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1921 Census

Avalon South Region ~ St. Mary's Bay District

Path End

The information was transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.
Town Surname Given
Fr Sex Marital
Age Year Month
Path End Butler James Head m m 50 1870 Oct
Path End Butler Mariam Wife f m 46 1875 Mar
Path End Butler Margaret Dau f s 20 1900 Dec
Path End Butler May Dau f s 18 1903 Jan
Path End Butler Elizabeth Dau f s 15 1906 Jul
Path End Butler Joseph Son m s 13 1907 Oct
Path End Butler Patrick Son m s 11 1909 Oct
Path End Butler Stella Dau f s 9 1912 Jan
Path End Butler Bridget Dau f s 6 1914 Sep
Path End Butler Margaret Mother f w 75 1846 May
Path End Smith Francis gson m s 2mo 1921 Jun
Path End Butler Thomas Head m m 48 1873 Apr
Path End Butler Rose Wife f m 47 1874 Jul
Path End Butler James Son m s 20 1900 Dec
Path End Butler John Son m s 18 1902 Nov
Path End Butler Michael Son m s 14 1907 Apr
Path End Butler Alphonsus Son m s 12 1908 Dec
Path End Butler Anistasia Dau f s 10 1911 May
Path End Butler Amelia Dau f s 8 1913 Jun
Path End Butler Dermot Son m s 7 1914 Mar
Path End Culleton Elizabeth Head f w 62 1858 Sep
Path End Culleton James Son m s 32 1889 Jan
Path End Culleton John Son m s 30 1891 Mar
Path End Culleton William Son m s 25 1896 Mar
Path End Ezeliel Paul Head m m 57 1864 Mar
Path End Ezeliel Mary Wife f m 51 1870 Mar
Path End Ezeliel Molly Dau f s 18 1902 Oct
Path End Ezeliel Bridget Mother f w 84 1836 Dec
Path End Culleton Patrick gson m s 8 1913 May
Path End Culleton Mary gdau f s 6 1915 Mar
Path End Harvey Daniel Head m w 60 1860 Jun
Path End Harvey Michael Son m s 28 1892 Oct
Path End Harvey Jane Dau f s 19 1902 Jun
Path End Chafe Daniel Sil m m 25 1895 Sep
Path End Chafe Marie Dau f m 23 1898 Apr
Path End Rousell George Head m m 63 1854 Mar
Path End Rousell Bridget Wife f m 54 1867 Jul
Path End Rousell ? Dau f s 22 1898 Sep
Path End Rousell Patrick Head m m 55 1866 Apr
Path End Rousell Mary Wife f m 33 1888 Jan
Path End Rousell Edward Son m s 8 1912 Sep
Path End Rousell Robert Head m m 63 1857 Jun
Path End Rousell Mary Wife f m 59 1862 Apr
Path End Rousell Frederick Son m s 23 1897 Sep
Path End Rousell Stella Dau f s 18 1903 Jul
Path End Rousell Bernard Son m s 16 1904 Sep
Path End Rousell William Head m m 52 1869 Jul
Path End Rousell Margaret Wife f m 52 1869 Jun
Path End Rousell Mary Dau f s 17 1903 Dec
Path End Rousell Frederick Son m s 14 1906 Oct
Path End Rousell John Son m s 10 1911 Jul
Path End Rousell George Son m s 8 1913 Apr

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