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Avalon South Region ~ Southern Shore District

Bay Bulls Roman Catholic Births

1830 - 1880

The information was transcribed by JOHN BAIRD ~ 2002. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Birth Date Name Relationship Parents Sponsors
December 6Johnson ofWilliam Gatherall Margaret WilliamsStephen Gatherall and Jane Kelly
December 6Anastasiadaughter ofMartin White and Mary PowerAndrew Armstrong and Moneia Mokelar
December 6Marydaughter ofRobert Hickey and Eleanor BreenJames Hickey and Elizabeth Williams
December 6Williamson ofWilliam Bentley and Anastasia MurphyWalter Cole and Mary Walsh
December 6Stephenson ofPatrick Maddox and Eleanor BrienMichael Kelly and Eleanor Drew
December 7Lawrenceson ofJames Drem and Mary DelaneyRichard Williams and Mary Kelly
December 7Elizabethdaughter ofJohn Nolan and Bridget MurphyJames Morah and Esther Ryan
November 10Jamesson ofRichard Ryan and Johanna TalengerPhilip Walsh and Sarah Walsh
November 10Thomasson ofMichael Walsh and Mary HearnPatrick Cronan and Margaret Horgan
November 10Michaelson ofCornelius Brien and Margaret CoadyPatrick Galwan and Mary Brien
November 25Elizabethdaughter ofJames Kennedy and Mary GlynnCornelius Brien and Margaret Moakler
December 4Peterson ofMichael Mullowney and Elizabeth WalshGeorge Glynn and Sarah Barron
January 2Thomasson ofPhilip Williams and Margaret GatherallJoseph Gatherall and Mary Williams
January 11Margaretdaughter ofSamuel Mullowney and Anne GatherallThomas Coady and Catherine Coady
February 14Edwardson ofJoseph Williams and Esther RyanMichael Kelly and Eleanor Kelly
March 24Eleanordaughter ofJohn Williams and Elizabeth CoalThomas Gatherall and Jane Kelly
March 25Martinson ofMartin Williams and Margaret GatheralMichael Driscoll and Catherine Coady
March 30John Ryanson ofMartin Driscoll and Mary Hann RyanMichael Coady and Margaret Horagan
April 16Catherinedaughter ofMartin and Bridget MurphyThomas Mokaler and Catherine Davis
May 11Josephson ofMichael Walsh and Mary HydePatrick ?? and Johanna Fulor???
May 19Juliadaughter ofPatrick Doyle and Mary JordonEdward Davis and Esther Williams
July 22Estherdaughter ofMatthew Driascoll and Anne RyanJoseph and Mary Williams
August 5Marydaughter ofJames Drew and Maria DelaneyJohn MulCathy and Rosanne Drew
August 17Eleanordaughter ofPatrick Madox and Eleanor BrienJohn Drew and Anne Burke
September 2Edwardson ofJohn Monahan and Anne LambertEdward Monahan and Eleanor Hearn
October 23Marydaughter ofWilliam Williams and Catherine HearneJames Haern and Esther Williams
November 14Johnson ofMartin White and Mary PowerThomas Coady and Elizabeth Williams
December 1Thomasson ofThomas Mokaler and Eleanor WilliamsPatrick Nolan and Dorothy Driscoll
December 31Marydaughter ofEdward Lounghlin and Margaret NolanJames Nrinner and Anne Nolan
January 1Elizabethdaughter ofJames Norah and Bridget NolanMichael Brien and Brien
March 13Honoradaughter ofJohn Glynn and Elizabeth GordonCornelius Glynn and Honora Glynn
April 3Catherinedaughter ofJames Baron and Sarah HydeAndrew Hyde and Mary Linger
April 29Thomasson ofJoseph Gatherall and Mary WilliamsThomas Gatherall Frances Mulowney
May 19Sarahdaughter ofStephen Puddister and Mary HydeJames Barron and Johanna Hyde
June 22Catherinedaughter ofGeorge Brien and Margaret MonihenJames Butler and Johanna Kelly
June 23Richardson ofJohn Glynn and Elizabeth RiceCornelius Mokaler Anastasia Kennedy
June 23Nicholasson ofCornelius Brien and Margaret CoadyMichael Brien and Catherine Coady
July 18Williamson ofWilliam Gatheral and Margaret WilliamsTimothy Minehen and Jane Scott
July 28Richardson ofPatrick Deagon and Mary WalshThomas Kelly and Mary Goff
August 4Robertson ofRobert Herhey and Eleanor BrienWilliam Gatherall and Esther Ryan
August 9Homoradaughter ofGeorge Glynn and Sarah WalshStephen Walsh and Mary Glynn
August 12Catherinedaughter ofJoseph Williams and Esther RyanJohn Mulcathy and Sarah Scott
September 3Horonadaughter ofJames Kehoe and Catherine MokelerJoseph Larnin and Anne Butler
November 1Jamesson ofDavid Rideout and Catherine RyanEster Ryan and Unknown
November 3Johnson ofJohn Williams and Elizabeth CoalPeter Drew and Eleanor Kerane
November 8Johnson ofSamuel Mullowney and Anne GatheralEdward Coleman and Catherine Coady
November 10Simonson ofJohn Nowton and Bridget MurphyStephen Walsh and Mary Mcgrath
November 23Catherinedaughter ofJeremiah Brien and Charlotte GuzzellMichael Walsh and Honora Glynn
December 4Eleanordaughter ofNicholas Dalany and Mary MoranThomas Norris and Sarah Monehon
February 22Honoradaughter ofJames and Mary GlynnPeter Jennings and Horona Glynn
March 16Honoradaughter ofThomas Stone and Jane HydeRichard Walsh ans Eleanor Kelly
March 16Mary Anndaughter ofMichael Coady and Mary HearnNicholas Coady and Anne Hynes
March 25Patrickson ofThomas Carew and Marie DoyleJohn Dinn and Eleanor Dinn
May 3Thomasson ofPatrick Doyle and Mary JordenEdward Henealy and Marie Furlong
May 19Martinson ofMatthew Driscoll and Anne RyanMichael Scott and Esther Williams
May 20Martinson ofMartin Driscoll and Mary Anne RyanJohn Coady and Eleanor Ryan
June 15Philipson ofPhilip Williams and Margaret GatherallStephen and Elizabeth Williams
June 24Catherinedaughter ofJohn Butler and Elizabeth GlynnPatrick Molaker and Eleanor Drew
July 6Williamson ofJeremiah Williams Margaret ArmstrongWilliam Stevenson Elizabeth Armstrong
August 3Georgeson ofPeter Drew and Johanna FurloneMichael Jorden and Mary Drew
August 5Honoradaughter ofJames Glynn and Mary KellyCornelius Glynn and Jane Scott
August 24Nicholasson ofJames Drew and Maria DelaneyMichael Kelly and Mary Burke
September 8Jamesson ofWilliam Williams and Catherine HearnWilliam Williams and Eleanor Hearne
September 9Marydaughter ofEdward Mokaler and Eleanor WilliamsPatrick Galvain and Margaret Frisby
October 13William Crockwell

Present Mrs Galavan
October 27Johnson ofEdward Loughlin and Mary NowlenNicholas Coady and Mary Brien
October 30Henryson ofMartin Williams and Margaret GatherallAlexander Stephenson and Elizabeth Driscoll
November 7Simonson ofPatrick Nolan and Margaret BluhlerSimon Connelly and Margaret Mokaler
November 30Jamesson ofJames Kehoe and Catherine MokalerThomas Kelly and Honora Glynn
December 1Catherinedaughter ofJohn Moncher and Anne LambertJohn Kelly and Elizabeth Hearne
December 1Elizabethdaughter ofJames Gatherall and Eleanor WilliamsJames and Elizabeth Mullowney
January 6Elizabethdaughter ofJohn Glynn and Elizabeth JordonMichael Jordon and Mary Brien
March 24Marydaughter ofJames Barron and Sarah HydeCornelius Mokaler and Eleanor Hyde
March 24Elizabethdaughter ofHenry Hartnell and Johanna CrockwellJoseph Lanen and Elizabeth Mullowney
March 30Eleanordaughter ofWilliam Gatherall Margaret WilliamsSamuel Gatherall and Jane Gatherall
April 16Catherinedaughter ofMichael Walsh and May HydePatrick Cronen and Catherine Hickey
April 22Johnson ofStephen Puddester and Mary HydeMichael Browne and Elizabeth Mulcathy
April 22Jonasson ofRichard Williams and Mary StampAndrew Murphy and Elizabeth Williams
June 9Philipson ofPhilip Walsh and Margaret GlynnCornelius Glynn and Dorothy Driscoll
June 29Juliadaughter ofJames Morah and Bridget MartinMartin Brien and Honora Glynn
August 27Marydaughter ofJames Nolan and Bridget MurphyPatrick Goleher and Catherine Finely
September 6Rosannedaughter ofGeorge Brien and Margaret MoncherGeorge Kelly and Elizabeth Hearn
September 6Marydaughter ofWilliam Crockwell and Mary DinnEdward Coleman and Elizabeth Coady
September 20Jamesson ofJohn Williams and Elizabeth CoalRichard Williams and Mary Burke
November 25Sarahdaughter ofEdward Monehan and Mary ArmstrongThomas Guny and Sarah Armstrong
November 26Jamesson ofThomas Stone and Jane HydeEdward Dover and Johanna Kelly
December 2Marydaughter ofCornelius Brien and Margaret CoadyMartin Brien and Elizabeth Coady
January 1Annedaughter ofJoseph Williams and Esther RyanJeremiah Williams Elizabeth Mulcathy
January 24Michaelson ofPatrick Duggan and Mary WalshPeteer Jennings and Anastasia Kenndy
February 6Catherinedaughter ofDavid Riede and Catherine RyanJohn Gush? and Margaret Driscoll
February 21Marydaughter ofRichard Power and Elizabeth MaddenJohn Tobin and Bridget Fenelly
March 1Marydaughter ofPatrick Ryan and Mary BrienMartin Brien and Elizabeth Glynn
March 19Sarahdaughter ofBrien and Charlotte GuzzwellNicholas Coady and Catherine Frisby
March 20Margaretdaughter ofMichael Coady and Mary HeaineWilliam Stephenson and Eleanor Ryan
April 3Marydaughter ofPeter Drew and Johanna FurlongSamuel Gatherall and Roseanne Drew
April 16Margaretdaughter ofMatthew Driscoll and Anne LyverWilliam Williams and Mary Williams
April 16Johnson ofWilliam Williams and Catherine CoadyJohn Williams and Esther McKie
April 26Johnson ofWilliam Williams and Catherine HearnStephen Williams and Frances Gushue
June 19Williamson ofRobert Hickey and Eleanor BrienThomas Gatherall and Catherine Coady
June 29Andrewson ofJeremiah Williams Margaret ArmstrongAndrew Armstrong and Mary Williams
June 30Patrickson ofJames Glynn and Mary KellyJeremiah Brent and Johanna Kelly
July 3Johnson ofJames Kennedy and Mary GlynnWilliam glynn and Anastasia Butler
August 15Marydaughter ofPatrick Nolan and Margaret BlacklerJohn Walsh and Mary Buckle
August 22Jamesson ofMichael Mellowney and Elizabeth WalshLawrence Rolin and Sarah Glynn
August 28Stephen [and] Augustine (Twins)sons ofPhilip Williams and Margaret GatherallThomas Driscoll and Anne Mullowney Thomas Gatherall and Jane Gatherall
September 25Eleanordaughter ofMichael Walsh and Mary HoraganThomas Hyde and Eleanor Hearn
November 6Agnesdaughter ofMartin Driscoll and Mary Anne RyanThomas Williams and Anne Criscoll
November 27Rosannadaughter ofJohn Monchan and Anne LambertThomas Gordon and Eleanor Drew
December 19Georgeson ofJames Drew and Marie DelaneyWilliam Drew and Elizabeth Mulcahy
January 1Danielson ofWilliam Crockwell and Mary DeanJoseph Lannen and Mary Burke
February 5Marydaughter ofMichael Walsh and Mary HydeEdward Power and Honora Glynn
February 5Georgeson ofJohn Gushue and Frances RyanWilliam Williams and Eleanor Ryan
March 12Carolinedaughter ofJohn Glynn and Elizabeth JordonJeremiah Brien and Anastasia Butler
March 13Margaretdaughter ofJeremiah Driscoll and Elizabeth KeyesEdward Ryan and Elizabeth Briscoll
March 17Anastasiadaughter ofThomas Mokaler and Eleanor WilliamsMichael Brien and Anastasia Williams
March 17Eleanordaughter ofJohn Hyde and Bridget NailePatrick Cronen and Elizabeth Mucathy
March 19Harrietdaughter ofMartin Williams and Margaret WilliamsJames Coady and Anne Driscoll
April 9Williamson ofStephen Puddester and Mary HydeRobert Hinchey and Mary Williams
June 1Danielson ofJohn Nolan and Bridget MurphyMichael Walsh and Mary Kennedy
June 1Sarahdaughter ofJames Barron and Sarah HydePatrick Kennedy and Honora Glynn
June 26Mary Annedaughter ofSamuel Mullowney and Anne GatheralSamuel Mullowney and Elizabeth Coady
July 9Johnson ofJames March and Bridget NolanJohn Williams and Anastasia Kennedy
July 23Annedaughter ofEdward Loughlan and Margaret NowlanJames Connelly and Honora Glynn
August 20Rosannadaughter ofEdward Monehan and Mary ArmstrongDavid Aspel and Mary Williams
September 3Edward Josephson ofJames Molloy and Johanne StaffordLuke Murphy and Margaret Molloy
September 25Williamson ofJames Kehoe and Catherine MoaklerCornelius Glynn and Catherine Finely
October 22Michaelson ofThomas Coady and Alice ShellyMichael Coady and Anne Gatherall
November 11Elizabethdaughter ofPhilip Walsh and Margaret GlynnThomas Walsh and Honora Brine
November 22Marydaughter ofMichael Brien and Eleanor BlacklerMartin Brian and Margaret Driscoll
December 10Georgeson ofGeorge Brien and Margaret MoneheJames Nolan and Rosanne Drew
December 10Johnson ofPeter Drew and Johanna FurlongJames Molloy and Marie Furlong
December 24Williamson ofAlexander Stevenson and Mary WilliamsWilliam Williams and Mary Gatherall
January 14Catherinedaughter ofJames Drew and Maria DelaneyJohn Drew and Eleanor Drew
January 20Thomasson ofDavid Rerde and Catherine RyanThomas Ryan and Margaret Williams
January 26Thomasson ofJoseph Williams and Catherine RyanPatrick Scott and Johanna Kelly
February 6Margaretson ofCornelius Brien and Margaret CoadyJeremiah Brien and Honora Glynn
April 12annedaughter ofPatrick Ryan and Mary BrienFrancis Brien and Honora Glynn
April 16Estherdaughter ofMichael Coady and Mary HearnThomas Williams and Elizabeth Hearn
April 22Janedaughter ofHenry Gatherall and Eleanor WilliamsWilliam Williams and Mary Stevenson
April 26Johnson ofJohn Glynn and Elizabeth JordenThoams Jorden and Rosanna Drew
May 17Richardson ofJohn Williams and Elizabeth CoalWilliam Moakler and Mary Williams
May 20Eleanordaughter ofWilliam Williams and Catherine HearnMartin ? and Mary Williams
June 21Georgeson ofPhilip Williams and Margaret GatherallSamuel Gatherall and Catherine Coady
June 22Johnson of`John Butler and Elizabeth GlynnGeorge Glynn and Mary Kenney
August 5Eleanordaughter ofJames Glynn and Mary KellyMichael Carew and Eleanor Dinn
August 20Williamson ofPatrick Nolan and Margaret BlacklerCornelius Glynn and Martha Blackler
August 20Richardson ofPatrick Deagan and Mary WalshJames Connelly and Catherine Finehly
August 26Williamson ofWillian Mokaler and Margaret MolloyAndrew Murphy and Mary Norris
September 11Andrewson ofMichael Walsh and Mary HoganMartin Discoll and Margaret Hearn
October14Williamson ofWilliam Crockwell and Mary BeanJohn Sullivan and Elizabeth Ryan
October 16Johnson ofMatthew Driscoll and Anne RyanNicholas Coady and Elizabeth Driscoll
October 29Michaelson ofWilliam Williams and Catherine CoadyMichael Coady and James Williams
October 30Marydaughter ofJohn Hyde and Bridget NaileMichael Kelly and Mary Williams
November 7Catherinedaughter ofWilliam Coady and Preselle WilliamsNicholas Coady and Catherine Williams
December 9Bridgetdaughter ofMichael Coleman and Bridget DinnJoseph Lannen and Mary Williams
December 10Edwardson ofEdward Monehan and Mary ArmstrongWilliam Williams and Frances Williams
February 21Eleanordaughter ofJeremiah Monehan and Mary ArmstrongWilliam Williams and Frances Williams
April 21Bridgetdaughter ofEdward Loughlan and Margaret NolanJames Nolan and Esther Williams
May 11Marydaughter ofEdward Powers and Johanna HydeAndrew Hyde and Margaret Williams
June 1Jamesson ofGeorge Glynn and Sarah WalshGeorge Kennedy and Dorothy Driscoll
June 2Elizabethdaughter ofMichael Jordan and Jane NaileThomas Hyde and Catherine Burke
June 20Bridgetdaughter ofJohn Nolan and Bridget MurphyWalter Cheivens and Martha Blackler
June 20Edwardson ofMartin Driscoll and Mary Anne RyanJames Rogers and Frances Williams
June 29Susannadaughter ofStephen Puddister and Mary HydePatrick Cornean and Mary Williams
July 7Eleanordaughter ofJohn Mondhen and Anne LambertPatrick Buckley and Eleanor Brien
July 15Annedaughter ofJames Barron and Sarah HydeWilliam Kennedy and May Kehoe
September 1Walterson ofThomas Coady and Thilly ???John Coady and Catherine Coady
October 2Edwardson ofLawrence Drew and Marie FurlongRichard Furlong and Eleanor Coady
October 13Eleanordaughter ofRobert Hurley and Eleanor BrienStephen and Mary Williams
October 22Michaelson ofJames Marsh and Bridget NolanPhilip Scott and Mary Scott
December 7Janedaughter ofPeter Drew and Johanna FurlongThomas Jordan and Bridget Furlong
March 7Johndaughter ofJames Glynn and Mary KellyJames Butler and Eleanor Kelly
March 10Margaretdaughter ofMichael Brien and Eleanor BlacklerMichael Brien and Elizabeth Driscoll
March 11Jamesson ofJames Gatherall and Eleanor WilliamsStephen Gatherall and Ester Williams
March 16Sarahdaughter ofMichael Scott and Honora CrummensPhilip Scott and Johanna Kelly
March 28Marydaughter ofGeorge Brien and Margaret MonahenThomas Furlong and Catherine Burke
April 1Richardson ofThomas Mokaler and Eleanor WilliamsJames Rogers and Elizabeth Armstrong
April 2Marydaughter ofJohn Williams and Elizabeth CoalJames Martin and Margaret Gatherall
April 8Eleanordaughter ofJohn Burke and Elizabeth GlynnPatrick Kennedy and Honora Nolan
April 10Eleanordaughter ofMichael Coleman and Bridget DinnJames Williams and Eleanor Dinn
May 7Michaelson ofPatrick Ryan and Mary BrienMichael Brien and Margaret Molaker
June 12Michaelson ofNicholas Coady and Catherine FinallyNicholas Coady and Mary Williams
June 13Edwardson ofDennis Nolan and Honora GlynnMichael Walsh and Anastasia Butler
July 1Patrick Josephson ofJoseph Maddon and Eleanor RogseterJohn Brinrock and Catherine Broaders
July 5Williamson ofPhilip Walsh and Margaret GlynnJones Mokaler and Catherine Lundrigan
July 17Elizabethdaughter ofCornelius Brien and Margaret CoadyMichael Brien and Johanna Coady
July 19Mary Janedaughter ofWilliam Coady and Presella WilliamsStephen Williams and Eleanor Ryan
July 28Jamesson ofCornelius Glynn and Martha BlacklerPatrick Nolan and Mary Kennedy
August 2Catherinedaughter ofMichael Walsh and Mary WalshHenry Voile and Anne Brazile
August 4Alexanderson ofPhilip Williams and Margaret GatherallWilliam Willims and Mary Gatherall
August 30Richardson ofWilliam Williams and Catherine HearneEdward Dumphy and Catherine Williams
August 30Ameliadaughter ofWilliam Williams and Catherine HearnePatrick Brien and Margaret Hearne
September 3Johnson ofPatrick Nowlin and Margaret BlacklerJohn Brinnen and Eleanor Kelly
September 6Jamesson ofJohn Hyde and Bridget NaileWilliam Walsh and Eleanor Kelly
September 17Eleanordaughter ofThomas Stone and Jane HydeJohn O Dricsoll and Eleanor Hyde
September 21Edwardson ofJames Drew and Maria DelaneyWalter Colle and Mary Drew
October 10Jamesson ofJohn Walsh and Anastasia KennedyMichael Walsh and Dorothy Driscoll
October 18Marydaughter ofJohn Brien and Catherine CoadyMartin Brian and Margaret Moakler
October 24Bridgetdaughter ofJeremiah Brien and Bridget FennellyJohn Glynn and Elizabeth Coady
October 24Teresadaughter ofMichael Coady and Mary HearnMartin Coady and Margaret Driscoll
November 2Elizabethdaughter ofMichael Walsh and Mary HanagranThomas Walsh and Susanna Hyde
November 4Thomasson ofJohn Glynn and Elizabeth JordenJohn Brien and Elizabeth Coady
November 13Marydaughter ofJohn Delaney and Rosanne DrewThomas Mullowney and Bridget Furlong
December 26Johnson ofGeorge Glynn and Sarah WalshWilliam Kennedy and Mary Deagan
January 6Mary Janedaughter ofThomas Williams and Sarah CoadyJohn and Frances Williams
January 21Elizabethdaughter ofMatthew Driscoll and Anne RyanStephen Williams Elizabeth Driscoll
January 24Marydaughter ofEdward Lundrigan and Alice GolsherJohn Kennedy and Elizabeth Glynn
Mach 5Cociliadaughter ofJeremiah Driscoll and Elizabeth KeysJohn Kelly and Elizabeth Driscoll
March 14Elizabethdaughter ofPatrick Deagan and Mary WalshMichael Coady and Mary Kehoe
March 30Jamesson ofEdward Monehan and Mary ArmstrongJohn Finnly and Catherine Heibury
April 1Margaret Eleanordaughter ofMartin Williams and Margaret GatherallJohn Williams and Eleanor Ryan
April 11Catherinedaughter ofMichael Coleman and Bridget DinnWilliam Crockwell and Bridget Ryan
April 21Michaelson ofJoseph Williams and Easter RyanMichael Coady and Esther A O’Driscoll
June 1Jamesson ofWilliam Crockwell and Mary DinnPatrick Meehan and Susanne Williams
June 20John [and] Margaret (Twins)son and daughter ofJohn Nowlen and Bridget Murphy SAME AS ABOVESimon Connelly and Mary Byrne James Kennedy and Eleanor Brien
June 29Sarahdaughter ofMichael Mocher and Honora GlynnJohn Murphy and Johanna Kelly
July 4Bridgetdaughter ofPeter Drew and Johanna FurlongRichard Furlong and Eleanor Brien
July 18Michaelson ofWilliam Moakler and Margaret MolloyWilliam Glynn and Eleanor Rogers
July 18Johnson ofHenry Hartwell and Johanna CrockwellMichael Kelly and Elizabeth Coady
July 18Williamson ofWilliam and Catherine CoadyNicholas Coady and Mary Gatherall
July 25Thomasson ofEdward Loughln and Margaret NowlanPatrick Croncen and Margaret Driscoll
August 9Lawrenceson ofLawrence Drew and Maria FurlongJohn Drew and Anastasia Butler
August 22Richardson ofMichael Jorden and Jane NaileThomas Gordan and Bridget Burke
September 5Margaretdaughter ofJohn Williams and Elizabeth CoalRichard Burke and Elizabeth Gatherall
October 11Annedaughter ofMichael Scott and Honora CarmmasRichard Leasy and Mary Scott
October 14Davidson ofSimon Connelly and Bridget MurphyJames Murphy and Esther A Driscoll
October 25Stephenson ofStephen Puddster and Mary HydeJohn Norris ans Eleanor Barron
November 3Jamesson ofJames Glynn and Mary WalshGeorge Kelly and Jane Coady
November 28Jamesson ofNicholas Coady and Catherine FinnelyJohn and Jane Coady
December 18Robertson ofRobert Alsop and Jane KellyThomas Driscoll and Eleanor Delaney
February 3Marydaughter ofJohn Ryan and Anne SheaEdward Ryan and Margaret Driscoll
March 21Elizabethdaughter ofMichael Brien and Eleanor BlacklerThomas Driscoll and Sarah Scott
March 21Annedaughter ofPatrick Gotehan and Alice MaddenRedmond Troy and Elizabeth Nowlan
March 24Marydaughter ofThomas Williams and Mary ConnersMichael Coady and Margaret Conners
March 26Marydaughter ofJames March and Bridget NowlanJames Scott and Anne Burke
May 6Richard Allen
Protestantpresent Mary Williams
May 6Margaretdaughter ofGeorge Brien and Margaret MonehanThomas Ryan and Margaret Williams
May 24Johannadaughter ofJohn Brien and Catherine CoadyCornelius Brien and Mary Williams
June 19Marydaughter ofCornelius Glynn and Martha BlacklerPatrick Frisby and Anastasia Walsh
June 19Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam Coady and Presilla WilliamsRichard and Esther Williams
June 25Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam Coady and Catherine HearneMichael Coady and Margaret Driscoll
July 13Corneliusson ofCornelius Brien and Margaret CoadyJames Molloy and Catherine Brien
July 24Thomasson ofThomas Coady and Alice ShellyEdward Coleman and Catherine Franus Mullowney
August 4Williamson ofMartin Driscoll and Mary Anne DriscollMichael Brien and Elizabeth Driscoll
August 27Johnson ofThomas Williams and Sarah CoadyStephen Williams and Elizabeth Coady
September 5John Henryson ofJames Gatherall and Eleanor WilliamsWilliam Williams and Elizabeth Coady
September 19William [and] Jane (Twins)son and daughter ofJohn Delaney and Roseanne DrewMartin Burke and Eleanor Driscoll Jeremiah Hearne and Catherine Williams
October 11Johnson ofWilliam Glynn and Margaret BrienMichael Brien and Mary Coady
October 16Michaelson ofJohn Williams and Elizabeth CoadyPatrick Scott and Esther Driscoll
October 16Johnson ofLawrence Drew and Maria FurlongJames Redmond and Catherine Burke
October 20Matthewson ofPatrick Nowlan and Margaret BlacklerGeorge Glynn and Mary Kennedy
October 20Michaelson ofJohn Murphy and Mary DrewMichael Mulcathy and Johanna Kelly
October 25Marydaughter ofDennis Nowlin and Honora GlynnJames Nowlan and Martha Glynn
November 8Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam Crockwell and Mary DinnNicholas coady and Fellice Dinn
January 14Corneliusson ofJohn Glynn and Elizabeth JordenPatrick Brien and Bridget Burke
February 6Jamesson ofJames Baron and Sarah HydeUnknown
February 17Jeremiahson ofJerewmiah Brien and Bridget FennillyMichael Brien and Jane Coady
March 11Eleanordaughter ofPatrick Ryan and Mary BrienMichael Brien and Margaret Driscoll
March 27Patrickson ofJohn Walsh and Anastasia KennedyRichard Kennedy and Martha Glynn
April 23Johnson ofMichael Coady and Mary HearneWilliam Moalker and Frances Williams
April 26Johnson ofMichael Monahan and Honora GlynnJohn Glynn and Margaret Williams
May 13Elizabethdaughter ofThomas Stone and Jane HydeMatthew Murphy and Sarah Barron
May 22Peter [and] Elizabeth (Twins)son and daughter ofWilliam Brennen and Elizabeth KeefePhilip Walsh and Bridget Coady George Glynn and Johanna Coady
June 3Michaelson ofJeremiah Driscoll and Elizabeth KeysMartin Power and Anne Brazil
June 11Margaretdaughter ofMichael Coleman and Bridget DinnRichard Kenny and Frances Gatherall
July 23Williamson ofWilliam and Eleanor OatesLawrence Kelly and Margaret Oates
August 6Margaretdaughter ofEdward Monahan and Mary ArmstrongMichael Walsh and Elizabeth Yard
August 9Nicholasson ofNicholas Coady and Catherine FennellyMichael Coady and Catherine Williams
August 21Annedaughter ofPhilip Walsh and Margaret GlynnRichard Kennedy and Esther Coady
August 26Marydaughter ofSimon Connelly and Bridget MurphyThomas Connelly Margaret Moakler
September 13Michaeldaughter ofMichael Walsh and Mary HydeAndrew Hyde and Eleanor Butler
October 1Marydaughter ofMichael Scott and Honora CrimmensMichael Mulcahey and Esther Driscoll
October 11Margaretdaughter ofJohn Brien and Catherine CoadyFrancis Brien and Elizabeth Coady
October 11Margaretdaughter ofPatrick Golcher and Alice MadiganWilliam Williams and Dorothy Driscoll
October 29Maydaughter ofThomas Gatherall and Anne PowerDaniel Fitzgerald and Bridget Gready
November 14Michaelson ofJohn Ryan and Anne SheaStephen Williams and Mary Williams
November 17Michaelson ofWilliam Glynn and Margaret BrienJeremiah Brien and Margaret Nowlan
November 21Annedaughter ofMaurice Dinn and Frances GearJoseph Dinn and Eleanor Carew
November 26Bridgetdaughter ofPatrick Dugan and Mary WalshThomas Walsh and Honora Glynn
November 28Williamson ofWilliam Moakler and Margaret MulloyPatrick Brien and Bridget Connelly
December 7Bridgetdaughter ofDennis Nowlan and Honora GlynnMartine Ryan and Mary Gatherall
January 21Edwardson ofEdward Power and Eleanor GreadyEdward Ryan and Mary Gatherall
Feb 12Corneliusson ofJames Glynn and Mary KellyPatrick Glynn and Eleanor Drew
March 18Bridgetdaughter ofPatrick Burke and Johanna PhelinMichael Doyle and Anastasia Burke
Mach 18Marthadaughter ofStephen Puddester and Mary HydeNicholas Brien and Johanna Coady
April 11Elizabethdaughter ofJohn Williams and Elizabeth CoalMargaret Gatherall
May 3Maydaughter ofMatthew Driscoll and Anne RyanMartin Williams and Eleanor Kelly
June 18Annedaughter ofThomas Williams and Mary ConnersPhilip and Margaret Williams
July 31Mariondaughter ofJoseph Williams and Esther RyanAndrew Hyde and Margaret Brien
August 10Thomas Coadyson ofThomas Williams and Sarah CoadyWilliam Mullowney Catherine Williams
August 24Jeremiahson ofJeremiah Williams Margaret ArmstrongJohn Williams and Anne Driscoll
October 3Johnson ofMichael Mulcahy and Anne BrazilThomas Driscoll and Elizabeth Driscoll
October 4Johnson ofJohn Tobin and Mary ClooneyLawrence Fortune and Frances Fortune
October 22Estherdaughter ofGeorge Brent and Margaret NonaherThomas Jorden and Eleanor Burke
December 20Annedaughter ofWilliam Crockwell and Mary DinnThomas Moakler and Anastasia Williams
December 31Annedaughter ofJohn Hyde and Bridget NaileFenton Kilfoile and Esther A Driscoll
February 16Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge Glynn and Sarah WalshRichard Kenney and Mary Moaklar
Feb 18Michaelson ofJohn Mulcahy and Mary DrewPatrick Scott and Elizabeth Driscoll
February 22Jepy of
Michael Browne and Eleanor PuddesterJames Puddester Margaret Gatherall
February 22Thomasson ofWilliam Brinnen and Elizabeth KeefeJames Coady and Anastasia Glynn
April 27James Englishson ofWilliam Williams and Catherine CoadyThomas Driscoll and Mary Williams
May 13Elizabethdaughter ofJohn Walsh and Anastasia KennedyThomas Walsh and Catherine Coady
May 13Eleanordaughter ofPeter Drew and Johanna FurlongJames Drew and Esther A Driscoll
June 1Francesdaughter ofCornelius Glynn and Martha BlacklerCharles Williams and Margaret Williams
June 9Edwardson ofEdward Loughlin and Margaret NowlinNicholas Breen and Esther Coady
June 10Annedaughter ofJohn Delaney and Rosanna DrewJohn Kelly and Margaret Williams
June 10Bridgetdaughter ofJohn Williams and Elizabeth CoalMichael Conners and Mary Williams
June 15Thomasson ofJames Kehoe and Catherine MoaklarRichard Barron and Bridget Barron
June 23Francesdaughter ofThomas Stone and Jane HydeJames Hyde and Frances Williams
June 29Peterson ofLawrence Drew and Maria FurlongPatrick Glynn and Margaret Hearne
June 29Michaelson ofJohn Coady and Eleanor DinnMichael and Jane Coady
July 1Jamesson ofLawrence Kelly and Catherine Frances MullowneyJames Tiereany and Margaret Gatherall
July 12Pierceson ofPatrick Ryan and Mary BrienCharles Mokelar and Margaret Brien
July 23Annedaughter ofJohn Brien and Catherine CoadyRedmond Troy and Margaret Brien
August 1Eleanordaughter ofMartin Driscoll and Mary Anne RyanPatrick Day and Mary Burke
August 3Elizabethdaughter ofJohn Carew and Elizabeth DavidEdward and Elizabeth Blackler
August 7Johnson ofWilliam Williams and Eleanor OatesEdward Power and Elizabeth Williams
August 10Nicholasson ofMichael Coleman and Bridget DinnPatrick Mullowney Susanne Williams
August 10Catherinedaughter ofPatrick Corneen and Margaret TroyPatrick Scott and Johanna Kelly
August 14Marydaughter ofMichael Monehen and Honora GlynnChristopher Brien and Anastasia Bulter
August 18Johnson ofEdward Coleman and Catherine PowerRichard Furlong and Mary Mullowney
August 30Patrickson ofJeremiah Brien and Bridget FenndlyPatrick Frisby and Margaret Furlong
September 7Michaelson ofThomas Jordan and Elizabeth DelaneyGeorge Kennedy and Elizabeth Doyle
September 18Marydaughter ofJeremiah Driscoll and Elizabeth KaeysMichael Mulcahy and Frances Driscoll
September 18Edward Josephson ofJohn Ryan and Anne SheaThomas Ryan and Mary Scott
September 18Marydaughter ofPatrick Gotehen and Clice MaddenThomas Raftes and Mary Williams
September 19Marydaughter ofJames Glynn and Mary KellyNicholas Crew and Eleanor Maddocks
October 11Thomasson ofMichael Coady and Mary HearneJonas Mokelar and Dorothy Hearne
October 14Marydaughter ofEdward Power and Eleanor GreadyMartin Power and Harriet Williams
October 16Jamesson ofJames march and Bridget NowlinEdward Loughlen Margaret Louglen
October 20Janedaughter ofMichael Scott and Honora CrennusWalter Colle and Eleanor Kelly
October 20Michael [and] Matthew (Twins)sons ofPatrick Day and Bridget PowerMichael Walsh and Mary Williams Matthew Power and Frances Williams
January 3Marydaughter ofWilliam Mokelar and Margaret MullowneyJohn Glynn and Esther Coady
January 25Eleanordaughter ofThomas Hyde and Mary KennedyPhilip Scott and Hannah Stone
March 11Martinson ofMichael Brien and Eleanor BlacklerPatrick and Margaret Brien
March 28Annedaughter ofDennis Nowlin and Honora GlynnWilliam Williams and Elizabeth Bulter
April 3Elizabethdaughter ofRichard Allen and Eleanor HydeMichael Walsh and Susanna Hyde
May 10Thomasson ofWilliam Crockwell and Mary DinnMichael Brien and Margaret Dinn
May 18Nicholasson ofThomas Williams and Sarah CoadyJoseph Williams and Johanna Coady
May 29Josephson ofStephen Puddester and Mary HydeThomas Gatherall and Catherine Brien
June 27Sarahdaughter ofMichael Mulcahy and Anne BrazilPatrick Scott and Anne Driscoll
July 19Francisson ofThomas Mary ConnersWilliam Williams
August 2Theresadaughter ofGeorge Brien and Margaret MonehanJames Glynn and Margaret Gatherall
August 4Andrewson ofMichael Walsh and Mary HydePatrick Hickey and Elizabeth Driscoll
August 30Marydaughter ofJeremiah Hearne And Dorothy DriscollRichard Burke and Margaret Hearne
September 4Richardson ofPatrick Coady and Anne BurkeMartin Burke and Eleanor Burke
September 13Jeremiahson ofJohn Hyde and Bridget NaileStephen Gatherall and Johanna Kelly
September 17Matthew Edwardson ofMatthew Driscoll and Anne RyanEdward Ryan and Mary Williams
September 22Nicholasson ofPhilip Walsh and Margaret GlynnGeorge Glynn and Elizabeth Kennedy
October 22Corneliusson ofGeorge Glynn and Sarah WalshJohn Glynn and Johanna Coady
October 22Lawrenceson ofJohn Drew and Anastasia BulterJohn Bulter and Mary Bulter
October 28Estherdaughter ofThomas Ryan and Anne ConnersThomas Jordan and Anne Moneher
November 12Jamesson ofMichael Walsh and Catherine DarceyJames Walsh and Catherine Coady
December 1Johnson ofPatrick Cronson and Margaret TroyMichael Kelly and Margaret Brien
December 12Dorothydaughter ofNicholas Coady and Margaret MokalerChris Mokelar and Esther Coady
December 12Johnson ofJohn Coady and Eleanor DinnJohn Williams and Mary Anne Driscoll
January 11Hannahdaughter ofEdward Coleman and Catherine PowerPatrick Glynn and Johanna Coady
January 31Richard [and] Margaret (Twins)son and daughter ofWilliam Brennen and Elizabeth KeefeRichard Brown and Alice Gother Thomas Walsh and Mary glynn
April 21Margaretdaughter ofThomas Driscoll and Anne FannerMichael Barron and Elizabeth Driscoll
April 24Dorothydaughter ofWilliam Mokelar and Margaret MulloyJames Coady and Dorothy Hearne
May 7Bridgetdaughter ofCornelius Glynn and Martha BlacklerGeorge and Honora Glynn
May 13Samuelson ofLawrence Kieley and Catherine Frances MullowneyPatrick Mullowney and Mary Williams
June 8Marydaughter ofJohn Brien and Catherine CoadyMichael Brien and Esther Ryan
June 15Annedaughter ofMichael Coleman and Bridget DinnMartin and Esther Driscoll
June 20Marydaughter ofJohn Williams and Elizabeth CoalWilliam Williams and Honora Glynn
June 22Johnson ofHenry Driscoll and Martha BulterJohn Williams and Mary Anne Driscoll
July 10Michaelson ofJohn Glynn and Elizabeth JordenWilliam Williams and Elizabeth Doyle
July 17Dennisson ofJohn Coady and Johanna CoadyJames and Bridget Coady
July 18Janedaughter ofJeremiah Brien and Bridget FennellyJohn Brien and Bridget Barron
July 22Thomasson ofThomas Stone and Jane HydeJeremiah Loughlin and Mary williams
July 26Nicholasson ofThomas Jorden and Elizabeth DelaneyPatrick glynn and Mary Drew
August 1Bartholomewson ofPatrick Goleher and Alice MaddenMichael Walsh and Esther Williams
August 17Mariadaughter ofJohn Delaney and Rosanne DrewLawrence Kieley and Catherin Frances Kieley
September 4Margaretdaughter ofPatrick Ryan and Mary BrienNicholas Brien and Catherine Brien
September 8Honorahdaughter ofMichael Monehan and Honora GlynnAndrew Williams Margaret Loughlen
October 30Marydaughter ofThomas Hyde and Mary KennedyJames Puddester and Honorah Kennedy
November 6Marydaughter ofLawrence Drew and Maria FurlongSamwell Gatheral and Eleanor Delaney
November 10Barbaradaughter ofJohn Mulcahy and Mary DrewHenry Hatfield and Eleanor Drew
December 5Patrickson ofNicholas Coady and Catherine FennelyJoseph and Margaret Mullowney
December 11James Davidson ofEdward Power and Eleanor GreadyWilliam Williams MaryAnneDriscoll
January 2Mariadaughter ofPeter Drew and Johanna FurlongGeorge Armstrong Eleanor Maddocks
January 27Margaretdaughter ofJohn Walsh and Anastasia KennedyJames Kennedy and Elizabeth Kennedy
February 17Janedaughter ofJames Glynn and Mary KellyJohn Gatherall and Eleanor Williams
March 18Jeremiah Patrickson ofMichael Brien and Eleanor BlacklerJohn Driscoll and Margaret Williams
March 25Henryson ofWilliam Williams and Catherine CoadyStephen Williams Susanna Williams
April 16Bridgetdaughter ofMichael Scott and Honorah CremmensAndrew Armstrong and Anne Mulcahy
April 16Estherdaughter ofThomas Williams and Sarah CoadyPatrick Mullowney and Frances Gatherall
April 16Thomasson ofWilliam and Eleanor OatesPhilip and Mary Williams
May 5Alicedaughter ofGeorge Glynn and Sarah WalshThomas Mokelar and Esther A Driscoll
May 8Francesdaughter ofPatrick Day and Bridget powerEdward Power and Bridget Burke
June 22Eleanordaughter ofJohn Ryan and Anne SheaPatrick Scott and Esther O’Driscoll
June 25Mary Annedaughter ofMichael Coady and Mary HearnePatrick Brien and Mary Mokelar
July 13Henryson ofWilliam Crockwell and Mary DinnJames Mullowney and Mary Glynn
July 18Marydaughter ofNicholas Coady and Margaret MokelarNicholas Coady and Margaret Brien
July 23Jamesson ofRichard Allen and Eleanor HydeMatthew Hanrehan and Sarah Barron
August 4Estherdaughter ofThomas Williams and Mary ConnersRichard Williams and Eleanor Burke
October 26Mary Annedaughter ofStephen Puddester and Mary HydeJohn Gatheral and Mary Brien
November 1Marydaughter ofDennis Nowlin and Honorah GlynnStephen Gatheral and Mary Bulter
November 25Marydaughter ofJohn Coady and Eleanor DinnMichael and Margaret Carew
November 26Annedaughter ofJohn Hyde and Bridget NaileHoronah Stone and James Barron
November 29Dorothydaughter ofCharles Mokelar and Catherine DinnPatrick Gatheral and Dorothy Hearn
December 2Thomasson ofPatrick Croneen and Margaret TroyPatrick Day and Catherine Brien
January 14Williamson ofWilliam Glynn and Margaret BrienEdward Kehoe and Mary Walsh
January 14Elizabethdaughter ofMichael Walsh and Catherine DarceyThomas Mokelar and Elizabeth Hartnell
January 14Bridgetdaughter ofEdward Coleman and Catherine PowerMichael Carew and Margaret Muillowney
March 13Jonasson ofJohn Williams and Elizabeth CoalJames Gatheral and Elizabeth Gatheral
March 30Estherson ofCornelius Glynn and Martha BlacklerJames Kennedy and Elizabth Gatheral
April 22Corneliusson ofJeremiah Brien and Bridget FennelyWilliam Mokelar and Mary Williams
May 3Stephenson ofPhilip Walsh and Margaret GlynnJames coady and Eleanor Dugan
May 12Johnson ofJohn Brien and Catherine CoadyMichael Brien and Esther Coady
May 25Philipson ofPatrick Scott and Margaret DriscollWilliam Gatheral and Eleanor Williams
May 26Annedaughter ofMichael Walsh and Mary HydeThomas Stone and Esther Driscol
June 10Johnson ofThomas Ryan and Anne ConnersWilliam Hyde and Bridget Boyle
June 18Mariadaughter ofLawrence Kiely and Catherine FranciesJames Mullowney Elizabeth Williams
July 16Marydaughter ofThomas Jorden and Elizabeth DelaneyDennis Nowlin and Horonah Glynn
August 5Edwardson ofJohn Glynn and Elizabeth JordenPatrick Murphy and Johanna Walsh
August 13Marydaughter ofMichael Mulcahy and Anne BrazillWilliam Williams and Frances Driscoll
August 17Williamson ofPatrick Goleher and Alice MaddenCharles Mokelar and Catherine Mokelar
August 27Nicholasson ofJohn Delaney and Rosanne DrewThomas Gatheral and Bridget Burke
August 29Michaelson ofMichael Coleman and Bridget DinnJohn Williams and Mary Crew
November 28Jamesson ofThomas Hyde and Mary KennedyThomas Gatheral and Johanna Kelly
February 23Patrickson ofPatrick Day and Bridget PowerMary Burke and Eleanor Troy
March 9Patrickson ofEdward Power and Eleanor GreedyJohn Williams and Frances Driscoll
March 17Patrickson ofMichael Scott and Honarah CrimmersThomas Walsh and catherine Williams
April 22Georgeson ofThomas Williams and Sarah CoadyMichael Williams and Mary Williams
May 4Mary Estherdaughter ofJames Gatheral and Eleanor WilliamsThomas Driscol and Esther M Williams
May 7Georgeson ofGeorge Glynn and Sarah WalshJonas Mokelar and Margaret Williams
June 9Josephson ofJohn Williams and Anastasia ClanceyJoseph Williams and Bridget Burke
June 18Annedaughter ofNicholas Coady and Margaret MokelarWilliam Queslec andDorothy Gatheral
July 14Lawrenceson ofLawrence (Peter) Drew and Maria FurlongNicholas Drew and Mary Gatheral
July 25Johnson ofJohn Ryan and Anne SheaAmbrose Shea and Mary Gatheral
July 27Marydaughter ofThomas Lahey and Mary C OseyPeter Doyle and Catherine Power
August 4Anne Marydaughter ofThomas Driscoll and Anne FanningMichael Driscoll and Mary Williams
August 16Peterson ofJohn Mulcahy and Mary DrewJohn and Jane Kelly
September 6Martinson ofWilliam Williams and Eleanor OatesWilliam Williams and Eleanor Williams
September 29Margaretdaughter ofThomas Williams and Mary ConnersThomas Williams and Eleanor Burke
October 4Nicholas Francesson ofPatrick Wadden and Mary ScottPhilip Scott and Mary Anne Driscoll
October 8Eleanordaughter ofRichard Allen and eleanor HydeFenton Kilfort and Elizabeth Hyde
October 8Annedaughter ofJeremiah Driscoll and Elizabeth KeysWilliam S. Williams and Anne Driscoll
October 11William Josephson ofHenry Driscoll andThomas Furlong and Bridget Gatheral
October 22Jamesson ofJohn Coady and Eleanor DinnJames Coady and Honorah Glynn
October 25Mary Annedaughter ofRichard Burke and Eleanor ClearyPhilip Williams and Eleanor Maddocks
November 10Marydaughter ofMartin Burke and Eleanor WilliamsJoseph Williams and Anastasia Williams
November 13Marydaughter ofEdward Coleman and Catherine PowerPatrick Glynn and Elizabeth Williams
November 18Elizabethdaughter ofThomas Gatherall and Eleanor DrewWilliam Williams Elizabeth Williams
December 24Samuelson ofJeremiah Hearne and Dorothy DriscollJohn Glynn and Elizabeth Driscoll
January 13Thomas Williamsa protestantSarah Williams present
January 24Johnson ofJeremiah Brien and Bridget FinnelleyJames Kennedy and Honorah Kennedy
February 13Richard WilliamsA Protestant ages 21 yrsJohn and Mary Williams Present his Parents
February 18Margaretdaughter ofWilliam Williams and Catherine CoadyThomas Williams and Catherine Coady
March 22Williamson ofNicholas Coady and Catherine FennellyWilliam and Esther Coady
March 27Jamesson ofPatrick Scott and Margaret DriscollMartin Driscoll and Catherine Williams
March 31Peter [and] Paul (Twins)sons ofPeter Drew and Johanna FurlongJames Williams and Honorah Glynn Lawrence Drew and Eleanor Williams
April 26Margaretdaughter ofCornelius Glynn and Martha BlacklerJohn Brien and Eleanor Deagan
April 26Johnson ofThomas Jorden and Elizabeth DelaneyChristopher Brien and Eleanor Delaney
May 5Jamesson ofDennis Nowlin and Honora GlynnPatrick Glynn and Catherine Bulter
May 25Annedaughter ofJames Glynn and Mary KellyMiles Brien and Mary Power
July 6Margaretdaughter ofCharles Mokelar and Catherine DinnNicholas Coady and Mary Mokelar
July 25Annedaughter ofEdward Philip and Anne MaloneThomas Malone and Bridget Coady
July 27Jamesson ofJohn Tobin and Bridget MadiganEdward Madigan and Eleanor Crew
August 17Williamson ofMichael Walsh and Catherine DarceyHenry Hartnele and Anne Pack
September 9Bridgetdaughter ofPatrick Goleher and Alice MaddenMichael Dillon and Margaret Brien
October 22Catherinedaughter ofJohn Williams and Anastasia ClanceyPhilip Williams and Eleanor Burke
December 2Michaelson ofMichael Mulcahy and Anne BrazelPhilip Scott and Margaret Williams
December 25Eleanordaughter ofPatrick Day and Bridget PowerThomas Armstrong and Margaret Reade
March 16Elizabethdaughter ofNicholas Coady and Margaret MokelarRichard Kennedy and Honorah Kennedy
March 16Annedaughter ofRichard Burke and Eleanor ClearyJames Drew and Eleanor Williams
March 27Harietdaughter ofJeremiah Driscoll and Elizabeth KeyesHenry Driscoll and Hariet Williams
April 7richardson ofThomas Williams and Sarah CoadyWilliam Williams Margaret Mullowney
May 6Samuelson ofPatrick Mullowany Suzanne WilliamsThomas Williams and Elizabeth Coady
May 15Martinson ofPatrick Scott and Margaret DriscollWilliam Hyde and Mary Anne Driscoll
May 29Richardson ofRichard Barron and Dorothy KehoeMiles Brien and Sarah Barron
May 30Mary Annedaughter ofJeremiah Brien and Bridget FinnelyJoseph Mullowney and Catherine Bulter
May 30Elizabethdaughter ofJohn Drew and Anastasia BulterLawrence Drew and Catherine Drew
May 30Lawrenceson ofJohn Delaney and Rosanna DrewMichael Brien and Honorah Glynn
June 1Williamson ofLawrence Kiely and Catherine Frances MallowneyJames Fitzpatrick and Rosanna Brien
June 9Markson ofGeorge Glynn and Sarah WalshCornelius Brien and Margaret Brien
July 12Anastasiadaughter ofJohn Walsh and Anastasia KennedyThomas Mokelar and Margaret Coady
July 14Johnson ofJohn Hyde and Bridget NaileEdward Nox and Eleanor Allen
July 14Bonadventureson ofAdam Boyle and Eleanor RyanPatrick Doyle and Eleanor Toms
August 3Matthewson ofJohn Ryan and Anne SheaWilliam Williams Catherine Williams
August 9Jamesson ofEdward power and Eleanor GreedyThomas Malone and Mary Molelar
August 15Jamesson ofThomas Hyde and Mary KennedyGeorge Puddester and Jane Stone
September 13Catherinedaughter ofJohn Coady and Eleanor DinnMichael Willims and Callen Mokelar
September 20Honorahdaughter ofMichael Scott and Honorah CremminsPhilip Williams and Esther Driscoll
September 25Catherinedaughter ofWilliam Quirke and Catherine CoadyThomas Carew and Margaret Loughlin
September 26Nicholasson ofThomas Ryan and Anne ConnersStephen Williams Margaret Driscoll
October 5Nicholas Francisson ofEdward Coleman and Catherine PowerSamuel Mullowney and Jane Barron
October 10Jeremiahson ofWilliam Glenn and Margaret BrienJohn Brien and Mary Bulter (or Butten)
October 5Nicholas Francisson ofEdward Coleman and Catherine PowerSamuel Mullowney and Jane Barron
October 10Jeremiahson ofWilliam Glynn and Margaret BrienJohn Brien and Mary Butten
December 12Martin Ambroseson ofHenry Driscoll and Martha ButlerWilliam G Williams Esther Mary Brien
January 6Sylvesterson ofWilliam Fortune and Ann TeeLawrence Bauldon and Mary Burke
February 26Johnson ofMichael Colemen and Bridget DinnJames Coady and Mary Crockwell
March 19Johannahdaughter ofLawrence Drew and Moria furlongMichael Power and Mary Laveller
April 5Eleanordaughter ofJeremiah Hearne and Dorothy DriscollThomas Kavanogh and Hannah Glynn
April 13Josephson ofMartin Burke and Eleanor WilliamsJohn Williams and Esther Williams
April 24Teresadaughter ofJames Gatheral and Eleanor WilliamsPhilip Williams and Susanna Mullowney
April 30Jamesson ofThomas Jordan and Elizabeth DelaneyStephen Delaney and Eleanor Williams
May 10Michael Josephson ofJohn Williams and Elizabeth CoalJoseph Walsh and Mary Ryan
May 17Mary Annedaughter ofThomas Gatheral and Eleanor DriscollTerrence Morrisey May Glynn
June 27Marydaughter ofWilliam Williams and Eleanor OatesWilliam Hyde and Mary Day
July 11Teresadaughter ofThomas Lahey and Mary CaseyMichael Browne and Catherine Halers
July 26Marydaughter ofRichard Allen and Eleanor HydeWilliam Williams and Mary Williams
July 26Patrickson ofPatrick Golehen and Alice MaddenTerrence Morissy and Margaret Mokeler
July 26Elizabethdaughter ofCornelius Glynn and Martha BlacklerThomas Mokeler and Mary Walsh
July 31Margaretdaughter ofWilliam Hyde and Margaret McDonnellWilliam Hyde and Sarah Williams
October 3Marydaughter ofCharles Mokeler and Catherine DinnJames Mokeler and Margaret Coady
November 3Patrickson ofPatrick Scott and Margaret DriscollThomas Walsh and Anne Williams
November 3Thomasson ofMichael Walsh and Catherine DarceyColeman Mullowney Catherine Mullowney
February 26Elizabethdaughter ofJeremiah Driscoll and Elizabeth KeysTerence Morissy and Jane Kellt
April 11Williamson ofJeremiah Reonne and Doroth DriscollStephen Delaney and Elarnor Burke
May 1Jamesson ofWilliam Quirke and Catherine CoadyThomas Lunghlin and Anne Ryan
May 18William Josephson ofOwen Carroll and Esther DriscollJohn Ryan Driscoll Mary Anne Driscoll
May 25Carolinedaughter ofPatrick Day and Bridget PowerRobert Deavreux Caroline Williams
May 29Mary Luisadaughter ofPatrick Mullowney Susanna WilliamsSamuel Mullowney Elizabeth Gatheral
June 5Williamson ofJohn Coady and Eleanor DinnMichael Coady and Mary Mokeler
June 6Thomasson ofRichard Williams and Susanna HydeJames Williams and Elizabeth Hyde
June 8Catherinedaughter ofMichael Mulcahy and Anne BragillDavid Fitzgerald and Bridget Driscoll
June 24Catherinedaughter ofWilliam Williams and Catherine CoadyJames Coady and Margaret Coady
July 2Jamesson ofJohn Drew and Anastasia ButlerLawrence Drew and Eleanor Butler
July 15Jamesson ofJeremiah Brien and Bridget FennellyPatrick Flinn and Mary Deegant
July 20Margaretdaughter ofEdward power and Eleanor GreadyJohn Butler and Johanna Kelly
July 24Thomasson ofJoseph Williams Mary Anne LundriganJohn Ryan and Mary Power
August 17Agnesdaughter ofJohn Hyde and Bridget NailePatrick Deegant and Maey Daddox
August 27Catherinedaughter ofEdward Coleman and Catherine PowerGeorge Drew and Margaret Conners
September 5Richardson ofJohn Walsh and Anastasia KennedyMartin Williams Mary Ryan
September 13Nicholasson ofNicholas Coady and Margaret MokelerMichael Brien and Catherine Mikeler
September 13Mary Annedaughter ofJohn Mulcahy and Mary DrewRobert Hsofe and Anne Driscoll
September 14Jamesson ofThomas Mullowney and Catherine KellyJames Burke and Frances Mullowney
October 9Sarah BielerConvert age 18Catherine Williams
October 19Mary Annedaughter ofJohn Tobin and Anastasia ClanceyJeremiah Hearne and Esther Williams
November 12Francisson ofPatrick Ryan and Mary BrienWilliam Quirke and Mary Brien
November 24Marydaughter ofJoseph Williams and Eleanor BurkeJeremiah Williams and Anne Driscoll
January 23Ambroseson ofLawrence Kiely and Catherine Frances MullowneyCornelius Brien and Margaret Brien
April 28Eleanordaughter ofThomas Coady and Alice ShellyRichard Mokeler and Catherine Coady
April 30Johnson ofThomas furlong and Mary Anne DriscollMichael Ryan and Mary Drew
May 22Johnson ofJohn Dinn and Catherine MurphyFrancis Conners and Catherine Power
May 25Charlottedaughter ofWilliam Glynn and Margaret BrienJeremiah Brien and Bridget Brien
May 25Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam Glynn and Margaret BrienJohn Brien and Dorothy Gatheral
July 2Nicholasson ofThomas Jordan and Elizabeth CarewLawrence Keeley Eleanor Glynn
August 26Mary Annedaughter ofMichael Walsh and Catherine DarsyPatrick Mullowney and Mary Ryan
September 23Margaretdaughter ofThomas Hyde and Mary KennedyRichard Williams and Eleanor Stone
September 27Elizabethdaughter ofJames Glynn and Anne ButlerJohn Butler and Mary Butler
September 27John WilliamsConvertMrs. John Williams
October 3Michaelson ofFrancis Williams and Sarah CoadyLawrence Coady and Avis Williams
October 3Margaretdaughter ofThomas Ryan and Anne ConnersPhilip Williams and Mary Ryan
October 27Johnson ofPatrick Mullowney Susanna WilliamsRichar Williams and Carthine Barron
November 5Dr. John McLee
ConvertMrs Esther McLee
November 18Marydaughter ofJoseph Hide and Elizabeth DoyleThomas Armstrong and Sarah Barron
December 24Thomasson ofThomas Gatheral and Eleanor DrewJames Miller and Elizabeth Gatheral
February 17Susannadaughter ofJoseph Williams Mary Anne LundriganMartin Williams and Catherine Power
March 1Jamesson ofMichael Coleman and Bridget DinnCatherine Williams and Sarah Williams
March 5Josephson ofWilliam Williams and Eleanor OatesThomas Williams and Mary Williams
March 25Estherson ofMartin Burke and Eleanor WilliamsPatrick Maddox and Margaret Williams
March 25Marydaughter ofPhilip Williams and Margaret GatheralWilliam and Catherine Williams
April 6Annedaughter ofPatrick Day and Bridget PowerMichael Kelly and Hariet Williams
April 21Margaretdaughter ofWilliam Mokeler and Margaret CarrolEdward Kehoe and Mary ryan
May 11Estherdaughter ofThomas Williams and Mary ConnersJohn Williams and Elizabeth Gatheral
May 11Margaretdaughter ofJohn Coady and Eleanor DinnJames Coady and Mary Crockwell
May 19Johnson ofRichard Furlong and Mary BreenMichael Coady and Margaret Breen
July 13Eleanordaughter ofRichard Williams and Susanna HydeWilliam and Mary Williams
July 15Margaretdaughter ofLawrence Drew and Maria FurlongLawrence Drew and Catherine Drew
July 20Sarahdaughter ofWilliam Quirke and Catherine CoadyNicholas Coady and Margaret Gatheral
August 3Thomasson ofPatrick Scott and Mary HelyardJohn Scott and Catherine Manning
August 21Peterson ofPeter Drew and Johanna FurlongRichard Williams and Eleanor Butler
August 31Josephson ofJeremiah Brien and Bridget JennellyNicholas Coady and Catherine Brien
September 5Esther Francesdaughter ofJohn Ryan and Anne SheaJohn Williams and Bridget Hennisey
Sept 8Jamesson ofMichael Mulcahey and Anne BragillJeremiah Williams and Eleanor
November 13Patrickson ofJohn Williams and Anastasia ClancyMartin Burke and Eleanor Burke
November 13Mary Janedaughter ofWilliam Williams and Bridget BurkeJohn Ryan and Mary Mokelar
February 21Susannadaughter ofJoseph Williams and Eleanor BurkeEdward Williams and Mary Anne Driscoll
March 6Francesdaughter ofNicholas Coady and Margaret MokelerJohn Coady and Mary Mokeler
April 13Elizabethdaughter ofCharles Mokeler and Catherine DinnThomas Mokeler and Mary Brien
April 25Mary Annedaughter ofLawrence Kielly and Catherine Frances MullowneyWilliam Gatheral and Margaret Mullowney
May 23Johnson ofJeremiah Hearne and Dorothy DriscollJames Drew and Mary Maddox
June 14Williamson ofJoseph Hyde and Elizabeth DoyleWilliam Stone and Johanna walsh
June 18Johnson ofJohn Drew and Anastasia ButlerPeter Doyle and Eleanor Glynn
June 18Henry Josephson ofThomas furlong and Mary Anne DriscollStephen Delaney and Bridget Gatheral
June 18Edwardson ofEdward Nugent and Jane KingThomas Cooney and Margaret Ryan
July 6Mary Janedaughter ofNicholas Coady and Catherine FennilyPatrick Frisley and Bridget Brien
July 27William Josephson ofJames Miller and Elizabeth GatheralJohn Ryan Driscoll and Eleanor Williams
August 11Marydaughter ofJoseph Williams Mary Anne LundriganThomas Day and Eleanor Brien
September 2Thomasson ofThomas Ryan and Anne ConnersJohn Walsh and Mary Williams
September 2Johnson ofJohn Walsh and Anastasia KennedyThomas Coady and Eleanor Mokeler
September 6Patrickson ofPatrick Mullowney Susanna WilliamsJames Mullowney Mary Anne Mullowney
September 12Mary Sarahdaughter ofPatrick Scott and Mary WilliamsJames Scott and Mary williams
October 13William Henryson ofThomas Williams and Sarah CoadyJohn Williams and Catherine Williams
November 7Margaret Annedaughter ofRichard Furlong and Mary BrienEdwards Williams and MaryAnn Driscoll
November 10Martinson ofJoseph Mullowney and Mary CrockwellJeremiah Hearne and Dorothy Gatheral
November 15Margaret Ellendaughter ofMiles Brien and Mary WalshJohn Glynn and Eleanor Butler
January 1Margaretdaughter ofJohn Gatheral and Catherine ButlerJohn Ryan and Mary Butler
January 13Eleanordaughter ofWilliam Williams and Bridget BurkeJohn Madigan and Catherine Carew
February 1Josephson ofPhilip Williams and Margaret GatheralMichael Coady and Eleanor Williams
February 26Mariadaughter ofMartin Ronayne and Mary FortuneLawrence Fortune and Anne Gatheral
April 9Johnson ofJohn Williams and Anastasia ClancyThomas Williams and Agnes Driscol
April 16Johnson ofJohn Mulcahy and Mary DrewJohn Williams and Catherine Williams
April 22Elizabethdaughter ofStephen Lash and Mary HydeJoseph Walsh and Eleanor Stone
May 18Henryson ofThomas Williams and Mary ConnersPhilip Williams and Mary Day
May 20Annedaughter ofThomas Coady and Alice ShellyMichael Whalen and Esther Coady
May 28Williamson ofJeremiah Driscoll and Elizabeth KeysThomas Handeran Margaret Ellen Williams
May 30Margaretdaughter ofJames Tierney and Johanna VickersEdward Power and Eleanor Cotten
June 20Samuelson ofWilliam Mullowney and Julia MarchSamuel Mullowney Elizabeth Gatheral
July 11Danielson ofWilliam Quirke and Catherine CoadyPatrick Ryan and Bridget Laughlin
July 24Jamesson ofPeter power and Mary StickleyAnastasia Glynn and Margaret Martin
September 26Thomasson ofMichael Mulcahey and Anne BragillPhilip Scott and Margaret Driscoll
October 2Thomasson ofLawrence Drew and Maria FurlongJames Glynn and Honorah Glynn
October 8Clare Margaretdaughter ofWilliam Williams and Fabey BriondPhilip Williams and Hariet Williams
October 10Mary Janedaughter ofJohn Furlong and Johannah KellyMichael Kelly and Eleanor Brien
October 10Jamesson ofEdward Kehoe and Anne AllenRichard Mokeler and Johannah Brien
November 8Williamsson ofRichard William and Susanna HydeJohn and Mary Williams
November 27Elizabethdaughter ofJohn Brien and Eleanor ButlerMiles Brien and Mary Glynn
December 20Sarahdaughter ofPhilip Scott and Mary FurlongJames Scott and Elizabeth Driscoll
April 3Sarahdaughter ofMiles Brien and Mary WalshChristopher Brien and Mary Brien
April 6Martinson ofJoseph Williams and Eleanor BurkeJohn Williams and Eleanor Burke
May 1Sarah Janedaughter ofJoseph Williams and Mary Anne LundriganJohn Williams and Mary Drew
May 29Richardson ofEdward power and Eleanor GreadyMartin Williams and Elizabeth Brien
June 6Sarahdaughter ofThomas Hyde and Mary KennedyThomas Stone and Anne Ryan
July 1Marydaughter ofJoseph Mullowney and Mary CrockwellHenry Crockwell and Mary Crockwell
July 1Mary Annedaughter ofJohn Drew and Anastasia ButlerJames Drew and Mary Glynn
July 10Elizabethdaughter ofJeremiah Hearne and Dorothy DriscollMartin Butler and Mary Anne Driscoll
August 17Richardson ofPatrick Mullowney and Susannah WilliamsRichard Williams and Mary Anne Williams
August 17Mary Annedaughter ofJames Miller and Elizabeth GatheralJohn Gatheral and Elizabeth Gates
September 18Eleanordaughter ofJoseph Hyde and Elizabeth DoyleJeremiah Lunghlin and Mary Power
September 23Jamesson ofJohn Glynn and Catherine MullowneyJames Kehoe and Mary Glynn
September 23Teresadaughter ofJohn Williams and Anastasia ClanceyJeremiah Williams and Anne Williams
September 26Corneliusson ofMichael Brien and Eleanor MaddoxNicholas Coady and Mary Maddox
October 2Teresadaughter ofRichard Furlong and Mary BrienJohn Williams and Anne Brien
December 18Johnson ofJohn Gatheral and Catherine ButlerWilliam Williams and Honorah Glynn
December 18Jamesson ofWilliam Mullowney and Julia NarahThomas Mokeler and Mararet Mullowney
December 22Catherinedaughter ofMichael Walsh and Catherine DarcyWilliam Gatheral and Esther Coady
February 18Mary Annedaughter ofJohn Walsh and Elizabeth McMannisRichard Brien and Mary Power
March 6Harryson ofThomas Furlong and Mary Anne DriscollJoseph Williams and Martha Driscoll
April 16Estherdaughter ofStephen Gatheral and Catherine ConnellyWillian Ronayne and Catherine Driscoll
April 24Marydaughter ofJohn Brian and Mary BennettPeter Mullowney and Elizabeth Driscoll
May 1Annedaughter ofThomas Ryan and Anne ConnersWilliam Williams Catherine Williams
May 26Caroline Annedaughter ofPhilip Williams and Margaret GatheralWilliam Driscoll and Bridget Williams
June 6Bryonson ofMiles Brien and Mary WalshGeorge Brien and Mary Butler
June 8Simonson ofThomas Gordon and Elizabeth DelaneyJames Drew and Mary Furlong
June 22Johnson ofGeorge Williams and Margaret DriscollWilliam G Williams Elizabeth Driscoll
July 24Richardson ofLawrence Drew and Elizabeth KennedyJohn Lunghlin and Cartharine Drew
August 19Carlinedaughter ofThomas Williams and Mary ConnersHenry Williams and Mary Ryan
August 26Marydaughter ofPatrick Deighan and Bridget CadwellCornelius Brien and Elizabeth Deighan
September 8Peterson ofJohn Coady and Eleanor DinnWilliam Coady and Catherine Coady
October 7Bertha Marydaughter ofWilliam Gatheral and Fabey BrienMartin Williams and Mary Williams
November 1Elizabethdaughter ofJohn Glynn and Catherine MullowneyGeorge Glynn and Mary Brien
December 12Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam Quirke and Catherine CoadyEdward Loughlin Eleanor Ryan
February 24Henryson ofJoseph Williams Mary Anne LundriganMichael Williams and Susanna Lundrigan
March 22Matildadaughter ofWilliam Williams and Bridget BurkeTerrence Moresey and Anne Coady
April 9Estherdaughter ofJoseph Mullowney and Mary CrockwellJames Coady and Elizabeth Crockwell
April 17Martin Anthonyson ofMartin Burke and Eleanor WilliamsEdward Ryan and Margaret Brien
April 27Williamson ofJohn Gatheral and Catherine ButlerRichard Mokeler and Bridget Williams
May 20Dorothydaughter ofGeorge Armstrong and Dorothy DriscollJames and Eleanor Gatherall
May 27Catherine Josephdaughter ofJoseph Williams and Eleanor BurkeThomas Gatheral and Mary Day
June 16Corneliusson ofRichard Furlong and Mary BrienCornelius Brien and Mary Smith
July 12Annedaughter ofWilliam Williams and Eleanor OatesMartin Williams and Fahey Williams
July 28Mary Josephdaughter ofEdward Mokeler and Catherine DinnThomas Mokeler and Margaret Mokeler
August 12Richardson ofRichard Brien and Agnes DriscollMartin Driscoll and Mary Anne Driscoll
September 13Williamson ofAndrew Williams and Mary Anne ThomsonMichael Mulcahy and Elizabeth Driscoll
September 13Jamesson ofRichard Williams and Susanna HydeMartin Williams and Eleanor Stone
November 17Mary Annedaughter ofEdward Coleman and Catherine BrienPatrick Mullowney Catherine Mokeler
October 18Elizabeth Janedaughter ofJoseph Hyde and Elizabeth DoyleThomas Stone and Frances Stone
October 18Margaretdaughter ofJohn Walsh and McManusAndrew Walsh and Catherine Walsh
February 9Patrickson ofMichael Mulcahy and Anne BaegillMichael Driscoll and Mary Driscoll
March 14Edwardson ofJohn Barien and Mary BarretMichael glynn and Bridget Deighan
March 19Patrickson ofStephen Sweeney and Elizabeth McGrathMichael Driscoll and Bridget Power
March 21Patrickson ofMiles Brien and Mary WalshGeorge Brien and Mary Glynn
March 21Jamesson ofMiles Brien and Mary WalshJoseph Williams and Eleanor Burke
June 27Stephenson ofThomas Walsh and Catherine BrienWilliam Quirke and Dorothy Mokeler
June 29Emilian Annedaughter ofPatrick Mullowney Susanna WilliamsSamuel Mullowney and Oris Williams
July 4Eleanordaughter ofKean Ryan and Eleanor ColemenTerence Morsey and Jane Gatherall
July 29Matthewson ofGeorge Williams and Margaret DriscollWilliam Gatherall and Bridget Williams
July 29Francesdaughter ofGeorge Williams and Margaret DriscollMichael Coady and Esther Williams
August 3Martildadaughter ofHenry Williams and Mary DayThomas Day and Frances Day
September 5Thomasson ofJohn Gatherall and Catherine ButlerGeorge Williams and Eleanor Breen
September 14Patrickson ofMartin Lambert and Mary LaughlinPeter Doyle and Bridget Laughlin
September 22Eleanordaughter ofJohn Furlong and Johanna KellyRobert Kelly and Mary Glynn
November 9Philipson ofMichael Power and Bridget BlacklerPatrick Makleler and Mary Ann Powr
November 13Margaretdaughter ofPatrick Scott and Mary WilliamsPhilip William and Anne Scott
November 14Thomasson ofThomas Furlong and Mary Ann DriscollPeter Drew and Margaret Driscoll
January 1Thomasson ofWilliam Williams and Bridget ?Thomas Williams and Harriet Williams
February 17Valentinedaughter ofJosephMullowney and Mary CrockwellJohn William and Margaret Coady
March 8Joseph Franceson ofJoseph Williams and Eleanor ButtMartin Williams and Bridget Williams
March 17Martin Patrickson ofJoseph Williams and Margaret LundriganRobert Lundigram Johanna Williams
April 13Elizabethdaughter ofThomas William and Sarah CoadyJames Mullowney and Mary Williams
May 3George Henryson ofJohn Connell and Anne NorrisDavid Carew and Johanna Hynes
May 11Georgeson ofJohn Brien and Eleanor ButlerWilliam Williams and Mary Brien
May 18Marie Annedaughter ofEdward Power and Mary StaffordPeter Doyle and Bridget Brien
June 3Bridgetdaughter ofRichard Furlong and Mary BrienMichael Ryan and Dorothy Coady
August 23Patrickson ofJoseph Hyde and Elizabeth DoyleJohn Williams and Margaret Driscoll
August 30Thomas Matthewson ofMatthew Ryan and Elizabeth KennedyThomas Gatherall Elizabeth Gatherall
September 6Mary Janedaughter ofMichael Deishan and Elizabeth GlynnPatrick Madigan and Anne Dinn
October 4Estherdaughter ofJohn Walsh and Elizabeth McManusWilliam Hyde and Mary Power
December 1Philemonadaughter ofEdward Williams and Johanna BrienJohn Williams and Anne Brien
December 7Ambroseson ofJohn Williams and Anastasia ClanceyJohn Williams and Anne Brien
December 20Mary Janedaughter ofBrenden williams and Johanna HydeStephen Gatherall and Anne Williams
January 21Susannahdaughter ofEdward Kehoe and Anne AllenRichard Barren and Catherine Kehoe
January 24Margaret Annedaughter ofMartin Lambert and Mary LaislinJohn Lauglen and Mary Power
February 20Marydaughter ofGeorge Puddester Eleanor HasrringtionUnknown
February 28Stephenson ofWilliam Williams and Eleanor OatesJohn Williams and Frances Williams
March 4Robertson ofJoseph Williams and Mary Ann LundriganJoseph Williams and Agnes Day
March 21Williamson ofNicholas Power and Margaret ColemanMichael Coleman and Bridget Coleman
May 1Philipson ofMiles Ryan and Mary WalshGeorge Miller and Catherine Drew
May 5Samuelson ofThomas Furlong and Mary Anne DriscollWilliam Williams and Mary Hearne
June 2Jamesson ofJohn Gatherall and Catherine ButlerWilliam Gatherall Honorah Kennedy
June 2Mary Elizabethdaughter ofJohn Gatherall and Catherine ButlerCornelius Brien and Anastasia Drew
June 7Marydaughter ofJohn Glynn and Catherine MellowneyGeorge Brien and Esther Glynn
June 12???son ofThomas Walsh and Catherine BrienJeremiah Brien and Margaret Mokaler
July 6Sarahdaughter ofPatrick Molloney and Susannah WilliamsJames Molloney and Elizabeth Williams
July 12Richardson ofGeorge Williams and UnknownEdward Power and Anne Driscoll
August 7Frances Marydaughter ofPhilip Tobin and Frances ??Michael Tobin and Anne Carew
August 22Elizabethdaughter ofEdward Coleman and Catherine YorkJames Drew and Eleanor Burke
September 19Monicadaughter ofHenry Williams and Mary DayMartin Williams and Agnes Day
November 27Johnson ofWilliam Mulloney and Sarah MonghlainMichael Williams Mary Anne Mullowney
January 22Thomasson ofJoseph Mullowney and Mary CrockwellPatrick Coady
February 8Johnson ofJohn Brien and Elizabeth ButlerGeorge Brien and Teresa Brien
February 14Marydaughter ofMartin White and Mary GlynnJohn Glynn and Mary Brien
February 19William Valentineson ofGeorge ArmstrongThomas Kehoe and Dorothy Keohe
June 5Ambroseson ofMichael Mcathey and Anne DriscollJeremiah Williams and Barbie Mcathey
June 8Coliths?? ofMichael Brien and Eleanor MaddoksWilliam Gatherall and Jane Brien
June 15Emily Anndaughter ofMartin Burke and Eleanor WilliamsJoseph Williams and Mary Burke
July 9Harrietdaughter ofThomas Walsh and Catherine BreenJohn Walsh and Alice Glynn
July 22Angeladaughter ofJoseph Williams and Eleanor BurkePatrick Day
August 14Jamesson ofThomas Mokelar and Mary RyanPatrick Power and Esther Ryan
August 20Michaelson ofJohn Walsh and Elizabeth Mc ??John Driscoll
September 1Marydaughter ofThomas Gatherall Margaret williamsUnknown
October 27Williamson ofPhilip Carew and Margaret DriscollPatrick Lunrigan and Mary Madigan
October 29Marydaughter ofPatrick Burke and Mary CoadyLawrence Coady and Johanna Coady
December 25Johnson ofEdward Williams and Johanna BrienThomas Williams and Margaret Brien
January 15Stephenson ofMartin Williams and Bridget WalshMartin Williams and Margaret Elene Williams
January 26Thomasson ofWilliam Stone and Mary LeighThomas Leigh and Frances Stone
February 23Catherine Annedaughter ofJoseph Williams Mary Anne LundriganThomas Williams and Mary Power
February 26Michaelson ofJohn Brien and Mary BarbetJeremiah Brien and Dorothy Brien
April 22Marthadaughter ofThomas Doyle and Anne KeefeMartin Burke and Mary Melvin
April 23Marydaughter ofJohn Williams and AnastasiaStephen Williams and Mary Hearne
April 29Estherdaughter ofMiles Brien and Mary WalshMichael Jorden and Teresa Brien
April 30Jamesson ofGeorge Williams and Margaret DriscollMaurice Murish and Honorah Scott
May 20Clafe?? ofGeorge Puddester Eleanor HarristonThomas Hyde and Mary Hyde
May 22Agustinson ofJohn Gatherall and Catherine ButlerMichael Gordon and Mary Mullowney
May 27Williamson ofwilliam williams and Fabey BringyJohn Williams and Harriet Butler
May 28Lewisson ofStephen Lah and Mary HyneThomas Nores and Horonah Scott
July 22Georgeson ofStephen Doyle and Elizabeth MelvinDavid Melvin and Margaret Melvin
July 22Marydaughter ofHenry Williams and Mary DayPatrick Day and Margaret Williams
August 6Lawrenceson ofLawrence Drew and Elizabeth KeneoTeresa Moricy and Bridget Brien
August 6Marthadaughter ofThomas Furlong and Mary Anne DriscollWilliam Gatherall
August 19Corneliusson ofMartin White and Mary GlynnJohn Brien and Margaret Conner
August 27Christianson ofWilliam Williams and Bridget BurkePhilip Williams and Esther Williams
September 2Faby?? ofJoseph Mullowney and Maery CrockwellJohn Dinn and June Brien
September 4Edwardson ofMichael Murphy and Anne LoughlinJames Tobin and Elizabeth Howlet
October 1Richardson ofEdward Kehoe abd Anne AllenWilliam Kehoe
October 8Mary Sarahdaughter ofJohn Brien and Eleanor ButlerJohn Butler and Elizabeth Drew
October 8Patrickson ofMichael Deishen and Eleanor GlynnMartin Williams and Mary Glynn
November 5John Thomasson ofWilliam Crockwell and Elizabeth HoldenCornelius Brion and Anne Crockwell
November 19James Henryson ofPatrick Mullowney Susanne WilliamsJohn Williams and Sarah Williams
November 19John Thomasson ofWilliam Kenney and Mary TobinJohn Gordon
August 28Marydaughter ofLawrence Drew and Elizabeth KennedyGeorge Armstrong and Monica Drew
September 4Claredaughter ofMartin White and Mary GlynnThomas Bhoe and Susanne Brien
September 4Bernardson ofJohn Brien and Eleanor BurkeHenry Furlong and Elizabeth Jordon
September 10Margaretdaughter ofThomas Gatherall Margaret WilliamsPatrick Madox and Margaret Driscoll
September 19Francisson ofJohn Gatherall and Catherine ButlerMichael Driscoll and Margaret Brien
October 16Johnson ofMichael Delaney and Ellen GlynnJohn glynn and Mary Glynn
October 24Johnson ofMartin Williams and Bridget WalshPhilip Williams and Teresa Coady
November 3Margaretdaughter ofJohn Carew and Mary BarnetJohn Coady and Bridget ?
November 14Philip Josephson ofStephen Williams and Margaret BrienPhilip Williams and Mary Sarah Scott
November 17Margaretdaughter ofMichael Coady and Donor MokelenPeter Power Margaret Mokelen
November 22Joseph Johnson ofMichael Williams and Bridget WiliamsJoseph Williams and Marian Williams
December 10Lucy Anndaughter ofPatrick Mullowney and Mary DrewWilliam Glynn and Ann Burke
January 11Nicholasson ofMichael Williams and Margaret CoadyJohn Williams and Anne Brien
January 20Marydaughter ofMartin Driscoll and Anne RyanPhilip Scott and Mary Hayhlin
January 28Margaretdaughter ofMichael Glynn and Elizabeth WalshJames Brien and Mary Glynn
February 7Clementson ofAlexander Williams and Mary HearneJohn Hearne and Elizabeth Jordon
April 1Patrickson ofJames Crockwell and Catherine SullivanMartin Mullowney and Ann Crockwell
April 26Estherdaughter ofJohn Walsh and Elizabeth McNanusEdward Power and Mary Nors
May 27William Johnson ofGeorge Puddester Eleanor HarringtonMatthew Driscoll and Sarah Scott
June 16Henryson ofJames Stone and Catherine McLaneJames Hyde and Sarah Quirk
July 26Mary Estherdaughter ofEdward Drew and Ann WilliamsEdward Williams and Mary Drew
July 28Mary Annedaughter ofEdward Drew and Anne WilliamsJohn Williams and Anne Driscoll
August 3Marydaughter ofJoseph Williams Mmary Anne LundriganJoseph Burke and Mary Anne Williams
August 3William Henryson ofWilliam Crockwell and Elizabeth HollaghanThomas Williams and Margaret Brinner
September 23Thomasson ofMakelen and Margaret WilliamsThomas Mokeler and Margaret Mullowney
September 30Francesdaughter ofWilliaM Stone and Mary LeighThomas Puddester and Eleanor Hyde
October 21Marydaughter ofWilliam WilliamsRichard Williams Anastasia Williams
November 22Bewicdictson ofWilliam and Julia MullowneyCornelius Brien and Mary Power
December 2Williamson ofMichael Mokeler and Mary BurkePatrick Williams and Mary Mokeler
December 2Gertrudedaughter ofHenry Williams and Mary DayMatthew Ryan and ??Williams
December 3Jamesson ofJames Williams and Elizabeth CrockwellJohn Williams and Bridget Mann
December 20Mary Elizabethdaughter ofMiles Brien and Mary WalshJames Glynn and Elizabeth Drew
December ??Mary Janedaughter ofStephen Gatherall and Ellen StoneThomas Gatherall Elizabeth Williams
January 12Margaret Annedaughter ofCornelius Glynn and Teresa BrienMiles Brien and Catherine Gatherall
February 4Markson ofThomas Walsh and Catherine BrienMark Glin and Mary Jane Coady
February 9Patrickson ofThomas Day and Jane ScottPatrick Scott and Caroline Day
March 2Catherinedaughter ofJohn Brien and Eleanor ButlerGeorge Brien and Anne Burke
March 17Casata?? ofCornelius Brien and Mary ScottWilliam Williams and Bridget Scott
March 25Mary Janedaughter ofPeter Power and Catherine CoadyJohn Ryan and Catherine Coady
March 31Patrickson ofMichael Day and Monica DrewLawrence Drew and Anne Day
March 31Elizabethdaughter ofJeremiah Launghlin Margaret DriscollMichael Mulcahy and Harriet Driscoll
April 28Marydaughter ofMichael Ryan and Mary MokelanMartin Williams and Bridget Burke
May 19John Thomasson ofThomas Ryan and Sarah WalshRichard Mullowney Johanna Coleman
June 22William Johnson ofMatthew Coady and Elizabeth FenwickMichael Coady and Eleanor Breinnen
July 4Marydaughter ofGeorge Williams and Margaret DriscollThomas Brien and Marcy Norris
July 20Martin Ambroseson ofMichael Mulchas and Margaret DriscollThomas Bruke and Mary Norris
July 24Bridgetdaughter ofmartin White and Mary GlynnJohn Brien and Elizabeth Glynn
July 27Augustineson ofJoseph Mullowney and Mary CrockwellWilliam Williams and Mary Hyde
August 3Catherinedaughter ofJames Crockwell and Catherine SullivanJohn Moghlain and Eleanor Sullivan
August 9Martinson ofMichael Coady and Honorah GlynnJohn Williams and Anne Glynn
August 11Theophilusson ofJohn Williams and Agnes DayWilliam Williams and Frances Day
September 23Fredrickson ofThomas Williams and Grace WilliamsThomas Williams and June Williams
September 29Annedaughter ofJames Scott and Mary StampGeorge Whelan and Sarah Scott
October 26Marydaughter ofEdward Driscoll and Sarah MulcahyRobert Kelly and Bary Brien
October 26eleanordaughter ofPatrick Mullowney and Mary DrewBarthomus Yard and Mary Drew
November 13Margaretdaughter ofWilliam Williams and Anne BrienHenry Williams and Elizabeth Coady
November 13Matthewson ofJohn Walsh and Elizabeth MokelarWilliam Williams
November 17Margaret Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam Gatherall and Eleanor GormerJoseph Williams and Margaret Gatherall
December 10Eleanordaughter ofPatrick Maddox and Mary MohelarSamuel Maher and Anastasia Power
December 26Mary Ellendaughter ofMichael Brien and Eleanor MaddoxPatrick Maddox and Catherine Gatheral
December 28Emilydaughter ofMichael Williams and Bridget WilliamsJoseph Burke and Lucy Ann Williams
January 11Marydaughter ofThomas Furlong and Mary Anne DriscollPeter Drew and Mary Jane Furlong
January 24Mary Ellendaughter ofMichael Carney and Mary Anne KellyJames Mokelar and Anastasia Power
January 31Georgeson ofJohn Brien and Eleanor ButlerJohn Drew and Mary Walsh
February 1????Robert Lundrigian and Mary PowerJohn Williams and Mary Williams
February 15Alexandersson ofMichael Molelar and Catherine BurkeJoseph Williams and Margaret Mokelar
March 12Bernardson ofMichael Deighew and Eleanor GlynnJohn Walsh and Hornarh Coady
March 21Marydaughter ofMichael Coady and Doroty MokelarWilliam Coady and Alice Glynn
March 25Mary Ellendaughter ofThomas Mokaler and Mary RyanJoseph Dinn and Elizabeth Tobin
March 27Mary Margaretdaughter ofJohn Dinn and Eleanor TobinJoseph Dinn and Elizabeth Tobin
March 28Marydaughter ofStephen Williams and Margaret BrienThomas Gatheral and Mary Williams
June 18Josephson ofThomas Ryan and Honorah GlynnJoseph Williams and Mary Glynn
June 26Veronicadaughter ofPeter Mulcahy and Mary NorrisWilliam Naile and Anne Boyle
July 3Mary Teresadaughter ofMatthew Coady and Elizabeth ???Johm Mullowney and Eleanor Coleman
July 12Lawrence Josephson ofJohn Drew and Esther GlynnLawrence Drew and Anne Drew
July 12Jamesson ofMichael Williams and Margaret CoadyHenry Williams and Frances Coady
August 9Susannadaughter ofCornelius Driscoll and Mary PowerEdward Ronayne and Victoria Driscoll
August 17Honorahdaughter ofRobert Kelly and Ann WalshPatrick Hyde and Ellen Puddester
October 18Marydaughter ofGeorge Brien and Elizabeth WalshThomas Williams Margaret Mullowney
October 22Catherinedaughter ofStephen Williams and Margaret BrienJohn Williams and Margaret Mullowney
October 22Bridgetdaughter ofJeremiah Laughlin Margaret DriscollJohn Williams and Margaret Mullowney
November 15Honorahdaughter ofThomas Day and Jane ScottJohn Leacy and Mary Scott
November 28Alexanderson ofJoseph Mullowney and Mary CrockwellGeorge Williams and Ellen Dusey
November 28Edwardson ofThomas Laughlin and Mary NeilJames Mullcahy and Ellen Finlony
December 6Mary Josephdaughter ofEdward Laughlin and Barbara MulcahyWilliam williams and Dorothy Norris
December 16Jeremiahson ofAlexander Williams and Mary HearnPhilip Williams and Teresa Gatherall
January 1Williamson ofPeter Power and Catherine CoadyAndrew Walsh and Mary Coady
January 2Catherinedaughter ofThomas Walsh and Catherine BrienJames Walsh and Ann Drew
January 2Harrietdaughter ofMiles Brien and Mary WalshMichael Walsh and Elizabeth Jordan
January 5Margaret Anndaughter ofBarter Yard Mary GlynnMichael Williams and Bridget Walsh
January 6Ellen Adaughter ofJohn Drew and Esther RyanJohn Williams and Ann Ryan
January 7Williamson ofLeo Drew and Caroline CareyThomas Drew and Bridget Ryan
January 16Catherinedaughter ofWilliam Kehoe and Ann EensGeorge Armstrong and Mary Brien
January 30Stelladaughter ofJames Scott and Margaret StampMichael Kelly and Mary Scott
February 16Patrickson ofMartin Driscoll and Ann RyanPatrick Williams and Margaret Furlong
February 20Johnson ofNicholas Coleman and Mary ShevesMichael Coleman Elizabeth Crockwell
February 20Thomasson ofThomas Williams and Mary G WilliamsRichard Williams and Ann E Williams
April 25Marydaughter ofMichael Dugan and Ellen GlyneWilliam Glynn and Mary Glynn
April 25Estherdaughter ofMichael Dugan and Ellen GlynnMichael Walsh and Ann Walsh
May 24Martinson ofMartin White and Mary GlynnJoseph williams and Esther Drew
June 2ellendaughter ofMartin Driscoll and Mary PowerAmbrose Muchay and Mary Driscoll
June 13Mary Sdaughter ofJohn Mulcahy and Mary BrienPatrick Mulcahy and Ann Mulcahy
June 22Johnson ofJames Hearn and Elizabeth DrewAnthony Burke and Johanna Drew
June 27Christinadaughter ofJames Crockwell and Catherine O SullivanJohn Walsh and Alice Mullowney
July 16Mary Fdaughter ofNicholas Coady and Mary CoadyRichard Mullowney and Frances Coady
August 1Martinson ofJames Glynn and Catherine EddyPartrick Molony and Honorah ???
August 3Anndaughter ofJohn Driscoll and Anne NowlinWilliam Driscoll and Catherine Mulcathy
August 6James Henryson ofJohn Mara and Mary PowerPatrick Power and Ellen Power
August 13Alfredson ofThomas Mokelar and Mary RyanSamuel Molony and Jane Brien
August 19Archabaldson ofGeorge Williams and Mary GatherallMichael Williams and Teresa Gatherall
September 3Marydaughter ofMartin williams and Bridget WalshThomas Jackman and Mary Capey
September 15Michael Patrickson ofGerald Whelan and Ellen DeaJohn Williams and Annie Dea
September 16Georgeson ofGeorge Pudester and Ellen HurriganJohn Williams Annie Dea
September 17Josephson ofGeorge Brien and Elizabeth WalshPatrick Madix and Mary Brien
October 1Francesdaughter ofStephen Gatherall and Ellen StoneJohn Yard and Mary Hyde
October 2Helenadaughter ofMichael Williams and Margaret CoadyMichael Williams and Emerl Moloy
October 16Michaelson ofCornelius Brien and Mary ScottPatrick Scott and Susanna Brien
October 22Margaret ellendaughter ofJohn Brien and Ellen ButlerBrine O’Brien and Susanna Williams
November 11Georgeson ofCornelius Glynn and Teresa BrienWilliam and Elizabeth Gatherall
November 19Frederickson ofThomas Williams Catherine SaundersPatrick Williams and Mary Williams
January 18Johnson ofThomas Laughlew and Mary NeilThomas Pudister and ??? Vickers
January 23Catherinedaughter ofEdward Driscoll and Sarah MulchyMartin Driscoll and Kate Mulcahy
January 23Michael Ason ofEdward Driscoll and Sarah MullcahyJohn Williams and Marinne Coleman
January 31Anthonyson ofWilliam Stone and Mary LeeJames Williams and Catherine Stone
February 14Berthadaughter ofWilliam Driscoll and Margaret ????Thomas Williams and Mary A Power
February 18Margaret Mdaughter ofMartin Scott and Ann DeaRichard Williams and Frances Williams
March 11Ellendaughter ofCornelius Glynn and Ann HydeThomas Ryan and Ellen Hyde
April 16Marydaughter ofNicholas Delaney and Elizabeth GlynnPeter Drew and mary Crockwell
April 17Jonasson ofJames Williams and Elizabeth NorrisPeter Drew and Mary Crockwell
April 29Mary Anndaughter ofWilliam Gatherall and Ellen FormanCornelius Brien and Margaret A Williams
April 30Eleendaughter ofMartin Driscoll and Mary PowerAmbrose Mulcahy and Mary Driscoll
May 13Eugeneson ofJohn Williams and Agnes DeaThomas Williams and Cornelius Dea
May 27Lawrenceson ofWilliam and Elizabeth CrockwellEdit M Coleman and William Mullowney
June 2Jamesson ofWilliam Kehoe and Kim LewisCornelius White and Elizabeth Dalaney
June 10Corneliusson ofJohn Drew and Esther GlynnJohn Drew and Bridget Scott
June 17Mary Bdaughter ofThomas Dea and June ScottMatthew Dea and Bridget Scott
June 25James Englishson ofThomas Williams and Mary WilliamsJohn Williams and Margaret Williams
July 1Elizabethdaughter ofMichael Williams and Bridget WilliamsAmbrose Williams and Esther Williams
January 3Nicholasson ofNicholas Coady and Mary CoadyMartin Moloney and Dorah Kehoe
January 20Arthurson ofJohn Mulcahy and Mary BrienThomas Pudester and Sara Quirk
February 3Johnson ofPeter Mulcahy and Mary NorrisJohn Norris and Margaret Maloney
February 4Anthonyson ofMichael Glynn and Elizabeth OlophantBartholomew Yard Margaret Gatherall
February 4Martinson ofRichard Mokeler and Margaret WilliamsWilliam Gatherall and Frances Coady
March 6Ellendaughter ofMichael Deigan and Ellen GlynnJohn Glynn and Ann Williams
May 26Margaretdaughter ofMartin Brien and Dorah MolelerThomas Kehoe and Jane Brien
May 27Bridget Sarahdaughter ofCornelius Brien and Mary A WalshJohn Gatherall and Catherine Walsh
May 30Mary Sarahdaughter ofJames Glynn and Catherine EadyJohn Capey and Elizabeth Glynn
June 23Mary jdaughter ofWilliam Driscoll and Margaret MorrisseyJas Scott and Bridget Walsh
July 21Georgeson ofGeorge Armstron and Dorah GatherallAnthony Burke and Ellen Burke
July 14Ellendaughter ofWilliam Gatherall and Ellen GordonPatrick Hyde and Mary Carey
July 24Mary mdaughter ofMichael Williams and Margaret Coady?Patrick Williams and Elizabeth Williams
August 15Ellendaughter ofJeremiah Laughlin Margaret DriscollPatrick Murphy and Ellen Ryan
August 25Albertson ofThomas Williams Mary G WilliamsJohn Williams and Susanne Williams
September 10Claredaughter ofPeter Drew and Ann Drutan?Lawrence Drew Ann Drew
September 15Margaretdaughter ofLeo Drew and Caroline CaseyJohn J Driscoll and Ann Drew
September 29Nicholas Williamson ofNicholas Coleman and Mary Edit?John T Crockwell Margaret Moloney
October 6Emerinliadaughter ofAlexander Williams and Mary HearnMichael Williams and Mary A Power
October 15Bernardson ofJoseph Molony and Mary CrockwellJohn Mokelor and Ann Crockwell
October 24Louisson ofThomas Williams Catherine SaundersLouis Williams and Mary A Coleman
October 26Mary Isabelladaughter ofRobert Lundrigan and Marie PowerPhilip Williams and Caroline Dea
November 1Patrickson ofMartin Scott and Ann DeaGerald Whelan and Mathilda Williams
November 2Mary Honorahdaughter ofJohn Drew and Esther RyanMichael Williams and Ellen Ryan
November 17Helenadaughter ofJohn Mara and Mary PowerPeter Drew and Ellen Walsh
November 17Johannadaughter ofMartin Driscoll and Mary PowerJohn Williams and Margaret Williams
December 31Marydaughter ofJohn McCarthy Howllet Mary MoloneyStephen Moloney and Phoely Moloney
February 2Margaretdaughter ofMichael Ryan and Mary RonayneStephen Rossister and Elizabeth Quirke
February 9Mauddaughter ofThomas Dea and Jane ScottWilliam Norrie and Ann Moloney
March 2Jane Elizabethdaughter ofJames Scott and Margaret StampJames Scott and Mary Puddester
March 7Ellen A.daughter ofPatrick Scott and Elizabeth CoadyRichard J Williams and Mary S Scott
March 21Helenadaughter ofJames Williams and Elizabeth CrockwellMartin Moloney and Ellen Driscoll
April 4Margaret Marydaughter ofJoseph Colbert and Catherine MorrisyPhilip Williams and Jane Scott
April 4Ellendaughter ofEdward Driscoll and Sarah MulcahyRichard Brien and Mary Driscoll
May 18Marydaughter ofCornelius O’Brien and Mary ScottJames Gatherall and Catherine Gatherall
June 5Mary Ellendaughter ofMichael Williams and Bridget WilliamsLouis Philip Williams and Margaret A Williams
June 22Bridgetdaughter ofNicholas Delaney and Elizabeth GlynnCornelius White and Catherine Vickers
June 24Adian Johnson ofEdward Williams and Johanna O’BrienJames and Jane Williams
June 24Mary Josephdaughter ofLawrence Drew and Sarah BroadwrickAnne Drew and Jeremiah Brien
July 12Mary Bridgetdaughter ofCornelius Glynn and Anne HydeWilliam Welsh and Mary Welsh
July 13Johnson ofGerard Whelan and Ellen DeaRichard and Mary Williams
August 8Matinadaughter ofStephen Williams and Margaret BrienJeremiah Lanahlin and Teresa Gatherall
August 15Marydaughter ofJohn Williams and Agnes DeaHenry and Monica Williams
August 15Thomasson ofStephen Gatherall and Ellen StoneJohn Moloney and Mary Jane Furlong
August 15Marydaughter ofWilliam Kehoe and Anne EvensThomas Moloney and Dora Kehoe
September 4Catherinedaughter ofJohn Mulcahy and Mary BrienWilliam Williams and Sarah Deriscoll
September 14Marydaughter ofThomas and Mary WilliamsRichard and Philomena Williams
September 14Alberta Estherdaughter ofSamuel Williams and Teresa CoadyJohn and Mary Williams
September 21Helendaughter ofWilliam Crickwell Elizabeth HoolahanHenry Tobin and Teresa Barrett
September 28Idadaughter ofJohn drew and Esther GlynnBrien O’Brien and Mary Moloney
October 4Ellen Annedaughter ofMatthew Coady and Elizabeth PloreMichael Williams and Mary J Ryan
October 19James Henryson ofCornelius Glynn and Teresa BrienJames and Mary Brien
November 1Johnson ofJoseph Williams and Ann GlynnPatrick Williams and Mary J Williams
November 2Aidanson ofPatrick Brien and Johanna WilliamsHenry Williams and Mary Anne Williams
November 2Johannadaughter ofEdward Brien and Susannah WilliamsHenry Williams and Mary Anne Williams
November 3Aemiladaughter ofJames Glynn and Elizabeth JodranPatrick Brien and Mary J Gatherall
November 16Honerahdaughter ofJames Crockwell and Catherine SullivanJas William Mary Anne Coady
January 11Mary Janedaughter ofMichael Glynn and Elizabeth DipthantJohn Gatherall and Mary J Furlong
January 18Annedaughter ofPeter Power and Catherine CoadyWilliam Hyde and Monica Williams
February 8Johannahdaughter ofJohn Brien and Ellen ButlerJames Walsh and Esther Brien
February 8Anstan?? of??? Williams and Mary HearnThomas Gatherall and Mary Williams
February 28Edwardson ofJohn Drew and Esther RyanPeter Drew and Margaret Williams
April 11Albertson ofPatrick Maddex and Mary MokalerBrien Williams?? and Catherine Brien???
May 8Lucydaughter ofJohn Driscoll and Margaret AspellJoseph and Agnes Driscoll
May 24Philipson ofJames Williams and Elizabeth CrockwellPatrick Moloney and Mary Scott
June 27Michaelson ofMichael Williams and Margaret CoadyJohn D Williams and Sarah Moloney
July 4Edwardson ofMichael Coady and Esther BolandSamuel Moloney And Elizabeth Coady
July 11Mary Janedaughter ofJohn Morarty and Bridget LeeMichael Stone and Margaret Hyde
July 11Lucy Annedaughter ofMichael ??? and Mary DrewGeorge Williams and Monica Williams
July 26Berthadaughter ofPeter Mulcathy and Mary NorrisWilliam Kelly and Mary Boyle
August 1Bridgetdaughter ofMartin Brien and Dorothy MocklerThomas ?? and Eleen Mockler
August 22Marydaughter ofGeorge Williams and Mary GatherallJohn Ryan and Susann Brien
August 22Lucydaughter ofMichael Coady and Hannah GlynnRichard Williams and Ellen Furlong
September 6Annedaughter ofGeorge Whelan and Ellen DeaLeo Brien and Mary Williams
September 19Marydaughter ofWilliam Stone and Mary LeeStephen Pudester and Caroline Walsh
September 26Margaretdaughter ofThomas Laughlin and Mary NeillJohn and ??? Laughlin
September 29Josephson ofPatrick Brien and Swan?? WilliamsWilliam Williams and Mary williams
October 3Johannason ofLawrence Drew and Sarah BrodrickJohn Williams and Mary Williams
November 21Marydaughter ofRichard Mokler and Margaret WilliamsJohn Mokeler and Mary Carey

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