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Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. Mary's Anglican Church (Southside)

Marriages 1859 - 1867

PANL: Volume 27
The information was transcribed by JILL MARSHALL ~ May 2002 from the microfilm on loan from the Church of JC of LDS Library, Utah, USA. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

Corrected or updated since original posting

Marriage Date Marriage Place Groom Bride Witnesses Research Notes
July 21 1859St. JohnsWilliam GIBSON,bach, St JohnsJane PALK, spin, St JohnsGeorge Palk, Sarah Ann Walters
Nov 23 1859St. JohnsWilliam BROWN, bach, Harbour GraceJane NOSEWORTHY, n/g, St JohnsJames Noseworthy, Frances Stidstrom
Nov 29 1859St. JohnsThomas HIBBS, bach, Portugal CoveIsabella ROBERTS, spin, St JohnsCharles Roberts, Mary Ann Roberts
Feb 21 1860St. JohnsWilliam HOLLETT, bach, St JohnsRebekah SHEAVES, spin, St JohnsRichard Sheaves, Ann Hawkins
May 22 1860St. JohnsRobert John COLLETT, bach, St JohnsRhoda Grace EARLE, spin, St JohnsHenry Cooke, Frederick ChafeRobt John Collett was the son of James Harnum COLLETT & Maria CHAFE, and the grandson of Samuel CHAFE & Mary MARSHALL
Aug 5 1860St. JohnsWilliam KINGSTON, widower, St JohnsMary Jane HARRIS, widow, St JohnsJohn Blackler, Grange T. Webber
Aug 5 1860St. JohnsJohn BLACKLER, bach, St JohnsAnn WEBBER, spin, St JohnsWilliam Kingston, Mary Jane Kingston
Oct 3 1860St. JohnsJohn BOWDEN, bach, St JohnsCatharine Payne MADDOCK, spin, Shaldon, DevonshireJames Goldsworthy, Jane Bowden
Oct 3 1860St. JohnsJohn BARRETT, bach, Old Perlican TBElizabeth TILLEY, spin, Old Perlican TBJames Barrett, Catharine Gooby
Nov 3 1860St. JohnsWilliam BEARD, widower, St JohnsCatharine MASON, spin, St JohnsJohn Beard, Amelia Beard
Nov 8 1860St. JohnsWilliam PETT (VETT*), bach, Rodby, DenmarkElizabeth WEBBER, spin, St JohnsAlfred Kent, Mary Jane MARTINDescendant Jane Vett-Rogers states "the surname should be spelled as VETT. As well, children were baptized as VETT".

*children were consistently baptized to William & Elizabeth VETT
Nov 20 1860St. JohnsJames MELLEY, bach, St JohnsElizabeth FURZE, spin, St JohnsPriscilla Hitchcomb (Edgecombe), John Furze
Nov 22 1860St. JohnsRobert SHAW, bach, St JohnsBelinda Jane CHAFE, spin, Petty HarbourSamuel Shaw, Elizabeth Warren
Jan 1 1861St. JohnsWilliam Henry PRIOR, bach, St JohnsMary Jane MARTIN, spin, St JohnsThomas Tucker, Samuel J. Boone
Feb 12 1861St. JohnsGeorge Theodore THOMPSON, bach, St JohnsJessie Eliza COYELL, spin, St JohnsThomas Coyell, Victoria Thompson
May 11 1861St. JohnsAdam Curren SKEFFINGTON, bach, BonavistaJane BROWN, spin, St JohnsMary LeMessurier, Alexander "Couson? - illegible"
May 16 1861St. JohnsWilliam CROAKER (COAKER), bach, St JohnsElizabeth Eliza FORD, spin, St JohnsHenry Ford, Mary Jane Croaker (Coaker)He possibly son of Jonas Coaker; she dau of John Ford & Elizabeth Ebsary
Aug 1 1861St. JohnsWilliam John MILNER, bach, Clerk in Holy Orders, Kensington, Middlex, EnglandHester Williams Wynn JONES, spin, St JohnsFanny Pearson, William Pearse
Sep 19 1861St. JohnsJohn Henry JACKSON, bach, St JohnsLucy WADMAN, spin, St JohnsRobert John Collett, Mary LeMessurier
Nov 2 1861St. JohnsThomas CRICH?, bach, St JohnsElizabeth MASH, spin, St JohnsJohn Tarrant, Mary Ann Tarrant
Dec 26 1861St. JohnsWilliam Nicholas NOSEWORTHY, bach, St JohnsMartha HARRIS, spin, Harbour GraceWilliam Henry Rowe, James Deran?/ Dran?
Dec 29 1861St. JohnsJoseph COOK, bach, St JohnsMary Jane COAKER, spin, St JohnsWilliam Coaker, William Cook
Jan 19 1862St. JohnsWilliam WEATHERDON, bach, St JohnsHannah HUNT, spin, St JohnsRobert Guest, Elizabeth Kingston
Apr 3 1862St. JohnsGeorge Augustus GARLAND, bach, St JohnsPatience Amelia WHITTEN, spin, St JohnsWilliam Whitten, Phoebe Garland
Apr 21 1862St. JohnsWashington Hill WINSER (WINSOR), bach, St JohnsHarriet Allen CHAFE, spin, St JohnsMatilda Chafe, Sarah Mary Ball WinserHe was b 1840 Aquaforte, the son of Henry WINSOR & Ann COULMAN; she was the dau of Jacob CHAFE & Harriet CHAFE, the g-dau of Samuel CHAFE & Mary MARSHALL, and the g-gd of David & Amy Marshall.
June 8 1862St. JohnsJohn PYNN, bach, St JohnsRachel BURSELL, widow, St JohnsElizabeth Pynn, Henry Whitten
July 6 1862St. JohnsRobert GUEST, bach, St JohnsElizabeth KINGSTON, spin, St JohnsWilliam Kingston, Isabella Webber
July 6 1862St. JohnsRobert SMITH, bach, Manuels, Conception BaySarah Hannah WILLIAMS, widow, St JohnsHenry Ford, Elizabeth CoakerHe was the son of Robert SMITH Sr & Providence TILLEY; she was the dau of John FORD & Elizabeth EBSARY, and was previously married to John Samuel Robert WILLIAMS.
Aug 18 1862St. JohnsJohn BARNES, bach, ?Hampwell, Norfolk, EnglandAmelia SQUIRES, n/g, Topsail, Conception BayHenry Wakley (Wakeley), Rachel Fagner
Oct 30 1862St. JohnsGeorge SKINNER, widower, St JohnsSarah PENTON, spin, Joe Batts Arm, Notre Dame BayEdwin Wilcox, Stephen Reed
Nov 10 1862St. JohnsJohn Thomas HAWKINS, bach, St JohnsMary Ann WATKINS, spin, St JohnsAbel Watkins, Martha Jane Watkins
Nov 14 1862St. JohnsPatrick MOONEY, bach, St JohnsJoanna LYNCH, spin, Harbour GraceThomas Gould, Sarah Gould
Nov 18 1862St. JohnsAlbert STIRLING, bach, TwillingateSusan PEYTON, spin, TwillingateJohn Mortimer, Emma MortimerHe was the son of William STIRLING & Emma MAYNE; she was the dau of John Peyton JR & Eleanor Mehaney, and the g-dau of John PEYTON Sr & Anne GALTON.
Nov 28 1862St. JohnsWilliam James WHITTEN, bach, St JohnsSarah HENNESSEY, spin, St JohnsDiana J/T? Whitten, Sarah Ann WhittenShe was the dau of Robert HENNESSEY & Patience HODGE, and the g-dau of John HODGE & Jane SQUIRES
Dec 1 1862St. JohnsWilliam Henry COOK, bach, St JohnsMary Sophia STROUD?, spin, St JohnsSamuel Colton, Jane StroudHe was the son of John COOK Jr & Hannah DAMERALL
Dec 11 1862St. JohnsWilliam BARTLETT, bach, St JohnsBelinda Jessie FORD, spin, St JohnsHenry Cooke, Louisa Ford
Dec 18 1862St. JohnsPeter Cox, bach, St JohnsMary GUZZELL (?GUZZWELL), spin, St JohnsWilliam Guzzell, Robert Temple
Dec 20 1862St. JohnsCharles John MAJOR, bach, St JohnsElizabeth SEYMOUR, widow, St JohnsSelina Ellis, Henry Ellis
Jan 26 1863St. JohnsJohn BREVIN, bach, Plymouth, EnglandAnn CADWELL, spin, St JohnsEliza Collins, I. Collins
May 6 1863St. JohnsThomas WALLIS, bach, St JohnsJane FRENCH, spin, St JohnsWilliam Smale, Susanna Wallace
May 31 1863St. JohnsCharles GOMN?, widower, St JohnsAnastatia SWEENEY, spin, n/gStephen Fowler, Amelia Reid
July 30 1863St. JohnsPeter NICKLESEN, bach, Copenhagan, DenmarkRachel Frances BOONE, spin, St JohnsSamuel J. Boone, Louisa Bowden
Aug 16 1863St. JohnsAlexander CANDOW, bach, Tickle Cove, Bonavista BayAmelia WALTERS, spin, St JohnsSarah Ann Walters, Fanny Mary Smith
Oct 15 1863St. JohnsGeorge William RICHARDS, bach, St. AnthonyMary Ann TUCKER, spin, Port de GraveHenry Tucker, Grace Norman
Oct 18 1863St. JohnsEdward BROOKING, bach, St JohnsJane STROUD, spin, St JohnsSamuel Colton, Susan Wills
Oct 25 1863St. JohnsEdwin CURTIS, bach, St JohnsSarah BOLT, spin, St JohnsJohn Bolt, George Reed
Nov 23 1863St. JohnsPeter WOOD, widower, St JohnsElizabeth Sarah Balson, spin, St JohnsJohn Balson, Sarah White
Nov 26 1863St. JohnsRichard PUDDICOMBE, bach, St JohnsAnnetta REED, spin, St JohnsHenry Cooke, Emma Blackler
Dec 2 1863St. JohnsThomas BLACKLER, widower, St JohnsSelina Amelia BELLOWS, spin, St JohnsSamuel J. Boone, Sarah Selby
Jan 1 1864St. JohnsWilliam SNOW, bach, St JohnsRosanna Elliott? WHITTEN, spin, St JohnsJohn Whitten, Elizabeth Vavasour
July 3 1864St. JohnsAustin SHEPPARD, bach, St JohnsSusannah HICKS, spin, St JohnsWilliam Harvey, Eliza Crosman
July 5 1864St. JohnsWilliam Albert STRANGER, bach, St JohnsJessie Clift EWING, spin, St JohnsJames M. Ewing, Madeline Long
July 5 1864St. JohnsJohn COWAN, bach, St JohnsHelen ELLIS, widow, St JohnsJ.O. Frazer, Emma Long
July 6 1864St. JohnsGeorge SKINNER, bach, St JohnsSarah WOOD, spin, St JohnsW.G. Gale, Elizabeth Sarah Wood
Sep 3 1864St. JohnsHenry WARD, bach, Manchester, EnglandSarah FURZE, n/g, St JohnsJohn Furze, Hannah Marshall
Oct 19 1864St. JohnsAugustus William HARVEY, bach, St JohnsElizabeth WALKER, spin, St JohnsCharlotte Medley, George Reed
Nov 8 1864St. JohnsJohn PRINCE, bach, Bonavista BayMartha BROWN, spin, Bonavista BayJoseph Brown, Ann Brown
Dec 3 1864St. JohnsJohn BOVEY, widower, St JohnsEliza REED, spin, St JohnsHenry W. Seymour, Sophia Bursell
Dec 7 1864St. JohnsJohn WALKER, bach, BrigusMary ROBERTS, spin, BrigusWilliam Roberts, Jane Roberts
Feb 23 1865St. JohnsWilliam STARES, full age, bach, St JohnsElizabeth Emma STARES, full age, spin, St JohnsMary K. Stares, George Reed
Oct 11 1865St. JohnsHenry ELLIS, full age, bach, St JohnsEmily PINKHAM, full age, spin, St JohnsWilliam Pinkham, Charlotte Medley
Oct 31 1865St. JohnsJohn BOWDEN, full age, widower, Green BaySusanna TILLEY, full age, spin, KelligrewsJames Grey, Fanny TilleySusanna Tilley was the dau of George TILLEY & Eliza TAYLOR
Nov 8 1865St. JohnsJohn FURZE, full age, bach, St JohnsMary SHEEHAN, full age, spin, St JohnsSamuel Furze, Neassy Furze
Nov 9 1865St. JohnsRobert PRINCE, full age, bach, Bonavista Bay(bride's name omitted), full age, spin, Bonavista BayWilliam Greening, Mary Prince
Nov 16 1865St. JohnsWilliam REED, full age, widower, St JohnsMary ELLIS, full age, spin, St JohnsHenry James Bartlett, Amelia Reed
Dec 6 1865St. JohnsJohn Gladstone TESSIER, bach, St JohnsIsabella STEER, spin, St JohnsMary Jane Steer, James Carter Tessier
Jan 1 1866St. JohnsRobert Henry WILLS, bach, St JohnsSusanna FRAMPTON, spin, St JohnsJohn Frampton, Emma Watkins
May 20 1866 (Whitsun Day)St. JohnsHenry WHITTEN, bach, St JohnsClara BUCKLER, spin, St JohnsJohn Buckler, Diana Whitten
July 22 1866St. JohnsJohn Henry EBSARY, full age, bach, St JohnsElizabeth PYNN, full age, spin, St JohnsWilliam E. Hatchett, Jessie Emma Ebsary
Sep 21 1864 (?1866)St. JohnsWilliam MOORE, bach, St JohnsSusanna WILLIAMS, spin, St JohnsWilliam Westcott, Andrew Ramsey
Oct 16 1866St. JohnsJohn BOGAN, full age, bach, Belfast, IrelandAnn SHEA, full age, spin, St JohnsJohn Flynn, Rebecca Hollett
Nov 10 1866St. JohnsJames Lewis DUCHEMIN, full age, bach, St JohnsMary Joseph BRIEN, full age, spin, St JohnsJames Stott, Clara Duchemin
Feb 10 1867St. JohnsJoseph HOOKEY, bach, TrinitySusannah HENSEY (?HENNESSEY), spin, Port de GraveJacob H. Morris, Sarah Ann Whitten
Oct 12 1867St. JohnsJohn HEIRD, bach, St JohnsEmma LEDREW, spin, Cubits (Cupids)Tobias LeDrew, Elizabeth Heird
Aug 1 1868St. JohnsHenry Allen MCBRIDE, n/g, sea captain, Cornwallis, Nova ScotiaCatherine DUNN, spin, St JohnsThomas Withycombe, George Brannen
Aug 12 1868St. JohnsGeorge ROWLAND, n/g, accountant, St JohnsJane Kelso HUIE, spin, St JohnsThomas Long, A. Ellis
Aug 24 1868St. JohnsWilliam WOODCOCK, n/g, gentleman, Hearts Content, Trinity BayElizabeth Sophia THOMPSON, spin, London, EnglandJames Bartlett, George Sydney Gregory
Dec 17 1868St. JohnsJacob CHAFE, bach, Petty HarbourMary Ann MILES, spin, St JohnsFord Winsor, Henry Pearce
June 14 1869St. JohnsBenjamin COX, bach, Pouch CoveAmelia REED, spin, St Johns S.George Reed, Catharine Stone
Oct 13 1869St. JohnsJoseph NELDERS, bach, cook and steward, St JohnsSarah Ann WHITE, spin, St JohnsEdward White, Isabella Adams
Dec 8 1869St. JohnsJohn Churchward BIBBINGS, bach, St JohnsEliza Louisa TAYLOR, spin, St JohnsEdmund Taylor, Bessie Harris
Dec 8 1869St. JohnsJames WARRICKER, bach, painter, St JohnsElizabeth Ann TAYLOR, spin, St JohnsEdward Warren, John C. Bibbings
Jan 26 1870St. JohnsJohn GRUCHY, widower, St JohnsMary Jane GUSHUE, widow, St JohnsMartha Webber, Joseph Pippy
Feb 26 1870St. JohnsEdwin Walter BENNETT, widower, St JohnsLouisa Ann RENOUF, widow, St JohnsCharlotte Phillips, George Boyles
May 5 1870St. JohnsEdward Thomas Cook WARREN, bach, St JohnsEliza BLACKLER, spin, St JohnsWilliam Blackler, Elizabeth Winsborrow
May 26 1870St. JohnsFrederick Wills ATWILL, bach, St JohnsMary Jane LESTER, spin, Fair Mead NFJohn Lester, G.H. Harper
Jul 30 1870St. JohnsLuke BIDGOOD, bach, Petty HarbourElizabeth LEE, spin, Petty HarbourEdward Warren, Ellen Nora Cousens
Aug 21 1870St. JohnsWilliam Wallace BULMER, bach, Saint John NBBridget KENNEDY, spin, Petty HarbourMary Jane Crouch?, Leonard Back
Sep 30 1870St. JohnsMoses REED, bach, St JohnsPrudence ROGERS, spin, St JohnsJoseph Stringer, Sarah Rogers
Jan 3 1871St. JohnsJames Thomas FANNING, bach, St JohnsRebeccah Leah WEBBER, spin, St JohnsG.T. Webber, Nicholas Cousens
Jan 10 1871St. JohnsWilliam STABB, widower, St JohnsSarah Elizabeth SCAPLIN, spin, St JohnsJ. Howe, William B. Stabb
Jan 17 1871St. JohnsRobert Rose ROBERTS, bach, St JohnsMarcella Elizabeth WHITTEN, spin, St JohnsWilliam Roberts, Elizabeth Ann Roberts
Feb 1 1871St. JohnsEdward COAKER, bach, St JohnsMary SEARLE, spin, St JohnsEli Dwyer, Elizabeth Ann Smith
Apr 10 1871St. JohnsWilliam LONDON, bach, St JohnsEmma HEATH, spin, St JohnsElizabeth Browning, Thomas R. Cairns
June 21 1871St. JohnsHorace M. HERBERT, bach, Barr'd Isl. NFEliza ROLLS, spin, Barr'd Isl. NFHenry LeMessurier, J.R. Winter
June 21 1871St. JohnsJohn ROLLS, bach, Barr'd Isl. NFEmily FURNEAUX, spin, ChannelJames Rolls, Charles LeMessurier
Jul 16 1871St. JohnsJacob BENDLE (BENDELL), bach, St JohnsMary Elizabeth COOLIN, spin, Halifax, Nova ScotiaMartha Lander?, Emma T. Bendle
Oct 26 1871St. JohnsThomas PERRY, bach, Exploits Burnt IslandMary Elizabeth ROBERTS, spin, St JohnsEdwin Hoare, Margaret Nicholls
Nov 7 1871St. JohnsJoseph HANCOCK, bach, Little Harbour, Bonavista BayMary Anne PECKFORD, spin, GreenspondHenry Brown, Mary Jane Cole
Nov 20 1871St. JohnsGeorge REID, bach, South SideAmelia BEAR, n/g, Freshwater BayDaniel Bear, Elizabeth Whitten
Nov 25 1871St. JohnsWilliam Henry WHITTEN, bach, South SideSarah DENNING, spin, Port de GraveJames F. Denning, Eliza Whitten
Nov 30 1871St. JohnsElias Thomas TUCKER, n/g, plumber, Saint John'sEliza Caroline WHITTEN, spin, South SideJohn Hammond, Sarah Ann Tucker
Jan 1 1872St. JohnsJohn CORNICK, bach, St Johns*Jane WITTEN (WHITTEN), spin, St JohnsCharles Witten, Thomas Cornick*John Frederick Cornick was from Dorset, England; Jane Whitten was b June 6 1850 Petty Hr, the dau of George WHITTEN & Mary Ann CHAFE.
Mar 31 1872St. JohnsHarry Maxted VIDLER, bach, Rye, Sussex, EnglandEmma Templeman BENDLE (BENDELL), spin, St JohnsWilliam Bendle, Martha Bendle
Apr 5 1872St. JohnsHenry Joseph VAVASOR, bach, cooper, St JohnsJane YOUNG, spin, St JohnsHugh Vavasor, Amelia Bishop
Aug 14 1872St. JohnsJames ROLLS Junior, bach, merchant, Barr'd Isld.Maris ROUSE, single woman, St JohnsMaria Rouse, W.R. Stirling
Sep 10 1872St. JohnsPeter BARR, bach, Greenock (Scotland)Sophia KINGSTON, spin, St JohnsWilliam Kingston, Selina Ann Kingston
Oct 2 1872St. JohnsBenjamin VERGE, n/g, mariner, TrinityMary Ann WITTEN (WHITTEN), spin, Saint JohnsFanny Witten, George W. Chafe
Oct 4 1873St. JohnsMoses REID, widower, South SideMary Jane ANTLE, spin, St JohnsGeorge Reid, Emily Jane Mills
Oct 12 1873St. JohnsThomas Mundon BEARNS, bach, St Johns ("farmer" added in another hand)Margaret LINEGAR, spin, St JohnsC.F. Brocklehurst, George Reed
Oct 25 1873St. JohnsJames WHITE, bach, TrinityMary Ellen GOSSE, spin, TrinityTryphenia Etheridge, Martin White
Nov 26 1873St. JohnsWilliam GUZZLE (?GUZZWELL), bach, St JohnsLydia WILLIAMS, spin, Bay BullsJames E. Williams, William Kielley
Dec 8 1873St. JohnsGeorge SMITH, widower, Cupitts CB (Cupids)Fanny ANDREWS, spin, St JohnsWalter Williams, Isabella Andrews
Dec 20 1873St. JohnsWilliam DAWE, bach, St JohnsNaomi FURZE, spin, St JohnsEliza Roberts, Samuel Dawe{Naomi Furze remarried 1879 to William Marshall of Glasgow, Scotland}
Jan 14 1874St. JohnsHenry JURE (Henry William JEWER), bach, ExploitsMaria NIXON, spin, St JohnsThomas Nixon, Margaret Ellen Blackler
May 30 1874St. JohnsMark HOWELL, bach, Dorsetshire, EnglandCaroline ROBERTS, spin, St JohnsJames Roberts, Levinia Bartlett
June 21 1874St. JohnsNathaniel ROBERTS, bach, South Side St JohnsPhoebe NEWHOOK, spin, TrinityWilliam Roberts, Samuel DawePhoebe Newhook was b Nov 26 1851 Trinity, the dau of John NEWHOOK & Harriet CURTIS
Jul 6 1874St. JohnsWilliam Jonas Barter STABB, bach, St JohnsHenrietta Caroline Hoyles EMERSON, spin, St JohnsGeorge Reed, Jno. W. West
Jul 15 1874St. JohnsSamuel WINSOR, bach, Devonshire, EnglandElizabeth BOLT, spin, St Johns, RiverheadJohn Bolt, John Jocelyn
Nov 13 1874St. JohnsAugustus SIMMS, bach, St JohnsElizabeth STEVENSON, single woman, St JohnsAlexander Stevenson, William A. Stranger
Nov 19 1874St. JohnsPeter Wilson LEMESSURIER, bach, St JohnsFanny Mary HUTCHINGS, spin, St JohnsGeorge LeMessurier, M.G. Lash
Dec 6 1874St. JohnsEdward Ashton LESTER, bach, Fair Mead near St JohnsFanny WHITTEN, spin, St JohnsJohn Eales Lester, Charles Whitten
Dec 19 1874St. JohnsGeorge Burgess WHITTEN, bach, St JohnsElizabeth Ann LESTER, spin, Fair MeadJohn Lester, Sarah WhittenElizabeth Ann LESTER was b Oct 20 1849, the dau of John LESTER & Mary Grace EALES (per Randy Whitten)
Feb 4 1875St. JohnsWilliam John BARNES, bach, St JohnsEllen Nora COUSENS, spin, St JohnsEdward Cousens, Charles Barnes
June 6 1875St. JohnsJames WILCOX, bach, Bay RobertsCaroline FRENCH, spin, Coleys PointEdmund Squires (one witness only)
June 14 1875St. JohnsWilliam THOMSON, bach, Strawberry Farm near St JohnsMargaret WARD, spin, Harbour GraceMary Jane Ward, John McKenzie
Jul 6 1875St. JohnsNeil MacKeller MACDOUGALL?, bach, St JohnsLaura Jane COLTON, spin, St JohnsJohn Colton, Cyrus Warren
Aug 1 1875St. JohnsGeorge CARSON, bach, St JohnsSusannah Andrews ROBERTS, spin, St JohnsWilliam Wright, Eliza Roberts
Aug 23 1875St. JohnsWilliam Oliver ROUSE, bach, St JohnsAnna WINSBORROW, spin, St JohnsJames Winsborrow, Charlotte Rouse
Sep 11 1875St. JohnsSamuel James VAVASOR, bach, St JohnsEunice FENIMORE, spin, St JohnsRichard Parsons, Jane Vavasor
Oct 10 1875St. JohnsWilliam READ (REID), widower, Hare Bay Harriett Jane COOK, widow, St JohnsWilliam Bolt, Isabella AndrewsHarriett Jane (nee ANDREWS) Cook was bc Jul 1838 Port de Grave, the dau of William Henry ANDREWS & Susannah SMITH; she was prev md to William COOK of Devon. William REID was originally from Marnhull, Dorset, and was previously married to Grace Andrews.
Dec 1 1875St. JohnsCharles CHAFE, bach, Petty HarbourEliza MARTIN, spin, St JohnsWilliam Frederick Chafe, Charlotte Martin
Feb 24 1876St. JohnsCharles Henry SEYMOUR, bach, St JohnsGertrude WINSBORROW, spin, St JohnsJames Winsborrow, Frederick Seymour
May 5 1876St. JohnsEdwin Clement HIRST, bach, LiverpoolFanny Elizabeth SEYMOUR, spin, St JohnsCharles Ellis, A.H. Seymour
May 11 1876St. JohnsJohn Eales LESTER, bach, St JohnsMary MILLS, spin, BurinT. McCowan, Katie McCowan
May 27 1876St. JohnsJoseph ADAMS, widower, St JohnsCaroline REED, widow, St JohnsJames Moore, William Moore
May 31 1876St. JohnsPeter Frederick LEMESSURIER, bach, St JohnsEmma Mary Seraphina LONG, spin, St JohnsJohn LeMessurier, James Ewing Ellis
June 2 1876St. JohnsJames HIBBS, bach, St JohnsSelina CHURCHILL, single woman, St JohnsMary Power, George Westcott
Oct 16 1876St. JohnsFrancis BACKSTROM, bach, SwedenMary Ann NELDERS, spin, St JohnsJoseph Nelders, Louisa Nelders
Dec 5 1876St. JohnsGeorge MEADEN, bach, BrigusMary ROBERTS, spin, St JohnsJohn Weeks, Susanna W. Chalker
Dec 30 1876St. JohnsNathaniel CHAFE, widower, Petty HarbourJulia Ann SQUIRES, spin, TopsailEmily Smith, William Guzzell
Jan 1 1877St. JohnsJosiah PACK, widower, St JohnsFrances MARTIN, widow, Harbour GraceMary Jane Heath, Albert John Pack
Feb 12 1877St. JohnsWilliam SHEAVES, bach, St JohnsMartha NOSEWORTHY, widow, St JohnsEdwin Hoare, Elfreda Pike
Mar 1 1877St. JohnsCharles George Henry CARTER, bach, TopsailJulia Ann MORGAN, spin, TopsailJulia E. Swansborough, George Read
Mar 24 1877St. JohnsGeorge BUTLAND, bach, St JohnsSusannah Wilmoth CHALKER, spin, BrigusRichard Martin, Euphemia Smith
Apr 7 1877St. JohnsEdward James PHILPOT, bach, Harbour BritonJane Maud? CARTER, spin, St JohnsHarriett E.A. Duder, George Read
June 18 1877St. JohnsGeorge HOLWELL, bach, St JohnsEmma FOSTER, spin, St JohnsDorcas Chafe, Henry George CollisGeorge Frederick Holwell was b 1840 St Johns, the son of John HOLWELL & Elizabeth MARSHALL, grandson of Philip MARSHALL & Jane FRY, & g-gson of David & Amy MARSHALL.
Aug 30 1877St. JohnsSamuel POOKE, bach, Rose BlancheSusan Sarah ROLLS, spin, Mount Dorset, St JohnsJames Rolls, Alice Winter
Sep 1 1877St. JohnsThomas BEAVAN, bach, Swansea, South WalesKatherine KEEFE, spin, St JohnsWilliam Slade, George Reed
Sep 6 1877St. JohnsRichard Randolph POPE, widower, Bay of IslandsMadeline Sarah LONG, spin, St JohnsJessie M. Long, Alexander McKenzie
Oct 4 1877St. JohnsFrederick Henry AXFORD, bach, Bridgwater, EnglandEmma FORD, spin, St JohnsLouisa Ford, J.T. Hunt
Oct 4 1877St. JohnsWilliam MERCER, bach, TopsailLydia HANCOCK, spin, Goose Bay, Bonavista BayJoseph Mercer, Louisa Cadwell
Oct 7 1877St. JohnsJohn Robert THISTLE, widower, St JohnsMary BOON, spin, St JohnsGeorge Reed, George Harris
Oct 7 1877St. JohnsJames ROIL, bach, St JohnsBridget SHEA, spin, St JohnsGeorge Reed, George Harris
Oct 25 1877St. JohnsLeander Nicholas GILL, bach, Tilt Cove*Mary Emma Bradshaw BOYLE, spin, Great PlacentiaWilliam S. Bradshaw, Sarah Boyle*Leander Nicholas Gill died March 16 1892 Tilt Cove, age 55 years.
Nov 19 1877St. JohnsKarl Nicholas STRAHLMAN, bach, St JohnsSusannah CADWELL, spin, St JohnsAbraham Anthony, Henry Crimp
Mar 5 1878St. JohnsWilliam Norman BENDELL, bach, Greenock, ScotlandSophia BENDELL, spin, St JohnsHannah Graham, William BendleSophia Bendell was the dau of William BENDELL & Sophia CHAFE, the g-dau of Jacob CHAFE & Harriett CHAFE, and thru Harriet Chafe, the g-gdau of Samuel CHAFE & Mary MARSHALL
Apr 27 1878St. JohnsJohn MARKs, widower, Kings Cove, Bonavista BayGrace ROARK, widow, St JohnsCharles Roberts, Harriett Mercer
May 30 1878St. JohnsJames Robins STICK, bach, St JohnsEmma Colton KNIGHT, spin, St JohnsJohn Parnell, Annie Tynes Knight
Sep 16 1878St. JohnsAbraham ANTHONY, bach, St JohnsFrances ASPELL, widow, St JohnsSelina Daly, Patrick Daly
Oct 8 1878St. JohnsThomas Westcott COUSENS, bach, St JohnsElizabeth SPENCE, spin, St JohnsHenry Taylor, Jane Craniford
Oct 11 1878St. JohnsNathaniel PIPPY, widower, St JohnsJohanna MARTIN, widow, St JohnsJohn Bragg, Samuel Martin
Nov 5 1878St. JohnsJacob HORWOOD, bach, Quidi VidiEmma Jane HENNEBURY, spin, St JohnsJames Roil Jr, Catharine Nicol
Nov 17 1878St. JohnsNicholas FACEY, widower, CatalinaAmelia CRANE?, widow, St JohnsRobert Stephens, Mary J. Clayton
Nov 23 1878St. JohnsRichard BAGGS, bach, Spaniards BayMary Ann FACEY, spin, CatalinaRobert Stephens, Susan Augusta Pack
Nov 30 1878St. JohnsWilliam WEEKS, widower, Kings CoveElizabeth EDGECOMBE, single woman, CatalinaReuben Edgecombe, Mary Ann Whitten
Dec 1 1878St. JohnsIsaac CRUTCH, bach, St JohnsCatharine Mary PACK, spin, St JohnsJosiah Pack, Susan Pack
Dec 30 1878St. JohnsWilliam ESCOTT, bach, St JohnsMary Ann LEE, widow, St JohnsJohn J. Martin, Elizabeth Martin
Jan 11 1879St. JohnsWilliam MARSHALL, bach, Glasgow, ScotlandNaomi DAWE, widow, St Johns*John Furze, Elizabeth Milley*nee NAOMI FURZE; prev md to William Dawe
Mar 15 1879St. JohnsAlan Pitts EBSARY, bach, St JohnsMary Ann MERCER, spin, St JohnsEdward Mercer, Stephen E. Ebsary
Mar 30 1879St. JohnsWilliam MARTIN, bach, St JohnsMary Jane DYMOND, spin, St JohnsThomas Voysey, Elizabeth Dymond
Apr 25 1879St. JohnsThomas Henry HALE, bach, St JohnsMaria Forde COLLIS, spin, St JohnsPeter McLarty, Alice McLarty
May 7 1879St. JohnsAzariah BALDWIN, bach, St JohnsJessie Lavinia KING, spin, St JohnsAlfred King, James Baldwin
Aug 7 1879St. JohnsMatthew THOMAS, widower, Freshwater RoadVirtue Ann HUSSEY, spin, Freshwater RoadWilliam Roberts, Charles Thomas
Oct 5 1879St. JohnsHenry NIXON, widower, St JohnsFanny Elizabeth PAYNE, spin, St JohnsEmily Taylor, Maria Jane Reed
Oct 20 1879St. JohnsIsaac DAW, bach, Port de GraveElizabeth ROBERTS, spin, Upper GulliesWilliam S. Pike, Susannah Benmore
Nov 4 1879St. JohnsHenry George COLLIS, bach, St JohnsDorcas CHAFE, spin, St JohnsShannon M. Clift, Henry Chafe
Dec 7 1879St. JohnsJoseph MORRIS, bach, Trinity HarbourChristiana CROCKER, spin, Trinity HarbourJacob Morris, Emma Morris
Dec 10 1879St. JohnsWilliam Simmons PIKE, bach, St JohnsFanny Mary ROBERTS, spin, St JohnsWilliam Roberts, Roseanna Roberts
Jan 6 1880St. JohnsJohn William CUMMING, bach, St JohnsFanny Elizabeth COUSENS, spin, St JohnsJ.H. Cousens, Lucy L. Cousens
Jan 11 1880St. JohnsJohn Thomas WHITTEN, bach, St JohnsJessie TUCKER, spin, St JohnsHenry Craniford, Elizabeth Mary Hammond
Feb 5 1880St. JohnsEdwin Bennett MCDOUGALL, bach, St JohnsPriscilla Maria LEMESSURIER, spin, St JohnsEmily LeMessurier, Alexander McDougall
May 19 1880St. JohnsAlfred Charles PACK, bach, Bay BullsAnn WHITE, spin, Bay Bulls Big PondJohn Whitten, Jane White
Nov 13 1880St. JohnsLevi PRINCE, bach, Seal Cove BBElizabeth GREENING, spin, Musgrave Town BBDaisy Winton, W. Winton
Nov 30 1880St. JohnsCharles MARTIN, bach, St JohnsSarah Ann WESCOTT (WESTCOTT), spin, St JohnsGeorge Nicholl, Emily Codner
June 23 1881St. JohnsJoseph FERREY, widower, JerseyRosannah ROBERTS, spin, St JohnsWilliam Roberts, Mary E. Milley
Jul 14 1881St. JohnsAllan FINDLATER, bach, TwillingateElizabeth HUMPHRIES, spin, FogoAlice Winter, Edwin H. Berteau
Aug 10 1881St. JohnsWilliam DINGLE, bach, Pas, Cornwall, EnglandAnnetta CRANIFORD, spin, South SideHenry Craniford, Mary E. Cook
Aug 25 1881St. JohnsAzariah BROWN, widower, Spaniards BayBridget BYRNE, spin, Spaniards BayJames Cotterell, Mary Ann Cotterell
Sep 9 1881St. JohnsEric BAARSON, bach, Stavenger, NorwayJane WATERMAN, spin, St JohnsGrace Bragg, Elizabeth Waterman
Sep 2 1881St. JohnsRichard Baxter CROCKER, bach, Griquet NFSelina ALCOCK, spin, Griquet NFG.A. Oakley, William J. Crocker
Oct 15 1881St. JohnsJohn FILLIER, bach, Petty HarbourJane WHITTEN, spin, Petty HarbourHenry Whitten, Mary Ann Whitten
Jan 3 1882St. JohnsWilliam OLIVER, bach, Padston/Padstow?, CornwallMary Jane KINGSTON, spin, St JohnsWilliam Kingston, Sarah Kingston
Jan 12 1882St. JohnsJonathan CHAFE, bach, Petty HarbourMary Jane SULLIVAN, widow, Pouch CoveFrederick Chafe, Thomas Chafe
June 6 1882St. JohnsJames CARROLL, 38, widower, St JohnsEllen Mary FRENCH, 23, spin, St JohnsG. Williams, Hollander Williams
Oct 24 1882St. JohnsWilliam Henry PAYNE, full age, bach, fish, AquaforteCaroline HALL, full age, spin, Freshwater, Bay BullsHenry Hawkins, Catherine Elizabeth Shave (Sheaves)
Nov 11 1882St. JohnsWilliam Thomas HOLLAND, full age, widower, laborer, St JohnsSusannah STRONG, full age, spin, St JohnsJacob Roberts, Mary Ann Martin
Jan 4 1883St. JohnsWilliam GILLION, full age, bach, mate, Orkney, ScotlandMary Louisa FORD, full age, spin, South Side St JohnsHenry Ford, Leah Blackler
Jan 22 1883St. JohnsThomas GETHERALL, full age, bach, fish, Toads CoveMary RYAN, full age, spin, St JohnsPeter W. LeMessurier, Sarah Whitten
Jan 27 1883St. JohnsStephen Elias EBSARY, full age, bach, cooper, South SideSarah KINGSTON, full age, spin, South SideWilliam Kingston, Mary Ann Shephard Kingston
Jan 27 1883St. JohnsThomas NICHOL, full age, bach, storekeeper, South SideLucy CHAFE, full age, spin, South SideGeorge Chafe, Amelia Maria ChafeLucy Chafe was b June 7 1858 Petty Hr, the dau of George Wm Chafe & Harriet Whitten, and granddau of Samuel Chafe & Mary Marshall.
Jan 31 1883St. JohnsWilliam Thomas HILL, full age, bach, grocer, St JohnsLucy WINSBORROW, full age, spin, St JohnsJames Winsborrow, Marion Winsborrow
Jan 31 1883St. JohnsRobert Burgess WHITTEN, full age, bach, fish, South SideMary Elizabeth MILLEY, full age, spin, South SideHenry John Whitten, Keziah Milley
Feb 3 1883St. JohnsWilliam CREAM, 20, bach, cabinet maker, St JohnsEdith GIFFORD, 19, spin, St JohnsMaggie Hickey, John Skeans
Mar 3 1883St. JohnsHenry CREAM, full age, bach, shoemaker, St JohnsSusan Augusta PACK, full age, spin, St JohnsAlbert J. Pack, Elizabeth M. Young
May 30 1883St. JohnsThomas VERGE, full age, bach, fish, St JohnsSarah Ann BABSTOCK, full age, spin, BonavistaJohn Verge, Priscilla Rogers
June 9 1883St. JohnsWilliam WALTERS, full age, bach, seaman, St JohnsTryphenia HISCOCK, full age, spin, TrinityRobert Hiscock, Martha Tibbs
Jul 19 1883St. JohnsJames PATRICK, full age, bach, rope spinner, St JohnsElenora WILLIAMS ("Helen Norah" added), full age, widow, St JohnsRichard Dorey?/Douey?, Charles Hunt
Oct 11 1883St. JohnsWilliam LILY, 24, bach, blacksmith, St JohnsElizabeth CAINS, 22, spin, St JohnsDuncan Parsons, Lydia Smart
Oct 21 1883St. JohnsAlbert STRONG, 29, widower, St JohnsElizabeth Ann BURSEY, 23, spin, Lower Island Cove (Conception Bay)William Hollands, Henry Lewis
Oct 23 1883St. JohnsSamuel HOLLOWAY, 25, bach, Grates CoveAnn Maria SMITH, 24, spin, RandomJohn Vey, Reuben Jeans
Nov 7 1883St. JohnsWilliam Charles MAYO?, full age, bach, farmer, Lazy Bank, St JohnsMary Joseph SHEA, full age, spin, St JohnsEdith Carter, James Wiseman
Dec 12 1883St. JohnsWilliam FRAMPTON, full age, bach, fish, Mundy's PondMary CHISLETT, full age, spin, St JohnsWilliam Bradbrook, Eliza Payne
Dec 16 1883St. JohnsPatrick SUMMERS, full age, farmer, Winsor LakeAmelia WESTCOTT, full age, spin, Winsor LakeWilliam Griffiths, Mary Davis
Dec 22 1883St. JohnsJames EARLEY, full age, bach, sailor, St JohnsLouisa IVEAMY, full age, spin, St JohnsJohn Morris, Sarah Morris
Feb 2 1884St. JohnsJacob VOISEY, full age, bach, wheelwright, St JohnsAnn BUTT, 17, single, St JohnsCharles Perchard, Ellen Madden
Mar 13 1884St. JohnsWilliam Smith COOKSLEY, 24, bach, carpenter, St JohnsMary Ann CHURCHILL, 23, spin, St JohnsGeorge Westcott, Tobias Green
Apr 8 1884St. JohnsJoseph James NEWMAN, full age, widower, carpenter, St JohnsElizabeth Ann REED, full age, spin, St JohnsWilliam Wigate, Sarah Styles
Jul 9 1884St. JohnsGeorge William WEBBER, full age, bach, printer, St JohnsAnnie Jane WILLIAMS, full age, spin, Mundy's Pond RoadPhilip Williams, Susie? Webber
Sep 8 1884St. JohnsJoseph Ephraim CHASE, 23, bach, seaman, Bath, EnglandElizabeth Hill WINSOR, 19, spin, St JohnsHarriett Allen Winsor, Jesse WhitewayElizabeth Hill Winsor was b 18 Jul 1865, the dau of Washington Hill WINSOR & Harriet Allen CHAFE, g-dau of Jacob Chafe & Harriet Chafe, and thru Harriet, the g-gdau of Samuel Chafe & Mary Marshall.
Oct 6 1884St. JohnsDavid EVANS, full age, bach, seaman, Newport, WalesAgnes WHITE, full age, single woman, St Marys Bay NFWilliam Anthony, Elizabeth Anthony
Oct 13 1884St. JohnsGeorge SMITH, full age, widower, laborer, St JohnsCaroline SKANES, full age, single woman, St JohnsWilliam Holland, Celina Billings
Oct 26 1884St. JohnsJohn PIKE, full age, bach, fish, St JohnsLucy Jane STIDSTONE, full age, spin, St JohnsWilliam H Stidstone, Mary Ann SkeanesShe was likely the dau of William & Sarah Stidstone, who resided in the Tilt Cove area 1865-1878.
Oct 28 1884St. JohnsAlfred MATTHEWS, full age, bach, fish, Musgrave Town BBMary Ann PRINCE, full age, single woman, Seal Cove BBJohn Moss, Elizabeth Ann Quinton
Oct 30 1884St. JohnsNathaniel PICCO, full age, bach, fish, Portugal CoveElizabeth MILLER, full age, spin, Portugal CoveRebecca Miller, Emma Miller
Nov 9 1884St. JohnsSamson Ross ROWE, full age, bach, fish, CatalinaLydia SMART, full age, spin, South Side St JohnsWilliam J. Jeans, Sidney Bollen?
Nov 13 1884St. JohnsJohn READ, full age, bach, fish, St JohnsMaria MORAN, full age, spin, St JohnsBenjamin Squires, Charlotte Hatcher
Nov 15 1884St. JohnsSimeon SEWARD, full age, widower, fish, Random SoundPhoebe BAKER, full age, spin, Random SoundSamuel Benson, Annie Baker
Nov 17 1884St. JohnsPhilemon SNOW, full age, bach, miner, St JohnsMartha TIBBS, full age, spin, St JohnsLeonard Taylor, Caroline HiscockPhilemon Edward Snow was the son of Edward SNOW & Patience TILLEY and the grandson of George Tilley & Eliza Taylor; he died 1942 at Dorchester MA
Nov 20 1884St. JohnsAdam John WISEMAN, full age, bach, sailmaker, St JohnsCharlotte SIMMONS, full age, spin, St JohnsWilliam Gall, Margaret Simmonds
Dec 16 1884St. JohnsWilliam Henry ANGEL, full age, widower, engineer, St JohnsMary Susan BENNETT, full age, spin, St JohnsEdward Walter Bennett, Ann Eliza Bennett
Dec 31 1884St. JohnsRobert MAYO, full age, bach, carpenter, St JohnsJane STEVENSON, 20, spin, St JohnsJames Mayo, Sarah Jane Butler
Dec 31 1884St. JohnsTheodore MOORE, full age, widower, shoemaker, St JohnsElizabeth Mary LEWIS, full age, widow, St JohnsFrancis Ash, Rebecca Ash
Jan 25 1885St. JohnsWilliam Robert SEARL (SEARLE), full age, bach, carpenter, St JohnsSusannah POWER, full age, spin, St JohnsBessie Congdon, Alexander Ewing
June 17 1885St. JohnsEdwin Martin LEMESSURIER, 27, bach, accountant, St JohnsAnnie May Wright LONG, 23, spin, St JohnsGeorge Rowland, L.V. LeMessurier
Aug 4 1885St. JohnsCharles Archer ELLIS, 26, bach, engineer, St JohnsEliza Jane WOLGAR (WOOLGAR), 20, spin, St JohnsAlbert R. Woolgar, George W. Ellis
Sep 15 1885St. JohnsJames Charles BAIRD, 25, bach, clerk, St JohnsVictoria Mary Jane AYRE, 19, spin, St JohnsHugh Baird, George Ayre
Nov 7 1885St. JohnsWilliam FIELD, full age, widower, fish, TorbayAnastasia BUTLER, full age, spin, Pouch CoveJohn Woodfine, Richard Stevens
Dec 10 1885St. JohnsSamuel James HOOKEY, 21, bach, shipwright, St JohnsLavinia HAMMOND, 23, spin, St JohnsHenry Somerton, Moses Pearcey
Jan 21 1886St. JohnsGeorge James SNOW, 21, bach, blacksmith, St JohnsDinah TIBBO, 23, spin, St JohnsElizabeth Ann Turner, Philemon SnowGeorge James Snow was the son of Edward SNOW & Patience TILLEY, and the grandson of George Tilley & Eliza Taylor; Dinah Tibbo was born in Harbour Breton
Apr 3 1886St. JohnsWalter WHITTEN, 22, bach, cabinet maker, St JohnsDruscilla WALLACE, 19, spin, St JohnsSusan Wallace, William Smale
Apr 8 1886St. JohnsJohn Ross HARRIS, 26, bach, draper, St JohnsMary Bridget CONNELLY, 21, spin, St JohnsWilliam T. Ford, Emma T. Ford
Apr 17 1886St. JohnsRobert William LEGAT, 25, bach, mariner, St JohnsCatherine Elizabeth SHEAVES, 24, spin, St JohnsHenry Hawkins, John Stone
May 1 1886St. JohnsWilliam SMITH, 23, bach, farmer, Fair MeadElvina FAGAN, 23, spin, Fair MeadCharles F. Lester, Edith Burridge
Aug 24 1886St. JohnsWilliam Sturtivant RAFTER, full age, bach, deacon, Battle HarbourMary FURZE, 20, spin, St JohnsSusan Furze, William S. Quenby
Oct 30 1886St. JohnsJohn MILLAR (MILLER), full age, bach, farmer, TopsailEliza ROBERTS, full age, spin, St JohnsCharles Roberts, Julia Vey
Nov 1 1886St. JohnsClement HUDSON, full age, bach, sailor, St JohnsCatharine Trevinia HUNT, full age, spin, BonavistaJohn Lucas, Mary Ann Kingston
Nov 2 1886St. JohnsAbsalom EMBERLEY, full age, bach, fish, Bay de VerdeJane PRIOR, full age, spin, Bay de VerdeThomas Yoe, Jane Yoe
Nov 3 1886St. JohnsRichard Thomas FORD, full age, bach, cooper, St JohnsEmily Jane SAUNDERS, full age, spin, St JohnsWilliam Saunders, John J. Coaker
Nov 13 1886St. JohnsSamuel SAMUELSON, full age, bach, sailor, NorwayElizabeth Ann HIBBS, full age, spin, Portugal CoveCecilia Lyall, William Brarum
Dec 15 1886St. JohnsJames CADWELL, full age, bach, sailor, St JohnsEliza Jane MILLER, full age, spin, St JohnsRichard Earle, Mary Escot
Jan 5 1887St. JohnsLevi George CHAFE, full age, bach, draper, South SideMary Elizabeth COOK, full age, spin, South SideWilliam H. Cook, Jacob ChafeLevi George Chafe was the son of George William CHAFE & Harriet WHITTEN, the g-son of Samuel Chafe & Mary Marshall, & g-gson of David & Amy Marshall. Mary Elizabeth Cook was the dau of William Henry COOK & Mary Sophia STROUD, and g-dau of John Cook & Hannah Damerell.
Feb 19 1887St. JohnsGeorge William ELLIS, full age, bach, plumber, St JohnsMartha Louisa MORRIS, full age, spin, St JohnsC.W. Morris, E.A. Ellis
Apr 2 1887St. JohnsHarry CLIFFORD, 21, bach, sailor, St JohnsEllen MADDEN, 23, spin, St JohnsJohn Voisey, Catharine Voisey
Apr 24 1887St. JohnsNathanael BRADBURY, full age, bach, fish, St JohnsJulia PERCELL (PURCELL), full age, spin, St JohnsJohn Jeanes, Elizabeth Tapper
May 19 1887St. JohnsJacob William CHAFE, full age, bach, cooper, St JohnsJane Damerell COOKE, 20, spin, South SideHenry J.W. Bishop, Hannah CookeJacob William Chafe was the son of Henry Geo CHAFE & Caroline Whitten, the grandson of Jacob Chafe & Harriet Chafe, and thru Harriet, the g-gson of Samuel Chafe & Mary Marshall. Jane Damerell Cooke was the dau of William Henry COOK & Mary Sophia STROUD, & the g-dau of John Cook & Hannah Damerell.
Jul 27 1887St. JohnsThomas WHITE, full age, widower, fish, Dreelan's Well RoadMary PURCELL, full age, spin, South West StreetWilliam Purcell, Elizabeth White
Oct 1 1887St. JohnsThomas Henry BULLEN, full age, bach, fish, St JohnsJulia MARTIN, full age, spin, St JohnsWilliam Harris, Martha Parsons
Oct 29 1887St. JohnsJob BENSON, 25, bach, fish, St JohnsCatherine Kesiah HISCOCK, 25, spin, servant, St JohnsJames Trapnell, Mary Benson
Nov 8 1887St. JohnsMoses GULLAGE, 25, bach, fish, CatalinaBella SWEET, 24, spin, CatalinaAlbert John Pack, Laura Davis
Apr 17 1888St. JohnsWilliam NOSEWORTHY, full age, bach, fish, Long PondEmma PERRYN (PERRIN), full age, spin, Long PondJohn William Efford, Mary Ann Efford
Apr 18 1888St. JohnsLawrence HICKEY, full age, bach, cooper, St JohnsMary Jane SQUIRES, full age, spin, St JohnsElizabeth Candow, John Hibbs
May 1 1888St. JohnsStephen CADWELL, full age, bach, sailor, St JohnsSelina Sophia BILLINGS, full age, spin, St JohnsWilliam Holland, Francis Billings
Nov 6 1888St. JohnsAbraham DAWE, 36, widower, fish, KelligrewsJane JELLINGS, 25, spin, FoxtrapJoseph Smith, Providence Hiscock
Dec 1 1888St. JohnsGeorge William SNOW, full age, bach, carpenter, St JohnsLucy Ann WHEELER, full age, spin, St JohnsAlfred Snow, Sarah Williams
Dec 2 1888St. JohnsJoseph WHITE, full age, bach, fish, Petty HarbourAnna Maria BULLEY, full age, spin, Petty HarbourJohn Robert Whitten, Elizabeth White
Dec 5 1888St. JohnsAlfred David CHAFE, full age, bach, fish, Petty HarbourCharlotte BOYLES, 20, spin, GouldsGeorge Boyles, Annie Selina Benson
Jan 1 1889St. JohnsEnoch Heber MAIDMENT, full age, bach, shoemaker, TrinityMary Margaret SYMMONDS, full age, spin, St JohnsJohn Lockyer, Annie Symmonds
Jan 19 1889St. JohnsSamuel SMITH, full age, bach, fish, St JohnsSusannah BUTT, full age, spin, St JohnsJohn Reed, Jane Moran
Jan 29 1889St. JohnsJesse WHITEWAY, full age, bach, draper, St JohnsMary Ewing STRANGER, full age, spin, St JohnsWilliam Albert Stranger, Edwin MewsMary Ewing Stranger was the dau of William Albert STRANGER & Jessie Clift EWING
Feb 9 1889St. JohnsJames Henry WILKINS, full age, bach, sailor, St JohnsSusanna CRANNAFORD (CRANIFORD), full age, spin, St JohnsHenry Thomas Reed, Mary Ann Kingston
Jul 5 1889St. JohnsJames RIDEOUT, 26, bach, merchant, Harbour "de" CouAda Mary LEMESSURIER, 22, spin, St JohnsAndrew Glendenning, Edwin M. LeMessurier
Oct 10 1889St. JohnsRichard HARVEY, 22, bach, laborer, St JohnsBarbara SQUIRES, 21, spin, St JohnsRichard Carberry, Elizabeth Squires
Dec 4 1889St. JohnsElijah CHURCHILL, 29, bach, fish, Portugal CoveSelina BAIRD, 25, spin, Petty HarbourSamuel Ayre, Priscilla Baird
Dec 31 1889St. JohnsJames HARDY, 26, bach, tallyman, St JohnsElizabeth BARTLETT, 22, spin, St JohnsJohn Bartlett, Mary Frances Bartlett
Jan 6 1890St. JohnsEdmund DERRICK, full age, bach, seaman, St JohnsLouisa Mary CROCKER, full age, spin, St JohnsTheodore F. Thompson, Bertha Leah Crocker
Jan 8 1890St. JohnsWalter John BUTLER, 30, bach, cooper, Topsail RoadEsther Elizabeth POOLE, 22, spin, St JohnsWilliam Oke?/Ore, Lucy Butler
Jan 15 1890St. JohnsHenry John COWAN, 27, bach, farmer, Topsail RoadFanny Victoria Thomas EALES, 22, spin, Topsail RoadLizzie Cowan, Samuel Eales
Feb 13 1890St. JohnsAlexander Brown LEMESSURIER, full age, bach, draper, St JohnsFanny Susannah SORSOLEIL, full age, spin, St JohnsJ.W. Mann, George LeMessurier
Apr 27 1890St. JohnsRobert ANDERSON, full age, bach, shipwright, St JohnsAlice Maud Mary WINTER, full age, spin, St JohnsAlexander Graham, Walter Waterman
Oct 29 1890St. JohnsWilliam John DAW, 26, bach, fish, HopewellEmma Lily DAW*, 22, spin, HopewellJacob Morgan, Sarah Kelly*Emma Lily (Dawe) Dawe died June 7 1891 age 23 yrs, buried Hopewell Anglican Cemetery, Upper Gullies
Nov 27 1890St. JohnsGeorge William BOYLES, 25, bach, farmer, The GouldsElizabeth FRYE, 25, spin, St JohnsJohn Frye, Emily Squires
Dec 5 1890St. JohnsThomas HANCOCK, 24, bach, fish, BrooklynElizabeth GREENING, 20, spin, Musgrave TownMartha Hancock, Caleb Marshall
Dec 9 1890St. JohnsWilliam MERCHANT, full age, widower, blacksmith, Hants Harbour (Trinity Bay)Elizabeth Bessy PITCHER, full age, widow, St JohnsAlexander Pilley, Maria Pittman
Dec 13 1890St. JohnsJohn Curtis NEWHOOK, 23, bach, wheelwright, St JohnsElizabeth WILCOX, 21, spin, St JohnsNathaniel Roberts, N. NewhookJohn Curtis Newhook was b Aug 23 1867 Trinity, the son of John NEWHOOK & Harriet CURTIS; the witness Nathaniel Roberts, was his brother in law, married to John's sister Phoebe Newhook.
Jan 1 1891St. JohnsCharles Frederick STEVENSON, 26, bach, accountant, St JohnsJane McCallum GRAHAM, 26, single woman, Summervale (St Johns)Alexander Graham, Lorenzo J. Stevenson
Jan 12 1891St. JohnsHenry FRIZELL, 29, bach, fish, Bay Bulls Big PondMary Joseph WELSH, 24, widow, St JohnsRichard Frizell, Mary Breen
Feb 9 1891St. JohnsJohn Robert BENNETT, 24, bach, brewer, St JohnsLaura Jane TAYLOR, 23, spin, South SideCyrus S. Warren, E.W. Bennett Jr
Feb 16 1891St. JohnsWilliam George HARVEY, 30, bach, draper, St JohnsFlorence GABRIEL, 25, spin, St JohnsJohn Rouse, Jane RouseCorrected from GALNEE?/GALHILL?/GATHILL?. Source: Original parish records.

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