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1921 Census

Avalon South Region ~ St. Mary's Bay District


The information was transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.
Town Surname Given
Fr Sex Marital
Age Year Month
Mosquito Dobbin Ronald Head m w 60 1861 Aug
Mosquito Corcoran James Sil m m 27 1894 May
Mosquito Corcoran Mary Dau f m 27 1893 Nov
Mosquito Corcoran Jeremiah gson m s 2mo 1902 Jul
Mosquito Dobbin Sebastian Head m m 55 1866 Jan
Mosquito Dobbin Maria Wife f m 53 1867 Dec
Mosquito Dobbin Stanislaus Son m s 29 1892 Aug
Mosquito Dobbin Florence Dau f s 25 1896 Jul
Mosquito Dobbin Michael Son m s 23 1898 Jun
Mosquito Dobbin Ronald Nephew m s 17 1904 Apr
Mosquito Doody Alban Head m w 66 1854 Sep
Mosquito Doody Denis Son m s 30 1890 Nov
Mosquito Doody Albert Son m s 30 1891 Jun
Mosquito Doody Alphonsus Son m s 24 1897 May
Mosquito Doody Augustus Son m s 19 1901 Dec
Mosquito Doody Ida Dau f s 19 1901 Dec
Mosquito Doody Catherine Dau f s 18 1903 Apr
Mosquito Doody Bernard Head m m 78 1842 Nov
Mosquito Doody Ellen Wife f m 62 1858 Nov
Mosquito Doody Casimer Son m m 24 1897 Mar
Mosquito Doody Sarah Dil f m 24 1897 Feb
Mosquito Doody Bernard gson m s 7mo 1921 Jan
Mosquito Doody Daniel Head m s 20 1901 Mar
Mosquito Doody Eliza Sister f s 18 1903 Jun
Mosquito Doody George Brother m s 17 1904 Jun
Mosquito Doody Mary Mother f w 48 1873 Jul
Mosquito Doody Sebastian Head m m 28 1893 Jun
Mosquito Doody Catherine Wife f m 23 1898 Jun
Mosquito Doody Vincent Head m s 23 1897 Nov
Mosquito Ryan Rose Aunt f w 86 1835 May
Mosquito King Katherine Niece f s 11 1910 Sep
Mosquito Linehan Alban Head m m 39 1882 Apr
Mosquito Linehan Margaret Wife f m 33 1888 May
Mosquito Linehan Patrick Father m w 81 1839 Dec
Mosquito Linehan Mary Head f w 67 1854 Jan
Mosquito Linehan Patrick Head m m 51 1870 Jun
Mosquito Linehan Mary Wife f m 48 1873 May
Mosquito Linehan Patrick Head m m 35 1886 Jun
Mosquito Linehan Theresa Wife f m 33 1888 Feb
Mosquito Linehan John Son m s 10 1911 Mar
Mosquito Linehan Ronald Son m s 8 1913 Apr
Mosquito Linehan William Son m s 5 1916 Feb
Mosquito Linehan Alban Son m s 3 1917 Sep
Mosquito Linehan Edmund Son m s 2 1919 Jan
Mosquito Linehan Anne Dau f s 10mo 1920 Oct

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