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Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. Thomas Anglican Church, St, John's

Marriages 1830 - 1893, complete

PANL: Volume 30A (Part 1)
The information was transcribed by JILL MARSHALL ~ July 2002 from the microfilm on loan from the Church of JC of LDS Library, Utah USA. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be typographical errors.
Marriage Date Place of Marriage Groom Bride Witnesses Remarks
Aug 30 1830Portugal CoveRichard PARMITER, widower, catechist SPG*, FoxtrapElizabeth HODGE, spinster, Kelligrewsnot given*SPG: Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (Church of England)
Sep 21 1830St Georges BayJohn Julian OZON, bach, Grandville in NormandyHarriet McPERVEY, spin, St Georges Harbour, St Georges Baynot given
Oct 30 1830Portugal CoveNiel MUNN, widower, Greenock, ScotlandMary HARTRY, spinster, St Johnsnot given
Nov 7 1830Portugal CoveJames MILLER, bach, Portugal Cove CBMary SKAINES, spinster, Portugal Cove CBnot given
Nov 14 1830Portugal CoveCharles KING, bach, Broad CovePheobe WHITE, spinster, Broad Covenot given
Nov 28 1830TorbayRoger HISCOCK, TorbayAmy HANDLESS, Torbaynot given
Dec 10 1830Hearts ContentRichard HOPKINS, bach, Hearts Content TBAnne MOORE, spinster, Hearts Content TBnot given
Nov 29 1830Portugal CoveJames CHURCHILL, bachAnne BRINE, spinsternot given
Nov 29 1830Portugal CoveSimon FRY, bachMary CHURCHILL, widownot given
Apr 24 1831Portugal CoveJames COOPER, bach, Lance Cove, Bell IslandJulia HISCOCK, spinster, Lance Cove, Bell Islandnot given
Apr 27 1831Portugal CoveThomas SATERLY, bach, Portugal CoveMary BATTLE, spinster, Portugal Covenot given
May 27 1831Portugal CoveAbraham PICCOT, Portugal CoveKatherine VARY, Portugal Covenot given
Jul 13 1831Venison Tickle, LabradorRichard STEVENS, Venison Island Tickle, LabradorKitty SCHIELMOCK, spinster, Venison Island Tickle, Labradornot given
Aug 13 1831Petty HarbourGeorge REED, bach, Trinity Parish, Exeter, EnglandElizabeth CHAFE, spinster, Petty Harbournot given
Sep 30 1831Pouch CoveJames JARDIN, bach, Pouch CoveMargaret ROGERS, widow, Pouch Covenot given
Dec 13 1831TorbayNicholas CODNER, bach, TorbayAnastasia FINN, spinster, Torbaynot given
Dec 15 1831Pouch CovePatrick POOR (likely POWER), bach, Pouch CoveSarah RYAN, widow, Pouch Covenot given
Dec 16 1831Pouch CoveIsaac KIRBY, bach, Pouch CoveJane RYAN, spinster, Adams Covenot givenMARGIN NOTE: "1st public service in C of E church of Pouch Cove. Horse he rode 1st ever seen there."
Jan 8 1832Portugal CoveSolomon NORMORE, bach, Belle IsleJoanna SEARLE, spinster, Belle Islenot given
Jan 13 1832Portugal CoveThomas BLACKLER, bach, St JohnsElizabeth GUZZWELL, widow, Portugal Covenot given
Mar 25 1832Portugal CoveJames IBBS (HIBBS), widower, ChamberlainsMargery HOWE/HOWS?, widow, Topsailnot given
May 27 1832Portugal CoveJames RICKETS, bach, RA, Devenport, EnglandMary McLACHLAN, spinster, Portugal Covenot given
Oct 17 1832Middle BightJohn CABLE, bach, Middle BightSarah FAEGAN (FAGAN), spinster, Middle Bightnot given
Nov 9 1832Portugal CoveWilliam HARVEY, bach, Portugal CoveJane KEMPEL?/ KEMPET?, spin, Chamberlainsnot given
Nov 11 1832Portugal CoveWilliam DELANEY, bach, Portugal CoveFanney TUCKER, spinster, Broad Covenot given
Nov 25 1832Portugal CoveTheophilus PORTER, bach, Long Point (Long Pond?)Marianna BUTLER, spinster, Long Point (?Long Pond)not given
Nov 25 1832Portugal CoveCharles BUTLER, bach, Long Point (Long Pond?)Anne ANDREWS, spinster, Long Point (?Long Pond)not given
Nov 30 1832Portugal CoveThomas HAMMOND, bach, Portugal CoveAlice VARY, spinster, Portugal Covenot given
Dec 7 1832Portugal CoveWilliam HIBBS, bach, Portugal CoveElizabeth KING, spinster, Portugal Covenot given
Dec 16 1832Portugal CoveGeorge ALLEN, bach, TopsailMary MILLER, spinster, Topsailnot given
Jan 28 1832Pouch CoveMelchisedeck? BRAGG, widower, Pouch CoveJane RYAN, widow, Pouch Covenot given
May 18 1835Sandy Pt, St Georges BayXavier DES JARDIN, bach, Kamaraska?, Lower CanadaElizabeth VINCOMB, spinster, Port au Portnot given
Feb 18 1835Emanuels (Manuels CB)William SMITH, bach, EmanuelsMary TILLY (TILLEY), spinster, Kelligrewsnot givenWilliam Smith (Jr) was the son of William Smith Sr & Mary Jackson both of Ireland; he was bc 1810 - died Nov 4 1895 age 85 "late of Manuels now of Grand Bank". Mary Tilley was possibly the dau of Robert Tilley of Kelligrews.
Oct 13 1835Baloram (Belloram)Robert ROSE, bach, Baloram, FBMadlin DALLIMINT (DOLLIMONT), spinster, Baloram FBnot given
Sep 14 1836New Harbour TBRichard HILLYER, bach, New Harbour TBMary SMITH, widow, New Harbour TBnot given
Nov 27 1837St JohnsEdward WAKEHAM, bach, Ugborough, DevonshireAnne BROOKING, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Campbell, William Bond
Feb 8 1838St JohnsJohn Williams McCOUBREY, bach, St JohnsMargaret Elizabeth WATTS, spinster, St JohnsRichard Hooker, Andrew McCoubrey
Oct 1 1838St JohnsThomas MULLINS, bach, St JohnsJane VOISEY, widow, St JohnsHenry Earle, Catherine Noseworthy
Oct 7 1838St JohnsHenry EARLE, bach, Dartmouth, DevonCatherine NOSEWORTHY, spinster, Dartmouth, DevonLouisa Nixon, William Earle
Nov 12 1838St JohnsAbraham TAYLOR, bach, South Shore (CB)Eliza DAW, spinster, South Shore (CB)Christopher Daw, William Taylor
Nov 15 1838St JohnsWilliam KENNEDY, bach, South Shore (CB)Mary BATTEN, spinster, South Shore (CB)William Batten, Charles Blackman Jr
Nov 23 1838St JohnsEdmond Fanning STEWART, bach, St JohnsCatherine MORRIS, widow, St JohnsM. Newhook, F. Stewart
Feb 24 1839St JohnsThomas FOULE, bach, Kempbridge, Devon, EnglandEliza PARDY, spinster, Trinity, T. BayRichard Gardner, Mary Gardner
Oct 21 1839St JohnsDaniel KNIGHT, bach, R.V.Co., St JohnsMarianne KALLIGHAN, spinster, St JohnsGeorge Jackson, W. Jackson
Nov 17 1839St JohnsGeorge COOK, bach, St JohnsSusanna VOISEY, spinster, St JohnsJames Grear, Blanchard Vary
Nov 18 1839St JohnsJames PATTERSON, bach, St JohnsJoanna McGRATH, spinster, St JohnsJohn Power, Elizabeth Woods
Dec 3 1839St JohnsJohn MERCER, bach, ChamberlainsJane CHURCHILL, spinster, TopsailJames Hibbs, James Dowdons (Dowden)
Dec 3 1839St JohnsJames DOWDON (DOWDEN), bach, ChamberlainsAnne HISCOCK, spinster, South Shore (CB)James Hibbs, John Mercer
Dec 13 1839St JohnsJohn McKINNON, bach, Newfrewshire, ScotlandElizabeth HENNABERRY (HENNEBURY), spinster, St JohnsThomas Buff, James Paterson
Dec 15 1839South Shore (CB)Bazney? (?Barney) JANES, bach, South Shore (CB)Susanna PERRIN, spinster, South Shore (CB)not given
Jan 1 1840St JohnsNathanael TUCKER, bach, Broad CoveFanny GILLARD, spinster, Beachy CoveJohn Noseworthy, Anty. Doody
___ __ 1840St JohnsThomas EBSARY, bach, St JohnsMary PITTS, spinster, St JohnsJames Pitts, Patience Barnatt
Jan 26 1840St JohnsAndrew STEWART, bach, Corp., R.V.Co., St JohnsMary WEIR, spinster, St JohnsBeatrice Weir, James Blackman
May 10 1840South Shore (CB)Joseph BUTLER, bach, South Shore, C.BayElizabeth ANDREWS, spinster, South Shore (CB)not givenJoseph Butler was the son of John BUTLER & Mary MORGAN; Elizabeth ANDREWS was possibly the dau of Garland & Amy Andrews: she died Dec 15 1857 age 39 yrs.
June 14 1840St JohnsCharles SLADE, bach, R.V.Co., St JohnsMary O'Neile, spinster, St JohnsJohn Rist, Catherine Rist
Sep 15 1840St JohnsWilliam BEVERLEY, bach, Sgt., R.V.Co., St JohnsLavinia LOWTHER, spinster, St JohnsJessie Riper, James Easan
Sep 18 1840St JohnsJohn WAY, bach, BrigusJoanna THOMAS, spinster, St JohnsCatherine Stapleton, Charles Blackman Jr
Sep 19 1840St JohnsThomas VAVASOR, bach, St JohnsCatharine PYNN, spinster, Harbour GraceThomas Patton, Mary Vavasor
Oct 13 1840St JohnsJohn MADDOCKS, bach, St JohnsMary RYAN, spinster, St JohnsThomas Northway, Margaret Crop
Nov 3 1840St Johns **See Errata table below Richard James DAVIES, bach, Capt., R.Artillery, St JohnsFanny Brooking THOMAS, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Thomas, Sarah Anne Garnett
Nov 6 1840St JohnsHenry ROSSITER, bach, Exeter, Devon, EnglandSusannah ANDREWS, spinster, St JohnsRobert Andrews, Charles Blackman Jr
Nov 23 1840St JohnsStephen RUSSELL, bach, Bay RobertsCharlotte PURCELL, spinster, Bay RobertsIsaac Russell, William Purcell
Nov 24 1840St JohnsCharles BARNES, bach, Pouch CoveAnn WELLS, spinster, Pouch CoveJohn Barnes, Mary Morberly
Nov 28 1840St JohnsAlexander FRASER, bach, St Margarets, P.E. IslandJane DRISCOLL, spinster, St JohnsSamuel Rich, Charles Blackman Jr
Dec 16 1840St JohnsRichard BARNES, bach, St JohnsEunice Alice MORRIS, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Barnes, W.M. Barnes
Jan 4 1841St JohnsWilliam MATTERFACE, bach, Tynemouth, Devonshire, EngEmma LAING, spinster, St JohnsThomas Dammarill, Tryphena Kalland
Jan 16 1841St JohnsGeorge HART, bach, Captain of the brig SOPHIA, St JohnsAnn MUNN, spinster, St JohnsPhilip Tree, George Brice
Feb 23 1841St JohnsHenry Read PITTS, bach, St JohnsJoanna RICHARDSON, spinster, St JohnsThomas Winter, Ann Boyd
June 10 1841St JohnsJohn COAKER, bach, St JohnsAnn KENDALL, spinster, St JohnsJames Kendall, Edward Coaker
June 29 1841St JohnsFrancis Peyton COX, bach, St JohnsHenrietta Ann HENVILLE, spinster, St JohnsJohn MacFarlane, John Brighton
Aug 25 1841St JohnsWilliam COOPER, bach, St JohnsCatherine DOWNEY, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Pope, James Efford
Oct 12 1841St JohnsGeorge Barring COWAN, bach, St JohnsAnne H. HOGSETT, spinster, St JohnsJames Gilchrist, N. Hogsett
Oct 25 1841St JohnsThomas MOORE, bach, St JohnsEllen SQUIRES, spinster, St JohnsAugustus Pole, Charles Blackman Jr
Nov 3 1841St JohnsJohn BOYER, bach, Devon, EnglandSusannah DERRICK?, spinster, St JohnsSarah Royalls, George Tulk
Nov 13 1841St JohnsWilliam STEERS, bach, St JohnsElizabeth Anne McCOUBREY, spinster, St JohnsRobert Knight, G.W. McCoubrey
Nov 20 1841St JohnsErasmus MILLER, bach, Copenhagen, DenmarkAnne KENNEDY, spinster, St JohnsBridget Dorothy (sic), R. Hulson
Nov 29 1841St JohnsWilliam WARREN, bach, South Shore, Conception BayMary Day, spinster, South Shore, Conception BayRobert Smith, John Daw
Dec 2 1841St JohnsEdward Earl BROWN, bach, Harbour GraceFrances Charlotte BAYLY, spinster, St JohnsCharles Simms, James Bayly
Dec 3 1841St JohnsEdward FOWLER, bach, South Shore, C.BaySusanna TILLEY, spinster, South Shore, C.BayGeorge Tilley, John FowlerSusanna Tilley was possibly the daughter of Robert Tilley of Kelligrews.
Dec 9 1841St JohnsWilliam MERCER, bach, South Shore, C.BayZipporah TILLY, spinster, South Shore, C.BayEdward Fowler, John MercerZipporah Tilley was possibly the daughter of Robert Tilley of Kelligrews.
May 2 1842St JohnsJames BUTLER, bach, South Shore, C.BayFrances ANDREWS, spinster, South Shore, C.BayWilliam Butler, Henrietta BlackmanJames Butler was the son of John BUTLER & Mary MORGAN; Frances Andrews was bap Oct 22 1832 Upper Gullies age 10 yrs, the dau of Garland & Amy Andrews and the g-dau of John & Ann Andrews. James & Frances moved to Shoal Harbour, Trinity Bay.
May 26 1842St JohnsJohn MERCER, bach, South Shore, C.BayMargaret TAYLOR, spinster, South Shore, C.BayNicholas Metcalf, William Mercer
Jul 5 1842St JohnsJohn MORRIS, Corp., RA, St JohnsMary KING, spinster, St JohnsEmily Williams, John Devlin/Derbin?
Aug 4 1842St JohnsJames Charles HARVEY, bach, clerk, FogoJane Ann BROUGHTON, spinster, Peckham, Surrey, EnglandF.C. Harvey, Frederic Carrington
Aug 18 1842St JohnsRobert TALBOT, bach, Lieut., RA, St JohnsHenrietta Fanny Williams BLACKMAN, spinster, St JohnsMary Williams, Frederic Carrington
Nov 9 1842St JohnsJohn MARSHALL, bach, St JohnsCharity WATERMAN, spinster, St JohnsH.H. Hamilton, Mary Ann MooreJohn Marshall was the son of George MARSHALL & Ann EARLE, & the g-son of David & Amy Marshall
Sep 5 1842St JohnsHenry John HARVEY, Lieut., RN, St JohnsElla Louisa SPENCER, spinster, St JohnsThomas Bridge, Frederic Carrington
Nov 23 1842St JohnsWilliam HILL, bach, St JohnsAnne HIBBS, spinster, St JohnsEdmund Hibbs, John C. Hill
Jan 21 1843St JohnsGeorge VANDERHOFF, widower, St JohnsAnne JACKSON, widow, St JohnsAnne Ohard, David Pierpoint
Feb 11 1843St JohnsThomas John WALTERS, bach, St JohnsEllen MURPHY, spinster, St JohnsLouisa Dixon, William Nixon
Mar 9 1843St JohnsDavid Stuart RENNIE, bach, St JohnsSusan HOYLES, spinster, St JohnsWalter Rennie, L. Dickson
Oct 3 1843St JohnsWilliam BRACE, bach, St JohnsEliza HOLLETT, spinster, South Island, P.B.John Brace, Elizabeth Tuff
Apr 22 1843St JohnsPeter McBRIDE, bach, St JohnsSarah BONIFANT, spinster, St JohnsLouisa Dixon, James Jackson
May 4 1843St JohnsJohn NURSE, bach, St JohnsMary JEYNES, spinster, St JohnsGeorge Marshall, Philip MarshallJohn Nurse was b Jan 25 1820 St Johns, the son of Thomas & Mary Nurse; this couple later moved to Back Harbour, Twillingate.
Nov 16 1843St JohnsWilliam WEBBER, bach, St JohnsMary CRAMP, spinster, St JohnsMary Webber, William Webber
Nov 1 1843St JohnsPhilip GOSS, bach, TorbayMargaret CROW, spinster, TorbayPeter Goss, Grace Codner
Dec 20 1843St JohnsCharles THORNE, bach, merchant, Harbour GraceFrederica Susannah BAYLY, spinster, St JohnsGeorge Bayly, James Bayly
May 2 1844St JohnsRobert Lambert MONCKTON, bach, Dorset, EnglandSusan WILLIAMS, spinster, Devon, EnglandWilliam G. Williams, Martha Williams
May 4 1844St JohnsSamuel RENDELL, bach, Devonshire, EnglandRebecca WALTERS, spinster, St JohnsJohn Boyes, Martha Boyes
July 6 1844St JohnsGeorge William Rowland HIERLIHY, bach, St JohnsSophia CLOWS, spinster, FerrylandR. Holden, George B. Burton
July 12 1844St JohnsEdmund HEATHCOTE, bach, Lieut., RN, Branshire?, EnglandElizabeth Lucy LAW, spinster, St JohnsRobert Law, Culbert Master
July 21 1844St JohnsPeter WINSOR, bach, AquaforteAnna Jennings WINSOR, spinster, Devonshire, EnglandJohn Winsor, Sarah GowerPeter Winsor was bapt Feb 14 1824 Aquaforte, the son of Peter Winsor Sr & Sarah Payne; Anna Jennings Winsor was bap Apr 12 1823 Dartmouth, the dau of Jacob Winsor & Anna Jennings; the bride and groom were first cousins.
Oct 29 1844St JohnsJoseph WOTTON, bach, St JohnsMary PHELAN, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Eales, Lucy Wescott
Nov 5 1844St JohnsWilliam EALES, bach, mariner, Newton Abbott, Devonshire, Eng.Margaret HARRIETT*, widow, St JohnsThomas Wescott, Lucy Wescott*It appeared as if HARRIET was the surname, but perhaps the surname was omitted.
Jan 14 1845St JohnsRichard EBSARY, bach, St JohnsTryphena KING, spinster, St JohnsWilliam King, Tryphena Goss
May 5 1845St JohnsDavid TAYLOR, bach, Corp., RNCo's, St JohnsElizabeth Jane KNOX, spinster, St JohnsJames White, William O'Mara
May 22 1845St JohnsThomas CARNELL, bach, St JohnsSarah GREALEY, spinster, St JohnsJohn B. Weir, Truman Stone
June 5 1845St JohnsJames TERRY, bach, St JohnsMary PINKERTON, spinster, St JohnsJohn Peach, Sarah Peach
June 18 1845St JohnsWilliam Michael WARD, bach, St JohnsMargaret TOBIN, spinster, St JohnsElizabeth Tobin, John Tobin
June 24 1845St JohnsJohn HOSKINS, bach, St JohnsMary MARSHALL, spinster, St JohnsHannah Marshall, Philip MarshallMary Marshall was b Mar 11 1817 St Johns, the dau of Philip MARSHALL & Jane FRY.
Jul 30? 1845St JohnsErnest Augustus SALL, bach, St JohnsCaroline Tulk WINTER, spinster, St JohnsGeorge Winter, W.W. WhitewayFrom THE NEWFOUNDLANDER, Ernest A Sall was the son of Lieut. Col SOLL; Caroline T Winter was the youngest dau of George Winter; they were married at St Lukes Church, Quidi Vidi. Ernest A Sall was an Anglican minister.
July 12 1845St JohnsJohn SQUAREY, bach, St JohnsElizabeth THORNE, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Woodley, ?C. Brown
Sep 6 1845St JohnsJoseph CLARK, bach, TrinityElizabeth PARDY, spinster, TrinityJames Harvey, William Bugden
Sep 10 1845St JohnsJohn Atkinson PEARSON, bach, Manchester, EnglandAnn BOYD, spinster, St JohnsAlex Boyd, Margaret Boyd
Sep 18?* 1845St JohnsRobert ROON?, bach, RNC, St JohnsElizabeth KNOX, spinster, St JohnsElizabeth Ferris, Jane Wilson*the date {18th} was overwritten and difficult to read.
Oct 25 1845St JohnsJames POTT, bach, Petty HarbourOlive ALLEN, spinster, Flat RockWilliam Webber, Mary Ann Webber
Dec 2 1845St JohnsWilliam McINTOSH, bach, 8th Co., RA, St JohnsJane WHITE, spinster, St JohnsDavid Anderson, Eliza Grimstead
Dec 7 1845St JohnsJoseph PIPPY, bach, St JohnsAnn HANNABERRY (HENNEBURY), spinster, St JohnsWilliam Henneberry, Marion LeBuff
Dec 29 1845St JohnsJohn McCULLOUGH, bach, bombadier, RA, St JohnsKatherine McCONNELL, spinster, St JohnsDennis Byron, Elizabeth Sloane?
Jan 1 1846St JohnsDavid CUTHBERT, bach, RA, St JohnsAgnes LOGAN, spinster, St JohnsA. Clarke, Katherine Henneberry
Feb 17 1846St JohnsPeter Hart CARTER, bach, St JohnsSophia SIMMS, spinster, St JohnsWilliam W. Carter, Elizabeth Carter
June 20 1846St JohnsWilliam GRIMSTEAD, bach, St JohnsCharlotte STOOK, spinster, St JohnsSamuel Hasler, George Webber
Aug 24 1846St JohnsJames McKENZIE, bach, bombadier, RA, St JohnsEliza GRIMSTEAD, spinster, St JohnsFlossie Thomber?, Hermon Lozer?
Aug 30 1846St JohnsPhilip Knight BUTLAND, bach, St JohnsJane COOK, spinster, St JohnsSamuel Langley, Caroline Cook
Nov 12 1846St JohnsJoseph STUMBLEY, bach, BrigusSusannah PERCY, spinster, BrigusEllen Reace, Henry Sutton
Dec 16 1846St JohnsHenry CROCKER, bach, St JohnsMary YEO, spinster, St JohnsSamuel Elliott, Morris Walker
Jan 2 1847St JohnsFrederick Augustus Rothwell WINTER, bach, DemerweaElizah Deborah BRINE, spinster, St JohnsMaria Winter, John Brine
Feb 9 1847St JohnsSamuel LANGLEY, bach, merchant, St JohnsSelina ROWELL, spinster, St JohnsJames Hayward, Caroline Rowell
Apr 1 1847St JohnsJohn HELLYER, bach, St JohnsMargaret PARLOW, spinster, St JohnsCharles Blackman Jr, H. Newham
May 11 1847St JohnsMichael WALL, bach, St JohnsAnne HALLEY, spinster, St JohnsPrinella Allen, Henry Earle
Sep 16 1846St JohnsHay FINDLATER, bach, FogoSusanna COOPER, spinster, St JohnsThomas Winter, George Winter
May 26 1847St JohnsRobert CARTER, bach, merchant, FerrylandMary Ann SIMMS, spinster, TrepasseyJames Simms, George Simms Sr.
May 29 1847St JohnsWilliam James WARD, widower, St JohnsAmelia Mary Louisa SALTER, spinster, St JohnsThomas Williams, Sarah Eliza LeMessurier
June 18 1847St JohnsWilliam DOLTON (?DALTON), bach, St JohnsSusanna BIDDESCOMBE, spinster, St JohnsCatherine Biddescombe, William Hiser
Oct 7 1847St JohnsDrayton MARSH, bach, USAJulia MASTERS, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Green, Harriett Masters
Jul 13 1847St JohnsWilliam George DYMOND, bach, St JohnsMary WOODS, spinster, St JohnsJane Lodge, Thomas Lang
Sep 13 1847St JohnsThomas BRIMECOMBE, bach, mariner, St JohnsElizabeth HERVEY, spinster, St JohnsJohn Hervry, Elizabeth Crop
Oct 24 1847St JohnsJames McINTYRE, bach, St JohnsAnne BARBOUR, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Hutton, B. Scott
Dec 7 1847St JohnsAbraham ADAMS, bach, St Georges, Devonshire, EnglandDruscilla BRACE, spinster, Quidi VidiSusannah Varey, William Hamlyn
Feb 6 1848St JohnsJohn MacKENZIE, bach, St JohnsMargaret KENDAL, spinster, St JohnsJane Kendal, J.L. Kendal
May 15 1848St JohnsSamuel WHITEWAY, bach, St JohnsMary CALLAGHAN, spinster, St JohnsGeorge Sutton, Livy Sutton
June 21 1848St JohnsWilliam MARTIN, widower, St JohnsCaroline COOK, spinster, St JohnsEliza Cook, Alex Robertson
Aug 1 1848St JohnsFrederick LORD, bach, St JohnsEmma PICCOTT, spinster, St JohnsNathanael Picott, Uriah Williams
Sep 9 1848St JohnsDaniel GREY, bach, St JohnsFrances JOHNSON, spinster, St JohnsThedore Clift, Eleanor Morris
Oct 19 1848St JohnsJohn STARK, widower, Harbour GraceElizabeth Sophia LUDGATER, widow, Lee, KentJoseph Green, Noel Hammond
Oct 24 1848St JohnsWilliam WHITTINGTON, bach, RA, St JohnsElizabeth CAVANAGH, spinster, St JohnsSamuel Wilson, Joseph Thomley
Oct 26 1848St JohnsWilliam Harmeneas? RUDOLPHSON, bach, Saint John, New BrunswickAmelia Violet CURRIE, spinster, St JohnsStephen Whitman, Phebe Curry
Sep 29 1848St JohnsHenry ANTELL, bach, St JohnsPriscilla SPENCER, spinster, St JohnsJames Antell, Thomas W. Blackman
Dec 7 1848St JohnsAbraham CHAFE, bach, Petty HarbourJane HANDELAN, spinster, St JohnsEliza Cook, Thomas VoiseyAbraham Chafe was the son of David CHAFE & Ann ATKINS, per Randy Whitten.
Dec 20 1848St JohnsHarcourt St. Helen's MOONEY, bach, barrister at law, St JohnsAnne Henrietta Spurrier COWAN, widow, St JohnsA. Hogsett, A.S.? Tyler
Dec 21 1848St JohnsWilliam CUMMINS, bach, Engineering Dept, St JohnsMatilda GREEN, spinster, St JohnsJohn Garland, Noel Hammond
Apr 1 1849St JohnsGeorge HILL, bach, St JohnsHarriett HANNABARY (HENNEBURY), spinster, St JohnsWilliam Hannabary, Elizabeth Jane McKinnon
(n/g) 1849St JohnsAnthony MARIL, bach, St JohnsJoannah BURKE, spinster, St JohnsJoseph Rupert, Avis Mills
Apr 16 1849St JohnsHenry Christopher MARRIOTT, bach, Capt RNC, St JohnsRosamund CARRINGTON, spinster, St JohnsDanny Carrington, Martin Petrie
June 18 1849St JohnsThomas JAMES, bach, Sergt RNC, St JohnsCatherine MULROONEY, spinster, St JohnsThomas Cassidy, P. Harrold
July 4 1849St JohnsAlexander WALKER, widower, Gnr RA, St JohnsJane ALLAN, spinster, St JohnsPhilip Mitchell, Maria Allan
Sep 9 1849St JohnsJames LEE, bach, Petty HarbourAnn FRENCH, spinster, Petty HarbourThomas L. Wescott, Thomas Wescott
Oct 8 1849St JohnsDavid William MORPHEW, bach, St JohnsHannah MARTIN, spinster, St JohnsHenry Martin, Philip Martin
Nov 18 1849St JohnsFrancis HARDY, bach, St JohnsSarah UMBERSON, spinster, St JohnsHenry Andrews (one only)
Nov 26 1849St JohnsWilliam Henry BRINE, bach, Southhampton, EnglandMary GOLDSWORTHY, spinster, Shaldon, EnglandAdam Butler, Susan Goldsworthy
Nov 27 1849St JohnsWilliam TUFFER, bach, St JohnsMary Jane WATSON, spinster, St JohnsPhilip Marshall, Hannah Pelly
Jan 8 1850St JohnsCharles Frederick TYLER, bach, Lieut. RNC, St JohnsCatherine BINDON, spinster, St JohnsJohn Short, Augusta Bindon
Jan 26 1850St JohnsWilliam ESDEN, bach, London, EnglandMary Petronella Painter WEBSTER, spinster, New Dieppe, HollandJoseph Jackman, Fanny Hill
Jan 29 1850St JohnsJames BRECKEY, bach, Sergt. RNC, St JohnsMary STEWART, widow, St JohnsA. Heale, Richard Webb
Apr 21 1850St JohnsSamuel EBSARY, bach, planter, St JohnsElizabeth DENNING, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Malcolm, Amelia Martin
Jul 11 1850St JohnsPhilip SMYTH, bach, gunner RA, St JohnsMargaret REGAN, spinster, St JohnsElizabeth Wand?/Ward? (one only)
Jul 11 1850St JohnsThomas LISCOMBE (LUSCOMBE), bach, St JohnsCatherine BRENNAN, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Marsh, Maria Liscombe
Aug 10 1850St JohnsJohn MAWHINNEY, bach, St JohnsMary Ann COCHRANE, spinster, St JohnsThomas Wand?/Ward?, E. Cavanagh
Aug 15 1850St JohnsRobert ATKINSON, bach, Aglish, ScotlandMary McGUINNESS, spinster, Aglish, ScotlandJames Slater, Sarah McVinery?
Sep 15 1850St JohnsWilliam PEET?, bach, RNC, St JohnsElizabeth CROTT, spinster, St JohnsHenry Maddick, Marianne Wills
Sep 15 1850St JohnsGeorge PRIESTLEY, bach, RNC, St JohnsRose Ann GILLESPIE, spinster, St JohnsMartin Petrie, Lieut. Lukins
Sep 17 1850St JohnsGeorge KEET, bach, SalvageMary PHILLIPS, spinster, BonavistaJoseph Dunn, Thomas Pardy
Sep 30 1850St JohnsWilliam CAMPBELL, bach, St JohnsJane Cole HEARDER (HERDER), spinster, CarbonearJohn Hillman, P. Majorsom?
Oct 22 1850St JohnsWilliam FOOTE, bach, Green BayElizabeth GIBBONS, spinster, St JohnsJohn Foote, Eliza Murphy
Oct 24 1850St JohnsHugh Best CHAMBERS, bach, captain commanding RN, St JohnsAugusta BINDON, spinster, St JohnsHenry Stabb, Catherine Tyler
Oct 25 1850St JohnsRobert HANNABURY (HENNEBURY), bach, St JohnsJane Lucy WHEELER, spinster, St JohnsJoseph Whalen, George Hannabury
Oct 31 1850St JohnsRobert BOWELL, bach, RNC, St JohnsKezia PERRY, spinster, St JohnsJohn Perry, Thomas Husk
Nov 13 1850St JohnsEdward DAVEY, bach, St JohnsSusan MORTON, spinster, St JohnsWalter Williams, Joseph J Squires
Nov 20 1850St JohnsWilliam LEY, bach, St JohnsCatherine PYNN, spinster, St JohnsJohn Lacy, Mary Penny
Jan 13 1851St JohnsCharles SMITH, bach, bombadier RA, St JohnsMaria SUMMERS, spinster, St JohnsThomas Hutton, Mary Jane Borne
Jan 21 1851St JohnsGeorge IMPETT, bach, bombadier RA, St JohnsAnne FOLEY, spinster, St JohnsA. Davis, Bridget Athley
Feb 8 1851St JohnsEdward MORRIS, bach, St JohnsJohanna RAFTER, spinster, St JohnsHenry Snow, Jane Snow
Feb 10 1851St JohnsThomas William SEYMOUR, bach, St JohnsElizabeth ELLIS, spinster, St JohnsN. Boden, H.W. Seymour
Mar 19 1851St JohnsGeorge PRIGNELL, bach, St JohnsMarianne TREMILLS, spinster, Petty HarbourRobert French, Walter Renkins?
Apr 14 1851St JohnsGeorge GARDNER, bach, St JohnsSarah BATSTON (BATSTONE), spinster, Quidi VidiLouisa Rixon, John Batston
Apr 24 1851St JohnsNathanael WELLS, bach, Petty HarbourElizabeth TILLER, spinster, St JohnsGeorge Prignell, David Marsh
Aug 19 1851St JohnsJohn MATTHEWS, bach, bombadier RA, St JohnsRoxanna ROSS, spinster, St JohnsCatherine Hughes, John Hughes
Sep 17 1851St JohnsThomas HEWITT, bach, DevonshireMary HICKS, spinster, St JohnsJames Terry, Hannah Carnell
Oct 9 1851St JohnsJames THOMSON, bach, LC RNC, St JohnsElizabeth WHELAN, spinster, St JohnsThomas Sudbury, Catherine Sudbury
Oct 25 1851St JohnsThomas SEIVIER (SCEVIOUR), bach, Quidi VidiCatherine FRENCH, spinster, St JohnsJohn Britton, Mary Ann Moore
Oct 28 1851St JohnsJohn GREEN, bach, gunner & driver, St JohnsCaroline ADY, spinster, St JohnsSamuel Fry, Susan Ann Hadder (?Hodder)
Nov 8 1851St JohnsJohn FURNEAUX, bach, merchant, St JohnsMary Ann WINTER, spinster, St JohnsDavid Schlater, Mary ?F. Ellis
Nov 27 1851St JohnsJames Jennings WINSOR, bach, AquaforteMary MENCHENTON, spinster, ExploitsPeter Winsor Jr., John MenchentonJames Jenning Winsor was the son of Jacob WINSOR & Anna JENNINGS
Dec 4 1851St JohnsWilliam MADDOCK, bach, St JohnsKeziah LOVEYS, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Loveys, Mary Britt
Dec 9 1851St JohnsJohn COLLETT, bach, Harbour Beaufet (Buffett)Mary Ann JARVIS, spinster, Harbour BeaufitThomas Collett, Richard CollettJohn Collett was the son of Thomas Edward COLLETT & Anne MARSHALL who were md 1823 at Ang Cathedral.
Jan 12 1852St JohnsHenry WILLIAMS, bach, RNC, St JohnsElizabeth CAVILE, spinster, St JohnsMartha Muirsin, Joseph Henbury
Feb 9 1852St JohnsWilliam TAYLOR, bach, 3rd Battalion, Corp. RA, St JohnsFrances HAWKINS, spinster, St JohnsRobert Mallum, F.C. Wight
Feb 9 1852St JohnsHenry ELLIS, bach, RNC, St JohnsJane STONE, spinster, St JohnsThomas Woods, James Grieve
Mar 27 1852St JohnsMontagu Stopford WHITMORE, bach, 1st Lt Royal Engineers, St JohnsGeorgina Louisa Philis HOGSETT, spinster, St JohnsAnne Mooney, A. Hogsett
Apr 12 1852St JohnsDaniel McCARTNEY, bach, LC RNC, St JohnsMary STUDDERDS (?STODDARDS), spinster, St JohnsP.M. (not given), John Studderds
June 16 1852St JohnsJohn BERRY, bach, St JohnsMary Anne MOORE, spinster, St JohnsMary Anne Coles, John Moore
Aug 1? 1852St JohnsAlexander RUSK, bach, St JohnsMary MURPHY, spinster, St JohnsH. Rusk, J. Murphy
Aug 18 1852St JohnsWilliam Munn FERRIS, bach, St JohnsJohanna GREEN, spinster, TrinityMary Morris, John Ferris
Nov 19 1852St JohnsCharles MERCER, bach, Bay RobertsPatience KEARLEY, spinster, Bay RobertsJames White, Stafford Mercer
Sep 17 1852St JohnsJohn Edwin TAYLOR, bach, New YorkMary Anne READER, spinster, St JohnsSamuel Wilson, James Garrett
Sep 25 1852St JohnsJohn Bussell BOND, bach, St JohnsElizabeth DEREK, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Cornelius Bond, M.A. Derek
Oct 25 1852St JohnsMark CHAPLIN, bach, St JohnsMary Eliza GARRETT, spinster, St JohnsM. Carnell, Elizabeth Gibbons
Nov 5 1852St JohnsArthur Kemp MORRY, bach, Caplin Cove, FerrylandMary CARTER, spinster, Ferryland"not legible"
Nov 2 1852St JohnsGeorge KENNILS, bach, captain, St JohnsEmma MATTERFACE, spinster, St JohnsFrederick Young, Matilda Jackson
May 9 1853St JohnsRichard HENNEBERRY, bach, St JohnsMaria SCOTT, widow, St JohnsJames Squires, Margaret Henneberry
Jul 6 1853St JohnsHenry ALSOP, bach, St JohnsLouisa Mary BLACKMAN, spinster, St JohnsJohn Hogsett, John Blackman
July 28 1853St JohnsWilliam Leight ANTHONY, bach, St JohnsBridget LEE, spinster, St JohnsEdward Willey, Robert Alsop
Feb 16 1854St JohnsTheodore CLIFT, bach, St JohnsSelina Sophia BAYLY, spinster, St JohnsThomas Clift, Elizabeth Jane Carter
Sep 17 1854St JohnsRichard MAUNDREL (?MAUNDER), bach, St JohnsDolita HART, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Dalton, George Biddiscombe
Dec 14 1854St JohnsSamuel DYMOND, bach, Devon, EnglandMary MORGAN, spinster, Devon, EnglandRichard Voisey, Caroline Martin
Feb 20 1855St JohnsJames REED, bach, Portugal CoveCatherine Louisa RADFORD, spinster, St JohnsRobert Prook?, Maria Winter
Nov 14 1855St JohnsSamuel TULK, bach, Harbour Buffett PBMahala MARSHALL, spinster, St JohnsCharles Marshall, George CollettSamuel Tulk was the son of Charles TULK & Mary KIRBY; Mahala Marshall was born Sep 13 1835 St Johns, the dau of David MARSHALL & Mary ROBINSON.
May 28 1856St JohnsJoseph MOORE, bach, CarbonearEiza BUSSELL, spinster, CarbonearEdward Bussell, Nathanael Hill
June 18 1856St JohnsThomas ANDREWS, bach, Whitehaven, Cumberland, EnglandJemima SHILLBEER, spinster, St JohnsJohn Trible, Kezia Shillbeer
June 22 1856St JohnsJohn CLOUSTON, widower, Orkney, ScotlandAnne Clift HILL, spinster, St JohnsNathanael Hill, Thomas Lodge
Oct 9 1856St JohnsMatthew WAUGH, bach, Lance Corporal, St JohnsMary Ann COOLLINS?/COLLINS?, spinster, South ScotlandG. Edwards, Margaret Bennett
Oct 9 1856St JohnsFrancis SAINSBURY, bach, Pinchards Island, B.BayMary Anne CARTER, spinster, St JohnsJohn Carter, Eliza Benter?This couple had 5 children at Pinchards Island between 1860-1869, 3 with the middle name Carter.
Oct 23 1856St JohnsThomas PROWSE, bach, St JohnsCatherine Ann JOCELYN, spinster, St JohnsJohn Jocelyn, Sarah ThomasCatherine Ann Jocelyn remarried before 1874 to widower Samuel George Carnell.
Nov 17 1856St JohnsJohn WALSH, bach, Quidi VidiEllen HENNEBERRY (HENNEBURY), spinster, Quidi VidiJohn Henneberry, Diana Chafe
Nov 11 1856St JohnsJames GROVES, bach, St JohnsElizabeth RINNES, spinster, St JohnsJames Rinnes?, John Ebbs (Hibbs)
Nov 13 1856St JohnsDorestiss?/Donestiss? GAULTON, bach, St JohnsAgnes MORRE, spinster, St JohnsCharles Walters, Henry Holwell
Nov 14 1856St JohnsWilliam CREAM, bach, Pt Nfld Corps, St JohnsMahala WOUNDY, spinster, St JohnsElizabeth Gaulton, Jonathan Martin
Nov 19 1856St JohnsElias WARREN, bach (widower), Herring Neck, N.D.BayMary Jane SEALEY, spinster, St JohnsJohn Sealey, Stephen HunterElias Warren Sr was known to be widowed, and was listed as widower in original parish records. Mary Jane Sealy was b Aug 5 1836 St Johns, the dau of John SEALEY & Phoebe MARSHALL.
Dec 4 1856St JohnsJohn VOISEY, bach, White HillsMargaret MARTIN, spinster, St JohnsJames Gulliver, Thomas Martin
Dec 25 1856St JohnsThomas Avery* WINSOR, bach, St JohnsLouisa MENCHINTON, spinster, St JohnsJohn Menchenton, A. Murphy*looked like "Henry" but known to be "Avery". Thomas A Winsor was bap 1828 Torbryan Devon, the son of Anthony WINSOR & Ann AVERY; he died June 29 1909 Exploits, age 80 yrs, 7 months. Louisa died Mar 2 1913 Exploits, age 80 yrs.
Jan 3 1857St JohnsWilliam HEWARDINE, bach, St JohnsMary SHELLY, spinster, St JohnsJames Peckham, Samuel Furze
Mar 21 1857St JohnsJoseph RUSSELL, bach, St JohnsFrances MOTTY, spinster, St JohnsM.D. Stares?, T. Waymouth?
June 7 1857St JohnsJohn CATER, bach, Devon, EnglandAnne MURPHY, spinster, St JohnsR. Cockeran, Eliza Murphy
June 14 1857St JohnsGeorge STONEMAN, bach, St JohnsMargaret HEFFRON, spinster, St JohnsRobert Philly, John Dodd
Aug 11 1857St JohnsGeorge William MALLAM, bach, Holyhead, Anglesea, WalesEmma WILLS, spinster, St JohnsSamuel Wills, Mary C. Mott
Sep 17 1857St JohnsGeorge JONES, bach, Liverpool, EnglandElizabeth MARSHALL, spinster, St JohnsGriffiths Hughes, Mary Jane MarshallShe is believed to be the dau of John MARSHALL & Lydia PARTRIDGE
Sep 19 1857St JohnsJoseph BAILEY, bach, CatalinaCaroline SNOW, spinster, St JohnsJohn Ebbs (Hibbs), James Collins
Sep 24 1857St JohnsJames LEE, bach, Kent, EnglandMary BARNES, spinster, St JohnsEdmund Hooker, D.W. Prowse
Oct 2 1857St JohnsWilliam Mackenzie SKUES, bach, M.B., Royal Nfld Co's, St JohnsMargaret AYRE, spinster, St JohnsDaniel Edward Daly, J.F. Manning
Oct 3 1857St JohnsDaniel HONEYWELL, bach, shipmaster, St JohnsSarah WILLIAMS, spinster, St JohnsFrederick Williams, Mary Williams
Oct 7 1857St JohnsArthur JANES, bach, North Side, TrinityElizabeth REX, spinster, Ship Cove, TrinityJames Smith, Delila Janes
Oct 16 1857St JohnsJohn FARNHAM, bach, Hearts Content TBMaria MOORE, spinster, Hearts Content TBMoses Moore?, Richard Young
Oct 25 1857St JohnsCharles TAYLOR, bach, St JohnsSarah PONSTAND, widow, St JohnsN.R. Archie, Mary Ann Haig
Nov 3 1857St JohnsJames HOLLETT, bach, St JohnsAnn CAMPBELL, spinster, St JohnsRobert Long, Rebecca Sheave
Nov 11 1857St JohnsGeorge TAPSON, bach, St JohnsJane PERKINS, widow, St JohnsRobert Were?, William Davenport
Nov 16 1857St JohnsStephen COLE, bach, St JohnsLucretia STOWE, spinster, St JohnsLouisa Andrews, Richard French
Dec 31 1857St JohnsJohn ROSCOE?, bach, ManchesterBessy ROWELL, spinster, St JohnsF.D. Dickenson, C.W.T. Boden
Jan 29? 1858St JohnsStephen WALSH, bach, St JohnsJohanna DOISY?, spinster, St JohnsGeorge Baker, Ellen Doisy?
Feb 2 1858St JohnsJames ALLEN, bach, RN Companies, St JohnsSarah SHELLY, spinster, St JohnsMary Hewardine, Joseph Shelly
Feb 4 1858St JohnsArthur Bambrick MITCHELL, bach, Lt R.N.Co's, St JohnsFanny Maria CARTER, spinster, St JohnsPeter Weston Carter, E.R. Bayly
May 20 1858St JohnsJames HATCHETT, bach, Outer Cove RoadMargaret BIDDISCOMBE, spinster, White HillsWilliam Dowden, W. Hatchett
June 12 1858St JohnsWilliam Smith WILLS, bach, Brigus CBElizabeth FREEMAN, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Freeman, C.B. Rankin
Aug 31 1858St JohnsRoger DOWN, bach, Devonshire, EnglandMary Ann HEWARDINE, spinster, St JohnsWalter Pickford, John Thomas
Aug 31 1858St JohnsJohn William SHAMLER?, bach, St JohnsMary Rebecca GUNN, spinster, St JohnsRoger Down, Walter Peckford
Sep 22 1858St JohnsThomas COOPER, bach, Irelands Eye TBMary TOOP, spinster, Irelands Eye TBAlfred Pennock, James Shepherd
Oct 13 1858St JohnsJohn HEALE, bach, St JohnsMary Jane LOCKE, spinster, St JohnsThomas Prowse, Amelia Mills
Oct 21 1858St JohnsMichael HENNEBERRY (HENNEBURY), bach, Quidi VidiElizabeth WARREN, spinster, Petty HarbourJohn Walsh, ? R. Chafe
Nov 3 1858St JohnsWilliam COCHRANE, bach, drummer Nfld Co's, St JohnsEsther PERRY, spinster, St Johns"not legible"
Nov 6 1858St JohnsRichard PYNN, bach, St JohnsAnn PERCY, spinster, St JohnsLevi Pyn, Thomas Mewl?
Nov 9 1858St JohnsWilliam Cowley SIMMS, bach, M.D., St JohnsChristiana St. Clair McLEAN, spinster, Liff, ScotlandE.L. Bayly, Charles H. Simms
Nov 9 1858St JohnsCharles Francis BRINE, bach, St JohnsMary Ann SMITH, spinster, St JohnsCatherine Ann Butt, John Cadwell
Nov 11 1858St JohnsJohn ENGLAND, bach, St JohnsFanny EARLE, spinster, St JohnsCharles England, Alice Winter
Nov 11 1858St JohnsGeorge BIDDESCOMBE, bach, St JohnsMargaret HENNEBERRY (HENNEBURY), spinster, White HillsRichard Henneberry, Thomas Henneberry
Nov 11 1858St JohnsHenry BERINS, bach, Hastings, Sussex, EnglandEmily Rich DUCHEMIN, spinster, St JohnsPeter Duchemin, J.L. Duchemin
Sep 19 1859St JohnsJames BROWN, bach, Nt. Side Trinity HarbourDelila JEANS, spinster, Nt. Side Trinity HarbourJames Smith, Samuel Millar
Oct 16 1859St JohnsEmanuel COLLYER (COLLIER), bach, St JohnsMary Jane CROCKER, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Brett, John Harris
Nov 16 1859St JohnsJames PENNOCK, bach, St JohnsElizabeth BRINE, spinster, St JohnsJohn Williams, George Williams
Nov 17 1859St JohnsSamuel DANIEL, bach, St JohnsSusanna WHITE, spinster, Greenspond (BB)James Peckham, W. Hewardine
Nov 30 1859St JohnsSamuel TAPPER, widower, Tor BayRebecca GREENSLADE, spinster, Long PondJames Tapper, Susanna Tapper
Feb 18 1860St JohnsWilliam ROBERTS, bach, St JohnsElizabeth EBBS (HIBBS), spinster, St JohnsCharles Roberts, Mary Ann Roberts
Apr 11 1860St JohnsJohn FERRIS, bach, St JohnsIsabella GREEN, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Ferris, John Carnell
May 24 1860St JohnsLevi SPURRELL, bach, St JohnsLouisa GUDGER (GOODYEAR), spinster, St JohnsJoseph Bailey, Maria Spurrell
June 9 1860St JohnsWilliam KENT, bach, Pt RNC, St JohnsMargaret BARBER, spinster, St JohnsJoseph Munday, Georgina Roil
July 5 1860St JohnsGarland Crawford GADEN?, widower, Harbour GraceMatilda Susan NOBLE, widow, St JohnsE.T. Bayly, W. Whiteway
Sep 10 1860St JohnsJames MULLAND, bach, St JohnsEliza HAY, spinster, St JohnsJames Stetson, George Shamler
Sep 30 1860St JohnsJohn HORWOOD, bach, Quidi VidiCatherine Elizabeth COLLIER, spinster, St JohnsElias Ford, Thurza Collier?
Oct 1 1860St JohnsJohn CAKE?, bach, LamalineSusanna HANN, spinster, LamalineJ. Winter, Henry Winter
Oct 2 1860St JohnsWilliam DOWDEN, bach, St JohnsSusanna ALLEN, spinster, GreenspondWilliam Quick, John HenneberryWilliam Dowden (Jr) was b Oct 20 1836 St Johns - d Apr 6 1915, the son of William Dowden (Sr) & Anne Sceviour; Susanna Allen died Mar 22 1922 St Johns age 80 yrs; she is believed to be the dau of Robert & Ann Allen.
Oct 3 1860St JohnsWilliam MARSHALL, bach, St JohnsMary Ann PIGGINS, spinster, St JohnsJohn Taylor, W. Hewardine
Oct 5 1860St JohnsSamuel GOFF, bach, Hearts ContentSarah TUCKER, widow, St JohnsGeorge Knight, John Collier
Oct 9 1860St JohnsSamuel APPS?, bach, ?, Sussex, EnglandLouisa SIMMS, spinster, Exploits Island"not legible"
Oct 18 1860St JohnsJohn HENNEBERRY (HENNEBURY), bach, St JohnsJane DOWDEN, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Dowden, Anglia Jane MooneyJane Dowden is believed to be the dau of William Dowden Sr & Anne Sceviour.
Oct 25 1860St JohnsWilliam CODNER, bach, Tor BayDorcas MURRAIN, spinster, St JohnsEliza Codner, Frederick Ennis?
Nov 15 1860St JohnsEdward HUSSEY, bach, Rock Harbour PBAnn WEST, spinster, Rock Harbour PBJohn West, John Barter
Nov 22 1860St JohnsJames MALONE, bach, Bay BullsAnn TAPPER, spinster, Tor BayJohn Tapper, John Ryan
Jan 2 1861St JohnsJoseph PYNN, bach, St JohnsJane Elizabeth GARLAND, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Gosling, Diana Whitten
Jan 6 1861St JohnsGeorge McALISTER, bach, St JohnsThirza Maria COLLIER, spinster, St JohnsElias Ford, Mary Anne Hackett
Jan 9 1861St JohnsJames BICKFORD, bach, Lance Cove, Bell IsleSusanna NOFTALL, spinster, St JohnsEdward Bickford, Emily Cole

The next group of marriages are out of chronological order with respect to the previous entries.

Jan 25 1859St. JohnsHoratio Oehlschlager?* CANNING, bach, St JohnsAnnie Kate HOLDEN, spinster, St JohnsR. Holden, E.A? Bennet*may be Dehlschlager
Apr 14 1859St. JohnsJohn BURRIDGE, bach, St JohnsMaria WARREN, spinster, St JohnsThomas Coyle, James CoyellChildren were baptized at St Marys Ang Church, St Johns
May 19 1859St. JohnsJoseph PRICE, bach, St JohnsSarah Ann SIMMONDS, spinster, St JohnsHenry Earle, R. John Collett
May 25 1859St. JohnsJacob BRADBERRY (BRADBURY), bach, Portugal CoveClara WATTS, spinster, St JohnsHenry Earle, Anne Bradbury
June 7 1859St. JohnsAlfred BLOUNT, bach, Sgt, Musketry School, RNC, St JohnsSarah DEVANNA, spinster, St JohnsB. Matthews, A. Devanna
June 23 1859St. JohnsCharles Thomas RYLAND, bach, St JohnsLucinda Ryland BURTON, spinster, St JohnsJohn L. Burton, R. Thorburn
Aug 9 1859St. JohnsJames Bower BALFOUR, bach, Lieut, HM ship TARTAR, St JohnsMartha Maria EMERSON, spinster, St JohnsG.H. Emerson, J.H.Knapp, chaplain HMS TARTAR
Sep 7 1859St. JohnsJohn RYAN, widower, St JohnsMargaret COOPER, spinster, St Johnsg. Carnell, Louisa Andrews

Jan 17 1861St. JohnsChristian Waldemia* KESTER, bach, Copenhagen, DenmarkSarah Ann FURZE, spinster, St JohnsN. Winther?, T. Pelarom*middle name was "Waldemer" in baptismal record of their child.
Feb 12 1861St. JohnsJohn Archibald Sinclair EMERSON, bach, St JohnsJessie BAYLEY, spinster, St JohnsA.S. Pinsent Jr, W. Whiteway
Mar 23 1861St. JohnsCharles HOLMWOOD JR, bach, Torquay, Devon, EnglandAnnie MacLean EDGAR, spinster, St JohnsSamuel Knight, A.G.B. Pack
Apr 4 1861St. JohnsRobert CLAPPERTON, bach, Pt RNC, St JohnsSarah Ann DOWNING, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Peet, Anne Reed
Apr 7 1861St. JohnsJohn STEEL, widower, Herring NeckAnn SEALEY, spinster, St JohnsJohn Sealey, Thomas CareyAnne Sealey was b Aug 23 1839 St Johns, the dau of John SEALEY & Phoebe MARSHALL; she remarried 1890 Herring Neck to Levi Cutler.
May 1 1861St. JohnsThomas COFFIN, bach, Haystack PBMary SIMMONDS, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Guzzel, William Simmonds
June 13 1861St. JohnsWilliam Benjamin BOWRING, bach, St JohnsIsabel MacLean JARVIS, spinster, St JohnsThomas M. Job, Charles BowringWm Benj Bowring was b 1837 St Johns and died 1916. He was the son of Charles Tricks Bowring and the grandson of Benjamin Bowring.
June 19 1861St. JohnsWilliam Arthur JACKMAN, bach, St JohnsMary Ann WOODLEY, spinster, St JohnsJohn Janes, Sarah Maria Woodley
Sep 16 1861St. JohnsRobert SPURREL, widower, Greenspond BBPaulina KEATS, spinster, St JohnsJohn Carter, Andrew Carter
Oct 15 1861St. JohnsJohn HUNT, bach, Pt RNC, St JohnsElizabeth BROWN, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Henry Charles, William Brown
Oct 24 1861St. JohnsWilliam HUDSON, bach, St JohnsJane SNOW, spinster, St JohnsM. Clayton, Susannah Hicks
Nov 4 1861St. JohnsJohn BATSTONE, bach, Quidi VidiSarah Jane JANES, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Horwood, Emma Batstone
Nov 18 1861St. JohnsWilliam Paul PENROSE, bach, St Agnes County, Cornwall, EnglandAnna Teresa KOUGH, spinster, Waterford, IrelandWilliam Dunn, Mary Ann Kersey
Jan 1 1861 (1862)St. JohnsCharles MESHAM, bach, Lt HM 62nd Regt, Mo__? Flintshire, N?/H? WatersEllen Caroline JARVIS, spinster, St JohnsP.A. Irvin, Thomas JobYear given as 1861, but likely should be 1862; as well heading at top of page said 1861-1862
May 10 1861 (1862)St. JohnsThomas CARBERRY, bach, Old Bonaventure TBCaroline CANE, spinster, St JohnsRobert Lawrence, Thomas CaneYear given as 1861, but likely should be 1862; as well heading at top of page said 1861-1862
July 7 1861 (1862)St. JohnsRobert BOWELL, bach, Sgt RNCo's, St JohnsCatherine ENDACOTT, spinster, St JohnsJohn Corry, Maria HollettYear given as 1861, but likely should be 1862; as well heading at top of page said 1861-1862
May 24 1863St. JohnsJames YOUNG, bach, St JohnsMary STEPHENSON, spinster, St JohnsMary L. Gear, John B Cook
June 18 1863St. JohnsJoseph Collings GRIGG, bach, surgeon, HMS VESUVIUS, St JohnsCatherine Louisa EMERSON, spinster, St JohnsA. Emerson, Jessie Emerson
June 25 1863St. JohnsJames Soper HUTCHINGS, widower, Harbour GraceCaroline Maria BEMISTER, spinster, St JohnsJ. Bemister, Julia Bemister
July 24 1863St. JohnsJohn BUDDLE, bach, Pt Royal Canadian Rifles, St JohnsMartha GANDER, spinster, St JohnsMaria Steele (other not legible)
Oct 22 1863St. JohnsJoseph TRICO, bach, Grand BankTora? (Dora) LANGDON*, spinster, Tor Bay Road, St JohnsCharles Langdon, Elizabeht Levin*bride's first name looked like "Tora", however from baptismal record of their child, it was "Dora".
Nov 1 1863St. JohnsWilliam H. PIPPY, bach, St JohnsAnn WALKER, spinster, St JohnsHenry Crocker, Frances Pope
Nov 5 1863St. JohnsJohn JOCELYN, bach, St JohnsMargaret DOWDEN, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Dowden, Philip HudsonMargaret Hannah Dowden was b June 4 1844 St Johns, the dau of William DOWDEN Sr & Anne SCEVIOUR.
Nov 20 1863St. JohnsGeorge Grey SHORT, bach, St JohnsFrances Stafford POPE, spinster, St JohnsJohn Walters, Ann Pippy
Dec 8 1863St. JohnsHenry LANGSTON, widower, St JohnsMary HARRISON, spinster, St JohnsHenry Cook, Ellen Langston
Feb 23 1864St. JohnsWilliam SIMMONS, bach, bombadier RA, St JohnsPaulina CLARKE, spinster, St JohnsM. Edwards, Marianne Devanna
Apr 25 1864St. JohnsWilliam CARR, bach, Pt Royal Canadian Rifles, St JohnsElizabeth SNOW, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Knight, John Carr
June 19 1864St. JohnsWilliam TAYLOR, bach, St JohnsRebecca MOORE, spinster, St JohnsJohn Berry, James Moor
June 29 1864St. JohnsFrederick STAGMAN, bach, St JohnsJane GATHERAL, spinster, St JohnsMartha Gear, Frances Mason
July 16 1864St. JohnsWilliam GUZZELL (GUZZWELL), widower, GouldsAnn WALTERS, spinster, St JohnsCharles Ellis, Mary Jane Ellis
Aug 18 1864St. JohnsWilliam MUHALL, bach, Pt Royal Can. Rifles, St JohnsMargaret TAYLOR, spinster, St JohnsCaroline Pennock, J.W. Cornick
Jul 21 1864St. JohnsThomas BIRKETT, bach, magistrate & collector HM Customs, Harbour Breton F. BayTryphenia Maria GADEN, spinster, St JohnsThomas E. Gaden, John C. Canning
Oct 3 1864St. JohnsJohn CARTER, bach, St JohnsAnn Eliza VAVASOR, spinster, St JohnsJohn N. Carter, Ann Carter
Nov 9 1864St. JohnsGeorge SEVIOUR (SCEVIOUR), bach, Green BaySarah Hannah WINDSOR, spinster, AquaforteGeorge Foote, Henry WinsorGeorge Sceviour was bc 1836 & died Mar 7 1911 Exploits age 75; Sarah Hannah Winsor was bc 1845 & died Mar 4 1921 Exploits, age 76 yrs.
Nov 16 1864St. JohnsJames HEALE, bach, St JohnsMary Ann BRENTON, spinster, St JohnsAbel Rolls, George Laskey
Jan 8? 1865St. JohnsWilliam Henry ROWE, bach, St JohnsMaria WOUNDY, spinster, St JohnsHarriet Peach, William Noseworthy
Jan 3 1865St. JohnsGeorge ROBINSON, bach, RN, Admiralty Survey, St JohnsSophia WOOD, spinster, St JohnsThomas M. Wood, A.T.B. Wood
Jul 3 1865St. JohnsEdward RANDLE, bach, Corp of the Battery, Royal Artillery, St JohnsCaroline PENNOCK, spinster, St JohnsA. Pennock, James Pennock
Aug 31 1865St. JohnsAndrew Jack LARNEY, bach, Harbour GraceMary Ann DERICH, spinster, St JohnsH.L. Carnell. S. George Carnell
Oct 11 1865St. JohnsHenry COOKE, bach, St Nicholas, Ringmore, DevonSusannah ARNOTT, spinster, St JohnsG.M. Rendell, Mary W. Rendell

The next group of marriages are out of chronological order with respect to the previous entries.

Aug 18 1862St. JohnsJames YATES, bach, Pt RNCo's, St JohnsMary Ann TAYLOR, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Roberts, Robert Roberts
Sep 10 1862St. JohnsRobert CRIMP, bach, St JohnsMary KENNEDY, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Quick, Samuel Windsor
Nov 5 1862* (?1861)St. JohnsJohn George JAMES, bach, St JohnsEliza FOOT, spinster, St JohnsJ.C. James, William Foot*Per the HARBOUR GRACE & CONCEPTION BAY ADVERTISER of MAY 14 1862, she was the 4th daughter of the late JOHN FOOTE of TWILLINGATE; the date of the newspaper notice, if not in error, would suggest that the marriage took place in 1861.
Nov 16 1862St. JohnsJohn BARTER, widower, St JohnsMary MITCHELL, widow, St JohnsJohn Keates, Sela Keates
Nov 27 1862St. JohnsMark BOWERS, widower, St JohnsSarah Ann CRICKINGTON, spinster, St JohnsHenry French, George Kough
Dec 11 1862St. JohnsRobert WHITTEN, bach, St JohnsMartha PYNN, spinster, St JohnsJohn Thomas Whitten, Diana T. Whitten
Feb 17 1863St. JohnsWilliam BRADBROOK, bach, Gt. Bedley, Essex, EnglandHannah MITCHELL, spinster, Portugal CoveW. Hewardine, Hannah Chafe
Mar 6 1863St. JohnsJames FRIZZLE, bach, Pt Royal Canadian Rifles, St JohnsJane CAHILL, spinster, Quebec, CanadaGeorge Fox, Honorah Dorman

Nov 23 1865St. JohnsThomas DOWDEN, bach, St JohnsSybella CHAFE, spinster, Petty HarbourJohn Jocelyn (other not legible)Thomas Dowden was b Mar 26 1842 St Johns - d Sep 3 1927 Logy Bay Rd, the son of William DOWDEN Sr & Anne SCEVIOUR; Sybella (aka Isabella) Chafe died Dec 22 1896 Logy Bay Road age 55 yrs.
Feb 13 1866St. JohnsRichard VOISEY, bach, Quidi VidiMary McCARTHY, spinster, Quidi VidiHenry Snow, Garret Pendergast
Mar 3 1866St. JohnsPhilip HUBERT, Island of JerseyEliza Jane GADEN, spinster, St JohnsEmma Gaden, A.T.B. Wood
Apr 15 1866St. JohnsRichard HARVEY, bach, St JohnsSarah FRENCH, spinster, St JohnsHenry French, Robert French
May 8 1866St. JohnsWilliam HEALE, widower, Quidi VidiSarah ANGEL, widow, St JohnsGeorge Laskey (other not legible)
May 17 1866St. JohnsThomas COOK, bach, St JohnsElizabeth THORNE, spinster, TorbayHenry Thorne, Richard Thorne
May 30 1866St. JohnsWilliam MEADUS, bach, Lance Cove, T. BayBridget FAHEY, spinster, TrinityJoseph Morris, Joseph Hookey
Aug 27 1866St. JohnsAlexander William Saul SMYTHE, bach, St JohnsIsabell WARREN, spinster, St JohnsHenry Geo__son?, A.C. Henderson
Nov 8 1866St. JohnsElias WARREN, bach, Herring NeckEmma SEALEY, spinster, St JohnsJohn Steel, John MarshallElias Warren (Jr) was bc 1846 - d Sep 17 1897 Herring Neck, the son of Elias Warren Sr & Rebecca Sealey; Emma Sealey was b Mar 21 1849 St Johns - d Feb 8 1916 Herring Neck age 68, the dau of John SEALEY & Phoebe MARSHALL.
Nov 11 1866St. JohnsWilliam BROWN, bach, St JohnsMartha CAKE, spinster, Musquito, C.BayJohn Brown, Mary Ann Charles
Nov 12 1866St. JohnsJohn BUTLER, bach, Ship Cove, TrinityMary CARBERRY, spinster, British Harbour, T.BayRobert Rendell, George Miller
Nov 26 1866St. JohnsThomas CLOUSTON, bach, St JohnsElizabeth Louisa WHITE, spinster, St JohnsA. Andrews, Henry G. McDonald
Dec 1 1866St. JohnsEdward HUDSON, bach, St JohnsElizabeth GALLIVAN, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Hudson, Clement Hudson
Feb 4 1867St. JohnsSamuel GARRETT, bach, St JohnsEmma MOORE, spinster, St JohnsAubry James, Selina Holwell
Apr 24 1867St. JohnsJohn GUSWELL (GUZWELL), bach, St JohnsCatherine RYAN, spinster, St JohnsChristian Trimmersan, John Sage
May 8 1867St. JohnsJames PENNOCK, bach, St JohnsHarriet PEACH, spinster, St JohnsHenry Langston, Samuel Peach
July 10 1867St. JohnsHenry Thomas Bridge WOOD, bach, barrister at law, St JohnsIsabella Sidney Catharine LILLY, spinster, St JohnsEliza Barley, G. Mortimer Rendell
Sep 8 1867St. JohnsJames MONUTO?, bach, St JohnsEllen WOOLAN, spinster, St JohnsB.M. Fordham, F.M. Bridgeman
Sep 25 1867St. JohnsAdam RANDSAY, bach, St JohnsLouisa HOWSON, spinster, St JohnsJohn Howson (other not legible)
Oct 1 1867St. JohnsJames TAPPER, bach, St JohnsSusanna MILLER, spinster, St JohnsJohn McKay, Ann Maloney
Oct 9 1867St. JohnsJohn MURPHY, bach, Pt Royal Can. Rifles, St JohnsIsabella COLLINS, spinster, St JohnsSelina Snow. R.W. Collins
Oct 12 1867St. JohnsWilliam MOORE, bach, TrinityMiriam GRANGER, spinster, TrinityJ.M. McDonald (no other given)
Dec 16 1867St. JohnsWilliam PINSENT, bach, St JohnsSusanna HARVEY, spinster, St JohnsRobert Williams, Elizabeth Harvey
Dec 19 1867St. JohnsRichard Thomas SNOW, bach, St JohnsElizabeth VAVASOR, spinster, St JohnsEdward Warren, Samuel James Vavasor
Oct 5 1868St. JohnsHenry HOPKINS, 31, bach, Pt Royal Can. Rifles, Fort Townsend, St JohnsMary Ann PIKE, 22, spinster, St JohnsW. Fulton, G. Ashbee
Sep 15 1869St. JohnsWilliam FULTON, 31, bach, Fort TownsendEmma BATSTONE, 31, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Charles Batton, Susan Heale
May 13 1870St. JohnsRobert HOWE?, 34, widower, Fort TownsendMary Ann HUNT, 19, spinster, St JohnsAlexander Brown, Hester Hunt
June 2 1870St. JohnsThomas HYNES, 27, bach, St JohnsMary Elizabeth KING, 19, spinster, St JohnsJ. Smith, Sarah White

NameDescription of ErrorMy Name
Richard James DAVIES The surname should be DACRES He was later Field Marshal Sir Richard James Dacres, who fought in the Crimean War Ian Logan
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