NLGenWeb 1935 NF Census
Avalon South Region
St. Mary's Bay District

Peter's River

The information was transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.

Hicks Augustine Head m w 38
Hicks Lucy Dau f s 18
Hicks Sarah Dau f s 16
Hicks Patrick Son m s 12

Hicks David Head m m 56
Hicks Anne Wife f m 55
Hicks Anthony Son m s 24
Hicks Arthur Son m s 12
Hicks Josephine Dau f s 19

Hicks Joseph Head m m 53
Hicks Frances Wife f m 56
Hicks Marie Dau f s 18

Hicks Michael Head m m 52
Hicks Mary Wife f m 52
Hicks Patrick Father m w 84
Finlay Joseph Nephew m s 18

Lundrigan Francis Head m s 50
Lundrigan Abigail Sister f s 35

Lundrigan Tobias Head m m 48
Lundrigan Josephine Wife f m 48
Lundrigan Marguerite Dau f s 20
Lundrigan Anthony Son m s 19
Lundrigan William Son m s 15

Lundrigan William Head m w 43
Lundrigan Gerald Son m s 15
Lundrigan Augustine Son m s 13
Lundrigan Marian Dau f s 11
Lundrigan Alphonsus Son m s 10
Lundrigan Vincent Son m s 9
Lundrigan John Son m s 7
Lundrigan Mary Dau f s 5
Lundrigan Peter Son m s 3

Mandeville William Head m s 60

Molloy David Head m m 56
Molloy Anne Wife f m 47
Molloy Thomas Son m s 23
Molloy Mary Dau f s 21
Molloy Leonard Son m s 22
Molloy Ronald Son m s 18
Molloy Zephyrinus Son m s 16
Molloy Josephine Dau f s 15
Molloy Leo Son m s 13
Molloy David Son m s 11
Molloy Bertha Dau f s 10

White Thomas Head m s 50
White Margaret Sister f s 43
White Mary Sister f s 43
White Lena Niece f s 20
White Patrick Nephew m s 19
White William Nephew m s 10

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