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1871 Lovell's Directory

Petty Harbour

Petty Harbour - A large fishing settlement on the Straight shore south of St. John's, in the district of St. John's. The village is most picturesquely situated in a deep valley, surrounded apparently on all sides by lofty hills, rugged and bare. Distant from St. John's 10 miles by road. Population 900.

Allen Richard-
Angel Henryfisherman
Angel Johnplanter
Angel Richardfisherman
Bailey Richardplanter
Barron Johnschool teacher
Barton Johnfisherman
Barton Richardfisherman
Beard Williamfisherman
Bidgood Johnplanter
Bishop Jacob-
Bowden William-
Breen Andrewfisherman
Brennack Johnfarmer
Case Nehemiahplanter
Chafe Aaronfisherman
Chafe Ambrosefisherman
Chafe Davidfarmer
Chafe David, of Little,fisherman
Chafe Edward, jun.fisherman
Chafe Edward, of Thomasfisherman
Chafe Emmanuelfisherman
Chafe George, of Williamplanter
Chafe George, sen.planter
Chafe George W.fisherman
Chafe Henry, of Edward,fisherman
Chafe Henry Georgeplanter
Chafe Henry Williamplanter
Chafe Jacob, of Edward,fisherman
Chafe Jacob, of Henryfisherman
Chafe Jacob, sen.farmer
Chafe Jamesfisherman
Chafe John, jun.fisherman
Chafe John, of Criblyfisherman
Chafe John, of Moses-
Chafe Mosesfisherman
Chafe Nathanielplanter
Chafe Peterfisherman
Chafe Philipplanter
Chafe Richard A.planter
Chafe Robert, of Thomasplanter
Chafe Robert, of Williamplanter
Chafe Samuel, of Davidfisherman
Chafe Samuel, of Williamplanter
Chafe Solomonplanter
Chafe Thomas, of Thomasfisherman
Chafe Thomas, of Williamplanter
Chafe Williamfisherman
Chafe William, of Henryfisherman
Chafe William, of Thomasplanter
Chase Williamfisherman
Clarke Danielfisherman
Clarke Henryplanter
Clarke Richardplanter
Clarke Simeonfisherman
Clarke Thomasfisherman
Clements Richardfisherman
Cove Thomasfisherman
Dalton Richardfisherman
Donovan Michaelfisherman
Donovan Mosesfisherman
Donovan Patrickfisherman
Donovan Philip-
Doyle Bryanplanter
Doyle Edwardmerchant
Doyle William, jun.planter
Doyle William, of Thomas-
Doyle William, sen.fisherman
Everard Edwardfisherman
Everard Jamesplanter
Everard Richardplanter
French Richardfisherman
French Samuelplanter
French Williamfisherman
Grady Johnfisherman
Hannaford John-
Hannaford Samuelplanter
Healy Philipfisherman
Hearn Lawrencefisherman
Hearn Peterplanter
Henneford Richardfisherman
Henneford Stephen-
Hiscott Richardfisherman
Hopkins Henryfisherman
Hopkins Jamesfisherman
Hopkins Johnplanter
Hopkins Richardfisherman
Howlett Davidfisherman
Howlett John-
Howlett Patrickplanter
Howlett Robertplanter
Howlett Samuelfarmer
Howlett Thomasplanter
Hynes Edwardfisherman
Joyce Matthewfarmer
Kelly Patrickplanter
Kenney Johnfisherman
Kenney Philipfisherman
Kenney Williamfisherman
Kiely Lawrencemerchant
Kiely Lawrence, sen.planter
Kiely Michaelfisherman
Kiely Nicholasfisherman
Lee Jamesfisherman
Lee Samuelplanter
Lee Thomasplanter
Lee Williamfisherman
Mainwarring Patrickfisherman
Miles Ralphplanter
Mills Nathanplanter
Mills Nathaniel T.fisherman
Mills Thomas Irafisherman
Mutton Thomasfisherman
Parnell Williamplanter
Power Williamfisherman
Pierce Henryfisherman
Pierce Johnfisherman
Price Philipplanter
Pridam Georgefisherman
Pridam Jamesplanter
Pridam Richardfisherman
Reily Williamfarmer
Satorly John-
Searle Aaronfisherman
Stack Jamesfisherman
Stack Johnfisherman
Stack Richardfisherman
Stack Thomasplanter
Stockman Williamfisherman
Wall Johnfisherman
Walsh Jamesfisherman
Walsh James, jun.planter
Walsh James, sen.fisherman
Walsh Johnfisherman
Walsh John, sen.planter
Walsh Larry, sen.fisherman
Walsh Lawrence, jun.fisherman
Walsh Patrickfisherman
Walsh Patrick, jun.fisherman
Walsh Thomasfisherman
Weir Thomas-
White Johnplanter
White Richardfisherman
Whitten Edwardfisherman
Whitten Henry-
Whitten Johnfisherman
Whitten Samuelfisherman
Whitten Williamfisherman
Williams Benjaminfisherman
Williams Charles-
Williams Jeremiahfisherman
Williams John, jun.fisherman
Williams John, of Richardplanter
Williams Philipfisherman
Williams Philip F.fisherman
Williams Richardfisherman
Williams Thomas, of Charlesfisherman
Williams Thomas, jun.planter
Williams Thomas, sen.farmer
Williams Valentineplanter

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