEY

May 23 1771St. John'sDennis CAREYMary HENNESSEY

June 19 1771St. John'sGeorge WOODAnn DEVE/ DERE?, widow

Aug 18 1771St. John'sMichael LYNCHEleanor CASAHAN

Sep 28 1771St. John'sRobert WALLICEMary MAHANEY

Oct 9 1771St. John'sThomas MADDOCKAnn MARTIN, widow, Petty Harbour

Oct 10 1771St. John'sRichard CHURCHWARDMargaret ALLEN, Bay Roberts

Oct 16 1771St. John'sDarby SMITHEleanor SAYIN?

Oct 18 1771St. John'sJohn BRANJane ELLIS

Nov 21 1771St. John'sMichael DEVONKatherine McDONALD

Nov 30 1771St. John'sThomas NEALMary CONNORS

Dec 28 1771St. John'sDennis BUY/ BAY?Eleanor HACKET

Dec 30 1771St. John'sRichard MARTINSarah HARDY

Jan 1 1772St. John'sWilliam LEEX?Eleanor POWER

Jan 20 1772St. John'sJohn King BROWN, surgeonBetsy BIDGOOD (alias WATTS)

Jan 21 1772St. John'sJames CLARKEMary HAYS?

Jan 22 1772St. John'sJames ROACHMary BRODINS?

Jan 31 1772St. John'sRichard BARNESKatherine RALPH

Feb 11 1772St. John'sRobert WESCOTT, widowerMary BARNES, widow

Feb 18 1772St. John'sAca_ies? MITCHELL, a minerElizabeth LONGWELL

Feb 18 1772St. John'sJohn FOSTERBridget TURNER (alias McDONALD)

Mar 9 1772St. John'sEdward FANNINGAnstis McCARTIE

Apr 4 1772St. John'sJohn HUMBERAnn HEIZE, Petty Harbour

Apr 4 1772St. John'sStephen WIAGEO?/WINZEO?Elizabeth OLDEN

Apr 20 1772St. John'sRobert RICHARDSElizabeth GREEN

June 17 1772St. John'sJohn HALLAHANMary DOGHERTY

Jul 19 1772St. John'sLuke RYANAnn MORISSY

Jul 22 1772St. John'sSamuel SMITH, corporalElizabeth WIND

Aug 16 1772St. John'sGeorge STONEMary PICKAT, Bell Isle & Pouch Cove

Sep 8 1772St. John'sThomas FLINGJane HOCTON?/ HOETON?

Sep 17 1772St. John'sRichard HALFYARD, Smith Bovey, DevonElizabeth CHURCHILL

Oct 27 1772St. John'sRichard FIELD, IpplepenAnn GOSS, Torbay

Nov 2 1772St. John'sJohn RYANMary RYAN

Nov 3 1772St. John'sJohn WHEYLAND, widowerKatherine PURCELL

Nov 3 1772St. John'sJohn CHAMPIONKate THOMPSON

Nov 27 1772St. John'sWilliam Hainsworth DUIMMN ?Frances DEADY

Dec 8 1772St. John'sFrancis COWENEleanor LACEY

NOTE IN RECORDS: "Marriages between December 8 1772 and March 7 1774 are missing."
Mar 7 1774St. John'sThomas BISKIO, soldierJane JONES

Apr 5 1774St. John'sJohn BRYANSusannah JOY, Torbay

Apr 7 1774St. John'sW. John SAROYER?Dinah DREW

May 17 1774St. John'sWilliam COOMBSMary POWER, widow

May 21 1774St. John'sRobert BROWNKatherine POWER

May 23 1774St. John'sJohn DOUGHERTYMary FLETCHER

May 24 1774St. John'sDavid MARSHALLAmy (SURNAME NOT GIVEN)
David Marshall was born at St John's NF c 1740-1744, and was the son of Philip Marshall
Aug 26 1774St. John'sJohn WALEPolly MASEIGH, spinster

Sep 10 1774St. John'sJames STOKESMary Bivel THOMAS, spinster

Sep 27 1774St. John'sPhillip LeGRAISYMary PECOE (?PICCO), Pouch Cove

Oct 4 1774St. John'sEdward CHAFEAnn ANGEL, Petty Harbour

Oct 19 1774St. John'sTimothy RYANBridget FLAHERTY

Oct 29 1774St. John'sBryant DOYLEMary FINN

Oct 30 1774St. John'sThomas KOUGHElizabeth ELMES, spinster

Oct 31 1774St. John'sPhilip ATTKINSElizabeth CARRY

Nov 1 1774St. John'sHenry MATTHEWSElizabeth TIBBS, Petty Harbour

Nov 8 1774St. John'sWilliam MOORE, surgeonJoan SCOTT, spinster

Nov 20 1774St. John'sMichael MANHonour WALCOT

Dec 11 1774St. John'sBryran (?Bryan) JENKINSAnn CLARK

Dec 16 1774St. John'sWilliam GOFFAnn LESTETTOE?/ LESTETTOC, Torbay

Jan 1 1775St. John'sJosiah LUSHHannah WOLFE

Jan 3 1775St. John'sAndrew BRODERICKMargaret SLATERY

Jan 6 1775St. John'sWilliam MARTINRebecca MARTIN

Jan 7 1775St. John'sWilliam WALLACEJoanne WALSH

Jan 21 1775St. John'sJohn LOW, TorbayThomasin MARTIN, widow

Jan 29 1775St. John'sFrancis FOLOWJudah McQuigley MAIZ

Apr 19 1775St. John'sJoseph TUCKER, minerElizabeth STONE

May 2 1775St. John'sEdward? KENNYLucitius KAVANNAGH

May 15 1775St. John'sJohn ROSSJemah ROSS

May 24 1775St. John'sThomas TODDRIDGEElizabeth FERVEL?

June 18 1775St. John'sIsaac DALY, New YorkLucia EDWARDS

Jul 24 1775St. John'sJohn STEELKatherine ENGLISH

Sep 2 1775St. John'sJames SMITH, master smithMary DEADY

Sep 6 1775St. John'sJames McCONNELLYAnn TRANSMAN

Sep 19 1775St. John'sMichael SITTLEMarsha GREY

Sep 28 1775St. John'sMichael KNOWLINEMartha POTTEL

Oct 3 1775St. John'sDarby LAHEYElizabeth SMALL

Oct 3 1775St. John'sWilliam DOWNAlice HERTHFERE

Oct 8 1775St. John'sJoseph NASHAlice KERICHELOE?

Nov 2 1775St. John'sWilliam MOLLOYMary LANGSWORTHY

Nov 4 1775St. John'sThomas ROBERTS, armourerMargaret LAFIN

Nov 7 1775St. John'sWilliam HOLTING?/ HOLLING?Katherine HOLLING?

Nov 20 1775St. John'sBartholomew COLEBERTAnn HOWELL

Dec 5 1775St. John'sMichael POWERJoanna BURTON

Mar 2 1776St. John'sCharles LEAK, a BlueElizabeth SMITH

Apr 10 1776St. John'sStephen CLARYKatherine WELSH

Apr 15 1775St. John'sWilliam CARRYElizabeth COLLINS

May 12 1776St. John'sJohn HENESSYMary HUTCHINSON

May 27 1776St. John'sJames MARTINElizabeth HARTIGAN

Aug 28 1776St. John'sEdward FITZGERALDMary KENOLLY

Oct 14 1776St. John'sBuyran (?Byron or Bryan) WILCOXMary NORMAN

Oct 18 1776St. John'sPatrick KENEYElizabeth LANE, widow

Oct 21 1776St. John'sMichael COADYMargaret REID

Oct 22 1776St. John'sLawerance KENNEDYJoan FOWLO

Oct 26 1776St. John'sPatrick FINNMary LIVINGSTON, widow

Oct 31 1776St. John'sWilliam ROCHFORDAnn SQUIRE, Bellisle

Nov 5 1776St. John'sDavid MANJane SMALL

Nov 7 1776St. John'sStephen LUNNERMary BLACKLEY

Nov 17 1776St. John'sPatrick CLEARJudah DONALD

Nov 18 1776St. John'sJohn FRUMANHannah HEARN

Nov 24 1776St. John'sJohn SAULBridget HENNESSEY

Nov 26 1776St. John'sGregory WHEYMOUTHSusannah PERFECT

Dec 17 1776St. John'sJohn HANNAFORDMargaret JENNEH

Dec 29 1776St. John'sRichard SHAI (SHEA), Petty HrMary POWER, St John's

Feb 8 1777St. John'sL. M. *McGRATHAnn MORRIS
* "Mc" appears to have been added later
Feb 28 1777St. John'sJames McDONALDAlice HALLAHAN

Mar 4 1777St. John'sWilliam GORMANMary CANINGHAM

Mar 12 1777St. John'sDavid POWERMargaret LAWSESS?

Mar 17 1777St. John'sJohn PENDERGASTSarah ELLIS

Mar 28 1777St. John'sRobert DENAR, a BlueMary AINSWORTH, widow

Apr 7 1777St. John'sTimothy FLARTYBridget WYET

Apr 28 1777St. John'sJohn CARKER?, Ballaheshare?Margaret HOGAN

May 18 1777St. John'sJames HENAN/ HONAN?Rosanna BARRON

May 23 1777St. John'sWilliam BUNNET?Mary SCARSBROOK

June 8 1777St. John'sJames BRYANAnn CHARLES

June 17 1777St. John'sJohn REALLY*Margaret CONNERS
* possibly a version of O'Reilly?
Aug 18 1777St. John'sJohn MAYNE, lieutenantElizabeth HAMMOND, widow

Aug 20 1777St. John'sPatrick DUNFEEKatherine REDMAN

Sep 1 1777St. John'sDaniel McKENGIVE?/ McKENGIRE?, a BlueElizabeth HODGE, widow

Sep 8 1777St. John'sJames GABON, soldier, artilleryMary TERRANS

Sep 18 1777St. John'sMichael BOWNMary BRAITHWAIT

Oct 13 1777St. John'sMichael KEARNEYMary CAREY, widow

Oct 15 1777St. John'sWilliam DODD?/ DADD, TorbayAnn GOFF, widow

Oct 17 1777St. John'sMaurice LANTY?/ LAUTY?Mary FLEMMING

Oct 26 1777St. John'sJohn MAHANYMary RYAN

Oct 29 1777St. John'sJohn BANET?Elizabeth MILET, widow

Oct 29 1777St. John'sDennis HALLAHANMargaret RYAN

Nov 1 1777St. John'sPatrick CAPSESS?Eleanor KELLY

Nov 3 1777St. John'sJoseph CRUIMPEsther HANNISON

Nov 11 1777St. John'sFrancis FRYJane ALLEN
They resided Portugal Cove.
Nov 19 1777St. John'sJames DOWNMary RYAN

Nov 28 1777St. John'sJames EUSTICEGrace COX, Torbay

Dec 3 1777St. John'sThomas CALLAMMary PEPPER, widow

Dec 19 1777St. John'sPatrick HANNAHANNancy DWYER

Dec 21 1777St. John'sMartin DELANY, surgeonAnn MOVLEIGH?/ MORLEIGH, spinster

Jan 18 1778St. John'sJohn FLINGMargaret REALLY (alias CONNERS)

Jan 26 1778St. John'sWilliam BUICKElizabeth RHODES, widow

Jan 27 1778St. John'sMaurice SUPEY?Eleanor CLARY

Jan 28 1778St. John'sMark NEARYMary HOWEL

Feb 11 1778St. John'sJohn WHEYAnn SANGSWORTHY, widow

Feb 12 1778St. John'sWilliam MEDISSETONKatherine BLANCHFIELD

Feb 18 1778St. John'sMichael HEARNMargaret KEHOE (alias HEARN)

Mar 16 1778St. John'sFrancis WOLFHAnstis RUSSEL

Mar 22 1778St. John'sJohn BAFE?Mary DICKENS
His surname may be RUFF/RAFF, as a Mary RUFF, alias DICKENS, married 1779
May 4 1778St. John'sMichael DOWNMary TUCKER (alias JUMPER)

May 4 1778St. John'sMatthew GREENSLADESarah WARD

May 7 1778St. John'sJames MOARYKatherine POWER (alias RYAN)

May 10 1778St. John'sJames CLARK, a Blue of "3" ArtilleryMary POWER

May 11 1778St. John'sEdward WHEYLANDSusannah HAMMOND

May 13 1778St. John'sMichael SHAEMargaret FLEMMING

May 14 1778St. John'sPhillip HELPMAN, Master of the Spy, sloop of warMary WAKEHAM

May 19 1778St. John'sPatrick FITZGERALDKatherine COLEMAN

May 30 1778St. John'sJohn CHAFEMargaret WILLIAMS
Almost certainly both of Petty Harbour
May 31 1778St. John'sThomas ROGERS, Stoke Flemming, DevonJudah BRYAN

June 19 1778St. John'sWallace PENDERSON, surgeonElizabeth JONES, spinster

Aug 7 1778St. John'sAndrew BROWN, soldierMargaret FEAZER

Aug 8 1778St. John'sJohn ROGERS, city of CliftonMartha Ann SANGMAN, spin

Aug 11 1778St. John'sThomas HAWKINS, Marldon, DevonAnn BRYAN

Aug 11 1778St. John'sPhillip RYAN, blacksmithAnn DEVONPORT

Aug 30 1778St. John'sWilliam WOLFEEleanor HOARE

Sep 21 1778St. John'sStephen WILCOXMargaret BLANCHFIELD, spin

Sep 22 1778St. John'sDarby CRONINMary BRYAN

Sep 23 1778St. John'sMichael GILL, bachFrances BURTON, spin

Sep 27 1778St. John'sOliver FEERY?Elizabeth JORDEN, Quidi Vidy

Oct 2 1778St. John'sJohn SINHANJane BRACE

Oct 16 1778St. John'sWilliam PURCELLElizabeth HORN?/HON?, Portugal Cove

Oct 23 1778St. John'sWilliam SHERIDANMary KAVANAGH

Oct 24 1778St. John'sJohn GREENMary DWYER, widow

Oct 27 1778St. John'sEdward LANGMAN, widower, minister (Anglican), St John'sHannah MAXWELL, widow

Nov 1 1778St. John'sMichael HENESSEYJoan WHEYLAND

Nov 13 1778St. John'sWilliam KINGAnn CHAUNTER, Torbay

Nov 19 1778St. John'sJohn ANDREWJane MORRISSEY

Nov 27 1778St. John'sEdmund BARRYAnn DONOVAN

Nov 28 1778St. John'sMichael BRYANMary TUENEE?, widow

Nov 30 1778St. John'sDaniel SCANLANDAlice McDONALD, widow

Nov 30 1778St. John'sTimothy FASUEY?Margaret GEARY

Dec 18 1778St. John'sMartin FLINGAnn POWER, Petty Harbour

Jan 10 1779St. John'sThomas COMERFORDMargaret WOLFE

Jan 11 1779St. John'sNathan BURKE, New EnglandAnn BURNES

Jan 25 1779St. John'sJohn EAVENS?/ EWENS?, sergt of Col? David Hayes companyFrances GREGORY

Feb 6 1779St. John'sWilliam MATTHEWSElizabeth WOLFE

Mar 21 1779St. John'sEdmund WALLElizabeth MURPHY

May 4 1779St. John'sWilliam PAULMary FOOT

May 7 1779St. John'sJohn DWAN?Bridget DOWNING, Placentia

May 19 1779St. John'sJames FANNINGMargaret MELOS

May 22 1779St. John'sMartin EARJudah TOBIN

June 3 1779St. John'sWilliam MITCHELLJane HARVEY, Pouch Cove

Sep 8 1879St. John'sWilliam HENSY (?HENNESSEY)Joan MOORE, widow

Sep 19 1779St. John'sJohn WESTCOTTKatherine KENWICK, a Negro woman

Sep 23 1779St. John'sJames HAWKINSThomasin SLEUMAN

Sep 26 1779St. John'sMartin LYONJane BROWN

Oct 5 1779St. John'sWilliam RYANHonora HANAHEL?

Oct 8 1779St. John'sDavid POWERAnn CANOLL?

Oct 12 1779St. John'sJohn COLESydda PARTRIDGE, widow

Oct 21 1779St. John'sDavid HENESSEYMary LANDRIGAN

Oct 24 1779St. John'sJohn NURSEElizabeth RICHARDS

Oct 27 1779St. John'sMichael KNOWLINGMary STOKES

Nov 6 1779St. John'sJames HOWLETBridget COUSIN

Nov 7 1779St. John'sWilliam CLANCYMary COOMBS, widow

Nov 8 1779St. John'sJohn MEADONMary RUFF (alias DICKENS)

Nov 30 1779St. John'sGeorge HUWIT (HEWITT?)Mary HARRIS

Dec 6 1779St. John'sRichard BUTTER (?BUTLER)Mary GLASSON

Dec 11 1779St. John'sThomas BRYANMary WOODFORD, "P. Cove"

Dec 17 1779St. John'sJames HENNESSEYSarah WALDON

Jan 8 1780St. John'sJohn HALLMary WILLIAMS

Jan 19 1780St. John'sAndrew BARNESAnn SAUNDERS

Mar 24 1780St. John'sJames GOSE?Mary HEARN

Mar 27 1780St. John'sLawerence KAILEYMary FRENCH, Petty Harbour

Apr 9 1780St. John'sJohn LEGH, Master of Wings, schooner "GUIEN?"Susannah MOSS, widow

Apr 16 1780St. John'sJames McMINESElizabeth HEIZE, Petty Harbour

Apr 19 1780St. John'sMichael CANONAnn COADY

Apr 27 1780St. John'sRobert BULLEYJane WYEH (?WYET), widow

May 7 1780St. John'sWilliam COLLOPYElizabeth GREEN

June 21 1780St. John'sHugh KENNEDYElizabeth RYNE

Jul 30 1780St. John'sJohn HELMESMary BANET

Jul 31 1780St. John'sRoger MILCHElizabeth BLACKLER

Aug 21 1780St. John'sWilliam STAPLETONAnstis CONDUCT

Aug 25 1780St. John'sLawerence HARTAnn (SURNAME NOT GIVEN)

Aug 27 1780St. John'sJoseph McCARTIEMary BRWYER?

Aug 27 1780St. John'sJohn DEYMary FRISBY

Sep 1 1780St. John'sMichael RYANMary MOLLOY

Sep 1 1780St. John'sPatrick MARTINSarah BARRY

Sep 6 1780St. John'sDennis SCOTTEleanor BUICK

Sep 7 1780St. John'sPatrick SHEENMary PENDERGRASS

Sep 20 1780St. John'sEdmund HENESSEYMary ROACH

Sep 27 1780St. John'sBartholomew WOLFEAnn MORRIS

Sep 27 1780St. John'sJames POWELLRebecca HEIZE

Nov 6 1780St. John'sJonathan CONSTANTINEMary BIDGOOD

Nov 7 1780St. John'sRobert WHIDDONHannah TUCKER

Nov 12 1780St. John'sDavid DONOVANKatherine BRYAN, widow

Nov 13 1780St. John'sJoseph CALIFSarah DOUGHERTY

Nov 29 1780St. John'sJames PITTSAnn EASTCOCK, "P. Cove"

Dec 9 1780St. John'sMichael CAHILLElizabeth LONGWELL (alis MITCHELL
See Feb 1872 marriage to "Aca_ies" MITCHELL
Dec 16 1780St. John'sStafford STOWEEleanor ALLEN

Dec 21 1780St. John'sPhillip MASONMargaret HELLEN (? ALLEN), "P. Cove"
Likely ALLEN from Portugal Cove
Dec 24 1780St. John'sDaniel MURPHYEleanor HARUZE?

Dec 27 1780St. John'sMatthew GUZZIVEL?Sarah CADWELL

Feb 5 1781St. John'sThomas COHOLLYElizabeth WOLPH

Feb 13 1781St. John'sMichael WOLPHMary FLAHURTY

Mar 4 1781St. John'sJohn LIVINGSTON, bachAbigail DOUGHURTY, spin

Apr 16 1781St. John'sGeorge DEWERYMargaret McGRATH

May 8 1781St. John'sThomas ALLIN (ALLEN)Eleanor TWALLOR?

June 9 1781St. John'sJohn CUSSICKMary CAHILL

June 9 1781St. John'sRobert PAULMary POOL

June 23 1781St. John'sHenry PHILLIPS, bachElizabeth THOMAS, spin

June 25 1781St. John'sThomas SHOALMargaret SINNET?

Jul 16 1781St. John'sJoseph LEWMANMary BENNET, widow

Jul 18 1781St. John'sJames KELLY, corporalMary BOURK

Jul 29 1781St. John'sMichael SANLLY?Elizabeth BAKER

Jul 29 1781St. John'sMichael CRAWLEYMary EUSTICE

Aug 7 1781St. John'sRichard WELLS, bachRachel RIPPON

Aug 26 1781St. John'sThomas HOGANAnn REID

Sep 9 1781St. John'sMichael McGRATHHenrietta GILEHUIT

Oct 6 1781St. John'sJames ENGLISHMartha AUSTIN

Oct 12 1781St. John'sMartin LUNDERGAN (?LUNDRIGAN)Elizabeth GROSS?/ GOSS?

Nov 5 1781St. John'sFrancis HOMESSarah FANEL

Nov 19 1781St. John'sRobert CROWElizabeth EADY

Nov 27 1781St. John'sJames BARNESElizabeth THOMAS

Nov 29 1781St. John'sJames HELLEN (?ALLEN)Amy HARVEY, Portugal Cove

Dec 4 1781St. John'sJohn TUCKERMary HUIKSTON? (?HINKSTON)

Dec 6 1781St. John'sPatrick CALFORDMargaret KELLY

Dec 7 1781St. John'sWilliam MOOREKatherine COLEBERT

Dec 22 1781St. John'sWilliam FREEMANMary THOMAS

Dec 30 1781St. John'sAlexander BROWN, a SwedeElizabeth HUTCHINSON

Dec 31 1781St. John'sThomas MARTINJane MARTIN

Feb 3 1782St. John'sJohn PUPILElizabeth DOKES, Portugal Cove

Feb 18 1782St. John'sThomas SHAWKatherine POWER

Mar 25 1782St. John'sDennis McGRATHElizabeth JONES

Apr 12 1782St. John'sRichard GRANTElizabeth WILLS

Apr 28 1782St. John'sSamuel BOVEYThomasin MARTIN, widow, Torbay

Apr 29 1782St. John'sWilliam MASTERSElizabeth WHIDDON

Apr 29 1782St. John'sWilliam DOUGANElizabeth HIARAN?

May 20 1782St. John'sDennis CONNERSKatherine NEILE

Jul 15 1782St. John'sGeorge DAVIS, bach, CarbonearPolly BRANSCOMB, spin

Aug 12 1782St. John'sPatrick MARTINElizabeth HENDON

Sep 28 1782St. John's(n/g) POWER, corporal, ?Spence RegimentMary BRADBURY

Oct 5 1782St. John'sJohn WOLPHKatherine DENFAR?, widow

Oct 18 1782St. John'sPaul RENDELThomasine MARTIN, widow

Oct 27 1782St. John'sMichael REDDYJudah CONOLLY

Oct 29 1782St. John'sJohn HARVEYElizabeth HAMMOND, "P. Cove"

Nov 10 1781St. John'sWilliam SNOWElizabeth CHURCHILL

Nov 16 1782St. John'sJames HOILEEleanor DAWSEY

Nov 18 1782St. John'sEdward POWERAnn MADDOX

Nov 20 1782St. John'sJohn QUINMary WALL

Nov 23 1782St. John'sRobert HOFFINJane? EARL, "P. Cove"

Nov 27 1782St. John'sThomas LAKEHAMSarah ROBERTSON

Dec 1 1782St. John'sRobert WAREMary ELFORD

Dec 15 1782St. John'sRichard QUINElizabeth SINCH

Dec 23 1782St. John'sMichael LAWSONAmy GRADDIE

Dec 23 1782St. John'sPeter GORDON, bachelorAnn PHILLIPS, spinster

Dec 25 1782St. John'sJohn WIDDECONMary KENNEDY

Jan 4 1783St. John'sArthur DUNNAnn MADDOX

Jan 6 1783St. John'sMarmaduke HARTSusanna WINTERS

Feb 3 1783St. John'sJohn PETLEYAnn DRINKWATER

Feb 19 1783St. John'sJohn CAREYBridget TOBIN

Feb 22 1783St. John'sHenry MORANAnn DONOVAN (alias BARRY)

Mar 4 1783St. John'sJames HARDYHonour WALL

Mar 23 1783St. John'sMichael NEALHannah GLASSON

Apr 5 1783St. John'sWilliam ?PENDERGRASS (looked like DENDERGRASS)Sarah KING

Apr 28 1783St. John'sJames VINCEOM? (?VINICOM)Grace Ann NOORICH?

May 7 1783St. John'sWilliam YOUNG, 71st RegimentElizabeth GOSS?

June 9 1783St. John'sAnthony STEWARTSusanna SCARBROOK

Jul 10 1783St. John'sJohn LYNCH, sergt ?Alsna/Alfna?? RegimentElizabeth HANLAND

Jul 28 1783St. John'sThomas WHISKEYEleanor GILCHRIST

Sep 7 1783St. John'sAnthony CORBETMary POTTLE

Oct 14 1783St. John'sWilliam RYANJoan POWER

Oct 16 1783St. John'sDennis FITZGERALDMary CANNON

Oct 26 1783St. John'sJames CONDONElizabeth MADDOX

Oct 27 1783St. John'sWilliam BORING?Mary (SURNAME NOT GIVEN)

Oct 28 1783St. John'sWilliam BARTHAM,
lieutenant of Artillery
Hannah WILLIAMS, spinster
Should be William BENTHAM. He was from Canterbury, Kent. Hannah Williams was the daughter of George Williams and Mary Monier
Nov 5 1783St. John'sGeorge CHAUNTERAnn VINACOM

Nov 9 1783St. John'sNicholas HALLMary ENGLISH

Nov 16 1783St. John'sJames KOUGHBridget FLARITY, widow

Nov 17 1783St. John'sPatrick FRENCHElizabeth WILLIAMS

Nov 20 1783St. John'sJoseph PIPPEYMary ?NAROWSMORE (?NORMORE), Bellisle

Nov 24 1783St. John'sCharles BROWNMary HAMMOND

Dec 1 1783St. John'sJames ENGLISHElizabeth GORAN, widow

Dec 1 1783St. John'sCanel/Carel? DALYMargaret LOT

Dec 9 1783St. John'sJohn HARDINGMary HORWOOD

Dec 16 1783St. John'sJohn MUNYMary DICKENS

Dec 18 1783St. John'sJames KELLYEleanor HELLAND

Dec 22 1783St. John'sWilliam WYETMary Ann ARMSON

Dec 22 1783St. John'sMichael POWERElizabeth EARL

Dec 23 1783St. John'sMaurice HURLEYElizabeth KELSON

Dec 23 1783St. John'sJohn HIGGINS?Katherine KEHOE?

Dec 24 1783St. John'sDennis McGRATHAnn ASH

Jan 1 1784St. John'sFrancis KINGJane HORWOOD

Jan 1 1784St. John'sJohn CANOLElizabeth COLEBERT

Jan 10 1784St. John'sEdmund DOYLEAnn GRAVES

Feb 21 1784St. John'sWilliam COMERFORDRebecca MURPHY

Apr 2 1784St. John'sWilliam WELCHAnn PERRY

Apr 15 1784St. John'sWilliam HENNAGEMary GILL

Apr 26 1784St. John'sJohn POWERMary CONNERS, widow

Apr 27 1784St. John'sThomas BRACEBridget DICKENS

May 8 1784St. John'sThomas WALKERElizabeth NASH

May 27 1784St. John'sDavid DUGGANMary WALL

Jul 19 1784St. John'sWilliam McinnonMary CLAYThomas Buffett, John Sawer?
Aug 22 1784St. John'sThomas TILLEYJane JEFFRIESMichael Little, Mary Dameral
Sep 30 1784St. John'sAndrew MOTTJane RADFORDHenry Mitchell?, John Barker?
Mar 15 1785St. John'sPeter GEDDES, sergt, Royal ArtilleryEleanor DRUMMOND, widowJohn Montgomery, G. Henderson
May 3 1785St. John'sWilliam DWYERMary DREWThomas Tilley, John Sawer?
Jul 20 1785St. John'sJohn Stiles LEIRJane HUTCHINGSGeorge Hutchings, G. John'stone
Aug 21 1785St. John'sJoseph Thomas STIRLINGCatherine DERRYLuke McGrath, William Stephens
Oct 9 1785St. John'sMorris LONGJudith RYANHenry Connell, John Undry
Oct 11 1785St. John'sJohn KEEFMary KENNEDYLuke McGrath, James Sherry
Oct 30 1785St. John'sWilliam BROWNE, drum major, 37th RegimentElizabeth MITCHELLJames McLean, Ann Conners
Nov 6 1785St. John'sJoseph JUDLEITH?Ann PRESTONJames McLean, Ann Conners
Nov 11 1785St. John'sSamuel PITTMANElizabeth WHELANGeorge Chanter, William Glanith
Nov 20 1785St. John'sSamuel GOSSElizabeth MARTINJohn Tapper, Samuel Goss
Nov 26 1785St. John'sFrancis FRANCIS (sic!)Elizabeth HARVEY?William Harvey, Edward Hiscock
Dec 10 1785St. John'sJoseph Oakley STONEAnne PHILLIPSHenry Phillips, Jane Phillips
Jan 9 1786St. John'sWilliam DANSONElizabeth ROWESarah Prim, Hugh Rowe
Feb 14 1786St. John'sJames ARMOURElizabeth BROWNThomas Greenhalgh?, Walter Arnsbury
Mar 30 1786St. John'sGarrett QUIGLEYMary BRAZIL, spinsterJ. Mullins, Robert Rowzell
June 2 1786St. John'sWilliam WHITTENJane PETTENHenry Suton?, Robert Whitten
June 5 1786St. John'sWilliam COPEMary PRENDERGASTWilliam Conran, Margaret Walsh
Aug 17 1786St. John'sJames LAWMary HICKEYMary Barrett, James Curilly?
Oct 8 1786St. John'sSimon BROWNEGrace WHITTENA. Hinkston, F. Otto
Oct 9 1786St. John'sJames POWERAnn CAULJohn Undry, Joseph Gill
Oct 15 1786St. John'sRichard JEWITTEleanor MacCARTNY

Nov 10 1786St. John'sJames OATHE?Katherine FORANJohn Cahill, Thomas Tilley
Nov 21 1786St. John'sGeorge STONEJudith HAMMONDCharles Bown/Burn? (no other)
Nov 28 1786St. John'sPeter WINTEREleanor NEALEdmond Kenney, Anthony Winter
Dec 1 1786St. John'sWilliam MORISON?Ann KNIGHTMichael Knight, Daniel Campbell
Jan 10 1787St. John'sJames BRINEMary HUTCHINGSDominick Coke, George Hutchings
Feb 5 1787St. John'sPhillip SEXTONElizabeth RICHARD, widowDavid Morrel (no other)
Apr 8 1787St. John'sJohn MacBURNEYMargaret NASHThomas Walker, James Sheppherd
Apr 9 1787St. John'sJohn FLOODCatherine WELSHJ. Williams, S. Tulsham
May 5 1787St. John'sJohn WADDLESTONJane KINGJohn Horwood, John Bleaksley
May 7 1787St. John'sJohn MACURDYHarriet QUIGLEYJ. Macurdy, Richard Reed?
Oct 15 1787St. John'sWilliam EACOTT?Bridget DWYERWilliam Dwyer (no other)
Oct 18 1787St. John'sJohn RENNELLAnne GILLRichard Gears?, Sarah Gill
Oct 29 1787St. John'sElias LANGDONMary Ann MOLONYJohn Maundy, Martin Delaney
Nov 16 1787St. John'sSamuel ANGELJane JERRARDRobert Whitten, James English
Nov 19 1787St. John'sJohn TAPPERElizabeth HAYNESJohn Tapper, Robert Tremblett
Nov 23 1787St. John'sJonathan BRADYHannah COXRobert Westcott, Samuel Goss
Dec 31 1787St. John'sHugh HAMLINMary GREENSLADEThomas Willcocks, Michael Bulley
Feb 5 1788St. John'sJames BRINEMary DUGGANJohn Undry, Thomas Keho
May 19 1788St. John'sJohn STONEMANMary CONNERS, widowBridget Kough, Margaret Fling
June 7 1788St. John'sJames ELLIOTTKatherine HANNING

June 12 1788St. John'sRobert BURVILJane PROPER/PROSER/PROFER?John Owen, E. McCartey
Oct 13 1788St. John'sEdward ANGEL, Petty HarbourAnn BIDGOOD, Petty Harbour

Oct 5 1788St. John'sJohn MORRISEleanor HAYEWilliam Haye, Thomas Haye
Nov 17 1788St. John'sJames CLANCEYElizabeth FLEMMINGMary Price, Walter Price
Nov 10 1788St. John'sThomas MARTINMary BRACEThomas Brace, James Dickens
Nov 17 1788St. John'sNicholas JERRYDorothy MARTINJane Rendle, Robert Westcott
Nov 24 1788St. John'sJohn DAMBRELLJane WHITTENJohn Sawer, Richard Barnes
Dec 2 1788St. John'sThomas WAKEHAMElizabeth PEGRAMJohn Sawer, Thomas Todridge
Dec 3 1788St. John'sThomas Bulley TAYLORSarah LAKEMAN, widowWilliam Stannige, John Undry
Dec 8 1788St. John'sEdward MATHENS? (?MATTHEWS), Petty HarbourAnn KENNEDY, Petty Harbour

Feb 10 1789St. John'sWilliam BROWN, drummerJennet FULTON

Feb 28 1789St. John'sGeorge HUTCHINGSMary WILLIAMS, spinsterHannah Bentham, Eliza Hutchings
Mar 4 1789St. John'sHugh GRADYCatherine BARY

June 18 1789St. John'sWilliam PERRYMANJane PITTMAN, widowAnn Downing, James McDonald
May 21 1789St. John'sJohn STEWARTMary SOUTHIANThomas Southian, Adam McGlashen?
May 25 1789St. John'sJohn MUMFORDElizabeth GREYJohn Sawer, Edward Matthews
Jul 5 1789St. John'sGeorge GADEN, merchantEmma THISTLE, spinsterWilliam Gaden, Peter W Thistle
Dec 22 1789St. John'sJames DICKENSHannah SHEPPHERDJohn Calver, William Prendergast
Nov 10 1789FerrylandPeter ROMNEY, EsquireDorcas Augusta KEITHE

Jan 16 1790St. John'sAndrew THOMSONMargaret BROADRICKJ. Gaden, E. Rennell
Feb 20 1790St. John'sJohn WRIGHTEleanor WELSHJohn Undry, ?Bar. Walsh
Feb 23 1790St. John'sRichard BARNESMary DOUGHERTY, spinsterSarah Bulley, John Livingston
Mar 21 1790St. John'sJames BARNESElizabeth QUINTAN, spinsterAnn THOMAS, Eliza PHILLIPS(married with consent of parents)
Apr 27 1790St. John'sWilliam CLARKElizabeth BOWER

May 2 1790St. John'sJoseph SMITH? (SNELL?)Margaret SHAEWilliam Brownlie, Samuel Brien
Aug 8 1790St. John'sJohn LEATCatherine FLINGRobert Paul, John Barnes
Aug 25 1790St. John'sBryan McGINNISCatherine SPELLINGJohn Livingstone, John Lockshaft?
Oct 7 1790St. John'sMichael DALYSarah HARDINGJeremiah Daly, Matthew Shuhan?
Oct 24 1790St. John'sEdward CHAIFFEMary CONSTANTINE

Oct 25 1790St. John'sJames PICOJane ALLEN

Nov 9 1790St. John'sJohn HENEBURY, Quidi VidiJane CADWELL, Quidi VidiJohn Cadwell, Elizabeth Fling
Dec 21 1790St. John'sWills? Terry EFFORD, Petty HarbourMary HILLIER, Petty HarbourRichard Brace, Mary Putham
Dec 22 1790St. John'sHenry MATTHEWS, Petty HarbourAnastasia SINNOTT, Petty HarbourJohn Undry, John VIDIHCOMB?
Jan 10 1791St. John'sBenjamin TAPP, Broad CoveElizabeth TUCKER, Portugal CoveRobert Tucker, Mary Burke
Jan 22 1791St. John'sJohn WILLIAMSSarah BIDGOODElizabeth Bulley, Phillip Bidgood
Feb 4 1792St. John'sJohn BARNESSarah STOKESJohn Undry, Dennis O'Brien
Aug 19 1792St. John'sWalter QUIN?Mary BROPHYThomas Skinner, John Undry
Aug 20 1792St. John'sRichard PERCHARDMary Grigg POLIAN?John Undry, Jas. Dougherty
Sep 10 1792St. John'sGeorge ELLIOTTDinah WAKEHAMPhilip Helpman, Elizabeth Wakeham
Oct 24 1792St. John'sJames HALBERTIN?/HABBERTINMary LINCH?Richard Bowden, John Barry
Oct 24 1792St. John'sWilliam MARSHALLSarah SHEPPHERDRichard Bowden, Henry Winsor
Nov 11 1792St. John'sEdward BENNETTAnn EVANSWilliam Anderson, Hannah Hobbs
Nov 22 1792St. John'sJames PARSONS?Mary BLUNSIL?Alexander Long, John Undry
Dec 4 1792St. John'sThomas CARWELLMary HINCKS?John Pendergast, John Undry
Aug 4 1793St. John'sRichard MacKENTIREMary PINEJohn Connor, Catherine Murphy
Nov 17 1793St. John'sJohn STREET, merchant(not given) BULLEY, spinsterRobert Bulley, Jon. Ogden
"Tues 19 1793"St. John'sJames RYANMargaret SKEHANJames Ryan, Timothy Skehan
Nov 25 1793St. John'sDaniel MELVINNancy WEBBERWilliam Monson, Richard Bowden
Dec 2 1793St. John'sJames CADWELLMary NEARYRichard Freland, James Dickens
Nov 23 1793St. John'sWilliam CHEAP?Jane UNDRYThomas Chafe, John Undry
MARRIAGES between Dec 2 1793 & Feb 24 1796 are MISSING.
Feb 24 1796St. John'sJohn COUGHLANMary FITZGERALDEdmond Fitzgerald, John Bar?
June 2 1796St. John'sJohn BROPHYAnne? DICKENSMary Ogden, Michael Little
June 25 1796St. John'sRobert BOLLARD?, Esquire, bachelorMary COLBOURNE, spinsterWilliam Colbourne, Robert Bollard
Sep 30 1796St. John'sDaniel MURRAINSarah NOSARY (NOSEWORTHY)Richard Hales?, Mary Murray
Oct 25 1796St. John'sHenry John'sONJane GREENSLADEJohn John'son, John Undrey
Oct 29 1796St. John'sRobert DRUNY?Ann CURRAGH?James Knowney?, James K_ppe?
Nov 3 1796St. John'sMichael PENNEYAnne CARRJames Carey, Mary Glenn
Nov 3 1796St. John'sThomas NORRISSarah JENKINSJohn Undrey, Jane Undrey
Nov 4 1796St. John'sRichard BRACEMary ASHJames Dickens, William Brace
Nov 6 1796St. John'sWilliam GARRETTElizabeth PAYNEEdward Bond, Phoebe Harris
Nov 12 1796St. John'sWilliam GOUGER (?GOODYEAR)Isabella MITCHELLGeorge Marshall, William Mitchell
Nov 12 1796St. John'sWilliam POWERMary FURLONGMatthew Furlong, James Flinn
Nov 13 1796St. John'sJames NEAYLEGilian ANTHONYWilliam Pendergast, James Skehan
Nov 16 1796St. John'sJohn FRYMary ANDREWSMatthew Guswell, Henry Andrews
Nov 19 1796St. John'sWilliam MAYOFrances KINGWilliam Prendergast, Sgt Roger Tohy?
Nov 23 1796St. John'sWilliam KELLY?Eleanor POWERRichard Collins, Sarah F Bosnit
Nov 27 1796St. John'sThomas O'BRIENMary FLUKEYEdward Fahy, John Baver?
Dec 21 1796St. John'sCornelius SWEENEYJane EARLSJames Skugen?, Catherine O'Bryan
Dec 22 1796St. John'sWilliam GIFFORDPatience BUTLERWilliam Barnes?, John Fry
Jan 14 1797St. John'sGeorge ShepperdElizabeth BROPHYJohn Marsh, John Williams
Jan 21 1797St. John'sWilliam SAUNDERSCatherine SIMMONDSAlexander Saunders, John Saunders
Feb 12 1797St. John'sJohn MOORECatherine COLLINSElizabeth Polio?, Bryan W Simmonds
Feb 21 1797St. John'sWilliam ANTONYMary HISCOCKDavid Duggin, Eliza Mooley?
Feb 26 1797St. John'sJames NORRISMargaret MAHONEYMartin Carrol, Anastasia Mahoney
Feb 27 1797St. John'sJohn MACURDY, surgeonElizabeth BULLEY, spinsterRobert Bollerd, Andrew Crofton
Feb 29 1797St. John'sThomas DUNNBridget PHEALENJames Barron, William Power
Apr 10 1797St. John'sCornelius MAYHER?Ann MAHONEYWilliam Mahoney, Mary Mahoney
Apr 10 1797St. John'sJohn BRETTAnn GRINVILG. Collins, Man.u Connor
May 14 1797St. John'sThomas STACKBridget ANDERSONJames Byn?, Mary Bundy
May 14 1797St. John'sThomas BROWNEElizabeth LONGJohn Briffin, John Undry
May 16 1797St. John'sGeorge QUIGLEYSarah HAMMONDDennis Scott, Elizabeth Armstrong
June 27 1797St. John'sWilliam PRENDERGASTMary CAREY? (or CASEY?)Thomas Matthews, John Bovey/Barry?
Jul 9 1797St. John'sWilliam THOMES/THOMAS?Elizabeth NOUNTFORD?Jacob Thomas, Ann Sparkes
Jul 10 1797St. John'sJames KEEFEMargaret CASEY?Mary Healy, Edmund Healy
Aug 3 1797St. John'sJames CASHINJoan FARMERCharles Froake?, Catherine Walsh
Aug 12 1797St. John'sBenjamin GIBBSAnn MURRAYWilliam Heffernen, Hester Dowling
Sep 19 1797St. John'sWilliam LYNHAMAnn SQUIRESJoseph Butler, Dorothy Lynham
Oct 22 1797St. John'sRichard HILLMary JORDENThomas Martin, John Undry
Nov 2 1797St. John'sPeter WISEMANElizabeth KNIGHTMichael Knighty?, John Clement
Nov 3 1797St. John'sJames Pattel/Pettel? JONESRebecca BUTLERGeorge Brace, Rachael Butler
Nov 21 1797St. John'sJames HENDERSON, Royal Nfld Regt.Sarah GASONJohn Undry, William Gastson?
Nov 23 1797St. John'sThomas SMARDONJane BUTLEREdmond Bored?, John Undry
Nov 23 1797St. John'sJohn GRIFFITHSHannah LONGThomas Prowse, John Undry
Nov 30 1797St. John'sFrancis PETTENHannah KELLIERRichard Keller, John Undry
Dec 1 1797St. John'sChristopher MARTINAnne FIELDElizabeth Gopper?, Gaius Partridge
Dec 15 1797St. John'sDaniel McCAWLEYHester DENNINGJames Vinicombe, Jane Denning
Dec 18 1797St. John'sNicholas GILE? (?GILL)Elizabeth GILE? (GILL?), spinsterGeorge Burton, Francis Gill
Jan 14 1798St. John'sJohn DURHAM?Elizabeth BURKEJohn Undry, A. Welsh
Feb 12 1798St. John'sSimon SOLOMONSarah THOMASPatrick Murrin?, A. Welsh
Feb 12 1798St. John'sNicholas METCALF?Ann MILLARJohn Undry, Robert Canege?
Apr 9 1798St. John'sJohn WILLIAMS(not given) LIVINGSTON, widowMary Williams, Mary Hutchings
Apr 9 1798St. John'sFrancis FREEAnn COXNath. Phillips, Elizabeth Roberts
June 3 1798St. John'sRobert PARSONSRachel WILLSWilliam Masters, Anthony Stewart
June 3 1798St. John'sSamuel CANEMary BUKE?/ BULE?Martin Pottle, John Cox
Jul 2 1798St. John'sJohn LITTLEJoanna BOWERSStephen Shergill, William Clarke
Aug 20 1798St. John'sJames JANESElizabeth POLLOPhillip Coles, Gervais Grossand
Aug 27 1798St. John'sThomas CLARKEElizabeth LAMBARDThomas Donlen?, John Bounds
Sep 4 1798St. John'sJoseph NOELSarah WOODFINESarah Viddicombe, Samuel Phiskas
Sep 20 1798St. John'sSamuel WHITESarah BRIGHTJohn Undry, William Campion
Oct 24 1798St. John'sJohn ADAMSSarah MATTHEWSWilliam Webb, John Chant
Nov 13 1798St. John'sGeorge BRACE JRJane FRYRichard Brace, Mary Brace
Nov 15 1798St. John'sWilliam SQUIRESElizabeth COXSamuel Woodley, Thomas Cox
Nov 19 1798St. John'sWilliam QUINTONSusannah SHEPHERDMary Andrews, Henry Shepherd
Nov 26 1798St. John'sThomas STEERSFrances BRYANRobert Brine, Robert Hewson
Nov 28 1798St. John'sRobert HORWOODAnn MUCKFORT (MUGFORD)Thomas Horwood, Ann Horwood
Dec 13 1798St. John'sFrancis Tibohelievre?, Lieut., Royal Nfld Regt.Jane LeBRITON, spinster

Oct 31 1798St. John'sSamuel WASHERElizabeth SQUIRESGeorge Tuck, Ann Mugford
Dec 14 1798St. John'sJames RIXJohanna ADAMSRobert Courage, James Welshman
Jan 10 1799St. John'sChristopher ANGELAnn HORWOOD? (HARWOOD?)Richard Horwood, Robert Horwood
Jan 17 1799St. John'sJoseph GILLElizabeth CHANCEYJames Gill, Samuel Chancey
Mar 28 1799St. John'sJames LILLYElizabeth ROBERTSRobert Tremblett, George Lilly
Apr 11 1799St. John'sWilliam BRANSCOMBEElizabeth BARNESAgnes Haye, James Melledge?
Sep 4 1799St. John'sMichael McDONALDMargaret PAULRalph Gladstone, Mary Gladstone
Sep 8 1799St. John'sRobert RADFORD, Royal ArtilleryAnn BARNESRobert Hewson, Thomas Skinner
Oct 10 1799St. John'sDaniel NEWELElizabeth BENSONJohn Jones, Mary Moors
Nov 8 1799St. John'sEdward HISCOCKRebecca ANTHONYJohn Gill, Mary Petten
Nov 11 1799St. John'sJohn KINGCatherine POTTLEHoward Pottle, Joan Vinicombe?
Nov 12 1799St. John'sJohn LAMBMary NEWMANJohn Shea, Eleanor Shea
Nov 15 1799St. John'sJohn COOKMargaret DOYLEJames Anderson, John Cook
Dec 16 1799St. John'sGeorge MARSHALLAnn EARLEPhillip Marshall, Michael Rowe
Jan 1 1800St. John'sThomas CHAFFEElizabeth WHITTENWilliam Masters, Henry Chafe
Jan 20 1800St. John'sRobert NORMOREMary KENTJohn Brophy, Michael Knight
Jan 28 1800St. John'sGeorge LILLY?Mary Ann ROBERTS, spinsterWilliam Shea, Sarah Cox
Feb 10 1800St. John'sChristopher BLACKBURNMary BUTLERS. Cullins, F. Blackburn
Mar 3 1800St. John'sThomas SKEANE?Lucy? WIMBLEJohn Undry, James BUN?
May 13 1800St. John'sEdward BROWNCatherine ADAMSMaria Mackie, William Humfrey
May 21 1800St. John'sThomas WILLIAMSMargaret McCARTYCatherine Bulger, Mary Bulger
Aug 12 1800St. John'sJames BERNARDPatience CHURCHILLMary Cadwell, Thomas Cadwell
Oct 21 1800St. John'sSamuel WATERSAnn CHALKJohn Broom, Mary Broom
Nov 13 1800St. John'sHenry DASHPAR?Ann CHAFEWilliam Stabb, Mary Williams
Nov 18 1800St. John'sJohn ALESBURYAnn CHURCHILLThomas English, Mahalah Dower
Dec 15 1800St. John'sJames NEARYAmy HARDINGJohn Harding, Philip Neary
Apr 7 1801St. John'sWilliam GAYBarbara PILLEYJames Wills, Robert Cross
Apr 30 1801St. John'sJohn EVANCE, 66th Regt.Martha JOICEJohn Howard?, Mary Dunne
Apr 11 1801St. John'sWilliam CADWELLElizabeth MARCHAL (MARSHALL)James Cadwell, Robert Cross
June 17 1801St. John'sAbraham TAVENERSusannah BLUNDEN? / BLANDEN?Robert Brine, Thomas Stares
Aug 2 1801St. John'sWilliam KINGHonour POTTLEJohn King, Mary Connors
Aug 11 1801St. John'sJohn LANG? (LONG?)Amy STOKES?John Martin?, John Barnes
Sep 10 1801St. John'sHenry JACKSON, merchant, Trepassey(n/g) WARNE, spinsterMary Broom, Thomas Williams
Sep 23 1801St. John'sWilliam TATAM, Lieut., R. NavyCatherine KEATING, spinsterDavid Duggin, Margaretta Keating
Oct 13 1801St. John'sPeter HAMMONDElizabeth SQUIRESThomas Hardy, George Hobbs
Oct 17 1801St. John'sRichard UNDREYMary PAULJohn Teaf?, Mary Paul
Oct 22 1801St. John'sSolomon GOSSCatherine PHELENSamuel Goss, Jeremiah Melonney
Oct 22 1801St. John'sThomas William SKINNER, Lieut., Royal Artillery(n/g)* WILLIAMS, spinsterGeorge Williams (Father), Thomas Skinner* "Ann ?" added by another hand
Oct 20 1801St. John'sGeorge GARLAND(n/g) COX, spinsterJohn Bell, George Winter
Oct 31 1801St. John'sThomas SNELLGROVEMary HARDINGJames Brine, Sarah Payne
Oct 31 1801St. John'sRoger PICO, Portugal CoveJane SQUIRES, Portugal CovePeter Hammond, James Purcell
Nov 3 1801St. John'sJohn SQUIRES, TorbayElizabeth SUMMINGTON, TorbayJohn Pepper, William Woodley
Nov 5 1801St. John'sDaniel McKURDYHannah FITZGERALDBridget Fitzgerald, Richard Rowe
Nov 9 1801St. John'sJohn UNDRYPhebe SNOWJohn Undry, Joanna Nicol
Nov 9 1801St. John'sRichard CHURCHILLDorothy EALESJohn Churchill, George Marshall
Nov 10 1801St. John'sSamuel LEACHMartha HEADDaniel Newel, John Undry
Nov 23 1801St. John'sWilliam BOLTSarah KNIGHTMichael Knights, John Undry
Nov 23 1801St. John'sJohn STIRLING, surgeon (Navy), HMS LA CONCORDEIsabella KINGPat Hunter, Eliza King, Dominick King
Nov 30 1801St. John'sRutton?/Ratton? MORRIS, clergymanRachel BUTLERNathan Parker, William Barnes
Dec 5 1801St. John'sPeter WINSORSarah PAYNEElizabeth Gascott, Francis Payne
Dec 5 1801St. John'sMichael COGANMary BARNESJ. Devine, W. Bryan
Dec 13 1801St. John'sThomas WILLIAMS, merchant(n/g) BROOM, spinsterGeorge Williams, Alex. Cormack
Dec 18? 1801St. John'sJohn TAPPER, TorbayCharlotte BROXFATE?Mary Anthony, William Walsh
Dec 17 1801St. John'sJohn MURREN, Conception BayMary Ann WOODFINE, Conception BayDaniel Murrin, Ann Dallen?
Dec 29 1801St. John'sPatrick LAWLER?, sgt, 66th Regt.Winifred CURRANElizabeth Skinner, Mary Devine
Jan 1 1802St. John'sJohn CHAPPEL?, St John'sEleanor WATTS, St John'sElizabeth Murphy, James Watts
Jan 25 1802St. John'sGeorge Winterfield FULL, purser, HMS PLUTOCatherine SPELACEY, spinsterLuke Maddock, Mary Maddock
Feb 26 1802St. John'sRobert ELLIOTT, corpl., 66th Regt.Ann HEFFERNAN, St John'sWilliam Adair, M. Edwards
Feb 26 1802St. John'sJacob WOODFINE, St John'sJane JORDAN, St John'sGeorge Brace, George Jorden
Mar 16 1802St. John'sRobert MILLER, Portugal CoveEmma HARVEY, Portugal CoveJohn Harvey, Joseph Miller
Mar 21 1802St. John'sChristopher ANGEL, Petty HarbourAnn SPARKS, St John'sGrace Horwood, Martha Thomas
May 2 1802St. John'sJohn SPRYSarah WIDDICOMBERichard Spry, Michael Gill
May 5 1802St. John'sRobert PERRAM, Royal Nfld Regt.Eliza HILLJohn Jones, George Gastmont?
May 20 1802St. John'sPatrick BARRON, sgt, 66th Regt.Elizabeth SKINNERJames White, Patk. Lawlor
June 3 1802St. John'sWilliam MORRISY, HMS TREPASSEY (cutter)Mary WARDGeorge Walsh, Thomas Stokes?
Jul 7 1802St. John'sHenry LOVER?, St John'sSarah NORRIS, St John'sJohn Bishop, James Belbin
Jul 14 1802St. John'sJohn COX, TorbayElizabeth GREENSLADE, TorbayThomas Norton, Peter Jones
Oct 18 1802St. John'sJohn KEMBER?, Lieut., 66th Regt.(n/g) COX, spinsterW. Cox, Thomas Skinner
Oct 31 1802St. John'sJames REIDIsabella WATTSJ. Gethings?, T. Pitts
Nov 2 1802St. John'sThomas PENNYEleanor CUMMERFORDThomas Comerford, John Undry
Nov 24 1802St. John'sGaius PARTRIDGECatherine MOORERichard Everrard, Robert Cross
Dec 3 1802St. John'sJoseph MILLERElizabeth CHURCHILLMichael Churchill, William Somerton
Dec 29 1802St. John'sSamuel CHAFFEMary MARSHALLDavid Marshall, John UndryMary Marshall was the daughter of David & Amy Marshall
Jan 3 1803St. John'sRobert TUCKERPatience BUTTJohn Squires, John Undry
Mar 29 1803St. John'sRobert BUSSEYSarah BEASTANTJames Stickley/Stuckley?, Robert Courage
May 17 1803St. John'sThomas KNIGHTFrances BRADBURYJohn Undry, Daniel Campbell
Aug 23 1803St. John'sJoseph WILLIAMSON, purser, HMS IRISAnn Brine, spinsterThomas Skinner, Robert Brine
May 24 1821*St. John'sThomas Gunnill LANGHORNE, bach, clerk, WarwickCaroline McKIE, spinster, St John's
NOTE: this entry is chronologically out of order, unless year should have read 1812
June 18 1812St. John'sJoseph HOLLOWAY, bach, St John'sAnne MORRIS, (n/g), St John'sWilliam Hampton, Seth Buckler
June 19 1812St. John'sSimon Floyd MASTER, schooner REBECCAMary MURPHY, St John'sJohn Clayne?/Claque?, G W Rippley
June 30 1812St. John'sWilliam Kelland MOORE, bach, St John'sCharlotte GRIFFIN, spinster, St John'sCharles Stacey, George Kelland
Jul 22 1812St. John'sThomas HOUGHTON, bach, St John'sMargaret ROWLAND, spinster, St John'sStephen Woodward, Joanna Bolland
Sep 12 1812St. John'sJohn John'sON, bach, Outer CoveJane MORTON, widow, Outer CoveJames Reef, Mary Bay
Oct 4 1812St. John'sJames HYNE, widow, St John'sEleanor MORREIN?, spinster, St John'sJohn Widry?, John Crapman
Oct 13 1812St. John'sJames SHEPPARD, widower, St John'sMary BURKE, spinster, St John'sHenry G Jersey, Samuel England
Oct 28 1812St. John'sJohn HENNEBURY, widower, Quidi VidiAnne CURRIDGE, spinster, Quidi VidiMargaret Sievier, John Aguaresy?
Oct 31 1812St. John'sCharles HARRIS, bach, Northern BayElizabeth MEADOWS, spinster, Northern BayWilliam Petten, Emma Picco
Nov 5 1812St. John'sMichael WALSH, bach, St John'sMary SIMMS, (n/g), St John'sHenry Simms, Samuel Farley
Nov 8 1812St. John'sJohn COX, Pouch CoveJane THISTLE, Pouch CoveJohn Paine, Anne Newell
Nov 10 1812St. John'sWilliam THOMAS, widower, St John'sMary BARRETT, spinster, St John'sIsabella Mier?, James Reed
Nov 21 1812St. John'sEdward CHEAF (CHAFE), bach, Petty HarbourElizabeth WILLIAMS, spinster, Petty HarbourSidney Angel?, Ann Mary Constantine
Nov 26 1812St. John'sJohn CARNELL, bach, TorbayHannah HARRIS, spin, St John'sRobert Hewson, Sarah Harris
Nov 30 1812St. John'sThomas CALLAGHAN, bach, BellisleAnne Fitzgerald, St John'sTimothy Murphy, John Kavanagh
Dec 7 1812St. John'sWilliam MILTON, bach, St John'sMary GREENSLADE, widow, St John'sThomas Drew, Eleanor Drew
Dec 8 1812St. John'sHenry ALLEN, bach, Portugal CoveMary CHURCHILL, spinster, Portugal CoveRichard Churchill, Anne Fry
Sep 30 1812St. John'sJohn BUNTING, surgeon, HMS COMETElizabeth ANGEL, spinster, St John'sSusanna Williams, Sarah Angel
Dec 24 1812St. John'sWilliam PILLY, bach, St John'sJane HAWKINS, spin, St John'sStephen Pilley, Michael Pilley
Dec 26 1812St. John'sJames CURTIS, bach, St John'sElizabeth BAKER, spinster, St John'sJames Barnes, Mary Hamlin
Dec 31 1812St. John'sEdward SNOW, bach, St John'sJane GALLSKIN?/GATHSHER?, spinster, St John'sMary Lake, Mary Karrol
Jan 19 1813St. John'sJoseph BILBY, sergeant, Nova Scotia Regt.Margaret BEA?, spinster, St John'sMary Anderson, H.H. Gren?
Mar 11 1813St. John'sJames CLIFT, Esq., bach, St John'sFlora SHANNAN, spinster, St John'sJesse Shannan, A. Pritcher
Apr 12 1813St. John'sWalter CAREW, bach, St John'sMary MYLES, spinster, St John'sLionel Chancey, Philip Dunn
Apr 19 1813St. John'sJohn CORF, bach, St John'sRuth JACOB, spinster, St John'sBenjamin Jacob, John WalshWith consent of parents
Apr 29 1813St. John'sLachlan MacCLEAN, bach, St John'sElizabeth MYLES, widow, St John'sThomas McDonel, Elizabeth Prowse
May 4 1813St. John'sJohn MacDONALD, bach, St John'sSarah CLAYLONEY?/CHAYLONEY, spinster, St John'sJohn Kines?, Bridget MacDonald
May 29 1813St. John'sJames BARNES, bach, St John'sMary HAMLYN, spinster, St John'sRobert Rayford?, James Watson
June 6 1813St. John'sWalter POWER, bach, fisherman, St John'sHonor HARTY, spinster, St John'sJohn Clark, Mary Caddigan
Jul 2 1813St. John'sRobert MACKAY, sergt., Nova Scotia RegtElizabeth McMULLEN, spinster, St John'sRobert McCullagh, John Smith
Aug 11 1813St. John'sJames BLAIKIE, Esq., bach, St John'sSarah GADEN, spinster, St John'sJoseph F Crawford, L. Fergus
Sep 1 1813St. John'sAbraham NEVE, bach, St John'sMary MEAGHER, spinster, St John'sJames Meagher, John Paine
Sep 5 1813St. John'sThomas Alyer WILLIAMS, widower, St Marys, DevonBridget HICKEY, spinster, St John'sW Firth, Richard Perchem
Sep 14 1813St. John'sMichael McCABE, private, Nova Scotia Regt.Catherine MAHON, spinsterJacob Samson, John McNab
Sep 23 1813St. John'sHenry WINDSOR, widower, St John'sEleanor ANDERSON, spinster, St John'sEliza LeMessurier, Harriet P Hutchings
Sep 24 1813St. John'sRichard COLLINS, bach, St John'sCatherine DAY, spinster, St John'sMartin Thomas, John Paine
Sep 20 1813St. John'sThomas CHILD, bach, St John'sSusannah BESSITT, spinster, St John'sCatherine Driscoll, Thomas Ryall
Oct 3 1813St. John'sJames SYLVESTER, bach, carpenter, St John'sMary CARROLL, spinster, St John'sWilliam Byrne, Michael Abraham
Oct 27 1813St. John'sThomas HOPE, bach, Master of brig MAID OF TILIC?, Gross? Canonby?, Cumb.Mary Ann MATTHEWS, spinster, St John'sAnn Laughe, Ann Pension
Nov 2 1813St. John'sBenjamin GOLDSWORTHY, bach, private, Nova Scotia Regt, St John'sElizabeth TAGGARTY, spinster, St John'sReuben Galton, John Critch
Nov 7 1813St. John'sArchibald MacCORQUODALE, bach, Kildridge?, AyrshireLaura JONES, spinster, Carnavan, WalesJane Paterson, Robert Cowley
Nov 23 1813St. John'sGilbert WIDDICOMBE, bach, St John'sJane DAMBRILL*, spinster, St John'sThomas Coyell, Ann Wakeham* ?? Alternate form of DAMERAL
Nov 23 1813St. John'sJohn DANIEL, bach, tailor, St John'sCatherine MEAGHER, spinster, St John'sMichael Michen?, William Carend?
Nov 24 1813St. John'sJames SILVEY, bach, St John'sWinifred WALSH, spinster, St John'sJames Stickley/Stuckley?, John Stickley/Stuckley?
Nov 24 1813St. John'sThomas CARROLL, bach, St John'sAnn ROBERTS, spinster, St John'sGeorge Brace, William Widdicombe
Nov 24 1813St. John'sLawrence GRANT, bach, St John'sMary HORTON, spinster, St John'sLionel Chancey, William Meaney
Nov 27 1813St. John'sMoses BROWN, bach, corporal, Nova Scotia Regt.Ann LARAMORE, spinster, St John'sAndrew Laramore, Thomas Brown
Nov 28 1813St. John'sPeter HEAD, bach, sailor, (not given)Anne GREENLANER?, spinster, St John'sJohn Miles, Thomas G ?Sunland/Garland?
Dec 7 1813St. John'sHugh HAMLIN? JR, bach, St John'sMary GREENSLADE, spinster, St John'sHenry John'son, Mary Hamlin
Dec 29 1813St. John'sWilliam EVANS, bach, merchant, St John'sMaria PARSONS, spinster, St John'sThomas Parsons, Susanna Winter
Jan 1 1814St. John'sJames RIFFIN, Acting Bombadier, Royal Artillery, St John'sJane MILES, spinster, St John'sJohn Rottric?, Martha Rottric?
Jan 6 1814St. John'sCharles LIVINGSTON, Esq., bach, St John'sJessie SHANNAN, spinster, St John'sJohn Furze, Robert Carter
Feb 1 1814St. John'sMatthew GUSWELL, bach, St John'sElizabeth GOFF, spinster, Portugal CoveMatthew Guswell, Tryphena Goff
Feb 2 1814St. John'sSolomon GOSS, (n/g), TorbayElizabeth GRISHY, spinster, TorbayThomas Dooly, Michael Ryan
Feb 16 1814St. John'sRobert ANDREWS, bach, Port de GraveJemima ROSSITER, spinster, DevonshireJohn Ray/Roy?, Jane Andrews
Apr 20 1814St. John'sJames PRIDAM, bach, St John'sJane FIELD, spinster, TorbayNath. Woodley, John Hiller?/Hellen?
May 2 1814St. John'sMartin LANNON, fish, St John'sEleanor SWAIN, widow, St John'sJohn Nowlan, Mary Nowlan
Jul 5 1814St. John'sJohn THORPE, bach, St John'sSarah BALLARD, spin, St John'sTheoph. Steward, Carson Coleburgh?
Aug 13 1814St. John'sJames FINLEY, bach, Halifax NSSarah NURSE, spinster, St John'sMary D. Chancey, Thomas Nurse
Sep 6 1814St. John'sJames KEEFE, widower, Outer CoveMary RAY, widow, Outer CoveJohn Hellen/Heller?, John John'son
Sep 28 1814St. John'sRichard RIDEOUT, bach, St John'sRachael PORTER, spinster, Long PondSimon Mitchell, Eric Coughlin
Oct 20 1814St. John'sGeorge FOX, bach, St John'sSusanna KELLY, spinster, St John'sThomas Ryall, Susanna Williams
Nov 4 1814St. John'sRichard PACK/PARK?, bach, St John'sMary CLEMENTS, spinster, St John'sMargaret Sievier, John Shillen?
Nov 5 1814St. John'sJohn GROVES, bach, TrinityClara PARDY, spin, n/gPatrick Fitzgerald, Jane Ready
Nov 7 1814St. John'sRichard TUCKER, bach, Broad CoveMary Ann SQUIRE, spin, n/gJohn Tucker, Robert Tucker
Nov 8 1814St. John'sJames CHURCHILL, bach, Portugal CoveMary POWER, spin, St John'sAbigail Marshall, William Earle
Nov 11 1814St. John'sJohn DRISKELL, bach, Toads CoveMary BLACKLER, spin, Toads CoveSamuel Blackler, Sylvester Jas?
Nov 18 1814St. John'sWilliam FLINN, bach, St John'sCatherine DOUCEY?, spin, St John'sThomas Ware, John Hellen/Heller?
Nov 25 1814St. John'sJohn HARVEY, bach, Portugal CoveFrances EARLE, spin, Portugal CovePhilip Marshall, John Heller?
Nov 26 1814St. John'sJohn Miclenan?, St John'sMary JEFFERS, St John'sThomas Williams, Merrianne Williams
Dec 2 1814St. John'sGeorge SOMERTON, bach, Portugal CoveMary SWEENEY, spin, Portugal CoveWilliam Anthony, Mary Somerton
Dec 12 1814St. John'sWilliam EARLE, bach, Portugal CoveMary SOMERTON, spin, Portugal CoveTryphena Goss, William Somerton
Dec 28 1814St. John'sHenry HIBBS, bach, Portugal CoveElizabeth POWER, spin, St John'sGeorge Somerton, Simon Churchill
Jan 12 1815St. John'sJohn DICK, bach, sailmaker, St John'sMary CORBETT, spin, St John'sThomas Walker, Marie Saunders
Jan 28 1815St. John'sLieutenant Francis HANTLERN?, bach, C.O. Royal Artillery, St John'sEliza Anne DEAN, spin, St John'sMary Ann Brooking, A H Brooking
Feb 6 1815St. John'sJohn MITCHELL, bach, "? Butcher" added, St John'sAnne MARCH, spin, St John'sAmelia Solomon, Mary Anderson
Feb 7 1815St. John'sWilliam THOMSON, Harbour GraceDiana ROBERTS, St John'sMary D. Chancey, Agnes M. Keith
Feb 7 1815St. John'sGeorge STONEMAN, bach, St John'sAnne GUSWELL, spin, St John'sMatthew Guswell, Tryphena Goss
Feb 7 1815St. John'sThomas WALKER, bach, St John'sAnne WAKEHAM, spin, St John'sJames Lilly, James Brine
Feb 23 1815St. John'sEdward MARSHALL alias Peter FISHER, bach, St John'sMary Anne HAMILTON, widow, St John'sWilliam Briggs, John Crapman
Mar 27 1815St. John'sJohn CRODE?, bach, St John'sMary Anne TUCKER, spin, St John'sJane Brown, George Smith
Mar 28 1815St. John'sRichard FIELD, n/g, TorbayMargaret WALSH, spin, St John'sKeith Woodley, John Heller/Hellen?
Apr 17 1815St. John'sWilliam STEVENS, bach, St John'sMary RUSSELL, spin, St John'sJoseph Russell, John Walsh
Apr 24 1815St. John'sRichard WOODS, bach, St John'sMargaret MOODY, widow, St John'sGarnett Dooley, Anne Woods
May 23 1815St. John'sRichard NOBLE, BrigusMary WHEELER, Green BayMichael Timins, John Totenham
June 10 1815St. John'sWilliam STONEMAN, bach, St John'sCatherine ROBERTS, spin, St John'sRobert Job, Sarah Burtch?
Jul 10 1815St. John'sHumphrey LOGAN, bach, St John'sJane BROWN, spin, St John'sElizabeth Brown, Jesse Bords?
Aug 22 1815St. John'sWilliam TUCK?, widower, R. Sappers & Miners, St John'sMary ALLEN, spin, St John'sJohn Mail?, Thomas Longe
Aug 25 1815St. John'sWilliam MITCHELL, bach, St John'sMary EAGEN, spin, St John'sCharles Mitchell, Ellen Barry
Nov 4 1815St. John'sJohn BRIDGEMAN, bach, St John'sJane SHEARS?, spin, St John'sJohn Shears, Charlotte Anderson
Nov 7 1815St. John'sBenjamin JEFFERS, bach, St John'sElizabeth PILLY, spin, St John'sRobert Sears, Henry Phillips
Nov 12 1815St. John'sEdward BRADBURY, n/g, Portugal CoveJane HARVEY, spin, Portugal CoveJohn Hellen?, John Mitchell
Nov 14 1815St. John'sWilliam CHURCHILL, Portugal CoveBridget STUKLEY/STICKLEY?, Portugal CoveAnn Walsh, Mary Kennedy
Nov 29 1815St. John'sSamuel WILSON, bach, St John'sMary HAMMOND, widow, St John'sJohn Heller?, Elizabeth Mentihions?
Dec 6 1815St. John'sElias GREALY, Portugal CoveMary Anne CHURCHILL, Portugal CoveWilliam Earle, Elizabeth Sweeney
Dec 11 1815St. John'sAlfred Andrew ARMSTRONG, n/g, lieutenant, Royal Nfld Regt, St John'sSophia Hannah HARRIS, spin, St John'sThomas R Harris, Maria Martil?
Dec 12 1815St. John'sJohn CHURCHILL, Portugal CoveEmma ALLEN, Portugal CoveThomas R Harris, Maria Mackle?
Dec 13 1815St. John'sGeorge MILLER, Portugal CoveMary DICKENS?, St John'sTryphena Goff (prob Goss), John Purcill

Name in RecordDescription of error / additional informationMy Name
LeLIEVRE Dec 13 1798: (bride Jane LeBriton) Groom should read: Francis Tito Lelievre. Correction from who cited a historial document with the correct spelling. Allan Temple Beagan
IRWIN Aug 19 1792: groom's name was "Walter ?QUIN" (bride Mary Brophy). His name should be: WALTER IRWIN. These are my 5th g-gp. Joanna Hosteny
CARNELL Nov 26 1812: John Carnell who married Hannah Harris was from Tor Bay, Devon, England - not Torbay, NF. Dave Carnell

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