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Witless Bay - Roman Catholic Marriages

1830 - 1880

The information was transcribed by EMMIE MALONE & JOHN BAIRD ~ 2002. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Marriage Date Location Names Witnesses Place of Birth
November 9 Saint Johnís George Glynn Sarah Walsh Ambrose Armstrong Honorah Glynn Bay Bulls Bay Bulls
April 17 Saint Johnís Richard Williams Mary Stamp William Coady Elizabeth Fitzpatrick Witless Bay Saint Johnís
June 19 Caplin Cove John Keaneary Elizabeth Melvin James Finley Johannah Riely County Cork Caplin Cove
March 1 Baleen (Bauline) John Carew Elizabeth Rronayne John Dunn Frances Gatheral Witless Bay Baleen
June 6 Burnt Cove George Melvin Margaret Frisby Patrick Burke Margaret Carew Caplin Cove Burnt Cove
September 30 Burnt Cove James Keniddy Catherine Burke Patrick Burke Frances Gatheral County Kilkanry Burnt Cove
January 4 Burnt Cove John Brinmrick Margaret Walsh Philip Howell Fances Howell County Wexford Burnt Cove
November 19 Burnt Cove Philip Hartwell Mary Walsh John Gatheral Margaret burke Ireland Burnt Cove
May 15 Baleen (Bauline) Stephen Melvin Frances Gatheral Michael Burke Mary Lavelle Caplin Cove Baleen
October 30 Burn Cove Garret Melvine Anne Walsh John Gatheral Mary Colbert Caplin Cove Burn Cove
January 17 Burn Cove Garret Burke Mary Tee William Burke Mary dunphy Burn Cove Burn Cove
January 27 Baleen (Bauline) William Skinner France Gatheral Laurence Driscoll Esther Gatheral Saint Johnís Baleen
November 29 Baleen Laurence Driscoll Elizabeth Gatheral William Howlett Anastasia Keys Tords Cove (Torís) Baleen
January 2 Caplin Cove Michael Doyle Mary Colbert John Forward Esther Gatheral Caplin Cove Caplin Cove
January 11 Burn Cove Michael Lundrigan Catherine Doyle James Ronayne Catherine Broaders Tords Cove (Torís)
November 15 St. Johnís George Pudestor Eleanor Harninton David Power Eleanor Power Bay Bulls Witless Bay
January 18 La Monche Matthew Melvin Mary Dinn Michael Colbert Eleanor Leigh Caplin Cove Witless Bay
June 1 Bay Bulls Michael Brien Eleanor Maddocks Martin Driscoll Mary Mokeler Bay Bulls Bay Bulls
January 16 Caplin Cove John Feigh Eleanor Colbert Garret Colbert Maria Carew Burn Cove Caplin cove
May 9 Baleen Stephen Colbert Esther Gatherall George Colbert Margaret Colbert Caplin Cove Baleen
May 13 Tords Cove John Gatheral Margaret Hearne Thomas Harnihan Eleanor Hearne Baleen Tords Cove (Torís)
January 8 Burn Cove (Burnt ) John Doyle Eleanor Feigh Martin Power Anne Luby Burn Cove Burn Cove
June 8 Burn Cove Edward Gatheral Anastasia Shanahan John Gatheral Rosannah Baimmick Baleen Baleen
January 7 Burn Cove Martin Power Mary Doyle James Power Mary Power Tords Cove Burn Cove
January 10 La Monche Stephen Doyle Elizabeth Melvin Nicholas Doyle Susanna Gatheral Burn Cove Burn Cove
February 26 Seal Cove George Colbert Rosanna Bamrick George Colbert Elizabeth Fiegh Caplin Cove Seal Cove
January 7 Caplin Cove Philip Heartwell Elizabeth Keys Michael Condren Margaret Colbert Ireland Caplin Cove
January 8 Tords Cove Patrick Power Eleanor Dunphy Pierce Ronayne Margaret Power Tords Cove Tords Cove
January 20 Caplin Cove Thomas Hannehan Margaret Colbert Michael Melvin Margaret Walsh Caplin Cove Caplin Cove
September 30 St. Johnís Michael Carew Johanna Moran Samuel Thomas Mary Murvey Witless Bay Witless Bay
June 11 Baleen Michael Melvin Catherine Gatheral Stephen Gatheral Margaret Melvine La Monche Baleen
September 17 Tords Cove Martin Keys Margaret Ronayne Thomas Power Margaret Norris Tords Cove Tords Cove
January 14 Tords Cove Edward Ronayne Caherine Keefe Timothy Neagle Monica Ronayne Tords Cove Tords Cove
January 26 La Monche James Brazill Margaret Melvin Patrick Luby Margaret Walsh Tords Cove La Monche
May 25 Burn Cove Peter Colbert Anastasia Burke Garret Colbert Bridget Bamrick Caplin Cove Burn Cove
January 7 Burn Cove Michael Fiegh Bridget Doyle Sylvester Burke Margaret Burke Burn Cove Burn Cove
January 9 Tords Cove John Driscoll Mary Boarders Michael Ronayne Ellan Neigle Tords Cove Tords Cove
January 16 Burn Cove Garret Colbert Margaret Burke Patrick Burke Hannah Dune Caplin Cove Caplin Cove
October30 Tords Cove Stephen French Fortune William Ronayne Mary Hartwell Mobile Tords Cove
January 7 Tords Cove Patrick Dunphy Mary Ronayne Edward Fortune Mary Hearne Tords Cove Tords Cove
November 29 Tors Cove Edward Ronayne Alic Howlett James Ronayne Frances Ronayne Tors Cove Tors Cove
January 8 Tors Cove Stephen Gatheral Frances Howell Patrick Burke Margaret Howell Tors Cove Tors Cove
January 8 Tors Cove John Driscoll Margaret Aspel Martine Driscoll Mary Driscoll Tors Cove Brigus South

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