NLGenWeb 1935 NF Census
Avalon South Region
St. Mary's Bay District

Mall Bay

The information was transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.

Bonia Patrick Head m m 55
Bonia Mary Wife f m 82

Christopher Joseph Head m m 40
Christopher Mary Wife f m 33
Christopher Vincent Son m s 16
Christopher Margaret Dau f s 15
Christopher Philomena Dau f s 13
Christopher Ita Dau f s 12
Christopher Leo Son m s 10
Christopher Thomas Son m s 7
Christopher Agnes Dau f s 4
Christopher Cecilia Dau f s 1
Christopher Elizabeth Mil f w 67

Christopher Mary Head f w 75

Christopher Stephen Head m m 62
Christopher Mary Wife f m 46
Christopher Mary Dau f s 23
Christopher Maria Dau f s 22
Christopher Margaret Dau f s 17
Christopher Richard Son m s 16
Christopher Hannah Dau f s 14
Christopher Edmund Son m s 10

Comerford John Head m w 79
Comerford Patrick Son m s 29

Comerford Leo Head m m 35
Comerford Bridget Wife f m 26

Comerford Peter Head m w 63
Comerford Francis Son m s 20
Comerford Clara Dau f s 15

Comerford William Head m m 38
Comerford Catherine Wife f m 43
Comerford Elizabeth Dau f s 10
Comerford Mary Dau f s 8
Comerford Rose Dau f s 6

Daly Thomas Head m m 61
Daly Lucy Wife f m 59
Daly James Son m s 29
Daly Maurice Son m s 25
Daly Francis Son m s 25
Daly Patrick Son m s 17
Daly Ellen Dau f s 22
Daly Lucina Dau f s 21
Daly Teresa Dau f s 11

Daly William Head m m 69
Daly Emily Wife f m 62
Daly James Son m s 39
Daly Florence Dau f s 23

Gorman James Head m m 52
Gorman Freda Wife f m 47
Gorman John Son m s 22
Gorman Francis Son m s 8
Gorman Mary Dau f s 3
Gorman Hannah Mother f w 81

Matthews John Head m m 64
Matthews Monica Wife f m 57
Sinyard William Nephew m s 12

Meehan John Son m s 46
Meehan Michael Brother m s 44

Meehan Patrick Head m w 57

Meehan Peter Head m m 43
Meehan Bridget Wife f m 32

Meehan William Head m m 53
Meehan Ida Wife f m 27
Meehan Mary Dau f s 17
Meehan Gertrude Dau f s 16
Meehan Margaret Dau f s 16
Meehan Elizabeth Dau f s 14
Meehan Thomas Son m s 13

O'Rourke Edward Head m s 29

O'Rourke James Head m m 61
O'Rourke Elizabeth Wife f m 49

O'Rourke Michael Head m w 71
O'Rourke John Son m s 35

Ryan Michael Head m m 71
Ryan Caroline Wife f m 66
Ryan Phillip Son m s 36
Ryan James Son m s 23
Ryan Ambrose Son m s 23
Comerford Margaret Dom f s 22

Ryan Robert Head m w 70

Sinyard Albert Head m m 51
Sinyard Mary Wife f m 44
Sinyard Frances Dau f s 7
Sinyard William Son m s 5
Sinyard Fergus Son m s 3
Ryan John sson m s 19
Ryan Francis sson m s 15
Ryan Nora sdau f s 11

Sinyard Peter Head m m 58
Sinyard Julia Wife f m 67

Sinyard Thaddeus Head m w 55
Sinyard John Son m s 23
Sinyard James Son m s 22
Sinyard Cecil Son m s 18
Sinyard Thaddeus Son m s 17
Sinyard Frances Dau f s 15
Sinyard Ambrose Son m s 11

Sullivan Peter Head m m 31
Sullivan Theodora Wife f m 29
Sullivan Leonard Son m s 1
Sullivan Helen Dau f s 7mo
Christopher Joan sdau f s 8

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