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1921 Census

Avalon South Region ~ St. Mary's Bay District

Middle Gut

Note, the age denotes age of last birthday.
The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ November 1999. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.
Name Sex Relation Status Birth
Age Birth
MACUM, John m head married 1884 July 37 Peter's River
MACUM, Rose f wife married 1910 June [sic] 20 St. Vincent's

MACUM, Patrick m head married 1878 Mar 43 Middle Gut
MACUM, Mary f wife married 1896 June 25 Middle Gut
MACUM, John m son single 1919 June 2 Middle Gut
MACUM, Ellen f mother widow 1831 July 80 Middle Gut
WARD, John m boarder single 1885 Dec 35 Trepassey

MACUM, Stephen m head married 1879 Dec 41 Middle Gut
MACUM, Catherine f wife married 1889 Nov 31 Middle Gut

MACUM, Richard m head married 1878 Oct 43 Middle Gut
MACUM, Mary f wife married 1885 June 35 Middle Gut
MACUM, Annie f dau single 1906 Oct 12 Middle Gut
MACUM, Ellen f dau single 1910 Sept 10 Middle Gut
MACUM, Bernard m son single 1912 Nov 8 Middle Gut
MACUM, Eta f dau single 1918 Nov 2 Middle Gut

FLEMING, George m head married 1883 Nov 37 Middle Gut
FLEMING, Margaret f wife married 1889 June 32 North Harbor
FLEMING, Michael m son single 1917 June 4 Middle Gut
FLEMING, Mary f dau single 1919 Dec 1 Middle Gut

GIBBONS, Patrick m head married 1884 Mar 37 Middle Gut
GIBBONS, Nora f wife married 1888 Sept 32 St. Vincent's
GIBBONS, Cathrine f dau single 1912 Feb 9 Middle Gut
GIBBONS, Mary f dau single 1917 Aug 4 Middle Gut
GIBBONS, Lucy f dau single 1918 Nov 2 Middle Gut

STAMP, Ellen f head widow 1850 Nov 70 Peter's River
ROARK, Elizabeth f servant single 1863 June 58 Peter's River

GIBBONS, Stanislaus m head married 1892 Oct 28 St. Vincent's
GIBBONS, Margaret f wife married 1892 Feb 29 St. Vincent's
GIBBONS, Mary f dau single 1920 Oct 1 Middle Gut

FLEMING, Albert m head married 1884 Aug 37 St. Vincent's
FLEMING, Anne f wife married 1881 Oct 39 Peter's River
FLEMING, William m son single 1910 Dec 10 Peter's River
FLEMING, Bertha f dau single 1913 Dec 7 Peter's River
FLEMING, Cornelius m son single 1915 Nov 5 Peter's River
FLEMING, Thomas m son single 1917 Aug 4 Middle Gut
FLEMING, James m son single 1919 May 2 Middle Gut
FLEMING, Mary f dau single 1920 May 1 Middle Gut

HAYWARD, James m head married 1864 Dec 56 Middle Gut
HAYWARD, Mary f wife married 1881 Oct 39 River Head
HAYWARD, Mary f dau single 1919 June 2 --------
HAYWARD, Josephine f dau single 1920 July 1 --------

ST. CROIX, William m head married 1873 June 48 --------
ST. CROIX, Margaret f wife married 1875 May 46 St. Vincent's
ST. CROIX, Stanislaus m son single 1906 Apr 15 Middle Gut
ST. CROIX, Margaret f dau single 1918 Mar 3 Middle Gut
ST. CROIX, William m son single 1915 Oct 5 Middle Gut
ST. CROIX, Madeline f dau single 1913 Apr 8 Middle Gut

HAYWARD, Patrick m head married 1880 Nov 40 Middle Gut
HAYWARD, Mary f wife married 1881 Apr 40 Bay Bulls
HAYWARD, Joseph m son single 1906 May 15 Middle Gut
HAYWARD, Sharron f dau single 1909 May 12 Middle Gut
HAYWARD, Alexander m son single 1911 Oct 9 Middle Gut
HAYWARD, Cathrine f dau single 1913 Sept 7 Middle Gut
HAYWARD, Hubert m son single 1918 Aug 3 Middle Gut

BROWN, William m head married 1877 Nov 43 Middle Gut
BROWN, Mary f wife married 1879 July 42 Salmonier
BROWN, Mary f dau single 1903 Feb 18 Middle Gut
BROWN, Deberoh f dau single 1905 July 16 Middle Gut
BROWN, Maud f dau single 1907 Apr 14 Middle Gut
BROWN, Hannah f dau single 1909 June 12 Middle Gut
BROWN, Florence f dau single 1910 Oct 10 Middle Gut
BROWN, William m son single 1912 Mar 9 Middle Gut
BROWN, Bernard m son single 1916 Oct 5 Middle Gut
BROWN, Violet f son[sic] single 1919 Sept 2 Middle Gut

HALLERN, Leo m head married 1877 July 44 St. Vincent's
HALLERN, Mary f wife married 1887 July 34 Gaskiers
HALLERN, Hannah f dau single 1911 Apr 10 Gaskiers
HALLERN, Fannie f dau single 1915 Dec 5 Middle Gut
HALLERN, Gertrude f dau single 1917 Mar 4 Middle Gut
HALLERN, Pauline f dau single 1909 Oct 1 Middle Gut

LONDRIGAN, Annie f head widow 1861 Aug 60 Holyrood C.B.
LONDRIGAN, Philomina f dau single 1899 Oct 21 Peter's River

HICKS, Patrick m head wid 1853 Mar 68 Holyrood C.B.
HICKS, Michael m son married 1884 May 37 Peter's River
HICKS, Minnie f d.inlaw married 1880 Apr 41 St. Shott's
HICKS, Joseph m gr.son single 1918 Mar 3 St. Shott's

BROWN, Joseph m head married 1881 June 40 St. Vincent's
BROWN, Amanda f wife married 1898 Jan 22 Point La Hay
BROWN, Peter m son single 1914 Sept 6 Middle Gut

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