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1945 Census
St. Mary's Bay District
New Bridge

The information was transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.
Please note corrections at the end

Critch Patrick Head m m 71
Critch Mary Wife f m 53
Critch Elizabeth Dau f s 19
Critch Theresa Dau f s 16
Critch Michael Nephew m s 7
Meehan Edward Sil m m 25
Meehan Mary Dau f m 23

Critch Thomas Head m m 69
Critch Josephine Wife f m 59
Critch Celestine Son m s 20

Lewis Bridget Head f w 54
Lewis Michael Son m s 33
Lewis John Son m s 31
Lewis Herbert Son m s 25
Lewis James Son m s 20
Lewis Clarence Son m s 19

McDonald John Head m s 40
McDonald Jerome Brother m s 31
McDonald Frederick Brother m s 30
McDonald Joseph Brother m s 23
Ryan Augustine Bil m m 49
Ryan Hester Sister f m 42
Ryan Michael Nephew m s 12
Ryan Marie Niece f s 11

McDonald Mary Head f w 50
McDonald Michael Son m s 26
McDonald Sarah Dau f s 18
McDonald Clyde Son m s 16
McDonald Leonard Son m s 14
McDonald Arthur Son m s 12
McDonald Rita Dau f s 9
McDonald Dermot Son m m 24
McDonald Mary Dil f m 20
Gillard Nicholas Fil m w 77

McDonald William Head m m 66
McDonald Mary Wife f m 65
McDonald Eugene Son m s 23

McDonald William Head m w 59
McDonald Ronald Son m s 31
McDonald Michael Son m m 32
McDonald Bridget Dil f m 30
McDonald Mary gdau f s 2

McDonald William Head m m 35
McDonald Margaret Wife f m 31
McDonald Garland Son m s 2

Moriarity Aidan Head m m 40
Moriarity Viola Wife f m 27

O'Neill James Head m m 53
O'Neill Sarah Wife f m 53
O'Neill Mary Dau f s 21
O'Neill Thomas Son m s 20
O'Neill Christopher Son m s 18

O'Rourke Michael Head m m 61
O'Rourke Mary Wife f m 64
O'Rourke Patricia Dau f s 24
O'Rourke John Nephew m s 29

Ryan William Head m m 56
Ryan Mary Wife f m 36
Ryan Philip sson m s 15
Ryan John Son m s 6

Slaney Casimir Head m m 57
Slaney Theresa Wife f m 55
Grace Joseph Nephew m s 20

NameDescription of ErrorMy Name
Head of the family
McDonald, John
Hettie was changed to Hester, her name is actually Henrietta. Cathy Flament

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