NLGenWeb 1935 NF Census
Avalon South Region
St. Mary's Bay District

St. Joseph's

The information was transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.

Bishop Edward Head m m 63
Bishop Mary Wife f m 57
Bishop Daniel Son m s 26
Bishop Ambrose Son m s 24
Bishop Bridget Dau f s 22
Bishop Leo Nephew m s 16

Christopher Catherine Head f w 72

Curtis James Head m m 76
Curtis Esther Wife f m 78
Ryan Jerome Sil m m 44
Ryan Elizabeth Dau f m 40
Ryan Edward gson m s 15
Ryan Gabriel gson m s 14
Ryan Lawrence gson m s 13
Ryan James gson m s 11
Ryan Jerome gson m s 9
Ryan Alban gson m s 7
Ryan Clement gson m s 6
Ryan Nora gdau f s 4
Ryan Esther gdau f s 3
Ryan Regina gdau f s 2wk

Daley Ambrose Head m m 62
Daley Anastasia Wife f m 52
Daley Mary Dau f s 24
Daley Maude Dau f s 18
Daley Hilary Son m s 16
Daley Alexander Son m s 13
Daley Genevieve Dau f s 11
Daley Francis Son m s 8

Daley David Head m m 57
Daley Kathleen Wife f m 38
Daley Sarah Dau f s 15
Daley Brendan Son m s 13
Daley Lawrence Son m s 11
Daley Conchessa Dau f s 9
Daley Catherine Dau f s 7
Daley Patricia Dau f s 5
Daley Madeline Dau f s 3
Daley Michael Son m s 7mo

Daley Denis Head m m 63
Daley Mary Wife f m 42

Daley Denis Head m m 49
Daley Carrie Wife f m 42
Daley Mildred Dau f s 14
Daley Valentine Son m s 13
Daley Richard Son m s 12
Daley Harold Son m s 9
Daley Gerard Son m s 7

Daley Francis Head m m 60
Daley Ellen Wife f m 60
Daley Frederick Son m s 26
Daley Ronald Son m s 21
Daley Garrett Son m s 20

Daley James Head m m 54
Daley Florence Wife f m 53
Daley Mary Dau f s 25
Daley Gunhilda Dau f s 17
Daley Joseph Son m s 15
Daley Albert Son m s 13

Daley Jospeh Head m m 55
Daley Bridget Wife f m 54

Daley Lucy Head f w 49
Daley Edna Dau f s 16
Daley John Son m s 15
Daley Alban Son m s 15
Daley Charles Son m s 13
Daley Clotilda Dau f s 10
Daley Mercedes Dau f s 7
Daley Aloysius Son m s 4

Daley Mary Head f w 85

Daley Maurice Head m m 52
Daley Christine Wife f m 38
Daley Alphonsus Son m s 16
Daley Margaret Dau f s 11
Daley Bernard Son m s 10
Daley Clarence Son m s 8
Daley Carmel Dau f s 6
Daley Pauline Dau f s 5
Daley Leo Son m s 10mo
Daley Alexander Brother m s 58

Daley Maurice Head m w 46
Daley Theresa Dau f s 16
Daley Daley Son m s 8
Daley James Son m s 6

Daley Michael Head m m 70
Daley Elizabeth Wife f m 66
Daley Austin Son m s 33
Daley Mary Dau f s 30
Daley Daniel Son m s 25

Daley Peter Head m m 53
Daley Jennette Wife f m 39
Daley Barbara Dau f s 9
Daley Ellen Dau f s 6
Daley Francina Dau f s 3
Daley Peter Son m s 2

Daley William Head m w 60
Daley Bridget Sister f s 63
Daley Walter Nephew m s 19

Dinn William Head m m 64
Dinn Ellen Wife f m 63
Dinn James Son m s 25
Walsh Hannah NR f s 13

Duggan Martin Head m w 74
Duggan Arthur Son m s 30
Duggan Douglas Son m s 28
Duggan Michael Son m s 26
Duggan Alexander Son m s 24
Duggan Marion Dau f s 17
Duggan Marcella Dau f s 15

Duggan Patrick Head m m 72
Duggan Mary Wife f m 59
Duggan Marrtin Son m s 32
Duggan Agnes Dau f s 26
Duggan Patrick Son m s 21

Duggan William Head m m 44
Duggan Ellen Wife f m 42
Duggan Peter Son m s 12
Duggan Catherine Dau f s 10
Duggan Alphonsus Son m s 8
Duggan Anthony Son m s 6
Duggan John Son m s 3
Duggan Maude Dau f s 1

Enright Rev. J.M. Head m s 49
Sullivan Anne NR f s 63
Barron Elizabeth NR f s 23
Ryan Gerard NR m s 17

Fagan Francis Head m m 77
Fagan Katherine Wife f m 75
Fagan John Son m s 49
Fagan Bridget Dau f s 39

Fagan Mary Head f w 74

Follett James Head m m 33
Follett Mary Wife f m 33
Follett Mary Dau f s 7
Follett Ellen Dau f s 6
Follett Alice Dau f s 5
Follett Ronald Son m s 3
Murray Mary NR f s 23

Furey Bernard Head m w 63
Furey Peter Son m s 25
Furey Margaret Dau f s 23
Furey Therese Dau f s 21
Furey Charles Son m s 18
Furey Elizabeth Dau f s 15
Furey George Son m s 12
Furey James Son m s 8
Furey Denis Son m s 5

Furey Francis Head m s 60

Furey Thomas Head m s 36

Furey William Head m m 66
Furey Margaret Wife f m 63
Furey Terence Son m s 31
Furey George Son m s 25
Furey Florence Dau f s 23
Furey Marion Dau f s 20

Gough Alban Head m m 55
Gough Margaret Wife f m 49
Gough Kevin Son m s 23
Gough Ethel Dau f s 19
Gough Sarah Dau f s 16
Gough Vincent Son m s 14
Gough Thomas Son m s 11

Gough Bridget Head f w 86
Gough Bernard Son m m 53
Gough Josephine Dil f m 48
Gough Gertrude gdau f s 6

Gough Ellen Head f w 57
Gough Michael Son m s 32
Gough William son m s 21
Gough Edward Son m s 19
Gough Gerard Son m s 17
Mahoney Cecilia NR f s 12
McCrate Edna NR f s 20

Gushue William Head m m 55
Gushue Ellen Wife f m 38
Gushue John Son m s 21
Gushue Tobias Son m s 17
Gushue Edward Son m s 7
Gushue Jerome Son m s 6
Critch Amelia NR f s 23

Mahoney Michael Head m w 52
Mahoney Francis Son m s 18
Mahoney Mary Dau f s 20
Mahoney Gerald Son m s 14
Mahoney Cyril Son m s 6
Mahoney Patricia Dau f s 8

McCormack Ellen Head f w 56
McCormack John Son m s 30
McCormack George Son m s 25
McCormack Helen Dau f s 21
McCormack Kathleen Dau f s 19
McCormack Margaret Dau f s 16
McCormack Patricia Dau f s 14

McCormack Patrick Head m m 82
McCormack Elizabeth Wife f m 78
Meehan Vera NR f s 18

Nolan Matilda Head f w 57
Nolan Francis Sil m m 37
Nolan Dinah Dau f m 33
Nolan James gson m s 6
Nolan Maria gdau f s 4

Norris Gerald Head m s 40
Norris John Brother m s 49
Norris Walter Nephew m s 23
Norris Winifred Mother f w 84

Norris Joseph Head m w 85
Norris Johannah Sister f s 90
Norris Thomas Son m w 35
Norris Ellen Dau f s 30

O'Rourke Bernard Head m m 24
O'Rourke Mary Wife f m 23
Gushue George Bil m s 20

Peddle Lucy Head f w 76
Peddle Hannah Dau f s 39

Peddle Robert Head m m 74
Peddle Maria Wife f m 74

Picco James Head m m 55
Picco Anne Wife f m 54
Dobbin Mary Niece f m 25
Dobbin Patrick Nephewil m m 38
Dobbin James gNephew m s 1
Dobbin Therese gNiece f s 1mo

Power Fergus Head m m 29
Power Carrie Wife f m 22
Hayward Thomas NR m s 18

Power Patrick Head m m 57
Power Ellen Wife f m 55
Power Richard Son m s 25
Power John Son m s 22
Power Anne Dau f s 19
Power Hilda Dau f s 16
Power Myra Dau f s 14

Power Peter Head m m 49
Power Winifred Wife f m 38
Power Mary Dau f s 17
Power Agatha Dau f s 16
Power Joseph Son m s 13
Power Maurice Son m s 11
Power Marion Dau f s 10
Power Bridget Dau f s 8
Power Anita Dau f s 7
Power Raymond Son m s 6
Power Therese Dau f s 3
Power Norah Dau f s 2
Power Ursula Dau f s 3mo

Power Richard Head m m 44
Power Rita Wife f m 40
Power Sarah Dau f s 13
Power Loretta Dau f s 12
Power Walter Son m s 10
Power Edward Son m s 8
Power Richard Father m m 89
Power Sarah Mother f m 87

Ryan Hannah Head f w 60
Ryan Kenneth Son m s 24

Ryan John Head m m 72
Ryan Elizabeth Wife f m 59
Ryan Eric Son m s 27
Ryan Bernard Son m s 25
Ryan Thomas Son m s 23
Ryan Josephine Dau f s 22
Ryan Hilda Dau f s 18
Ryan Michael Son m s 13
Ryan Aiden Son m s 12

Ryan Joseph Head m m 55
Ryan Mary Wife f m 45
Ryan John Son m s 23
Ryan Elizabeth Dau f s 21
Ryan Irene Dau f s 19
Ryan Leo Son m s 17
Ryan Mary Dau f s 15
Ryan Alice Dau f s 12
Ryan Ellen Dau f s 10
Ryan Rita Dau f s 6
Ryan Genevieve Dau f s 4

Ryan Ronald Head m s 41
Ryan Herbert Brother m s 30

Ryan Therese Head f w 55
Ryan James Son m s 32
Ryan Joseph Son m s 26
Ryan Madeline Dau f s 9

Singleton John Head m m 64
Singleton Agnes Wife f m 55
Singleton Joseph Son m s 30
Singleton John Son m s 26
Singleton Elizabeth Dau f s 24
Singleton Mabel Dau f s 23
Singleton Nicholas Son m s 22
Singleton Thomas Son m s 20
Singleton Helen Dau f s 18
Singleton Vincent Son m s 14

Singleton Joseph Head m m 55
Singleton Mary Wife f m 34
Singleton Leonard Son m s 24
Singleton Michael Son m s 21
Singleton Carmel Dau f s 20
Singleton Richard Son m s 17
Singleton Edgar Son m s 14
Singleton Bernadette Dau f s 10
Singleton Frederick Son m s 8
Singleton Margaret Dau f s 1
Singleton Therese Dau f s 2mo

Walsh Thomas Head m m 78
Walsh Martha Wife f m 68

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