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1921 Census

Avalon South Region ~ St. Mary's Bay District

Peter's River

Note, the age denotes age of last birthday.
The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ November 1999. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.
Name Sex Relation Status Birth
Age Birth
HICKS, Agustine m head married 1885 May 36 Peter's River
HICKS, Margaret f wife married 1886 Sept 34 St. Shott's
HICKS, Ellen f dau single 1913 May 8 Peter's River
HICKS, Lucy f dau single 1916 Nov 4 Peter's River
HICKS, Sarah f dau single 1918 Mar 3 Peter's River

HICKS, David m head married 1878 Oct 42 Peter's River
HICKS, Annie f wife married 1879 May 42 St. Shott's
HICKS, Anthony m son single 1909 June 12 Peter's River
HICKS, Alonzo m son single 1910 June 11 Peter's River
HICKS, Josephine f dau single 1913 Sept 7 Peter's River

MANDIVILLE, William m head single 1874 Apr 47 Peter's River
MANDIVILLE, Rose f mother widow 1849 Feb 72 Point La Hay

HICKS, Joseph m head married 1882 Mar 39 Peter's River
HICKS, Frances f wife married 1884 June 34 St. Shott's
HICKS, Marie f dau single 1917 July 4 Peter's River

MOLLOY, David m head married 1876 Mar 45 Peter's River
MOLLOY, Annie f wife married 1886 Aug 35 Holyrood C.B.
MOLLOY, Thomas m son single 1911 Apr 10 Peter's River
MOLLOY, Leonard m son single 1912 Nov 9 Peter's River
MOLLOY, Mary f dau single 1914 Jan 7 Peter's River
MOLLOY, Elsie f dau single 1915 Aug 6 Peter's River
MOLLOY, Ronald m son single 1916 Sept 4 Peter's River
MOLLOY, [Seferena??] m son single 1919 Mar 2 Peter's River
MOLLOY, Joseph m son single 1920 Nov 1 Peter's River

MOLLOY, Margaret f head widow 1844 Dec 76 Peter's River
MOLLOY, John m son single 1882 May 39 Peter's River

LONDRIGAN, Ellen f head widow 1860 Mar 61 Peter's River
LONDRIGAN, Peter m son single 1882 Jun 39 Peter's River
LONDRIGAN, Francis m son single 1884 Jun 37 Peter's River
LONDRIGAN, Margaret f dau single 1886 Mar 35 Peter's River
LONDRIGAN, Edward m son single 1895 Sept 25 Peter's River
LONDRIGAN, James m son single 1896 Nov 24 Peter's River
LONDRIGAN, Abbie f dau single 1899 Oct 21 Peter's River

LONDRIGAN, William m head married 1897 Dec 23 Peter's River
LONDRIGAN, Marie f wife married 1894 Jan 27 Pools Island B.B.
LONDRIGAN, Gerard m son single 1918 Oct 2 Peter's River

LONDRIGAN, Tobias m head married 1885 May 36 Peter's River
LONDRIGAN, Josephine f wife married 1885 May 36 St. Shott's
LONDRIGAN, Margaret f dau single 1913 Nov 7 Peter's River
LONDRIGAN, Anthony m son single 1916 July 5 Peter's River
LONDRIGAN, William m son single 1920 Feb 1 Peter's River
LONDRIGAN, Mary f mother widow 1859 July 62 Peter's River
LONDRIGAN, Alphonsus m cousin/adpt single 1896 July 25 Peter's River

WHITE, Edward m head married 1851 Feb 70 Peter's River
WHITE, Catherine f wife married 1858 Nov 62 Holyrood C.B.
WHITE, Thomas m son single 1882 Dec 38 Peter's River
WHITE, Daniel m son single 1893 Sept 27 Peter's River
WHITE, Mary f dau single 1894 Sept 26 Peter's River
WHITE, Margaret f dau single 1894 Sept 26 Peter's River
WHITE, Edward m son single 1897 July 24 Peter's River
WHITE, Patrick m gr.son single 1915 Mar 6 Peter's River
WHITE, Lena f gr.dau single 1912 June 9 Peter's River

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