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Petty Harbour Anglican Marriages, 1824-1878

The information was transcribed by BONNIE NEWHOOK-WELLS ~ May 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Marriage Date Persons Status Residence Comments
Nov. 22, 1824Henry ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Maryann Chafe SpinsterPetty Harbour
Dec. 27, 1825Richard PearceBachelorPetty Harbour

Marianne ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
May 24, 1828George WhittenBachelorPetty Harbour

Mary ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
Dec. 22, 1829Thomas OsbourneBachelorPetty Harbour

Mary AngelSpinsterPetty Harbour
May 25, 1830Philip WilliamsBachelorPetty Harbour

Frances ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
May 28, 1830Richard ClarkeBachelorPetty Harbour

Margaret HopkinsSpinsterPetty Harbour
Nov. 20, 1830John MillsBachelorPetty Harbour

Elizabeth ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
May 11, 1831William ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Diana TaylorSpinsterPort-de-Grave
Aug. 13, 1831George ReedBachelorDevon England

Elizabeth ChafeSpinsterPetty HarbourDaughter of Moses & Anne Chafe
Jan. 15, 1833Edward HumphryBachelorDevon England

Sarah ChafeSpinsterPetty HarbourDaughter of John & Elizabeth Chafe
Jan. 15, 1833Edward ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Mary ChafeSpinsterPetty HarbourDaughter of david & Anna Chafe
Nov. 09, 1833James Harman CollettBachelorPetty Harbour

Maria ChafeSpinsterPetty HarbourDaughter of Samuel & Mary Chafe
Nov. 17, 1834Benjamin WilliamsBachelorPetty Harbour

Mary Ann ChafeWidowPetty HarbourWidow of Henry Chafe
Nov. 18, 1834James EasterbrookWidowerDevon England

Elizabeth Bowden
Petty HarbourDaughter of John & Hannah Bowden
Nov. 09, 1835George ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Elizabeth ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
June 12, 1836William ChafeBachelorPetty HarbourSon of Henry & Dorcas Chafe

Jane ChafeSpinsterPetty HarbourDaughter of William & Jane Chafe
Dec. 13, 1836William ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Rebecca ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
Aug. 28, 1837James WarrenBachelorDevon England

Elizabeth ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
Nov. 30, 1837Thomas ChafeBachelorPetty HarbourSon of Thomas Chafe

Amelia ChafeSpinsterPetty HarbourDaughter of Samuel Chafe
Dec. 04, 1837David Marshall ChafeBachelorPetty HarbourSon of Samuel Chafe

Susan WilliamsSpinsterPetty Harbour
May 15, 1838William SimmonsBachelor

Fanny WilliamsWidowPetty HarbourWidow of Philip Williams; Daughter of Samuel & Mary Chafe
July 18, 1838Matthew Morry BachelorCaplin BaySon of Matthew & Anne Morry

Elizabeth ChafeSpinsterPetty HarbourDaughter of John & Elizabeth Chafe
Nov. 04, 1839Robert ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Elizabeth SarellSpinsterPetty Harbour
Dec. 01, 1840James SearleBachelorPetty Harbour

Dariah Chafe
Petty Harbour
Jan. 19, 1841John Winsor
Petty Harbour

Alvina Chafe
Petty Harbour
Nov. 22, 1841Valentine G. Williams
Petty Harbour

Mary Pridham
Petty Harbour
Dec. 01, 1841Samuel Chafe
Petty Harbour

Harriet Chafe
Petty Harbour
Dec. 18, 1842William Chafe BowdenBachelorPetty Harbour

Amelia ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
Nov. 28, 1843Philip ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Mary JenkinsSpinsterSt. John's
Nov. 13, 1843Samuel ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Charlotte Ann ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
Nov. 13, 1843Richard WilliamsBachelorPetty Harbour

Maria SarellSpinsterPetty Harbour
Apr. 20, 1844James EverettBachelorPetty Harbour

Elizabeth WhittenSpinsterPetty Harbour
Oct. 14, 1844John Randle ?
Devon England

Anne Rhodes
Petty Harbour
Dec. 02, 1845Jacob ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Mary WhittenSpinsterPetty Harbour
Dec. 10, 1846Edward WhittenBachelorPetty Harbour

Emma Burgep?SpinsterSt. John'sSouthside of St. John's
Nov. 13, 1848William BeardBachelorDawlish Devon

Selena ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
May 28, 1849John WattBachelorSt. John's

Lucretia ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
Nov. 27, 1849George William ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Harriet WhittenSpinsterPetty Harbour
Nov. 28, 1850William ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Elizabeth ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
Dec. 23, 1850Aaron ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Mary Ann ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
Nov. 17?, 1851Robert WhittenBachelorPetty Harbour

Martha BishopSpinsterTorbay
Dec. 02, 1851Nathanael ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Maria LeeSpinsterPetty Harbour
Oct. 03, 1853Samuel WhittenBachelorPetty harbour

Mary Anne FillierSpinsterPort-de-Grave
Nov. 17, 1853Henry George ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Caroline WhittenSpinsterSt. John's
Nov. 22, 1853George BulleyBachelorPetty Harbour

Elizabeth Patience ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
Nov. 24, 1853Josiah PearceBachelorPetty harbour

Diana TuckerSpinsterBroad Cove
Dec. 01, 1853Ambrose ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Elizabeth Sarah Chafe
Petty Harbour
Oct. 04, 1854Richard WhiteBachelorPetty Harbour

Roseanna ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
Oct. 04, 1854William Chafe
Petty Harbour

Margaret Bridget Scanlon
St. John's
Nov. 16, 1854William Whitten
Petty Harbour

Elizabeth Hann
St. John's
Nov. 23, 1854Emanuel ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Emmeline ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
Nov. 22, 1855Robert ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Elizabeth Grace PearceSpinsterPetty Harbour
May 15, 1856Issac Ford WinsorBachelorAquaforte

Susan ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
Jan. 01, 1857Thomas William ChafeBachelor Petty Harbour

Amelia Maria ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
May 11, 1857Edward ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Harriet ReedSpinsterPetty Harbour
May 15, 1857Samuel David ChafeWidowerPetty Harbour

Elizabeth ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
Oct. 28, 1857John WhittenBachelorPetty Harbour

Elizabeth DoyleSpinsterSt. John's
Nov. 12, 1857Henry WhittenBachelorPetty Harbour

Hannah ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
Nov. 19, 1857Aaron SearleBachelorPetty Harbour

Harriet Pierce
Petty Harbour
Dec. 01, 1857George ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Rebecca ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
Dec. 03, 1857William LeeBachelorPetty Harbour

Jane ClarkeSpinsterPetty Harbour
Dec. 08, 1859Richard BulleyBachelorPetty harbour

Sarah PearceSpinsterPetty harbour
Dec. 10, 1860Fredrick ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Ann PearceSpinsterPetty Harbour
Dec. 26, 1861Thomas WilliamsBachelorPetty harbour

Elizabeth MogridgeSpinster

Dec. 31?, 1862Solomon ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Maria Chaler
ChamberlainsSouth Shore
Jan. 05, 1864Philip WilliamsBachelorPetty Harbour

Fanny ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
Jan. 23, 1864George LeamonBachelorPetty Harbour

Lucy Ann ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
Dec. 06, 1864John Satterley ?BachelorPetty Harbour

Eliza Chafe
Petty Harbour
Nov. 21, 1865Charles WilliamsBachelorPetty Harbour

Caroline ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
Dec. 19, 1865William WhittenBachelorPetty Harbour

Eliza MillsSpinsterPetty Harbour
Dec. 19, 1865Aaron MogridgeBachelorHeavy Tree Road

Susan Williams
Petty Harbour
Dec. 27, 1865Philip WilliamsBachelorPetty Harbour

Selena SmithSpinsterTopsail
Dec. 06, 1866Ralph MillsBachelorPetty Harbour

Lucilla ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
Nov. 26, 1867Nehemiah ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Amelia NewellSpinsterPetty Harbour
Dec. 03, 1867Richard Allen ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Jessie ChalerSpinsterChamberlainsSouth Shore
Jan. 06, 1869Thomas WilliamsBachelorPetty Harbour

Susannah ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
Dec. 20, 1869Samuel LeeBachelorPetty Harbour

Sarah ClarkeSpinsterPetty Harbour
Dec. 21, 1869Henry PearceBachelorPetty Harbour

Mary Jane WilliamsSpinsterPetty Harbour
Jan. 06, 1870Thomas WhittenBachelorPetty Harbour

Elizabeth Sarah WilliamsSpinsterPetty Harbour
Dec. 15, 1870John PearceBachelorPetty Harbour

Susanna ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
Dec. 22, 1870Henry Alfred ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Maria ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
May 16, 1871John WilliamsBachelorPetty Harbour

Leah ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
Nov. 28, 1871Samuel WhittenBachelorPetty Harbour

Ann BowdenSpinsterPetty Harbour
Dec. 01, 1871Thomas EustaceBachelorPetty Harbour

Hester WilliamsSpinsterTorbay
Dec. 12, 1871Richard WhiteWidowerPetty Harbour

Mary LeeSpinsterPetty Harbour
Dec. 22, 1871William AngelBachelorPetty Harbour

Elizabeth WeirSpinsterPetty Harbour
June 27, 1872Searle M. WrenBachelorLance Cove

Sarah J. BishopSpinsterPetty Harbour
Dec. 25, 1873James S. RennieBachelorSt. John's

Salome EasterbrookSpinsterPetty Harbour
Jan. 09, 1874Jacob ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Rhoda BairdSpinsterPetty Harbour
Nov. 12, 1874James ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Charlotte MillanSpinsterTopsail
Jan. 21, 1875John LeeBachelorPetty Harbour

Ellen SweeneySpinsterMobile
Nov. 03, 1875Samuel Charles ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Sarah Ann ChafeSpinsterPetty Harbour
Dec. 09, 1875William Fredrick ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Mary Ann Weir
Petty Harbour
Dec. 13, 1875Henry James ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Alice DwyerSpinsterSt. John"s
May 28, 1876Edwin John PackBachelorBay Bulls

Avis TremillsSpinsterPetty Harbour
July 06, 1876Emanuel ChafeWidowerGoulds

Lucilla MillsWidowerPetty Harbour
Aug. 15, 1876Hugh Fredrick HollandWidowerHarbour Grace

Caroline ShellySpinsterBig Pond
Oct. 01, 1877Henry BeardBachelorPetty Harbour

Mary Ann FilishSpinsterPetty Harbour
Jan. 15, 1878William ChafeBachelorPetty Harbour

Mary Ann Chafe
Petty Harbour
Sept. 15, 1878Andrew George McCoubrey ?BachelorSt. John's

Isabella ChafeSpinsterSt. John's

Name in RecordDescription of error / additional informationMy Name
Chaytor/ Chaytor/ Chaler Dec. 03, 1867 Richard Allen Chafe Bachelor Petty Harbour to Jessie Chaler, Spinster Chamberlains South Shore. I think it should be Jessie Chaytor as the Chaytor family is from Chamberlains. They are my mothers family. It also could have been spelled Chater as this was a common misspelling. Cheri Wheeler
Chaytor/ Chaytor/ Chaler Maria Chaler should be Maria Chaytor. Cheri Wheeler

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