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1675 John Berry Census

Avalon South Region ~ Southern Shore District


"Stages" are elevated platforms on the shore with working tables, sheds, etc, at which fish are landed and processed for salting and drying on the flakes. "Trainfats" are wooden chests or barrels for storing cod livers which rotted in the sun releasing oil.

The information was transcribed by UNKNOWN ~ 1998. While the person transcribing the material has endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

"A list of the planters names with an account of their
concerns from Cape Raze to Cape Bona Vista"
Planter's Names Sons Daughters Men Boats Stages Trainfats
Geo Kerke Esq. + wife3116411
David Kerke + wife100000
Philip Kerke0025511
Lady Kerke0025511
Lady Hopkins0015311
Wm. Roberts + wife4020422
Jno. Yard + wife006110
Ezez. Deble0010210
Wm. Thoms000000
Sam Adams + wife025111
Hen. Deutch + wife000000
30 head of cattle.

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